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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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and have a safe weekend. hello everybody, this is al jazeera america. i'm david schuster. john siegenthaler has the night off. cyber attack on sony, raising more questions, president obama. i.s.i.l. brings the front in iraq closer to u.s. troops. at random, the new research that says the vast majority of cancers have less to do with your behavior, your genes than
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bad luck. and making a statement. former florida governor jeb bush charting a course away from the far right. is we start this hour with the obama administration which had a has doubled down on its position that north korea was responsible for the hack on sony pictures. officials and organizations u.s. security firms have questioned the decision to attribute the situation to north korea. those analysts don't have the evidence president obama has. loikslibby casey has the report.
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>> this is the first imposing sanctions on a country because of an attack against a company. the nature of the hack which they say was destructive and coercive and u.s. officials are standing by the assertion that north korea was responsible for hacking sony pictures. they say that this is part of a larger plan to push back against the threat of cyber-attacks. now there are already sanctions in place on many north korean entities including the three targeted today. so this is symbolic in many ways. but here are the groups that will feel the sanctions: one is the intelligence gathering arm of the north korean government. another is the research and development arm for defense and the third is known as komid maim exporter of equipment and goods having to do with conventional and blas tick ballistic
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weapons. individuals who are working on this field like syria iran and russia. senior administration officials say that these individuals may not be directly connected to the hack but they are responsible for efforts that undermine and go against the relationship with the u.s. government. now it's not yet known if those individuals have assets in the u.s. but officials say if they do they will be frozen and they hope this generally sends a chilling effect and a clear message. >> libby casey reporting from the white house. heather hurl hurl hurlburt, when the white house says you don't know the intelligence, we can't reveal the evidence because it would reveal methods, why should the public believe that?
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>> david some folks speaking off the record and talking a little bit more about what that intelligence supposedly is. supposedly this is an entity, a group of hackers that the government and the private firms it works with have been tracking for a number of years that they believe they're responsible for previous attacks that were traced back to north korea from south korea. on your bigger question, the question that you as a citizen have to ask yourself is, how have those kinds of claims played out in the past, do i trust this administration as opposed to past administrations on iran or anywhere else. we are now on the stage that this claim is going to have to be made all the time and as a member of the public you have to make your own decisions but there is more -- >> i was going to say isn't there a burden on the obama administration to at least release some of this
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intelligence rather than saying this will blow our cover if we release it? in order to convince a skeptical public whether it's fair or not whether it's the administration's fault or somebody else's fault isn't there a burden on the obama administration now to release judge they feel it is north korea? >> the decision you face as a decision maker is how much is it worth to you versus how much is the intelligence worth to you? you're going to make different decisions on different occasions. the reporter noah shackman had and other inttle entities will have later on, these are the things we are seeing but then that doesn't answer your bigger question because why are these people coming forward why are they coming forward anonymously?
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this is the curse of our own skepticism if you will. >> the sanctions on these ten north korean officials what does that essentially do to north korea? >> none of these officials have never been sanctioned before. it does acouple of things. it gets attention of those people and the feangs factions around the ruling epleat around kim jong-un, and american banks or any bank around the world will be nervous about dealing with these guys. the idea about sanctioning these individuals, these folks are out around the world buying technology, selling technology, stealing technology, possibly contracting with hackers, for example. this will make it difficult for them to operate financially anywhere in the world on behalf of of north korea. >> what would the fears of the
