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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the newshour. i'm martine dennis in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes - retrial ordered. an egyptian appeals court rules in the case of three al jazeera journalists a stampede at a new year's celebration in shanghai. at least 35 are dead. >> new beginningings. north korea's leader kim jong un says he's open to talks with south korea we go to kenya to see how
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the nation is deal with tough new anti-doping laws. but first a trial has been ordered for three al jazeera journalists who were gaoled in egypt more than a year ago. the court in cairo accepted an appeal from their lawyers, but it's unclear when peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed will be back in court. al jazeera says the original trial was flawed and continues to demand their immediate release. now, here is a reminder of the case - the three were arrested in cairo on december 29th, 2013. after a trial they were sentenced in june. peter and mohammed to 7 years in gaol. badr given 10 years. the trial was condemned around the world. in october the authorities in cairo announced a judicial review, the hearing on jan the
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1st. earlier this week vigils were held to mark one year since their arrest. we have more. >> reporter: they never saw a minute of freedom in 2014. with the start of a new year they remain imprisoned. despite an appeals court in cairo granting a retrial, peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed are still behind bars. the judge in thursday's session said it was not in his power to grant bail. >> translation: we welcome the court's decision to accept the appeal of our journalists. at the same time we demand that they are immediately released. they are unjustly imprisoned. everything is politicized - their arrest and the verdict against them were also politicized. >> reporter: the arrest of the three al jazeera staff on december 29th, 2013, were believed to be a short thing, a mix up over agrid stations. as -- accreditations. as time passed it became more and more clear that the new
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government had other intentions. peter greste a veteran correspondent, an african specialist who knew little about egypt was amazed and shocked that he was linked to what the government described as terrorists. the same can be said for his team baher mohamed, and mohamed fadel fahmy the hashtag free aj staff went viral, and in the u.s. u.k., and elsewhere reported journalists came out to say that the treatment of al jazeera's employees was a threat to the journalistic community the trial failed to come up with anything against the three men which could vaguely be said to discredit them. among them sheep herding,
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footage from a different channel found on their laptops. >> translation: the session presented video evidence. we found the video has no criminal indictment whatsoever to all detainees. >> adjournment after adjournment followed. eventually in june and to the fury of the world the men were convicted and gaoled. for the men's families it was the lowest point of a desperate year. >> it was the day of the sentence. it still remains, in my memory as just an awful, awful nightmare. >> it was a first. no witnesses appeared in the trial. i wonder how they were indicted and sentenced in the first place. there isn't a single piece of evidence against them. >> world leaders, including president obama denounced the ruling. >> the issue of the al jazeera journalist in egypt. we have been clear publicly and privately that they should be
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released. >> for all that the egyptian government stood behind the courts arguing that it was not a political decision and it was up to the appeals process to determine what should happen next. >> now that a retrial has been ordered, there's hope that a horrible ordeal would be over soon. until then al jazeera journalist will maintain the public campaign because journalism is not a crime well in response to the court's decision al jazeera issued the following statement: this came from mohamed fadel fahmy, from gaol, saying:
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well mohamed fadel fahmy's fiancee spoke to the media about the verdict. >> i can't even imagine that he will stay for a year in prison. the lawyer just applied to the egyptian prosecutor for mohammed to be deported and be treated as a canadian citizen, and to continue the trial there. i'm waiting for america to happen we can speak to jeffrey robertson, a human rights lawyer and former u.n. appeals judge, live from sydney australia. are we right to be feeling the beginning of optimism that soon the al jazeera three will be released from a cairo gaol? >> no. these many are being held as
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hostages, and they are to be seen as hostages. there was no evidence against them. i've read the judgment in translation and the trial is a farce. they were accused of spreading false news. there was no evidence that they ever reported anything falsely. they were accused of being terrorists with the muslim brotherhood. there was no evidence that they ever supported the muslim brotherhood. as against reported them. there was one secret witness, who was said to have secret material that could be reeled in on the strength of his secret evidence, the court convicted. so an honest judge should certainly have quashed the decision and freed the men. what happened is that in fact it was the prosecutor, the prosecutor himself reflecting the egyptian government
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realised that this verdict could not stand. so it was - it was at the prosecutor's request that the court gave a retrial. but what will that mean. they'll be in gaol for another year until the retrial, and possibly appeal comes on. whether they get bail is entirely up to the court. so the egyptian government has succeeded in this act of censorship and its a terrible precedent not only for egypt, where 40 other journalists are in gaol but for other dictatorial regime that they can get away with it they can arrest journalists for doing their job and reporting on an opposition movement. they can then avoid syria's criticism, and then make it an
