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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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consider this on al jazeera america >> hello, and welcome to the news hour, this is doha and these are our top stories. sweden officially recognizes the palestinian state during an angry response from israel. tension in jerusalem after the police and the palestinians. [ explosions ] >> more homes are destroyed in egypt as people are forced out
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to make way. and residents forced the president to scrap a plan to extend his 27--year term in office. sweden has officially recognized the state of palestine. the news is hailed by the palestinian president, but condemned by israel, which summoned the swedish ambassador. >> reporter: for decades, palestinians have argued that the government has denied them recognition of their territory and people and government. but now sweden has added it's support by officially recognizing the state of palestine. >> two days ago, sweden has decided to recognize the state of palestine. we have decided to do so on the basis of the fact that the
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criteria of international law are fulfilled. the territory, the people and the government. not to recognize palestine because of the occupation would be against the principle of international law about no fruits of addressing. remember that more than 130 countries already recognize palestine, and we would be number one 135. >> as she pointed out, sweden's decision does not set international precedence. it is after all only the 135th country to take this step. but it's the first western european nation to do so, and the palestinians were obviously pleased. >pleased. >> with this announcement, sweden is going to give a new emphasis to the political process and the peace process. and israel would be smart toker
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return to the negotiations. >> that seems unlikely seeing how the country's foreign minister -- >> the prime minister of sweden, we think it's a really wrong approach because it's possible to achieve peace only by letter of solution. any letter of steps would be very very much for that. >> sweden's announcement was made with east jerusalem, following weeks of violence. and the security council has also expanded illegal settlements. while the united states cautions sweden against recognition, preferring a negotiated solution. one that isn't worth coming any time soon.
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aljazeera. >> all right, let's go live now to linda in the swedish capital of stockholm. and the swedes are saying that this will help with the peace process between the palestinians an. and how will that work? >> the minister of foreign affairs and her government, there are still foreign officials criticizing things in the new government for this decision. but this is the new government and the policy, the recognition of the palestine state. but in the press conference we had earlier, she thinks that the swedish support would make the two sides equivalent. and that would help them to take form. sweden has also decided to give financial support in the strategy where they give 150 million euros in order to support human rights and to build a new state. >> and the foreign minister
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also mentioned the excellent cooperation that sweden has enjoyed with israel. and does she really expect that to continue? >> . >> it's hard to say earlier, and actually, when the new government came into apply a few weeks ago, the swedish ambassador in tel aviv was summoned up and it caused tensions, but these talks have been going on been the government of israel and the u.s., and she has kept them informed over the week that these were supposed to come. >> reporter: and there so doing, sweden joins the likes of malta and cyprus, really putting itself out on the limb as far as the nato and partners, and is this the kind of indication that you think of bold foreign policy that we can expect now from the new
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government in sweden some. >> actually, this is an old social democratic tradition to have a good relationship with palestine. it started already in the late 60s and 70s, with the social democratic party leader and the prime minister for years. and so this started a new era. but the former government, as we mentioned earlier, is very critical, but as we said, this is a new era. but it's bold so far. >> okay, linda thank you very much for reporting for us in stockholm. now, israel has closed the mosque compound, as fighting broke out between surety security and it's young people. security following the shooting of a right ring rabbi and the killing of a palestinian
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accused of attacking him. the prime minister said if israel's declaration continues, they will have a declaration of war. >> we condemn the actions of israel over the holy shrines, and we will told israel accountable to stop these repeated attacks, with aggression and dangerous escalation will cause more violence. the israeli government is responsible. >> is it the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu said that it's provocative. >> a few days ago, i said that we were facing a wave of excitement by the palestinian authority chairman, and he says that jews must be prevented from going up to the temple mount by any means possible. i still haven't heard from the international community giving one world of condemnation.
