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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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what really happened? >> >> announcer: this is al jazeera. welcome to the newshour. i'm in doha and these are the top stories - the search continues as indonesian officials say an airasia plane missing with 162 people on board may have crashed at sea journalists around the world show solidarity with al jazeera staff gaoled for one year now a rescue operation is continuing, 24 hours after a ferry caught fire off the coast of italy. more than 100 are still dropped
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on board. bad for business russia's ruble is on the slide meaning tough time for a border town in china. we begin the newshour with a continuing search for an airasia plane that disappeared shortly after takeoff on sunday. flight qz8501 was on its way to singapore from the indonesian city of surabaya with 162 people on board. search teams are scouring the area looking for signs of the plane around the islands of singkep, banka and belitung island. the head of the indonesian search operation says it's likely the plane is at the bottom of the sea. we have reporters in singapore and indonesia following the story, we'll hear from veronica
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pedrosa who is at singapore's changi airport, but first to scott heidler, who is in surabaya, from where the plane took off on sunday. as i understand it vice president is where you are earlier today. what did he have to say? yes, he was here. first he went into a waiting room, if you will that has been turned into the crisis center for the family members, a private room off to my right. he visited with family members, he came out and addressed the media, tackled questions, reports that had been out about sightings of - potential sightings of objects in the water, in the search areas. he said that he looked - he touched on other examples of how long the process will take for them - potentially take for them to find evidence of where and how the aircraft went down. >> he said that people need to be patient.
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there's no time frame for this they are going this as quickly as possible the best they came with the resources they have. also speaking of the resources there has been offers from the u.k. and france to contribute to a mooulti national search and rescue -- multinational search and rescue operation. it will be nightfall soon and that's when it will shut down. more countries are willing to step up and contribute. singapore's offer had been accepted by indonesian officials, that they'll have experts for underwater surveillance searching and devices to help with the process. as you mentioned, the head of the search and rescue operation in indonesia says it's most likely resting on the bottom of the sea. multinational search and rescue continues. >> thank are for speaking with us. scott heidler speaking there. let's go to veronica pedrosa
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joining us from changi airport. paint us a picture of what is happening there in singapore. at changi airport. are there families waiting to hear as they are in surabaya. >> we are not sure. the changi airport group, public relations people are keeping a tight lip about what is going on behind the barriers that leaves the relatives holding area. they have not revealed how much relatives are in there. what they have said is that they'll reveal that a bit later on. the place is open for 24 hours, they say, in order that relatives and friends, next of kin, of whom there are something like 30 plus in singapore can come and get information, updates as soon as possible. they can get assistance they've been provided with food and
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water and counselling. so that - earlier on today we did those, we saw one relative arrive and leave again quickly. it was reported that he was the husband of somebody on board the plane, but he again was kept away from the media, so that - to protect his privacy. that is one aspect as regard the care that is being taken for the relatives or next of kin. passengers on the plane. there's the aspect of the search operation, it's been significantly expanded and reinforced by malaysia and singapore as scott was just outlining, and singapore, as scott mentioned has and indonesia accepted two sets of specialised equipment that will help to locate the traffic - the flight data recorder and voice
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recorder. once it comes to that they are offering two suspiciouslyists that can operate that. they sent at noon today another c130 that is searching an area of what we understand is 40 by 40 nautical square miles. singapore involved as scott mentioned. life is about to get - just go down, so it won't be possible to continue for. much longer. it is a long and grim wait here in singapore. >> thank you for getting us up to date. veronica pedrosa there reporting to us from singapore's changi airport in other news three al jazeera journalists have been gaoled for a full year. our colleagues peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were arrested on december 29th, 2013. and they were falsely accused and convicted of aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood, and damaging egypt's reputation
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abroad abroad. andrew simmonds reports. >> reporter: newsrooms across the world start to mark an anniversary people find hard to absorb. it's a year since an al jazeera team was arrested in cairo, a whole 12 months behind bars for doing their jobs. peter greste mohamed fadel fahmy, and producer baher mohamed were all convicted in june. it was a trial that had no compelling evidence against them. peter's parents spent christmas day in egypt getting australian hour and a half to visit their son. >> he is truly amazing the way he's been able to draw upon his reserves of resilience and strength and in fact inspire us all to carry on because as we all know this has been a very very long struggle. it's been a year that has seen