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example of dragging it on. >> from what you are saying mr robertson, it sounds as though politics inspired the initial sentencing and, indeed the trial itself but it could lead to the verdict of a retrial, and hopefully, certainly from our point of view here at al jazeera, their ex release. -- eventual release. >> yes. >> but it's all down to politics. >> the west has to - all countries, including here i am in australia where the australians talk about shirt-fronting mr putin, but are afraid to say boo to an egyptian group saying we have to be diplomatic, the judges in egypt are sensitive. well, in fact these judges in egypt are very wrong. they have to be condemned as such. it is about time that those bodies in government that care
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for free speech say this now is not acceptable. you have kept these men, you are holding them as hostages for freedom of speech you are holding them as hostages and encouraging other oppressive and dictatorial governments to round up journalists and put - frame them, in effect, for doing their job. and - i mean the government of qatar has closed down one station that the egyptians didn't like that is a kind of way they succeed. i think the time for playing along with the egyptian judiciary has got to stop. these judges were condemned. there was a recent report by the
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international bar association, which was critical of the way it was intruding into the egyptian judiciary. we have seen appalling decisions of mass hangings ordered by lower level judges. i think it is now time that people started to speak out about complete unacceptability, contrary to the right to freedom of speech. >> mr robertson, i'd like to talk to you for longer but i'm afraid we have run out of time. thank you very much, geoffrey robertson. thank you to other news - it's been a tragic start for 2015 in china. 35 died in a stampede in shanghai. florence louie has the story. >> reporter: a night of revelry turned quay ot tick -- chaotic.
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it started as a new year's eve celebration. the injured instead lay down on the ground. a stampede started before midnight. police say they are investigating the cause. >> translation: we were downstairs. those who were upstairs wanted to move down. we were pushed down by the people coming from above. all those trying to move up fell down on the stairs. >> reporter: local media say witnesses reported seeing coupons thrown into the crowd. they looked like dollar bills, pictures appeared on social media. it is a popular spot. old buildings, and narrow streets. a new year's eve laser display was planned here. the one in 2013 had attracted 3,000 people. a week ago the local government cancelled the show. the official reason to improve traffic flow. >> it's hard to cancel tradition. it is a gathering place.
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people went in their thousands. it's not clear what crowd control measures were in place. it seems whatever it was, it was into the enough. . >> afghanistan's president has been addressing afghan troops that have taken over from nato forces. ashraf ghani praised the soldiers. hours earlier a stray bullet hit a wedding reception, killing women and children in helmand province. jennifer glasse reports. >> reporter: civilians caught in the middle again. afghan government forces and the taliban were fighting. rockets fell on a house crowded. >> translation: the rocket struck a wedding in part. almost 2 dozen people have been moved to the hospital, more are on the way. >> reporter: all this hours after n.a.t.o.'s combat mission ended. evidence the war is not over.
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the fighting in helmand has been fierce all year. the taliban controlling much of the countryside. a similar story in the kunar province in the east. the afghan army can't move more than a few kilometres because of the taliban. it says al qaeda is rebuilding training camps on the mountain tops. all scenes of a difficult time ahead. >> we have a lot more to come on the al jazeera newshour. including after the floods in malaysia villages try to salvage the little left in their homes. in new york and many other cities around the world, celebrations herald the start of 2015. manchester city's boss aims to make this year even better. sanaa with all the details in
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sport. and north korea's leader is proposing low-level talks with the south. kim jong un made the offer during his traditional new year's eve speech. harry fawcett is gauging reaction in seoul. >> reporter: for the second year kim jong un used his new year's eve speech with a conciliatory tone mentioning a summit with his south korea summit. >> translation: if the atmosphere and environment is there, there's no reason not to call the highers level summit. we'll make every effort to advance the dialogue. >> reporter: he said such talks couldn't take place whilst military drills were under taken with the u.s. reaffirming the country's nuclear policy.
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>> how right to support the values of late leaders. the attempt based on the nuclear deterrence. the finances the life of the country. kim's offer follows a briefing on monday suggesting initial talks. and the south korean president park geun-hye's message, leading to trust, change and reunification. park geun-hye said she would be willing to meet kim jong un if a meeting would offer the prospect of real progress. no talks for talks sake. it it carries symbolism, the second anniversary of the world war ii. the end of japanese colonial rule and the beginning of the north-south divide. >> if 2015 sees a summit after earlier meetings in 2000 and 2007, between kim jong-il, and
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two different south korean president, but getting to that stage is fraught with difficulty. south korea wants to see the north take steps towards nuclear disarmament well a commentator on political and economic issues joins us live from the south korean capital. thank you for talking to us. if you believe in astrology, do you think the stars are in the correct alignment to allow for serious dialogue between north and south. >> one clear lesson that we get. nothing is ever prove ail. we hope that a certain dialogue - there's no which to be certain that the dialogue
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will take place. when we look into the text of kim jong un's speech we notice on his side north korea's side i suppose a lot of people take that quite seriously. however, though in terms of the way that he laid out his logic there, it's very difficult for south korea to fully embrace the military exercise. and things that south korea has to do first. here in south korea, it's a full-grown democracy and we have the public trying to judge the performance of the leadership. conservative-sized arguments, we get certain steps to be taken on the side of north korea.
