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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2014 10:00am-11:00am EST

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. welcome to the news hour. coming up in the next 60 minutes, syria's assad's government agrees to take place in peace talks as government forces strike rebel helders. defending erbil. they say they need more weapons to win the fight against isil. more than 100,000 people are displaced in the worst flooding to strike malaysia in dick assessed.
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welcoming back prisonersers of war. plus. >> working on a computer system to regulate the movement. this is how qatar could provide a more efficient and reliable source of renewable energy. >> a top story in the syrian government has officially agreed to participate in peace talks in moscow. russ russia's foreign minister said it hopes to host talks between bashar al-assad's government in late january. its unclear as to who will take part. intention fighting continues as syrian government keeps up its airstrikes in aleppo. the attacks killed at least three people on friday. they targeted areas controlled by isil fighters in the city of albad. at least 36 people were killed
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in similar strikes around the same area on thursday. residents say helicopters and planes dropped barely bombs. government forces also bombarded the town of dumaa north of damascus. it killed at least five people and injured others. duma is a rebel stronghold but, also, has hundreds of thousands of civilians. >> that's according to u.n. estimates. syrian regime airstrikes also targeted rebel-held town in the darra countryside. it is reported five died in the town of ipsa after government jets bomb a residential area in the morning. let's get more now about this potential peace talks about to occur in motiving 0. in the director of the carnegie middle east center in beirut joins us live from london. thank you for making time to talk to us. explain to us: why do you think syria would agree to peace talks
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in moscow now? >> reporter: syria is not actually agreeing to peace talks. this is not a serious endeavor on the part of russia. the national syrian coalition has declared russia, in fact, does not have a plan for peace talks. this is just, i think, an attempt by russia to show that the syrian government is interested in peace talks knowing very well that no one credible within the syrian opposition would agree to this. therefore, it will use this as a pretext to put the blame on the syrian opposition as opposed to the syrian government for why the conflict will go on. >> there are opposition groups that are in syria. we are about to speak to or hope to speak to someone from the opposition group in damascus. do you think they will be attending if the opposition groups outside of syria are not attending, do you think those in damascus will be attending these
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talks? >> reporter: >> reporter: there are syrian opposition groups within syria who are interested in attending peace talks, but not this particular initiative proposed by russia. people inside syria acknowledge that the only way forward is to team up with the syrian coalition abroad and jointly negot. however, what we are seeing right now is not geneva 3. it's actually a separate initiative all together. >> it is action indeed, isn't it, given russia is cataloguerheads with a lot of the western government outside of syria at the moment. how much credibility do you think these talks will be given on the international stage? >> the talks have very little credibility because russia has, as we know, is a key supporter of the assad regime and, therefore, not impartial at all.
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all russia is trying to do is cultivate its own ties with certain members of the so-called loyal syrian opposition that are considered acceptable to the syrian regime. so, really, this is so far no more than a charade. >> what does this do for president puentein's image in the right now, he is cataloguerheads, as -- he is at loggerheads with leaders of the we69 earn world. >> this is not serving president puentein and the assad regime or anyone concerned really. russia's relations with the west have been very tense for some time. as a result of a conflict in syria as well as, of course, afterwards, ukraine, and this particular attempt will only be device i have when it comes to the syrian opposition and its western backers. so, i think russia is doing more damage than good in attempting to initiate
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such a proposal. >> all right. lena. what we have the syrian government whom -- we expect will attend the talks in moscow. you don't expect other opposition groups to be attending these talks on the same time, we've got the syrian-backed government around the world or the syrian opposition backed governments around the world who want peace. outside of moscow, where is the middle grounds here? do you have any solution at all for both sides to come together? >> there is a solution, which is to hold talks on impartial ground, and the talks should involve people within syria, the opposition within syria as well as the opposition intrad and these talks should go back to the principles of geneva i that called for the transition of a transitional government, and that means that bashar al-assad, himself, as a president should go as a result of this process.
