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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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treatment ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. >> this is al jazeera welcome to the news hour. in doha, our top stories. arrests in moscow. putin's most prominent critic is among those detained after he defied house arrest. indo nearby sha's president orders a massive search to find the remaining passengers and crew of the doomed air asia jet. after an attempted coupe while the president is out of the country, plus. >> with a sport one of cricket's most
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successfuln't cas is calling test career, also coming up bad news for spanish giant barcelona what ended with an unhappy new year. the rest of the sport for you in about five minutes. russian opposition leader has been detained after breaking house arrest. he has called on people to join an unought rised protest after he was hand add sentence for fraud we know that several thousand people turned out amido tight security, dozens have been taken into police stations so far. we will be speaking to our correspondent, he is at that protest watching developments for us. fist, here is his report he arrives at court with
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state prosecutors calling for a enthe year term, for the political activist. instead he and his brother were sentenced to 3 1/2 years. with alexa receiving a suspended sentence. his supporters claim the trial is another attempt to curb dissent in russia. and the terms of the sus spented sentence will certainly remove one of the most effective opposition campaigners from the political stage. while depriving him of a long jail term that would only increase his credibility and popularity. creating a mandela persona. alexa is for many the credible face of russian opposition, he has been one of the most vocal opponents of president putin, famous for caughting the party a bunch of crooks and thieves. but in fen, his political ambitions came toen a end when he was placed under house arrest. his wife and brother always by his side during their frequent court appearances.
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throughout his trial he has remained defiant. and is building resources based on capitalism, sooner or later will fall. the kremlin denied influencing them, but they blame for attempting to silence him. they have been trying to keep him quiet it has clearly not worked. this young blogger has become one of the biggest challengers to grip on the power. this is the situation at the moment, there were several thousand people that rallied. call to protest that guilty verdict, you can see it is a very different picture right now, the square has been cleared out. almost deserted a few people lingering there there was an armed presence earlier we know
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that security forces have detained some of those protestors. but there you can see the picture that many people have gone home, we need to remember that this is one of the coldest nights of the year a lot of anger there in moscow, that alexi and his brother alleg were found guilty of fraud charges but of course while his sentence was suspended in order he managed to avoided a jail term, a very different story for his brother who will now serve 3 1/2 years. in a ray boar camp, interestingly some 17 or 18,000 people registered to protest online, on social media there were far fewer numbers than that present. templed to voice their anger and discontent with this verdict. so let's speak to peter
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sharp well, this protest lasted almost to the minute, three hours. about 20 minutes ago a number of riot police, slowly moved down across the square pushing the crowd of protestors back down the slight incline. and then the police some with rubber shields formed a cardinal, and with the riot police, putting the pressure on them pushes them toward the exit to the nearest station. so the square is basically clear. the demonstration the protest meeting called of alexi. is over. his whereabouts are unclear at the moment it
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was his call, to and people outside the prison when the court -- when he was -- when he was found guilty this morning. he is apparently had tried to get that this rally. it was a huge risk, it always was. but people i spoke to said he was determined to join them and he never made it to the square. this was an unauthorized gathering, you have to get the permission from the mayor to stage a demonstration like this, and also say a number of people that are expected there, they never got -- but it did end relatively peacefully, as you say some were taken away, but the crowd of one to 2,000
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moved slowly all right we are trying to accomplish a connection with peter a little bit later on, joys for that, but i think you get the gist of what he is describing there just literally half an hour ago, a couple of thousand people rallying answering his call for people to turn out and demonstrate. as peter was saying this was an unauthorized protest, and they say they will brace for this. because people were expected a if the verdict, and they had promised to turn out and protest should it sterilize, so these are pictures -- these are live pictures i understand coming to us. so several thousand people rallying earlier on, still some people out on the streets and this was an unauthorized protest, so these people did not have permission to turn out and it was certainly something that security forces were ready for now he has
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been under house arrest for nearly a year sink fen, and the terms of his sentence, he was found guilty of these fraud charges but the sentence was suspended. his brother has now been made to serve 3 1/2 years in a labor catch. he said he was going to break his house arrest to make an appearance at this protest and as peter was saying we are not sure of his whereabouts. we don't think he made it to the protest itself, police wasting no time in detaining him. some reports suggests they have thriven him back home, we don't know if he is in police custody right now, there's still a great deal we don't know about his whereabouts. put there you can see security portions detaining some of those protestors arresting them, after they turned
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out to demonstrate to voice their anger and discontent at that guilty verdict that was passed down to alexi as i said, police were pretty much expecting this confrontation to tack place. several thousand people rallying near red square on tuesday evening. some 17,000 people had signed up on social media, we have far less than that turning out for this demonstration, but never the less, you had at least a couple of thousand people braving the cold, this is one of the coldest nights in the year, in moscow, to voice their anger at this verdict. this guilty verdict on fraud charges for alexi. sew with will stay on that story, and bring you more information on that. let's move on to our other top story indo nearby sha's president instructing to look for passengers and crew.