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protests spread around the world. the #free aj staff went viral. it wasn't only journalist, world leaders added their voices. >> we have been publicly and privately that they should be released. >> al jazeera maintained their public campaign. >> we work in so many different places and we should be taken as a professional media institution, not as a part of political or ideological or any other establishment. >> egypt's president abdul fatah al-sisi insisted it was an issue for the courts. their appeals process is due to start this week. what has been going on behind the scenes is less clear. the president abdul fatah al-sisi suggested that he would have preferred to have had the journalist deported. perhaps a sign that he was aware
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of the damage this case was doing egypt's reputation. as 2014 comes to answered al jazeera's team remains in gaol having committed no crimes on january the 1st, an appeal for the three gaoled al jazeera journalists will be heard at egypt's court. the court will examine how egyptian law has been applied so far, but will not assess the evidence or the charges. instead it is mostly procedural in nature reviewing things like the arrest warrants, trial and haved icts. the judges -- verdicts. the judges meet a week out of every month, there's no time frame to deliver the decision. there are three outcomes - the court can dismiss the entire case uphold the verdict and sentence, in which case they can appeal once more or they can order a new trial. but it would only be for the
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three currently behind bars. six other al jazeera staff are tried and charged in absent why, the verdict against them would stand. president abdul fatah al-sisi can issue a presidential pardon but he maintains he will not interfere in the judicial process. former u.n. high commissioner for human right joins us from skype from durban. thank you for being with us. how much hope do you hold for our three colleagues being released in the next month. >> well obviously not the next month, but i think, and i have called for the early release, because i am extremely concerned about the harassment of journalists, and human rights activists in general in egypt. but i'm very hopeful that the appeals chamber will look at the substance of the charges. i have it pointed to many floors
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in the trials itself and the fair trial procedures. and why i still feel positive that the judges will eventually see that justice is restored is that each is a party to many of the international conventions, particularly the covenant on civil and political rights article 19 in plau which preserves the right for freedom of explosion. and i have viewed the various attacks, arrests and killing of six journalists killed in egypt since 2013. i viewed this as freedom of expression. >> in a letter from prison peter greste wrote if this whole episode has helped make people aware of our working if it helped to inspire a debate about
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the role we play then it will be worth it. do you think it has made the world more aware of the need for press freedom? >> let me say as having served as the high commissioner for human rights and now on my concern for south africa what impresses me is the awareness of human rights. there are people all over the world and in my country who care about mohamed fadel fahmy peter greste and baher mohamed. and are joining the call for their release. so i think that the focus on their trials not some their trials but the -- not only their trials but the mass trials, the mass death sentences that were passed caused me and others to see this not as justice, but a travesty of justice. so i want to remind egyptian authorities of a proud history.
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they even contributed to establish establishing of the united nations. egypt played a leading role in africa it means a lot to africa, that they adhere to principals, and the rule of law, and i - i think that the image of egypt, and the image of the independence of the judiciary is at stake. for important reasons, but particularly for the freedom of journalists who are carrying out legitimate activities of reporting and bringing the news to us should be respected. >> thank you so much for speaking to us. former u.n. high commissioner for human rights navi pillay speaking on skype from durban the campaign to free our journalists gaped a lot of traction -- gained a lot of traction online. let's find out more. >> straight off the back didn't
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want to be here or doing this one year on. what is heartening to know is there is plenty of support from you viewers and people all over the world. lots of tweets with free aj staff. this is the media entertainment and arts in redfern and sydney australia, with a lovely mural. lots of people are taking pictures and posting them. here is the a.b.c. newsroom in london on the right-hand side and a former al jazeera journalist who joined the campaign free aj staff, and a picture i picked out earlier, this is from someone called amy feltman in melbourne, and she has done a whole mon tij of -- montage of interesting pictures. that's nice stuff on twitter, a small sample of everything that is out there. this shows us where the hashtag free aj staff is trending. down the right-hand side you see
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tweets. it's evenly spread from where peter is from middle east. it was the middle of the night at the moment on the east coast of australia - australia - the united states. it's strong. overall i can say this hashtag, free aj staff, since it came into being, 160,000 contributors, 460,000 retreats, almost 10,000 tweets per week with free syrian army staff. that's good. some other video i want to show you. this is something which our team put together. this makes you think about the last year. all the people involved. william hague, the u.k. foreign minister. jay carney from the white house. all the major names of people from the free aj staff campaign we thank them all and thank you. go on to youtube, the al jazeera youtube site and you can see a lot of clips to do with free aj staff.
