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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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[reports of more than 100 arrests during a protest in moscow. including the opposition leader. >> hello you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, bodies and wreckage found in the sea in the the search for the missing air asia plane. passengers whose italian ferry which caught fire killing 11 people off the greek coast arrived in italy, plus. in the southern indian state, coming up i will take a look another the
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challenge as unique community is facing in preserving it's history. >> >> thank you for joining us. the russian opposition leader has been detained by police, for breaking his house arrest tries to attend a protest in moscow. around 1,000 people attended the rally with dozens detained by russian authorities. he had called on supporters to join on unhorsed protests after he and his brother were convicted of gauze the judge gave him a suspendedded sentence, but his brother was jailed for 3 1/2 years. >> peter sharp is live for us in moscow joins us -- peter give us an idea of what is going on in the square now? has the protest died down. >> it has. it lasted precisely three hours from 6:00 o'clock local time, to
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9:00 o'clock and just before 9:00 o'clock, about 40 to 50 riot police were arms linked just simply marched down the square, the square is on a slight incline with the walls behind it, and they just pushed the crowd pack. there wasn't a lot of violence at all they pushed the crowd back, into a funnel of more police that led them to the nearest metro station, and they have the square cleared in what a matter of 20 minutes. it wasn't a lot of people. i think the organizers would have wanted more, but when you think that this verdict that took place this morning wasn't scheduled until january 15th, and they have been planning a huge demonstration on the streets of moscow for the 15th, and i think talking to some of the protestors the organizers they say they think the kremlin got a little rattled at the planting and organization, that had gone into that and they immediately brought
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forward, with no warning at all this the final verdict in the court case which saw him and his brother both found guilty for fraud and embezzlement charges. >> and of course, he had been given a suspended sentence. he broke his house arrest to try to attend the protest, do we foe where he is? >> well, it was a huge risk for him to do that, and i am sure that he was well aware when he broke his house arrest that he was taking that risk. but these people had gathered in the square, right underneath the walls at his behest, it was his shouted instructions to protest as he left the court after the verdict. and it's felt that he had to be there he tweeted all the way, and tweeted whether he was now being arrested. we don't know where his current location is, but we are pretty sure he never made it to that
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gathering. >> peter sharp live for us, thank you. >> end do mosh sha's president has instructed search teams from the crashed air asia plane in the sea. several bodies have already been recovered and on their way back for identification. scott hide her has more. >> on the third day of waiting finally news of their loved ones but not the news they wanted. >> we will find things belongings bodies of the passengers of the plane and we are sure that everything will be brought back to our base they found the debris and bodies in sector seven one of 13 areas being serjs within 1009000
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square kilometers. in the early evening the president came here, to the airport on the way he flew over the area where the bodies and debris were discovered. he then met with the grieving families. >> i asked them to do a massive serj, and i have told them to look for the plane and the passengers as well as the crew. i have instructed them to focus on evacuating the passengers and the crew. >> with so many end do nearby seans onboard this was a tragedy for the nation. and the three days of waiting took it's toll across the cub as it did with the family. tuesday's find does not bring complete closure to this story it will take some time before all the bodies can be recovered and brought back to the airport where the plane took off on sunday. then the difficult process of identifies bodies in the months and years before an
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investigation can reveal what brought the flight to the bottom of the sea at al jazeera indo these sha. >> meanwhile an air ashoot plane has overshot the runway in the philippines. it skidded off the runway after arriving from windy weather, 159 people were onboard the plane, and the emergency chutes were deployed. a ship carrying survivors from the greek registered ferry which caught fire off the italian coast on sunday, the preparing to dock at the italian port city. two al banian seaman died in the accident, while attempting to bring the ship back, taking the number of debt to 13. the vet sell was carrying 478 palgers and more than 200 vehicles onboard, the magistrates have ordered the ferry be seized to investigate the cause of the fire. simon mcgregor word has
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more now so just bring us up to date with the later right now. >> it's been a long awaiting moment, but the ship bringing what we understand to be 214 passengers including crew members from the scene of this disaster has finally docked here in the term fall. the italian navy, and the ship which was in attendance during this whole rescue operation taking about five or six hours to head into port, inside the terminal building where there are dozens of medics and people from the red cross, representatives from the various embassies of the nationals thought to be included in that 214
