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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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kraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello there welcome to the newshour. i'm nick clark. live from the headquarters in doha. coming the next 60 minutes. palestinians consider, as the u.n. rejects that bid for independence. after 13 years of war and thousands of tests a new chapter begins for afghanistan.
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plus under arrest, a korean air executive who forced a plane to turn around over nuts, is behind bars. so then, we begin with breaking news out of yemen. at least 20 houthis have died at a suicide bomb attack. elsewhere in the country at least 34 people were killed in fighting between houthi rebels and al qaeda. the fighting brek out broke out when houthi fighters tried take the village from, authorities. first of all what do you know
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about the bombing in ibb city? >> that building was where the houthis had organized the gathering to celebrate the the prophet mohamed. the death is over 20. the assumption is that that toll will rise because there are too many people inside that hall, nick. >> and then we also had this incident in rata district. away can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yes well, that happened on tuesday night. heavy fighting broke out. it started with a bomb targeting the road the houthi fighters were using. after that attack there were clashes in different villages,
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at least 34 people were killed. the casualties are from the houthis on the one hand and on the other a number of al qaeda killers were killed along with their tribal allies in the town of radaa nick. >> the minister of interior said they were where starting the process of integrating how is that process going? >> it started with the integration of 2,000 houthi fighters, in police and security administrations in sanaa. different reports give different numbers to be included in the security forces. that number could be as high as
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50,000 houthi fighters and that is why authorities say this is beginning of the beginning of this the houthis appear to be running this country. >> thank you. killing of rebel fighters in aleppo, government prses respondedforcedresponded by shelling several neighborhoods. palestinian leaders are expected to meet, they wanted a deadline set for the end of 2017. the resolution needed nine votes to pass and only got eight.china, france, russia,
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luxembourg. the two who voted no was the united states and australia. kristin saloomey reports now from united nations are headquarters in new york. >> reporter: just eight votes not enough for the palestinian state's resolution to pass. australia and the united states as expected voted against. >> regrettably, instead of git giflggiving voice this resolution addresses the concerns of only one side. it is deeply imbalanced. including unconstructive deadlines that take no account of israel's legitimate security concerns. >> reporter: five countries
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abstained including the united kingdom, expressing support for much of the resolution's content. france and other supporters said it was time for the council to do more. >> after more than 25 yoars of negotiations theyears ofnegotiations the united nations must bear its historical responsibility. >> the ambassador said the security council was failing his people. >> concerning the precarious situation that now prevaims, to address their -- prevails to address that are situation the council must now act. >> the vote went ahead at the time palestinians insistence.
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>> they never really expected the resolution to pass. what they had hoped for was nine votes and a symbolic victory. they didn't even get that. kristin saloomey, al jazeera united nations. >> the group spokesperson accused the israeli prime minister thanked the votes against palestinian statehood. >> i would like to vote appreciation and thanks to the united states and australia and also special thank you for the president of nyjer and rwanda. rwanda.they kept their word and
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that's what clinched this matter. >> let's hear from imtiaz tyab. >> from the palestinian side disappointment that they did not secure the nine votes. we do know that the palestinian leadership will meet later on today. they may announce whatever future steps they may take. but as we hear from the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, israel is very pleased the palestinians did not secure the eight votes needed. he did go on to thank the nigerian leader goodluck
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jonathan. the palestinians are thinking what they will do next. we heard from the palestinian side he going as far as saying the u.n. security council isn't a place that they're going to give up on, that there's a reasonable chance that they could go back to the u.n. security council, as well as investigating other place he where they can pursue their cause as well. >> the questions first why palestinians would want to push that full so through so fast when they knew the united states could veto that whole process? >> it is a very fair question, both of them. the fact of the matter is that the palestinians thought they did have the nine votes that they could have banked on the nigerians for the 9 votes. that is not the case.
