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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> hello, and welcome to the al jazeera news hour. live in doha, our top stories. israel's prime minister joins talks in jordan aimed at calming tensions. signs of progress. fight against ebola. as the state of emergency. plus out of this world. sending pictures but how long will it last? >> robin adams here with the sport, and one big story dominated
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headlines. the world governing body in chaos, as it's own investigator accuses it of a cover up. and blaming russia of corruption. >> israel's prime minister is in talk aimed at easing tensions. he is meeting the u.s. secretary of state and jordan's. and u.s. has criticized the decision to build 200 new settlement unit which is are illegal under international law. palestinian president is also in jordan, be uh is not clear if he will be involved in the talks. relations with jordan have al been strained with the decision to close the mosque compound for the first time since 1967.
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>> in recent weeks. we have correspondent in both jordan and in west jerusalem. in west jerusalem, but first in aman jordan where we are waiting for a press conference between the jordanian leaders there and the u.s. secretary of state. this is a very significant meeting. >> even deed, and highly significant, because apparently it has taken u.s. mediation in order to mend ties. it requires all three of these leaders to sit together and talk. you jordan is supposed to luke after the mosque. >> under this treaty she has with israel.
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>> undermine as it is watching the violation and especially in the mosque and the comment pound. so this is why this meeting was very much needed very necessary. in order to diffuse tensions not only in jerusalem, and the west bank but also between israel and jordan. >> >> given the recent tensions how is this going down in jordan? has the country lost space if you will, over these. >> this is why it is responding very angry, by not only recalling but requiring the u.s. secretary of state to come and mediate this is a situation that has been going on for a while, and has acred jordan and put it in a very difficult position, and embarrassing position even, domestically
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because the peace treaty is extremely unpopular, and internationally, because giordanos they have a strong relationship with the u.s. it is also leading the fight against isil in iraq, and syria. almost fighting on behalf of the u.s., in this war, in this coalition. and it feels that the u.s. hasn't done enough to stop israel from the violations jordan says it is committing in jerusalem. so this is what has led us to the meetings that way have been seeing today as well as this intensive diplomacy, which started yesterday. when they met with king abdullah, and they agreed they would stand against these israeli violations. >> all right, thank you very much. live for us in aman, let's cross over now our bureau in west jerusalem, first of all, you have on the one hand, in jordan
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to meet john kerry, to ease sanctions but on the other hand, an announcement of further homes being built in occupied east jerusalem. >> it is a very difficult situation, and quite frankly, we will start with the fact that the prime minister has gone to jordan. this is a very clear admission from himself, and indeed his government that the situation in the occupied territories that indeed in israel, is spiraling out of control. and his government needs some help. and that help will come in the form of jordan. now, we have seen frequent confrontations between forces and palestinian protestors because far right groups have consistently tries to go there to effectively get wider access there. now, as mentioned that, of course, is
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forbiddening, they are not allowed to pray there under an agreement with jordan, whatever the case, this, of course, is tip fied by the fact that we now have these is the her expansion plans. the plans for these 200 units and we also have the knew that an israeli lawmaker hassenings manied they are looking to install facial recognition technology at the compound and metal detectors as well. so it just lends to the fact, that on the one hand, the israelis are deeply concerned about what is going on, a situation that is spiraling out of control, and yet, there's so many layers to what the palestinians see as oppressive measures that are still being implemented to this day. so, again, a very complex situation. >> right. >> and a very difficult situation that it would appear, struggling to find his way out of. >> i was briefly going to ask you about that, domestically how is this playing out? >> he is able to stay
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prime minister because of the coalition he has with far right israeli parties. and these have been advocating for more jewish access to the compound, they certainly advocate for more crack downs on palestinians and more punitive laws. and so, this trip to jordan, and indeed making overtures to palestinians doesn't help that core constituency. and the background of all this is the belief that in the next six to 12 months we can see an election here in israel, it is a very difficult situation by again, there he is, trying to figure a way to calm this. >> thank you very much. live for us in west jerusalem, again, we are waiting for this press conference between the foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state, we will bring that to you live as that happened there.
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>> in other news, the prime minister has sacked nor than 30 senior leaders. that have allowed to see large territory. with the steal government over oil experts. a spokes man says baghdad is to release $500 million the krg will give 150,000 barrels of oil a day in return. they need the money to help continue to pay for the military campaign against isil. now, a new audio recording said to be the head of the levant has been posted on the group's official website.