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the international community needs to stop and take action against those who try to change the status quo. >> israel controls the access to the site. this is the holy site for jews. the two of the most important sites in israel. though they visit the site, jews are not allowed to pray there. occupying east jerusalem. >> while the situation in several neighborhoods right across occupied east jerusalem remain extremely volatile,
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where palestinians, mostly youth, have been confronting the security forces in the neighborhoods. we have heard the sounds of guns going offer and in the background of all of that, a move by security forces to effectively close off the mosque complex. a number of security personnel have been stationed at all of the gates, not letting worshipers or tourists in. and we understand that at some point, a group of people belonging took far right jewish group also tried to access the mosque. and they were sent away. a number of them were arrested by israeli security forces, and whatever the case, the situation is extremely tense, a situation that has been bubbling over the past several months since before the war in gaza, but really, it has been highlighted by the recent situation of violence in
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occupied east jerusalem. a situation which doesn't seem to be getting any better. >> a fight for the border town of kobane is a blatant violation of its sovereignty. an iraqi peshmerga convoy reached the border on thursday. so far, at least ten peshmerga fighters are joining in the battle against cypress, and dozens more are attempting to cross the border later. more from the border area between turkey and syria. >> the iraqi peshmerga fighters have spent the night in the town near the border. earlier thursday p. about ten of them went in and advanced on something of iraqi before the bulk of the fighters and the
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fighters make their way in. the belief is they will make their way before the cover of darkness. and the suggestion they will go into the west of the city, an area that remains under kurdish control. the city behind me, up to the line of trees there, we think most of it is under the control of isil fighters, and we saw thursday morning some of them moving around, moving around in fact in an area that had been targeted by u.s. airstrikes, only on wednesday. it's from that area that a lot of the shelling of the border position is coming from the shelling as isil fighters the control of that bored. they don't have it yet. and the indication that isil is still moving around, and they remain a threat. and there's something of a territorial stalemate. the kurdish fighters hope that with the heavy artillery they have, they can break that stale maintain and regain some of that territory that isil has
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taken from them. >> so as the iraqi kurdish forces prepare to take on isil in kobane, many of the kurds from the town itself, the syrian kurds, have left the country and gone to northern iraq. charles stratford says that they are in makeshift refugee camps. >> reporter: they are outside of the tent. the family of five syrian kurds from the village. the village is 20 kilometers from kobane on the syrian turkish border. he left his home and brought them to the camp in the kurdish region of northern iraq days ago. and he describes some of the things that he saw before they fled for their lives. >> i was trying to help people. i saw four dead people with their throats slit. some with their hands cut off. some of the dead had their faces blown off.
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>> the town of kobane has some of the forces with the islamic state, some of the currentish fighters in recent weeks. coalition airstrikes failed to push them out. when they took over the village close by, the fighters were disguised. >> when they attacked the village and the village next to ours, they were wearing uniforms of the kurdish forces. >> the family, who came here by turkey, said they felt safer here than in iraq. he doesn't trust the kurdish government to look after their needs. he has been fighting the kurdish insurgency, calling for a kurdish state for years, despite the fact that isil forces are close to here in the region. >> there are only tents here, but this is 1,000 times better
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than turkey because this is our land, this is not just a region. this is the land of every occurred. >> there are a growing number of syrian kurds fleeing kobane for this camp. 500 people have come from kobane to this camp in the last two weeks. there are only about security, but how people will survive in the winter. there are some buildings being constructed in preparation for the harsh months ahead. for now, children play among the half-built shells. all of 14,000 people live in this camp and that number continues to grow. many of the people here were moved from another camp when the risk of isil attacks got too great. just behind the ridge is the front line. isil forces and kurdish peshmerga positions are here all the time. despite the danger and the months ahead, he says he and his family will remain here until they are forced to move on again. charles stratford, aljazeera,
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northern iraq. >> still to come on this news hour, we're in one of baghdad's most dangerous neighborhoods, ripped apart biviums. and plus, why secular parties gained ground in parliamentary elections. >> when he meets me, he will pay his detect. i can drown a drink of water and kill a dead tree. wait until you see muhammad ali. >> the rumble in the jungle between muhammad ali and george foreman. >> more than 200 heads on egypt's border with gaza are being destroyed. the government says that they will protect the border after a
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spike in violence in the region. some fear that anger at the mass eviction will only lead to more violence. >> one-by-one, homes along egypt's border with the gaza strip are being blown apart. egypt's army used tanks and guns to forcibly evict 10,000 people from the area, and guns and bulldozers to methodically destroy the homes they left behind. people had 48 hours to leave with promise of compensation, but no right to have resist. >> this is a crisis. it's a catastrophe. they have been forced to leave for what? for only 300 egyptian pounds every month. it's a disaster. >> the land they had built on is to become egypt's latest line of defense against escalating violence in northern
