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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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an egyptian appeals court orders a retrial in the case against three jailed al jazerra journalists. ♪ ♪ hello, i am martin dennis with the world news from al jazerra. also to come, a stampede at a new year's celebration in shanghai, 35 people are reported dead. north korea's leader kim jong un says he's open to talks with south korea. ♪ ♪ the celebrations around the world as 2015 begins.
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♪ ♪ but first an appeals court in cairo has ordered a retrial in the case against three imprisoned al jazerra journalists. the court of cass saying was unable to grants bail for the three because it legally is not able to do so. however the court has canceled the jail sentences handed down to the three last sum her. mohammed far me, peter greste and ba mar mohamed were convicted of broadcasting false news and helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood a charge al jazerra denies. here say reminder of case, they were arrested in cairo on december 29th 2013. after a trial they were sentenced in june, peter and mohamed to seven years in jail, bahar 10 years. the trial and sentencing has been condemned around the world.
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in october the authorities in cairo announced judicial review, with a hearing of the case on january 1st. earlier this week vigils were held to mark one year since their arrest. well professor from the middle in. he joins us on set in doha. first of all your reaction to the fact that a retrial has been ordered. >> i think from the beginning what happened was basically a political action on the law context. basically the authorities in egypt after the coup decided those three journalists were doing something against the new regime in 2003. now going to all of these stages coaching the point that we have to review basically their decision that was a normal state. and that court basically. >> is this an indication as a retrial has now been ordered is
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this an indication that the court of cassation has found the original try process was flawed? or the sen telephoning was sentencing was flawed? there were two separate stages. >> i think both. the sentence and the procedure itself. again, the whole case, you know, comes in the political context of egypt. and basically everything was up normal if you want to call it. so basically the court now is saying, you know, everything should be revised according to the law basically. >> and therefore the ball falls in the court of president sisi because if the politics of the time of course which he has distanced himself personal from, if they are the factor that led to the imprison think of our three journalists now surely the
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politics can turn it around. >> absolutely. again this is a case which has emerge million dollars a political context. basically now with the debate about reintroducing the sisi i would say political system now to the world trying to reconciliate with qatar and other countries. this is the country -- i think the government of egypt find themselves in a situation that they have to consider all of those elements today in the court. >> it this has been a very, very damaging case hasn't it for the reputation not only of egypt as a judges are country as a new young democracy but also of president sisi. >> absolutely. there was a lot of criticism from the states, the european nations and i think we remember the statement of obama when he speaks that the journalists should be released immediately. there was strong criticism to it the system, the political system which specifically dealing and
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handling the i can you of journalists generally and the al jazerraal journalists in particular. >> because it also has to be remembered, doesn't it, that a more -- there is a more broader aircraft more broader approach coming from the central political authorities and that is to curtail freedom of speech. many critics have pointed out that journalism in egypt is definitely under threat. >> yes. of course there was a lot of indication last year that, you know media, there is no freedom. there was no free media in egypt. egypt has been surrounded by a lot of criticism. you know, been demonized by local media so basically there was no voice but the voice of the government. the voice of pro-government journalists. any journalist of any media outlet would be out of that, you know, it would be marginalized. there was a lot of i would say mar jillmarginmarginal ionization
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and obstacles to lift what's happening in egypt last year. >> the recent coming out of president sisi he has undertaken international visits he's been to europe, notably to the vatican as well as -- [ inaudible ] [speaking at the same time] >> yes, in italy as well. do you expect the international pressure or condemnation that has arisen as a result of that case that is registered with him and that he wants to make this right. >> yeah, there is speculation after one year now and a lot of doubts about the legality of the trial. about the motivation behind all of this, i think this is the time where they can fix that, that decision made previously. and i think internationally script comes from different
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directions. indicated that the government in egypt have to respond to that. now, the question will be today to how, you know, to how -- i would say extends what the government will be. free them or just actually, you know going through a newly, you know, trial again. so there will be i am sure there will be a result of this pressure, but i am not sure about the -- that level of response from egyptian government yet. >> all right. for now through very much indeed. >> thank you. >> thank you for talking us through the breaking news because it's only been within the last 10 minutes or so that we have learned that a retrial has been ordered but for now thank you very much indeed. of course we'll keep you right up-to-date with the news coming out of egypt regarding the case of our three journalists, but in the meantime we'll have a look at some other news, it's been a rather tragic start to 2015 for china, at least 35 people died in a stampede in shanghai v as lawrence looi now reports.