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the 17 minute message calms for a tax on the leaders of saudi arabia and on houthis community. while u.s. defense secretary and and joint chief chairman have been testifying before congress on the strategy against the islamic state rosalyn, so these testimonies coming today as we hear a very defiant message from the head of isil. thousand will that go down there? well, they haven't officially commented on it here. with the hearing of secretary hagel just wrapped up. but it is worth noting that both men said that they are trying to lead the military in a fight that is going to take a lot of time and will require some money. while forces retook
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control of the key town, about 50 u.s. military advisers went to the air bass to see if it is a good place to train more iraqi ground forces. the u.s. is ex-nd paing it's training mission putting gnarly 700 advisors at regional headquarters and deploying another 800 around the country to improve iraqi soldiers fighting skills. the pent gone insists this is still a support mission. >> knock has changed about the policy, there will be no introduction of u.s. troops in a combat role in iraq. >> so far, the pentagon says it is spending about 8 million-dollar as day, or $728 million through november 6th on air strikes and supporting iraqi and kurdish troops. independent estimates say in the same period the military probably spent
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more than that, $13.6 million a someday, or 1.2 billion overall. now, the white house is asking congress for $5.6 billion to expand it's operations. that request is lose change compared to what president bush asked for. it ended up costing $6 trillion. even sew, u.s. officials know that asking congress for money now is a sensitive matter. >> the united states won't be expected to fund this entire effort, there will be contributions expected from these coalition members. i don't just mean in terms of people, but in terms of dollars as well. >> that raises a key question. does the u.s. have a goal of ending the mission. they say if so it isn't one of time. >> they cannot predict
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when it will end it says it will take years to defeat isil, be uh they say the challenge will to do so without sending in ground troops. apparently the secretary of defense will meet with their senate counter parts next week, but that's apparently going to be a closed door session to talk about some of the more sensitive issues regarding the fight against isil. the man who investigated qatar and russia's winning world cup bids has accused fifa of a cover up. examined claims of corruption surrounding the 2018 and 2022 bid process, his put report was then summarized by the ethic committee chief.
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who cleared both of corruption. but garcia says the summary misses out major marts of the finding. today's decision of the chamber continued numerous repping of facts and conclusions detailed in the investigatory report. i intend to appeal the decision he says to the fifa appeal committee. lee, it seems that fifa is in chaos again, is this typical that there's another twist in the story. >> it is typical, we had around four hours of respite, four hours where fifa thought finally, this is settled. some individuals might be punished in the future, but that's that, and then michael garcia dropped his bomb shell.
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and now everything us up in the air again. we shouldn't assume that they got everything wrong. and they should go ahead as plans. i think that mr. garcia may have more of a problem, i think garcia has criticisms of the way that face that has done it. i don't think it's a secret he would like to have some changes at the top. and also bear in mind, it might suit him to be seen as someone who wasn't clearing everybody. he wasn't the man who cleared all of the big teams. wasn't the man that said yeah, carry on, it is fine. i think lit be good for his reputation that he has challenged it. >> in terms oif investigation, never really a full league probe, was it? especially when it came to the russian be i? >> no, it wasn't. you could sense how
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difficult this was. the russian situation was extremely difficult one. hen't allow uhed into the country. computers were destroyed, we can assume they might have had something to hide, but mr. gar see yeah will never know, so it makes the report a complete farce. he said he had no experience, he came in a depletely fresh perspective, and met all of these challenges what we weren't expected is when they deliver add summary, that mr. garcia without come out and say no, that's not what i said. >> all right, thank you. of course we will have more on this later in sports. and still ahead on the program. >> a brand new euro star train, 20 years of cross channel rail travel, but has it done anything to
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make friends of the french and the on lish? and we have reaction from the capitol later in the program on that report into world cup corruption. the liberia government is lifting the state of emergency over the ebola outbreak. the fight against ebola is not over. around half of all the deaths from the ebola outbreak has happened in liberia. but now it's president says that is no longer needed. her country has seen a big drop in the number of new cases. and plans for clinical trials in three treatment centers.