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our website. this is the special, the free aj staff section. this is where you can look at the reports that peter greste and colleagues have done. you can check and see what they are all about. if you have something you want to send if you are at a protest, you want to send in free aj staff, you can send it to me. of course you can use the hashtag free aj staff. we'll be keeping our eye on it thank you. there's a lot more to come on this newshour including sharing secrets on kim jong un - south korea, japan and the u.s. pool their resources greek politicians hold a crucial vote that could determine whether early elections are on the cards. in sport we know now - we now know the line for this year's n.f.l. play-off find out who is
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in and who is out with raul a little later in the programme. a rescue operation is continuing off the coast of the italy after a ferry caught fire on sunday. some of the passengers have been taken to the italian port of barrie. they are being checked by local medics. around 183 people are on board the vessel. commander from the italian navy joins us on the phone from rome. thank you for speaking to us. can you get us up to date on the latest on the rescue efforts. how many people have been rescued so far. >> so far we have a total of 363 people rescued so far. unfortunately there was one dead person, which has been recorded. and so far we are counting another 115 person yet to be
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rescued. >> and we are hearing that there has been some high winds and weather that is hampering the rescue ests. -- efforts, can you expand on that. >> the weather continues have been very bad throughout. we have strong northerly winds throughout the night. currently we still have 25 coming from the north, which makes it very difficult for the rescue operation by helicopter which is used to carry on the operation. nevertheless, the search and rescue operation it throughout all the period, and didn't stop at all. >> as we understand as you just mentioned 115 people are to be rescued, they are on board. they have spent a night out at sea in the cold wet conditions.
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there's a fire on the ship at the moment as we understand it. can you tell us the sort of conditions these people are in at the moment. what medical help is offered to them. >> okay. we have on board the "northern atlantic", and as far as possible the condition on board of the rescue vessel the person are not dangerous at the moment. so we are continuing the rescue operation, and, of course all the medical cases have been treated and we are providing as much support as it is possible. it's very strong. i would like to remind that there's good cooperation to the public administration. we are coordinating this operation with the calls coming
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in with all the actors which are intervening in the stake holding. >> thank you for speaking with us. spokesman for the italian navy speaking to us. >> the greek parliament is attempting for a third time to elect the new president. if the vote feels, the prime minister will have to call elections. a snap poll could recall the left wing to power, which could destabilize greece's relationship with the creditors. we are joined from athens. will they be third time lucky. what is the likelihood of them coming to a consensus this time round. >> the outcome here as voting continues has begun, it will be decided by 12 votes. that's the bridge that the government has to - the gap that the government has to bridge to
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reach the 180 vote threshold, three fifths majority in the building behind me to approve its candidate for president. the government will be hoping that a last-minute intervention on television will have helped. he warned against dangerous adventurism that threatened to wipe out the gains made over five or six years made by sweat or blood. if they fail as you say, the constitution dictates that a snap election is triggered early in the new year with the possibility of a win by the far left party leading in the polls. they plan to cut austerity, to unilaterally reduce the international debt bringing with it a whole host of deeply concertive possibilities. >> thank you for getting stuff
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on the situation. jonah hull speaking to us from athens. a court in pakistan suspended the detention order of the alleged mastermind of the 2008 moom buy attacks -- mumbai attacks. they were arrested and charged with six others for planning the attacks. mohammed. give us an idea of why the detention has been suspended now? >> it's a decision taken by the islamabad high court. it's been taken by him after the case was taken to an upper level. on 18 december less than two weeks ago, he was released by the anti-terrorism course under the auspices that india did not deliver the evidence that pakistan was waiting for, so