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your question, why would they go ahead when they knew the united states would exercise their veto quite plainly they wanted a symbolic victory that other nation he are acting against them primarily the u.s., which fits in line with the israelis and that fits the palestinian government's narrative or palestinian leadership's narrative. they didn't want to get into a situation that they had to exercise their veto. we understand the u.s. secretary of state made dozens of calls to several leaders on the u.n. security council to ensure that the palestinians did not have the votes they needed and that is the case. as we say the palestinian leadership will be meeting shortly to discuss what they will do next. >> imtiaz tyab, thank you.
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>> 88-year-old beji caid can essebsi took the seat in tunisia. divide between a prosperous north and a conservative south. something the new president says he will teamed to tackle. coming up on the newshour. a ship's crew disappeared, no shortage of aid but volunteers are struggling to get aid to communities in malaysia cut off by floodwaters. and a spokes spokesperson on julius bianchi gives an update on his
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condition. >> the arduous task of retrieving bodies from the airasia qz8501 continues. seven passengers and crew have been recovered so far. taken back to the indonesian city of surabaya where the ill fated flight took off from. scott heidler tell us more about the search for the bodies and what's happening to them when they come back. >> exactly, we saw these two bodies come back. within the last hour they were brought in an air force craft. the bodies were brought back in coffins. the governor of surabaya was that airasia officials were there. they are being transferred to a
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police hospital very close to the airport. that is where the identification process is going to go often. that is where the family members quite honestly near there will be moved to. it is going to be slid over moved over to that hospital in the coming hours. we know that some of the fannie mae members have already moved over there. airasia officials have already moved over there. that's what's going to be happening. we are also hearing that those other five bodies that they have retrieved are supposed, they are going to try i should say to bring them back to surabaya, they hope tonight if not tonight, weather permitting, tomorrow. the exact same kind of ceremony, exact same kind of receiving that the other two bodies have had. >> the weather has had an implication over the search effort restricted isn't it? >> reporter: absolutely.
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restricted. they set out early in the morning. facing heavy waves the divers couldn't go into the water but we heard then, a couple of hours after they went out for first light, they were able to start some of the rescue, i'm sorry some of the search operation in one of these sectors just to the north where they found the plane and these bodies, they were able to do that for a little bit. then again this retrieval, going under the water and getting the bodies they could see on the surface has been hampered because of the harsh weather. that's why the five bodies that have been found haven't been transferred back to surabaya. >> scott heidler, thank you very much indeed. >> italian port authorities took control of a ship on tuesday after failing to locate the
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crew. they said the ship would have rammed into shore if it continued with its preprogrammed route. simon mcgregor wood has more. >> processed by the italian authorities who are i would have to say somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer scale of this migrant incident. we spoke to a number of them. most of them come from syria. they are very guarded about revealing their identity because many still have family members back home in syria. they all however tell us of the absolutely appalling conditions on board this moldova ahn registered cargo ship. many of them have been on the ship for as much as nine days waiting for departure. they were essentially locked in
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the cargo ship of this hold. anywhere from 700 to 750 people don't forget p.m. they were sick, rainwater was coming through, sea water was coming up from beneath them, they were given bread hardly any water. showing us the first signs at least of frostbite. they are relieved to be here but clearly traumatized by what has been a traumatic journey. it costs each individual here anywhere from $5,000 and $9,000 which they pay to the people-traffickers, on this journey that they narrowly escaped disaster, completely traumatized but narrowly escaped
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dishaft. disaster. >> the nato involvement in afghanistan began back in october 2001 with the u.s.'s bombing campaign. its aim was to destroy al qaeda the group behind the september 11th attack. by january of the next year u.n. forces gradually entered the war. there are doubts whether afghan forces are ready to take full charge of security. the taliban and others have increased attacks in the last three months. undermined by a high desertion rate. speak to jennifer glasse. this may end the u.n. mission but there is still working to done.