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people onboard are gathering to welcome those people. and there is a great sense of anticipation, we have seen a couple of relatives of crew members and of passengers who are aingely awaiting their relatives so they can see them. >> any news on what the causes of the fire may have been. >> no. still no real clue on how the fire started. or indeed, how it was able to take hold so quickly and spread so comprehensively throughout the lower decks of the atlantic. who unction now that it is under tow the italian navy has told us it will come possibly as early as wednesday morning. and investigated a very close look at what they can find below decks
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where the fire is thought to have started. on december the 19th, the ferry has a routine check, and apparently, there were problems with some of the fire doors in the lower decks. the owner of the ferry an italian company issues a statement in which he said yes, there has been an issue with the fire doors but they has been resolved and all the necessary documentation was issued for the ship, so that it was fit for it's voyage, but clearly there was a problem, and eyewitness accounts speak of the rapid spread of the fire and the inability to bring it under control and i am sur that will be a focus of the investigation. it should be able to start in eastern nest on wednesday morning when the ferry is brought here. >> live ever the us, thank you, simon. >> let's go to wemen
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where another city has been seized by houthis rebels. the take over in the province happened on monday. it's now the 8th city that the houthiss have taken since july. when they started to control the province, before moving on to the capitol tens of fighters were deployed to the city in the province, and they stormed the governors office. now, they are in full control of that city, the importance of the province as a whole is that it connects at least three other provinces under houthis control. the importance of this incident is also clear that this is a clear indication of the houthies -- their will to expand to gain more control over yet more territory. now, the houthies have signed a peace deal that's called the peace and partnership
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agreement, that agreement called on the houthies to end their presence in different parts of the country, and clearly that hasn't happened and the houthies are moving on to control more territory. and another development on monday, the houthies sustained some casualties at least two of their fighters were killed when a roadside bomb hit one of their vehicles. in iraq, isil has reportedly killed around 25 iraqi soldiers and local fighters. two fighters also reportedly tied in the attack, which targeted an army barracks. the armed group seized weapons and ammunition. isil has maintained controls of parts since january. security forces have say they have retaken the town. air strikes were used to target the armed group.
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isil has occupied since june, it is considered strategically important pause it connects to a main highway, and to a key military command center. well another key battleground in iraq is the city officiary cook. while they battle for control over the oil rich area access to roads has been cut off. look at the exhibiting strain of people living there. >> outside the city, contact between the forces and the islamic state of iraq on the levant is regular. they use sandbags as protection. a short distance away, that is display their black flag. >> so far the peshmerga
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lines have held. but isil fighters have been unrelented in the operation to take oil rifici cook. the forces have had to adopt some drastic measures. we lost many men to car bombs we also on many occasions captured their spies. we have no intentions of reopening this road. >> on the other side of the politic kade in one of the soonny villages which they now control we saw a cue of stranded vehicles. they say all they care about is that isil does not return. as far as they are
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concerned it now longs to them. control of the oil reserves is a huge achievement for the forces. but so far total victory alludes them. ordinary life in these cities is far from normal. operates this restaurant and says business is bad. >> i secured my restaurant, but it is the general insecurity that is keeping customers away. people are too afraid to venture out. >> kurdish fighters enteredky cook, after the iraqi national army abandoned it's post seven months ago. they have long regarded the history call capitol. in a country where history and grievance plays a key and violent part of the present kirduk represents a fault line.
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at al jazeera, iraq. >> more to come on the program, including how the berlin philharmonic orchestra is embracing new technology. to share it's music with a wider online audience.
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there's more to finical news than the ups and downs of the dow. for instance, could striking workers in greece delay your retirement? i'm here to make the connections to your money real. >> now a reminder of the top stories. russian opposition leader has been detained by police for breaking his house arrest to try to attend a protest in moscow.
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dozens of people were arrested hours after they were convicted of fraud. indonesian's president has instructed search teams to concentrate on recovering passengers and crew. several bodies have already been recovered and are on their way back for identification. in a ship carrying survivors from the greek registered ferry which caught fire off the italian coast on sunday, has just docked as the italian port. 13 people were killed. magistrates have ordered the ferry be seized to investigate the cause of the fire. palestinians are pushing forward with a plan to end israeli occupation by 2017. an amended draft resolution has been submitted to members of the united nations security council. jordan handed over the document on behalf of palestinian leaders. it could be voted on by the security council in the coming hours.