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>> a night of revel are you quickly turned say chaotic. the injured lie on the ground. the stampede started just before midnight. police are still investigating the cause. >> translator: we were downstairs and wanted to move up. those who were upstairs wanted to move down, we were pushed down by the people coming from above. all of those trying to move up fell down on the stairs. >> reporter: local media say witnesses reported seeing coupons being thrown in to the crowd, they look like dollar bills. pictures of the coupons have appeared on social media. it's a popular spot in the city with restored old buildings and mayo streets a new year's eve laser display had been planned here the one in 2013 had attract some 300,000 people. but a week ago the local government canceled the show,
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the official reason, to improve traffic flow. but it's hard to cancel tradition. this is a place of gathering for major events, people went there anyway apparently in the thousands. it's not clear what kind of crowd control measures in were place, but it seems whatever it was, it wasn't enough. florence looi, al jazerra bayne beijing. at least 26 people have been killed in afghanistan after a rocket mistakenly hit a wedding reception. the victims are all women and children. jennifer glass has the story. >> reporter: afghan civilians caught in the middle again. afghan government forces and the taliban were fighting when a rocket foal a house crowded with party goers. >> translator: the rocket struck a wedding party. almost two dozen people have been moved to the hospital so far and more are on the way.
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>> reporter: all this just hours after nato's combat mission officially ended. evidence the war isn't over. the fighting has been fierce all year. the taliban control much of the countryside. it's a similar story in the east. the afghan army says it can't move more than a few kilometers from its bases because of the taliban. it says al jazerra is rebuilding its training camps on the mountain tops nearby. all signals of a difficult year ahead for a country asserting its sovereignty. >> and the afghan president has been speaking to the security forces as they take over from nato. jennifer glass is in kabul for us. and what did he have to say? because this is another indication of how big of a battle the afghan national forces have in front of tell. >> reporter: that's right martine a forceful speech by the
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president in a ceremony still going on at the presidential palace celebrating the fact that afghan security forces have taken overcontrol of security for the country, that will happen about 12 hours ago when the nato mandate ended. the president con garage congratulated the african security forces and made promises to them, programs using the local ranking soldiers that they would all skip up a rank, promising them accommodation as well as education. the he also talked a warn to go his neighbors no to interfere in afghanistan's business, a coded warning to pakistan, he said all terrorism is bad terrorism and afghan children deserve the same rights as children in pakistan and children anywhere in the world. and basically peace in afghanistan meant piece in the region no one can drown
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afghanistan he got very emotional when he said that. he addressed afghan women saying no one has suffered more than afghan women and called on them to raise their voices in support of peace he thanked the coalition for its sacrifices and said the coalition forces have gone home but afghan still afghanistan is till not save they are still losing children. >> key to the success of afghanistan as an independent state is the capability of comprehension iscompetencies of their forces. we heard of a wedding blast today killing women and children. >> reporter: that's right. again, civilians often bear the brunt of this terrible, terrible fighting still going on. but the afghan security forces are struggling against a resurgence taliban, they are losing about 13 members of the security forces and police every day. those are funning numbers thousands have been injured. i was actually down at the
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hospital where those injured came just last week and i saw injured place many people have lost limbs really, really terrible wounds on many people. the president mentioned that in his speech today as well. as did other members of his security team praising the sacrifices the afghan security force have his made with the nato withdraw here they know they are losing a lot of the assets that help them fight the insurgency. notably air support which could help them especially in the difficult terrain of afghanistan, the mountainous terrain where a lot of the fighters against the government take shelter. intelligence as well as logistical support medical backup. all of those things making it a very very challenging year ahead for the afghan security forces celebrating their sovereignty today celebrating that they are in charge of security but knowing it's going check a difficult time. >> okay, thank you jennifer glass our correspondent live from kabul. still to come on the program. palestinian president mahmoud abbas moves to join the
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international criminal court. saving lives... >> how do you convince a big oil company to use this? techknow only on al jazeera america
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♪ ♪ our main story here at al jazerra is the court of cassation in egypt has accepted an appeal from the lawyers representing three jailed al jazerra journalists. mohamed fahmy peter guester guester guester and bahar mohamed will now be retried. al jazerra maintains the original trial was flawed and continues to demands their immediate release.
