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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> ♪. >> people search shanghai's hospitals for missing friends the relatives after 36 are kimed in a new year stampede. avenue an attempted coupe, forces loyal to the president go house to house rounding up opponents.
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i'll have the latest sports fuse, the day of 2015 is one to forget for chelsea, we'll tell yo you why they are only just top the premier league. egypt's highest court has order add retrial for three al jazeera journalists who have been in jail for more than a year. it's sited procedure flaws in their original trial. but the three remain in custody and it's not clear when they will be back in court. mohamed fahmy and peter greste were arrested on the 29th of desks 2013. they were falsely accused of aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood and damaging egypt's reputation abroad. they were convicted in june. they were sentenced to seven years in jail, bahar to ten years
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because he had a spent bull that he picked up. their detention and convictions sparked protests and condemn face around the world. they never saw a minute of freedom the 2014, and with the start of a new year they remain imprisoned. despite an appeals court granted a retrial peter greste, and fahmy are still behind bars. we luck the court's decision to accept the appeal. but at the same time, we demand that they are immediately released. they are unjustify imprisoned, everything is politicized, their arrests and the verdict against them were also politicized. >> the arrests of the three staff in december 29th 2013, were initially assumed to be a short term then. a mix up. but as time passed it
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became more and more apparent, that the authorities under the new government had other intentions. >> greste was clearly as amazed as he was shocked that he was linked in some way to what was described as terrorists. of course the same can be said for his team. by mid january much of the international media was dend maaing the release of the three as well. and in the u.s., the u.k., and elsewhere respected journalists all came out to say that the treatment of al jazeera's employees was a threat to the entire journalistic community trying to report from egypt. the trial failed to come up with anything against the three men which could even vaguely have been said to incriminate them. a video of sheep herding
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some of the work in kenya, footage from a different channel entirely, were found on their laptops. we found the videos have no criminal indictment whatsoever. >> eventually to the fury of much of the world they were convicted and jailed. for the men's families it was the lowest point of a desperate year. this was the day of the sentence, and it still remains as just an awful awful nightmare. it was a first, no witnesses appeared, i wonder how they were in balance, and then sentenced in the first place, there isn't a single piece of evidence against them. the issue of the al jazeera journalists in
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egypt, we have been clear both publicly and privately, that they should be released. >> for all that, the government stood behind the court arguing that it was up to the appeals process to determine what would happen next. now that the retrial has been ordered there is hope this ordeal will be over soon. until then, though, al jazeera and journalists everywhere, will maintain the public campaign, because journalism is not a crime al jazeera doha. >> he said a retrial is a milestone toward victory and our spirits are bullet proof mohamed fahmy's fiance and brother gave their reactions. >> i can't even imagine that he will stay for a year in prison. he just applied to the
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egyptian prosecutor to be deported to canada, and be treated as a canadian sises, and to continue the trial there i'm still waiting for americans -- >> he was expecting something better today. >> i was expecting yes every trial, with that a release. today we are really hoping -- we want them to come with a resolution. >> the father says it's been quite a positive day. >> well, clearly our hope and expectation is that people home sooner it is not just a single track process. in that we understand that they are not going to cross the calibration of the other legal stream, and in this case being taken to a retrial.
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al jazeera itself has issue add statement saying the egyptian authorities have a simple choice. free these men quickly or continue to string this out, all the while continuing this injustice, and harms the image of their own country in the eyes of the word, they should choose the former. >> an arab affairs analyst and co-founder of the group arab media watch, thank you for joining us here, obviously everyone here wants our three guys to be freed, they are still in prison, but i suppose what is good about a retrial, as perhapses to a presidential pardon is that the retrial address that is there was an issue with the trial itself. so the whole issue of someone imprisoning journalists for doing their job, that is a guess hoping they will be freed eventually a good step. >> they should haven't been on trial in the first place. so the media wants -- these journalists should be released they should never have been jailed. so a retrial obviously
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it is a positive development in one sense but also there shouldn't have been in this situation in the first place. >> we saw the report speaking about a lot of people influential people around the world how important do you think that is the social media work the twitter # all the blogs and attentions, around the world how important do you think that has been. >> it's been hugely important, because the al jazeera journalists they are not the only journalists facing that situation p but because al jazeera as an international station has been able to internationalize tear case, they are well known around the world. and that has gotten a lot of support. put there are journalists that are unknown to the world put they face the same problem. it's been hugely important that the faces and names are recognized worldwide.
