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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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anywhere else. >> talk to al jazeera. >> only on al jazeera america. >> oh my! this is al jazeera. hello, and welcome to the al jazeera news hour. israel recalls it's ambassador from stoke home after sweden officially recognizes the palestinian state. tension in jerusalem after the police shooting of a palestinian suspected of an attack on a jewish activist. more homes are destroyed in egypt, as people are forced out to make way for a buffer zone next to
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gaza. and protest force the president to scrap a plan to extend his 27 year term in office. now, israel has recalled it's am bass to sweden after the european country officially recalled the state. now the move has been hailed by the president. nor decades of three things they territory, people, and government. but now, sweden has added it's support by officially recognizing the state of palestine. today the government has decided to recognize the state of palestine. we have decided to do so on the basis of the fact that the criteria of
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international law are fulfilled, the terrorist story, a people, and the government. not to recognize palestine because of their occupation, would be against the principle of international law about no fruits of aggression. remember, that more than 130 countries already recognize palestine and we will be, in fact, number 135. sweden's decision does not set an international precedent, it is only the one hundred thirty-fifth country to take this step. be uh what is different, is that it is the western european nation to do so. and the palestinians were obviously pleased. >> i believe that by this announcement, swede season going to give a new impetus to the mill process and peace process. israel will be more convinced be i the importance of returning to the negotiations. and of dealing with
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palestine as a state. >> but that seems unlikely, it is how the country's foreign minister reacted to the swedish intentions earlier this mono. >> we are sorry about the last statement of prime minister of sweden, we think it is really wrong approach. because it is possibly to achieve peace only as by lateral solution. even unilateral steps will be very very counter productive. >> the decision was announced at a time when they have socked in east jerusalem, following weeks of violence. they are also recently criticized the expansion of illegal israeli settlements. referring a negotiations solution, one that isn't forthcoming any time soon.
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al jazeera. welt, we have been speaking to the swedish foreign minister. and she told us that she hope this decision will help the peace process go forward. >> we are hoping that this will inject some new dynamics into the for now suspended peace talks. this will help to make the partiesless unequal, it will european country hope give some new hopes to young people, in mall sign, and also in israel, is that there is an al tesh tiff to violence, and the really worrisome situation we see right now. and we want to give support to the moderate palestinian forces, as welshes under the leader president. we expected that they would be reactions, of course, from the israelis and also from the u.s.
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aside. but so far it has been on the substance, and not against sweden as a country. i think they are using the diplomatic tools right now, but we enjoy a long and fruitful cop ration with israel, and i think they are wisest than that they will hopefully also keep that and develop our really constructive relations. >> the palestinian ambassador to sweden. who joins us live now. and how much is a victory does this represent for you and the palestinian cause? this is a very timely decision, it is a very important and i would say historic one. this is an affirmation of
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our people rights and that the forfront of which is our right to self-determination. this is -- a wright that we practice, and sweden being always in support of international law, and in support of the two state solution, has done the right thing. they have led the way and we hope that others will follow suit. >> the hope expressed by the swedish foreign minister is this will add some impetus, but the initial response has not been at all encouraging. we have heard from the foreign minister, who has been quite rude about sweden, and likened it's foreign policy to the products of ikia, for instance.