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one will concentrate on a therapy based on blood drawn from survivors, while the other two will focus on drug treatments. >> there is no other way to diminish the mortality, in the context where we are. there are no -- so the only way we have to diminish mortality, in the centers where we work, is to find new therapeutics. since they are nonexisting the only choice we have is drugs that have been given promising effects. all the animals responded well, with none die having the virus. even when the drug was administered six days after they were infected. was, this was taken to a small sample, and there is no guarantee it will work as well in people. the need for an effective
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treatment has been demonstrated by the news of more ebola deaths. one of the latest was an elderly who traveled from guinea. >> this 70-year-old man died from the disease that was not diagnosed as ebola. so he was monitored for everything except ebola, not the -- not done in a safe manner, so there is potentially many people who were in contact with the dead body. the safe disposal is one of the elements of this outbreak that the world health organization is of paramount importance. al jazeera. >> joining us now is sheldon yet. he is a representative in liberia, thank you for speaking to us, is this decision to lift the state of emergency in your view a wise one? is there progress in the fight against ebola? >> there is certainly
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progress, but it's too early to send all of the sell from story balloons. there are still cases in the country, and the virus is effecting people, and we still need all hans on deck. was it a good idea to lift the state of emergency. >> we don't take a stand on the state of emergency per se. but it is a good indication of the progress that has been made. give us examples of how progress has been made. what's changed over the recent weeks and months. in the way of dealing with the outbreak. >> well, the numbers of cases are going down, but we still have outbreaks in all counties of the country. but i think communities are doing a much better job themselves of doing the right things. of controlling access,
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ensuring people's temperatures are taken, of ensuring that good hygiene is in place. really, community whose are really doing what is necessary to stop transmission here we are hearing of cases in neighboring mali, are we likely to see the end of this any time soon? >> well, it is quite clear we have a lot of work to do before us. it is also clear that viruses don't necessarily respect borders. so as long as we have cases in neighbors countries all of us are at risk. >> should the borders with closed in your view? >> we don't have a position on that, we think it is important for people to get good care and the testing that they require. >> the unicef representative lie wier yeah, thank you for your time. now the indian doctor arrested of botch
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sterilization and the deaths of 13 women said he didn't do inning wrong. nearly 90 procedures were performed in six hours at a government health camp. 60 of the patients are still fighting for their lives. gnarly all of these women have been sterilized. and get them to sign on. before they used to come to her to register for sterilization, but not any more. >> the women say they don't want to go to the government camps. even if they have four children instead of 2. i have registered four women from m children, one of them has died and three are in hospital. they are being referred from one hospital to the next who will trust me now? >> some that were registered are now having second thoughts.
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i sufficient we complications in both of my pregnancies so i decided to have the operation, but this has scared me so much that i don't thinkly get it done the condition of those submitted to hospital ranges from mile to critical. government records show that between 2009 and 2012, sterilization resulted in the deaths of 568 women. some health advocates argue that the number is much higher, even show, female sterilization remain as popular form of birth control here with health officials arguing that the surgeries are safe and successful. >> a police investigation has led to some officers being suspended. the investigation is now focusing not on the perhappist, but on whether the medicine given afterwards was tainted. that doesn't matter much whose wife is one of the women that died.
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his family and neighbors mourn, he is left with three children, and questions about what went wrong. >> they are lying something is wrong. either with the medicines or the injection, the doctor has been care less. whatever the cause, people in this part of the country are rethinking the benefits. worried the risk of injury or death, outstripped the benefits. >> al jazeera. the first ever spacecraft to land on a comment has sent back it's pictures. first imimagines of the ruggle world of comment 67 b beamed to earth. it show as rucked, rocky outcrops.
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>> talking to us, first thing he told us is and the landing gear has been moved inside, so he is sitting on the surface. >> later it was revealed the harpoons used to fix it to the comment have failed to deploy, unclear what this would mean for the on going mission. >> but you first want to know what sort of status how thend laking is, you don't quantity to fire them at the wrong moment. >> the release of the lander came after a ten year, 6 billion-kilometer pursuit, it's landing was a technical and mathematical feat, described as ridiculously difficult. for the hundreds of the scientists the landing was a huge relief, now there's uncertainty about whether the probe is attached to the rocks it should be, they are also
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not sure if it can do the samping that it highway patrolled it would. >> the lander has ten instruments onboard, and it hopes it can exam the rocks as it warms during it's approach to the sun. >> question don't want the comment to be active. next year, we will see water flowing away, gas, and all the other materials at much hirer rates. >> is and may try to trigger the harpoons manually, it's hope this will mean it can start running tests and sending the data back to earth. scientists are still hopeful these images and chemical readings will give us clues into the origin and evolution of both the solar system and life on earth. still ahead on the al jazeera news hour. the united nations warned
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full scale fighting could return to ukraine. where students are preparing to take the biggest exam of their lives. and in sports robin -- with robin celebrate good times. another victory, stay with us.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> its disgraceful... the only crime they really committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live.
