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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2014 6:00am-6:31am EST

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the search continues as indonesiaian officials say an airasia plane missing with 260 on board may have crashed at sea. hello from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, i'm jane dutton. solidarity with al jazeera staff jailed if egypt for one year. greece's parliament fails for oa third time to elect a president forcing new elections in athens. (t) rescue operations continue,
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24 hours after the ferry's catching fire off the coast of italy, many are still trapped. the plane flight qz8501, was on its way to singapore from the indonesiaian city of surabaya. scott heidler has the latest from surabaya. >> another anxious day of waiting. in the morningful they got a private briefing from search and rescue officials in the surabaya airport where the plane took off
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heading to singapore. just after first flight, more aircraft and more ships were sent to a nearly 200 kilometer stretch of the java sea looking for any sight of the airport. australia has joined malaysia and singh more for searching. >> it is easier tan underwater location but our evaluation of the coordinates we have received suggests its underwater. our presumption is the aircraft is under the sea. it can be expanded based on our evaluation. >> on the profile of the maintain records of the specific aircraft while they review
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airasia's operation. a australian p 3 orion spotted something in the sea. but repeated reports of object sightings never led to the missing aircraft. yet every time it led to false hopes for family waiting. scott heidler surabaya. >> three al jazeera journalists have been jailed, our colleagues peter greste, mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed. andrew simmons reports. >> iforts one yearit's one year since
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aan al jazeera team was arrested, for just doing their jobs. peter greste, bureau chief mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed . they spent time in jeeght egypt getting to see their son. >> it's amazing he's inspiring us all to go on. because as we all know this has been a very, very lon struggle. long struggle. >> it's been a year that's seen protests spread around the world. the hashtag freeajstaff, gone
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viral around the world. >> we agree publicly and privately that they should be released. >> al jazeera has maintained the media campaign. >> we work in so many different places and we should be taken as a professional media institution not as a part of any political or ideologic or any other establishment. >> egypt's president abdel fatah al-sisi insisted it was a matter for the courts. president sisi has suggested that he would have preferred to have the journalists deported, perhaps a sign that he was aware of the damage this case was doing to egypt's reputation. but as 2014 comes to an end al jazeera's team raims in remains in
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jail, having committed no crimes. >> she's hopeful the judges will see justice restored. >> i have called for the early release because i'm extremely concerned about the harassment of the journalists and human rights activists in general in egypt. but i'm very hopeful that the appeals chamber will look at the substance of the charges. i have pointed to many flaws in the rates to itself and the fair trial procedures. and why i do feel positive that the judges eventually will see that justice restored, that egypt is a party to many international conventions clearly the covenant often civil and political rights, article 19 in particular, which prerves the
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rightpreviousthe rights of freedom of expression. i've viewed the various attacks arrests and killing of journalists, six journalists have been killed in egypt since august 2013, i have viewed this as freedom of expression being the real target. i think that the focus open their trials, not only their trials but the mass trials that were held recently, the mass death sentences that were passed cause me and many others to see this not as justice being rendered but a travesty of justice. >> the campaign to free our journalists has plenty of traction online. >> it's terrible that we have to do this. but media entertainment and arts
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alliance, a lovely lovely mural of peter greste has been paint thread and a lot of people have snapped that. familiar face on the right-hand side, one of our old journalists, hamish mcdonald, part of the #sht #free ajstaff. have a look at the trends map thousand. i've been monitoring this just now. we have to take into account it is a holiday period for lots of the world butter here is where the freesh free aj staff hashtag is trending. we learn the london lasht has
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come outhashtag hasbeen coming, tweets orretweets or retweets. youtube page a video taken by our team, it's worth to remember how far this all goes back. christian a.m. annan amanpor the release of peter baher and mohamed has not happened. the free aj staff page has got a lot of interest, friends and your social networks and get
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them to put them up for torve everybody to see. you can send your photos, videos, any contributions you've got please send them in. back to you jane. >> the greek parliament has failed to elect a parliament for the first time. means prime minister will have to call early elections. jerna what happens now? >> well, the government essentially defeated in that vote in parliament by just 12 mps votes failing omeet the three fifth -- failing to meet the three fifths majority needed. it will likely happen at the end of january or the very beginning of february.
