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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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only on al jazeera america this is al jazeera. this is al jazeera. >> welcome to the al jazeera news hour, i'm favia abraham coming up in just a few minutes. bodies from the missing airasia plane have been located in the java sea. alexi navalny callings for the russian government to fall after a verdict in a politically charged trial. battle for kirkuk. oil rich iraqi city.
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plus. >> i'm lidy dutt. i'll be taking a look at the city facing architectural history. >> we begin this newshour on the latest development on qz8501, airasia, qz8501. debris and bodies have been recovered in the java sea off indonesia. so far dozens of bodies have been seen and be on that their way back to surabaya for identification. qz8501 went down in the java sea on sunday. was carrying 162 passengers and crew on board. few hours ago there were scenes
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of despair as the family came to grips with the fate of their loved ones. let's now go to scott heidler who i believe can join us from surabaya. so scott we know that the operation to try to recover the wreck and and the bodies are ongoing now. how long do you think that's going to take? sphwhrits a >> reporter: well, it's a 24 hour operation. it's about a thousand kilometers from the airport where the aircraft took off and about 10 kilometers where it dropped off communication with the tower. they are able to focus on that. we know there are two indonesian navy vessels helping to retrieve the bodies. we know we can confirm that there have been at least six taken from the water probably more. those will all then be coming here to the airport. there's going to be a facility
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or a couple of facilities rooms where these bodies will be brought in for the identification process. now 24 hours, how long will this take? we're hearing from some military sources, they are expecting hoping rather than expecting that the retroofl of the bodies retrieval will be finished by wednesday. unless they know how many bodies they can retrieve or see on the water for them to put a time frame on that it is going to be pretty tough. right now they're focusing on getting all the bodies out of the water. >> on the town of surabaya where you are now give us an idea of what the reaction was like, once news came in. >> reporter: very distraught.
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one ambulance came up to the area and one of the family members of the passengers of the aircraft collapsed as would be expected. they are in a room not in the chaotic place behind me. this briefing where this news came out this dire news came out was actually in jakarta and carried live on national television here in indonesia. that's how they got the news, they are watching it through television. we could see through windows a lot of distraught people there. that's going to be an emotion that continues as the bodies are carried in. that is the beginning of a number of emotional days here. 149 of those 162 people on board that aircraft were from this country. >> scott heidler reporting from the town of surabaya in dmiesh.
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indonesia. ftc flight qz8501 left surabaya 5:36 a.m. local time on sunday. at 6:12 the pilot asked air traffic control to change the flight path to avoid bad weather. at 6:10 it disappeared off radar, was declared missing 25 minutes after it was due oland in singapore. debris from the plane began to surface just a few hours ago. that's two days after it disappeared. let's get more analysis on the situation, and weaver got chris yates now he's an independent aviation analyst. he joins us live from manchester in england. it's good to have you back ton show again. just take us through the reasons as to why it's taken three days for the wreckage and the bodies
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to be responded in the waters. given that this is the java sea is relatively shallow. >> it has to be said that the reason the real reason for the length of delay between the aircraft disappearing and the discovery of bodies and wreckage from the aircraft is because once an airn drops off the -- afternoonairplane are drops off the radar screen, there is no data that's available to air traft air traffic controllers to say the airline has been in exposition at why time and because of that there's always always going to be this difference between the time that
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a plane disappears and the time that wreckage and bodies are found. >> i want to take you up on that point. i find it very interesting that the last known contact was at 6:12 a.m. local time. was that the last time that data was then transferred from the plane to air traffic control? and therefore we knew where the plane was at that time, but however we only found out that the plane was -- had disappeared at 7:55? >> yeah, it's often confusing to the layperson that that last radio transmission was the point at which the aircraft sent any communication that gave an indication as to the location of it. but of course once the airplane starts to disappear and then