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so far, we are not seeing any positive indications that this will happen any time soon. however, i think external stakeholders in the conflict are close to recognizing that this is the om way forward, and i think russia is simply buying time by trying to derail this process with its new moscow proposal. >> alena, it's great getting your insight, director of the carnegie middle east center in beirut. the u.s.-led coalition against islamic state of iraq and the laughent has been carrying out airstrikes. it happened near the town of hawiji, peshmerga forces are st trying to recapture parts of sinjar from isil. kurdish troops say they are pushing towards the center of the town, but there are reports isil still controls many neighborhoods. meanwhile, peshmerga forces defendinger bill, the capital of
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the kurdish region say that they need more heavy weapons to continue the fighted against isil. mohammed adow reports from the kurdish front line. >> reporter: as night falls on the kurdib countryside, fighters take up their positions. it's under the cover of darkness that isil attacks and they can't afford to lower their gard. this is perhaps their most strong front line against isil. erbil is the capital of the kurdish region is just 60 kilometers away. >> we will defend it because in erbil, that's our, you know, big city, and we must be in a climate to be safe. >> it's a dangerous task. two days ago, isil fighters carried out their most daring attack on this air base using a combination of suicide bombers
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and vehicles laden with explosives, they took over the base for a few hours before the kurdish forces recaptured it. as the fighting gets more intention, the tactics are getting more desperate. it's the first time isil fighters have used a tank for suicide bombing. and the peshmerga say it's the ability of isil to do this in kurdish territory that has them worri worried. >> reporter: some of the peshmerga tents are burned down. general perezwani is a lot kurdish commander. >> it's the first time to have the tanks with the tnt and the suicide people. they come to our front line.
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overrun by isil. >> what will happen is isil will be able to strengthen its position until syria and iraq, i.e. in the territories it has captured and this will also mean a isil forces which declared a caliphate in the area that it has occupied it will be a nato member country and nato to the nato territory, which is turkey. so while the world is trying to fight against isil and the territories it has occupied, the fact that isil, the peshmerga
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failed to defeat the isil forces, though they are getting air support from the coalition will really be a dangerous situation. it will further strengths en the isil presence in both countries. >> right. >> in the region. >> you just mentioned tke >> you just mentioned turkey there, and seeing as this threat is on turkey's doorstep, turkey has said that they are willing to train or provide more training to the peshmerga and to the curtkurdish fighters but th have been hosetants about sending troops in to the area to try to ensure isil doesn't expand to their borders. why is there that sition? >> i think it is a right that turkey will dispatch its own forces to the neighboring countries to fight against isil. this should be a decision, i.e.
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sending combat troops to iraq and syria. it should be taken by the united nations or by the anti-isis coalition by itself. but as we all know, only u.s. sentence advisors there or u.s. military advisos and troops to iraq to train the iraqi army as well as peshmergas. but it will be dangerous for turkey to unilaterally send its own forces to fight against isil. so, i think in the anti-isil coalition should make a decision that the iraqi forces, the peshmergas in syria are not enough on ground to defeat isil. i think turkey n my opinion,
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should allow more to the peshmerga. earlier pathway to turkey to syria to join the uid fors. >> i am afraid we are running out of time here. i have to thank you. thank you so much for your insight. appreciate it. military analyst from turkey. in other news, a highly sought after leader of al shabaab has been caught in the genno region. the state department offered $3 million for information leading to his arrest. heavy rains in southeast asia have led to major flooding and landslides. more than a dozen people have been killed in thailand and malaysia. the thai government has declared
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eight of the countries southern zones to be disaster zones. more than 8,000 people have been displaced. 13 people are confirmed dead while in northern malaysia, three states are submerged and at least five people have died. nearly 200,000 people have been left homeless. a report. >> this corner of northeastern malaysia hasn't seen flooding like this for decades. people had to leave their homes in a hurry after days of rain turned roads into rivers. the government has sentence search and rescue teams to the most badly affected areas. it's also set up relief centers for the victims but for some, it's too little too late. they criticize the government for being too slow to respond and for failing to declare a state of emergency in time. >> we come here after three days. we have lost everything. here without food.