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that he could be tried for the accusation that was the mastermind of the attacks on mumbai. so he was released by the anti-terrorism court and one day the government intervened under the law called the maintenance order, which allows the government to counter the decisions of the court, if it sees that they are not in the interests of the nation at the moment. the government decided to maintain him to suspend the release of him each though he was released on bail and the anti-terrorism court said lakhvi can be detained any moment. he is not on the run. now, less than two weeks later the same situation is being repeated. the high court now decided to release him, but the government may theres intervene, because it can only have its final result at the supreme court and at a
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level that has not been reached. >> this is a significant case for pakistan. explain to us the importance. >> it's very important because it's not just an eternal situation or an eternal problem. it is a problem with india now, because this man has been held along with six others accused by india of attacking - being behind the attack in mumbai, and india asked for them to be held over. according to pakistan that has not happened. they are in gaol. >> the public opinion, it's a situation, a tug of war. the government if it wants to halt any gaol if it doesn't want to open a new front with
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india. stuck in the internal wall with the taliban a complex situation. getting us up to date with islamabad. >> a new intelligence sharing pack has come in effect. it allows military secrets on north korea through the united states. harry fawcett has more from seoul. any kind of military pact between japan and a ruler is viewed with a good deal of suspicion in soul and by many members of the public at large. that is why this is announced on friday that it would be signed on monday 29th of november. it's emerged that it was signed on the same day it was announced. it goes into effect on monday. a good deal of managing of the process, because it is so delicate. there is a bilateral military pact between south korea and
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japan. the japanese delegate was waiting to sign. south korea pulled out of the pact with an hour to go before it was due to be signed. because of the public outcry and the parliamentary outcry. this agreement requires no parliamentary approval. a military pact that goes through the united states. any information from here. it goes through the united states, and vice-versa. there'll be those here that say tokyo stands to gain more. and also there is suspicion here of prime minister shinzo abe from japan. very stage managed process by the government. keen to allay the concerns present in 2012 and now. >> more rain is expected in flood-hit malaysia 10 were killed, and 160,000 others were displaced in the worst flooding there in a decade. the state in the north-east is the worst hit by the usually
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heavily monsoon rain. the prime minister pledged close to $150 million. additional assistance to the flood victims. floods killed 13 people in nearby thailand. across the bay of bengal the death toll has rich to 24. many more are missing, and more than 100,000 are displaced. the worst damage is reported in the south-eastern district where 14 were killed. officials are transferring patients from hospitals because of it. let's take a check on the weather with richard, and the mitchell johnson season is creating chaos in south-east asia. >> it's awful. take a look at the satellite behind me. the bad weather stretches all the way from the east coast of india through to the philippines. a distance of 5,000km. let's concentrate on south-east
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asia. here we are seeing awful weather conditions across the region. we have significant rain fall in places like brunei. it hardly shows up. 84mm in 24 hours. we are still seeing phenomenal amounts of rain. 249mm. hang on this is a wet part of the world anyway. you are right. during the month of december they get about 600mm of rain. i have been doing totalling. it's extraordinary amounts of precip face occurring. the heaviest rain is where we have a tropical storm, 362mm of rain. this is in some ways good news. the winds aren't a major feature. if this system moves out into the south china sea, it will gradually cut off the flow of air across the region. what will happen is the rain will ease across malaysia the
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current situation across the philippines needs to be monitored. and here flooding and landslides. >> thank you very much. there's lots more to come including... syria's war enters its fourth year, we speak to children forced to work for their families. people in nigeria's capital resorts to desperate measures for one of life's basic needs. and in sport, a day after it was announced, fernando torres is on the move again. details later in the programme.