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does disappear all communication is lost. and for that reason there has to be a better way of identifying and locateing an aircraft. there are actually companies that are now getting to grips with this task of identifying the problem and identifying where an aircraft might be. but much of that technology is in its infancy and it will take time before airlines start to buy into that -- those sort of solutions. >> chris, thank you very much for joining us, chris yates an independent aviation analyst speaking to us by skype from manchester england. a russian opposition figure alexi navalny is calling for
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vladimir putin and his government to be destroyed. the court found him guilty of stealing money but he was handed a suspended sentence so he won't be serving any time in jail. navalny led protests against russian president vladimir putin three years ago. his brother did receive a three and a half year priz often sentence for embezzlement. thousands of navalny supporters have promised to protest outside the kremlin. let's go now to peter sharp who i believe is speaking to us from moscow. now peter we know he won't be going to jail.i presume then that he stays under house arrest. >> he certainly stays under house arrest according to his press secretary until appeal, they have appealed against this guilty verdict and that will be heard in april. if that's upheld, then he will really be on probation and more to the point he'll be
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deprived.of any part that he could possibly play in the leading light of application opposition in politics over the next what, three and a half years. nazanin moshiri has been looking at the political career of the man who is element a permanent thorn in the side of vladimir putin. >> alexi navalny is the face of russian opposition. one of the most vocal opposition of vladimir putin. calling the group a bunch of crooks. he was found guilty of embezzling more than half a million u.s. dollars. state owned timber company and
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dates back to when he was advising a local local governor. boosting his parliament plairt popularity. >> what have the ordinary families got from russia's naturally wealth? >> reporter: despite various smears on state television and a small campaign he was able to win support among reporters gaining around a third of the vote. but in february, his political ambition he dime an abrupt end when he was --ambitions came to an abrupt end. his wife yulia and his brother
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oleg always by his side. throughout the trial he has remained defiant. >> this sooner or later will fall. >> the kremlin denies influencing the judiciary but navalny braims blames the political establishment from trying to suppress him. in just a few years this young anticonstruction blogger has become one -- 18th corruption corruption -- anticorruption blogger has become a force. nazanin moshiri, al jazeera. >> they l regard the whole trial as just another move by the kremlin to stifle accident in russia at this very sensitive
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time. navalny is a credible figure amongst opposition parties amongst opposition supporters and they will see the -- there will be no doubt delighted that he won't be serving the den year sentence that the state prosecutors will be looking for but they will be most unhappy most unhappy to have him removed from the political scene for three and a half years and that is effectively what will happen if he's serving out this suspended sentence under what would amount to be prohibition. so unhappiness there. there is a rally scheduled in the next several hours. i understand police have arrived at the time kremlin where it's due to take place and putting up barriers. it is called an unauthorized rally which means the people taking part in it are liable to arrest. they were talking about in the space of a very short period of time they have managed to rally about 14,000 people to the
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square, whether this happens and whether they gain access to it will have to see. but very much that it is not game-over just because navalny has been put on ice for three and a half years. >> he refuses to be sitting down. now, peter thank you peter sharp there speaking to us from moscow. pakistani police have arrested the main suspects of the 2008 mumbai attacks a day after he was granted bail. on monday a court suspended daikir raymond siting a lack of evidence police arrested him on another charge on monday morning, tide tied to an arrest seven years ago. journalists around the world are protesting in solidarity
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with three al jazeera journalists who have now been jailed in egypt for more than one year. for the past 367 days, peter greste, baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy have been jailed in egypt damaging egypt's appearance abroad. an appeal is to be held on thursday. coming up in this newshour, including living under the shadow of gang violence, we meet one mexican family losing hope in the political leadership. >> this is the only place for us to grieve. >> we take to you a rare sight for free speech in the iraqi capital. and find out why one of cricket's greatest captains has decideed to quit the game.