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well, the lawyers for our journalists have been speaking about the proceedings in the court of cassation. >> we have delivered our defense to the court. and the -- even the prosecute and all the defense asked to review the judgment, our main point that it's illegal to compliment the special court a special case. and this is against the justice against the rules of justice and against prosecution and against the previous judgment for the court of cassation itself. >> the court decided that the appeal is accepted and therefore there will be a retrial. >> reporter: what is your peck take for the seconds rounds? >> it's too early in the stage. i believe we have to discuss
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this matter with the defendants themselves and later on we shall see what will be the adequate steps to being taken thereafter. >> so there you are the latest developments then coming out of could i try today here at al jazerra. of course we are following every detail very closely and we'll keep you right up-to-date on the case of on you three journalists who are in prison. in the meantime we'll have a look at some other news and to north korea where the leader kim jong un has proposed high-level talks with the south during what is his traditional new year's speech. this comes if the at a time when relations are being closely watched harry few set paw few set few set reports. >> reporter: this time raising the stakes was with mention of a
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possible summit are his south korean opposite number. >> the atmosphere and environment is there. there is no reason not to have the highest level sum i we will make every effort. >> we have proved clearly how right it is that we support the values of late leaders strengthen our national defense based mainly on the nuclear deterrence and save the finances. the life of the country strongly. >> reporter: kim's offer follows a briefing on punished following thethe ministry. she promise today lead pyongyang towards trust and change and eventual reunification. she has consistently said that she would be willing to meet him
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but only if such a meeting would offer the prospect of real progress. no talks for talk sake. that said this year would carry extra symbolism for such a meeting. it's the 17th anniversary of the end of the second world way. if 2015 does see a sum i had, it would be the third aft earlier meetings in 2000 and 20007 between kim jong il and two different south korean presidents but getting to that stage would be fraught with difficulty. the main obstacle remains south korea wants to see the north take steps towards nuclear disarmament. pyongyang has committed itself towards the continuing development of nuclear weapons as a key national policy. harry few set, al jazerra seoul seoul. there have been two more more attacks in nigeria yeah, a campus struck in the town
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explosives were hiding in a bag and two bomb exploded. the israel i prime minister benjamin netanyahu has won the support of his party in primary elections and will lead the right wing party in to general elections in march. the israel i liters reported netanyahu has an overwhelming lead over his challenger. the united states is criticized the palestinian authority's bid to join the international criminal court as counter productive. the decision came a day after the u.n. security council rejected a resolution put forward by the palestinian leadership. in it, it was demanded that israel end its occupation by 20 stephen. from the occupied west bank a
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report. >> reporter: if you agree, raise your hand. that's what palestinian president mahmoud abbas said before signing the rome statute and nearly 20 other international conventions. >> translator: the first thing is for the i.c.c. we want to complain we are being assaulted and our lands are being attacked to every day. who do we complain torque the u.n. security council has let us down. where do we go? >> reporter: the next step for the palestinian leadership would appear to be to go to the internationalling criminal court to pursue war crime charges against israel. but many obstacles stands in the way of an i.c.c. investigation include the announcement by israel in september that they are already investigating their own actions. however, some see this as an important to the larger goal of statehood. >> we are confident on the long-term that the international community will get fed up with this last illegal occupation and
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will help the palestinians achieving their legitimate rights of freedom and independence. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has respond angrily to the move warning the pal palestinians have more to fear from the courts than israel. and the u.s. state department described it as counter production tim. u.s. officials have warns abbas in the past by joining theism c.c. the palestinian authority could face economic sanctions sanctions. there is a lot at stake here, they rely heavily on foreign aid for funding. if they are opposed it could weaken their shaky authority. but with so many palestinians fed up with the worse earning situation and the palestinian authority leadership losing its popularity a bold step needle to be taken, but where it will lead is less certain. al jazerra, in the occupied west
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bank. in indonesia more coffins carrying victims of the air asia plane crash have arrived for identification. the bodies were removed from the crash site by ship and then carried to land by helicopter. at least eight bodies have so far been recovered. now the flood waters in malaysia are receding after crippling the northeast of the country for more than a week. the northeastern town is one of the hardest hit areas. as ca relinquish ma reports many are returning to find their homes completely destroyed. >> reporter: she scrubs the few possession that his she has left behind her is a pile of rubble that used to be her home. 17 members of her family lived here including her six grandchildren.