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hi spoke to the nation from where the flight took off. several bodies have been recovered and are on their way back for identification. it was carrying 162 people when it went down. families onboard were informed of the discovery. as they began to come to terms with the fate of their loved ones. scott reports. we will find things. belongings, bodies of the passengers passengers and we are sure that everything will be brought back into our base. >> they found the debris and bodies in sector seven, one of 13 areas being serged within 104 t thousand scaife kilometers. it was just ten-kilometers from where
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they lost contact with the plane on sunday morning. he then met with the grieving families. >> i instructed them to focus on evacuating the passengers and the crew. this was a tragedy for the nation, and the three days of waiting took it's toll. tuesdays fine does not bring compete closure to this ranchic story. it will take sometime before all the bodies can be recovered and brought back to the airport where the plane took off on sunday. then the difficult process of identifying and the months or years before they can reveal what brought the flight
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to the bottom of the joba sea. al jazeera,ish do nearby sha. >> a update for us from the port. >> well, it seems that the operation has sifted from a rescue operation to a salvage operation. overnight, italian and al banian teams connected cables to the stricken ferries so it can be poured towed to port, during that operation one of the cables attached appears to have snapped in two, two sailors were killed. meanwhile in the port, we are expecting an italian naval ship to arrive within the next few hours with over 200 other passengers and members of the crew. so they will be receiving
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medical treatment, and being assessed when that ship gets into port. a number of passengers who are brought ashore in previous days have been recovering and some of them spoke to the media and again, it painted a chaotic picture to the first response to the fire when the scale of the emergency first became apparent. and here is what they had to say. >> we heard people creaming and running out of their cabins. and then we saw the smoke coming out from the ship. and went out to the deck, dressed the whatever we were wearing at that moment. >> i was lucky, i was safe after nearly 24 hours. and this is a long time to fill with hope, and feel that you will die, and with changing always. we tried to be together, to be connected to other people and to say we will be safe.
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but it was hard to believe that always. >> so there is still confusion about the number of people onboard. we had the ship manifest that said there were 478 people that said they got on the ferry but that is a discrepancy with the number of people found. so that needs to be resolved and a prosecutor said that he felt that more bodies would also be found the ferry itself is being towed by them and investigators will want to have a good look dry to understand how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. >> much more to come for you. >> kurdish forces where a
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relentless battle in northern iraq. plus. >> southern indian state i will take a look at the challenges the unique area is facing in preserving it's history. >> a family of formula 1 driver gives a update on his condition. so far kurdish forces have held them off. this report now from the front line. >> on the front line outside the city come tact between the the the islamic state and the levant.
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they used sound bags at protection. they use a fair amount of incoming fire here. a short distance away, ice salt lake positions dismay their trademark black flag. the distance between is us very small, in some places we are just 700 meters apart. they are always trying to push forward. >> so far the lines have held. but isil fighters have been unrelenting in their operation to take oil rich. the forts are hard to adopt, some drastic measures. fighting has come with it's own humanitarian fight. it's now totally closed and fighters sky they had to do that to protect themselveses from isil bombings. who have lost many men to car bombs. we have also coanchors their spies around our positions.