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so it doesn't locater by promising does nit the outset. >> well, it is unfortunate that those simplies would be drawn. i would say those that are against the two state solution, is against the recognition of the state of palestine, more so like a country like sweden who uphold the bases uphold the principles of justice, and solidarity, and international law, and as a bases for it's international regulations and international -- and foreign policy. >> obviously -- sorry, ambassador, to interrupt, but obviously this gives you a boost to your morale, and to those people what support the
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cause, but in practical terms what does recognition as a state really mean? well, it really means a lot, and giving a hope, is not something to be taken litely, we have witnesses the as a result of stalling three process, and the negotiations which we know very well, that israel has been stalling and has been systematically destroying by building more settlements, by dealing the way it is dealing with eastern jerusalem, and it has been destroying the possibly of the two state solution. and for two states to be negotiating there has to be recognition and it is due, it is long due, and it is more than welcome right now, it will not be just a symbolic gesture. wt
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just as a morale, but to the ability of arriving at a fruitful way for ending this conflict, for taking on the negotiations in good faith, and on firm basis with firm terms of reference, and with a time line, and this is what the palestinian leadership wants, this is what the palestinian people are yearning for, an end for occupation, which will bring about these and therefore security for everyone, and not the other way around. >> palestinian ambassador to stockholm, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now the united nations security council has been hearing the situation in syria, is appalling and that it is getting worse. let's talk now to our diplomatic editor who is this at the u.n., and james, give us more
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detail as to what the u.n. security council members actually heard? it was a really grim situation, they present these reports every month, and they just get worse, and worse. and that's why i think it was important that the security council also heard from the new man trying to bring peace. doing the job who quit during the summer, saying he could not take things any further, now the security council have heard from stefan for the first time. veteran italian sweden diplomate was the u.n.'s man in afghanistan, was italy's deputy foreign minister, well, if you thought he was going to come one a new comprehensive meise plan, he hasn't, but he does say this some steps forward. >> i do not have at this stage, and it would be pretentious to have one,
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a peace plan. but i do have an action man, and the action plan is based on some bottom up approach, in order to do something complete at the time when everybody seems to be desperate about what is going on in syria. how? well, by proposing and seeing with we can implement some free zones, or increment stall freeze zones. in order to make sure that in those areas we would be then to build first some political process, at the local level, and then eventually at the national level, give some hope to the local pop haitian, and avoided the fight which is going on at the moment, is producing an advantage. okay, so he has an action manage, as he describes it, and it works from the bottom un, so you have seen very much azoths he working on a much more detailed level, and
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perhaps not worries so much about the bigger picture. >> absolutely, in the security council meeting he described these freeze zone as he is calling them as possible drops of hope, now, very carefully not using the word local cease fires. he said he is using the words incremental freeze zones. to freeze the conflict in certain areas. he thinks that aleppo is where he wants to start this. then the media focuses on the announcement, and the moment someone breaks it, then the whole thing is dead, he says the idea of freeze zone is something you can build over severaln't mobs, you don't worry about the initial breeching of that zone, but you hope that eventually, the fighting in that area dies down. the idea being that those drops of hope, in terms
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of the big settlement, everyone in the opposition opposed, everyone on the asaad side says he has to stay, that central issue can't be dealt with, so he is trying to deal with local situations. >> james, thank you for that. our diplomatic editor, live in new york. >> now, israel says jerusalem complex will be open to worshipers on friday. it was chosed poll hing the killing of a palestinian suspected of an attack on a rabbi. security has been stepped up across jerusalem, following the shooting of the right wing rabbi, and the killing of the palestinian who was suspected of attacking him. an aid to the palestinian president says if israel's aggression continues it will amount to a declaration of war. >> way coming determine
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and refuse the escalation in jerusalem. over the holy sunshines. we will take all legal measures to hole israel accountable, and to stop these attacks because the continuation of israeli aggression, and dangerous ex-collation will cause more violence, the israeli government is responsible. >> well, the israeli prime minister responding to that statement, said it was provocative. a few dayssince before thet
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really it has been highlighted by this recent situation violence in occupied east jerusalem, a situation which doesn't seem to be getting any better. >> still to come here with al jazeera, the parents of 43 missing mexican students say they don't trust the president, nor his plans to find their children. the 70s lose out, why a secular party has gained ground in parliamentary elections. plus. >> he will pay hi doubt, i can drown a drink of water, wait until you see mohamed ali. >> 40 years since the rumble in the jungle, that legendary show down between mohamed ali and
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george foreman syria says turkey's involvement in the fight for the border town is a violation of it's sovereignty. turkey is allowing iraqi fighters to cross it's borders into the town. a convoy reached occupied east the board earl early on thursday. so far at least ten have gone in. and dozens more will follow. bernard smith has more from that turkey syria border area. >> the iraqi fighters have spent the night at a town near turkey's border with syria. earlier this morning thursday about ten of them went in advance on something of iraqi before the bulk of the fighters
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and their heavy weapons make their way in the belief is that they will wait until dusk, and the cover of darkness before i do that do, that and i they go into the west, in an area that remains under syrian control. the city behind me, up to the line of trees there, is we think most of it under control of isil fighters. and we saw thursday morning some of them moving around, moving around, in fact, in abarea that has been charged by u.s. air strikes only on wednesday, and it was from that area, that a lot of the shelling of the border position was coming from that shelling of course the fighters that hope with the heavy artillery, they now have the iraqi, they can bread that stalemate, and regain some of the
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territory that isil has taken from them. protestors have stormed the parliament building, and the unrest is forced the government, the president in particular to cancel a vote, that would have helped him to stay in power for another term. the chief, meanwhile, has decided that he is so concerned about the situation there, that he will send a special envoy. and cemetery general is following with great concern, the deteriorating security situation he on all parties to end the use of violence, exercise calm and restraint, and to use a dialog to resolve all outstanding issues. >> let's hear more now. >> the last 2070 years the only president many people have ever known.