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she said the boughter came without warning she had to flee seeking shelter in an empty house on higher ground. >> i worry about where we are going to live. we have food but no place to sleep. i can't keep living in that house, we can't live like this for long, when it rains we'll get wet. >> reporter: one of the worst affected areas in malaysia's state. 70% of the town was submerged. and in some places the water was almost 35 meters high. for days relief aid could not reach this community. waters are now slowly receding. revealing a trail of destruction. the army estimates that at least 40,000 people in this area have been affected by the floods. their priority is to deliver food medicine and emergency shelter to families who have nowhere to live. the army says it will need reinforcements to help rebuild this community.
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>> to tell you frankly with my experience. [ inaudible ] in the army, i have been so many times in the flood rescue but it's the first time that i have seen this is the biggest flood. it's more than a flood, i don't know whether i am right to use the word an in land tsunami. >> reporter: some people are trying to start over, but it will be many months before life can return to normal. al jazerra. now, new year is also the 56th anniversary of the revolution that brought fidel castro to power and of course ushered in communism. but the with the that that that thawing of u.s.-cuban relations many expect a that you. a report from havana. >> i am afraid we don't have that report at the moment. going look at some other news and hopefully we'll get that report from gabriel elizondo in
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just a little while but we can look at lithuania now because it's marking the new year by switching to a completely newer currency, going to the euro, making it the last baltic nation to adapt the european single currency. there were celebrations in the capital as it became the 19th country to join. lithuania hopes the move will increase trade and investment as well as boost its economy. all right, we can go back to the celebrations in cuba which as i mentioned are not just for the new year, but also for the anniversary of the revolution that brought fidel castro to power and of course communism. hoo certificate report from gabriel elizondo. >> reporter: january 1st celebrated in yuba as the start of fidel castro's socialist revolution when the then rebel with the disorderly beard rode
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notoriously with his band of revolutionaries of a the united states backed dictator failed. free healthcare and education but also more than a half century long embargo and isolation from the u.s. that left both governments stuck in a cold war stare down. >> in the end more than 50 years have passed passed and nobody las won with the blockade, not the u.s. and not us either. >> reporter: today there is a sort of evolution of the revolution. in correct years under fidel's brother, raul, cubans could open small businesses, travel without government permission and be more connected even if internet at home still widely banned. if cuba's' form of socialism is to continue another 50 years it might need help. cubans are exhausted from years of shortages of basic goods. if the embargo is lifted u.s. tourists and their dollars could flood country boosting a tourism
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sector increasing the back phone of the economy. after the deal with the u.s., people started saying that cuba could become nothing more than a playground of capital civil. some people, mostly outside cuba even only have jokingly said the streets of havana could be over run with mcdonald's and starbucks. but is that really cuba's future president raul castro seemed to answer that question recently with a resounding no. >> translator: the economic system that will prevail in our country will continue to be based on the people's socialist ownership over the fundamental means of production. >> reporter: but for a country living nay world where the speed of change is faster than ever, it's perhaps easier said than done. >> translator: i think that's biggest pending issue is socialism has always been providing an efficient economy within the framework of the state and that is just what cuba's socialist model hasn't been able to provide. >> reporter: for cuba,
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maintaining the ideals of an anti capitalist revolution remain as paramount as ever, but now sorting out how to do that while also cozying up to uncle sam. gabriel al jazerra havana. jazerra have now been in prison for a year. their crime, trying to tell the story of a turbulent and fast-changing he just a minute. it's "inside story": ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello i am ray suarez. around the world journalists are harassed, arrested, even killed. in man