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>> that's right. and really nick evidence of those challenges continuing today in eastern afghanistan. an attack today left two policemen dead, it could have been much worse. they defused a suicide car bomb the attackers were trying to detonate. these are the kinds of attacks that the afghan security forces are continuing to face across the country. when nato came in here 13 years ago they had very high expectations. in 2007, helman province was full of taliban fighters. the afghan national army joined national patrols. nato forces walked a line that was essentially difficult. >> another part of the nato mission was to get rid of opium
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poppy crops. 13 years and spending $7.5 billion later the opium crop is now bigger tan ever. the crops retain more workers than the afghan forces. they are struggling against a resurge entent taliban. the united nations has only been keeping track since 2008 but singles then 2500 afghan forces have died. the nato withdrawal makes it harder for afghan forces to defend against theids.
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>> we do not have enough equipment to get rid of the ieds or we are doing better but suicide attacks the ieds, are the weapons that the enemy uses against us. >> this month the u.n. ended its combat mission but the fighting isn't over. >> this war will continue until america an the west completely leaves afghanistan. changing the name or a title is not important for us. are as long as the foreign forces are in our country we will continue fighting. >> reporter: and the afghans bear the brunt of that fighting. not only do the security forces need more training, many of the police are heroin users. >> many are addicted. as we see in our hospital, more
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than 50% of police are addicted. how can we see a better result in the future? >> al qaeda is reestablishing its training camps in the east. nato's combat role may be ending but its initial mission is far from accomplished. >> far from accomplished, security is still a big process but a political stalemate at the moment, isn't there? >> reporter: that's right nick and that is a huge problem here. three months after being inaugurated as president ashraf aghani the political stalemate over the summer has damaged afghanistan's delicate economy.
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more about the political situation than the security situation because it really means that everything is at a standstill, people aren'ting buying houses or cars, or making long term decisions until they make a sense of what's going on here, the future of what afghanistan will look like in 2015. >> jennifer thank you very much indeed, jennifer glasse in kabul. three yemenisis were detained at the u.s. base of guantanamo 120 inmates still being retained there. aid agencies are being
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overwhelmed, struggling to get aid to many communities. >> reporter: this is the overwhelming response to malaysia's worst floods in decades. people have donated hundreds of tons of food, clothing and other essentials, to people involved in the disaster. social media is being used to organize relief drives. >> the last big influenced was in 2004, so ten years ago. we didn't have social media like facebook then. now that we have had that, the response has been tremendous. we have been able to get in touch with other people. we have been able to raise funds privately. >> mothers of two is donating $100 worth of medicine, instant
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noodles and cleaning items. she was shocked seeing families like her own suffering in the floods. >> translator: i want my children to understand why we are doing this. we are helping children and those in need. we must help them. >> reporter: eight stayed state's in malaysia are currently flooded while at least 14 people have been killed. but many remain in their homes awaiting aid and rescue. >> challenges of course is that the area cannot be accessed by road. and of course we have to use all the aircraft. >> despite the hardships the donations keep pouring in. the military says it's working around the clock to get supplies to northeast malaysia, but rising floodwaters in some parts means this aid may not reach the people that need it the most. al jazeera sabananjia.
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>> rob, we're looking at a improving situation in malaysia. >> clear skies above this particular cloud here but look at where we're stilt searching for wreckage, that is another wall of thunderstorms building. these bright tops are in the java sea. you can expect the concentration there, clear skies in the principal malaysia and thailand. you can see virtually no cltion at all. evencirculation at all. may be of more interest if we jump north a little bit is the bay of bengal. development that might again cause a tropical cyclone.
