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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> talks over the nuclear program are extended seven months. >> yes win with breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. we're expecting two press
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conferences, maybe three now. later today from the governor's office and from the prosecutor attorney's office. also from the mayor's office. robert ray join us live from clayton, missouri. robert? >> tony, spot on. the decision has been made from the grand jury. we don't know whether they will indict officer darren wilson or whether or not they'll give him a clean bill. but in the meantime this area, st. louis metro, and really the whole country waiting for the decision of what will occur, what the grand jury has decided. groups behind me will come out in full force.
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michael's parents are calling for calm and four and a half minute silence before demonstrations starts tonight. that four and a half minutes represents four and a half hours that 18-year-old michael brown lay on the street back on augu august 9th. >> how long has this been going on now? this grand jury process? >> about three and a half months they have been meeting at their leisure. most grand juries are supposed to meet on wednesdays in st. louis county. they've been going over witnesses testimonies, this has been going on for quite a long time. they had until january 7th ultimately to make the decision, but clearly a decision made now as we await tonight at some point. it could happen at any moment
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for them to come out and give us the ultimate verdict from the grand jury, tony. >> look, you were on those streets in august when shortly after michael brown was shot and killed. i wonder what your sense is of the time that is past? certainly when we were all there, there was a sense that the community would be happy with nothing less than indictment of that the officer. has that sentiment changed at all? >> it's a great question, tony. i think ultimately that's what people here want. especially the people in ferguson and surrounding pockets, and in ferguson. i think the time that has passed has created a lot of angle guy anxiety in this community.
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if you talk to people 3 in those neighborhoods thel that life is not what e was. if you look at some of the businesses boarded up, some of those people tell us they've lost 75% of their livelihoods, their incomes, the small business owners. school in the area today and tomorrow and some of these school districts are canceled because there is this unsureness of what's going to happen regardless of what the decision is by the grand jury today. so, you know, it's a tough question, tony. it's hard to speculate what's going to happen. regardless these are people that clearly needed this decision, which ever way it comes down. >> it may an tough question, but that was well handled. robert ray in missouri. thank you. let's go to john terrett in ferguson. exactly where you in ferguson? i don't believe you're on west
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flooravenue. what's going on and what has been happening this afternoon. >> outside of the police headquarters in ferguson is the answer. what you saw in the summer took place on west floriss a, nt'. the scene playing out in clayton, a suburb of st. louis, we expect a crowd here after the decision is handed up by the grand jury to protest or celebrate depending on what the decision is. you can see people in the crowd holding signs as the american flag there. somebody wearing a mosque, as
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you can see. somebody holds a banner saying i'm not darren wilson. if you bring the camera back now, you can see where i'm standing. i'm immediately in front of the police ferguson, where all police leave has been canceled for the time being and police are working 12-hour shifts, 6:00 to 6:00. >> let's bring in dante berry, the director of hoodie justice, jamie floyd. good to have you back. dante, it's been awhile. as robert ray was talking i heard you nod in agreement. and the question was essentially the mood of ferguson, missouri, in these intervening months. >> i was there recently. i've been going back and forth about seven times. the mood, exactly how you described it, it's tense.
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people are feeling anxious. a lot of people know that this indictment or non-statement is going to happen. something is going to happen. some decision is going to happen, and folks are feeling tense. it's almost really nerve-wracking to be in. every single time i was going anywhere i felt not only unsafe, but i felt like, wow, this is the calm before the storm. >> really? >> and it's going to--we're going to see a storm no matter what. >> what does that mean? there is going to be a storm. what are you anticipating here? >> let me back up. jamie, weigh in on this. among the people that you talked to on a regular basis, the folks that you talked to in your last visit to ferguson, is there a belief in belief that officr wilson will be indicted?