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obama administration are about a north korean response? >> kim jong-un seems always anxious to show he has something else up his sleeve. so what you're trying to calibrate is on the one hand to say to the north koreans we're not going to ignore you but we don't want to go to another realm, offensive not that really harmful hack of a movie company hack of a moich movie premier to an act that would be direct harm, what were the line between cyber war and reeling real war that's not the line you want to cross. >> heather, you'll stay with us for another story on the newscast but we appreciate your input on this. palestinians tonight are a step closer to joining the international criminal court. they filed the formal request on the hopes of eventually pursuing
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war crimes charges against israel over gaza. describing the application as hypocrisy. kristin saloomey reports. >> it's official, the united nations now that is palestine's application to join the international criminal court but where it goes from here is far from clear. >> now, this is a very significant step in which we will be going through it to seek justice through a legal option. it is a peaceful option. it is a civilized option. it is an option that anyone who uphold the law should not be afraid of. >> if the palestinian leadership has its way the court would investigate the 2014 war on gaza and the death of 2,000 civilians, and land that coogd
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according to them belongs to the palestinians. charged with war crimes including firing rockets into israel and while most countries already recognize palestine as a state, israel doesn't. >> the government is very upset because of this unilateral step, israel say at a palestine is not an independent state yet. so they don't have the right to go to icc right now and they -- israel expect that icc will reject the application. >> leve le mans. >> coming days after the u.n. security council set a deadline for the end of israeli occupation. peace talks broke down earlier this year but say unilateral talks like this will hinder negotiations. a spokesman for u.n. secretary
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general comeub ban ki-moon says, the application has been received, it could take months for the court to decide whether or not to even take up a case. kristin saloomey, al jazeera united nations. >> there was a tense stand offbetween israeli settlers and american diplomats. investigating claims that the settlers had damaged palestinian agricultural property. threw rocks at the americans but no one was injured. the united states has criticized israel's expansion into palestinian territory. >> for the third time in a week a ship has ended up in serious distress off the coast of italy. off the coast of calabria. a cargo ship had to be towed to
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safety. these are images just released from the italian coast guard of the rescue effort. part of a disturbing trend human traffickers loading the ship with passengers and put it on auto-pilot. lawrence lee. >> an overwhelming amount of sympathy to these refugees, elsewhere very little. they don't know exactly what people's conditions are like. they have got all sorts of facilities to cater to people. and he was saying there is always going to be migrants, they have to sipt set up humanitarian corridors, they are respectful of the plight of refugees, to look after them here, put them on buses and send them to the holding centers where at least they'll be warm and dry and will figure out what to do with them
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after that. but given by and large it doesn't look like there are many people who have been badly hurt and the boat was rescued properly. as simon said in that report, the thing that was occupying people here isn't so much the human tragedy it's about what is a new tactic what in the world is europe going to do to account for traffickers jettison folks out to see in this particular way. >> lawrence lee. thnchts about southeast asia java sea crews recovered more bodies. five of the 21 bodies found today were still strapped in their airline seats. 162 people were on board the flight on sunday when it went down. investigators are searching for plane's black box convinced flight data recorders will provide the best clues for what caused the crash.
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crews have recovered 30 bodies. i.s.i.l. fighters continue to make gains across syria and iraq even as the united states steps up its assault. jonathan betz is here with more. >> david it's been quite a year for i.s.i.l in june it declared itself an islamic state as it tore through iraq and syria. since then it has executed more than 2,000 people. stretching from aleppo in syria to baghdad in iraq. the cia estimated over the summer more than 30,000 foreign fighters have joined i.s.i.l. most came from arab countries like tunisia acknowledge jordan and saudi arabia, or some from russia. captured iraq's largest oil field, able to produce 75,000 barrels a day. millions have fled. mean 3 million people have left
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syria. the u.n. estimates more than a million people in turkey and lebanon alone. the u.s. continues to fight back with air strikes launching more than 800 in iraq and 500 in syria. including i.s.i.l.'s defact to de facto capital of raqqa. recapturing the critical mosul dam and even with these gains david, i.s.i.l. remains a very powerful force today. >> jonathan, thank you for the update. heather hurlburt. it clearly seems on the ground they are gaining territory and getting closer to u.s. troops. >> david treanl 2014 was the year when the rapid growth of i.s.i.l. was halted. we are now going to be i think