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>> malaysian prime minister has cut short his holiday to the u.s. to deal with the emergency. he had been in hawaii visiting president barack obama when the rains began. >> this monsoon season in this part of asia. this year's rains have been particularly heavy and many places have been affected by the worst flooding in more than 40 years. people in southern thailand have been told to brace themselves for more flash flooding, right up into the new year. for many, the biggest worry is how to avoid the spread of disease. cases of typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis increase. doctors say children and the elderly are particularly at risk. health problems usually appear in flood affected areas after four to six weeks. he mergency officials monitoring the flood say water levels haven't peek"ed yet. with more predicted over the coming days, it will be a wet end to 2014: al jazeera.
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the has been in extreme. >> i am in india with a national tribunal has vehicles in new delhi to curb their pollution. >> in sport we will have details from day 2 of the third test between australia and india as the captain c smith breaks more records until melbourne. an arrest warrants has been returned for the head of the red mosque trying to justify at a time taliban attack on a school in pershwaa that killed 148
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people was most of whom were children. he issued an apology after protests. meanwhile, the pakistani army says it has killed at least 39 fighters in the attack. those con 1rib8ing9d of what it calls terror related charges but the move has concern among but they say some are innocent t a report. begging for mercy after court dates. their brother could be hanged at any moment.
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>> the pakistani taliban. 249 people, most of whom were
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children. conflicts. hoping to be able to reverse the symptoms. his brother had this to say: >> translator: i can't bear my innocent brother will be hanged by the government without a fair trial. i won't keep sigh left. i will take revenge even if i have to join a desire rift group. justice delayed syed tells me is justice denied. organizers says justice hurried is justice buried. pakistan is facing hard choices at the moment. mohammed adow, al jazeera. >> in the year the united nations gave itself a report
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card to reduce child mortality: jane reports on what has been achieved. >> at the dawn of the mel inium in the year 2000, the then u.n. secretary general. at the war. >> within the next 15 years, i believe we can have the population of people living in extreme poverty and see all children, girls and boys alike and particularly girls, receive the full primary education and halt the spread of hiv aids. >> that was. the target set known as the mil enium development goals to have a 15 year deadline. with one year to go, it is a mixed picture. significant progress has been made on reducing the number of people living in extreme poverty. work is still needed on maternal
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mortality rates and on feeding the world's most hungry. there is no doubt the mdg-forced world leaders to take action that led to significant progress. now, the u.n. is creating goals. diplomats are working on the wording but activists say they need to be ambitious. >> we think they have the right thing. they commit to fighting inequality. >> that's really important. they commit to tackling climate change. >> that's really important. the trick, though, is that because they are now grappling with today's real problems, they are much more complex and much more comprehensive than the original goals. >> makes them harder to sell. >> that selling intense diplomatic wrangling is now in final stage. the new targets known as the susta sustainable development goals will be adopted by world leaders at the u.n. in september. james bays, al jazeera, with the united nations. >> colombia is one of those
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countries on track to achieve the millennium development goals and in the past decade, public social programs have helped to reduce the extreme poverty range from 17.7% to 9.1%. a report. these chickies have changed her life for the better. they used to live without a kitchen or a bathroom. she and her sick husband didn't have a job. often no food. >> sometimes, we didn't have anything to eat. well, now, if we need to, i can always kill a hen. >> four years ago, she joined the government program to help the poorest of the poor. >> she received credit training and the continuing assistance of specialized social workers to set up her small business. >> i learned what food to give to the chickens, how to give
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them an injection. if they were sick or not, how to manage them. then i moved on to training, on accounting and how to save money. >> with the new income came the modest but functioning house and more work. >> over 1078,000 social workers have helped hundreds of thousands to start businesses, learn new skills, or simply get relatives in the program until recently columbia had been unable to to dense and stub orrin levels of poverty. despite better security and strong economic growth, minority and rural populations in particular had seen no benefit. something that kept fueling kth country's internal conflict. >> and tubring the state into contact with the needy
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households. >> many hope an ends to the war with farq could allow the government to reach more people. 3.5 million people now will still be living in almost absolutely misery next year. >> 3.5 million for an upper middle income country with important political and social economic goals is still very worrisome. it's still a very high number overall of people barely able to survive. >> back at the chicken farm, emil has 4r78 all of the other programs. the new phase will be to open a savings bank account. the first she has ever had. another step, she said, to make sure she can achieve the richer future her family deserves. al jazeera, colombia. >> still ahead on al jazeera, hope in china, hope to children with parents in prison: moroc o
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morocco's poor back to global began for oil threatening the future of the much loved kos metic product. and in sport, raul will spline why december hasn't been a good month. ♪ the stream it's your chance to join the conversation only on al jazeera america
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>> we were talking to a young lady saying she just wanted her voice to get out there. >> by the thousands, they're sending their government a message. >> ahead of 'em is a humanitarian crisis where tens of thousands of people are without food, water, shelter.
