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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the newshour. coming up in the next 60 minutes - we go to the front line where iraq's peshmerga forces are battling to recapture villages from i.s.i.l. freezing funds - israel withholds tax revenues over palestines bid to join the international criminal court plus - a new sighting in the search for the wreckage of the airasia flight. authorities say the plane shouldn't have been in the air
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at all. exploring close and beyond - inter-galactic missions for the year. let's start - forces are battling to retake more villages from i.s.i.l. the islamic state of iraq and levant. we go to sal tan abdullah a village which peshmerga forces managed to retake. there has been a lot of fighting. how was it for the peshmerga to drive i.s.i.l. out of sultan abdullah. >> not quite easy we are on the edge of sultan abdullah. it's a few hundred kilometres down here. we are in peshmerga.
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the village is within site of i.s.i.l. they are firing on peshmerga inside, but on the outside, where we have seen mart areas that have not ex -- mortars that have not exploded. they have told us the peshmerga have told us that the fire is coming in mortars killing some of the peshmerga fighters inside. this village, sultan abdullah is where we saw the extent of fighters two days ago, facing off with the fighters. we are seeing some of the fighting going on between the i.s.i.l. peshmerga, and they
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cannot - it shows you how the peshmerga are when it comes to fighting. >> it highlights the peshmerga demand for extra support because if they are receiving the benefit of the air strikes from the coalition, it's not enough clearly, is it. >> not enough at all. all the peshmerga commanders in the past two weeks - there's a difference for us when it comes to taking mortar from i.s.i.l. it is not enough. they need more runs light and heavy. commanders - the newest gun in the unit fighters were fighting spending five years, it was from the time of the
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iraq-iran war. instead, increasingly we need more arms and expand the territory and making more villages out of i.s.i.l. control. they would need not only more arms, but more - they are thinly spread. the frontline where the peshmerga are fighting - it extends over an area that is more than 1000km long. >> indeed sultan abdullah is in a strategic location. close to the tying res. -- tighe res, and on the route to mosul, the largest city. >> indeed on the banks of the tighe res river, it is for the villages and major towns. it's also as you say, on the
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route leading to mosul. which is a strong hold for i.s.i.l. and may be one of the reasons why i.s.i.l. continues in this town. because the peshmerga fighters and those allied they would be able to cut the supply also maybe get closer to mosul, where the peshmerga will help in the clearing it from i.s.i.l. but also the international court led by the united states and the iraqi forces - they are slowly turning their eyes in the idea of placating it from i.s.i.l. >> live in sultan abdullah village, let's stick with the scene because the prime minister
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haider al-abadi promised to ignite the country. he's the shia who replaced nouri al-maliki. nouri al-maliki came to power after the u.s.-led... 3 million or so all right, let's talk to our guest, joining us from baghdad. thank you for talking to us. can we start with the military side of the conflict country, and we would refer to mohammed ado you, in the north a w, in the north a where
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i.s.i.l. came in taking over the second largest city of i.s.i.l. >> true under damaging circumstances why the army was at the city of mosul, and the present investigation of the cause, and realities of what actually happened in mosul. it's very high level, and will be probably suppressed in the future because it will vary within the present coalition. so probably the investigation will be kept and will be left to the highest political entities in the country, and will not fold to the public.