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it has led to mass protests in the capitol. >> i think this will be a strong message that he cannot carry on, he will have to make room for a successor, or his party, to take the necessary steps to find someone else who would be the next candidate for the next elections. >> tuesday marks the starts of a civil disobedient campaign, thousands of responding by taking to the streets. some comparing the president to ebola. violence broke out on thursday when protestors advanced towards parliament. debated to extend the rule beyond 2015, police arrested hundreds of the protestors.
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a group of them managed to break through barriers and set the parliament buildings on fire, they also targeted the ruling headquarters. born in 1915, traded as a soldier, play came to power in 1987. after deposing one of africa's most popular leaders of his time. al jazeera. >> six hub 80 homes along with the border with gaza are to be destroyed and as many as 10,000 people evicted. the government in egypt says the zone will protect it's border and is needed after spike in violence in the northern region. anger at the mass eviction will only heed to more violence. >> one by one, homes along egypt's border the
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strip, are being blown apart. egypt's army used tanks and guns to forcibly evict around 10,000 people from the area and dynamite to destroy the homes they left behind. people had 48 hours to leave with the promise of compensation, but no right to resist. >> it is a crisis, it is a catastrophe, they have been forced to leave for work, for only 300 pounds every month. it is a disaster the land the homes have been built on, is to become the hatest line of defense against escalating violence in northern sinai. one of the worst on the army, in years. at least 31 soldiers were killed in the car bomb attack, an an army poston friday. the egyptian government declared a state of emergency in the border
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area, and it prompted the government to bring forward it's plans to create a controversial 500-meter buffer zone. more than 680 homes will be destroyed to create the buffer zone, along the 14-kilometer border the gaza strip. the government says the area is being used to smuggle weapons from gaza, to rebels in sinai. hamas which controls the gaza strip, is accused of lending it's support to fighters, who are angers by the removal of the egyptian president, in the military coupe last year, hamas denies the axizations. the former u.n. high commissioner has implored egypt and it's forces to respect the rule of haw. >> i think the situation is much worse now in terms of the lawlessness, with which the egyptian forces are seeking to in their words contain the situation.
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they have to respect the human rights of all people, includes migrants and those populations who are settled there. >> this' already concern that anger at the mass eviction, as well as the treatment of people may in fact fuel not quell the violence. >> it is a humiliation, the declaration of war and the travel to sinai, the tribes will take revenge sooner or later, rather than sending well trained troops the government is paving the way for people to support those terrorists egyptian government officials have promised to compensate those who have lost property, but money and land may not be enough to calm tempers. al jazeera. al jazeera continues to demand the immediate release of our three journalist whose have been detained for 306 days.
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they are wrongly accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood, al jazeera rejects the charges against them. the only six secular party, has claimed victory in parliamentary elections, it wont 85 of the 217 seats. not enough for a outright majority a teal with the party is unlikely, a blogger and analyst and says the result is positive. for democracy. >> we weren't expecting to -- to do very good results in these election. people are set up with the government, against another in the last three years so obviously, he was expected to do good results. but to win that is not
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everyone expected. but still, we see that as well, he didn't do that bad, so it is -- came second, there may be like 15 seat differences between the parliament, so i think we have a good check and balance system in the upcoming parliament, and this is quite positive for the democracy in this country. now that the results came out, we didn't see any incidents from this side or the other. woke the two constituents. so it's been very peaceful, th can tell the future, and that we are on the right path to democracy. >> good luck jonathan has officially been nominated from the ruling party. he is looking to be
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elected at the vote that will take mace in february. this announcement comes as the president is facing strong criticism. just on wednesday, fighters capture add major town in the country's northeast. stilt to come here, yielding to international pressure, abandoned it's factory in the west bank. and in sport, we will show you how baseball fans celebrated in san francisco, as the giants claimed their third world series clown. clownp crown.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> its disgraceful... the only crime they really committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation...