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in a phase where you're going to have gains and losses and every day you'll have a news report like you just gave, in some areas the u.s. is getting closer to siem, in other areas it's being pushed back. >> forces that joins i.s.i.l. over the past year does that come as much of a surprise to you? >> not in the sense that we've been hearing about it for months and months. what it is is an enormous problem. as important as anything military that happens in the next six eight months is that i.s.i.l.'s appeal to people around the world but particularly in, as your reported set the arab world where most of its recruits have come from, have got to be blunted. the only way you can raise regional forces to push it back and endlessly get rid of it many
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is cut off its supply of recruits. >> the oil field and the amount of money they have coming in, they can continue to fund their aggression, at some point does that become an asset that the united states and coalition has to take out? >> actually we're further along on dealing with the money one than dealing with the people one. that is to say we in the coalition have attempted to bomb the oil fields, have tried to tighten financial sanctions and there's a lot of experience over the years in dealing with terrorist groups in how to do that. so actually, although i don't want to down play that, it's a very significant challenge the west and 18th-extremist forces have proven allot better at figuring out how to cut off or lessen streams of money than at how to cut off or lessen the appeal of the extremist cost. >> heather you are a veteran of the political process in
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washington. how much power does the obama administration have, how big an issue does this become for republicans who are pressing for a more aggressive use of ground troops against i.s.i.l? >> we saw this fall that the political sail yens sail salience increases and when it gets off the front page when frankly it flips down to what is it, the fifth story on your newscast tonight just as an example, then on the one hand you have the president being pushed by some republicans saying you're not doing enough and then being pushed by other republicans and democrats saying you are doing too much, you are spending too'money you shouldn'ttoo'much money youshouldn't
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be trying to defeat i.s.i.s, it is a political space completely divorced from the reality on the ground. >> sparse the really is concerned, what is the best way to judge success over i.s.i.l. in the year ahead? >> so number one, do you cut off the number of recruits? do you see a decrease in the flows of foreign fighters? number 2, do you see not on a day-to-day basis but over time for example do you stop including baghdad as a region in which i.s.i.l. holds any territory, do you see i.s.i.l. being pushed back into core sunni heart land rather than taking new territory? i don't -- frankly i wish i expected to see i.s.i.l. pushed all the way out of iraq in 2015, i don't. do you see it losing territory and being pushed into smaller space. >> former speech writer for bill clinton, heather thank you so
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much for being on, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> you're welcome. are when republicans take over the new republican majorities in the senate there's a new reality for president obama. we'll talk about that ahead. plus detroit has emirnlgd emerged from from bankruptcy but is facing another challenge. and whether cancer is caused. wra
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is a. >> general motors is beginning the year with yet another round of recalls. the detroit car makers has just issued a recall notice for 90,000 suvs and pickup trucks because of ignition problems.
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including 2.6 million cars for ignition switch defect that was linked to 22 deaths. city of detroit is facing a new financial challenge. the county that encome peace the entire city, wayne county, is moving against people who owe property taxes. bisi onile-ere is in detroit. >> for one detroit residents have simply fallen behind on their bills. but this is the first time that wayne county has foreclosed on every property eligible for flour. drive through parts of detroit and you'll see run down homes and foreclosure notices but you'll see thriving neighborhoods of squatters rosalyn johnson living in homes they once owned. >> what were the emotions you felt for buying your first home?
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>> i was excited. you know, excited you know, three old felt that sense of pride. >> johnson is 47 and unemployed. her house was sold at auction in october because she was more than $15,000 behind on property taxes. >> it's hard. it's not easy. i really was upset about losing this big time. but it ain't nothing i can do bit now. >> it's the same story for thousands of other detroiters, in a city hilt hard by poverty blight and bankruptcy another problem looms. >> detroit is parts of wayne county which has launched an aggressive campaign to foreclose. it's estimated that about 1 in 7 residents could be affected. >> it is absolutely a crisis. and i think a crisis that ten years ago we saw coming.
