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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> welcome to this news hour. our top stories. mahmood abbas signs a treaty to join the international criminal court. 30 people are killed in a suicide attack. almost 1 husband migrants abandoned by smugglers on a congo ship are rescued by the italian coast guard. and more than a million people gather to watch sydney's fireworks.
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if you agree raise your hands. those were the words of the palestinian leadership as they signed a treaty applying to join the international criminal court. it was one of over 20 treaties signed by mahmood abbas following the rejection of the draft resolution for an end to israeli occupation. in a moment we'll have reaction from editor james bays. what has been the reaction there? >> well, a bold move after a very disappointing day. several international treesies, including the rome statute. this is very significant because it effectively starts the palestinians down the road of
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joining the international criminal court. that's something that they suggested for years now that they wanted to do. now predictbly theville are very angry at it. benjamin netanyahu saying, quote, the palestinians have more to fear from the icc than the israelis do. this is significant. the icc would effectively allow the palestinians to press war crime charges against the israelis. the israeli prime minister saying effectively that they would do the same to the palestinians. so this, information as we've been saying is a very bold move by the palestinian president mahmood abbas but already we're hearing an awful lot of anger coming from the israelis. >> it's been the celebration for the 50th anniversary, what can you tell us how people are feel
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feeling there. first you have the failed bid for palestinian state. you have the security council and now this application to join the icc. how would you describe the sentiment over that? >> it's been a rollercoaster of the day. it's been 50 years of the fattah movement. the palestinian liberation movement, and there was a bit of a shadow cast over that celebration, if you will. the crowd was not as large as people had expected. still, people said they were determined to move forward. this was not the end of the palestinian cause. and only moments after word came out, and those international treaties, we heard fireworks going off. in the past hour we heard
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celebratory gunfire, it's clear that many palestinians are happy about this move. they want their leadership to be muscular, to go forward to fight their cause and join the international criminal court. >> thanks very much. let's now speak to al jazeera diplomatic editor james bays. why this bid why does it matter? what is the strategic shift on the part of the palestinians? >> this is something that the palestinians have been talking about doing for a very long time. israel and the u.s. have been trying to warn them not to do it. ultimately we could see things that have happened on the territory of palestine. some legal questions here. what are we talking about? probably the 1967 palestinian coming before the international criminal court potentially a war
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crimes trial. both israelis and palestinians, who have committed crimes, or accused of committing crimes could find themselves in the dock. >> what happens next in this process to join the icc? is it expected to run smoothly? >> well, it's quite a long and complex process. the first stage is the signing that has now happened of the rome statute. that is someone that you know, the secretary general of the united nations ban ki-moon. he must decide whether to accept this treaty that's been signed by mahmood abbas. it might take time to take a look at that. but he can be guided by the u.n. general assembly. and if we want to put it to a vote with we're sure they will
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favor that sort of vote. once he accepts the treaty that's come from mahmood abbas and that seems to be down the line of what is going to happen, then it takes 60 days. it's the first day of the first month after 60 days after it was given to ban ki-moon. this comes in to force. either the first of march or the first of april. i have to say that palestinian is covered by icc jurisdiction. it doesn't start a case, a case would have to be started by the u.n. security council they're not going to do that. the u.s. would veto by the chief prosecutor of the icc or by palestine itself. so president abbas has a second time, a second stage to this process. we can actually ask for an investigation into a specific time period. >> james bays, our diplomatic editor in london. thank you. meanwhile in the opened occupied west bank a home was set on fire. a family with young children was
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asleep when two attackers threw a fire bomb inside. no one was injured. to yemen now where suicide attacks left more than 30 people dead. explosions and gunfire have been reported near the main hospital of ib where the attack took place. we have reports now from the capitol of sanaa. >> reporter: the suicide movement worked through the city of ib and detonated the explosives belt. leaving dozens of people dead. bodies were scattered all over. it was the gathering of the howes to celebrate the birth of prophet mohammed. there was chaos anger and fear. some survivors were rushed to hospital. this attack is one of the strongest against the houthi since they took over thecy of ib in november. >> what happened today was a terrorist act carried out by terrorist groups. the targeted celebration gathering for the prophet top
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local officials are present. >> the group's military and political power is rising. they started to control different provinces in yemen since july, and in september they swept through the capitol unopposed. now they control nine provinces. many believe that the houthis are facing tough times too. and with that, the fighters have clashed with the fighters killing dozens. al-qaeda and some tribes with the war of attrition to weaken the group. but the group remains undeterred. they sign the peace deal with the government in september to disarm, but that never happened. now the loyalists are in
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government positions. there are plans tober grate to integrate their fighters in government forces. >> critics warn this is the beginning of building a state. with the houthis in charge. >> a congo ship carrying a thousand migrants has been brought to port with the italian cores guard. it appears to be abandoned in rough seas by people smugglers. >> reporter: the italian coast guard took control in the cargo vessel. on board they found 170 desperate migrants mostly from syria and iraq, but no sign of the crew.