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possibly to the certain time that is dual nationality, how difficult is it to be a journalist in egypt right now. >> it is extremely difficult. and meet yeah landscape is as bad if not worse. you have hyper national niche the media. the only media that is allowed to thrive is progovernment. from arab media watch thank you for joining us. >> british based activists from the syrian observatory for human rights say about 76,000 people were killed many syriaen in 2014 and just
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under half of them were civilians. it comes as the government carries out more air strikes on several neighborhoods. activists say helicopters dropped barrel bombs in residential areas destroying infrastructure and schools. syria's president has made a rare visit to troops. state media showed asaad having been with soldiers and progovernment gunman in the neighborhood on new year's eve. that area has witnessed intense fighting over the past month between troops and opposition fighters. >> u.s. led jets have carried out 29 air strikes on targets inside syria and iraq. the coalition is battling to defeat the islamic state of iraq, and the levant. six isil gunman were killed in air strikes in the western city, the fighters were traveling in a vehicle when it was struck by a missile from a war plane that was not yet clear if the plane belonged to iraqi security forces or
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coalition jets. still to come, just nine bodies have been found so far in the air asia crash. lithuania welcomes in the new year, becoming the 19th country to join the euro zone, and in sport new rules take effect, we take a look at how quinoa is cracking down on the eagle drug use among it's athletes. desperate relatives have been searching hospitals looking for missing loving ones. the world reports of the
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stampede is from people rushing to pick up fake money that was thrown from a building. police are denying that. quickly turns chaotic visit the scene as who started out at a new new years celebration. the stampede started just before midnight. they are still investigating the cause. >> question were downstairs. and those who were upstairs wanted to move down, and we were pushed down from the people from above, all those trying to move up fell down on the stairs. >> local media sayens withs reported seeing coupons being thrown into the crowd, they looked like dollar bills. pictures have appeared on social media. with restored old buildings and pharaoh streets, a new year's eve laser display has been planned but the one in
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2013 had attracted some 300,000 people. but a week ago the local government canceled the show. the official reason, to improve traffic flow but it is hard to cancel tradition, people went there anyway, apparently in the thousands. it is not clear what kind of crowd control measures were in place but it seems whatever it was, it wasn't enough. al jazeera, beijing. >> kim john-un is proposing high level talks with the south. he made an offer during his new year's speech. >> for the second year running he used his new years speech to strike in part a conciliatory tone this time raising the stakes with mention of a possible summit with his south korean opposite number the atmosphere and environment is there there is no reason not to hold the highest level summit. we will make every effort to advance dialog and
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corporation. >> but he also said such talks couldn't take part while they carried out military trillions with the u.s. and reaffirmed his nuclear weapons policy. >> it proves clearly our right is that we support the values of late leaders, strengthen our national defense based on the deterrence, and save the finances. the life of the country strongly. >> by the southdown fighter case ministry, suggesting initial talks this month, and the south korean president own new year message in which she promised to lead towards trust and change and eventually reunification. she has consistently said she would be willing to meet, but only if such a meeting would off the prospect of real progress. that said, this year would carry extra symbolism, and the end of the second world war which here also means the
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end of japanese rule, and the north-south divide. >> if 2015 does see a summit, lit be the third after the earlier meetings to kim jong-il and two different presidents. but getting to that stage, would be foul with difficulty, the main obstacle remains south korean wants to see the north take steps towards nuclear disarmament. harry faucet, al jazeera seoul. >> a funeral has been held in indonesia for one of the victims of the air asia crash. emergency crews are working to recover the rest of the bodies in the joba sea, but only nine have been retrieve sod far. where relatives are having to endure a painful
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wait. more than 24 hours after bodies were found floating they fail to spot more victims, improved weather conditions have finally allowed helicopters to fly over the area, where serj teams suspect the plane may be. meanwhile relatives are starting to become frustrating. yeah, my son is going there. with his friends. five of his friends to celebrate the new years over there. and then my other son is in singapore, so they are going to meet over there. joseph and his wife have come from their hometown in the east of indonesian to put up the pressure. of course, i am feeling frustrated.