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>> michigan state representative rashida talib has pushed for reforms for years. she says detroit can't afford to lose any more residents. >> to me, it's so valuable keeping those families in those homes. and trying to figure out a way it's not this one size fits all approach looking at individual families. >> this is the future of all these foreclosed homes. >> that's what michelle overholzer did launched a fund raiser to help detroiters keep their homes buying back their homes for as little as $500 with no obligation to pay back taxes. >> a huge opportunity to have a clean slate just as the city has gotten with this bankruptcy. >> thesth esthers have felt
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different. >> i should stop caring make myself stop caring to being involved, i'm ready to invest myself back into the community because i'm here, i'm here to stay, i know i am. >> the esthers say that the problem is many residents don't have access to information that could help them. johnson is one of them pep she says the new owners of her home are not forcing her out yet but she knows the days are numbered. >> i be blessed with something else, if not like this here something better you know what i'm saying? i ain't going to worry about it. >> reporter: michigan lawmakers have approved legislation that will give people more time to pay off property taxes and lower the interest rate on penalties. the governor is expected to sign the bills into law. the move is too late to help johnson but it could help keep tens of thousands of detroit families in their homes.
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detroit mayor mike duggan played a very instrumental part in convincing lawmakers to pass legislation that will help resident save their homes. it is also part of his plan to remove blight in the city and to collect lost revenue. bisi onile-ere, al jazeera detroit. >> in new hampshire police say blinding snow this morning caused a 35-car pileup. the fast-moving storm led to white outconference interstate 93 near ashland. a tractor trailer in flames. state police are reporting some injuries but say none are serious. coming up next: the presidential candidate positioning has begun. jeb bush is resigning from his board member positions and even distancing himself from heart ride republicans. plus under attack. as sweden opens its doors to muslim immigrants, violence is
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rising. and stopping smokers from lighting up. a
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>> al jazeera america presents >> somebody's telling lies... >> it looks nothing like him... >> pan am flight 103 explodes december 21st, 1988 was the right man convicted? >> so many people, at such a high level, had the stake in al-megrahi's guilt >> the most definitive look at this shocking crime >> the major difficulty for the prosecution that there was no evidence >> al jazeera america presents lockerbie part three: what really happened?
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>> hello, this is al jazeera america, i'm dhus. just ahead. partisan gridlock as republicans take control of congress. that means difficult year ahead for president obama. we will take a look. jeb bush, the gop front runner is moving moving from the right. a lot of attention. nature or nurture researchers now say most cancers are caused by not what you do, but by luck of the draw. and behind the music sound man john, what he calls a classic beatles album quote a bunch of garbage. >> a new year is bringing a new legislative era to washington d.c, now both chambers of
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congress will be dominated by republicans. but will the party be able to use its new power to get a conservative agenda moving again on capitol hill? mike viqueria an libby casey have the political preview. >> john as we ring in the new year there president has a new political reality the senate and house controlled by republicans, a face of more gridlock and more acrimony. >> and republicans are eager to control their own agenda, one of the top issues in january the keystone xl pipeline. >> mitch mcconnell says that's the first order of business. the president being coy about it won't say whether he'll veto or not. >> attempt at repealing the
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affordable care act or obamacare. republicans may try the chip at it instead. they may try ogo after the employer mandate also the medical device tax. it's not just congress though that could influence the federal health care law. the supreme court will be weighing in this time, because they are taking up a case, a challenge to the federal subsidies that go to more than 4 million americans that help them pay for health care. >> another area where no doubt the president would veto any attempt by republicans to turn back his initiative, executive actions on immigration. republicans are angered about that, no question they're going to try turn it back, the question, how can they do it? they may have to wait until 2018 and there's a new president and hopefully a republican. >> executive actions on immigration is the power of the purse. watch for a battle in late february over funding the department of homeland security, the republicans may want to use that to stop the president's
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agenda. >> libby, republicans are going to be a lot more hawkish, going to to be pushing the president to get tough on assad and nuclear talks. >> house speaker john boehner has expressed concerns, fight between president and congress over what the president wants the authorization of use of force. >> one big date to circle on the calendar when it doms a comes to a very controversial subject patriot act, domestic surveillance edward snowden authorize or reprioritize those programs. >> we'll see how congress weighs in on it in january. john boehner says no how no way
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especially lifting the economic embargo in place for 53 years for cuba. >> which requires congress the act. >> more gridlock in washington. >> there are places we could see agreement though. namely taxes and trade. there is a lot of people saying the corporate tax rate is too high, that could be an area that the white house and congress could work on together. an asian trade deal republicans could get on board because traditionally they have been pro-trade deal. >> ever since nafta when another democratic president bill clinton pushed that through congress they think it has been bad for american workers. and the 2016 campaign the next person to live in the white house is going to quickly take over all the debate and rhetoric in 2015, if the president and republican congress are going to come together they'll have a very short window in which to do it libby.