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for instance aiming and shooting killing of a tourist back in 2000, and sinking of a ship here. and also bombardment of ireland. there has been no apology... >> okay i understand what many of the difficulties are, but what i'm keen to find out is whether there is a determination. you know as well as i do that if they were determined to significant dialogue that this will happen. do you think they are prepared to engage in the diplomatic manoeuvring necessary for them to get together and start this dialogue? >> i think judging from the statement, they seem to
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families... if it does
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it... hello again, you are with al jazeera, let's have a look at the top stories. a court in cairo has heard
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appeal from the lawyers of peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed. it's unclear when they'll be back in court there has been a tragic start to the new year for china, at least 35 have been killed in a stampede in shanghai. it happened during the knew year's celebrations along the city's waterfront the afghan president thanked afghan troops for their sacrifice as they took over from n.a.t.o. forces. hours earlier, 20 women and children were injured in helmand province by stray bullets the u.s. criticized the palestinian authorities to join the international criminal court. the decision of the u.n. security council - rejecting the resolution put forward. it demanded that israel end the occupation by 2017. from ramallah in the occupied
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west bank, imtiaz tyab. >> translation: if you agree, raise your hand. that's what palestinian president mahmoud abbas said before signing the convention. >> translation: the first signature is the i.c.c. we want to complain we are being assaulted and our lands are being attacked. the council let us down. where do we go. >> reporter: the next step for the palestinian leadership would be to go to the international criminal court to pursue war time charges against israel. many obstacles stand in the way of an i.c.c. investigation. in september they were investigating their own actions. some see this as important to the larger goal of statehood. >> we are confident that on the long term international
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community will get help with this last illegal occupation, and help the palestinians helping with the rights of freedom. >> palestinians responded angrily. the decision was described as counterproductive. u.s. officials reportedly warned from the past that by joining the i.c.c., they may face economic sanctions. >> there's an at stake -- there's a lot at stake. it could weaken their shaky authority. with so many palestinians fed up with the worsening situation, a bold step is needed to be taken.
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>> and the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu won the support of his likud party and will lead the right wing party in the general election on march the 17th. the reports a challenger former deputy defence minister. the israeli court rejected a ban of demolition of homes belong toing those that attacked -- belonging to those that attacked israelis. the homes of the men who killed five men in a synagogue, and the home of a palestinian who shot an activist. in october now, police sources in iraq say 12 soldiers have been killed in an attack by fighters from
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islamic state of iraq and levant. it took place in a town south of fallujah. seven people are believed to have been injured. >> a syrian leader's twitter account says al-assad wanted to thank soldiers fighting. footage of what was said to be the trick was broadcast on syrian tv. saudi arabia's king has been admitted to hospital for tests. the 90-year-old was at the medical city in riyadh. health issues raised concerns about the future leadership of property. >> tunisia's democratically elected president has been sworn
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into office. the 99-year-old won the election promising reconciliation security and economic developments. the people of lithuania began to spend their new currency. at the stroke of midnight in the capital. it was the 19th country to join the eurozone. politicians took the switch investment to the economy, 24 years an gaining independent opinion. >> russia's president used the new year address to hail the annexation from ukraine. they are under pressure. the falling price of oil and sanctions, that they want to plunge. the traditional fireworks. bringing in the new year in
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moscow. for the russian people. they'll see what lies ahead. they were reassuring words from vladimir putin in his traditional message to the nation. >> translation: dear friend, at this time when we summarised the end of the year unity, solidarity. for deep feelings of truth, honour justice, and responsibility for the deftany. for your unwavering readiness to defend the interest and standing by in triumph and at a time of trials. fighting implementation of our brave. >> 2014 has been a year of highs and lows for russia. there was the glory of having the world's expensive olympics history. $50 billion spectacular that confounded the critics. crimea was annexed.