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details coming up. in yemen another city has been taken over by the houthi rebels. local media say the takeover of al jabin in the western rima province happened on monday. it's the eighth city the houthis have taken since july when they started to control the province of amran before moving on to the capital sanaa. let's go to omar salei who is live with us. omar explain how significant al jaba is in the houthi campaign. >> reporter: well, there is the ninth province to fall to the houthis in the last several months. the houthis have strong old in stronghold in a
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number of provinces. could really increase the importance of al jadeen connects at least three provinces that are under the houthi controls. it also has a range of mountains so the houthis probably are trying to take control of those mountains and perhaps set up some bases there. it's not far from the province which is on the red sea. now also the takeover of this province really indicates as the intentions of the houthis. now the houthis are signatory to a peace agreement signed last september. that agreement calls on them to disarm and withdraw their fighters. clearly that hasn't happened and they are controlling further territory so i think the peace agreement has failed to stop the houthis advance or curb their influence. >> but it's not all success for the houthi rebels is it?
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they were recently attacked in the mareb province. what does that mean for them? >> well, there are sustaining -- they are sustaining heavy casualties. on monday a convoy carrying a local leader in the nareb province escaped after a road side bomb hit his vehicle. at least two were killed. in other places north of the capital sanaa northeast in an area called arhab at least 60 or 65 houthis have been killed since december. now if you also remember that the houthis are engaged in fierce battles with al qaeda and other tribesmen their death toll is really increasing. some local sources say their death toll is in the hundreds. they are paying a heavy price indeed. >> thank you very much for
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reporting from the capital sanaa. now iraqi security forces say they have retain the town of doloea from the armed group i.s.i.l, i.s.i.l. has occupied the town's northern half since june. it is considered strategically important because it controls the road to baghdad and a security center. a key battle in the city of kirkuk. while i.s.i.l. and peshmerga forces battle. case to roads have been cut off. mohamed adow looks at the economic strain on the people living there. >> reporter: on the front lines outside the city of kirkuk. contact between kurdish peshmerga forces and the islamic state of iraq and the levant is regular. the peshmerga use sandbags as protection. they use a fair amount of
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incoming fire here. a short distance away, i.s.i.l. positions display their trademark black flag. >> translator: the distance between us is very small. in some places we are just 700 meters apart. they are always trying to push forward. >> reporter: so far the peshmerga lines have held. but i.s.i.l. fighters have been unrelenting in their operation to take oil rich kirkuk. the kurdish forces have had to adopt some curious measures. >> this is the road now totally closed and peshmerga fighters say they had to do that to protect themselves from i.s.i.l. bombings. >> translator: we've lost many men to i.s.i.l. car bombs. we've also on many caicials captured their spies around our positions. -- occasions captured their
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spice around our position he we have no intention to open the road. >> we saw a queue of stranded vehicles. these men say all they care about is that i.s.i.l. does not return to kirkuk. as far as they are concerned it now belongs to them. control of kirkuk and its oil reserves is a huge achievement for the kurdish forces but so far total victory eludes them. ordinary life in this city is far from normal. operates this restaurant and says business is bad. >> translator: is i secured my restaurant but it's the general insecurity and the fight fieltingingthat's keeping customers away. they are too scared to venture out. >> reporter: the kurds have long coveted kirkuk and regard it as their historical capital.
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in a history of violent part of the present kirkuk represents an iraqi fault line. for now it remains family in the grip of kurdish forces. mohamed adow, kirkuk. two i.s.i.l. fighters died in the attack which targeted an army barracks. i.s.i.l. has maintained control of parts of fallujah since january. most public demonstrations are banned in iraq, but one of baghdad's corner is becoming a point for free speech. jane arraf reports. >> it's a blunt message for iraqi dissention accused of being corrupt globe trotters.