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who have no intention of reopening this road. >> on the other side of the politic kate, the one of the sunni villages which they now control besue a cue of stranded vehicles. all they care about is that isil does not return. as far as they are concerned it now belonged to them. control of the oil reserves is a huge achievement for the force but so far total victory alludes them ordinary life in these cities is far from normal. they operate this restaurant, and says that business is bad. i secured my restaurant. but it is the general insecurity and the fighting that's keeping customers away. people are too afraid to venture out. >> kurdish fighters entered after the iraq army abandoned it's postseven months ago. the they have regarded
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his political capitol. in a country where history and grievances play a key and violent part of the present it represents a fault line, for now, though, it remains firmly in the grip of the kurdish forces. about 1500 residents have fled the area, since fighting began in november. meanwhile, activists are saying around 20 people have been injured on the outskirts of homes. which kill indiscriminantly. in yemen, another city has been seized by houthis rebels local media says the take over happened on monday. it is the 8th city they
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have taken since july, when they started to control the province before moving on toe the capitol. more from the capitol. houthis fighters were deployed to the city and they stormed the governors office. now, they are in full control of that city. the importance of the province as a whole is not connected at least three other provinces under houthis control. the importance of this incident is also clear that this is a clear indication of the houthies their will to expand to gain more control over yet more territory, now they have signed the peace deal that's called the peace and partnership agreement, that agreement falls on the houthies to end their presence in different parts of the country, and also to disarmor clearly that
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hasn't happened and they are moving on to control more territory. and another development onnd mo, they sustained some casualties at least two were killed when a roadside bomb hit one of their vehicles. >> in other developments the interior ministry says the coast quart has found the bodies of 20 formun't grays. many from ethiopia that drowned at sea. tens of thousands make that journey between africa and yes then every year witnesses say soldiers linked to the guard were involved. the president is out of the country, but the government has denied there has been any attempt to overthrow him. with 20 years in power he is really one of africa's longest serving leaders. he took over in a
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bloodless coupe. two years later he was elected president and has won every vote since. in 2006, there was an attempt to topple him while he was abroad, but he quickly returned to deal with his opponents. his critics accuse him of leading one of the most oppressive governments in africa. he is also a self-declared healer. thank you for speaking to us. the government denying there has been any attempt to dislodge the president, how would you describe these events today. >> thank you very much. the accounts that are coming strew, and the overall choice far from being clear from where i sit, all i feel able,
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confident to say is the occurrenced in early hours of this morning of at least two inches definites of gunfire ex-caning, exchange of gunfire. both of them occurred geographically at the tip of the peninsula on which the capitol city stands. it is a very small area, in fact, actually. one of the incidents according to all hasble accounts of that, one of the incidents that took place at the political state house -- >> so let me ask you how close do you think that the president came to being overthrown? well, this is the comment
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i am coming to based on what accounts i consider critical, that all that happened were two incidents of exchange of gunfire. would you say those amount to an attempt to topple the government? well, that is what thigh claim. that -- and at least in a statement i show, which has said to have been issues from him. that is his claim. i would not go as far as to -- you know, endorsing that claim. in fact, i would advise caution. and for two good reasons. one is that if past history is anything to go by, where it is pretty much a case cries of wolf. no solid grounds. 20 years or so that he has been at the head, by his own admission, he
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claims that he -- 16 attempts to offset him in the military coupe. >> so you wouldn't -- yes, you don't think these claims are particularly important from what you are say you don't think you wouldn't necessarily describe what has been happens a a coupe, witnesses say that soldiers linked to the guard were possibly involved, he has been accused of running one of the most reprezzive regimes in africa, just talk to me a little bit drawing on your experience how much power does he yield, how much domestic support does he have. >> well to conclude my point, i need to see more facts tock able to say that it is an attempt at a coupe. for now, i hold the review, there has been two incidents of gunfire
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exchanges. whether they amount to that we have to see more. how -- your question is -- you know, his record in office, and how close it was for him to be toppled is it? just a quake thought from you on how much power how much genuine support he yields within the country. >> yes, yes. yes, well, he wields huge powers, considerable powers. a lot of it unconstitution nally though. in terms of the constitutions there's supposed to be checks and balances between his powers as head of the executive, and those of the legislative assembly, and the municipal powers. but in reality those have all. encroached upon, and within the running of the constitution, the executive itself, all layed down guarantee, for
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instance, the independent of the civil service. so really, they are very very much a one man ruler, one man dictatorship, in which laws are made. he makes laws as he goes. and admitting he can decide that anybody -- or anybody playing football at the wrong season will be punishes. he makes laws that way. it is interesting to get your thoughts thoughts and incite on the situation there we do appreciate it. former vice president, thank you. still to come for you living in the shadow of gang violence, we meet one family losing hope in the nation's leaders. plus. >> this is the only place for us to pete. >> we take you to a rare sight for free speech in the iraqi capitol. and one of critic's most successful captains calls on his test career that
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and the rest of sport in about 30 minutes.