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around half of all the deaths from the ebola outbreak have hatched in that country. the president says the state of emergency is no longer needed. football's governing body has cleared russia of corruption in their world cup bids but the independent lawyer says fifa is covering up his full report. with conflicts over the
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mosque compound, and israel as decision to bill more legal is thelements in the occupied west bank. more now uh on that top story, and john kerry's visit to jordan to discussion the rising tensions. who joins us live, first of all, what did you make of the fact that in the tin yahoo on the day that the announcement of new legal settlements is in jordan for talks to try to ease tensions. >> in a way it has not stopped escalating the settlement, and he made that a policy he even angers his most close ally because of that even
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regional liking with whom israel has peace treaties and egypt and others are very upset, and yet the government continues to annex parts of jerusalem, as well as the wrest bank. and in the process, visit aman and instigram the picture, if you look at the prime minister's tweet account, you will see that already the picture has been tweeted. the first one sitting down between kerry and king abdullah, and that makes him look quod in the face of israelis that he can do both. can they pressure israel? >> you know in one word, yes. but are they willing to? no. what we have known all
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along is that in the united states, that has given israel more that you know within hundred $50 billion over the last few decades is not willing to put any unnecessary pressure. in the process what is happening is very simple. israel cannot -- sorry, washington cannot stop from doing what he is doing now, or is not willing to, and at the same time it is not capable of stopping the palestinians for shouting for help. so in one way, they are beating on them settling the land, the palestinians are complaining and the united states can only do the psycho therapy if you will. unfortunately, the palestinians -- as you know, netanyahu are probably no longer on speaking terms.
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what's his position, he seems weaker. >> the united nations calling them a ratest a racist state, and this week he calls what is going on an act of war, and later on that he is basically pushing for a religious war. by the palestinian president, and then in washington. long term as a moderate palestinian leader. so for president abass, the president to be accusing israel of acts of war, and pushing for religious wars that echos quite seriously. that does escalate the situation stops the escalation for his ministers in jerusalem, i am afraid this will only escalate further. >> thank you very much for your incite as always.
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again we are awaiting this press conference between john kerry and the jordanian foreign minister. we will bring that to you live as it happens. two bombs have exploded near the embassies of egypt and the united emrest. security continues to deteriorate across the country. simultaneous explosions targeted the embassies. it happened a day of 13 people were killed and two car bombings in the eastern city. libya is divided between two parliaments right now. can tab net and militias.
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the other one in eastern city. the elected politician had to relocate due to security concerns. they are recognized be i the community, but have been declared unconstitutional by the supreme court. the capitol and many other parts are under the control of an alliance of religious conservative militias called libya's dawn. they backed the point of the general congress, the gnc was supposed to relinquish power, but was resurrected by the fighters when they took control in august. there is the additional threat, like this one, which says it is now aligned to isil in iraq
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and syria, and as long as there's no single group in charge, bombings like these are likely to continue. on monday an armed group pledged it's allegiance to the lavon. the group has been responsible for attacks on civilians in recent months and major military operations against them are on going. there has been no claim for responsible, but such attacks are estreatmently rare in the mistrainian. a stun grenade exploded on a train during morning rush hour. 16 people were injured
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also on thursday, two police officers were killed at fake roadblocks. egypt's president has issues a decree the hopes is that jailed al jazeera report iraqi could be returned to awe australia, he is one of three staff who have been in prison in egypt for 320 days now. they were convicted of false fying reports and damaging egypt's reputation, charges they have always denied. human rights group uhed have condemned the verdict as politically motivated and urge egypt to release the journalists immediately. shell has admitted it underestimated two oil spills in nigeria. documents shown to a london court suggests shell ignored warnings to
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fix an aged pipeline. thousands of barrels of oil spilled while ruining the livelihoods of almost 15,000 villages. stay with africa, an army general who attempted to declare himself president has flown to france for medical treatment. opposition forced forced him to step down after 27 years in office. it led today's of protests. reports from the capitol. >> he told his mother he was going to liberate and force him from office. days later family found his body in the morgue. >> he turned him on the side so we could see his back, he has two bullet holes in the back of his neck, and another on his shoulder. >> army officials say they never fire directly at people, they shot into the air.