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>> they often say the senate is comprised of 100 people who want to live here in the white house. we are seeing big personalities emerge. on the republican side of the aisle, ted cruz and rand paul. >> and on the democratic side, bernie sanders the fire brand from vermont elizabeth warren, the democrat from massachusetts being urged from the left to get in the race, she has not so far determined to do so. >> a lot of decisions to be decided in 2015. >> mike shore an al jazeera political contribute. how quickly was libby and mike able to get from the white house to headquarters. >> it's a little different they do it every day. >> there's big news involving jeb bush, the florida governor
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that resigned from a number of boards, where he might get in you trouble because of connections. he's not going to be going to a big event in iowa, sponsored by steve king, the anti-immigration sort of guru. what is has jeb decided no thank you? >> i suspect when your name is jeb bush you don't have to play the republican game. you don't have to do things by the same rule book that other republicans who are running for the first time or maybe the second time would be doing. so i suspect this is about that. also differentiating himself from that very right wing side of his own party. steve king does represent that sort of real visceral resistance to immigration david. so i think that's something jeb bush is going to want to steer clear of. he's gotten a lot of push back from some people who would have attended that, iowa voters.
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>> announcement from chris christie rick san tor santorum, and marco rubio,. >> it's a hard dlaition to make, when you are jeb bush, you essentially announce you are going to run in late 2014 for a race in 2016, that is a field clear because of the money he can raise. you don't want to get people tired of you. if you announce right now that's almost two years of campaigning and talk about you. so you have to time it perfectly. i think that's a little bit why hillary clinton is waiting. if john casek wants to run he was member of the house leadership but if he decides to run he has to have enough time for people to know who he is. >> you mentioned hillary clinton, there does seem to be
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asplit between establishment democrats and spending $1 million in ohio as part of a draft movement to get elizabeth warren in this race against hillary clinton. how real is the divide in the democratic party where it stands on issues like financial reform and wall street? >> i think it's a real divide but i don't think it sets the party asunder the same way the republican party does, they're in charge of the house and senate right now any kind of divisions affect legislation the demeanor of house and senate. not the same for the democrats. having a challenge of hillary clinton from the left is a way to make her candidacy more viable. she will have to answer questions about the real liberal bona fides you don't want to damage her to the points where you have people to the left of the party saying i really do not
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want the compromise of voting for hillary clinton. >> someone who doesn't want to damage his chances in 2016, does the president try to reach out and get agreement on tamp rormt and spendingreformand spending or does he say i'm going to focus on whatever i need to focus on? >> there are a lot of the issues that the president is going to have to neutralize are issues this will affect the wall wallets the pocket books of the voters. you don't want to be so opposed to tax reform if that's something that will appeal to voters. by the same token, he is the president. his approval numbers have gone up even marginally all year long. he is not treading for water or gasping for air. he can take a leadership position by even vetoing some
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legislation. >> michael obviously acknowledge price of gas is dropping to a five year low the dow broke 18,000. how does that impact politics in 2015? >> the republicans if this continues and endures cannot just own anymore. a criticism of joblessness and flat economy they're going to have to find other ways to attack the democrats on those issues. so i think -- you know listen it's good for the nation and good for politics because then they can focus on other things as well, there are things neither party has to deal with. >> the passion of mario quomo the three term governor of new york he electrified voters about the shining city on the hill, that reagan claimed acknowledge that he was dancing oshdancingor teasing democrats with the possibility of planning to run
8:40 pm
for president then he didn't. what are your thoughts of yoa quomo? >> i remember the mayor's race of 1977 i am afraid to say and it was a really is bitter race, you wouldn't think that mario quomo is the liberal maloney will take the mantle from the kennedys. that is essentially what happened, the one great orator. you campaign with poetry you govern with prose he did latch onto some of these liberal ideals, he was vehemently against the death penalty at a time when the country and the state of new york were pro-death penalty. crime was so out of control he held fast on that. then we entered the era of reagan and bush and clinton and obama, and the liberal civil