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>> sorry, i was going to add to that - it wasn't just a matter of it being iraq not being fully equipment and motivated enough it was a matter of local people local sunni people for the most part who have been disaeffected under the rule of the former prime minister that eventually they attempted up with i.s.i.l. to welcome them in almost. of course the new prime minister contends and he sees that as a top priority. how far have you got with this siege - tribesman whom, in the past sided with others and have actually have baghdad's authority. >> i think the problem exists. i think the political entities
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that were inside the government in maliki's government are in the same position, and are still on the foot. i think dr haider al-abadi will have a difficult time in trying to sway or change those areas. they are politically rooted issues we have to remember the party was at the strongest in mosul, and the forces are still at large, and still in citing the public against the iraqi army. they are the majority of the fighters of i.s.i.l. and eventually public opinion to mobilize sunnis. this is going on. haider al-abadi - dr haider al-abadi will have a difficult time in persuading those otherwise. >> what about the project of integrating the various
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communities of iraq into one. certainly it's a priority of his, to win over the sunni elements as well as bringing in the peshmerga as well. whether it's bearing any fruit yet. >> i think i was speaking this morning with one of my colleagues and there is a political understanding that the national guard needs to have a reality within the law. that will constitute a second army. the iraqi national army, and na national guard will constitute each individual province. the danger of that sectarian forces and not a national guard
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as the quotation should be for national unitedy defending all iraq against dangers. but the idea there's a political standing at present. we need to integrate with the public mobilization in the national guards we need to integrate fighting into the national guard to unite the force against i.s.i.l. and that will become the nucleus for reuniting the country, or creating a true public reconciliation. observers of iraq would break up into sunni on the one part and shias in the other, into the north of the country. is this a situation now being ameliorated by the
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administration of mr haider al-abadi? >> dr haider al-abadi is working very hard for such philosophy. we have to remember the dangers still exist. people in the south still believe their rights have been taken away from them and the oil that is producing the south goes to kurdistan with no rites. people in the west believe they have no real share in the government or in the running of the state. they won't have what they want. the danger is still there. the environment is volatile. the danger insists into two or three separate states. thank you very much indeed for talking to us here at al jazeera. now, palestinian leaders
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accused israel's government of trying to starve their people by withholding $127 million. israel is freezing the funds as a result of palestinians joining the international criminal court, which could lead israeli to be investigated for war crimes. charles stratford reports. >> reporter: the war lasted 50 days and left more than 2 rkts 500 civilians dead. israel said it was targetting tunnels used for smuggling them. it said they were responding to hamas rocket fire. 72 israelis died in the war. all but six from israeli soldiers. now israel says it will withhold $127 million revenue from the palestinians. >> the homes, hospitals, medical
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supplies the milk bread - it will affect the whole nation. it shows that this occupation is not only concerned with home demolition but when it comes to surviving, 4 million palestinians - starving them forgetting them because they want to act with impunity. >> reporter: the bid for i.c.c. hippeders efforts to re -- hinders efforts to restart the pass talks. >> we node a leverage of -- need a leverage of derailing peaceful settlement. it can be advanced by negotiating. if the palestinians make complaints israelis will make complaints. this will not advance us. members of the international community accuse the department
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of using the international criminal court as a political tool. >> it's disturbing to hear of the israeli government attempt to punish palestine for effectively signing up to a process, based on the rule of law. hypocrite call to actually say that this is not conducive to the peace process. we don't normally punish states. >> reporter: the u.s. said the palestinian move has what it describes as implications for the supply of u.s. aid. israel and hamas is committing war crimes. using civilians as human shields, investigating 90 incidents of acts by its soldiers. the military campaign flattened thousands of homes, destroying an economy that suffered years under israel's blockades.