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after three days of terrible weather it was left on its own bound for the italian coast. the italian navy brought the ship in with the my grand including women and children were brought ashore. the migrants have now been processed in this school by italian authorities who are overstretched at the sheer scale of the latest migrant incident. most of these people are from syria and iraq. they all speak of the terrible conditions that they've endoored on board this cargo ship. some were on board for nine days and the journey cost anywhere between six and $9,000 for each person. scared of showing their faces they painted a grim picture of their voyage. >> you know,
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. >> he is from aleppo in syria. >> it was a very bad trip because the ship was very old. and very--very dirty, and very very--very noisy. i can't tell you what the roof--when the rain broke the roof dropped on the ship. the floor--water. there is no carpet. no nothing. no toilet, no nothing. >> later the migrants will be bussed to holding centers big enough to deal with the numbers
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involved. italian authorities say that they picked up more than 2,000 migrants in their waters in the last ten days alone. all part of the ongoing traffic of desperate people seeking sanctuary from war and the chance of a better life in europe. simon mcgregor wood, al jazeera, southern italy. >> the last group of survivors from a ferry that caught fire off the greek coast three days ago were brought to shore in italy. 13 people died. italian prosecutors have ordered a criminal investigation into the fire. the ship itself is being towed to port of brindisi. much more to come, kurdish forces are accused of kidnapping a teenage girl and forcing her into combat. how changing the laws can make life easier in california.
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and in sport a premier league owner has been banned from football for six weeks. >> promising reconciliation, security and economic development. >> he has been partial to the political landscape for half a just. the supporters, the veteran politician offers a steady experienced hand through difficult times. >> today we turn to the page of competition and the wrangling it has engendered.
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>> some two nissans are worried that it will allow the return of controversial figures from the past. he served on the toppled president, he has not been tainted by that association. he was a successful transitional prime minister right after the revolution. some people say tunisia is divided between secularist and islamists. but the economic division between the richer coastal regions and the poorer interior areas like here. this was the birthplace of the revolution more than four years ago. but it had one of the lowest turn out of voters in the election. many tunisians are frustrated by what they call the broken promises of the revolution. something that the new president says he wants to tackle. >> there is no future without consensus among political parties and members of civil society. >> reconciliation is important.
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the party needed and also won the parliament election, but it does not have enough seats to form a government alone. there is talk of coalition with its rivals. for democracy campaigners the tunisian people are the real winners. there has been a change of president and government without the violence of other april spring countries. for the first time in so many years tunisians are hopeful about their future. al jazeera. >> well, expressing hope that tunisia will remain stable during it's transition. >> i think tunisian history is always quite different. peaceful.
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also if he wants to compare, the islamists are always portrayed as more moderate than the others around but also they are always looking at consensus because we have that debate. there was always calls for compromise and always some groups in between trying to make people get closer, the things we didn't see in tunisia we have the labor union. we have civil society playing the role of bridge between the two polarized sites. i think the history and reality of tunisian society made things quite different from the countries around.
