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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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change is on the horizon for the world' last timber elephants. a 2 trillion-dollar plan as g20 leaders announce their measures to boost the world's economy. however russia's president left the summit early after being criticized over the ukraine. ♪ ♪ hello for from dohmann everyone, i am kamal santa maria with the world news from al jazerra. hunger in sear yaps capital as the children look at winter without food. anp.m. has been targeted by eye suicide bomber that plus. >> reporter: i am adam raney in a wheat field in central mexico. coming up we meet scientists
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trying to develop new variety is of this important crop to try to feed able creasingly populated planet. hello. >> everyone, we start with break news coming out of the battle against isil and it appears, reports of a new video from isil showing the beheading of an american aid worker. his name is peter. 26 years old. we have seen him in previous in this shot in previous videos as well he's actually been held captive for a year an iraq war veteran at the age of 26 years olds the news is that he has been beheaded in a knewize ill video. let's go to imran kahn, he's in baghdad and can tell us more about what we know at this stage, imran. >> reporter: well, in the last few minutes a video was released through credible isil associates media accounts, people that used accounts to send out videos in
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the past that have been confirmed it allegedly shows peter, he had convert today islam, being beheaded as well as several syrian soldiers. once again, there is a man wearing black on the video, doing the beheadings. this is a very graphic video. we do have a copy of it. we are not going to show you it. i haven't seen it personally. but what we do know is this is coming from credible sources. the video comes from aleppo. and once again, it's another message to the u.s. that the isil fighters are willing to go as far as they can in order to be able to win this fight against the coalition. now, we have seen these kinds of videos before. we do know the kind of twitter accounts it comes from. but it's very difficult to confirm the authenticity of these videos. also we have to be very careful in that his family won't have been informed. they'll be finding out much the same way the world has just found out on social media
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account on twitter account and this is really the way isil work. there is no advance warning of any of this, they just release the videos out in to the open. it's their way of saying to the families that you are not in control. to saying to the americans you are not in control when it comes to hostages like these. >> it leaves the americans in a difficult situation. it comes down to a very percentage one on one level when you have hostages being held for such a long time like this. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. we expect, and we have seen this in the past. expect to hear a lot of american politicians come out and say the war other isil needs to be fought. there needs to be an escalation, expect a lot of shocked people saying this is just brutality and chaos going on and this needs to be stopped right now. but the awful thing about this is, is that these videos are so graphic. they don't hold anything back, you just simply can't watch them. and just you feel so sorry for the families who have to go through all of this without
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knowing whether this video is confirmed or not. like you say, it does come down to this very personal level. it's a brutal tactic and one ice it's used to great effect. >> peter kassig i mention aid few details about immaterial h he's young, he's 26, was 26 an iraq war veteran you made the point as well that he goes by another name con vitt vertin coo islam. tell us a bit more about what you know about him. >> reporter: we don't know very much. we know that he was captured in syria at least a year ago. that he had -- that he was a young man with a lot of passion to try to change the world. to try to helpful he had been to an iraq war veteran. he had seen what had gone on in this country. he wanted to go to syria. he wanted to help. he was clearly politically engaged he was clearly somebody that took a look at the world and said maybe i can help to change the world being a humanitarian aid worker he wanted to make a difference. what we don't know is how exactly, exactly how he was captured. he was captured in syria through
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a tid napping for money and then passed on through various different groups until he reached the hands of isil. what we dough no is isil have used him like they have used all of the people that they have executed so far. as a prop began at that tool. doesn't really matter to them. who these people are. whether they are soldiers or humanitarian aid workers as long as they have a western passport they use for propaganda purposes. and this is just the most brutal way of using somebody like that. >> okay. imran i'll let you go in a second. just if you wouldn't mind recapping for our viewers might be joining us a little after the top of the hour tell us what we have learned about peter kassig in the video. >> reporter: what we know is there are red credible sources that have released video that have been confirm before on isil. this video allege allegedly she video of peeder but other syrian soldiers in a hleb owe aleppo.
