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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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jerusalem as a right wing israeli rabbi is shot and wounded. hello from me david foster, you are watching live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up in the next 30 minutes - how do they cope. we are in one ever baghdad's neighbourhood ripped apart from violence. a second part in tunisia overtakes to win parliamentary
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elections. >> it is now 40 years since the rumble in the jungle the shooting of a right wing israeli rabbi led to the closure of temple mount in occupied east jerusalem. neither jews nor muslim worshippers can go there. the right wing rabbi was wounded outside a meeting to allow prayers sacred to jews and muslims. the gunman was shot and killed by security forces. palestinians - the third most sacred site to muslims - security forces are clashing in east jerusalem. we'll be live there in a moment. worth tying this in to the fact that the united nations security
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council had an emergency meeting on israel's plans to build more illegal home. u.n. warning israel, no resolution adopted by the council. the diplomatic editor james bays reports soon after the announcement of more than 1,000 new illegal settler homes in occupied jerusalem, there was a meeting with the u.n. >> as long as they do not listen, peace will not move forward. it's an explosive situation, such as that faced today. >> there was widespread condemnation of the building of settlements, including harsh language from the u.s. representative. >> the united states is concerned by the developments. we urge all parties from
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reframing from provocative actions, including settlement action by israeli authorities. settlement activity will escalate tensions at a time that is tense enough. >> we heard from the u.s. representative, describing your new announcement of settlements as provocative actions. how do you respond to such crittism coming from the u.s. >> jerusalem is the capital of the jewish people. and building housing units in jerusalem for children, in places which are jewish neighbourhoods is something that we'll continue to do, because jers is the cap -- jerusalem is the capital of the jewish people. >> how about it is illegal. >> it is not illegal, and it's important to remember that jerusalem - i reality that
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again. >> reporter: the palestinian ambassador said he's pressing aheadseting an end date for the israeli operation of november 2016. there would be some support for that, it's unlikely that the u.s. which has a veto, would back such a move. okay. live now to east jerusalem. let's take a look, as i'm introducing you to some of the pictures that we have from the streets of jerusalem this morning. we don't have pictures from the clashes, but we understand from reliable sources that they have attention place. give us your assessment of the feelings in east jerusalem this hour. >> well, it's incredibly tense.
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in fact, i have been speaking with many people here and some suggesting that this is the most tense it's been in years, and, really, this shooting of this far right jewish leader who advocates for allowing jewish people to pray at the compound, his chooting underscores the severity of the situation in occupied east jers jerusalem, a situation that has been brewing. if you remember around four months ago a palestinian teenager was killed by what has been described as extremist jewish people, people who were subsequently arrested. the brutal nature of the teenager's killing, he was set on fire.
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really erupted in occupied east jerusalem. since and during the gaza war, the situation continued to bubble. exacerbating it is news we followed which is that a number of far right jewish groups have been moving into neighbourhoods, and a number of buildings in the neighbourhood have been taken over or bought by these groups, and that, of course, is seen by many palestinians as a provocation, and nearly every night we see clashes between security forces and palestinian youths. sometimes the groups are small, other time they are large. if you speak to palestinians in the neighbourhoods, they say it's punishment by the israeli police, and men will no doubt be
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angry at the shooting. man allegedly behind the shooting, and that will inflame tensions further. >> we'll keep an eye on things here and there. thank you. that report from east jerusalem. iraqi kurdish peshawar forces are getting ready to enter the syrian town of kobane. they are gathering on the turkish side of that border, ready to take on fighters from islamic state of iraq and levant. these crowds cheered on wednesday, showing the extent of the support enjoyed by the peshawar in this part of turkey. joining us now live from turkey, which is close to turkey. give us your assessment about how close the borders are to crossing the border,
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geographically and time wise. and an idea of how they'll be protected because a difficult thing will be once inside, getting to where they have to do the job. they haven't told us in advance how and when they'll cross. everyone is knowing that they are on their way. we believe they are close to the border. they haven't taken the weapons over. the best time to cross is at dusk and night, under the cover of darkness, so they are not seen going in, there is the western side of kobane, from about 3km out, that is fully under control of kurdish forces, and it may well be that area that goes in. the border crossing at the front
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of kobane, close to the center of the town, we were down there a couple of days ago. you wouldn't be able to get the heavy weaponry that the peshawar have across there. it makes more sense to go in from the western side in an area covered by the kurdish force, and where they could be given air cover. once in, they will be essentially self-contained. they'll work in liaison with the syrian kurds there. but they have the protection once they get from the air cover and the kurds there. >> back with you a little later bernard smith, i have no doubt. bernard smith in you're fa -- urfa syria is part of the fight against i.s.i.l. the other front is iraq and
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i.s.i.l. and suicide attacks in baghdad. in some parts the capital is safe, but in some districts violence is increasing rapidly. we have this report from one of the deadliest parts of baghdad, karrada. . >> >> reporter: in one of the dangerous cities in the world, this is worst hit by the violence. the carr arda district is a mixed sunni neighbourhood, hit by 24 car bombs and 62 suicide bombers. 370 people died and 300 injured. on sunday, a car bomb detonated outside this hotel. the clean-up will take months. across the neighbourhood, people are angry the government is not doing more to protect the area. this women's was here when one bomb struck. >> i was helping my three
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nephews, we heard an explosion that blew me back. i got up, ran back to my nephew's store and saw them lying in pools of blood. beyond the memories, she was furious that the government was powerless to protect the area. >> despite the security, it is a ruined neighbourhood. look at it, it's dying, and the government can't do anything. >> reporter: iraqi security forces say they are trying, mounting patrols and check posts, and are looking at warnings when they have intelligence of bomb threats. the violence goes on. >> reporter: the locals developed an early warning system. if they see a suspicious vehicle they do this, and keep doing that until the security services arriving and check out a potential threat.