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those thunderstorms are moving slowly north if they develop into something then something to watch. i think if nothing else happens rain will fall in the eastern side of the plateau in odicia and in bangladesh. it's not quite as cold as it was in delhi, those are the rains to watch in the bay of bengal. >> thank you very much. four years ago myanmar was in turmoil. what's in store for country in the coming year? france louie takes a look ahead at 2015. >> it's a very different myanmar now compared to pre-2010. in the past few years the country has been going through a transition. from military rule to civilian government. no longer considered a pariah
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state, everyone's been flocking back in. tourists and foreign investors. but for some the reforms don't go far enough. >> translator: it is true that myanmar has been changing. it's like a chameleon. slowly change its color. still the same creature. so i don't take that as real change. >> pan dai is a civil rights activist. military and armed ethnic group. her husband was taken into military custody and killed in october. the army says he was shot while trying to escape but his widow says his body bore signs of torture although an official qur
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inquiry does not show that. >> translator: the military to be aware. >> the military roished relinquished power in 2004. some analysts though say the country's path to reform has to be looked at in different terms. >> these measures are really becoming very difficult and complex because we are talking about two different types of reform processes and they are diverging, economic, political. >> foreign grants have poured in to help the government develop infrastructure improve health care and education. the response may not be as real
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as some had hoped but 2015 will be an important year for myanmar. that's when a general election will be held, new politicians could be in power. florence plowie, al jazeera myanmar. new year, new rules new reports on a law in california that could make life easier for undocumented migrants in 2015. plus how do you convert a baseball diamond to ice hockey rink? what problems to organizers face? we'll have all the options in sport.
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>> hello again and welcome back here. looking at the headlines here at al jazeera. suicide bombing in the western yemeni province of ibb. houthi backed fighters and al qaeda in horada. a resolution calling for israel to end its occupation of palestinian territories in 2017, failed by the u.n. security council. it needed nine votes to pass but only 8 votes for the resolution. at least seven bodies have been recovered from the java sea
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but bad weather is hampering efforts. a failure of a u.n. security council resolution. tell us more about this. given the knowledge that the u.s. would veto any vote that was passed, this was an effort to get a symbol of unity behind the palestinian cause but it failed, didn't it? >> yeah, the problem is that it's difficult for the palestinians to adhere to the expectations and requirements of the utters, because -- the united states because we followed the recommendations there and we did negotiate with israel for 21 years continuously, the last one was broked by john kerry everybody blamed israel for the failure of these negotiations and yet the united states is not doing anything to try bring its
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ally to comply with international legality. so the only way out for the palestinian leadership given that it is trying its best to avoid resorting to violence by palestinian groups, the only way out is to go to the international community, and to put them in front of their responsibilities of the need to help ending this illegal occupation to the palestinian territories. so whether the united states -- >> do you think it's a tactical error to try and push this vote through so fast? was that a mistake? >> i don't think so. because you know, these votes can't be guaranteed in advance. two states for example two members, were hesitant, decided to vote positively in the last municipal, and oneminute and one who decided to vote positively decided to abstain in the last minute. we have to remember that there has been tremendous pressure by the united states vis-a-vis its
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allies and countries that sometimes are dependent on the united states support. i think that this behavior of the united states will reflect negatively on the faith the palestinians have on the international system on the international legality on the united nations also we can't to a large extent -- >> if they have doubts of the eunt process thereunited nations process there is talk of the international criminal court isn't there? >> they will most likely go to other international agencies because the process is rather than one shot in the security council or here and there. palestinians decided to use the legal arena the international legal arena to try fight the illegal israeli occupation in order to end the situation.
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>> critical of mahmoud abbas. >> by hamas advocating violence and by abbas who is advocating diplomacy and legal methods. the failure in the security council will definitely play into the hands of the people who say it is only violence that israel can listen to. that is why the superpowers in the security council should try to take such internal dynamics into consideration when they decide on their voting and decisions. >> it is very good to see you thank you very much indeed for your perspective. >> thank you.