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rebuilding gaza will take decades. refusing the government vital tax revenue will hinder matters. more about this now from victoria gaetan by. >> this is not the -- gatan by. >> this is not the first time israel withhold tax. earlier they had with hold $100,000. in 2012 israel was more than $120 million in response to the overwhelming vote the u.n. secretary general assembly to recognise the state of palestine, and in april 2014 they applied to join a series of international treaties and conventions. israel should transfer 100 million a month to the palestinians, and accounts for
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two-thirds of the palestinian budget. without the money it cannot pay 155,000 public sectors - people like police nurses and teachers. it goes to a quarter of the population. the pa government - it forms the economic backbone of the territory we'll talk to a senior palestinian official joining us live from ramallah. hello again. nice to talk to you. israelis with holding tax revenue from the palestinian authority, presumably was expected. >> yes, expected but doesn't negate the fact that this is an act of privacy and theft. i want to plain that this is not israeli money or anybody's money. this is tax money collected from
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palestinian attackers. it's a palestinian money. they have no right in any way. by with holding the money... >> they with hold the money, they have done it before and the money is handed over after a little while. i'm wondering what the broad picture is. is it a device by the palestinian authority to flush out the israeli action and to galvanise international opinion. international opinion is behind the palestinian cause in an unprecedented manner. >> absolutely because the international community is sick and tired of this occupation that has become long. a system that is worse than what we see elsewhere. it's intolerable. that is the problem. israel has been impugnive to
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international law, or that it is conducting corporal punishment. for the first time now there'll be an international criminal court, and the international community. would that surprise you. >> that's to be decided. it's not a given that it will be accepted by the international criminal court, and whether any investigation of war crimes will be taken on by the court. we don't know that specifically. i wanted to ask you more generally now about the diplomatic strategy that is currently launched by palestinian authorities, to great effect i would say, in the failed u.n. resolution that the security council. that was all part of it. this is all about flushing out the various international parties that they reveal their hand. >> well first of all, if they are sure they will not be held
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accountable at the criminal court, why are they so afraid. they and the yate - they know that they have committed war crimes, destroying 96,000 houses in 51 address, and killing 2,370 people and many of whom were children. on the other hand what they are doing is an act of popular nonviolent resistance. this is the best form of nonviolence resistance. we are going to the international community, using diplomatic resistance on the ground. we are boycotting against the israeli regime. this is our strategy and we will succeed. >> at this point in time with the americans and the israelis looking at the security measures of a few days ago. at this point. the clear blue water, opening up
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to the united states and the european ali with regard to the israeli-palestine conflict. >> the rates is putting in the position. it is defending war criminals. at the same time they are not exercising any pressure on israel to suspend or stop the settlement actions. and recently yesterday, the israeli settlers. a medical diplomatic croup visiting the site. we did not see the united states at least to protect diplomats from israeli attacks. this is an act. what we see is totally unreasonable relationship between israel and the united states. the policy is totally controlled by the israeli side in an unreasonable and unacceptable way. >> finally, can you remind us as to why the israelis have such
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utter control over revenues that as you point out, palestinian money. why do the israelis have the money, have the ability to just distribute to palestinians at will? >> this is one unfortunate side of the so-called oslo agreement and paris agreement which were organised in 1994 to organise the relationship between the pa and israel. because israel controls the import and export and are under occupation israel would collect the import tax and they charge us 3% of commission for that collection. and then transfer the money to the palastinian authority. fortunately since '83, the process is an instrument for southbound tig, collective -- sabotage collective pressure. they are violating the oslo agreement that ever is
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defending. it's a case of collecting revenue. >> finally, quickly, can i just tell you, that you are neither a member of fatah or hamas, as an independent. do you approve of the strategies pursued by the leadership? >> i don't only approve, it was our idea for the palastinian authority, and they adopted it. finally it is nonviolent methods, through diplomatic methods. we have been calling for that since 2010. a strong date for unity. >> thank you very much indeed. thank you a lot more to come here on al jazeera - paradise - but a closer look reveals not so in senegal. we take a 4,000km ride
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through russia. the hero project from soviet times. one of the world's most exciting and dangerous motor sports events. the leader of yemen has rejected a plan to federalize. last year's agreement would have divided the country into six separate states. the houthis have taken over parts of yemen, including the capital sanaa, and have dismissed it. they are planning to move the oil-rich province they say to stop it fulling into the hands of al qaeda. we go to our correspondent.