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>> lying politicians robbing our loved ones. the people chanting would like to be protesting in baghdad's tahrir square but the government has banned those demonstrations. protests are allowed only here near el curbla square. cushla square. after renovating the historic clock tower two years ago the iraqi square is open to the public. that square goes back to the very beginnings of iraq's history as a country. it was abandoned for years but now it's come back to life. here within the safety of the old walls you'll find politicians, poets dreamers, all of them daring to imagine a different iraq. here at least for now there's the freedom to say what you want dress what you wants and do what
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you want. during the week yassir and his friends hold down jobs while trying to finish high school. >> this is the only place for you to breathe. some listen to poetry, some to read books but this friday we changed our routine. >> reporter: this friday he has puts a cigarette pack on astick in a pair owe did parody ever taking selfies. we don't have money for a cell phone he reports. gray hair, recites volkar, we grow older but we are young. i look in the mirror and i see my shattered image. he tosses to the next poet who has to start a new poem with the last syllable from the first
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one. his poem is about love gone wrong. our relationship is like the falling leaves of autumn. urm the audience approves. the unsquare assault about expressing yourself. in uncertain times just to have space to breathe. jane arraf, al jazeera baghdad. the pentagon has confirmed an air strike targeting a senior member of the al shabaab group. al shabaab aims to topple the somali government and install its rule. tropical storage ajagni dumped heavy rains on southern
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mindanao. forced to seek shelter at evacuation centers the storm then pushed its way through eastern and central islands where most of the deaths occurred. a cold snap and heavy fog in delhi in southern india is causing travel chaos. then fog also infield enveloped airports. active fog killed at least 20 people. check of the weather with richard. richard any chance of this heavy fog lifting at all? >> it's going to get a little bit less but most of south asia, sri lanka has had horrible problems with heavy fog. other areas of india will start to see some very heavy rain developing over the next couple of days. at the same time we'll see
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things warming up you slightly higher in new del high. delhi. across the eastern areas line here we've seen associated with the frontal system, giving us nasty pictures. these pictures out of romania where the warmest christmas in years, now they have driving snow coming across much of the region. this time of year we should look at maximum temperatures of minus 4 for bucharest and turkey and greece. the temperature in athens for instance should be about 14°. as we head through wednesday and thursday the temperatures fall away minus 10 in bucharest and 4° expected in athens, bazia.
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>> thank you richard. homecoming for some of the survivors of a ferry fire offer the italian coast. find out how the u.n. could soon take up a palestinian peace proposal. how real madrid caps another night in sports. details coming up.
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>> top news on al jazeera. debris from the missing plane have been spotted and several bodies recovered. flight qz8501 went down in the java sea on sunday. alexi navalny is calling for the putin government to be destroyed. he has received a suspended sentence and will not be serving time in jail. security forces say air strikes were used to target armed group i.s.i.l. the group has controlled the city's north end since june. 24 africa migrants drown at sea, their boat capsized off the red sea tens of thousands of migrants make the journey from the horn of africa to yemen every year.
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the italian coast guard is investigating whether there were undocumented passengers this a ferry had caught fire off the coast killing 10 people. they fear more may be missing without declaring the rescue mission complete. a military plane brought 45 people to bari from a town in athens. simon mcgregor wood has more . >> almost 36 hours after the fire first took hold. italian and creek helicopters worked a shuttle system hovering above the burning ship and winching passengers from the upper decks. taken to safety in the nearby vessels. there is now a confusion, of the number of people on board. seems lower than 478. this leads the speculation that some people are still missing.
