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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> it's important to be out here talking to voters >> director aj schnack's unprecedented series concludes >> it's certainly something that doesn't exist in politics on television >> america votes 2014 midterms only on al jazeera america ♪ this is at al jazeera america. israel reopened the holy site to muslims under heavy pressure and threats with palestinians, nurse casey hickox defied her voluntary, taking a morning bike ride. ten peshmerga fighters to battle isil, but will they help turn the tide? and the parents of dozens of students even more angry and frustrated after meeting with the country's president, for hours.
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israel will reopen a major heldly site, just one day after closing it for the first time in years. the mosque compound was closed after fighting erupted. the clashes came in response to the death of a palestinian man, that man was accused of trying to kill a jewish activist who campaigned for the right of uses to pray at the mosque. now, the site has become a critical point in the conflict. the latest now from east jerusalem. >> the situation in several neighborhoods remained volatile, while a number of palestinians have been confronting israeli security forces, in these neighborhoods, we have heard the sound of stun grenades going
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off, and have even smelled tier gas in the air, and it just underscores how tense the situation is on the ground. now, the background of all of that is the move by israeli security forces to effectively close off the mosque complex. a number of security personnel have been stationed at all the main gates not letting worshipers in, not letting tourists in, we also understand at 1 point a group of people belonging to a far right jewish group also tried to access the mosque, they were sent away, in fact, a number of them were arrested by israeli security force evers, whatever the case, the situation here remains extremely tense. a situation which frankly has been bubbling over the past several months since before the war in gaza, but really it has been highlighted by this recent situation of violence in occupied east jerusalem, a situation which doesn't seem to be getting any better. >> here is what you need
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to know about the temple mount, as it is referred to by muslims. it is considered the hol holiest site in judaism, and the third holiest in ices lamb, the area was concurred by israel in 1967, but is add mensterred by a body called the woff. nonmuslims are allow to visit, but are not allowed to pray there. more controversial in the region it is the first major european country to do so, israel is condemning the move palestinian authority hailed the decision, mohamed with more. >> for decades palestinians have argued that they have trying to deny them recognition of three things, territory,
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people, and government. but now, sweden has added the support by official hi recognizing the state of palestine. we have decided to do so, on the criteria of international law is fulfilled. the territory, of people, and the government. not to recognize palestine because of their occupation, would be against the principle of international law about no fruits of aggression. >> remember that are more than 130 can'ts already recognize palestine and we will be, in fact, the decision does not set an international precedent, it is only the one hundred thirty-fifth country to take this step. but what is different, is that it is the western european nation to do so
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and the palestinians were obviously pleased. >> i believe that by this announcement, swede season going to give a new impetus to the political process and peace process that israel will be more convinced by the importance of returning to the negotiations no seems unlikely, it is how the foreign minister reacted to the swedish intent -. >> the last statement of the prime minister of sweden. would seem really wrong approach. because it is possible to achieve peace only as a by lateral solution. any unilateral steps would be very very counter productive. >> sweden's decision was announced at a time when israeli palestinian have soared following weeks of violence. the u.n. security council
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has also criticized the expansion of illegal settlements in east jerusalem. swedens ambassador in protests while the united states cautioned speeden against recognition, referring a negotiated solution, one than forthcoming any time soon. mohamed, al jazeera. >> now to the grower controversy over the ebola quash teen policies here in the united states. casey hickox, a nurse who recently treated ebola patients in west africa is defying her quarantine orders in maine, now, this morning she left her home, and took a bike ride there is no legal action against me, i am free to go for a bike ride in my own town. >> police, followed hickox, right now the state of mine -- he says she will sue if the state