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>> pain killer addiction on the rise >> i loved the feeling of not being in pain >> deadly consequences >> the person i married was gone >> are we prescribing an epidemic? >> the last thing drug companies wanted anybody to think was that, this was a prescribing problem >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... award winning investigative documentary series... opioid wars only on al jazeera america
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>> the arrest in moscow who is also after a case he was held by police after he broke house arrest. to join the demonstrations. 162 were onboard. and an attempted coupe appears to have been thwarted bun fire was heard near the palace. the head of state is currently out of the country.
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now palestinians are pushing forward with a plan. an aend manied draw for resolution has been submitted to members of the united nations security council. jordan hands over the document on behalf of leaders it could be voted on by the security council in the coming hours. now our representatives have already approved changes and this is what those changes include a call to end israeli occupation by the end of 2017 and an independent state based on 1967 borders with east jerusalem as it's capitol, to resolve outstanding issues including the better treatment of prisoners especially nose in solitary confinement, and a third party presence to oversea the withdrawal and guaranteed palestinian sovereignty. christian joins us live from the united nations now, when can we expect to see a vote on this. >> well, we are now hearing that that vote is likely to come in about three hours time.
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what interesting to know here, is that this move has come out of frustration from the palestinians, the resolution was first discussed and debated some months ago after the break down of the u.s. brokers peace talks. and the palestinians have been attempting to move the issue of their independence and state hood here to the united nations where they feel they have a more sympathetic audience and more support for such action, but any move in the security council will have to win the support of the united states, the united states has said outright they will not support this resolution, they do have the power to veto. we did ask the palestinian representatives why he was pushing forward for a vote fow, when it appears they don't have the support of the united states, when it is clear they don't have the support of the united states, and this is what he had to say. >> we have been deliberating this issue for almost 3 1/2 months.
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it is not a lack of flexibility, because we took over the french ideas, it is not lack of responsibility, and accommodation. but if there are those that assist not to go along with this flexibility, and responsibility and the global consensus then nobody should blame us as arabs and palestinians. so the question now is how much support will the palestinian resolution get from the security council, old would take nine votes to win a majority and force the united states to use it's veto. at this time, it isn't clear that then even those nine votes. the united kingdom ambassador told al jazeera earlier today that his country could not support the resolution and it's current form, we know that the jordanian
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ambassador, the sole arab representative has talked about having more time to trial to win more support for the resolution. it seems to be a real rush by the palestinians to get this vote in. >> the end of the year there for us where we are expecting a vote on statehood in the coming hours. now, police officer was shot dead in the united states for almost every week of the year in 2014. according to the memorial fund, 50 officers were killed compared to 32 in 2015. tom ackerman joins us live, we are talking about a jump of well over -- well, well over 50%, i think it is. in 2014, what is behind this rise. >> well, first of all just to put it into more history call perspective the 50 killed this year are equal to what the number was two years ago.
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and far less than what it was in 2011, when three officers were killed as a result of gunfire and that was the high nest a decade, if you break down those numbers they vary as the circumstances from in many caseslessman responding to domestic disputes in which they got caught in the middle in some cases and at least one or two shooting another, in an off duty dispute, but in 15 of those 50 the policeman died as a result of an ambush. one of the most prominent ones most recently, occurring in pennsylvania when a white survivalist was looking gunning for policeman, and killed one in -- and was the subject of a man hunt for more than a month. so as i said, the circumstances do vary widely. this report comes amidost
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controversial of a police there shooting an unarmed black man in the back three times. what more do we know about that? >> well the autopsy was released with a delay of one month. the police did not give a reason that was satisfactory to the family and to supporters of the family, many of them said that this was a man who had been told -- about whom, the police had been told had mental illness problems which and not an uncommon occurrence among people who are shot by police, in this case, the police said that he grabbed -- he was unarmed but he grabbed for one of the guns and in the struggle, he was shot three times. again, it's again a case where the police usually prevail in these cases. and in almost no case does the policeman actually get charged much less convicted of a
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crime. >> tom ackerman in washington, d.c. thank you. >> in the u.k. a patient with the ebola vie russian has been moved to a london hospital. the health worker returned to scat land where she had been working with the charity save the children. she was put in a medical isolation unit after becoming feverish, the woman is now being treated at a security medical unit. now, the international bail out of the greek economy seems to be at risk, politicians have failed for a third time to agree on who should be the country's president now, greece faces a snap election on january 25th, and the opposition says it will renegotiate the terms of the package. this is the children's welfare foundation. home to or fans and vulnerable children for 160 years. it's funding comes from a