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the malling in chacts -- man in charge ever the search for airasia says it's probably at the bottom of the sea. the man disappeared after takeoff on sunday. three al jazeera journalists peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed have been in prison for one year. >> they were accused and sentence said for aiding the muslim brotherhood, and damaging egypt's reputation abroad. passengers from a greek ferry are being brought to port. more than 350 have been rescued. 115 are still on board. the italian navy says the ferry fire is under control. >> 14 people have been reportedly killed in yemen
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during fighting between tribesman and shia. it happened on saturday in the district north-east of the capital. security officials and tribal leaders say fighting began when the houthis tried to search the home of a tribal chief, and locals resisted in iraq people have been killed by a person who blew up with an explosive vest at a church service. 27 people were injured. the body of one of iran's senior revolutionary commanders arrived back in tehran after he was killed in iraq. the general was advising iraqi troops in the fight against the islamic state of iraq and levant. iran maintains its forces are not involved in active military duty in iraq. a funeral procession is set to
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be held in tehran on monday the syrian observatory for human rights says i.s.i.l. has murdered nearly 2,000 people in syria. the monitoring group documented 1,878 killings. 930 victims are said to belong to the tribe in the dare azure province. i.s.i.l. reportedly killed 120 mostly for trying to return to their home countries. >> in syria, prisoners at a government-controlled prison are on a hunger strike. these pictures they are chanting "we don't want your food we want our freedom." many are held by the regime. most have been detained since the start of the conflict in
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2011. >> as syria's war enters its fourth year children have been the most affected. hundreds of thousands are not in school, and many are forced to work. we have the report. every morning 10-year-old mustafa leaves home not for school, but for work. he sells corn to make money for his family. >> my mother prepares the corn for me we wait for the school to open. >> three years of war devastated the syrian economy, forcing boys to work while the men fight. >> my son never worked in his life. he didn't have to. but now we are forced to let him go make money, because everything is very expense if. mustafa is one of the lucky
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ones. thousands of children have been killed in the war. many more have fled to refugee camps, where there are few schools. >> translation: when it stops raining i go to collect firewood. there's a garden where i go to bring the wood. >> the u.n. says children suffered the most during the syrian conflict. it symbolized the resilience of the syrian people. like mustafa they struggle and survive. >> egyptian media released an audio cliff said to picture two defence ministry officials. the clip dates when the time - from the time when the current president abdul fatah al-sisi was serving as a defence minister. in the clip one minister, another official intervened on behalf of a son among officers accused of killing prisoners.
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>> the editor-in-chief of the egyptian newspaper, and he says the audio recording is significant. >> translation: it was very damaging to the impartiality and independence of the victory. did he meddle in the courts affair. i know his voice, he is the one we heard in the recording. the second question is for the judge hearing the case did he allow meddling in proceedings for a case in which 37 people were killed. >> bahrain's main opposition party said their leader was arrested. he was re-elected as head of the shia party, he was summoned for questioning for breaking the law. no further information has given over his arrest. in nigeria's capital many people
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do not have proper access to water. the government has a solution activists say it's not working. we have this respect fro lagos. >> for this perp water coming out of the -- person water coming out of the tap is not for granted. her family had to dig a borehole to get water. the water had to be pumped and saved in a tank which means having a generator for when power goes off. >> it shouldn't be difficult, but i do know what they are doing. they can't explain to us why we don't have water. access to water has long been a problem in the city of 20 million people. there's not enough government funding for the sector. many have to resort to relying on unsafe sources of water. water sellers are a fixture, a jerry can on average going for
5:38 am
$0.50, a medium sized family goes for at least a day. it's a bill that adds up. some opt for streams and rainwater. water demand in the city is about 540 million gallons a day. existing projects are only able to provide. >> we must be able to develop existing water schemes, we are targetting 745 million gallons, costing 3.5 billion usd. no government can afford to fund that. holily on its own. >> reporter: water officials say they are not looking at the traditional sense, whereby the government dive ests assets. activists are not happy with the plans, concerns ranging from price hikes to the shorting out of civil society groups. >> there must be conspiracy
5:39 am
participation, what it belongs to the poem. how it allows people to teach resources. >> plans backed by the world bank to privatize water have resulted in poor service. lagos is a city surrounded by water and lagoons, but municipal services is unreliable. many say it will take a lot for them to trust the government. this time plans will work. >> as part of a special series al jazeera is taking a look back at some of the biggest stories of the year. and this summer's war in gaza was the bloodiest ever. one of the worst events was the shelling of a united nations school in beit hanoun. jane ferguson spoke to one family trying to recover from the bombing. >> suddenly losing the use of
5:40 am
two limbs makes almost every task in life harder. what this woman misses the most is playing with her children. >> my life was okay. i used to play with my children run with my children. i used to do everything. now nothing. it's not just my leg, but my arm. if i want to drink water or open the bottle for me. >> she lost her leg and the use of her right arm in the summer's war in gaza. israeli tank shells hit the u.n. schools where her family was sheltering. it was one of the most shocking incidents of the bombardment, killing 17 people. many in her family were injured, young and old, still bearing the scars. >> but there's hope she can get the use of her arm back. her husband regularly takes her to physiotherapy sessions and