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tries to legally enforce that quarantine order. thomas drake is here with more. >> she is ready for a fight. normally a simple bike ride wouldn't take headlines. you saw it, sparking more debate about the treatment of healthcare worker whose treat ebola patients in west africa. >> it was the morning bike ride seen across the country. >> is it worth all this, casey. >> she openly defying an order to stay in her home after she treated patients in west africa. >> you know, this morning we just said we want to go for a bike ride. >> with her boyfriend by her side, she pedaled along a long country road, with law enforcement and reporters following her every move. >> we are zillion waiting to hear from the state of maine to see what they want to do. i hope we can continue negotiations. >> an hour later she returned home. >> thank you, i have to go speak with the heath department now. >> it was october 24th when she was kept in an
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isolation tent for three days after she arrived at newark liberty airport, officials say she had a miner fever. she contest add quarantine and ultimately threatened legal action. after showing no symptoms, new jersey governor allowed hickox to return to maine, which imposed it's own quarantine, but she has maintained isolation is unnecessary as she has no symptoms and has tested necktive for ebola. >> i understand the state's purpose is to protect the state of maine, i have worked in public health for many years and that has been my purpose as well, but we have to make decisions on science. >> u.s. officials are now add odds over whether american healthcare workers who return from treating ebola patients in west africa, should be forced into a quarantine until a 21 day incubation period has expired. >> i do not understand why this common sense approach to ask someone
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to stay in their home for 21 days during the incubation period why that is not a reasonable request. >> president obama has warned that otherly restrictive measures imposed upon returning workers could discouraging them from volunteering in west africa. >> they make huge sacrifices to protect this country. and when they come home, they deserve to be treated properly. they deserve to be treated hike the heros that they are. >> as of tonight, authority are pursuing a court order to enforce the quarantine think november 10th, meanwhile, new york city announce as new program to offer financial incentives to encouraging medical workers to go to west africa, to fight ebola.
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the dwighters have spent a night in the town near turkey's border, earlier this morning about ten of them went in and advanced on something of iraqi before the bulk of the fighters and their heavy weapons make their way in, the belief is that they will wait until dusk and the cover of darkness before they do that the suggestion is they may go into the west of the city, the city behind me, up to the line of trees there is we think most of it under control of isil fighters. and we saw thursday morning some of them moving around, moving around, in fact, in an area that has been attackerred by u.s. air strikes only on wednesday, it was from that area that a lot of the shelling of the border position was coming from that shelling
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they can break that stalemate, and regain the territory that isil taken from them. >> bernard smith reporting from the turkey syria border, here is a look at today's air strikes by the numbers. u.s. and coalition war planes targeted three uniters in iraq and syria. in iraq, air strikes took down one isil vehicle, and one czech point, u.s. and coalition aircraft have attacked hundreds of targets since air strikes began in august. america's top military leaders provided a update today on where things stand, with the fight against isil in iraq and syria, what was that
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assessment from secretary hagel and joint chiefs chairman general dempsey? they did talked directly about the progress of the kurdish and iraqi fighters. >> their initial progress is encouraging. but, these are just first steps. first steps, in what we have said will be a long and difficult multiyear effort against isil. by the local iraqi forces on the ground. support from the u.s. as well as coalition partners. >> another important component of this fight, though, tony, are syrian rebels, moderate syrian rebels.
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the joint chief did adjust trust how training them is going, basically, he said they have been able to get a command and control apparatus up, other coalition partners have trainers there ready to go, but no training has actually taken place yet, tony. >> all right, secretary hagel was asked aability a memo he wrote about the strategy, what did he write and what did he say about it. >> wrote a blunt and personal memo to susan rice, national security adviser raising concerns about the strategy in syria, and how the u.s. is thinking about bashar al asaad, what should be done with him, and if they are factoring in that component enough, now, he was asked about that by reporters and he wouldn't get into the details of how his personal opinion may conflict with that of the
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administrations objective. take a will be. >> we are constantly arecessing and reassessing and adapting, to the realties of what is the west approach. that's the responsibility of any leader, and since we are a significant element, of this issue we owe the president, and we owe the united states security council, our best thinking on this. and it has to do honest, and it has to be direct. >> this says this is a complicated issue. that asaad should leave power, but when asks what direct pressure is being applied to make that happen, he wouldn't answer okay, libby casey for us, thank you. the united nations estimated 200,000 people have led the fighting.