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>> no, folks are carrying on the narrative as if he is not going to be indicted. and even if he did, we have to open it up and ask, is that justice for us? does an indictment equal justice? when you look at how many folks are criminalized by the system, and folks affected by the war on drugs and all these other things, how do we find justice in an injustice system. i don't think we're going to find that regardless he's indicted or not. i think folks here are going to press forward. we're going to keep seeing protests. we're going see ultimately a question that's going to be asked of folks, are you going to be--are you going to keep the protesters going? are you going to tak take a moral stance, a moral hh ground. if you were in this community. if you saw someone die for four
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hours, how would you react? if this was your son or daughter, how would you react? what would you do in order to find justice? >> jamie, let me have you weigh in on this. we were talking about it last hour, and i didn't get to pose it to you, but i want your legal opinion on this. is there an indictment coming? >> it pains me to predict because i don't like to predict when the grand jury decision has not come down yet. but i doubt it. it the fact is if you look at the law and the facts the law is on the side of darren wilson. you have a young, black teenager. >> unarmed. >> unarmed, yes, but the question is what was the state of mind of the shooter, the police officer in the line of duty? and the law tells the grand jurors to place their state of mind with the officer as he pulse the trigge trig--pulls
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the trigger. in the state of missouri the self-defense law is extremely broad. the grand jurors are supposed to put all of what is going on outside on the street, all that have protest, all that pressure out of their mind and work only within the law and the facts in that grand jury room. now whether they can do that is another question. >> aren't they asked to work through the information, the facts, the evidence, the evidence that is presented, work through a timeline here, how this could have happened, how could this have--but this comes back to what we're saying over here. does the law broadly speaking favor or disfavor certain communities. >> broadly speaking. >> no. >> so it's not just about this one case. it's about whether we need to look at the trajectory of law
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over time, and we need to rethink the law of self defense. it goes back to the zimmerman case and so many other cases. how often are officers indicted in cases like this. very little. >> rvery rare. >> dante, you said there is a storm that is going to come. what do you mean by that? >> i don't believe in coincidences, right. i think recently we've seen the hunger games have come out. selma comes out next month. >> referring back to the march, voting rights. >> i think we're ultimately facing our selma moment right now. for folks who are interested in the hunger games or read the books or liked the movie, you're starting to hear this state violence being affected on the community. i think what we're going to see in ferguson is going to be a
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mode of choice that america has to make. are they going to stand on the side of the community, or are they going to stand on the side of oppression? >> dante, let's leave it there for now. >> hard to leave it there. >> yes. >> boy, you tell it. >> jamie, thank you. i'm going to keep you around here for as long as i can. on to different news. secretary of defense chuck hagel announced his resignation. in announcing his departure, the president had praise for hagel. >> when i nominated you for this position you said you would always give your honest advice and counsel, and you have. behind closed doors in the oval office you always gave it to me street. i appreciate your knowledge. >> now he will replace of secretary of defense, that
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search comes in the midst of isil and ebola. >> it's the first mid-term casualty since the blow out of president obama and his party. it's clear that chuck hagel was on shaky ground from the start. from his confirmation hearing to the moment he quit it was a rough go for chuck hagel, and some of his worst critics were fellow republicans. >> the surge would be the worst blunder since vietnam. correct or incorrect. >> my reference to-- >> are you going to answer the question, senator hagel? the question is were you right or wrong? >> his nomination of president obama came at a time of draw downs and budget guts. >> chuck hagel is what our troops deserve. >> he walked into a pipet gone already at odds in the white house. at a recent symposium, robert
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gates and lyon panetta, both veterans of the obama administration trashed the white house for an overbearing style. >> it was the micromanagement that drove me crazy. >> and president obama's policies like publicly ruling out ground troops in the fight against else. >> you never tell your enemy what the hell you're going to do. >> hagel pushed the administration's pivot to asia, but then the lid came off iraq and the jobs describes changed dramatically. >> isil is sophisticated and well-funded as any group we've seen. they're beyond just a terrorist group. >> along with a new attorney general hagel's departure leaves president obama with another high-profile post to fill and the republican-majority to confirm his choices.
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he has two nominees. despite the acrimony behind the scenes, he put the best face on chuck hagel's rocky tenture. >> behind closed doors you've always given it to me straight. for that i'll always be grateful. >> congressional republicans are using this opportunity to, announcement to pile on president obama and his foreign policy in particular his iraq policy in the fight against isil. the chairman of the house, mccain said this will be president obama's fourt secretary wh it comes to nominating t secretary. he said is it us or is it them. >> nucleanegotiating from iran and six world powers grayo
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extend nuclear negotiatir six months. but there is a cash, a political framework must be settled upon by march. secretary kerry said that negotiations must be made in secret to make sure that progress is not wasted. >> i can tell you that progress has been made on some of the most infectio vexing challenges that we face. and we've seen the pass of issues that have been retractible. >> countries across the middle east have been watching the negotiations, and they do not see them as a failure. nick schifrin in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: for more than a decade they have been talking about the nuclear program there. president obama said that is one of the greatest challenges to international peace and security. secretary kerry pointed out that the negotiation of the interim deal means that iran's nuclear program remains.
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frozen, that's welcomed here and in the gulf. what they were most worried about, the u.s. signing, quote, a bad deal" with iran. that means that iran maintains capacity to build a nuclear weapon if they wanted to. but what they heard from secretary kerry, the u.s. was not willing to give in to what iran wants because iran was not willing to give up that capacity to make a nuclear weapon. that's why the deal was heralded by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu just a short time ago. he said to fellow recruit party members. it's significant that this agreement has been stopped. he went on to say that we'll have a struggle ahead. we'll continue to stop iran from becoming a nuclear threshold state that wil. despite that public statement. privately they tell me that there is no chance that there is any kind of deal that would
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eliminate totally iran's ability to enrich uranium. they are looking for, number one, a dea to expand the time tto years. they want research and development capacity removed and more intense inspections, and israel wants the deal to last at least a decade. will we get to a deal where all of these details are hammered out? secretary of state kerry admitted tonight that they may not get there in the end. >> controversy today after police in cleveland killed a 12-year-old boy who was carrying a bb gun that looked like a pistol. and a cyber program that has been monitoring private companies and individuals for six years.