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that was gone, he was the last person to hold fast to it. and he's a very interesting american political icon. that speech was one of the best ever given anyone who writes a speech or watches a speech look at it over and over again. >> michael thanks as always. great to see you. >> happy new year, thanks. >> democrat leader harry reid is recovering from the injuries he suffered when a piece of exercise equipment broke causing him to fall. he will be in the senate when congress reconvenes on tuesday. there will be no delay in the boston bombing superintendent, ozark disork tsarnaev
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tsarnaev's attorneys tsarnaev has pled not guilty to 20 counts, killed three people and wounded more than 360. in sweden when racial tensions have been intensifying for months, dramaticallying and showing support for the muslim community. today there was a rally in ipsala, all this comes amidst a fears debate in he sweden. jonah hull reports. >> this mosque in ipsala not far from stockholm. the banner be sprawled across the front saying go home muslim scum the third such attack in a week after more than adozen last
8:43 pm
year. this one on christmas day in the southwest of sweden injured five muslim worshipers. four days later further south another mosque targeted by suspected arsonists. in ipsala, shows a societal of intense intolerance. >> people are so rude these days, how can you do something like that? this is not considered we not you you and you. just we. muslim, what's the matter? you all from the same. >> everybody can't believe in everything. we support religion, doesn't matter. >> sweden takes in the largest number of refugees and asylum seekers, in all of the european
8:44 pm
union, 60% approval according to a 2014 survey of government policy on immigration. not everybody is happy. the far right sweden democrats did pretty well, they want immigration cut by a full 90% and their support is growing. mosk authorities told us they were afraid the relatively harmless attacks so far would get worse. >> translator: the members of the community are very sad and at the same time, very worried. not just what happened here in ipsala, but what happened in the whole country. >> instead they do represent what is for the moment a very small minority. jonah hull, al jazeera ipsala, sweden. >> death toll from ebola now stands at 8,000. all the deaths in sierra leone
8:45 pm
liberia and guinea. the current outbreak began just over a year ago. in south america acknowledge smoking will become a bit more expensive. cutting the highest rate of smoking among men than in the developed world. harry connor reporting. >> '03 south korea last the highest smoking rate of any developed nation, about 44%. about a quarter of all adults male and female smoke. they have to get used to an 80% tax rise, taking it from 2.50 to 4 much 50 per pack. >> it would have been better if
8:46 pm
the increase was a smaller one. but the government just announced the price would be nearly doubling. >> the announcement led up to a pabbic buying. in the run up this year shops were limiting customers to one pack per person. the language is relatively mild, if the government wanted to do more than complain they should put pictures on boxes like this. sky high rate. >> if people can see the impact of smoking on health causing various diseases such as oral cancer or lung cancer, i think it could reduce smoke by 20 to 30%. >> the government is the special smoking areas a few days ago an
8:47 pm
everday feature now stand empty and there has been a surge ever those visiting quick-smoking alternatives or e cigarettes. >> translator: the effect is a bit limited compared to regular cigarettes. i started to get withdrawal symptoms. there are still some withdrawal symptoms. >> if the government has its way, plenty more will be in 2015. harry fawcett al jazeera seoul. >> there is a new theory why some people get cancer, in many case it's just bad luck. researchers at johns hopkins say two-thirds of the cancers they follow have to do with randomness. roxana saberi has the story.
8:48 pm
>> scientists at johns hon hopkins university. >> many have actually speculated about or believed at the same time, that is, that some people can do everything we say you should do to prevent getting cancer yet you're still going to get cancer. >> our cells naturally replicate and mutate themselves. but sometimes those tissues grow elsewhere, increasing chance they would mutate and develop cancer. this exponent saying those factors influencing about a third of cancer types but some doctors caution this doesn't mean people should not take care
8:49 pm
of their bodies. smoking is still linked to lung cancer and expensive exposure to sun leads to skin cancer. >> they have even more of these cancers that are more likely to break through and become clinicallykilnclinically refnl cancers. relevant cancers. roxana saberi, al jazeera. >> coming up, the person who helped engineer the sound track of the british music invasion.