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many have gone to turkey, but some have moved to refugee camps. those refugees face an uncertain future. the family of five are syrian curds. the village is 20 can recollect he left his home and brought them to this camp in the kurdish region of northern iraq a few days ago, he describes some of the things he says he saw, before they fled for their hives. i was drying to help people, some of the dead had their faces blown off. or isil, and the syrian kurdish fighters in recent weeks.
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coalition air strikes have failed to push isil out. they say when ice salt lake took over close by, the fighters were disguised. when they attacked our villain, and the village next to ours they were wearing uniforms. >> the family who came here by turkey, said they feel safer here in the kurdish region, he says he doesn't trust the kurdish government to look after their near needs. turkey has been fighting calling for an independent state in the southeast of the country for 30 years. despite the fact that isil forces are close to here, he is happy to be in iraq keys kurdish administered northern region. >> it is true it is only tense here, but this is 1,000 time better than turkey, because this is our land. this isn't just a region, this is the land of every curd. >> there are a growing number of syrian kurdss
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threing, for this camp. more than 500 people have come from cubanny to this camp in the hahs two weeks, now the front line is only five-kilometers in that direction, and there are concerned here not only about security, but how people will survive in the winter. >> there are some buildings being constructed in paren ration for the harsh months ahead, for now, children play among the half built shells, more than 14,000 people live in this camp, and that number continues to grow. many of the people here were moved from another camp when the risk of isil attacks got too great. just behind the ridge, is the front line, isil forces attack kurdish person mer shagogs here all the time. despite the dinger and the winter months ahead, he says he and his family will remain here, until they are forced to move on. al jazeera, northern iraq rack. >> turmoil has erupted today, the west african country's president has declared a state of emergency, came after hours of protest, where
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demonstrators sat in parliament building on fire, people are outraged over a vote that would have extended the rule of the president. mohamed has our report. >> the only president they have ever known. and some think it is been long enough. his latest attempt has led thomás protests in the capitol. i think this is a strong message that he can't carry on, so he would have to make room for a successor, or his party to take the necessary steps to find someone else, who would be the next candidate for the next elections. >> tuesday marked the start of a civil disobedient campaign called by opposition parties.
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violent broke out, as they advanced toward the parliament, that hedy spited to extend the rule, beyond 2015. police arrested hundreds of the protestors, a group of them managed to break through police barriers and set the parliament buildings on fire, they agented targeting the ruling headquarters. born in 1915, came to power in 1987. after deposing. one of the most popular leaders of this tribe. al jazeera. >> fear in hawaii, where mother nature is threatens duns of homes, 2,000-degree lava is within 100 feet of another house, america tonight takes us to the community under threat, and the search for dozens
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of missing students is highlighting a grim violent past in mexico.
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and parents of 43 mittsing students confronted the president today, they emerged every more angry by a lack of progress. the only evidence that is turning up points to the grim history of violence in the area. adam rainy has our report now from mexico city. >> calling for the return of their children, alive, that is what parents of some of the missing students say they wanted from their president. these are among the power less and poor, but due to tragic circumstances began an audience with the most powerful man, although they pressured him to sign a document with a list of promises the parents remained unsatisfied. we are not going to trust the president's words nor will we trust the promises made on national television, until he delivered us the students
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alive. >> speaking on national television, the president made no mention of discord, and instead highlighted his promises to the parents and the nation. we agree to strengthen the efforts t to poll find the students. >> he also promised to have his government inform family members of updates on the investigation, before the press something they had failed to do so far, and he committed to give more support to rural teachers colleges like the ones the students attended. the investigation has focused on the discovery of several mas. graves. investigators have been digging through massive grave sites in the area, so far, they have found the remains of 38 bodies but have been unable to identify them. the case continues to fuel anger and frustration across mexico. more so than any other recent cases of murder, or disappearances. on wednesday, protestors