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>> there is certainly differences, but also some similar airties when you think about mr. ipsye himself. he's 88 years old, and he there are fierce that his presidency could prove to be a set back for tunisia. how fragile a moment is this in. >> there is actually. mr. essebsi served. as minister of interior he has also served during the revolution and he had some acquisitions in his political career where he did agree. so we have the two, the risk is
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there, and we've seen behaviors that we thought were forgotten from the police, from the judiciary system. coming back as if we're still under dictatorship. but what we've gained over the last several years is the civil society, a population that is more involved in politics, not willing to give up it's rights. we are journalists and other media players who have gained freedom and possibilities over the last few years. there will be a lot of opposition in case there is a return to dictatorship. hope is there for the new year there is a lot of hope for this country and the region around. >> police in iraq say 12 soldiers have been killed in an attack by isil fighters. the violence is said to have taken place in a town south of
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fallujah. several people are thought to have been injured. the family of a teenage girl in syria is accusing kurdish forces of kidnapping her and forcing her to become a child soldier. >> reporter: the 15-year-old should be home helping to care for her disabled mother. instead, kurdish forces kidnapped her and now she's a soldier. soldiers walk through the town, calling kurdish forces criminals and demanding the freedom. the kurds deny snatching her. last year kurdish forces officially banned the recruitment of people under the age of 18. and demobilized 149 child soldiers. but children are still finding their way to the battlefield.
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>> i was hit by a fighter bomber on my first day. i'm used to it now. no more fear. >> human rights watch says all opposition groups in syria are aggressively recruiting minors. and they need to stop accepting children to the front lines. >> i thought it was fighting when i was 13-14 and i'm still carrying on. >> a spokesman with kurdish forces tells al jazeera they faced great resistence when they prohibited children from fighting. loyalty to the kurdish cause and lack of opportunities have inspired young people to serve. but this battle-weary teenager is now a battled veteran. >> i would like to resume my studies and have a normal life. >> they
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>> saudi arabia's king abdullah has been admitted to the hospital for medical tests. the 19-year-old is at the medical city in riyadh. in some parts of indonesia festivities have been canceled or toned down to pay respect to the you're arab crash. the first bodies from the flight have arided from arrived. >> reporter: they were welcomed at the airport the first two bodies of the victims of the airasia crash of december 28th. that weather has been hampering the tefrpb. >> the transport of the bodies from the ship to the mainland is very difficult. that's why the ship has come to the harbor, which is a much more time-consuming process than evacuating them by helicopter. >> a very tragic movement.
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three days after they had departedparted from sing poor their bodies returned here. many more have yet to be recovered. our respect for the victims and the relatives the government has asked the people to tone down their new year's eve celebrations. >> in east java all new year festivities are canceled and we'll pray instead. for those left behind so they can accept this terrible loss. >> relatives of the victims held their own ceremony at the airport. some still hoping for a miracle. prayers also for better weather conditions from the crash site.
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so the recovery process can be speeded up, and the victims can be reunited with their grieving families. al jazeera. >> a tropical storm in the philippines has left 53 people dead in landslide and flash floods. 130,000 have fled their homes taking refugee in community shelters. eight people are still missing. thousands of volunteers in malaysia are desperately trying to get supplies to flood victims. at least 17 people have died, eight others are missing. more than 100,000 are seeking shelter. aid agencies have been overwhelmed with private donations. some people are returning to their homes to survey the damage. >> this is one of the worst affected areas in the floods. authorities say that 70% of the town was underwater over the
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last few days in fact, the water reached 35 meters high in some places. that's as tall as an electricity pole. now the floodwaters have receded. this is the first time that families have had a chance to come home and really survey the damage that their properties have incurred. you can see houses have toppled one on top of the other on the streets there are people who have just up unloaded all their household items all on the treats. at least 40,000 people in this area have been affected by the floods. there is no water and electricity supply here, and many of the people need immediate housing. temporary housing because they simply cannot return to their homes and conditions that they are. the rebuilding of this community, authorities say it
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could take many many months. it's a game heartbreaking way to bring in the new year. >> celebrations throughout asia and the pacific as people welcomed 2015. as we've seen in hong kong earlier, thousands gather to watch the fireworks. more than a million people gather in the sydney harbor in australia for the spectacular fireworks show there. and in pyongyang there were fireworks display. wherever you are in the world al jazeera wishes you a happy new year. >> still to come for you on the program. [ gunfire ] >> 13 years 1 trillion-dollar and thousands of lives. we look at the combat mission in afghanistan. plus the ultimate purveyor
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of pop. why andy warhol is relevant. and we look at the instruction to beat the opposition a little too literally. we'll have details of that later in sport. >> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> its disgraceful... the only crime they really committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people...