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it is a painful white while the airline company tries to support them as much as possible, they are now growing impatient, they want to see news about their loves ones as soon as possible. despite earlier reports saying a shadow of the plane was seen underwater rescuers have not managed to locate, also no signal from the plaque box has been detected. a ship with a underwater locater beacon is in the area. >> yeah, as usual as usual, we try to keep the noise level low, so that's why it is very difficult so you will have to proceed very very slowly. otherwise if you use the very fast ship, the noise, of course, will interfere with the cig fall. that's the difficult -- that's the handicap. >> two victims found on wednesday were finally taken to the mainland. after a boat ride facing high waves.
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new years celebration were canceled, it did not stop thousands to gather, some lighting candles to pray for the victims. among them, many were hoping to celebrate the new year in singapore. al jazeera. >> soldiers loyal to the president have been going house to house rounding up opponents after he plameed what he called terrorist groups for an attempted coupe. he is out of the country when gunfire erupted military personnel have reportedly been arrested in the subsequent crack down in a lash catch of weapons was found. many the last half hour, the president has given a televised speech criticizing those trying to bring about regime change.
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they are not only working against to those effected, but also against the will of the almighty. this is why there will never succeed joining us live, who was a gambian journalist, thank you for joining us now from what you are hearing from your conk thats do you have any more information you can share about us about what is going on in the country? >> yo, thank you. the information that is coming out from gambia, and among gambians is the fact that over the last couple of hours the regime security officials in particular have going around in the capitol and arresting people that will seen as an mys of the state people are being part of these
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coupes against the government. one of them the mother of the coupled who used to be the commander of the state. so his mother has been confirmed that his mother was arrested like an hour ago, as well as his younger brother was as arrested. and the other news is that four of the brothers were able to flee the country. and they came to senegal southern part of snugly and surrendered themselveses to the authority to seek asylum. what we have found is that the fact that they have been held in the negotiations between the authorities to make sure that these four run away soldiers, or brothers are
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extradited to gambia. >> and from what you are hearing what is the mood in the country right now? is there a fear this may escape. >> yes, this is the thing when something of this nature happened, people outside the country tend to be more worried tend to know more about what is happening in the country. than those who are really on the ground, because i spoke to a few people in the media and the questions regarding these arrests, over the past couple of hours, they are t no even aware as far as they are concerned. but all the people are telling me, that a lot of people are suspected facebook who is retted to any of these people may be arrested. so on one hand, i would in the other people are just going on with their normal days.
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speaking to us from senegal, thank you very much now, a man on a motor bike has blown himself up outside a church in north eastern nigeria. after he was stopped from entering the building. several people were injured by the blasts, it happened a day after a female suicide bomber was killed, and she tried to enter a military there. ebola is still spreading in west africa. the number of known cases has now passed the 20,000 mark. the death toll now stands at 370 more fatalities recorded since the last figures were given on december 24th. many the worst hit countries liberia has lost the most people.
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in guinea, where the first case was report add year ago now, 1,708 have died out of 2,707, who contracted the disease sierra leone is now the worst effected country 2,758 people there have died out of 9,446 who were infected. but there are signs that the spread of the virus is slowing. ebola victims are being buried again after the government reversed an unpopular decree that all bodies be cremated. in the capitol there's been another suspected ebola death. a group of health workers has arrived to collect the body of the victim. burying the dead is considering a sacred, the body will be buries not cremated. it is making it easier
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for us to get in there and collect bodies because the cremation is cutting a -- because cremation is again, our tradition, against our culture. the world health organization says the number of people effected has now passed 20,000. the policy backfired, and formed secret burials to avoided cremation. >> and then because they want to have the rituals practice.
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and then with that, the possibility of getting the disease is very possible. they have opened a national cemetery. the burial rituals are still banned officials say the site will enable dignified burials instead of cremations. al jazeera. in p a televised address he called on the afghan people to support the army in the fight against the taliban but that call came after a stray rocket which was fired by the afghan army, killed 26 women and children, at a wedding party. his predecessor and members of the coalition
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in the palace. he told security forces it now lies in their hands and instructed them to follow the rule of law. >> afghan security forces have to implement law should not do anything against via, your acts should be the pride of the face. he promised promotions, education, and accommodation for the forces. and he has a warning for the country's neighbors. that if there's not peace, there won't be peace in the region no one can drown afghanistan, whoever dreams of destroying afghanistan, they will be destroyed. but afghanistan has considerable internal problems. foreign forces have gone home, but afghanistan is sill not safe.