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an election it has to be said that the majority of greeks don't seem to want. 58%, according to the most recent poll are against the holding of fresh elections an election as well is that looks likely to be won by the serisa majority to renegotiate the bailout with greece's international vendors and to perhaps unilaterally cut gross's debt. that will stir an enormous amount of uncertainty deeply unsettling consequences for greece to come in. >> unsettling for greece then? >> the election the politics around that and the possibility
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of serisa win. the financial markets of course can once again as they have before cult off greece's access to external funding and reduce this country essentially to bankruptcy and then of course the euro zone crisis, renewing that crisis because now the euro zone is politically vulnerable as well as academically. parties around the world gaining enormous ground. a win by serisa would embolden that effort. >> thank you. >> much more to come. military jets used to fight boko haram. and flooding in indonesia described as the worst in a decade.
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>> the top stories on al jazeera. the man in charge of indonesia's search for the missing airasia plane says the aircraft is probably at the bottom of the sea. the search area has been now widened. three al jazeera journalists peter greste, baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy haven now been incarcerated for one year.
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prime minister anthony samaras will have to call elections. nigeria has declared war against boko haram. attacked five separate villages and a mill tri military camp near cameroon. the rise in attacks on cameroon in the past month. >> well, basically, boko haram has become overambitious in the last one year or so-and-so it's widened its attack not only on northeastern nigeria but parts of cameroon as well. this day in particular it has stepped up its operations in cameroon. some people suggest that this may not be connected with cameroon's participation or willingness to participate in the fight against boko haram in
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northwest nigeria. we have also seen how cameroon in the last three months or so has stepped up its operations and killed hundreds of boarm boko haram fighters and contributed to fight against boko haram on cameroon soil. >> does this suggest that boko haram has shifted its base now to cameroon? >> last week we heard the cameroon authorities say they have destroyed a training camp of boko haram in cameroon. as we know the base of boko haram basically is in the northeast of nigeria. one notorious area is of course the forest where boko haram has known to have its camps training ground, lots of its commanders lots of its fighters in northwest nigeria. it may are another attempt by
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boko haram the expand its territory. we have seen how boko haram has launched attacks on seized territory, and kept that territory. it may also be trying to do the same thing in cameroon and expand a base into there into cameroon probably into chad and into niger. >> thank you. rescue operations continue after a ferry caught fire on friday. checked by local medics. 115 people are still on board the vessel. simon mcgregor wood explains. >> essentially an airborne rescue operation greek and
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italian force he, the operation is now speeded up because of the arrival of daylight. it is very cold and it is extremely windy. one cargo vessel, the spirit of piraus was able to reach the port carrying 48 passengers. that i ship was meant to come here but the wind conditions were simply such that it wasn't able to get into this port. gives you an idea how difficult the conditions are. over 300 have been lifted off the vessel leaving about 150 but every 15 minutes or so fresh small groups of passengers are
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being rescued. and transferred to waiting mainly italian naval ships that now are in attention at the scene. the chief amongst those is the italian naval amphibious landing ship the san george san giorgio. we understand that once everyone is safely off the norman atlantic will eventually be towed probably to an italian port. but clearly the priority now is where daylight persists to get everyone off and into warmer cns on theconditions on the since hierp
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hypothermia persists. >> at least 14 people have reportedly been killed in yemen during fighting between tribesmen and houthi rebels. it happened on saturday. fighting began when the houthis tried search the home of a tribal chief and locals resisted. more rain is expected in flootflood hit malaysia. worst flooding there in a decade. the state in the northeast is the worst-hit by the unusually heavy monsoon rains. floods have also killed 13 people in nearby thailand and across the bay of ben imal bengal in sri lanka the death toll has risen.