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tore through a gate at the governors rest, and lit a truck on fire. protests continued in the capitol where students took over a highway toll booth, a common tactic in mexico. what remains unsaid, is the all too real possibility, that the students are dead, or will never be found. like an estimated 30,000 other missing people in mexico. >> the parents that met with the president said this case highlights the problem of missing people in mexico, and they hope that it helps put an end to forced disappearances numbers in the tens of thousands. al jazeera, mexico city. >> this weekend, fault lines travels to mexico, the disappeared look at mixing citizens and the impact on families searching for their loved ones. right here on al jazeera america, good news, about the economy today, sent stocks soaring now the government says the economy grew 3.5%, the
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dow rose 221-points the s&p gains 12 that's a big number, and that 200 went one number and the nasdaq was up 17, the i-phone one of the unmistakable symbols of western culture could soon make it's way to iran, apple is in talks to sell the i-phone in iran, old would only happen if sanctions continue to ease, restrictions on some imports to iran. the national guard is deploying troops to hawaii, as a river of lava flows through a small town, 83 troops will help provide security. a lot of residents have he advantage waited but they say they also appreciate the role mother nature plays in the on going development of hawaii. >> 2,000 degrees creeping at about ten yards an hour. there's no stopping this river of lava, headed straight for the hawaiian
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town. >> basically it is going to come down this hill here, and business sect here. >> christene is one of mean hundred 50 people, who called this home. she lives downstream from the lava, with her husband, and four young children. >> in our neighborhood, it's pretty much just a waiting game until the lava speeds up and comes down the hill. >> is that your doorstep basically, a couple miles away, are people concerned they are going to lose their homes in. >> yes, absolutely. there's a big sense of uncertainty, we don't know what it is going to do, which path it will take, all we can do is get out of it's way, this is mother nature we are talking about. >> you can see more of the full report from the big island on america tonight. that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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only the technology page, a legal battle playing out between a nurse and the state of main, and a look at the ethics surrounding casey hickox's quarantine, and as the ad campaign heats up, some are showing a lot of love, puppy love, that is. oh my. that's up next what a cutety, in power politics.
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the controversy over quarantine policies in the united states, is growing after a nurse who recently tested or treated ebola patients in west africa, violated her quarantine today. and state of maine toe require here to abide by a quarantine. program action against me, so i am free to go on a bike ride. >> what does it say in the court order. >> i don't know, when you find out tell me. >> how does it feel to be on the road? >> it feels amazing. >> jamie, what is going on here? she is not showing any symptoms in. >> correct. >> that's correct.
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this' the politics, the medical, and the legal. >> everybody agrees that she is no, ma'am symptomatic. >> so what is maine doing here? >> well, they have in every state, quarantine laws the quarantine laws which allow state officials to protect the general public, they can't use the quarantine law, so what they have done in maine, and other states is they have a new policy, if you have been to one of the countries effected by ebola, at a medical professional or a goodwill actor, and you come back, you have been asked to voluntarily quarantine yourself. and she does not want to do that, because she says she is not symptomatic. >> it is voluntary. >> it is a voluntary means you can do it or you cannot. >> she says she would rather follow the cdc
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guidance, which are self-monitoring means you take your temperature twice a day, she has even agreed to awe loy a public health official and check in on her once a day, and unless she is symptomatic, in which case she would go to the emergency room, she sees no need to quarantine herself, at which .., maine said we ragone to get a court order, which in my mind makes it mandatory. >> so if you were the governor -- >> right, so if you are the governor here, and you want to go to court, to make this mandatory, you have to make an argument, so what is the arguement? do you surprise that the governor will make. >> that's the judge must