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>> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy let the journalists live.
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>> pain killer addiction on the rise >> i loved the feeling of not being in pain >> deadly consequences >> the person i married was gone >> are we prescribing an epidemic? >> the last thing drug companies wanted anybody to think was that, this was a prescribing problem >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... award winning investigative documentary series...
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opioid wars only on al jazeera america >> welcome back. you're watching the al jazeera news hour. let's take you to the top stories. palestinian president mahmood abbas has joined treaties to join the international criminal court. it follows a failed attempt of statehood at the security council. in yemen more than 30 people have been killed in attacks following houthi fighters. and a ship carrying a thousand migrants has arrived after beg rescued by the italian coast guard. most of them are from syria. the ship's crew has disappeared.
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>> i'm joined by mohammed in washington, d.c. he was involved in the oslo accords in the 1990's. good to have you with us. president obama abbas pushing ahead with memberships of organizations, how significant of a policy shift is this on the part of the palestinians? >> well, first of all. let me say president mahmood abbas and his administration has failed. since 1993 he was the one who orchestrateed the oslo agreements. since then nothing has moved forward for the palestinians. the israelis have built more settlements, and killed more palestinians than ever ever.
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it was symbolic, and he was not able to get his friends, the americans and israelis, who he has served for the past maybe nine years. he served them, and he did anything they wanted from him and they offered him but a veto at the u.n. security council. so joining the icc or any of these international organizations is not going to get the palestinians people any closer to achieving independence. >> there is great expectation that that resolution would necessarily pass. there are despite what you say there are palestinians voices advocateing member saying that it can be one way of increasing international pressure on israel. >> well, the acquisition of palestinian land and the bombing of thousands of people did not move the international community, let's assume that the
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community will stand with the palestinians. that's not going to get the palestinians any close for achieving their dream of an independent palestinian state or even an one-state solution. what is needed here is the world community israel that "s" applying force on the palestinian land, and israel must leave the palestinian land and acknowledge the palestinian people next to them. >> do you think it could be one step even if it's one step to that palestinian leaders have spoken for a long time about pursueing wartime crimes against israel. now they can present alleged war crimes against israel and really put that in the international spotlight. it would be some form of accountability, if you like. would that not make a difference? >> well, it makes a difference for the people who committed the
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crimes. they will stop traveling abroad, and they will stay in the palestinian land, and nothing else will happen. what is it going to give other than maybe give hard time to the people who committed the crimes. the criminals. the criminals is the israeli army, soldiers and the people who gave the order to kill palestinians. this is not as i said earlier this is not going to help the palestinians achieve their aspiration for an independent palestinian state. that's why the palestinians should withdraw from the negotiating with israel along the lines of giving to israel without getting anything in return. they need to go back to the drawing table to the oslo agreement, and let israel implement what it grayed with the palestinian people. if the americans and the israelis decide they do not want to implement any of these agreements then leave it to the people. let mahmood abbas resign, the
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nailed palestinian leadership resign, and let the young people let them deal with the occupation. >> just a thought from you is that realistic? is any of that likely to happen? >> well, if it's very realistic because mahmood abbas is not able to achieve anything for the palestinian people, and its time for him to move on and let the future generation, who is going to live in the future decades own the land of palestinian where the israelis are still opening their land, let them deal with it. let them make the decisions and let the future generations of the refugees decide if they want to give up and give in to the israeli demands of keeping them out, resist, have peaceful demonstrations that force israel to deal with yasser arafat before. let's have a peaceful civil
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disobedience where we force israel and the international community to deal for a real solution to the middle east problems. >> good to get your reaction. thank you. the 13-year combat mission of nato in afghanistan is officially ending at midnight on news year eve. a group of french soldiers handing responsibility to a turkish unit. the turks will remain in place to support afghan forces. fighting continues across the country. >> reporter: in 2007, nato had been in the joint for six years. nato troops walk a delicate line in a country suspicious of strangers.