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>> a special one hour look at global attacks on free press. monday 9:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. in late january. thousands of people have been displaced by flooding across southern thailand and
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northern malasism a with more than a dozen deaths p forecast over the coming days. more on our top story on moscow's proposed peace talks over the syrian conflict. building syria's state party in the opposition in the opposition of the regime and we are getting this phone call from damascus. thank you for being with us. i just want to start by asking you: will you be attending these proposed peace talks in moscow? >> we said that we will be -- we will join those talks with the -- ient with the opposition groups or with the regime, but the negotiations should be with a clear title and a clear point. we are not willing, of course, to go to an open talks that will
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not give any clear results. this is not at precondition for the meeting. the negotiations should be without the conditions. but there should be an agenda for the meeting. >> at the same time, though, i must ask you: how do you expect any progress on peace to even take place if the syrian government continues to bomb rebel-held and civilian areas? >> reporter: >> this is the situation in all of the syrian land. the regime is continuing to do his bombardment on some areas and, also, you have the armed groups who are attacking other areas. this is not something that should stop us from going to the political solution. the contrary, this should encourage everybody to go to the solution because at the end, the political solution is the only path to stop this violence and those killed and, of course,
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there is no result from any armed solution from the part of the regime or the part of the armed groups and we should put, also, an attention that we have a very grave danger, isil that is isis not seeing any one of the syrians. it's a danger for the rege-mails, danger for the sirrias, danger for the opposition and for the identity and the history of all of the sirians. this, at the moment. >> let me ask you: you keep talking about a political solution. in your opinion and according to your party, what is the political solution? >> the political solution, of course, is not one single event or one meeting or one thing that should be done. it's a long process including most and foremost, a sharing in the authority and the power. of course, you need to calculate a new government, a new authority, and whatever you want
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to name it. but there should be a sentence tral authority shared between the syrians with a division of the authority of the president with the president and the prime minister and the ministry. this government should govern syria for an interim or transitional period with this government should create all of the other aspects of a political solution from local cease-fires, from civil societies, organization activity, from lobbying for peace, decentralization of the plan. >> right. >> you are talking about many entry points. indeed. >> gu the important one? >> as you say, the important point is, of course, the government. now, the basis of the geneva peace talks, of course, is setting up of a transitional government with event annually, president assad stepping down. are you in favor of this?
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>> the result of the negotiations and the transitional period should be at the end, changing in the face of the regime. if we want to talk seriously about president and the camflag, president assad should be part of the transition and the party and the people representing, they should be part of the transitional period. but not leading this transitional period. it should be led from this coalition. at the end, if elections or any democratic process says that president assad should stay in power according to this process, there will be no problem. the importance is the change in the way of governing syria, the regime, the open of the freedoms and participation. this is the most important thing.