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>> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live. >> the death toll could be much higher than anyone known. >> posing as a buyer... >> ...people ready then... >> mr. president >> who should answer for those people hole he, again, these are the top stories here at al jazeera. the move is being hailed by the palestinian president. israel says jerusalem's will be open for worshiperring on friday. it was chosed following the killing of a palestinian, suspected of
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an attack on a rabbi. the president has reportedly declare add state of emergency, following violent protests in the capitol. a u.n. envoy is being dispatched to the country, the unrest was sparked by an attempt to change the constitution to help the president stay in power, for another term. >> now let's go back to our main story, the growing pressure on israel which is also having an effect on business, and the business community. for instance, the drink maker soda stream has relocated it's factory in the occupied west bank, after rights about vests started a campaign to boycott the product earlier this year. the company says the decision is purely commercial. and sanctions campaign, is this a victory for you, then, getting soda
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stream to pull out of the west bank? i am thinking of all the jobs who are now not have jobs? >> we have seen retailers across north america, say they won't sell the products any more, and this has caused big problems. they are worth half the price they were a year ago. specifically in relation to -- >> sorry, what about the people who will have lost their jobs in they can ill afford to have more
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unemployment, it is running over 50%? for those palestinians to work inside israel, but fundamentally, we have to look at the instruction of the tinnian economy. there's no doubt they need decent jobs but it is the apoor todd policies that is making that impossible. >> so if what you are saying is accurate, then it seems very much as though you have identify add very effective form of resistence, that is not violence. >> they see the way in which western governments refuse to hold israel to account, and they are moving the moment for
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sanctions can is really -- they are going to enjoy significant successes especially in the last year or so, so for example, during israel's latest massacre on gaza, european retailers were -- israeli export companies were complaining that european retailers weren't buying israeli products, european retailers didn't want to be seen to be selling israeli products. one of our big campaigns is against the world's biggest security company. and our campaign just persuaded them to stop providing equipment, and services to steal's prisons where palestinian political prisoners are tortures and held without trial. we have also seen some of europe's biggest banks. so for example, the dutch state pension fund sell their shares in israeli banks and companies. so european businesses are starting to realize that being associated with israel's afar tide policies is simply bad business. >> thank you for that, talking to us hive from london, thank you. >> thank you for having me.
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>> now the parents of mexico's 43 missing students say they have no confidence in the team trying to rescue their children. the president has appoint add special commission to monitor the case. adam rainy has more from mexico city. >> calling for the return of their children alive. these are among mexico's powerless, but due to tragic circumstances, began an audience with the country's most powerful man. although they pressured the president to sign a document with a list of promises, the parents remained unsatisfied. we are not going to trust the president's words, nor will we trust the promises she made on national television. >> speaking on national television, the president made no mention of discord and instead
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highlights his promises to the parents and the nation. he also promised to inform updates before the press, something they have failed to do so far. and he committed to give more support to rural teachers colleges like the one the students attended. investigators have been digging through 11 mas. grave sites in the area, so far, they have found the remains of 38 bodies but have been unable to identify them. the case continues to fuel anger and frustration across mexico. more so than any other recent cases of murder, or disappearances. >> on wednesday, protestors toroth a gate at the governor's resident and lit a truck on fire.
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protests continued in the capitol too where students took over a highway toll booth, a common tactic in mexico. what remained unsaid is the all too real possibility that the students are dead, or will never be found. like an estimated 30,000 other missing people in mexico. the parents said this case highlights the problem of the people in mexico, and hope that it helps put an end to force disappearances numbers in the tens of thousands. >> now columbia's rebels for the first time have taken responsible for the killing of civilians during 50 years of civil war. the peace talks with the government have been going on for the last two years. it never targeted civilians but recognizes it's harmed them by using excessive force. around 200 people are still missing after a major landslide. rescue operations have
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intensified, fernandez reports surf hope for survive very evers is fading. >> raw emotion, as an unbeable loss. her brother, his wife and two children, were buried under wednesday's landslide. we heard the news and got here last night. my life is shattered. >> but heavy rain, fog, and thick mud here in the coast land, has made their work difficult. the army's commander overseeing the rescue effort says located warehouses is the biggest challenge right now. >> we have got certain medium moving machines. which allow us to begin to a certain level, and then it is beyond that, it should be to make sure we don't injury anybody. >> a huge body of earth,
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and mud, has been deposited. in some places, after ten meters deep. >> a deafening roar, and a plume of dust or smoke, and then a huge dill look of mud, that flattened more than 70 plantation workers houses just behind me, and now hopes are fading fast of any survivors being found. rescue authorities say only a few bodies have been recovered so far. but people who are still looking for family, there are no easy answers. al jazeera, coast land
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sri lanka. >> more to come here at al jazeera. >> in the sis teen chapel where a new system is putting michael anglos famous ceiling under the spotlight. >> and in sport, find out which pakistan is red hot and why the australians don't have an answer.