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we are not expect to go hear anything from the u.s. and the state department or the family. they will be finding out as we are as welling. this this is one of those situations where the information is coming to us with the control of isil. we have no other way of finding or verifying what this video actually con takes until it gets forensically looks at by experts but what we do know the source that his it's coming from do seem to be credible and it's just another heartbreaking scenario for the families involved. >> thank you imran kahn in baghdad with the breaking news of the apparent beheading of american aid working peter cass i gokassig: blower on that to come but we are looking now at the g20 countries that are meeting in brisbaneing saying the agreement could be worth more than two thrill i don't know dollars over the economy for five years. if they psyched they will lift
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growth by more than 2%. creating 200 million jobs in the next five years. >> this year the g20 has delivered real, practical outcomes and because of the efforts that the g20 has made, this year culminating in the last 48 hours, people right around the world are going to be better off. and that's what it's all about. >> but before tony abbott released that final communique, it was this scene, russian president vladimir putin breaking protocol and leaching the g20 early. on saturday he had been cornered by western leaders over the cries let ukraine where pro-russian separatists and government forces have been fighting for months. >> if he continues down the path that he is on, violating international law, providing heavy arms to the separatists in ukraine, violating an agreement that he agreed to just a few
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weeks ago, the minsk agreement that would have lowered the temperature and the killing in the disputed areas and make -- providing us a pathway for a diplomatic resolution, then the isolation that russia is currently experiencing will continue. >> more now from andrew thomas our correspondent who has been covering the g20 in brisbane. >> reporter: the focus at the ends of the g20 summit should be entirely on this. the three-page communique focus to the point that australia's government on how the world can improve its economic performance over the next five years, potentially create $2 trillion more of growth that could create millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of new jobs, but this communique has been overshadowed frankly by the early departure of vladimir putin. the russian president having been up snubbed by many leaders here in brisbane over his country's alleged involve in
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ukraine, some world leaders literally turned hick back on them on tuesday, he delivered a snub of his own by leaving on sunday. before the communique was recipients lessed very much breaking with protocol also meaning that vladimir putin avoided hearing other world leaders at their press conferences once the communique was out condemning russia. the american president said vladimir putin, russia was vie laying its agreements when it came to you crank the british prime minister david cameron demanded that russia fully couldn't in to the investigation in to mh stephen. bee leaching he didn't criticisms and he's well on his way back to russia. let's go to moscow now and talk to a former russian diplomat who was previously posted in washington, d.c. we thank you for your time, sir. any great surprise -- >> thank you. >> that vladimir putin chose to leave early? he was really made to feel quite unwelcome at the g20. >> no, it's not a surprise
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because putin, in his press conference that was held during breakfast lunch with all leaders of 20, he had a press conference before his departure. departure he explained because -- soon that he explained that the flight will taken it -- nine hours, two hours staying there, and then after that 10 hours to moscow. it is a long way and he explained that should be not so tired. well, anyhow, he estimated all results, final communique of g20 as a positive step and an atmosphere as he said constructive, not good but constructive. and workable. and that's why i consider that his departure doesn't have any
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political substance, any political meaning. >> but he left early, as our correspondent pointed out he avoided hearing all the press conferences afterwards which criticized him. i mean, let me put it another way. is there much point in vladimir putin coming to these sorts of events if he's going to be ignored and and if he's seemingly going not to cooperate. >> other people, barack obama mainly, others are following his steps. i think that barack obama speech opened all american position, that russia is a threat to the world. that russia is innovating ukraine. and that he doesn't notice that ukrainian army is bombarding civil cities, villages in donetsk and luhansk. but it is not donetsk and luhansk bombarding other territories of the ukraine. -- >> being on, what about something like mh17, though, that was brought up by tony
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abbott as with el and other leaders saying this should have been resolved now or the people should have been allowed in and russia should be cooperating more on that front. >> well, russia is very cooperative. and i think that putin him sevef opened the dialogue between donetsk and luhansk and the central ukrainian government. he suggested some months ago of the program of 12 points to solve this issue with starting military actions with stopping killing, but as it occurred that under pressure of the united states, because it wasn't participated in minsk, it was only europe, russia, ukraine government and the regions -- >> president obama -- forgive me to interrupting. when personal says that russia or vladimir putin is not stick to go his commitments, i mean,
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those are the ones that you are talking about just then that you are saying he is and that he's laid out? is it just a complete breakdown in communication here? >> well, i don't think russia doesn't follow any signatures that they made. but the western representative do it. because in february they signed minister of foreign affairs, germany, france, and yanukovych signed an agreement to postpone elections to make the end for any disturbances in kiev, and after that, they supported the cued at that in keif that brought to power the rightest wing of political parties in ukraine. so i think that russia is trying to settle the issue.