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be considering right now, is it necessary to keep this nurse in her home to protect the larger public. and what will the judge have to consider? health policy. >> yes. >> and the judge is going to look at the cdc guidance, which are that she take her temperature twice a day, and be monitored possibly, by a public health official. she is asymptomatic, i think the judge will find, and therefore, voluntary is really all that is necessary i think and state will lose this one. >> so the courts generally speaking, as he try to weigh both sides of this, will decide based on the science. >> this is a hugely important moment. i almost said presidential because the president has weighed in on this, and really the confusion, is because we have a disconnect, we have multipat states making decision, this all
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started in new jersey when this nurse got off the plane, she was confined in a tent, now she is in maine, so we have the state weighing in, the federal government has said actually that it is not beneficial to infringe the rights of these healthcare workers because we want people to go to the source of the problem, which is in west africa, and if we make them disinclined to do that by confining them, that will be a negative for our healthcare here, as well as in africa, so the feds have 1 point of view, and now we have maine saying well it is in the best interest of the citizens of maine to have casey stay at home. but the judge will have to decide as a matter of constitutional law, to beny, what her civil rights and the constitution require, and when they weigh the needs of the citizens against the rights of this young woman, i think in the end
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her civil rights will trump the day. >> come on. >> it isn't ration nally necessary, that's what the judge is going to have to decide. is it necessary at this point for her to stay in her house, it is that simple. it isn't that complicated. >> well done. >> thank you, jamie floyd for us. >> my pleasure. >> ebola having a political effect as well, let's bring in jay newton from washington sorry my jewish groups. she is a congressional correspondent for time magazine, good to see you, and here in the studio is contributor michael shore, michael, how big a roll is ebola playing in this election. >> how big a roll they want to play and how big a role it is playing. 80% of the country say they they agree with quarantines. so we all know the science, we have heard the science, numerous times, the quarantine is not what is called for in terms of ebola, but, that duhn't mean the party that's trying to get power, isn't going to use
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it because it is rah scare tactic, they are so accustom to it, the opposition party is accustom to use a scare tactics. >> in washington, d.c., in your work in your poll hing this campaign, talk to us about the role that you see ebola playing in the midterms. >> who are distancing themselves saying yes, i don't think they are doing a good job on this, so it has become a big issue, and you have seen it effect candidates. and it's really help keep that tight race for republicans. so unfortunately, for democrats the issue is not one that is good for them, less than a week
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out from the election. >> is this fear verses facts or this is about republicans coming up with another way, in an attempt to demonstration that the president is not an effective leader? is that the way this is being used. >> it is use have this huge scandal, and it happens in ferguson, or 1,000 trapped in a mountain top, and then you see this huge outcry by republicans the president has do get involved has to rise to the presidential level, why is the president golfing and then almost unwillingly, the president gets dragged into it, and then he overreacts and that's where we are, the presidential overreaction part of it where he is on t.v. every day talking about ebola, pointing an boal la barzee there's only one person in america that has tested positive, it isn't like
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the disease that killed half the people in new york or something. >> right. >> it is really a huge sort overteem miss for nothing. >> and the president has wrapped his arms around folk whose have been infected with ebola. and have been cleared of it that's in mace in maine. is this proving to be effective. >> here is the thing, a midterm election is a series of local elections, and whenever there's an issue that can nationalize, the party that wants to win, and is not in power, and they both want to win, the party not in power, wants it to be a national referendum. so any issue that plays into that, they will pounce on it and communication with the white house has been horrendous on so many issues.