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now there's a new cam main to map the capital streets. >> around 5 million people live in ghana's capitol. the city is growing rapidly, but there are few street signs, to trying to direct someone home is a challenge. you take a right, the third house is my house. >> no, no. >> all the way to where i get to my house. >> yo starting with a different gate that's where i live. that is a typical direction of directions here. there are plans to bring an end to the confusion. the local government has
2:43 pm
been going from street to street identifying buildings as part of a program of naming streets and numbers properties. it is a huge task, all the data has to be entered on a mapping system, the man in charge of town planning says even choosing the street names has been a process of negotiation with traditional chiefs. assigning a specific name, they will tell you no, we have been able to name more than 4,000 streets.
2:44 pm
would be able and importantly, identify or enhance collection, because they know everyone now. the criteria of where we are, we expect that the increase of 50%. >> it is going to take time, and education, for people to get familiar with their new addresses. al jazeera, ghana. >> it is time for the sports news now. >> it is 40 years since boxing heavy weights and george foreman fought in what was dubbed the fight of the century.
2:45 pm
the guy of the fight, i plan to reveal the round and the minute, and i will tell you how long it will take the referee to get into position. >> this was a time 40 years ago, it felt as though heavy weight box evers ruled the world. one in particular, when foreman and ali fought. >> i remember, sitting with my family, my whole family, sitting there watching boxing on the t.v. i didn't used to watch much boxing but the big events. everybody watches it, but the sport has taken a beaten in recent years. the fact that boxing organizations have been split for years meaning
2:46 pm
that one weight can have four separate champions has diluted some of the glory, and some of the appeal to the public, and other sports are fighting their way up, such as u.f.c. >> and where as one once with millions were engrossed in bouts now it is a sport trying to stay on it's feet. >> boxing will always will be an event. u.f.c. is big. >> but now, to say a huge huge things hike that, if you ask anyone, about boxing anyone will mention mohamed ali. >> the documentary of the event when we were ever kings was popular and award winning, generations who weren't born when he ruled the world, still as knowledge him as the greatest.
2:47 pm
the edge the kansas city royals in game seven for their third series win in just five years. sara reports. >> going into the world series tied at three apiece, the pressure was on for the giants and home side, the kansas city royals. with bases loaded it was the visitors who got off to an ideal start. >> it is 2-0 giants here in the second. that sparked a royal retaliation, two runs in the bottom of that inning to level the game. the relay, too late. >> before this happened, rookie second baseman coming out with a game changing double play. to deny kansas can city, and destroy their momentum.
2:48 pm
pablo sandoval then scoring a crucial run. thanks to a right field center to michael moore. >> the giants were saving the best for last. bringing madison bomb partner on to the mound. to shout out kansas city. and edge the giants closer to glory. >> and a strike out starts here. >> than in the 9th a fly ball gave san francisco what they have been looking for, their third world series win in just five years. >> a world series win for the san francisco giants. >> 3-2 the final score, with pitcher bomb partner awarding most valuable
2:49 pm
player. >> definitely emotional, it's been an unbelieve claimed victory year for us, so many ups and downs. face add lot of adversity, could point happier for my teammates. there's a lot of guys that don't deserve it any more than they do, and like i said, i am thankful for them, and honored to be a part of this team and organization. sara coats, al jazeera. >> let's get more on our top story, it's 40 years since boxing heavy weight mohamed ali and george foreman fought in what was dubbed the fight of the century, for many on this, the ceo of the mohamed ali center, thank you for joining us. and mohamed ali was involved in so many great
2:50 pm
fights why is this fight so well remembered? >> i think because mohamed was such a underdog. all of the experts and public thought he was going to lose, and when he won, he provided an inspiration to all of us, who were with fans and nonfans who believed that since he won, that we with could too overcome obstacles in our own lives. >> what does it mean to mohamed ali, and to the african-american community narks the fight was held in africa? it was very important, because that changed the perception about thear can continent.