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>> to show the locals that we're not here to hurt them or harm them. >> another part of the nato mission was to get rid of the poppy crops. the opium business employed more afghans than security forces. training the police became a focus for nato in 2010. while there are 375 forces there is a struggle. >> nearly 3500 nato forces have been killed. nato forces have been keeping track since 2005. since then, many afghan civilians have died. and 13 policemen and soldiers die every day. >> one of the biggest killers is
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ieds the nato withdraw makes it harder for afghans to defend against them. >> we do not have enough equipment to try to get rid the ieds, and give early warning but still we're doing better, but the sued attacks the ieds are against us. >> marking the end of a formal nat toe combat mission but they say the fighting isn't over. >> until america and the west completely leave afghanistan, as long as the forces are in our country we will continue fighting. >> the afghans bear the brunt of that fighting, not only do the security forces need more
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training many of the police are heroin users. >> this year the taliban has taken large parts of the country across afghanistan, and alqaida is reestablishing its training camps in the east. nato's combat role may be ending but it's mission is far from accomplished. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. >> we spoke to the ambassador in pakistan, he urged a political solution to the conflict. >> the fighting will continue. this is the other strategy for afghanistan to continue fighting
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fighting. there will be more wars today. we are witness to that because that won't solve the problem. the politics is the solution. not the military. >> pakistani army say it has killed 23 fighters in the northwest of the country. they were killed in airstrikes in north waziristan, and four of their shelters were also destroyed. gambia's president said that a coup attack was foiled. he was out of the country at the
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time. the master behind hyped that is mastermind behind the attack attack. >> this is where the coup started. this is where gambian dis dis disdidn'ts are armed. every time there is an attempt to regime change in gambia, there is a resurgence in violence and killings in the country. human rights organizations accuse him of enforced disappearances orchestrated killings orders against anyone who questions his orders.
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for those who fear his next step, there is only one way out. it is through this senegal border. >> people have been killed on a bus in nigeria. it happened in the northeast of the country. the region is the scene of regular attacks by the armed group boko haram. christian leaders in ghana are calling for prayer camps in the country. some have been accused of taking advantage of the vulnerables. >> this is action worldwide prayer accounts. apart from the few dollars visitors can stay at this camp for free although donations are gratefully received. this woman came to the camp as an hiv patient. >> one day when we were praying they asked us to come together
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and pray for the blood of jesus. the heavens opened and the blood of jesus was flowing from jesus. it was as if i had been i had been given an injection. >> reporter: the dink was just symbolic, but after that experience she went back to the hospital and they say is she is no longer hiv positive. her daughter is also hiv free. she has been cast out of her community. >> somebody must be there to check security. someone must be there to check sanitation and make sure that human rights issues are done right, and then the churches themselves must monitor what has happened.
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>> christian groups say that the prayer counts are popular because they're fulfilling a need in society. people are looking for spiritual guidance and healing for so many different problems. they don't advertise, and there are no signs. but word of mouth alone brings 60 visitors a month. there is also no electricity or running water. the camp is run by husband and wife who call themselves the prophetter. >> others are delivered, others may not. i want to say that they have to change their mindset. >> some prayer camps others say they need social and health experts oh to help. >> nine people have been killed in canada's alberta province in
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what police call was a case of domestic violence. and in the u.s. state of idaho a woman was accidently shot dead by her two-year-old son. the toddler pulled a handgun from her mother's purse, which went off in a walmart. the u.s. state of california is said to have the nation's highest number of illegal immigrants. driving without property documentation is one of the causes of deportation. but immigrants will now be eligible for a driver's license. >> living and working in southern california's cities it's difficult to get by without a car. but drivers among the 2 million undocumented immigrants in california are weary wary of
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getting government licenses. >> once people find out they need to show prove of immigration status, that they're here illegally, once they don't have that, they don't have a license, they'll drive and not necessarily knowing the rules of the road. >> now new state law allows undocumented residents to get a license after taking the standard driving test. the law clues a guarantee that california law enforcement agency also not report undocumented drivers to federal immigration authorities in case of a traffic spot. at the center for human rights legal aid in los angeles immigrants rights advocates are preparing to help thousands of people take their driver's license test. >> our people are very excited because they've been waiting for this for more than 20 years in california. >> offices of the state department of motor vehicles are
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bustling. california is the tenth u.s. state to legalize driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants but it is an important move because california has more undocumented immigrants than any other state. other states with long immigrants population like arizona prohibit undocumented residents from getting licenses. california police agency say that the new law will prevent accidents and save lives. >> we hope that people will get out there and get their driver's license, get educated with the rules of the road, and that way it will in turn make them safe behind the wheel knowing that okay now that i'm driving legally, i have less to worry about being pulled over by the police. >> reporter: that likely means all californians will have a safer new year. al jazeera los angeles. >> well, staying in the u.s. some drivers got quite a surprise after a wall collapsed at a salt factory in chicago.
