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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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so this is where that focal point will be mufg forward. as far as the grim task of identifying the bodies. debris will be brought to java island, but not where we are someplace else, obviously that's going to take some time. but again now rye anonymity it's the retrieval process. they haven't said that it's just you know, a process of getting debris and getting retrieving what's left of this aircraft, still callings rescue operation in hopes they can find some people alive. it doesn't appear that's going to be likely, i can't confirm that, no one has confirmed that now but what we know resources drivers have been doesn't where that was found. >> scott as families await for more information. we saw earlier on many of them in tears very grieving, very worried for their loved ones.
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take us through the sort of help that's been given to them as they wait for this information. >> reporter: yes they have been coming to the airport terminal 2 where this aircraft took off from, right after this aircraft went missing. there was a long tents with plastic set up first. we got here sunday evening that was still there there were family members there. then they moved inside facilities inside terminal 2 we're not allowed in there. sunday night and through monday officials went through -- the vice president of indonesia was there, tony fernandez the ceo of yaishesz, airasia, he went in the with them. the updates on jakarta there was a directs video link set up
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and they were seeing the press conferences set up there. this was ongoing. when this latest news came that was something they were able to watch in that room privately but also televised across the nairgsnaish. nation. tony fernandez says they will fly anyone up here and put them up the focus is on the bodies and retrieving them. >> this search ongoing. take us through sort of equipment and who is actually involved in these search and rescue operation? i believe many of indonesia's neighbors have also joifned joined in. >> yes absolutely. there's been regional neighbors and outside regional neighbors.
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aircraft deployed helicopters singapore then joined the search and then malaysia joined the search and this has kind of been tiered over as search area widened and widened. thailand offered services and the united states a destroyer in the area already deployed around here that was being deployed around here. that is dispatched and that has two helicopters on board. what is really focused on, the resources were sewn were sewresource is sonar equipment and
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other equipment they are able to get into 13 sectors, what was the entire search area? the specific search area where they found all the debris was sector 7 the far southern, eastern, corner of that. you have all these vessels and all these aircraft under there. sounds like we were -- >> why seem to have lost scott heidler this, reporting for us from surabaya, the city of surabaya that's in indonesia. that's where -- from where qz8501 has departed. on sunday, heading towards singapore but lost contact after 42 minutes into the flight. just a recap for those of you who may have just joined us. there's been some breaking news that have come out on that search for qz8501. indonesian officials say the search has turned up what could possibly be the emergency door
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of that airasia flight. something else they feel they think may have been found is the image of a body has been seen in the waters as well, of -- that's the waters of the java sea. also been figures on the waters, which appear to be bodies as well. another thing that they have confirmed that they have seen in the waters of the java sea is that there's been a shadow under the waters, which they believe could be the main body of the plane. that's the latest development to come out of the rescue. search and rescue mission over the java sea. let's go to david gle eaferg glea an investigator with search and rescue. now that there's been debris
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found, some sightings of the bodies, how difficult is its to recover the bodies, recover the debris? >> the operation will -- difficulty will depend on several different factors. the bodies that will have left the aircraft will sink after the couple of days and then resurface, there will be two opportunities to capture the bodies and obviously to troll for them. obviously we have to do this very sensitively. and also, the aircraft is not very deep, the java sea is not very deep so we should be able with specialist lifting equipment, be able to lift the aircraft. hopefully, identified fairly quickly as being this aircraft and then from there the probably
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sonar search to come up with where the main wreckage is, we'll be using the sonar voice to listen to the pinging. if it has separated from the main fuselage or something we can find them. and then we can pick up all the relevant parts of the aircraft. >> david we are watching pictures of what seem to be the family of theless passengers, they have been in this particular situation for past three days. as you mention the waters here are rather shallow. i guess a lot of us are asking, why has it taken three days for debris to be found? >> well, it's a very large search area to look in. and we have toss work within -- to work within the constraints of
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detailed. the locator beacon does not seem to have functioned on this flight. that's one of the things to look at, as to why we didn't get an activation signal. however, indonesia does not have a good record of finding aircraft, they have lost airplanes over the sea almost a month previously and it took us a long time to pinpoint their aircraft in oceans. in this particular case, we've tried oget as many search assets in the area as possible. as we mentioned we have 13 search craft in the area at the moment. >> david glea, investigator with aviation safety investigation.