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>> the fact is that among the people rescued there are some names that are not on the manifest. at this point we must review entirely all those who embarked on this trip and this is giving us some difficulty. >> earlier monday, 49 passengers were transported to bari p.m. most of them including some children were transferred later to continue their onward journeys. some described chaotic scenes on board the manatlantic when the crisis first started. >> no communication, nobody to tell us what to do. i had to look for myself to find the life jackets. i had to put it on my kids by myself. nobody was there to -- okay it was a panic it was crazy. >> we had to jump into into a boat and then we were about three hours in the sea because there was -- it was very, very unbelievably wavy the ropes broke lots of times we did two
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three statements to get up the boat and we had to go up a rope ladder. >> the italian navy and coast guard said given the conditions, the appalling weather and the fact that so many people had to be exposed to the bad weather it's a surprise more people were not injured and for now at least the number of fatalities appears to be relatively low. criminal investigation specialist teams are continuing to search the lower decks in case other bodies are there. a number of passengers arrived in greece, many still at sea waiting to be brought ashore for further treatment if needed. the ferry itself will be towed to an italian port so a proper investigation can start. simon mlk gregor wood, al
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jazeera, bari. >> an amended draft resolution has been submitted to members of the united nations city you scoanl. you security council. the united states which has veto power at the security council has criticized the resolution. >> we think it sets arbitrary deadlines for israel's withdrawal of the west bank, those are likely to curtail negotiations rather than to bring them to successful conclusion. we feel this resolution fails to be. >> chris 10 saloomey has more from the united nations.
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>> this is a deadline of late 2017 for the creation of an independent palestinian state. the problem is the earlier draft was not acceptable to many palestinian groups. hamas said it made too many concessions. what happened on monday is the palestinian ambassador consulted with judge diplomats most notably the new draft calls for east jerusalem as the capital of the palestinian state whereas the earlier draft talked about it as a shared capital for palestine. some other issues dealt with palestinian prisoners also water rights and the end to settlement expansion by the israelis. this is interesting because the arabs are taking a very tough tone harder line even as they are struggling to come up with the votes they need in order to pass this in the security
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council. as to when there might be a vote that's up to the jordanians. they are the arab member of the security council and a sponsor of the resolution. they are working very closely with the palestinians and the palestinians say they want this to happen before the new year. the jordanian ambassador indicated they would like some more time for consultations. >> in my national capacity would have lierkd tohave liked to have more consultation and the situation is difficult and we respect that very much and so we're working within the arab group spirit. >> the united states has already indicated they won't support this resolution which israel is also against. it seems unlikely the jordannians are going to push this to a vote unless they have at least 9 security council members supporting it, right now it's knot clear they do.
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>> internet sponsors in thailand can block websites includedconsidered to be threats. in china the government has blocked access to google mail. data from the internet joint shows travel dropped to nearly zero on sunday. access had been denied because of google's refusal to abide by chinese laws. a senior korean air executive who resigned after a row over a bag of nuts, is waiting to see whether she will be kept in custody. harry fawcett reports from seoul. >> it's been an ordeal for sho
5:38 am
shin gna acknowledge on september the 5th cho then a vice president of korean air shouted to the cabin crew chief had the man thrown off. she stands accused by prosecutors of breaking aviation safety and workplace laws and more generally of abusing her more powerful high state position. stems from the fact this it all started with an argument over a bag of nuts but also because of what all of this says because of the nature of hierarchy and inequality in society. cho, who made a public apology ultrapowerful corporate giant the elite of the elite. >> this is just one instance that actually grabbed some of the public's attention but i hear almost every month a similar instance that happens within the corporation that does
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not -- that does not actually end up in this kind of big instance. >> it also high leads the continuing problem of cozy operations between big business, on monday, transport ministry admitsome of its ministers tried to hamper the investigation. any favorrism has well and truly evaporated. could see her handed a prison sentence. harry fawcett, al jazeera seoul. contracting the ebola virus in sierra leone british aid worker had been diagnosed with the virus in sierra leone and then flown home for treatment. the world health organization now says the number of ebola cases in the three worst
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affected countries, sierra leone, liberia and guinea has passed 20,000. and more than 7800 people have died from the virus. sierra leone remains the worst affected country with more than 9 know cases and 2500 deaths. thousands of nigerians have been forced to leave their homes because of boko haram's violence. led some to seek safety in neighboring countries and many have escaped to niger. >> escaped boko haram fighters in northern nigeria. her husband was murder by the group in jamena but at least her daughtersdaughters survived. >> translator: we ran away on a very narrow road, someone on