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heavy fighting between the taliban killed 26, and wounded 45. all women and children. the rocket landed on the house while they were celebrating a wedding. a brutal beginning to the new year. this is the kind of incident that happened to the families, and cheek executive abdullah, then they will understand our pain. the people gathering here, are asking the government why should we be suffering. and why is the government not feeling our pain with more than 10,000 killed or wounded. gahni gave the highest honor to afghans and members of the international coalition. and he praised afghan women, saying no one has suffered more. >> he says he is making progress on a peace process with the tail lan band, that they still do not have a cabinet he promised politician they will name one within a
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week, but it isn't the first time he has promised that and failed to meet the deadline al jazeera, kabul. still to come this hour. >> it promised fairness and equality to all but has the revolution really ended racism? plus, in sport the new tennis season is already underway, find out if andy murray can start his year with a victory
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egypt's highest court has order add retrial for three al jazeera journalist whose have been in jail for more than a year. that he remain imprisoned for now. 76,000 people were killed in just under half of them were civilians. and china's president has ordered an investigation into the stampede that killed 36 people at new year's eve celebrations
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in shanghai they have been sworn in as president of brazil the for a second term, after narrowly beating her nearest rifle in october. she told parliament that her priority would be to reign in public spending. to make them more democrat increase the means. as well as honest brazilians corruption must be eradicated. we will prove that we can make adjustments without rights or portraying social policies. they look at the challenges that they face. >> brazil left as president.
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2015 can prove just as challenging. >> they have been floundering just barely climbing out of a technical recession as the year ended. rising poor infrastructure and they are to plame. ordinary president granny scalians like mechanic says the people of south america's largest nation want results this time around. >> everything needs to be improved, transportation education, we want a better country, it is what we hope for no matter who is in power we want a better country for everybody. that's what i expect. the brazil currency suggests even the know finance minister jeff is
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waiting to see what will be the reaction once the government starts making much needed fiscal cuts. we don't know if they can make sufficient changes. the biggest challenge is to make these and maintain and support through social programs. >> a support that is being strained by a one point $5 billion corruption scandal threatening to splatter even the president. >> he was the came of the state owned oil giant brazil's largest company when most of the money was allegedly skimmed off at inflated contracts and distributed to construction companies that executives and politician more than 50 have been indicted and the investigation is underbeginning. she knows that the nagging scandal along with brazil's economic
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woes will give her little time to show that this time around, she has what it takes to fulfill her giant nation's potential. al jazeera. >> 56 years ago promised fairness for everyone. an end to racism and discrimination, but almost six decades on divisions still exist, and the black population bears the brunt of economic hardship. about 1 million african slaves were brought to the island at least some african ancestry. >> they are practicing
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our african religion. >> the official line written into the constitution, is for all cubans men and women black and white, are equal. and there's no doubt that many cubans have thrived in politics, the media and the arts. how, manual labor is mostly done by black cubans. or the new foreign finance enterprises the government has enticed to the islands. the campaigner century of discrimination have left her people with low self-essometime. she says though that she is optimistic about their future. >> it is a social process. i feel this is not just a black person fight i feel it's society's fight. the fight for a fight that's been there for full citizens.
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one neighborhood such as this one is afterpro cuban. the change will be a long time coming. >> only when this housing project is renovated that life long residents barbara felt that she and her neighbors began to be accepted by the rest of society. it was because we are plaque, the problem was because we are black. they saw us as uncultured but not now. the problem is also exacerbated by the revolution sought to liberate the population, it was predominately white cubans that fled to the united states, and know send money to family member whose stayed behind. >> we are equal but some
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are more equal than others. >> they promised an end to racism, a promise that some here feel hasn't obeen bartley fulfilled. al jazeera havana. >> and coast guard is saying another ship with 450 migrants on board is headed for the italian coast. earlier this week, they rescued nearly 1,000 migrants from a cargo ship, which had been abandoned and left on automatic pilot obviously over the last few years thousands of migrants have made the trip towards italy and europe, so that news just coming in to us with 400 migrants onboard, heading to the italian coast
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bring you more on that as we get it here. but first, lithuania has joined the euro zone, becoming the 19th country to do so. it hopes the membership will help boost the economy, and strengthen it's ties with europe simon mcgregor wood reports. the last of the soviet public to do so, for the politician it was a moment to savor. the your row will be our guarantee to stability. it will allow us to two quicker immaterial prove incomes. i believe lit strengthen the family. the similar bollism will not be lost on the increasingly aggressive neighbor russia.