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neatly sidestepping in the west. they voted to rejoin. with the war in the east of ukraine between government troops and pro-russian separatists, rage interrupted as the west piled on the sanctions. they plummeted, losing against the dollar. more than 130 billion gone. for the russian people preparing for the 2-week new year holiday, it is a resilient bunch. the kremlin tole them they are under threat by n.a.t.o. the siege mentality reflected in the upbeat year ahead. >> i expect the best from the new year. everything is going to be all right. we'll be happy and healthy.
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>> translation: we hope that everything is happy. >> i think that everything is going to be great. >> the words of confidence and reassurance, there's a growing realisation, perhaps unspoken that things will get far worse, before they get better. >> in brazil a new year means the start of a second. they face the lingering reserve last year a country where economic growth slowed to a halt. they have this report on challenges. a new year a new term from the leftist president. if 2014 just barely saw her reflected. 2014 proved just as changing.
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the emerging economy has been falling. poor infrastructure. and crippling taxes and bureaucracy are going to blame. order brazilians say the pillar of south america's populist nation wants results this time around. >> they need to be improved not just public health care. it's a better country, what we hope for. that's what i expect. the continuing depreciation suggests ooep a new finance minister. chicago trained what is not enough to boost confidence. >> translation: everyone is waiting to see what will be the rehabilitation of the social movement once there are fiscal
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cuts. we don't know if the government can make sufficient changes to spark growth to offset cuts much the biggest challenge is to make the adjustment and maintain support through social programs. >> a report strained by a $1.5 billion corruption scandal that grows by the day. threatening. dilma rousseff was the chairman of petrogas when most of the money was skimmed off contracts and distributed to construction companies, petrogas executives and politicians. more than 50 have been indicted for money laundering and racket earring, and the investigation is just beginning. rousseff so far escaped personal responsibility, but she nose the nagging scandal will give her little time to show that this time around she has what it takes to fulfil her giant
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nation's potential well the start of this new year is also the anniversary of communist revolution in cuba. the final ruts saw those in the united states restoring diplomating relations. the embargo remains in place. we have more for havana - hopes and fears for 2015. >> january 1st, a social revolution when the rebel with the disorderly beard rode with his band of revolutionaries. castro's politics bought health care and education, plus also an embargo and isolation from the u.s. leaving the governments stuck in a stare down.
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>> translation: any more than 50 years has passed with the blockade with the u.s. >> reporter: today in havana there has been an evolution aft revolution. in recent years under fidel's brother raul cubans could open small businesses, travel without government permission and be more connected. they could continue another 50 years t may need help. cubans are exhausted from years of shortages. if the embargo is lifted u.s. tourists and their dollars could flood the country, boosting a tourism sector the backbone of the economy. >> after the deal with the u.s. people started saying that cuba could be nothing more than a playground of capitalism. >> some people half jokingly said the streets could be overrun with mcdonald's and starbucks. is it that really cuba's future.
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president raul castro answered the question with a resounding no. >> translation: the economic system that will prevail will continue to prevail on the fundamental means of production. >> reporter: living in a world where the speed of change is faster than ever that's easier said than done. >> translation: the biggest issue is providing efficiency. that's what the model has not been able to provide. cuba maintaining the ideals of a capital revolution as paramount as ever. sorting out thou do that while cosying up to uncle sam. >> still to come here from fibre op tick fashion to eyes in the
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sky. the new technology that could fly in the new year. we look ahead to the biggest sporting event of 2014. it will be a big world
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okay what kind of things can we look forward to in 2015. our technology editor has been finding out. >> flexing its muscles for the first time. this fabric has fibre optic censors, meaning it can monitor health and motion. the developers say the
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technology is almost making it easier to integrate norm the clothing. this opens up the possibility of it being used in many more areas, including fashion garments. >> fashion changes radically. they can be replaced. the fabric can be updated within the fabric. that's when the comments were on also taking off in 2015, the use of drones small unmanned aircraft. as prices dropped. they became popular, not just with government agencies and professionals like film-makers and hobby ests. few of these droneser licensed which leads to the -- drones are licensed, which leads to the prospects of 12-year-old boys using these things. which we saw with drones close to the customers.
