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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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. >> israel records it's ambassador to stockholm after sweden officially recognized the palestinian state. we speak to the swedish foreign minister. also to come in the program, suspected of an attack on a jewish activist. more homes destroyed in egypt, as people are forced out to make way for a zone, next to gaza.
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now sweden has officially recognized the state of palestine, while palestinian president has hailed the move, israel has con demented it. and record it's ambassador from stoke heck the swedish capitol. we have more. and. >> decades palestinians have argued that the israeli government has tried to deny them recognition of three things. the territory, people, and government. but now sweden has added it's support by officially recognized the state of pal steen. >> today the government of sweden has decided to recognize the state of palestine. we have decided to do so on the basis of the fact that the criteria of
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international law are fulfilled, the territories of people, and the government. not to recognize palestine because of their occupation, would be against the principle of international law about no fruits of aggression. remember that more than 130 countries already recognize palestine and we will be, in fact, number 135. >> as once pointed out, sweden's decision does not set an international precedent. it is after all only the one hundred thirty-fifth cub to take this step. but what is distance is that it is the first western european nation to do so. and the palestinians are obviously pleased. >> i believe sweden will give a new impetus to the peace process, israel will be more convinced be i the importance of returning to the negotiations and of dealing with palestine as
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a state. >> that seems unlikely, it is how the country's foreign minister reacted to the swedish intentions earlier this month. >> we are sorry about the last statement of prime minister of sweden. we think it is really wrong approach. because it's possible to achieve peace only as by lateral solution. any unilateral steps will be very very counter productive. >> sweden's decision was announced at a time when israeli tensioned have soared in occupied east jerusalem followed weeks of violence. the u.n. security council has also recently criticized the expansion of ill heel settlements in east jerusalem. israeli sweden ambassador in protests, while the united states cautions sweden against recognition, referring a negotiated solution, one that isn't forthcoming any time soon. mohamed, al jazeera.
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>> well, i have been speaking to the swedish foreign minister, margeaux, and i asked her, what difference the swedish government hopes this decision will make. >> we are hoping that this will inject some new dynamics into the for now the suspended peace talks. this will help to make the parties less unequal. it will -- i hope give some new hopes to young people, in palestine and also in israel, that there is an alternative to violence, and now settlements, and the really worrisome situation that we see right now. and we want to give support to the moderate palestinian forces, as well under the leader. >> and we believe that the leader requirements are fulfilled that there is a people and a territory and the government, and right now
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it is important to support those who believe in negotiations and the structured debate and not more violence. >> now, sweden enjoyed a healthy trading relationship with israel, presumably you are quite prepared for that to start, we understand now already the israelis are preparing to withdraw their ambassador from stoke heck, so your relationship with israel is going to suffer. >> i hope not. i think we -- expect that this will be reactions of course, from the israelis and also from the u.s. society. but so far it has been on the substance, and not against sweden as a country. right now, but we even joy a long and fruitful cooperation, and i think
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they are -- they will hopefully also keep that and develop our really constructive relations. >> but you are putting yourself out on a limb, aren't you? certainly with regard to your european partners, your e.u. neighbors as well, because many of those think that recognizing palestine as an official state, is premature. >> well, premature after 20 years of hopes for two state solution? if not now, when? is my answer, i am afraid that it might be too late for this, but we are also in good company, because one hub and 34 other countries have already recognized palestine, eight of the countries and there is a debate going on in several of
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the e.u. 15 member states as well. i shut this might give some energy into that discussion about the future of the middle east. >> now, your new government in stoke home, and this seems to be a center piece, hmm of your foreign policy, is this an indication of how you want to move forward, you are going to concentrate very much on this issue. the issue between israel and the palestinians in. >> you know, with the foreign policy, and the minister of foreign policy, you cannot choose. you have to engang in the russia, ukraine, crisis that we have we have to engang on the crisis of ebola. question have to engang on what is going on in syria and iraq, we have to ebb gang on what is going on in the middle east, so it is one of the many issues that we have
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to manage, and handle and engang in. and we will continue to do so. this was a clearly described mill goal, in our government declaration, and i think this is what has been reported also in media, and that's why we are having a very intensive debate, we know that it is also controversy, and that's why we see the reactions we have gotten so far. both amaze and separatists. >> now, israel has closed the mosque to all visitors after fighting broke out between security forces and some palestinian news. security has been set up following the right wing rabbi, and the killing of the palestinian suspected of attacking him. an aid to the president says if israel's aggression continues, it will amount to a declaration of war.