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it is a sign that it is cementing it's european identity, looking west, firmly rejecting old ties. but it is recently on christmas day that russia denies. the country's 3 million people, there is understandable sorrow for the loss of their leaders, and fears of economic uncertainty. i think it is the best time to have the euro. we are a bit afraid that we will wake up with higher prices. having the euro does not
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guarantee economic or good times. al jazeera. well it's been an extraordinary year in russia. in march moscow annexed crimea, in the new year address, vladimir putin hailed wayhe said was the report home of crimea, and as this as the russian economy flat lines in part due to the global slump in oil prices. but also due to sanctions against russia over it's alleged involvement in the conflict in eastern ukraine. let's talk about this in more detail, thank you for coming into see us here. before we look ahead to 2015 just a brief second back on to 2014, which saw such a huge polarization between russia and let's say the west. do you think even vladimir putin could have predicted that things would be so tense right now. >> i think that he was
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surprised by the reaction, because crimea, you can take crimea within a week, within three weeks the world would forget about it, but eastern ukraine people being killed all the time, terrible pictures and russia could not disengang. once they went in, once they supported the separatist they had to continue, and more and more are beginning to question it. >> and guess obviously the economic situation helping with that as we were just saying, oil prices are part of the sanctions, another part of it, what do you think 2015 holds for russia? >> worse. that year will be very hard. it will be similar to 2009. the military finance has talked about the g.d.p. dropping by 4% that's very optimistic. if the oil prices continue to drop, because they are going for cutting american shale
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oil, so russia will really suffer, so if the oil price goes down, then there's less money and it is estimated that $1 drop a barrel, costs russia $3 billion. and so in view of that potential economic pain, what impacts did that have on the relations with the rest of the international community? russia is not in the position -- really, the animosity between the united states, and russia, is that the pitch which you didn't find really you have to go back to 1985. the other thing is that in the past, antiamericannism in this opportunity, is the very top -- the arrange russian wasn't really afraid of the united states really respected america, now the antiamericannism is the whole of society, and
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that's a real problem. >> so even though there will be economic problems we will still see the entrench minute in ukraine, no resolution. >> they can't withdrawal, you can't withdrawal from eastern ukraine, you have to find a draw where the separatest get something and kiev gets something. because the key factor would be money, and in the end powerful money. and therefore, if russia loses more and more money from the drop of the oil prices and in trade and so on, then they will have to take very drastic decisions. but at the present they will -- they will stay we can stand up to the rest of the world, they can only do that for a period f oim, perhaps as year. and then some people think it will be social unrest in 2017, 2018, because lit build up. gradually. so i think for the next six monos after that it is going to become very difficult. >> interesting to watch the developments, from the university of london, thank you so much.
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>> thank you. >> james bays looks at what is in store for the u.n. in 2015. >> baneky moon has two years left of a ten year term. he is the 8th secretary general the u.n. has had in the nearly 70 years since the founding of the organization. ban ki-moon's weaknesses are obvious to those that watch and listen to him carefully. >> ban ki-moon started very very poorly at the u. in but he has gained some stature, and he does care about some of the crisis facing the u.n.
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his problem, though, is that he is a natural diplomat. he is a former south korean diplomate and he doesn't have the instinct for the big political gestures to make the u.n. seem more relevant, and a lot of people hope his successor will be more of a showman and draw international attention pack to the u.n. and it's ideals. >> should his successor be different a coalition of campaign groups thinks so they believe the world will get a much more forcible dynamic leader if the selection process is changed. currently each region of the world should take it in turns to take the job and that in 2016 it is the turn of eastern europe, which has never had a secretary general. but the one campaign say that's wrong they say the best qualified candidate should get the office on the 38th draw of the u.n. building. >> after 70 years it is time for the
4:47 pm
international community through the everybody assembly, to exercise their responsibility, and upgrading the appointment process, so it is a merit based process, that will allow women to be as highly considered as men for the first time. and that the stakes are so high, we need to have a highest qualified candidate for secretary general, not who would be the most acceptable through the quite, and russia, and china in a secret vote it says the job should be appointed by the u.n. assembly, on the recommendation of those that sit in this chamber. the security council. here, five powerful countries have considerable sway, they are the ones that have a permanent seat, and a veto, the u.s., the u.k., france, china, and russia. >> some say perhaps the security council should
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come one a short list, and then all the nations of the world and the general assembly, should get the final vote james because al jazeera. >> and still ahead in this news hour, fran lamb part saves the day for the championships of england, all the details coming up in sport. and we find out what happened to all the weird and wonderful gifts given to european commission staff.