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the motor bike crashed and ran over reply foot. we were afraid boko haram would take away our things. >> set along cape chad, they lurk behind these mangroves where they reportedly hit some of the kidnapped owner nigerian school girls earlier this year. tens of thousands of nigerians have crossed over to nigh niger. >> the figures that we have show that there are around 80,000 refugees in the defa region and every day that goes by the number rises. because they have to be looked after it marines these people cannot be cared for in the way they were when the crisis began. >> food is scarce and life is hard, but many of these refugees
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may consider themselves lucky because while the threat of boko haram lingers, it is not as bad as it was back in nigeria. ali mustafa nigeria. >> seeks to establish oconsensus government. the agreement comes after the prime minister was forted to resign earlier this month. earlier we spoke to amelia baron a journalist based in the haitian capital. port-au-prince. >> supposed to end on 2012 and without his agreement in this country, important steps into the solution of this crisis of this political crisis because
5:43 am
without it no power no democratic power against present one. to the president has made concessions because he agreed to everything they were asking. wondering what would happen to them after december the 12th and asking for now under the pressure especially from the united states it has to accept but yes deployment will still work after january 12th. kind of a victory and from the parliament because they have what they ask and not show that i would say nowhere in the tower because of the international pressure and also the pressure from the troops. the most radical always asking for one thing, it is the departure rye right now.
5:44 am
because they have what they have or have what they ask. so in the population is still willing to go to the election because it's the only way to research democracy in the country and the population, because they want the problem to be solved. the population seem to be stalwart, not against the president, the most radical opponent was still willing to protest. >> coming up in sports details from the nba still ahead.
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>> just some breaking news out of gambia now. gun fire last been heard near the presidential palace in the capital. soldiers linked to the presidential car were involved in the assistants. afp news agency quoted diplomatic sources saying a military coup has been foiled. just recap break news out of gambia where some gun fire has been heard near the presidential palace in the capital banjou. we will be bringing you for on the story as we get it. we move on now and 2014 has been one of the most turbulent years in mexican history. rising aztec tiger with president enrique pena nieto at
5:47 am
the helm. but protesters want him to step down. the last of the al jazeera series looking at the families caught up in major events. david mercer has the story. >> reporter: jose rodriguez once thought that hard work was the key to success. but after on up his backupper shop life hearcht gotten better. over the last two years local gangs kidnapped both of his children. he was $50,000 in debt and now he still owes $10,000. >> you can't get rid of this fear, you have to live with its. when you see a car with tinted windows your first thoughts is they're coming after me. that fear never leaves you. >> violent crime is all too
5:48 am
common in mexico. more than a thousand people have been killed since 2008, another 22,000 have gone missing. just 12 months ago mexico looked like it was going to turn things around. president enrique pena nieto was entering his second year in office. :00 magazine puts pena nieto on its cover with the headline "saving mexico." some hailed it was mexico's moment but it wasn't long before reality brought it to an abrupt end. in late september 43 students from the southern states of guerrero were kidnapped by local police and handed over to a drug gang. more than three months later they're still missing. the students ans abduction shocked the nation. tens of thousands of people took to the streets. many mexicans demanded that pena
5:49 am
nieto step down. but analysts say the demonstrations could have unintended consequences. >> translator: the protesters aren't against drug cartels but the gust. so instead of people and the government working together to fight the gangs acknowledge drug violence has divided and continues to divide mmple. >> unable to trust local police jose rodriguez and others merchants decided to install their own security system. he hopes the system will bring him more peace and prosperity in 2015. rug merchants he said have already suffered enough. david mercer, al jazeera mexico city. >> clara. >> that up. retired from the game, test career has ended with immediate effect. the news was announced by the board of control for cricket in
5:50 am
india. he made no is mention of retirement during a media conference. during a test draw with australia, pressure for 3-1 defeat on wednesday. tony will now concentrate on one day and t-20 cricket. nadoni is considered one of india's best captains, from late 2009 until the summer of 2011. it was a golden period for indian cricket in which he led his team to victory in the are world cup. l winning a record 27 matches. captaining india largely helped india to a draw in the
5:51 am
third test in mel borne earlier on tuesday. final day sean marsh top scoring 99 that set an india unlikely victory acknowledge australia took early wickets. india reached 174 for 6 acknowledge and being shook hands pnl enough for australia to clinch the four set series, 2-nil. brendan rogers has promised his fans a betters second half. alberto morero cxg then scored twice nts second half. swansea's fate was secure. 4-1 was how it finished.