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despite the small measure, the violence and the fear remains as people go about their daily business. sectarian strife, and the threat from i.s.i.l., this street and city as a hole find a way to go on results from tunisia's elections has given victory to the opposition party. it's not enough for an outright majority. the incumbent won 69 to the 85 of their opposition. tunis will not have a coalition. the electoral body must re view the results. let's hear from our correspondent - what a coalition may look like given the preliminary results.
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>> the talks between tunisia's biggest party, according to the results, and other parties have already begun. we know that there was enough there, religious islamist party wants to be government. they managed to get, according to the results, around 65 seats. it's a substantial number. they will want to be in negotiations with nidaa tunis. they don't need enough. it can go ahead, nidaa tounis wh smaller parties that may be idea logically closer to it. now, all of this is extremely important for tunisia, which is trying to transition to democracy. it's been in the transitional
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period for three years. this was supposed to be the beginning of democracy. a stable government is what the country needs. >> here on al jazeera in the next 15 minutes we'll look at too close to comfort. the slums that have to go because of the growth of air travel in india, and we'll tell you why finding your way around ghana's capital is a challenge. stay with us, if you can.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy,
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you're watching the al jazeera new was me doest rer. israel beefs up security at the occupied east jerusalem after the shooting and wounding of a right-wing rabbi. he was shot outside a meeting promoting a jewish campaign to allow prayers between jews and muslims. crowds in eastern turkey here cheering iraqi kurdish peshawar fighters as they head towards the syrian border, where they are getting ready to take on the islamic state of iraq. results to the opposition party. not enough for an outright majority in tunis. it is likely to form a coalition with smaller parties, ruling out a deal with the other party that
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won 69 seats. >> pictures from al jazeera showed the disruption caused in egypt's sinai peninsula. 31 soldiers were killed in the blast last friday. the egyptian government said it forced them to bring forward attacks by the buffer zone. >> more than 680 houses were destroyed. the border crossing between gaza and egypt is closed. the buffer zone will stop weapons and attackers getting into northern signa. >> navi pillay spoke asking others to respect the rule of law. >> i covered these in my early years as high commissioner, in 2009 it was problematical that egyptian forces were just shooting at
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people, presumably trying to cross the sin eye in israel. i think the situation is worse in terms of the lawlessness, and which the forces were, in their words, trying to contain the situation. very have to report the human rights of all people. if they suspect that anyone is teaming to cross the border or attempting to commit a crime, they have to use the rule of law, rather than the rule of force to deal with that situation. there's human rights violations committed in the sinai. this has to stop. al jazeera continues to demand the immediate release of three journalists who have been detained in egypt for 306 days. peter greste, mohamed fadel
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fahmy and baher mohamed are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. al jazeera and those inside reject the charges against them absolutely. in sri lanka, the search for fivers of a mud slide which buried 100 people on wednesday is intensifying. the hopes of finding survivors is fading. 10 people have been confirmed dead. the mud slide hit a tea plantation, east of the capital colombo on wednesday. >> thousands of indians live on the doorsteps of the airport in mumbai. the government says the homes have to go. the people say they will fight that. >> reporter: 90,000 people live here. expansion of the airport brought it closer to the sprawling slum. officials now say that this
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poses a growing security risk. those living here say they are not a security threat. most agree that the slum is a place where anything can happen. >> everyone here is poor, there are people here that could do anything bad for money or food. >> the representatives represent a large voting block, which is why politicians have not made them move out. an increase in terror threats made the slum an increased risk. >> we heard about the attack. you don't know where it's coming. the area is too close for comfort. mumbai's passenger traffic projects to more than triple, to 100 million a year, making the
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slum a larger concern. this slum comes up to the runway fence. the government wants the area cleared and the people relocated - something the people say they'll fight. >> activists and residents are willing to move out of the slums, but do not want to shift into apartments like these. this is on the village land. the government can't take the land. they took us. why shouldn't we be allowed to live here. >> the focus for now is on these people, and convincing them to move. >> n.a.t.o. intercepted 19 russian aircraft within 24 hours. jets were scrambled after eight russian air crafts were spotted