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>> thank you so much for your insight there. vice president of the building syria state party. >> that's an opposition party in damascus. in other news, the ukrainian government and pro-russia separatists have exchanged some 370 prisoners near the rebel-held city of donetsk, the largest prison swap in eight months of fighting in eastern ukraine. peace talks in minsk were expected to resume on friday but have now been postponed indefinitely. nazenene reports. >> welcoming home prisoners of wars, exchanged in a prisoner swap. this is a propaganda crew for t petro poroshenko struggletology unite his country. >> i am telling you that i, as a president, as an ordinary citizen, have a heart full of
10:37 am
happiness that you will greet the new year, as i promised, together with your families and military brothers, that you will do what we have been waiting for, for so long. we are thankful again that we have you. >> reporter: there is relief but, also, sadness about those still being held. it's not known exactly how many prisoners there are, but ukraine's military says around 600 ukrainians are separatists hands. >> thanks for what you have done to release us. we hope our that are still being kept as hostages will be released in the near future. >> reporter: more than 4 and a half thousand people have died in this conflict. this is a fragile cease fire. kiev said it's fighting against what it calls russia's influence. moscow has always denied backing and arming the rebels who still control parts of eastern ukraine. the russian president recently signed a new military doctorine
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naming nato expansion among key external risks. russia's annexation of in march this year is also a source of deep anger in kiev. ukraine state rail company suspended trains to blaming security concerns. >> this prisoner exchange is a small step towards reconciliation and for the families of the released prisoners, it offers some hope in the bitter and deadly conflict t al jazeera. more than a thousand migrants attempting to reach italy have been rescued in the mediterranean over the past three days, the italian navy says the asylum seekers were rescued in four separate operations ovff of the coast of sicily. 5 bodies were recovered. more than 3,000 migrants have died at sea this year, most come from north africa and the middle east. >> sweeden's government has
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called off plans to hold a snap election in march. the decision comes after prime minister instead offoon lofin reached an agreement over a budget proposal. earlier this month, he had to call for early polls after losing a budget vote. the far right sweeden democrat sided with the opposition against his plan. under the new deal, he will have to follow a spending plan put together by his political opponents. the former first lady of ivory coast has appeared in court for her alleged role in the violence that followed the 2010 election tsimone faces a maximum of life in prison and remains under house arrest. of her husband, former
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president. >> wednesday t they are face tag strong resistance. >> residents of myanmar are voting in the first municipal elections in 60 years. it's the first time people are casting ballots understand the military-backed civilian government. observers have criticized the vote as flawed casting a shadow over next year's election. only wern person per household is eligible to vote. that will limits the polls to about 400,000 people. children of convicted criminals in china often face hardship and prejudice but an organization has e merged which works to ends the discrimination. rob mcbride has more from
10:41 am
beijing. >> it's called sun village providing a refuge for the children of convicted criminals. for some, the only home they have known their whole short lives. twins, tinge tinge and salmay were rescued as babies if from their drug trafficking parents who had used their baby carrier to smuggle drugs. 7-year-old jin jao witnessed his mother struggle her father after years of violence abuse. many of these children face not seeing their parents for their entire childhood. >> it's estimated there are 600,000 children across china who have at least one parent in prison and who are, themselves, trapped in a kind of limbo, being neither orphaned or disabled, they are not entitled on to government benefits despite being vulnerable and in need. >> at a time scale of the problem was realized when she worked in the prison system and decided to do something about it. nine centers like this one now operate across the country
10:42 am
thanks to her. they provide not only a home but, also, help counter prejudice. >> translator: they are definitely discriminated against. many parents want their children to stay away from these kids because they think they are dangerous as children of criminals. >> she opened to build awareness for children like this. selling donated items and, also, fresh produce grown, themselves, them help support their communities. >> i like this day. there are lots of people and we can make some money for ourselves. >> in the process, getting the chance to have the childhood that crimes of their parents nearly took away. rob mcbride, al jazeera, beijing. al chinese court has sentenced two employers for their roles in a factory fire at
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a chicken plant last year. 121 people were killed and 76 others were injured. the fire in gilan prove incident was china's worst industrial accident in five years. some said they weren't is able to open the building's exit doors to escape. indian government has banned vehicles older than 15 years from roads in the capital new delhi to tackle air pollution after a u.n.-banged study found the city has the dirtiest air in the world. car issue has the report. >> reporter: he loves his scooter. it has been a proud member of his family since he married anneeta 28 years ago. he says it has never let him down. >> i have driven around on the scooter, my kids after they were born. i have taken my wife and sister-in-law for a ride.