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but many that lost loved ones don't believe this. >> across town, still in shock, her husband died at the protests. i was at home when i heard the news he has died, i can't believe this happened. >> her uncle says he was shot in the chest the family wants justice and have gone to court to sue the army. >> question need to know who killed our brother, i know it was a bullet from the military, who gave the order. >> human rights activists are investigated alleged atrocities, but they say it won't be easy. >> we are scared about this interim period after the elections, the army we suspect of human rights violations can do everything they can to make sure all the investigations we are doing will not be made public hospital officials say 40 bodies are still
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in the morgue. >> the government has told families they can't bury the relatives until autopsy are done. others choose to stay away, they say being here is too painful. >> her baby is due soon, but she doesn't know if she will have any answers the day her daughter starts asking why or how her father died. >> ukraine has again warned of a russian military build up along the eastern border. nato says russian tanks and soldiers have crossed the border in recent days. ukraine security and defense council says the situation is worsens. >> the ukrainian military has observes constant movement with rebel markings. all the way to the delimitation line. the biggest military
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activity was spotted in the direction. the united nations has warned a full scale fighting could return to eastern ukraine as security consummate it's 26th emergency session, again without taking any action. our diplomatic editor reports from headquarters in new york. >> the situation in eastern ukraine is getting closer and closer to open warfare. and nato says pictures like these show russia is to blame, tanks and military crossing the boarder, along with russian combat troops we have seen the same thing that osce is reporting. we have seen collums of russian equipment, primarily russian tanks, russian artillery, russian air defense systems and russian combat troops. >> we do not have a good picture after this time of how many we agree
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there are multiple collums we have seen. >> the council was called in emergency session, officials from the u.n. and and organization have security of cooperation in europe, which has a monitoring mission warning that the cease fire brokered in september was now close to breaking down. blue in the chamber, where peace is supposed to be resolved there was a war of words between the russian representative and many of his counter parts and the u.s. >> the root of the problem remains the same. russian's flagrant violation of ukraine's sovereignty. time and again, russia has made commitments and then failed to live up to them, and subsequently, offered explanations to this council that it knows are untrue. >> we are hearing broad
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declarations from nato regarding convoys and russian fighters but that doesn't reflect the situation on the ground. these are empty statements and the usual propaganda falsifications. there's no property becket of action, russia has shown it's prepared to use the veto where necessary, but president putin in australia, the g. 20 this weekend among the other world leaders attending president obama. >> diplomats know that mealing has little chance of resolving a slow, creeping undeclared war. >> and now to the english channel, where the underwater rail service is celebrating it's 20th birthday. >> it's been 20 years since the first time you
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were able to do this. step on to a star train in london, and a short reasonably comfortable few hours later, step off the train and into the heart of paris it is a journey that has brought two nations closer together -- hang on, i am not sure that is true. certainly it has revolutionized and has done wonders if tour i., but i am pretty sure they still feel much as they always have done about each ore. i think what it changes now, marris i think has became -- london has become the biggest french city, something like that. >> quite suspect that some of the deep seeded instrengthive differences between the two cultures my take more than just a
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tunnel to a bridge. >> oh well, still it is 20 years ole, so back in london euro start threw a party. -- i have seen london become more french in some ways and the french becomenning more british. but never anyone will admit it. >> travel journalists enthused about the spanking new train on show. soon to be traveling to even more continental destinations. and there does seem to be one simple truth. well, of course, we would always say we have the better economy, we have the better government, we have the better culture, but ultimately the french quite like coming here, and we love going to france. i don't mind if i do. >> welcome to paris our
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last stop. >> al jazeera, aboard the euro star students across france have been protesting against police brew stallty. enclashed with police, their protesting over the death of an environmentalist when police cleared another protest last month. now hundreds of thousands of south korean high school students have taken a crucial college entrance exam. >> badgers reading cheer up, and you can do it greeted students as they arrived at examination centers. determine the university they will go to and could effect their job and even marriage prospects. reports on the run up to this day. >> it is 40, and already people are arriving.
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despite the fact that school doesn't start until account, this term, the opening bell has been delayed. the result student led initiative in favor of an extra hour sleep. many opt for an extra hour in school instead there's not much difference in terms of work, but since i exercise more i feel my stress levels has gone down. >> nobody told these teenagers they study silently for the hour before school starts. >> we were worried that the new start time might make the students slack, and that those who were typically late would be even more late, but it turns out that we didn't need to worry, it's been positive. >> in a country beset by education fever any retomorrow like this was bound to cause controversial, and has attracted opposition from teachers parents and students alike. >> commenting to meet her
1:48 pm
mother at work, is in her final year. in south korea's education fever become as pressure cooker. >> we finish school by five, straight after that we go to private school and study until 10:00 p.m., somehow they manage to stay open until 2:00 a.m. >> saying it is disruptive for students and working families and arguing that any way the real learning happens outside school hours. >> kids sleep in classrooms and school has become a place for them to hang out with their friends. there's not much participation in the classroom. >> south korean households devote 12% of their spending to education. largely after hours education, symptom of the best achieving children in the developed world, and also the least happy.