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>> gambia president out of the country at the time but he has returned action he against the perpetrators once he has returned home. >> reporter: there is gambia's president ya ya jambe. yet another coup against him has been foiled. ya ya's promise has been rest assured that the enemies of the people have been defeated and i will be returning immediately in order to oversee an investigation and to ensure that the perpetrators of this plot receive justice. >> the man who took over gambia 201220 years ago in a coupe a 29-year-old lieutenant at that
5:37 am
time. that in his world to rule gambia for a billion years, that is not the only thing he's capable of. al jazeera got real access to the reclusive leader in 2007. ya ya jame is a self-declared healer. his herbal positions are professed to have a cure for infertile women and even asthma. these clinics have a very serious side. many hiv patients have died after being advised to stop taking antiretroviral drugs. the leader has also pen accused of stifling free speech. he's shut down several newspapers and arrested those who dared to protest.
5:38 am
the u.k. has warned tourists after the latest failed coup attempt. the united states has condemned the ensuing violence. and then the president will be dispensing more stern justice against protesters. among herbal remedies and banana. al jazeera. alexei navalny has been sternly punished after trying to break house arrest. navalny was given a suspended sentence on tuesday. a korean authority has apologized for her earlier
5:39 am
behavior. harry fawcett has the story. >> she is been in custody in a room shared with four or five other people. will continue to live in a shared room. it represents a huge fall for someone of her extremely elevated status. the daughter of the head of a huge conglomerate which dominates a huge economy, a daughter of a senior staff of korean air all of this over a bag of nuts that were presented to her she says in a wrong way in the cabin of a korean jet in jfk airport. having the airplane turned around on the runway. the judge said that was a grave issue and a way they tried to
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cover up her involvement both of those things necessitated her to be put in custody. apologizing to the situation she has apologized for the text message but the situation has plenty more to run. police say a case of domestic violence, shot dead in edmonton. police discovered the alleged killer outside a restaurant in a nearby town. in the state ever idaho a mother has been accidently shot dead by her toddler.
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the incident happened in a walmart. police are investigating the incident. exodus began after 80 villagers were killed last week from borno fighters. the indian government has set up a camp for their relief. >> reporter: lalima bakshi has only her brother now. >> i was getting water just outside the village when i heard the gun shots at first i thought it was a fire cracker for christmas. then i went home to find my mother was on the ground. she had been shot. >> reporter: any other family members were killed. she escaped with her brother. everyone here has a similar story, a friend, neighbor family member killed in their village. an impromptu school tries to
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bring back some normality for these children. almost all of them belong to the ethnic arivasi tribe targeted by a group of armed thoirng ethnic boros. these people now rely on aid trucked in. >> opposition against extremists have been an ongoing phenomenon. perhaps it's not possible to deploy adequately the security forces. >> reporter: the problem goes back to the decades-old demand for a prat boro land. most groups of peaceful and want boro land as separate entity
5:43 am
within india. this analyst says the fact that the group is small is the reason behind the attack. >> this group wants a sovereign country for boro people. >> the ari vasi are worried the violence will continue. violence is an ongoing issue here. officials say they will keep extra security in the area but until the permanent threat is gone they won't feel safe. >> still ahead on the newshour, in sport we'll tell you why the anniversary celebrations were muted.
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t the journalists live. >> now, then every year thousands of subsaharans make their way to more morocco. >> he set off from mali. three years later ishmael remains stranded in more morocco. >> being an immigrant is not
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easy. >> like ishmael thousands of subsaharan immigrants make their way to morocco. a razor wire fence now runs all along the border area. most of the african immigrants have already tried reach europe. the fence is slowing down the flow but not stopping it. and now the european union is putting pressure on the government here to open up camps for african immigrants to be deported back to morocco. the eu has poured millions of dollars into morocco to clamp down on those trying to sneak into europe. >> the eu has been trying for several years now they do that through financial and economic aid. by handing that out many the eu
5:47 am
pressures countries like morocco to do their dirty job. many like soko kruma were immediately sent back. rights groups such as amnesty international. >> i lived for one year hiding in the forest. each month i tried who two or three times to cross over into spain. now it's not possible and i'm stuck here. >> reporter: recently the government has adopted a policy paving its way to settle in morocco and stop the massive deportimmigration to europe. their dream is still to make it one day to europe.