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there's a lot of... >> reporter: from a smart wheelchair monitoring the user's health to the chair itself to smart cities where data is responded to in real time helping traffic and the use of utilities like water. 2016 is expected to see hundreds millions of devices connected over the internet. and is expected to see revenue streaming, when people use the internet to direct connectry about others offering a service. this could be a ride in the car. >> and see all the places. >> reporter: letting someone else use their home. they demand to supply. to allow that to have a home that they don't use, or they can go away for the weekend. and monetise that in a way that will feel safeful. >> 2015 is expected to be a year
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when biometric readers are used for banking. there'll be a huge increase in personal data. both helping to boost online security in the connected world. now what to look forward to in 2015 in the world of sport of here is sanaa. >> thank you, happy new year. >> january rings in with those found guilty of smoking, the world doping agency doubled the ban from two years to four. bans for life if testing positive. it's more than 26 years since the major doping scandal. a two year ban was given, others
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sentenced to life for failing a test. marion jones fell from grace. she was gaoled for six months and stripped of medals, for lying about her drug use. major league baseball has a long history of steroid scandals. barry bond was subject to allegations, investigations as to doping but never said any bans. lance armstrong stripped of titles and banned by the u.s. doping agency kenya suffered after runners tested positive including their champion, on top of new wada rules. there's a bill proposed in kenyan parliament which would make doping a criminal offense. we have this report from eaton, on the edge of the valley where
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many elites go to train at high alt tutes. >> they want to compete on some tracks and bring home gold medals. kenya is world famous. these young athletes know a worrying trend is hurting the image. doping. there is enormous pressure to take the stimulant. the 20-year-old has not been tempted to cheat. >> i think it's not good. >> reporter: over the years high profile kenyans have been caught using banned performance enhancing drugs. a member of parliament was there, is trying to change that. >> what i want to do is criminalize it.
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first of all fear for the people using it. if they get caught they go to gaol or are penalized. that will help us. that second part is to help us. to see where they got the stuff. there's no effective controls in kenya. medicine used for treating the patients with kidney conditions with athletes medicine by the nature of increasing the red blood cells and forcing them to run and run without getting tired. >> a law calizing drug use could be a deterrent. until it's introduced they try
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to convince athletes that talent is the only way to win. sports officials fear if something is not done to curb illegal drug use, it could destroy sporting regulations. >> the english premier league chelsea taking on tottenham, looking to stay ahead of manchester city. trailing them by three. titles for city in 2014, 2015. they hope to make this year better than last. >> it's an attractive team to see. we start for the future. we start for the sake of consistency, we try to improve what happened. before that this year. we can improve the champion's league. arsenal with a chance to get back to the top. south hamp top who occupies the
5:54 am
final champion's league spot the gunners are level on points with the saints - arson wenger hoping for more consistency in the second half of the season. >> there's a difference between the what we have shown and the number of windows we have, that's what we want to get right. we were very very unlucky. and of all the number of injuries we have had, we siffed. but, i believe hopefully in the second part of the season that we have stability to be more consistent. >> 10 games in the premier league on a new year's eve day. united travel to stoke, liverpool, down in eighth. they'll be facing lester and
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west brom. tony phyllis has been appointed to take charge. he will replace alan irving attacked on sunday following seven geents in nine games. pulis managed stoke and crystal palace. 2015 is to be a big year of sport, one of the biggest event the rugby world cup. the official sign has been turned on the bridge in newcastle. england - and all the fireworks displayed to the world cup. england get the sixth showpiece under way. it will take place at twickenham on october the 31st. >> there are many big event to look forward to. starting with two big continental football tournaments. heading to australia for the first time where japan will be defending champions.
5:56 am
equatorial guinea taking on rights in the african cup of nation. the best cricket nation descend on australia and new zealand over the world cup. in may a man that placed plenty. qatar is running for the fifth term at f.i.f.a. the question remains as to whether he'll have serious opponents. another two events in june. the best of south america converge on chile. they'll be held in canada. the first ever multisport european gain. the part of the asian games. it's the 50th anniversary in the birth place in the republic of congo. the rugby world cup beginning in september. they have become the first ever.
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i'll hand you back to martine. >> thank you very much indeed. time for us to have a look at how good those celebrations were around the world. the new year's celebrations. very beautiful, very glassy display of fireworks by the australians. and in dubai - that's dubai, that's the world's tallest tower, elum nated by l.e.d. lights. moving up to london now. there's london. that's the london eye. very beautiful display. brazil - let's have a look at brazil - there we are, off copacabana beach, the fireworks launched from barges. and, finally, a bit of new york.
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>> from stage to screen oscar nominated actor ethan hawk >> the theatre has always bee my first love... >> separating art & politics >> if you have an agenda with people... you sometimes don't see the truth >> and the lifelong influence of his mother >> she was worried i was gonna be a spoiled brat and not see how complicated the world was >> every monday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america
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is a retrial ordered in the case of three al jazeera journalists jailed in egypt. ♪ >> in doha we have the latest. a stampede at a new year's celebration in shay hang on. at least 35 people are dead. north korea's leader says he is open with talks for north korea. getting ready to be sworn in