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large property investment portfolio, but tough posterity measures including enormous taxes designed to fix the economic crisis have broken. it's director told me what happened when he met the prime minister, and asked for help. >> he told me that it is a big issue and cannot solve it right now. >> an election at the end of january, could bring this party to power. enforced by international lenders including the european central bank. >> how are you? nice to meet you. >> i asked a senior figure what they had to off the likes of the star foundation. >> we feel that a newly elected government, mulled immediately do something for the people, that are really suffering. >> how do you plan to
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make these sweeping changes in the face of objections from the likes of germany, among freese's international leanders too any hint of alterations to existing agreements. >> this comes without partners, but we reserve the right to decide how this target will be achieved. and this is -- it is a principle of the european union, and i think that the german government, will soon understand, and will soon realize that insisting on that course, puts in danger our common project. >> the director told me he'd also asked the leader for help. he didn't commit to anything to lifting the tacks. >> this is a nonprofit
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social enterprise paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, in property taxes as it tries to help children. they are looking forward to january's election, without much optimism. al jazeera athens. >> the media in bosnia the governor has complained about police intrusion after the raid of the offices. police were looking for evidence on an audio recording. which seemed to suggest corruption in the ruling party republican. dominic cane reports. looking for evidence of an a controversy audio recording. the following day the editor shows reporters the warrant the truth into the newsroom like this, and threatening
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journalists i would say that at the very least is ridiculous. where will this end? i don't know. a woman can be heard saying they paid two politicians to support it. there's been speculation it could be the voice of the serve prime minister. her party has said the audio is a forgery. but questions why the police attention has been on them, rather than the topic mentions in the recording. the police have asked contribution to reveal the sources but it's owner has refused. we report information, we received that audio but based on our rights and freedom of the media we don't have to revies our sources nor do we want to. >> the wider media has
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questioned the motivation behind the police raid. >> this sort of then only happens in a dictatorship, not a democracy, the law guarantees journalists the right not to reveal their sources but now that right seems to have abolished. >> the newly appointed chief prostitutor says she will look into the circumstances that allow the raid to take place. journalists the campaigners have been protesting in solidarity with three journalists who have now been in jailed for more than one year. peter greste, and baha mohamed are become held behind bars in cairo. they are falsely accused of damaging aiding the muslim brotherhood. 2014 has been one of the most turbulent years in mexico's recent history protestors want the president to step down.
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this is the last of a four part al jazeera series looking at the year, through the eyes of our four families caught up in events. david mercer has more now. over the past two years local gangs kidnapped both of his children, to pay $50,000 in ransoms. and he still owes $10,000, now he is constantly on the look out for danger. >> you can't get rid of this fear. the first thought is they are coming for me that fear will never leave you. i don't wish anybody to experience the held i have lived through. >> violent crime is all
1:44 pm
too common. more than 100,000 people have been killed since 2008 another 22,000 have gone missing. >> just 12 months ago mexico looked like it was going to turn things around. the president was entering his second day in office, promising to end the drug war and revitalize the economy. with the headline saving mexico, some hailed it at the moment. but it wasn't long before reality brought it to an abrupt end. in late september, three students were kid p familiesed by local police, and handed over. they are still missing. the students abduction shocked the nation, and sparked a outcry against widespread corruption and violence. tens of thousands took to the streets.
1:45 pm
the demanded that he step down. but analyzed say the demonstrations could have unintended consequences. >> the protests aren't against the drug cartels be uh the government. so instead of them working together to fight the gangs they have divided and continues to divide mexico. often able to trust local police, jose rodriguez and other merchants decided to install their own security system. he hopes the surveillance cameras will bring him more peace and prosperity in 2015. regular mexicans he says have already suffered enough. mexico city. still ahead for you the brooklyn dethroned the sacramento kennings. coming up in sport.
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>> inside this palace lies the history. this structure is a testament to the success of one man who braved the high seas and traveled east to earn a living. 75-year-old is now the
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keeper of his graped father's legacy. >> this house is for my whole family, years ago we all lived here, but to make money my children have left. that's the case for most families in this area. 8% of these properties are locked up. only springing to life for big occasions like weddings. many of these houses lie in a state of ruin, because of property disputes and the lack of work. they build palaces like this one many more than 60 villages but few retained their old splendor, they say maintaining a palace cost about $20,000 a year and that's money they claim that many would rather invest elsewhere and when they decide it is time to sell, the foundation of the move comes here. it is a pain staking job.