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is you. moving to other news now being alexi navalny led protests against russian president vladimir putin three years ago. his proarts have promised to protesters have vowed to protest outside the kremlin. peter sharp is outside the area. what does this mean? >> they didn't get a conviction against navalny they didn't get that what they in fact -- was handed down was a three and a
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half year suspended sentence for alexi navalny and a three and a half year sentence against his brother. that really means he's effectively out of politics when that sentence is being served, when he's on served or on probation. i spoke to his press secretary and he said they will appeal that sentence. he's under house arrest and that house arrest will continues and stay in place until the appeal is heard possibly sometime in april. he's really the man the kremlin fear the most. and the fact that he will not be able to take parts in politics will give some comfort to the kremlin. they will also be hoping that the suspended sentence, rearnt a rather
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than the prison sentence, involving 10,000 people later today. >> will his popularity defuse the anger and frustration among his supporters? >> i don't think it will. obviously, they will -- they see him as the popular figure to oppose vladimir putin and his policies in russia today. and the fact that he's been taken off the political stage will pose deep inc. aer from the people. i can tell you there was a deep outpouring of anger from his supporters when they discovered the verdict which was originally scheduled for jan 15th, was brought forward to this morning and that's why they're planning this mass demonstration outside the kremlin later today.
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and navalny obviously unrepentant, as he was leaving the court called on the people to protest and call on vladimir putin to be destroyed. there was obviously distress at the kremlin at this point. there thank you peter. isps can now block websites considered security requests, without approval. previously they needed a court order to do so. the new laws applied to social media sites. access to google in chien ah china access had been denied because ever google's refusal to abide by chinese laws.
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ending israeli occupation of palestine by 2016, jordan handed over the document on behalf of the palestinian leaders. the draft resolution could be voted on in the coming days but the u.s. which has veto power at the u.n. security council has criticized the renewed palestinian effort. >> again we don't think this resolution is constructive, setting arbitrary deadlines for israeli withdrawal from the west bank those are likely to curtail negotiations rather than bringing them to a conclusion. fails to satisfy the security needs and the failure of those needs. >> homecoming of some of the survivors of the ferry fire off the italian coast, there are
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fears more people may be missing. plus leading under the shadow of gang violence, we'll meet one mexican family losing hope in the political leadership. news teams across america and beyond >> we begin with breaking news coming out of the west bank... >> news that matters... al jazeera america morning news every morning 7 eastern only on al jazeera america
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>> you're watching al jazeera. here are the top stories. debris from a missing airasia plane has been spotted and several bodies have been recovered. flight qz8501 went down in the java sea on sunday. a russian court has found russian leader alexi navalny
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guilty constituented sentence. navalny led opposition to russian president vladimir putin three years ago. the plan to end israeli occupation at 2017, jordan handed over the document on behalf of palestinian leaders. iraqi security forcest sea think have retain the town of dulaea from i.s.i.l. fighters. i.s.i.l. has occupied the town's northern half since june. it is considered strategic because it connects to a command center. local fighters near fallujah two i.s.i.l. fighters are also reportedly dead in the attack which targeted an army
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barracks. an armed group seized weapons and ammunition. i.s.i.l. has maintained control of parts of fallujah since january. in the iraqi city of kirkuk i.s.i.l. and peshmerga forces continue to battle for control over the oil relinquish area. mohamed abe adow reports. >> contact between kurdish peshmerga forces and the islamic state of iraq and the levant, use a fair amount of incoming fire here. a short distance away, i.s.i.l. positions display their trademark black flag. >> the distance between us is very small. in some places we are just 700 meters apart. they are always trying to push
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forward. >> reporter: so far the peshmerga lines have held, but i.s.i.l. forces have been relenting to take oil relinquish kirkuk. fighting around kirkuk has come with its own humanitarian impact impact this is the road that connects kirkuk. protect themselves from i.s.i.l. bombing. >> translator: we've lost.mem lost many men to i.s.i.l. car bombs. we have no intention to reopen this board. >> reporter: on the other side of the i.s.i.l. blockade, all they care is that i.s.i.l. does not return to kirkuk. as far as they are concerned it now belongs to them.