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the avalanche of salt crushed the tops of cars and buryied three vehicles at a neighboring dealership. the wall may have collapsed because the salt inside was piled too high. still to come to you in sports 30,000 runners gather up for the race in brazil. robin has more in in a moment >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn
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>> andy warhol was one of america's most celebrated
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artist and also the most media savvy. it shows in the digital age he's more relevant than ever. we have reports now from the english city of liverpool. >> reporter: instant recognition, iconic images that define the second half of the 20th century. american artists andy warhol was the force behind the idea of popular art pop art. popular but not all the concepts are cheerful. the silk screen prints of marilyn monroe created after her death in 1962 convey a sense of mortality fading out of color. the electric chair from. [♪ singing ♪] singsing prison. before andy warhol found forture as an artist he designed covers of albums, book, magazines anything to pay his rent. he always maintained a
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commercial side. he made tv ad for a new york restaurant and expanded into just about every media. >> his art was already circulating in mass media. and then he was making major popular iconic words but he was pulling books producing tv shows. >> attracted by infinite reproduction of images channeled to popular art. his show in the 80's in new york was a wacky mix of fashion music and even exercise. the new york sociallite edie sedgewick was part of the factory. created in 1986 just one year before warhol died from complicationed after routine
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surgery. warhol's images and pop art form he helped to create made modern art much more accessible. insureing the 15 minutes of fame he predicted. al jazeera liverpool england. >> here he is with all the sport. robin. >> thank you very much. chairman of major league premier league club banned by comments made until officials are satisfied he is not racist. tony pulis is the new manager. pulis formerly managed stoke city could be in the stands in
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the match against west ham. 18-month loan moved after the spanish striker passed his medical. he would trend on tuesday. torres made 214 appearances and scored 84 goals. torres signed with milan. and while torres is on the verge verge, the russian national team coach has not been paid any of his $11 million a year salary since june. the russian football union has been hit by financial problems and with a slide in the valley of the ruble, they missed their own deadline of paying the italian coach. college football coach is being
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dismissed after a video showing him of hitting players on the opposing side. michael richardson hit a player during the liberty bowl. he was hit in the back of the head and pushed another. richardson who played before a spine injury ended his career has now been fired. the atlanta hawks who without their star player, lebron james was celebrating his birthday still struggling with a knee injury. atlanta was leading by the end of the first half holding off the come back. the barcelona the only non-stop around the world event officially under way. these are the teams setting sale on a journey that is expected to
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last 90 days. they'll cover 93 nautical miles in south africa they'll make it back to barcelona sometime around march. dominating the road race in brazil 30,000 competitorrers to part in the 15 kilometer race through sao paulo. >> well, 2014 has reached its conclusion already in some parts of the world bringing to the end the world cup and olympic year. it was also one filled with controversy and sadness in the world of sports. let's start with highlights. libya claimed it's first ever title as the african nation
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championship. they clenched 13 gold medals, the story of the year in the nba. that man donald sterling, removed as owner of the los angeles clippers after being recorded of making racist comments. the pick for us, germany's thrashing to go on to win the final. fifa may want to forget 2014 overshadowed by the controversy in the bidding process for both the 2018 and 2022 world cups. investigator michael garcia has since resigned. of course, we might remember that tragedy struck in november when an at this point lip hughes
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died after being struck. for more go to our website at and details of how you can interact with the team on twitter and facebook as well. >> happy new year to you. now from the vents in isil to the war in gaza, 2014 has been a tumultuous year. we look at the biggest stories that shaped our world. [music]
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>> a day after his resolution was rejected palestinian president signs a treaty to join the international criminal court. >> hello there you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. a suicide-bomber attacks a shia rebel gathering in the city of ib killing more than 30. abandoned at sea italy rescues almost 1,000 migrants left adrift by smugglers in the mediterranean. some


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