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>> controversy after a 12-year-old boy was shot in cleveland. he was waving a toy gun that looked real. roxana saberi has more on the story. >> tony, cleveland's police chief said that he was holding a gun that was indishible from a real begun. it was a toy gun but it was indishible from a real one. the chief called on parents to teach children that guns are not toys. the parents are angry. they did not have to shoot to kill him. >> in this 911 call on saturday a witness told cleveland bliss a juvenile was sitting on a swing pointing what looked like a fake gun at people. >> it's probably fake, but it's scaring people. >> thank you. >> the police department says when officers arrived they ordered him to raise his hands. >> and the young man pulled the weapon out and that's when the
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officer fired. >> the 12-year-old was hit in the torso and died in a nearby hospital sunday morning. the police said on monday they weren't sur if th sure if the 911 dispatcher told ts that the gun might be fake. >> i'm not told that. what went from the dispatcher to the car, i haven't reviewed that. >> this is what the boy was carrying. it's a bb gun without the orange step that identified it as a replica. >> this gun is indistinguishable from a real firearm, but we need to drive home to our kids especially that guns are not toys. parents need to be aware that have. >> two police officers are now on admied on administrative leave of the officers. they're calling for the police to get more training.
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>> it comes after police in beaver creek, ohio, shot and killed a 22-year-old man in walmart as he carried a pellet gone he got from the gun shelves. they're now proposing a law that imposes tougher restrictions on replica guns. but they clearly mark those guns with orange indicators and they can be easily painted to look like real weapons. >> cleveland police say they have a video what happens, but they're not sure that they'll release it. a grand jury could decide the officer who shots the boy was justified in using force against him. tony, city officials say they're prepared to handle any unrest that might result from the shooting. they've had plans in place since the shooting in ferguson in case the unrest there spread to cleveland. >> thank you. a newly uncovered advance spy program had been monitoring
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private companies, governments since 2008. the cyber security firm symanex. said it's purpose is unclear but region, as it's called, was developed by region state. >> on sunday security firm symantec revealed a piece of malware that is obviously a surveillance ploy. we know that. it's aimed at internet service providers and seems to try to get to specific individuals. that's not the thing that a lone wolf thief or cyber threat ring would do because at that point you're only getting a handful of
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people. bulk theft is what pays off in the cyber crime world. we're talking about the very targeted work of someone trying to get secrets from somebody. it seems to be aimed at a handful of industries, airlines, hospitality industries, and half of the attacks are aimed at russia or saudi arabia. a very specifically targeted program here. the bulk of the threat seems to be over. this was in use between 2008 and 2011. it resurfaced in 2013, but it's operators pulled it after 2011. and it seems to have basically been sort of a multi staged attack. it was a five part nesting software in which the first payload sets up the second payload and then sets up the third. it's very complicated and that's
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why symantec believed it belonged to a nation-state opposed to a private actor. definitely only a few people affected. there was only 100 infections worldwide, but there is no telling with it came from and symantec admits it does not know as much as it would like to. on other pieces national inspired mall wear this definitely seems to be part of that and has everyone on alert for this kind of malware going forward. >> the dow and s&p 500 reached new records. there is optimism about the upcoming holiday shopping season. the dow was up three points. the s&p 500 up 5 points and the nasdaq up 42 points. the grand jury has released the decision whether or not to indict officer wilson.
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we'll talk about what happens next.
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>> we're following breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. the grand jury has maids a decision on whether to indict officer darren wilson. we're expecting two news conferences coming up. one from the governor's office, and one from the prosecuting attorneys office. sebastian walker was on the ground in ferguson in august, and he joins us now from clayton. i want to you reflect on those days in august when it was really bad. and i'm wondering if the grand jury does not hand up an indictment here. what does your time on the
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ground say if possible? >> well, tony, it's hard to tell. we've been coming here pretty consistently since those early days. and we've been looking into problems with the criminal justice system here. it's been now over three months since the shooting happened, and this process has taken extraordinarily long time. there has been a lot of criticism from within the community, but it seems to have taken so much time to get to this point. definitely there has been anger building. it's pretty hard to tell what's going to happen when that comes out. if there is going to be no indictment that's going to go down extremely badly with the community. we've been told to keep these protests peaceful


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