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>> there is new information tonight about the cleveland police shooting that left a 12-year-old boy dead. cleveland's mayor says it's handing the investigation over to a county sheriff.
8:52 pm
back in november the yungs sisteryoungsterwas holding a pellet gun but the police officer had no idea whether it was real. white police officers here in ferguson, missouri and new york city were not indicted for the deaths of unarmed black men. several celebrities spoke about this including actor ethan hawk. who spoke to al jazeera. >> it's shocking, the racial divide how hard it is to talk about. i think everybody wants it. people shed tears when obama was elected, because it feels like some racial divide is healing. we feel that this must mean it's healing. and then something like the ferguson case happens and you're
8:53 pm
like well, there's still so much suffering. and so much dialogue happening in separate corners of the world. you know, this is just one small thing. i mean i thought we'd left racial issues behind for class issues. and issues of environment issues of poverty. and you know, there's huge issues that are the next generation's issues. >> "talk to al jazeera" airs on monday night 9:30 eastern 6:30 pacific. in friday arts segment we bring you a sound artist who helped create many of the sounds you know by heart. glen johnson worked with some of the most successful bands from the beatles to rolling stones. he told us the stones often showed up in his studio with nothing to record. >> as time went by and they became more successful and therefore, the time one would normally allow to write material was not really available
8:54 pm
because they were working so lard to promote what they'd previously done, they would find themselves booked into a studio without having the time to write. so they started writing in the studio a lot of times. and actually that proved to be a very successful exercise for them and a lot of porter people do that too. it's quite expensive. but it certainly worked really well for them and the proof is in the pudding of course. >> and i gather one of your big regrets is that your own boss decided not osign the rolling stones because -- well what was the reason? >> the studio had new ownership and i was a young kid and i knew about the rolling stones and several other acts i felt i could probably -- would i like to produce basically. and the guy who owned the studio had not much and i had no money and he owned the studio, i went, do you think we could use the studio when it's not being used on the down time, he agreed, as
8:55 pm
long as he could do all the business. he actually never met them, i gave him the taims that weefd recorded and he went off and took them to entirely the wrong people in the business and was unable to get them a record deal in the first few days they had the tapes. they then met andrew oldham, he gave them enough money and that was that, and they went off with andrew oldham. >> the first thing i thought the picture of you waiting for keith. you were smoking a cigarette around your hair was a little bit longer than it is now. >> spent hours and hours waiting for keith i thought that was a comedic way of describing the photograph. >> he was always late or always on his own on the time clock? >> he was always late, he operated on his own calendar
8:56 pm
completely. >> yet there was a couple of years before you had met the beatles, they were superstars, what was that like? >> they were huge of course, incredibly impressed with them as was the press of the world. that was a bit nerve racking but they made me feel at ease immediately. they are just four guys, really, they treated me just the same as anyone else. it worked out really well, with respect, obviously but they made me feel really comfortable. >> the beatles were notorious for teasing teasing everyone, did they tease you? >> johnjohn lennon, one of the
8:57 pm
funniest people i ever knew. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you bye-bye. >> the picture of the day, this is one you do not want to miss!
8:58 pm
[[vo]] an america tonight in-depth series. >>my first column was, “hey, where are the weed-smoking moms at?” [[vo]] one year legal. >>i'd try chem 4, alien dog, and girl scout cookies. [[vo]] and it's become big business. >>the state of colorado is profiting immensely off of this. [[vo]] now, we cut through the smoke and find out what's really going on.
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>>we can show marijuana is leaving colorado. [[vo]] the highs and lows of a year on pot. >> coming up at 11:00 outcries, the suicide note a teenager left behind. raising aspects of gender identity. raising the minimum wage. and finally elvis is a live. he lives in a telephone booth. we suspect the elvis in a wheelchair broke a foot in one of his blue suede shoes. don't be cruel. this is just not working. i'm david schuster, up next, al
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