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under western borders. but i don't notice any move to peaceful solution from american side who inspiring all those who are now ruling in kiev. russia acknowledged new ukrainian government authorities in spite of the fact that russia considered is not -- it's unlawful. >> we'll leave it at that. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. it's been an explores outside the afghan parliament in kabul killing at least three people. a suicide bomber park ted a member of parliament and a leading advocates of women's rights in afghanistan. she was injured i in the attack along with 17 others. presents more ahead on al jazerra. protests in george a over russia's latest deal. people living in the nigerian town are choosing government
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soldiers of failing to defend the area following a boca huh raqqa tack.
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♪ ♪ back with the top stories on al jazerra. a video has been posted appearing to show the killing of u.s. aid worker peter kassig and at least 12 other syrians as well. this 26 yearly american was captured last year while in syria on a mission to help wound the refugees. g20 leaders in australia have growed a 2 trillion-dollar plan which could create
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$2 million globally. a bomb has killed at threat three people. a suicide bomber was trying kill a leading advocate of women's rights, she was injured in the attack. syria's opposition has called on international donors to help prevent a food crisis because of the years of conflict and drought, families are facing another winter without enough food. in fact the u.n. predicts this year's wheat hearest could be 50% below average, nicole johnston has more. >> reporter: he is suffering. he is weak, and thin. like thousands of children in syria, he's malnourished. >> translator: we have been days without food. we only eat apricots as it is the only thing available. >> reporter: this is happening in a suburb of duh mass kurk the opposition accuses the government of setting up checkpoints to block food and supplies from reaching the area. putting it under siege. >> translator: we came here on foot. we have no winter clothes, we
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are nothing. my son suffered from dehydration. >> reporter: this is one of the last areas of damascus still controlled by opposition fighters. elsewhere in the city's south is the refugees camp which is home to palestinians living in syria. it has been under siege by government forces for almost two years. bakeries are closed. there isn't enough grain. no electricity. the. >> translator: the children wake up but there is no bread to eat. they rarely have breakfast and lunch. >> reporter: before the war there were around 160,000 palestinians living here. now there is 18,000. including some syrians. the rest have fled. and those left behind are trapped in the camp. it was cut off by government forces in 2012. after armed opposition groups moved in. now the infrastructure has been so badly damaged, that the united nations says there is a
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severe water shortage as well. nicole johnston, al jazerra. the united nations says intense fighting among rival armed groups in parts of libya has forced more than one hound are hundred thousand people to flee their homes in just past month. the u.n. refugees agency says insecurity in western, eastern and, and southeastern libya is hampering humanitarian operation the fighting has been most fierce in ben gaza. united arab emirates has released an updated list of what it considers terrorist groups. 80 names have been added isil is one of them. bicycle haram. yemen's huge a rebels are on the list. al qaeda is there. also the uae based branch of the muslim brotherhood. we spoke to the he can executive director of the muslim american society, which is a group that has been put on the list, he spoke to us this is his reaction. >> well, we are shocked. we don't know what we did.
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it's very interesting to see ourselves in the middle of this very long list of organizations. nobody from the united arab emirates has spoken to us, and frankly welds like to verify the accuracy of the report before we have any reaction. we are a national community service organization, we have chapters all over the united states. and we engage in community service for american society in general. we operate in the united states. we actually have never had any dealings with the united arab emirates. so we don't understand why we are on this list. well, frankly, i think it's unfair to the united arab emirates for us to make any guesses about what the objective is. or even when the report is accurate until we have verified it. my percentage relationship with the emirates is nothing less than four years of the most beautiful years of my life living in the i nighted arab emirates and i only have fond
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memories it have. and i don't think it's right for us to comments on something that we haven't verified or the reasons we don't know. egypts armed forces say they have killed 10 terrorists in north sinai as a campaign against rebel fighters. ministry of defense has released picks of troops on patrol in the area. this week one of the groups operating there pledge the its allegiance to ice ill. hundreds of police and soldiers have been killed in attacks since the overthrow of president mohamed marcy this year. still with egypt. al jazerra continues to redemands the lease of our journalists jailed there. they are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they are appealing against their conditions fahmy and guest every were each sentence today seven year in prison, bahar mohamed got another extra three years for having a spent bull knit his possession which he picked up a at a previous test. people living in the nigh nigerian town have accused government soldiers of failing to defend the area following an
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attack by boko haram. the rebel group retook the town on friday. seven months after it abducted those 200 school girls. the surrounding areas of borno state have been regularly targeted by the boko haram gro group. for the first time since friday's attack we are actually hearing from the people who escaped before the attack. have a listen. >> translator: my mother was worried. we managed to get to the road and saw some role years at a check point as if they were really brave. but when the sound of gunshots got close they are jumped in to their vehicles and drove off leaving us behind. an agreement to bring in a transitional government in burkina far owe will be signed by the army chief later on sunday. isaac zita had assumed power after the violent protests which led to the resignation of the president. zita made the announcement to return to the country to civilian rule a day after meeting opposition parties.