5:52 am
liverpool leapfrogged swansea. >> apart from a spell of seven eight minutes whenever we scoreboard the second goal when we give away the being ball cheaply and concede it and then tried our best to given them another goal, apart from that, it was a real dominant performance i felt. >> this is how the premier league looks. is chelsea by three months over manual city. final league position added of arsenal. is there is still plenty the could change as they move into the second half of the season. >> real madrid acknowledge be on monday they had their star players pick up evenly admonish accolades. one of them technical team of the year.
5:53 am
chrischristiano renaldi was prize-worthy. >> i have to say thank you to my teammates, the club condition realt being are madrid, my coach, because we did a fantastic sin. we win in four titles, which to me is very very important and we are one of the best teams in the world. so to winner this trophy for me it's a great pleasure. >> a is south korean goferl irwill have to taid up military service for his country. ordered home after having his overseas travel permit rejected. he is the highest ranked south korean golfer in the world has
5:54 am
already qualified for the are masters tournament. he must return home or face charges p.m. many. injury playinged scroivment kings on monday. scoring a team high 22 points. career high 10 free throws. the kings have now lost 13 of their last 17 games. former san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is set to become the new coach of the university of michigan. three straight nfc championships and very close to their sixth super bowl title in 2012. harbaugh parted ways on sunday with the team after the team missed the playoff. there's much more sport expel
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check out many, are and using twitter and facebook. plus we've got blogs from our exornts around thecorrespondents around the world. that's it. >> thank you very much. is.liddy dutt has its story. >> hand carvegd doorways finishedcarved doorways.a testament to a man who braiferred thebravedthe high seas. >> this house is for my own
5:56 am
family. my children have left. that's the case for most families in this area. >> 80% of these properties built in the faint 17th and 18th century, many of these house he lie in a state of ruin because of property disputes and the lack of world in cletina. few retain their old splendor. conservationists say maintaining a palace that costs about $20,000 a year. an amount owners would like to invest elsewhere. the foundations of their historic homes come here. it is a pains stay arts fact, are but reselling them helps to keep chetanagde.
5:57 am
>> people from inch coming to buy artifacts from here. i never know when supplies matching obuyer permanence needs are coming. >> the king of chetso thrvetionad's is. >> help restore this region the its former glory. >> there's a lot of media attention on these houses now and i think that is one thing that will definitely help these or at least keep them happy and they will realize and they will protect their houses as they do their temples. >> reporter: but for all those who are still here the past is sacred and mr. chadungrun says he will stay. lidy dutt, al jazeera. >> stay with us.
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jane dutton is up with us next with another full bulletin of news. >> from stage to screen oscar nominated actor ethan hawk >> the theatre has always bee my first love... >> separating art & politics >> if you have an agenda with people... you sometimes don't see the truth >> and the lifelong influence of his mother >> she was worried i was gonna be a spoiled brat and not see how complicated the world was >> every monday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america
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>> bodies and debris from the missing airasia plearch have been located inplane have beenlocated in the java sea. >> welcome to al jazeera i'm jane dutt ton. other stories making the news. russian opposition leader alexi navalny receivesverdict in a politically charged trial. oil rich iraqi locations. >> i'm


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