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over the north sea and the blae -- black see. there has been no reaction from moscow the biggest name to be arrested in a corruptions information in spain is in court. it was a key figure and former mayor of a town outside madrid. we have this report. >> reporter: it looks like any sleepy yon district town, a short drive south of madrid. until you notice the tv cruise. suddenly this man is at the center of a nation-wide center. it's because of francisco granados. one of 51 people detained across spain in a 315 million corruption investigation. he ruled as mayor for the town's 72,000 residents. according to a high court judge,
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during that time he was allegedly putting more than $2 million into a secret swiss bank account. money paid by builders to win contracts - according to prosecutors. >> translation: i've been aware of the couption since i was a child -- corruption since i was a child. everyone is scandalized now. we have been living with it for years. >> the citizens are furious with their leaders. while the public suffered austerity, some politicians were amassing illegal fortunes. >> public services have been cut. these people are why queueing for financial hep with their thig said ed -- children's education. >> they should go to prison and give back the money. >> translation: there's a big network of corruption much >> reporter: now the focus is on the courts, where the accused is
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starting to appear in preliminary hearings. police have a huge amount of evidence to sift through. it will be a long process, and the spanish people are losing faith in the political class. finding your way around ghana's towns and cities can be tough. there's barely any road names. join our cronn on a campaign to map out the streets. >> reporter: around 5 million people like in accra. the city is growing, there's knew signs. trying to direct someone home is a challenge. >> it is too hard for me. that shop, take a right, and the third house is my house. >> take you to where my house is is difficult. >> when you get there, there's a
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three-storey building on the next junction, that is where i life. jut ask my name, everyone nose me. >> reporter: that is an example of directions in ghana. there are plans to bring an end to the confusion. in accra scenes from the government groing from street to street identifying buildings as part of a country wide programme of naming streets and numbering properties. it's a huge task. all the data has to be entered on to a mapping system. it's a huge task. >> i signing a name to a certain street, they'll tell you no, based on the historical background of the area, this should be the name. names are not easy, notwithstanding, we have been able to name more than 4,000 streets, lanes and allies.
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>> reporter: the protest is more than putting up signs and numbing whys. having a proper address system can have an impact on the way many services are delivered. one governmental organization has done research on the economic developments. >> they have targeted levels of taxes and identified enhanced everyone now. we argue in this way. we expect it. in accra, some signs are in place. the majority are yet to go up. progress is mixed in the rest of the country. finding one's way around should get easier, buts it's going to take time and education for people to get familiar with
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education. it's 40 years since the boxing giants mohammed ali and george foreman fought the fight of the sentry, the rumble in the jungle. it was brought to democratic republic of congo, paid to by president mab ute u. the lead-up was dramatic. the fighters were there for weeks after it was delayed, foreman having got a cut in string. all of this characteristic giving ali the chance to get understand the skin of his opponent. >> for this fight i wrestle said with helicopters, i tussled with a whale, i handcuffed, lightsening and put thunder in gaol. you know i'm bad. i murdered a rock, i injured a stone and hospitalized a brick. >> i'm so bad i made medicine sick. i'm so fast i can run through a hurricane and don't get wet.
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when george foreman meets me, he'll know. i can drown a drink of water and drink is green tea wait till you see me mohammed ali. we did rope-a-dope, taking body belows that foreman -- blows that foreman thought should be enough. ali biding his time with "that all you got, george", and ali striking, felling his opponent and so is came to an end. the most enthralling episode in boxing history, but not the story. russia had a successful trip to the international space station hours after a u.s. spaceship filed. a russian ship went up. docking at the station with 300 tonnes of fresh supplies. . >> oh, god. >> that was earlier sh an unm
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unmanned tarrize rocket blew up. n.a.s.a. investigating the loss of 2.5 tonnes of food, and a million dollars worth of the space station experiments. >> after 13 years, the american project in afghanistan is about done. at least this phase. did the country accomplish what it set out to do? a new afghanistan. that's inside story. hello, i'm ray suarez. spoke was still po pouring from