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but that one photo of the president hugging that nurse from dallas, that should have been the most corrective campaign ad this year all right, appreciate your time, thank you as always. thank you both, and see you both on election night can't wait. okay, five days until midterm elections and here come the political celebrities. david? tony, democrats believe they are in a great position to pick up a senate seat in georgia, demi shell none has been making enroads with her political opponent. he proudly outsourced jobs. well, yesterday, purdue tries to draw attention to the job jobs the company created and he got help from the 2012 presidential nominee mit romney. >> peel fill more jobs is something that is really admirable, i would like to see more people in
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washington that understand where jobs come from, understand how hard it is to create them, what it is hike to compete. >> in colorado another close race childrenton ridiculed the republican challenger cory gardner, of pro-life candidate who just said he supports letting women buy contra sentive coverage. >> hole low, that's been legal for several decades now. like i said, there's a pretty low standard for what counts as mott rate. >> most like to project warm positive messages at the end, in the new hampshire senate race, between democratic incumbent and rem challenger scott brown, that was brown before her, here is the closing
4:41 pm
ad from brown and note the fireplace warming up his final attack on issue after issue, continues to vote with president obama, 99% of the time. she promised to be independent, but washington changed her. the president is not on the ballot but he said his policies are, to change direction, we need to change senators. oh, nice with that fireplace. >> she also take as final dig, while trying to be friend hi and upbeat. >> i don't work for the big oil companies i work for you, saving jobs. getting the job done for new hampshire, i approve this message, i didn't just move here, i have been here, fighting for you. >> and that is a not so subtle dig who was a massachusets senator until two years ago, in the north carolina senate race, the closing ads are meaner, the democrat
4:42 pm
senator kay haggan who is trying to hold on to her seat, reprize it is main attack she has been making throughout the campaign. >> leading the fight to defund planned parenthood, she cut funding for cancer screenings and birth control, stopped an equal pay for equal work bill and cut $500 million from our schools all to pay for more tax breaks for the wealthy. for his part, he trying to link kay to the unpopularity of president obama. she does everything he wants, i think we need a senate who votes conscious ahead of party, and taxpayers ahead of government. >> several candidates at the end are trying to come across as more enganging and likable than voters tend to perceive them, we saw that with mitch early this week, using blood hounds in a later ad, now, it is republican tom cotton's turn, spends nearly half of the time in his final ad talking
4:43 pm
about puppy love. >> they will say i hate puppies, okay, it took me a while to warm up co cowboy, just joking, i approve this message, and i do love puppies. >> great. finally from puppies to a real life politic pitfall. chris christie is preparing the 2,016th presidential campaign, yesterday on the second anniversary of hurricane sandy, a heck her interrupted him, and kristy was not happy. >> somebody like you doesn't know what you are talking about, i have been here when the cameras aren't you, you want to have the conversation later, i am happy to have it, but until then sit down and shut up. >> wow, if he gains traction in the 2016 primary as big if, that video will appear in his opponents attack ads and that's because americans generally don't like hot
4:44 pm
tempers people to be in charged of nuclear launch codes. and that is today's power politics, yes. point well taken. 22, hey. hey, greg, nice to meet you. >> this' only a certain number of last names.
4:45 pm
>> a lot of park, park, this you are sir. >> sorry. >> someone with you orb someone like you voted park, voted in swanny georgia, and virginia he lives in lennox, he says. >> so swung else with your name. >> yeah, same name. >> that's very troublesome, i could see how that would pull out certain ethnic groups especially asian ethnic groups. >> my goodness, part two of the voter fraud investigation airs this evening. that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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and there is much more online. all right, now, let's take a look add other headlines innecessary is here with that. >> tony, at least four people are dead in a small plane crash in kansas. the plane was trying to return to the airport in wichita, after losing power just after takeoff. that's when it crash good a building only a pilot was on the plane, it is not clear if the pilot is among the dead, there is a chance others could still be in the rubble of the building. as the memorial grows outside the scene of the washington school shooting funerals are set for the gunman and one of his victims. a service for zoe will be held this weekend, no word yet on the funeral for the third victim, two
4:47 pm
other shootings victims remain in critical condition. halloween is all but canceled in northern pennsylvania. police have been looking for him since he allegedly killed one state trooper and injured another one, the annual parade is cancele canceledd kids will not be allowed to trick or treat tomorrow. thomas has passed away, he was a city's longest serving mayor in office for 21 years until retiring in february, he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after leaving, he was 71 years old. and beloved. >> so very much so. >> yeah thank you. an increasing number of campaign ads are appealing to people's fears.
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by maying unfortunately on their fears. smart politics. they are appealing to people's worries about isil, ebola, and a race relations. tony, the ads are openly playing on people's anxieties republican ads are talking about ebola,
4:50 pm
and democrats are sending the message that african-americans will suffer more under republicans. >> in the middle east, radical terrorists are on the march, destabilizing our allies beheading americans. and crucifying christians. >> representative tom cotton the candidate for senate vows to make america safer than obama has. >> the first police is to keep us safe. >> this is that domes are mishanled the theft of isil and ebola. >> the stakes are high, steve is the leader we need. >> you can have a discussion about complex issues such as job creation, or the healthcare system, or immigration reform, and those two sides to those issues, fear. something scary will kill you or your family.