5:41 am
the therapist says will power is crucial. >> translation: her spirit is strong and her family and relationship with her husband and children is good. this helps us a lot with the treatment. she helps herself more than she helps her and because of that she'll have a speedy recovery. >> in the meantime she must take on the role of both parents. this was a year he and his wife never hoped to experience again. >> this time it was different from all the other summers of my life. before the situation was diff and then the war came and i spent over a month in the hospital. i'll never for get 2014. i'm not optimistic that 2015 will be much better. >> the u.n. school where the attack took place has been running again for months. children have returned to class and normal lives. that person's life will never be
5:42 am
the same. as this year ends for her, slee hopes the next one brings healing breaking news coming now. we are told that the greek parliament has failed to elect a president in the third and final round. i believe jonah is standing by in athens let's go him, what does this mean for grease. in the last few moments, the third round of voting to elect a candidate for president failed - 168 votes in favour 132 against. they needed 180 a three fifth. so parliament will be dissolved within 10 days a month after an
5:43 am
election will be held. in january or february. it will be a momentous election. leading the polls is the far left party with a platform of rejecting the austerity measures imposed by berlin and germany, renegotiating the terms of the bailout and unilaterally cutting the international debt birdon that means default. and default is something that figures deep uncertainty and happiness on the financial market. they had the ability to reduce this country's fortunes. they can do so again, so this election an election by the way that many greek people, if not most according to opinion polls 58%ar against the holding of national elections, if the
5:44 am
elections could be decisive - momentously decisive for greece and spell difficult, potentially deeply unsettling consequences for the country. >> momentous election coming up within the next month or so. the fact that this vote goes to a round, this was an expected result i take it. >> well the government brought the margin to within 12 votes before this final round. they certainly would have had some slight hope of being able to persuade people in a last-tich attempt by the minister on television on saturday night warning against dangerous adventures and look what happens now is three things loom into sharp focus in greece - first of all the domestic political scene, the election and its potential outcome. the potential of this far left party, and then the pot light falls on the -- spotlight falls
5:45 am
on the financial market and uncertainty swirling around the possibility of greece falling on the debt and there's the issue of the eurozone the possibility down the line of questions about greece's membership of the eurozone. remember this since the last round of eurozone crisis in 2013 and before the eurozone becomes vulnerable not just to economies, but politics parties are left in the far right, gaining ground in many many countries in europe rejecting mainstream politics and policies. if they win, they will gain enormous momentum. >> elections for europe in 2015. jonah hull speaking to us from athens still to come on al jazeera - we'll have the sports news including the first test between australia and india is building towards a climax. all the details from day four in
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let's get to our stop story and the missing airasia in indonesia, where teams are scouring a wide search area gerald take us through some of the factors in favour for them. >> absolutely, the airasia, travelling from surabaya to singapore, 1400km with a flying time of two hours. almost the entire flight path of the plane would have been over
5:48 am
sea. the aircraft lost contact as it was flying over the java sea, and approaching the strait. the main search area is centered around here but is widened to these main islands around. because indonesia is an archipelago made out of tiny islands, there are many small communities. they have shallow waters with an average depth of 46 meters. shifting traffic is heavy. this is different to spending one for flight. that aircraft went missing in march on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing. it's believed to be lying in a vast stretch of area. still, the java see is not without difficulties, especially now during the monsoon with
5:49 am
heavy winds and thunder storms choppy waters and low visibility. >> thank you for getting you up to date on that. let's get more. independent aviation analyst joins us from the nation of jakarta. thank you for being with us it's been more than 24 hours since the plane went missing. why has there not been any sighting of this plane as yet? >> it's not easy to search for an airplane that has gone down over the water. we don't know if it's intact or broke up and sank. if it sank it will take a while to find. >> now, in the aftermath of the mh370 disappearance, there was a lot of talk about trying to find the transmission fee transporter, and the signal. there doesn't seem to be much
5:50 am
talk about that this time around. is this plane equipped with similar equipment? >> sorry can you say that again? >> in the aftermath of mh370, we talked about the transporter transmission. you'll find the signal then in terms of the search and rescue. there doesn't seem to be much talk about that this time around in this situation. why is that. >> the transporter is the box that relates to the a d.c. this case is different in terms of once the air plane went missing we had the - sorry. when the transporter went off, the primary radar from the military picked up the aircraft. in this case the airplane disappeared not long after that and, therefore we think this is
5:51 am
a different case and most likely to be weather related. >> this is going to be a morbid question, i realise, but it has to be asked. it's been more than 24 hours since the plane disappeared. do you hold any hope for survivors? >> well we always have to be hopeful there'll be survivors, but, yes, the first 24 hours has been the so-called golden window, and then after that the next one is 48 hours. so if there are survivors with critical injuries the first 24 hours is crucial, and then if we have survivors with medium injuries, the first 48 hours is crucial. as time goes on the likelihood of survival for survivors with injuries is less and less. >> thank you for speaking time for sports news. >> thank you.