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we condemn and rufous the israeli ex-collation over the holy shrines. we will take all legal measures to hold israel accountable, and to stop these repoeted attacks because the continuation of the aggress and dangerous escalation will cause more violence. israeli government is responsible. >> well, there's been response from the israeli prime minister he responded saying that the palestinians statement was provocative. >> a few days ago i said we were facing a wave of incitement by as call, and by palestinian authority. he said that uses must be prevented from going up to the temple mount, by any means possible. ish still haven't heard one word of condemnation, for the remarks. they need to stop it and take action against them. it is those that have the changes. >> more now from our
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correspondent. >> well, the situation in several neighborhoods remain extremely volatile. where a number of palestinians, mostly youth, have been confronting israeli security forces, in these neighbors, we have heard the sound of stun grenades going off, it underscores how tense the situation is on the ground. now the background is a move to effectively close off the mosque complex, a number of security personnel have been stations at all the main gates, not letting worshipers in, not letting tourists in, we also understand at 1 point a group of people belonging to a far right jewish group also tried to access the mosque, they were sent away in fact, a number of them were arrested.
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whatever the situation here, remains extremely tense, a situation which frankly has been bubbles over the past several months since before the war in gaza but really it has been highlighted by this recent situation, in the occupied east jerusalem, a situation which doesn't seem to be getting any better. syria say's turkeys involve independent in the fight is a play tent violation of it's sovereignty. turkey is allowing iraqi kurdish fighters to cross it's border into the town. a convoy hasa convoy has an the turkish border, so far at least ten fighters have gone into cubanny to join the fight. and dozens more will attempt to cross later. >> now, we are getting news coming in from --
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being reported that there is now a state of emergency, this after a retired army general backed by thousands of antigovernment protestors, in w, agadoo met with military chiefs. now, demonstrations have been going on for days but they culminates in demonstrations storming the parliament building and setting it alight, as well as other government installations. now this unrest has forced the government to cancel a vote. that would have helped the current leader blaze to stay in power for another term, and theu. n. secretary general is so concerned he has sent a special envoy. mohamed reports. >> in powerful the last 27 years blaze is the only president many people have ever known, and some thing it is been honk enough. his latest attempt has led to mass protests in the capitol.
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i think this will be a strong message, to he would have to make room for grooming a successor, to take the necessary steps to find someone else, who would be the next candidate for the next elections. >> tuesday marked the start of a civil disobedient campaign. thousands responded by taking to the streets. some carried banners comparing the president to egoal la, the virus that killed so many people in the nearby state violence broke out, inside politician debated to extend the president's rule i don't 2015. misarrests hundreds. a group of them manned to break think, they also targeted the ruling party headquarters.
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morn in 1950 and trained as a soldier, he came to power in 1987. the most popular leaders. al jazeera. zillion to come, we go to sri lanka, where hopes of finding survivors after a terrible mudslide are fading. plus. >> you take a right, and the third house is my house. >> find out more about why it is so difficult to get around the capitol
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held he, again, a reminder of the main stories. after the european country officially recognized the state of palestine, the move has been hailed by the palestinian president. israel has chosed jerusalem mosque following the killing of a palestinian suspected of an attack on a rabbi. he was wounded outside a meeting which was promoting a jewish campaign to allow prayers at the compound, which is sacred to both uses and muslims.
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>> now, cairo says the zone will protect it's border and is needed after a snake in violence in the northern sinai region. some near, that anger at the mass eviction, will only lead to more violence. one by one, homes along egypt's border are being blown apart. egypt's army used tanks and guns to forcibly evict around 10,000 people from the area, and dynamite and bulldozers to destroy the homes they live behind. people had 48 hours to leave, with the promise of compensation, but no right to resist. >> it is a crisis, it is
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a catastrophe. there have been forced to leave,s for only 300 egyptian pounds every month. it is a disaster. >> the land the homes have been build on is to become egypt's latest line of defense, against escalating violence. video obtained shows the after math of the most recent attack, one of of the worst on the army in years. at least 31 were killed an an army poston friday. the government declared a state of emergency in the border area, and it prompted the government to bring forward it's plans to create a controversy 500-meter buffer zone. more than 608 homes will be destroyed to create the zone, along egypt's 14 kilometer border with the gaza strip. the government says the area is being used to smuggle whens to rebels.