4:51 pm
many are concerned about security, 75% said terrorism was very important for their vote this year. that's up from 60% two year agos, it also suggests that the issue is more important among republicans than democrats. this new yorker from georgia's democratic party invokes feeling of racial injustice, saying if you want to prevent another ferguson, don't shoot. the next page reads vote, it is up to you they understand they need the vote to come out like it did in 2012, and twenty
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thousand eighth, and without that, they are going to lose badly in these midterm elections. >> and tony, each side is of course accusing the other of fear mongering. >> oh, yes. >> so much a feature of today's politics appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you. >> dear congress i want. and then tell us, tweet your requests with #dear congress, or email it to us at dear congress at america tonight will be sharing your images in the days ahead. don't forget to joan al jazeera america, and analysis of coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. apple c.e.o. tim cook, announced publicly today
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that he is gay. while i have never denied my sexuality, i haven't publicly acknowledged it either, so let me be clear i am proud to be gay, and i consider being gay among the greatest gifts god has given me. the mvp award last night, but it came with a big time gaffe. from the guy presenting the big prize. back with that. hello, i am ray swarez, tough on crime used to be every politician second or third favorite self-transcriptor. but california has a prison over population problem, and we will decide on election day, whether some crimes should no longer be considered felonies with long sentences attached. we'll debate prop 47, live at the top of the hour.
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most boxers today weren't even born when that took place, the legendary fight inspires youngsters from louisville to london. >> if i nigh how long it would take the referee to get in position to start counting. >> years ago when it felt like heavy weights ruled the world. when ali and foreman clashed it captured the imagination from louisville to london. >> i remember sitting with my whole family, watching boxing on t.v., i didn't used to watch much boxing but the big
4:57 pm
events. everybody watched it. >> but the sport of boxing is taken a beating in recent years. the fact that boxing organizations have been split for years, one weight can have four state champions has diluted some of the glory, and the appeal to the public, other sports are fighting their way up too, such as u.f.c. and whereas once millions were engronessed in bouts now it is a sport trying to stay on it's feet box willing always be an event, always be bigger, but i am not going to lie, u.f.c. is big, people like watching it. >> you would think i wasn't around at the time, i might not know about ali, if you ask anyone, anyone will mention mohamed ali. >> the documentary of the extraordinary event, when we were kings was popular and award winning.
4:58 pm
generations that weren't born still acknowledge him as the greatest, and use him and the rum national the jungle as inspiration. they are using the d word in san francisco today, d as in dynasty. >> madison, my goodness, was named mvp with an incredible series. now the giants have won three of the last five champions in twitter is going wild over the mvp award iness was here. >> you missed the best part, can you blame him for being nervous in fronts of millions of people, regional zone manager stumbled through
4:59 pm
his presentation, and it was so awkward that even the commissioner looked unforgotble, watch. >> at chevrolet we have -- we have been proud of the latest and greatest technology, which is the all new 2015 chevy colorado. >> it combined class winning, leading technology, and stuff. >> technology and stuff, the twitter guy and technology and stuff, comparing him to the late comedian chris frail or toronto mayor rob ford, and this morning at 9:00 a.m., rick's boss, called to tell him that he still has a job, it is okay, and chevy they ran with this exposure, so now they are saying #technology and stuff. they posted it on their website, the chevy guy
5:00 pm
should get a raise for giving them way more publicity than they ever imagined. >> she runs that company, right? okay, all right. just -- i don't know why that popped in my head, all right appreciate it, thank you, inside story is next. >> and whether to down grade a long list of crimes from the felonies to misdemeanors, will the punishment fit the crime, it is inside story. when meshes were rivered by