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>> brief respite of the rain. sun peekings out and quite chronological. that means the rains in the terms of the rising floodwater has stopped for the moment. however, the stagnant water the huge deluge of water is still a problem. paddy fields like you see behind me are still water logged. forming thousands of hectares of flooding, agricultural officials are still trying to assess the damage done so far. in other central areas, there are still landslide alerts in place. they are still not comfortable enough to tell people they can return to their homes. people in high risk areas have been evacuated and the dmc disaster management center says they must be ready for more
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landslides to occur. the reason being due to the huge volume of water that came down, with the torrential rains we see it in the district where even house he homes paddy fields there is very much of a sludge and mud that covers everything and in terms of the absorption of the water to the ground is still an issue. so in the short term things are looking up. there is a bit of a breather for people if you like, sort of affecting 1 million people but in the long run it remains to be seen. >> liberian officials say there have been a number more ebola cases. over 8,000 cases. egyptian media has released an audio clip, which shows
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officials trying to influence the current president abdel fattah al-sisi was serving in the clip, one official is heard to ask another official to intervene on behalf of another general's son. editor in chief of the newspaper says the audio recording is significant. >> translator: the leaked audio is very damaging. i think it raises two questions. the first is against mamdu shaheen. i know shaheen's voice very well and his voice is the one we can hear in the recording. the second is the judge's in the case. did he allow meddling in a case of 37 are killed.
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brigadier general hamid terhi against the islamic state of iraq and the levant. a funeral procession is set to be held in tehran on monday. as part of a special series, al jazeera is looking back on some of the more difficult events of the year. one of the worse is the shelling of a united nations school. >> suddenly use losing the use of two limbs makes everything harder. what she misses most is playing with her children. >> my life was okay, i used to play with my children, run with
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my children, i used to do everything, but now nothing. if i need to walk i need someone to help me. if i need to drink water i need someone to open the bottle for me. >> she lost the use of her leg and her arm in the summer's war in gaza. a shell hit the school that she and her family were sheltering in, killing 17 people. many in her family were injured. both young and old still bear the scars. but there's hope she can get the use of her arm back. her husband manzir regularly takes her to physical therapy sessions. and the therapist says her willpower is crucial. >> translator: her spirit is very strong and her family and her relationship with her husband and her children is very good. this helps us a lot with the treatment. she helps herself more than we
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help her and because of that she'll have a speedy recovery. >> in the meantime, manzir must take on the role of both parents. this was a year he and hi wife never hope to experience again. >> translator: this summer was different from all the other summers of my life. before the war the situation was difficult and then the war came and i spent over a month in the hospital. i'll never forget 2014. i'm not optimistic that 2015 will be much better. >> the u.n. school last been running now for several months. churn have returned to class and relatively normal likes of. sapir's life will never be the same. as this year ends for her she hopes the next one brings healing. al jazeera gaza. >> fourth and final part of four
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families one year, next stop we'll take you to mexico's ekatopic region. living in the shadow of violence gangs. tuesday, al jazeera russian sanctions over its involvement in ukraine has pushed down the ruble's value. >> this is supposed to be one of the busiest shopping streets in town. it's usually filled with russian tourists. but it's been quiet since the ruble collapsed. he has been selling fur coats for years he doesn't remember business ever being this bad. >> during the good times i could sell 20 to 30 coats but i haven't sold anything lately. >> next to the russian border is
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a popular shopping destination because the goods here are cheemercheaper than russia. >> the are stores here have not only comoins chinese characters but sirilian script. >> they don't take any chances. converting it to local money immediately. on the other side of town there's little activity at this warehouse. runs an import export raiding company says several russian customers have cancelled their contracts butter at least his business can rely on chinese demand. >> not to worry because china's economy will be better next year the russian government is taking steps to stabilize the ruble. i'm hopeful for the future.
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>> for those are depending on the russian economy a weak ruble means trouble ahead. al jazeera, northern china. >> just remind you you can keep up to date by logging onto our website the e.p.a. wants to reduce ways from coal burning power plants. residents say it's too little, too late, why they are afraid to drink the water. energy prices are dropping like a rock. in new england the cost is on the rise. why. and our new series "between the lines", a look at why congress is giving sacred native american land in arizona to a foreign mining company in the name of national security. i'm


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