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control of the kirkuk and its oil reserves is a huge being need for knowledge coalition forces. says business is bad. >> i secured my restaurant. but it's the general insecurity and the fighting that's keeping customers away. people are too afraid to venture out. >> reporter: kurdish peshmerga fighters entered kirkuk after the national army abandoned its post seven months ago. the guards have long regarded kirkuk its historical capital. kirkuk represents a fault line. for now it remains family -- firmly in the grip of opposition
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forces. moanldmohamed adow, al jazeera iraq. an opposition attack against kurdish forbes in the northern city of aleppo has celd a number of forces. gains around other areas of the city. both sides are battling for supply routes into aleppo. yemen's coast guard has found bodies from a boat that capsized in the red sea. make the journey between the horn of africa and yemen every year. undocumented passengers in a ferry, that caught fire. meanwhile many of the greek
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survivors have been flown home. a military plane brought 45 people from bari to a town near athens. simon mcgregor wood has more. >> the last of the passengers were lifted on monday afternoon almost 36 hours after the fire took hold. workers had a shuttle system, winching passengers from the upper decks. they were then taken osafety on nearby vessels. there is now some confusion of the number of people rescued from the vessel. it appears to be less than ton manifest. lleading to splaition speculation that not all were rescued. >> this is giving us some difficulty. >> earlier on monday, 49
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passengers were transferred to the italian port of bari. most of them including some children were transferred later to continue their onward journeys. some described chaotic scenes on board the manatlantic when the crisis first started. >> no compltion nobody to communication. i had to put the life jackets on the children smiex. okay itmyself. okay it was a panic. >> it was unbelievably wavy, the ropes broke lots of times. we did two three attempts to try get up the boat and we had to go up a rope ladder. >> the italian navy and the coast guard said, the appalling weather conditions and the fact that people had to spend so long
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exposed to the elements on the upper deck waiting to be rescued, it's a surprise more people weren't seriously injured and that for now at least the number of fatalities appear to be relatively low. despite that the italian authorities have started a criminal investigation searching the l ferry's lower decks in case other passengers are there. many are still at sea waiting to be brought ashore for further treatment if needed. the ferry itself will be towed to an italian port so a proper investigation ininto what went wrong, could start. simon mcgregor wood, al jazeera, bari. an agreement has been made, will extend the terms forts senate andof thesenators and representatives.
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ahaiti will be left without a functioning government as it heads to presidential elections in 2015. earlier we spoke to emily barron a journalist in port-au-prince. >> no parliament in the country for the important step into this sole solution of this crisis of this political crisis. the president has to make concession because he agreed on everything that they were asking they are wondering what will happen them after december 12th and they were asking, to some extent, anything about this
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and now pressure especially from the united states he has to accept after january 12th, kind of a victory from their position, because they have what they ask and not show i would say nowhere in this mowr because power and also the power from the troops. because they are always asking for, is the dpawr departure right now pickup work with because they have what they have. they have what they ask. so and the appropriation is to go to the election on the way to reach democracy in the country because they want the problem to be solved there, there is lots of controversy, they are not
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against the president it's tonal radical the most radical that are still willing to protest. >> 2014 has been one of the most turbulent years in mexico's recently history. in january it because being held as the rising, as the year comes the an earned protesters want enrique pena nieto to step down. looking through the eyes of four families caught up in events. david mercer has more from mexico city. >> jose rod once rodriguez once thought hard work was success. life for his family hasn't gotten better. over the past two years local gadges kidnapped both of his children. he had to sell nearly everything to pay $50,000 in ransoms and he still owes $10,000.
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now he's constantly on the lookout for danger. >> translator: you can't get rid of this fear. you have to live with it. when you see a car with tinted windows coming your first thought is, "they're coming for me," that thought wirlt never leavewill neverleave you. i don't get rid of that thought ever. >> another 22,000 have gone missing. just 12 months ago mexico looked like it was going to turn things around. president enrique pena nieto was entering his second year in office promise being to end the drug war. "time" magazine put him on the cover many with the words "saving mexico." in late september 43 students from the southwestern state of
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guerrero were kidnapped by local police and handed over to a drug gang. more than three months later they're still missing. the students' abduction sparked an outcry of protests and violence. many demand he that penna nieto step down. but analysts say the demonstrations could have unintended consequences. >> the protests aren't against the drug cartels but the government. drug violence has divided and continued to divide mexico. >> reporter: unable to trust local police, jose rodriguez and other merchants decided to install their own security system. he hopes the surveillance cameras will bring him more peace and prosperity in 2015. regular mexicans he says is have
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already suffered enough. david mercer, al jazeera mexico city. >> if you would like to watch our series on four families, one year, as well as all the latest on the news and analysis, can you go to our website at is jazerra have now been in prison for a year. their crime, trying to tell the story of a turbulent and fast-changing he just a minute. it's "inside story": ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello i am ray suarez. around the world journalists are harassed, arrested, even killed. in many ca


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