10:44 am
even my mother when she was sick and we had to take her to the doctor, we went on this. >> but india's green tribunal is forcing the sharmas to ro retur their trusty two-wheeler in a bid to clean up new dil hi's air pollution, the green tribunal has band any vehicles older than 15 years. the city has been singled out by the world health organization as having the world's worst air quality. and a recent study by a university of california scientists suggests pollution levels on these roads could be eight times higher than previously reported. >> one of the most important pollutants for your health is particulate matter. elevated levels of particulate matter can increase rates of heart attacks, respitetories diseases. these have sequences globally and in indiana. >> with increasing risks to public health, authorities are
10:45 am
now under pressure to clean up the air. >> delhi's government estimates three-quarters of the city's air pollution is caused by vehicle emissions. environmentalists say banning all cars and scooters is not going to make much difference. >> what's needed, they say, is stringent monitoring of emissions and tougher fines for polluting vehicles. >> average age of vehicles in delhi is about 4 to 7 years. we don't expect many to be in the age bracket, more than 15 years in this city. even if we get rid of them, i don't see that that's going to have a massive impact on air quality. >> around 1500 new vehicles roll on to the capital's roads every year and environmentalists say if authorities are serious about tackling air pollution, they need to invest in public transport. car issue malvia, al jazeera,
10:46 am
new dil hi. >> still ahead, in sport, the head coach of asian football champions, japan, defends himselfs against allegations of match-fixing. details right after the break.
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a report from the hodr
10:48 am
hamid. >> a labor-intensive process, time-consuming. >> everything hurts. every part of our bodies, but we are grateful. if we are not working, we are sitting at home doing nothing. >> it's hard not to cry, but seeds will produce aragan oil, which, which is known as mo morocc moroccan's xwroud. it has been used in southwest more okayo. the fruit comes from the small thorny tree. >> this was covered by a foster but worldwide demand not plant and its wood increased to the point that has put us at risk of extinction. >> the government stepped in with a regeneration program. planting thousands of new trees every year and the arguean growing region was designated as a biosphere reserve.
10:49 am
organ oil is now something of a cult product around the world. sold for its nuty flavor at high-end food stores but the popularity comes from the utes as a cosmetic product. a market that international compa companys are increasingly tapping in to. >> they repackage it and sell it abroad at a higher. the land and trees are ours. so we have to control the raw material. it's what protects us. >> to match global demand, local cooperatives are mechanic anizing the process. many fear this will be an end to their main source of income. more than a few million people live on organ production. >> if they bring in a machine, we will stop working. there will be nothing for us. all of the rest of the process is done by machine now. even pressing. >> but no man so far has been
10:50 am
able to crack the nut like berberi women, this skill passed on will continue to provide steady work at least for now. >> al jazeera, suss region in southwest more okayo. >> now, claudio, michael clark says he is unlikely to be fit for the start of the critical world cup in february but beliefs he will play some part in the tournament. the 33-year-old batsman injured his hamstring during the first test against india earlier this month. clark's replacement is doing pretty well, steve smith scoring 192 on day 2 of the third test against indiana at the ncg, got excellent support from brad hadden and fast baller ryan harris. both recorded 50s but it was smith who was the star and the last one out as australia balled out for 530 in reply. indiana reached 108 for 1
10:51 am
training by 422. but no question as to the man of the day, steve smith to win this series, scored 560 runs at an average of 189. >> that's included three centuries. his average is now over 50, but his career began slowly after hitting his first 70s tree in his 12th match. there was no stopping him. since then, he averages 74 and in 2014 alone, he scored over a thousand runsnp at an avenue of just over 87 and that includes 5 100s. christ church new zealand made sri lanka follow on day 2 after being billed out for 441. the kist wis, two took 3 wickets each. in their second inning. >> the reign can champions, spurs, suffered their 6th defeat in seven games as the new orleans pelicans, the spurs tony