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>> from stage to screen oscar nominated actor ethan hawk >> the theatre has always bee my first love... >> separating art & politics >> if you have an agenda with people... you sometimes don't see the truth >> and the lifelong influence of his mother >> she was worried i was gonna be a spoiled brat and not see how complicated the world was >> every monday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america
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>> the realty is in three days we had two incredible -- three incredible decisions. >> where 3-2 winners tore had put city 2-nil up. jack rod well and adam johnson, but in the seventy-third minute scored the winner it comes just a day after he extended his loan from new york city, until the end of the season. i always say that it is a very important player for us that's why we bring him here. the beginning of the season, and it was very important also now that he will stay with us until the end of the season. now let's take a look at how close it is at the top of the table.
4:51 pm
they have both scored 44 goals and led in 19 and with them both on 46 points means that the league had concluded today a playoff would be needed to determine the champion. a fan was arrested for con fronting. the result keeps saints in the fourth champions league place with arsenal now down and six behind, they got the goals for south hamilton. everiton's 2-nil loss is the fifth defeat in six matches. andy murray has set up a semifinal against world number three on friday he beat lopez in three sets on the opening day of the world champions the 6th man exhibition tournament is the unofficial season opener.
4:52 pm
january fistrics in new changes for athletes found guilty of dopes. the world anti-doping agency has doubled automatic bans from two years to four. it's more than 26 years since the very first major doping scandal ben johnson was stripped of gold three days after winning the 100 meters at the seoul olympics after testing positive for steroids. he was given that two year ban buzz was later suspended for life. another track and star to fall from grace. banned for two years and jailed for since months for lying to federal agents about her drug use major league baseball has a long history of steroid scandals, for years barry bonds was subject to allegations and investigations but never served any bans and who can forget lance armstrong stripped of seven tour de france
4:53 pm
titles and banned by the u.s. anti-doping agency from elite level sport for the rest of his life. kenya has also suffered in recent months after a number of runners tested positive, on top of the new water rules there's now a bill being proposed which would make doping a criminal offense. reports from the town. >> they all want to compete on the world's best tracks one day and bring hold gold. he as mids there is enormous pressure to take stimulants and excel. so far hes han't been tempted to cheat. i think it is not good.
4:54 pm
over the years high profile kenyans have been caught using banned performance enhancing drugs. >> member of parliament is trying to change that. >> what i want to do is criminalize doping so that we can bring fear to people that are going to use it that you can get caught and go to jail. or be penalized. secondly that will help us to help us to force the legals that have been caught with the doping to stop. >> they are also no effective an tech dote controls in kenya. it doesn't help that some are easy to buy at the local pharmacy. >> or dialysis patients. with athletes, this
4:55 pm
medicine, by it's very nature of increasing the production of red blood cells in it open hs them to run and run without getting tired. that's why it becomes a very attractive medicine for athletes. >> a law criminalizes drug use could be a deterrent, but until it is introduced some coaches try to convince athletes that natural talent is the only clean way to win. sports officials fear if something is not done to curb the drug use it could destroy their sporting reputation. that's all your sport for now. >> all right, thank you very much for that. recent years the european commission has grown and grown. and but strict rules means that they can't keep them, so a lot of those end up collecting dust in a basement. >>
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>> this one for example is from turkey. while many objects laing improved weather conditions here for years some are sewed auto, in the last zero years this raised $12 million for these projects. >> ebay. that's it from me for this news hour. do stay with us here, because we are back in just a few minutes with more.
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>> he shoots, he scores. and basketball fans around the country go wild. the shot at the buzzer did not win the game, but it covered the spread. it's inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. all the big team sports in america have taken great pains to avoid gamblers and