2:51 pm
to see black people putting such an event together and again, because we had such a perception of africa as people just rubbing around, half clothed, basically hunting in the jungle, it was surprising for us to see them putting on major events and holding a world championship fight, in the continue innocent of africa. in people see ali as more than just the boxer. what do you think he will be remembered for? >> i am sorry, let me try again, how involved is
2:52 pm
mohamed ali currently in the center? he is very involved. he met with a cancer patient for about 15 minutens, and to quote her, he was such an ink spur ration for her, because of his fight against parkinsons that she was willing and able to continue her fight against cancer. so he is actively involved with the center through various initialtives, we will have it to leave it there for now, thank you so much for your thoughts. >> thank you. the first man in 90 years to score as he put on an unbeaten 111 for pakistan, the second test his team are in a comfortable position on 304 for two after the owning day in pakistan, put on 57 for the first
2:53 pm
before ahmad went for 35. he was out lbw, to nathan lion. and although pakistan lost another wicked ali to put on a memorable third wicket partnership, a it willle lucky when he was dropped on thirty-fourth, steve smith just couldn't gather the catch, and it -- will get worst for australia after that, because poll hing that scare, was plain for pakistani batsman. both men got centuries, clubbing a 6th there. ali who is on 101. scott's has to play extra events to get the right points, required to qualify for the big money tournament, in london next month, and by
2:54 pm
beating the bulgarian, he also made the last state of this champion, murray winning in straight sets 6-3, 6-3. he birdies the 9th, 1 of 7 on the opening day for him, the frenchman won in beijing in april, and is lookenning to continue his good run in the country. but because of the weather -- wet weather, there weren't too many spectators on hand to applause this hole, the italian is tied 19th after the opening round at the $9 million event. this' also details there on how to get in touch with our team using twitter and facebook. that's all your sport for now. >> thank you very much.
2:55 pm
michael anglo's famous fresco in the sis teen chapel are being seen in a completely new light these days. in fact, thousands of them, claudia explains. >> let there be light! on wednesday, the vatican lit up the sis teen chapel and it's famous ceiling with 7,000 led larches. masterpieces and the last judgement, never looked so vivid. >> for the first time we can see the sis steen chapel in detail, and admire it's beauty and original form. this is how mikel anglo must have seen it right after he painted it. >> when he painted in the 16th century, he relied on the light coming from the chapels big windows. but in the 1980's experts realized that the sunlight ultraviolet
2:56 pm
radiation was causing the colors to fade. wind does and artificial lights may have saved the frescoes but left tourists in the dark. until today, standing inside was an awe inspiring but also frustrating experience. visitors will be only 20 meters away from the world's most famous ceiling, but due to poor lighting, some of the details of the scenes painted on it were hardly visible. now you can almost feel you can touch the hand of god. >> the new lighting system is part of a renaissance of the sis teenager chapel, that will be premiered in november. >> and yet, there is still a dark side of the sanctuary, which is gone under the spotlight. >> at the end of october, the vatican layed on a corporate event for car maker porsche, a private tour, and a classical concert held inside the chapel.
2:57 pm
the prize, a hefty $200,000. the vatican says the money raised went to charity, and rejected the criticism. in the meantime, from thursday on wards visitors will be able to see the chapel under a whole new light. now we all the like to end on a positive note, and species of giant tortoise being brought back from the brink of extinction. they are tortoises. on the island of hispaniola. well, overhunting shrinking habitats and the introduction of new species were all to blame, but thanks to a successful breeding program, the numbers have now risen to more than 2,000. and scientists say the tortoise which can live for up to 200 years is now able to survive on it's own without human help, so, some good news to end with.
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>> mason mcqueen is leaving his home and his job as a london taxi driver to join the taxi wallahs in the indian megacity of mumbai. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. big bus, big bus, big bus. what have i got myself into here, eh? >> he'll have to come to grips with some unusual driving conditions... >> jesus. >> too much problem if you are going to hit the cow.