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hamas denies the accusations. the former high commissioner has implored egypt and it's forced to respect the rule of law. in terms of the lawlessness, with which the forces are seeking to in their words contain the situation. they have to respect the human rights of all people, including migrants and those populations who are settled there there's also concern that the treatment of people, may in fact feel not quell the violence. >> it is humiliation, the declaration of war and
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strikes will take revenge sooner or later, rather than sending well trained troops the government is paving the way for people to support those terrorists. >> egyptian government officials have promised to compensate those that have lost property, but many may not be enough to calm tempers. al jazeera. >> all right, let's get to the issue of syria, where you see the special ebb i have to syria. stefan addressing the media just having completed a briefing to the u.n. security council, let's see what he has to say. >> the use of this drama inner crisis this is an opportunity, in order to mobilize some positive action is being now discussed, and last point, and i will give it to our lady, forgive me madame. >> how you want to
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implement the freeze on how do you want to do that? >> i will not be doing that now, because i don't need the environment at the moment. we need to prepare -- we call them incremental freezes. why incremental, and why freeze. when you call a cease fire, you know very well by experience, been hundreds of cease fires that are broken by one shot, one fire. which should not be imposed by any of the two sides. it should be something that freezes the frozes in the area and for the people to feel this h not be this type of conflict, thank you very much. thank you. >> okay, well, that was brief, but nonetheless, pretty interesting. stephon, the u.n. special envoy to syria, talking about this interesting new policy that he has,
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which incremental free zones talking about very localized freezings of conflicts in order to allow for wind with does of humanitarian aid, so -- talking outside the security council, now, earlier, the general for humanitarian affairs is also been briefing the u.n. security council, and she said that nearly 200,000 syrians have now fled from isil, and they have gone into turkey, so that's a significant number, and a significant rise on what we knew earlier, so she was talking to the u.n. security council, giving a update on the ever worsening situation. she said that isil and other groups are continuing their violence with impunity, she also said that almost a quarter of the hospitals in syria, are not functioning. so that was -- what happened today at the u.n. security council.
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isil and other parties to the conflict in syria, are killing and injurying people and destroying villages downs and cities with impuberty. armed groups have intensified their attacks and the governments aerial bomb badments inchowedding with barrel bombs have continued. >> now, let's go to trinity, ba us the opposition secular party has claimed victory in the elections there, it won 85 of the 217 seats but not enough there for a outright majority so it will form a coalition with smaller parties, has indicated already that the deal with the conservative party is unlikely and now they have 69 seats. they are able to address
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both the humanitarian aspect, as well as the political aspect. which they have just presented and reefed you about, about it. however, we have a couple of remarks, pertaining to the station of today's the remark is that while mrs. cook referred to the fact that the violence has reached unprecedented levels, she did not specify the reasons of this increasing of the level of violence. she talked about the innux of the number of what she called refugees.
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and displaced but she did not specify why they fled their towns and villains. she did talk about the per errorist explosions, in homes. that is the cause of innocent children next to their schools. was she did not specify who did it. so all these alarming ways of dealing with the blood shed developments in syria, poses a moral problem for us and for my government, we would have wished to see the
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secretaryuate more aligned towards taking side against terrorist activities in syria, especially that now days after a long time of denial the so called international community came up with the conclusion that what the syrian government was saying for years turned out to be absolutely true. we are facing mercenaries, coming from 83 countries, we are facing terrorist comes from all over the world. sponsored, trainings in secret camps. they used tor secret camps now they are public in jordan, turkey, and saudi arabia, and we now that the monitors, are americans french and british, so no more secrets with regard who is sponsoring the terrorists in syria and who is the main reasons behind the this nux of
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terrorist called isis, or isil. nobody would be convinced of the possible for an australian terrorist to heave sidney and then find himself within 24 hours near aleppo or damascus fighting against the government. and then somebody in the secretary yacht, especially a spokesperson, still insisting that this australian, or french, or saudi, or turkish terrorist is a rebel. a syrian rebel. i don't know how heed could combine these two contradictory identities of the same terrorist. so we have an ethical problem, that should be dealt with accordingly by the presenter of the secretarial.
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then the second point, and we commend his efforts and would hike to hear more about his proposal, soon. whys he is speaking about the political settlement, of course, this is what syria needs, but if we want to facilitate the task, as will for to the syrian government, and the members of the council, then we will have to address the issue in it's picture, and it's entirety, and it's comprehensiveness. we cannot ignore the turkish disruptive role plies in syria, we cannot ignore the turkish facilitating the terrorist of isil, entering into syrian territory, we cannot ignore and condone the fact that the turkish government policies are
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behind increasing level of violence in syria. >> you have been listening to of course he is the syrian ambassador, earlier we heard from the swedish diplomate, who is now the special envoy to syria, you are with al jazeera. >> robert kennedy, jr., a lifelong advocate of the environmental movement thanks in part to memories of his dad prior to his father's assassination in 1968. >> my father considered this part of our heritage and our purple mountains' majesty. kennedy says those who sponsor climate lies should be given the death penalty.