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the late school start is no way to reduce the study burr, the problem between education and the position in society, is based on the education level, so the real issue is fierce competition and the college entrance exam system 90% of final year students preparing for that exam, still start the day at 8:00. desperate for any advantage ahead of what seems and can be an all or nothing life defining test. al jazeera south korea. >> coming up, qatar and russia's world cup bid by the governing body, but now fifa themes are at the center of covering up. do stay with us.
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welcome pack. this week erskine that and the united states reached a climate change agreement. now pressure is one of the third biggest carbon polluters, india, to cut it's emissions. that may not happen any time soon. this is a reason for both worry and hope. it shows the engines of growth are still firing. but it is also a reminder that greenhouse gases from unregulated growth could damage the environment. at a meeting in new delhi industry and climate change experts try to find a balance, but many businesses stay india can't follow china's lead on cutting carbon emissions just yet. >> we are in a much lower
1:52 pm
development phase compared to china. look at all the industries india is well behind. china had three decades of 10% growth, we haven't had that. >> conservationist insist the environment is threatened and the environment mulled begin now. >> it is very clear that the u.s. is way beyond it's share china is now close to being a high emitter and india is clearly wanting to catch up. but that's not the climate change game. the fact is that the u.s. has to come down, and india needs to find ways in the which it can grow but grow differently and for some, differently means the greater use of alternative energies. >> the poor actually pay more for energy. today a lot of technology like solar, if financed
1:53 pm
properly is cheaper than any other option. >> india's climate change goes well beyond industry, it is about everything from aggressive agriculture policies to the growth of vehicles on end yeah's roads. the comparison between india and china and who should cut emissions first isn't new. despite any agreement between beijing and washington, any deal the indian government does will be based on what is best for it's people, and now may not be the time to sacrifice economic growth for environmental protection. time now for sports. >> as we have been hearing on the news hour, fifa's prosecutor will appeal against the decision to close the investigation into the world cup bidding process. now, football's governing body released a summit clearing the 2022 and
1:54 pm
russia 2018 bids of corruption. allegations of corruption have hung over two world cups for nearly four years. finally the host got the news they wanted. clears of wrongdoing overall, but so often in this saga, a twist, the summary presented by fifa was challenged by investigator michael garcia, who sid the decision contains numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations of the facts and conclusions. in a bizarre legal situation, they will appeal on how the report has been represented. there have been relief for the team, at become clears of wrongdoing. >> the resulted in a aen co fir makes of what we have always believed. >> in terms oif overall process that looks into
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the 2018 and 2020 bidding process. >> garcia was denied access to the country, and only limited documents were made available with computers blocking to the bid team having been destroyed. >> ands something that fifa deemed important to do. it was done, we parties pated and complied. >> another point of contention involved fifa president praised in the ethics report, garcia is understood to have been more critical of his leadership so the fight lasted hours. >> earlier this a significant amounts of documents that formed allegations against the qatar world cup bid. but crucially the prescribes of ex-fifa vice president were judge sod have been for his own benefit and not the benefit of qatar 2022.
1:56 pm
india itself is one of the loesing bidders. the fa rejected the rim similar. for fifa far see yeah's outburst was a quick reality check. >> decide that the two chairman of our ethics committee, offered a different opinion enwith it comes out and when we are talking about such important things. fifa has release add statement offering a degree of closure, but gar gar so yeah's bomb shell means ands as illusive as ever. >> . >> to make it through to the semis in london, japan player needed three
1:57 pm
sets to beat david who was a late replacement. so here is two wins from 3, back is andy murray beats roger federer, murray will go through, and he will be out the final two they needed now the win makes skipper the most successful pakistani test captain of all time, with 15 wins. the first batman to hit two double centuries in one day, cricket the opener hit a error 264 inked yeah reaching 404 for five against sri lanka, and they went on to win by 153 rounds. >> thank you very much. that's it for this news hour on al jazeera, we are live from london next.
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u.s. and jordan.ith the but can it ease tensions with palestinians? who are expecting to hear from mr. kerry and his jordanian counter parts at any moment. we will be live as soon as that happened. ♪ also coming up on the program. >> isil continues to represent a serious threat to our allies and the middle east. >> the defense secretary lays out progress and set backs in the night


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