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>> reselling them helps to keep the history alive. people from automobile over india come here. but it is hard for me to manage demand. the king of the residents is the center of this trading community's power. >> we have done a program -- but conservationist hope as new program encouraging locals to document the history will help restore this region to it's former glory. >> there's a lot of pead yeah attention and i think that will help realize and it will help protect their houses but for those that are still here, the past is sacred.
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al jazeera. there's bad fuse, and that's where we will start. barcelona will be banned have signing any new players. throughout the appeal, against the fifa punishment for breaking rules on registers youth players. they founded barcelona had signed ten players under the age of 18 and said the club had not followed strict rules for transferring minors. the club says it considered the punishment in their words completely disproportional, and is looking at legal options. one of the most successful captains in the history of indian cricket, has retired from the format of the game.
1:51 pm
it came as something of a surprise, because they made no mention of the time following the third test drive. they have been under pressure in the ware of the 3-1 loss, in fact, it was one defeat away from equaling the record for the most away defeats as india captain. they will now concentrate on helping them prepare for the defense of the trophy he called and said he wants to retire from test correct, and wants to focus on one day matches we also feel it is in the interest that he focuses on helping india win the world cup. >> nearly became the number one team from late 2009 until the summer of 2011, it was a golden period, they also led the team to victory in the
1:52 pm
world cup, in all he played 90 tests captain in 60, and of those winning a record 27 matches. for the remaining australia took early before with just four left they shook hands on a draw.
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he was given the man of the match award for his innings of 106. the family of formula 1 driver have given a update on his condition. he has been critical with major head injuries. since the crash at the japanese grand prix in october, and he is in a new statement the family says the neurological condition is unchanged and that h remains unconscious, but is breathing unaided. the 25-year-old has moved to his home city to continue his treatment. former san francisco nineers head coach jim harbaugh has been officially announced as the new head coach at the university of michigan where he was formerly a star quarterback. he guided this emto three straight champions. last to the older brother
1:54 pm
and his team the baltimore ravens. he parted the way with the 49ers on sunday after the team missed the playoffs. at the barkley center in scoring a team high 22 points and made a career high ten free throws. brooklyn held on for the 172, 99 win, but they have now lost 17, 13 out of 17 games. the winter classic has become one of the most popular events on the annual nhl calendar, standing room tickets alone cost up to $300. the 8th addition will be held on new year's day between the black hawks and washington capitols. the baseball home of the nationals is been converted for the occasion, but milder than expected conditions have already made a correct task even more difficult. after sport, plenty more later. >> thank you. >> now most public
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demonstrations are banned in iraq, but one of baghdad's historical sites has become a speaker's corner where free speech is flourishing. reports from the iraqi capitol it is a blend message to leaders accused of being corrupt globetrotters. lying politician robbing our loved ones. the people chanting would like to be protesting in baghdad's square. put the government has banned those. protests are allowed only here. the military head effort yeahers. after renovating the clock tower, authorities opened the area to the public. >> this square goback to
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the very beginning. now it has come back to life, here within the safety of these walls you will find politician, poets, dreamers all of them daring to imagine a different iraq. >> here, at least for now, there's the freedom to say what you want, dress the way you want and do what you want. >> during the week, they hold down jobs while trying to finish high school. this is the only place for us to breathe. some people come to listen to poetry, some come to read books but this friday we changed arriere teen. >> this friday a cigarette package on a stick, in a parody of the smart phones used to take selfies. >> we don't have money for a camera he says. across the square,
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amateur poetry is a spectator sport. >> gray hair, recites. we grow older but we are young. i look in the mirror and i see my shattered image. >> he tosses to the next poet. who has to start a new poem with the last sill bell of the previous one. based on the poem is about love gone wrong. a relationship is like the falling legislatives of autumn, says mohamed. the audience approves. the care is all about expressing yourself, and in a troubled country and uncertain times just having space to pete. al jazeera baghdad well, that's it for me. but another full bulletin of news straight ahead. in a few minutes.
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[reports of more than 100 arrests during a protest in moscow. including the opposition leader. >> hello you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, bodies and wreckage found in the sea in the the search for the missing air asia plane. passengers whose italian ferry which caught fire killing 11 people off the greek coast arrived in italy, plus. in the southern indian state, c


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