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al jazeera rabat. >> new year will issue in a new law. the u.k. is tightening up its smoking ban. lighting up in public places has been illegal since 2007, and smoking in cars will be banned in tbrean. in 2015. the new law will allow women to run in municipal elections. in california, life will be easier for undocumented migrants. as rob reynolds reports advocates believe it will make it safer for everyone who travel on california's highways. >> living and working in southern california's cities, it
5:49 am
is hard to get around without a car. but undocumented immigrants are wary of getting a license risking being deported level in california illegally. >> once they need to show a proof of immigration status, they'll just drive not necessarily knowing the rules of the road. what to do at a stoplight who gets the right-of-way at a turn. >> now a new law allows california undocumented immigrants to get a license after passing a test. at the center for human rights legal aid in los angeles immigrants rights advocates are preparing to help thousands of people take their drivers license test. >> our people are very excited because they have been waiting
5:50 am
for this for more than 20 years here in california. >> offices of the department of motor vehicles are bust bustling. california is the 10th state to plelz driver's legalize licensing for undocumented residents. california police agencies say the new law will prevent accidents and save lives. >> we hope people will get out there and get their drivers licenses making them safe behind the wheel now i'm driving illegally legally i have less
5:51 am
to contend with. >> rob reynolds, al jazeera, los angeles. >> wall collapsed at a salt factory in chicago. police say that warm air collapsed because the salt inside was piled too high. all right now it's time for sports and farrah is here. >> thank you so much nick. 2014 is reaching its conclusion, bringing an end to world cup and let's start with a highlighted february for libya's football. leaving to russia where sochi hosted the winter olympics in february while some of the preparations were very last-minute. the host came out on the top of
5:52 am
the medals table with 13 golds. in 2014 the story was donald sterling he was removed from the head of the l.a. clippers. after making racist comments. 20 to nothing thrashing before they beat argentina in the final. although fifa may want to forget 2014 scandal over a the cups, an potential has resigned. death sparking emotional tributes across the cricket world and at his funeral at
5:53 am
home. >> we must dig in and get through to tea. and we must play on. so rest in peace my little brother, i'll see you out this the middle. >> other tragedies struck in formula 1 in october when a crash during a japanese grand prix left 25-year-old driver jules bianchi in critical condition. he will begin reaching therapy is unconscious but breathing unaided. his family says he is continuing to fight. >> jim harbaugh has been officially revealed as the new head coach of the university of michigan. came very close to their sixth
5:54 am
super bowl title, san francisco 49ers, but lost to his older brother who coaches the baltimore ravens. he was formerly the star quarterback at the university of michigan. >> i have to tell you i have thought about that, dreamed about that since the time i was a young lad nine, ten years old. and throughout adult life. dreamed about coaching at michigan. and now it's time to live that. >> in the nba the atlanta hawks beat the cleveland caf leers cavaliers. lebron james. still struggling with a knee injury. paul milsap helped fend off a come back, atlanta going on to win 109 to 101.
5:55 am
the winter classic has become one of the most popular events on the nhl calendar. the 8th edition will be held on new year's day. the baseball home of the washington nationals is being converted but mild conditions has made setting ice difficult. >> this mobile unit built for the national hockey league especially for an event like this. it has 300 tons of refrigeration. we'll push water through this at about 12 to 1500 gallons a minute. >> the net is for the panthers to tie the game up and turn into overtime and eventually shootout. only goal in the shootout, the
5:56 am
canadians have now won seven of the last eight games. nashville's shea weber scored twice to lead the predators to a 3-1 win. nashville is within a point of clinching the nhl league. that's all for sports now back to you nick. >> we'll see you later farrah. >> the year of 2014 has indeed been tumultuous. we leave you now with some of the biggest stories that shaped our world. ♪ ♪
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