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well arab representatives have already approved the changes to the draft that include a call to end israeli occupation by the end of 2017. an independent state of palestine based on 1967 borders with east jerusalem as it's capitol, to resolve outstanding issues including the better treatment of prisoners especially those in solitary confinement. and a third party president to oversea israel's withdrawal and guarantee palestinian sovereignty. well here is what the stall tinnian ambassador had to say a short time ago. >> we have been deliberating this issue for almost 3 1/2 months. it is not a lot of flexibility, because we took some of the french ideas the our revised texts, it is not lack of responsibility, and accommodation. but if there are those who insist not to go
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along with this flexibility and responsibility and the global consensus than nobody should blame us as arabs and palestinians. >> more on this and speak to kristen kristen we heard the ambassador there saying they have been talking about it for three months, these are obviously the last few days before the end of the year, there's a sense p palestinians are searching through the resolution, why is that. >> well, remember, this is a resolution that is born out out of frustration in an attempt to move the negotiations away from the united states and to the united nations, which the palestinians view as a more sympathetic arena of course the united states wage add lot of power here at the united nations as well. and the united states has said that it is opposed or at least it cannot
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support this resolution in it's current form so that does race the question of why bring this up now when the united states is likely to veto it, we just heard the ambassadors response to that question he is saying that they feel that they have international support on their side, so let's bring it to the vote, and perhaps this is an attempt to put the united states on the spot. and make them vote against and it show they are got supporting the cause. they feel they are at a point where they have the support that they are going to get and they want to move forward. >> i guess when the palestinians say they have international support, what matters is if you have support in the security council the u.k. has also said it isn't going to support this draft resolution, so what kind of support do they have within the security council itself. >> well, i have to tell you taxer's a question that a lot of us here are
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of course aing. some say and it would seem that if the palestinians waited until the new year, when new members of the downing take their seats knee may have even more support nine votes would force the ice to use the veto to block this, and we aren't really sure that they do have those nine votes. it looks very close as you say the united kingdom told us that they can't support the resolution in it's current form. the united states has said it can't the others expect to vote in sympathy with the united states, so it will be very close, and we can't say at this time, a time of year when many ambassadors aren't even here, because they are on holiday whether or not they will get the nine votes lit be interesting to see what happening. >> you will be monitoring all the developments for us, so we will be checking in with you.
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for the most, thank you. now a coupe attempt has apparently been foiled heavy gunfire was heard fear the presidential pal lance. witnesses say soldiers linked to the guard were involved. long time president is out of the country visiting france, state radio denied reports says the situation was calm. >> in india pressure of modern economy, the pressures are threatening the unique architecture heritage of a wealthy trading community. reports from the southern state. from hand carved door ways fashioned from teak to italian markble. this structure is a testament to the success of one man who braved the
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high seas and traveled east to earn a living. >> 75-year-old is now the keeper of his grandfather's legacy. this house is for my whole family, to make money my children have left. that's the case for most families in this area. >> 80% of these properties built in the 17th centuries are locked up. only springing to life for big occasions like weddings. many of these lie in a state of ruin because of property disputes and the lack of work they built palaces like this one in more than 60 villages. conservations say maintaining a pal lance costed about $20,000 a year. and that's money they claim that many owners would rather invest elsewhere. the when owners decide it is time to sell, the foundations of their historic moves come here.
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it's a pain staking job giving these artifacts a new lease of life. >> rekehling them helped to keep the history alive. >> people from all over india as well as some foreigners come to me to buy artifacts. but it is hard for me to manage deman because i know know when supplies matching a buyer's needs are coming. >> the king of the residents is the center of this trading community's power but conservation fists hope as new program encouraging locals to document their history will help restore this region to it's former glory. >> there's a lot of media attention, and i think that's one thing that will help these, or at least keep them happy and they will protect their houses. but for those that are
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still here, the past is sick red and he says he will stay until his grandchildren are readily to unlock the family history. a volunteer health worker has been transferred to a london hospital after contracting the ebola virus. she is the first person to be diagnosed we boal la in the u.k. the nurses at the royal free hospital, were successfully treated earlier this year, she had been worked with the charity. she arrived on sunday, before falling ill on monday morning. now, despite being regarded as one of the world's leading orchestra, the berlin philharmonic has to constantly evolve to survive. it is reliant only maintaining it's audience, and it is doing that by going digital. the musicians rehearse
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their upcoming performance. they are also rehearsing in the t.v. control room, following the score switching cameras as the melody jumps from strings to woodwinds to brass, because this is a performance like all others these days that will be live vehicled to subscribers around the world. >> 83 years ago i got a photograph and it was from the largest himmian reservation in minnesota and they were watching and it was projected on a white bed sheet, and with the photograph came the sentence you never foe who is watching. and i thought the whole
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thing worthwhile just the one photograph. >> it was founded in 1882, it has a long tradition of embracing new technologies such as the radio and stereo recordings to get the best possible music out it is a goal that reflected in the concert hall itself. >> the conductor insisted it be built with recording studios inside. that helped to stream concerts online. but creating the digital concert hall has provided it's own challenging. while the sound is always good, the image can occasionally falter if for instance millions of internet users are streaming a major football match. there were lots of things to do to work waythe light, and the hall, and not t.v. studio light. total remote without disturbing the audience, but it worked heart by
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part and we came. they assembled at the insistent of the musicians themselves. not management. >> if i had said to the arc have, please, put every concert on yours online, and by the way we won't pay you anything, they would have said simon you are out of your mind, but in fact, they really came one the idea. hay said we should get this more out there. >> he says it is a shame some are scared off. he says it is the job of the musicians not to act like high priests but evangelists for music he says can change your life. >> now over the internet. nick spicer, berlin. >> classical music goes digital, you can find that much more on everything that we have been covering on our program on our website there it is, you can see
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our top story there we found in the air asia search, much more on the website, the actress, of course, there it is. >> ...i come around that corner... >> you don't want this? >> no, i think we should do it how we would normally...


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