5:52 am
sunday saw the final round of games in the n.f.l. regular season with several play-off places still to be decided. the 2013 super bowl winners. the baltimore ravens in the mix going into sunday. they needed a win against cleveland, and hope that san diego hoped to kansas city. 20-10 victory for the ravens. the ball reached the post season. seven seasons. the seattle seahawks claim the number one seeding in the n.f.l. playoffs ending the season off the back of straight wins. it secured the nfc divisional title. >> let's have a look at the play-off picture. the qualified teams in order of seedlings are new england, led by peyton manning.
5:53 am
indianapolis and baltimore. in it nfc seattle are top followed by green bay, dallas and carolina. indiana and detroit the wild car teams. redskins - 44-17 by dallas they were out of the playoffs. the problems amounting to them off the field as well. around 100 people gathered near their home ground to protest the team's name demanding that the washington owner daniel schneider change it because it's offensive to nate i-america -- native america. a day after milan was made permanent. fernando torres will move to his boyhood club atletico madrid. he left them before joining
5:54 am
milan. according to la liga they have agreed a loan deal with milan, seeing him come back to spain. he joined as an 11-year-old in 1995, in a junior role. in six years he scored 84 goals in 214 appearances. one of torres's former clubs plays swansea in the english premier league. the manager insisting the team can challenge for the champion's league. they are currently 10th in the premier league. swansea are two places better off in eight. rogers is focussing more and finishing fourth or better to make sure they are in europe's top competition next season. >> the points can whittle away quickly. we take each game as it comes, and we know it will be better in
5:55 am
the second part of the season than the first. we'll keep the momentum going, keep the focus going. that's what happened. we got better and better as the seep goes on. >> a year ago today 7-time formula 1 champion michael schumacher suffered serious head injuries in a ski accident in france. the driver faces a long fight for recovery according to his manager. michael schumacher is making progress appropriate to the severity of the situation, but cast doubts on reports that michael schumacher recognised those close to him australia cricketers are in a strong position to clinch their series against india on the fine day of the third test in melbourne. on day four in an unbeaten half century, steering them to 357 giving them a lead of 376 runs. the indians haven't won at the
5:56 am
m.c.g. the higher than successful run chase is 332 for 7, back in 1928, when england beat the aussies. >> new zealand have completed their most successful year in test cricket. beating sri lanka by eight wickets. it's their fifth victory in a calendar year. they were set a target of the 105 run, the black caps getting that in over 30 overs. the second and final test match takes place in wellington and it starts on saturday in the n.b.a. the phoenix sounds extended their winning streak to six games, it takes three games off. kobe bryant returned to the line up. it was his best effort. the awful run continues. phoenix wins this one. the anaheim ducks opened up an
5:57 am
11-point lead in the n.h.l. pacific region. >> scoring the winner for the ducks, 2 minutes and 42 seconds into overtime. tailgating for an american game is a way of life it involves drinking beer, and grilling food in the car park. the ideal ingredients for the perfect wedding. a couple thought the houston texan fans exchanged vows in the car park promising to stick by each other the team's wins and losses. there were rings, but sadly for them their team will not win super bowl this season after the texans failed to make it to the post season. everyone there looks like they enjoyed the hot dogs. >> and they lived happily ever after. >> they are hoping. >> stay with us there's another news for you at the top of the hour.
5:58 am
of thousands of people are without food, water, shelter. >> a special one hour look at global attacks on free press.hour. tomorrow 9:00 eastern. on al jazeera america.
5:59 am
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the search continues as indonesiaian officials say an airasia plane missing with 260 on board may have crashed at sea. hello from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, i'm jane dutton. solidarity with al jazeera staff jailed if egypt for one year. greece's parliament fails for oa third time to elect a president forcing new elections in


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