10:52 am
parker was out but duncan netted 20 points. the star man with the pel kaningz action athon e davis scoring 22 points to help new orleans to a 97 to 90 victory. elsewhere,die nowitzki is up to 8 he netted 14 for the dallas mavericks in their win against the lakers and lebron james and the cavaliers bounced back at miami by beating the orlando mar margic. japan head coach jarv nugiri procetested alleges of match fixing. he was one of 41 defendants in 2011 manager of the game in question. he has called for calm from japan supporters ahead of their defense of the asia cup next
10:53 am
month. >> i believe in the honesty and innocence of spanish football. i will be cooperating with the spaj issue authorities and seeing this case through to the end. i would like to tell all of our supporters to stay calm during this investigation. we need their support to take the asia cup. >> arsenal manager says a player deserved to be september off and the striker has apologized to his teammates. he was given a red card for head butting in the second half of the 2-1 win. the french striker will be suspended for three games. wenger's 400th premier league victory. >> it is a big, strong word, but it didn't kill him, you know. he touched him and should not have done it. he should have been in control.
10:54 am
he made a mistake. i know him well enough to think he will not do it again. manchester city still 3 points behind after a 3-1 win on a snowy run crystal palace sacked their manager. >> the septemberth annual hobart race chasing comanche since the race started on friday looking for the 8th title while they took the lead around the half mark of the 2-day race. marianne vos has 1 a thrilling race in belgium. the olympic road race was involved in a 3-way battle at the front. she took advantage of a slip on muddy steps to go ahead. the dutch woman crossing the line first on the former belgian f 1 track. that's your sport.
10:55 am
>> thank you very much raul. a team of researchers in the netherlands is developing a new and cheaper way of harnessing energy from the wind by flying one kite. they are able to produce enough electricity to power 10 homes from vandzenberg airfield. access technology editor explains. >> reporter: last minute adjustments before the test launch of a new high-tech kite. these 12ku6 researchers believe if the technology takes off, it could change the way we generate electricity. the system harnesses the steady pull of a light-wait para foil dmriet. a computer rides beneath the kite communicating with the ground station and as the kite pulls a winch on the ground slowly let's the line out at the same time using the pulling force to generate electricity.
10:56 am
>> they can fly fast t we can generate an optimal amount of electricity. when we are done, we are reeling out, we can reel it back in until it's on top of us and the next powerciling and we have a positive energy balance. >> this prototype provides enough electricity to power between 10 and 20 homes. but the team wants to scale this up making the kite and its power-generating competitor 5 times larger. >> you don't need a heavy crane. we can deal with our trailer, drop it. remote locations, it's an independent to support diesel generators. >> for like many test flights, this one doesn't go as planned. a problem with the kite's steering brings it down. flying at 200 meters, well above the height of conventional wind turbines. kites like these enjoy stronger and more sustained wind
10:57 am
conditions. they are working on a computer system now to regulate its movement as it flies and say when this is achieved >> kite power to provide a more efficient and reliable source of renewable energy. >> it is a difficult task even for a human operator. you need kite surfing skills. then you can feel how the kite reacts. it's a very dynamic system, so the kite always moves in all directions. so, it's from a control point of view, also, a hard challenge. >> the team says conventional wind turbines have certain decades to develop. their technology is just in its infancy and has as much, if not more potential. terrek bazley, in the netherlands. >> stay with us here on al jazeera. we have another full bulletin of news for you state ahead.
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>> if we don't have a verdict by one o'clock it's gonna be another day. >> well it's either gonna be before noon, or they get to come back at one thirty. >> the waiting is what will knock you for a loop. if she goes to jail again i think she'll come out in a body bag. >> are they out? we are sitting right there in my office on pins and needles.


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