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sinai. aljazeera shoals the aftermath of the most recent attack. one of the worst on the egyptian army in years. at least 31 soldiers were killed in the car bomb attack when the army approached them on friday. the egyptian government declared a state of emergency in the area and prompted the government to bring forward its plans to create 500-meter buffer zones. more than 680 homes will be destroyed to create the buffer zone along egypt's 14--kilometer border with the gaza strip. the government says the area is being used to smuggle weapons from gaza, to sinai. hamas, which controls the gaza strip, is accused of lending it's support to fighters in sinai, who were angered by the removal of the egyptian president, mohamed morsi in the egyptian coup last year. the former high commission of human rights has implored egypt
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and it's forces to respect the rule of law. >> i think that the situation is much worse now in terms of the lawlessness with which egyptian forces are seeking to, in their words, contain the situation. they have to respect the human rights of all people, including migrants, including those populations who are settled there. >> there's already anger at the mass eviction, as well as treatment of the people in the sinai. and they expect to quell the violence. >> it's public humiliation, declaration of war in sinai. they will take revenge sooner or later. rather than sending troops to combat the terrorism, the government is paving the way for the people of sinai to support those terrorists. >> egyptian government officials have promised to compensate those who have lost property, but money and land may not be enough to combat
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tempers. >> we take you now to ishmael, from the arab reform initiative, and he joins us from cairo. what do you make then of this government initiative to create this buffer zone as they're calling it, on the border with gaza? the government in these borderline of the buffer zone is the main reason and the main source. but actually, it doesn't explain in the western part of egypt. and it doesn't explain how attacks took place in cairo and so on. we have been smuggling into the
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area, and actually, sinai to gaza eviction [ unintelligible ] 25 kilometers away. so all of the -- it's incorrect. >> but you have to accept, haven't you, that the egyptian government in cairo has a legitimate security concern with the or so loss of life among its own forces for decades, happening just a few days ago. surely, it has the obligation almost to react in this way. >> actually, the government has
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security video, which cannot be accepted to being [ unintelligible ] it can't justify the explosions at the same point of the last explosion, and my point is, [ unintelligible ]. >> ishmael, i have to interrupt you. i'm really sorry about this, but the quality of the line is so poor, it's really hard to hear you. ishmael, thank you so much for joining us from the arab reform initiative in cairo, and we hope that we have a better line next time. but thank you very much. >> well, aljazeera continues to
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demand the immediate release of three journalists detained in egypt for 306 days. they were falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. aljazeera rejects the charges against them. now, storming the parliament building, the unrest has forced the government to cancel a vote. this would have helped the president to stay in power for yet another term. mohammed reports. >> reporter: in power for the last 70 years, he's the only president that the people have known. and some think it has been long enough. >> a successor to allow his
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party to take the necessary steps to find someone else to be the next candidate for the elections. >> abou thousands responded by taking to the streets, and some compared the president to ebola, the virus that killed so many people in the nearby state of liberia, guinea and sierra leone. the politicians debated on the motion to extend the president's rule. police arrested hundreds of the protesters. they took them to party headquarters. born in 1950, he came to power
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in 1987, after deposing one of africa's most popular leaders of his time. >> we'll find out more about what has been going on in mogadishu from the after. joining us live in london, but it seems that he has been stopped in his tracks, and what happens next? >> for now, it's worth listening to what officials from the armed forces are about to say. leaders from the opposition and the armed forces have been discussing possibilities for transition throughout the day. they met with the king of the mossy people, and so the ec nick leaders are getting involved as well.
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i was listening today, and they were discussing how the former general would possibly fake the reins, seen as a facilitator. so he'll give us more information on what is to come in the next few hours. >> looking at the pictures that we have been viewing for the last couple of days, looking at people on the streets, in the thousands, and even setting parliament to blame, how organized would you say this political uprising is if you like? do you think that it might form itself into a coherent political force? >> this has been brewing for the past few months between the
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government and the opposition. and that didn't work out when they stepped in and said that the dialogue was over, and they were going to ask the people to protest. but i think nobody expected events to escalate so quickly, certainly not the one that we saw on the 20th of october, and certainly today, it really escalated very very quickly. we need to mention that it's not only the case where parliament has been burned down, but offs of the ruling party have been burned throughout the country. now, moving ahead on whether ital take shame again depends on the negotiations with the army. given the chaotic situation with the cities in burkina faso, it will be the opposition with the talks also. and it will be difficult for them to move forward and make this a coherent movement without the help of the armed
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forces and politicians that are part of the regime. >> thank you very much indeed for now, and we'll be keeping our eye on the events. much more to come here on the aljazeera news hour, including in sri lanka, a village after a mudslide, the hopes to find survivors are fading fast. plus -- >> a new system for michelangelo's fresco ceiling is put under the spotlight. >> how they celebrated in san francisco. the giants claimed their third world series crown.
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>> after 13 years, the american project in afghanistan is about done. at least this phase. did the country accomplish what it set out to do? a new afghanistan. that's inside story. hello, i'm ray suarez.