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our correspondent is in the capital with more. >> reporter: some people here are still skeptical, they say they only believe the army will leave when it actually happens. but to say saturday's announcement is a step in the right direction. >> translator: the suspension of the constitution of june 2nd, 1991 has been lifted from today, november fineth to allow the process of putting in place a civilian transition. this is the original constitution of june 2nd, 1991. >> reporter: now people are talking about what is next. when will zita step counsel 'do down and a civilian be named leader some say next week others say long. >> i want a civilian president but i am in no hurry they make take their time and choose the right person. >> translator: we pray that next week we will have a saville i don't know leader.
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>> reporter: people have been told they have until sunday 12:00 p.m. local time. to give a list of names that they think of people that they think should take over. some think the archbishop should take over. it has be reported that he doesn't want to. but he could face members pressure to do so. a surgeon from sierra leone who contract the ebola uh-huhs arrived for treatment in the united states. he is a 44-year-old. he was in stable enough condition to make the journey and will now be treated at the nebraska medical center which has successfully treated two other people who caught ebola? west africa. almost 600 healthcare professionals have been inning pictured by the virus. thousands of people in georggeorgia have been frosting against a planned russia deal with separatists think they see
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it as one more step by moscow to an ex-another black sea region after crimea was first taken from ukraine. now a report from there. >> reporter: it's been a quiet couple of years in georgian politics until now that is. last week there were major resignation says in the government. frosts at the dismissal of georgia's defense minister and all these ministers came together to say that they fear georgia is in danger of losing its commitments towards closer european inter grate greg and towards eventually nato membership. and this uncertainty in those cracks in the government are going to be exploited by the opposition. they'll be hoping to capitalize on that by bringing people out like today because this is about them saying that georgia is under threat. that it faces a real danger of
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being next on russia's list like ukraine. they are particularly concerned about new agreements being put together between russia and russia and georgia's breakaway territories. that would they have gem closer ties with russia militarily and politically. and they are saying that this government is weak. that it has shown it's weak by the divisions within the coalition and it isn't willing to take a strong enough line against moscow. in the netherlands police have arrested 60 people protesting against an annual christmas parade in the city. dozens of families were watching the dutch st. nicholas and his side quick black pete. a group of demonstrators tried to disrupt the event. they say black pete is simply a racist stereo type. accord to this world food program, hunger kills more people every year than aids,
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malaria and tuberculosis all combined. more than 800 million people in the world don't have enough food to eat which amounts to one in every nine of us. this is part three of our feeding the world series adam rain imette a food producer in mexico who uses inning owe rate i have methods to increase production. >> reporter: he grew up in poverty on a small farm growing corn, rice, and wheat. the crop to which he ended up devoting his working life. he eventually developed more than 480 have right is of wheat that have boosted world production of this staple crop by an estimated 200 million tons. and helped him win the world food prize. the challenge now, he says, is to keep an increasing population fed on a planet with a rapidly changing climate. to do that, he says it's vital the world's small scale farmers are given the access they need. >> they don't need big tractors,
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they don't need harvest combine harvest, they can do that. but they need good seed. that one seed, good advanced seeds. >> reporter: once a new seed is discovered, some of his colleagues go out and meet small farmers and train them to exploit them as best they can. but you can have the best seed in the best plants you want if you don't have a former who knows how to put it in to a working sustainable system you will never get the potential out of that. >> reporter: he conducted much of his research here at mexico's international center for wheat and maze improvement. scientists following in his footsteps work on developing new varieties and testing ones already in the field. within of the biggest breakthroughs has been the development the shorter and stronger wheat that doesn't fall down so easily and it is therefore more productive. now the challenge is greater to produce wheat that can withstands he can stream weather brought on by climate change. a challenge that he says the
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world is ready to take on. adam raney, al jazerra, mexico. just a reminder about al jazerra got come latest breaking news is there as you can see as well as the live stream and social media campaign to free our staff. it's free aj hi, i am lisa fletcher and you are in "the stream." today reframing the elitist reputation of fine art. how creative minds are disrupting the tip klee exclusive scene through have you ever tal galleries and art on the go. she's been call the artist of our time we speak with molly crabapple about how her art intersect with some of the most dangerous people in the world. later from underground performances to viral sensations spoken word artists breakdown how post recipients is make ago major comeback. ♪


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