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tell us about the houthis, and they are saying no to the agreement, that they agreed to last year. >> marr -- this is the last time the leader the political office of the houthi movement did give out a statement rejecting dividing yemen into six regions, the irony is that the houthis were part of the... >> okay sorry, omar al-sala, sorry to stop it there. sound quality is poor we hope to get a better line a little later on coptic christian workers
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have been kidnapped in libya. masked gunmen broke into a house, separating them. the abducted men were working to support their families in egypt the family of a libyan-al qaeda suspect who died in the u.s. days before trial is accusing washington of neglecting his health. abu anas al-liby was accused of being involved in the bombing of the u.s. embassies. he was captured by u.s. troops in tripoli in 2013 bad weather is preventing divers from reaching the wreckage of the airasia that crashed into the java sea on sunday. 32 bodies have been recovered. and safe teams say they found another large object on the seabed. indonesia's weather agency says bad weather is likely to be a major factor. indonesia's transport minister threatened to ground the airline because the plane shouldn't have been in the airat all
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even before the cause of the crash on december 20th is known, it has been barred from flying between the indonesian city of surabaya and singapore. the airline is found to have been operating the flight that went down without a proper licence. it does not draw sanctions. >> air traffic control have conversations. the airport and airasia and other airlines and the whole play in this air transport. in the transport. if any airline does the same we
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will withhold the licence of the route. if everybody doing it we will cancel everything. >> reporter: airasia has been breaching regulations. the airline industry has a poor safety record. nearly all the airlines are from flying to europe the additional civil aviation organization downgrading the rating in 2006. many say things have not improved since then. >> there was some improvements but i have to say nothing consistent. we wasted time. >> airports here are not equipped to deal with the airline. they have the capacity. into worrying statistics. the airport is the eighth
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busiest, jakarta, and the indonesians now can affed to fly -- afford to fly. an average of 160,000 fly here every day. they struggle to keep up with demands. the transport minister says international organizations like the european union should help. >> european union, please come here, please help indonesia. >> translation: european union pleas come here, please help indonesia. are we happy that you can punish us. you are a developed region the industry is developed. >> reporter: while the minister of transport wants to take both measures to improve the indonesian safety record investigations are under way to find out why the airasia flight could crash to the java sea, killing 162 people. rescuers detected large parts of the plane at the bottom of the
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sea. increasing the chances of finding the black boxes soon let's have a look at what the weather has got for japan, in particular because everton is here and there's more news of heavy snow. >> that's right. there has been good falls across japan. more to come over the next couple of days. looking at the satellite picture. around there. that will come in over the next day or two. take a look at this one, on the western side of japan. it brought heavy snow. see how it pushes across. we have clearer skies coming in behind. producing a significant amount of snow fall around 45 centimetres of snow across parts of western japan, causing destruction. you can see the height of the know there as it went through over the last couple of days. brighter skies coming back in behind. a crisp 10 degrees, and up into
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double figures. here is the next area of cloud across the yellow scene, making its way through as it moves over the warm waters into the cold air. you have snow on the leading edge. with winds from a southerly direction, you are looking at rain leading to a rapid thaw causing problems over the next couple of daysful across the java sea, we have big downpours around indonesia. heavy showers coming here over the next couple of days, and the rain continuing for much of this week. >> thank you very much still to come here at al jazeera - 50 years - why military parades are hitting the streets find out who came on top of the n.b.a.'s form side.
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hello, you are with al jazeera, these are the top stories. peshmerga are fighting i.s.i.l. in sultan abdullah near the town of mosul. peshmerga were in full control a few days ago. palestinian leader are accusing israel of trying to starve their people by withholding $127 million of
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revenue. israel refused to pay after the palestinian leadership applied to the criminal court. >> bad weather. bad weather is a major factor in sunday's crash, which killed 162 people. now, it's 67 years to the day since brittain granted gined to burma, now myanmar. they celebrated with a military parade in the capital. there was a military coup in 1962. a south asian specialist from london joins us from tokyo, via skype. thank you for talking to us at al jazeera, can you tell us what is the significance of the return of the military in this display of strength on the streets of the capital? >> well the military is a stakeholder in myanmar.
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whilst there has been reforms, reforms that transform the country in the last three or four years, what they are trying to do is send a message to say that the military is and continues to be a stakeholder and there's not going to be talk about rely ink wishing 25% of the seats they hold in the assembly. as part of the reforms there has been demands by the nld and activists, that becomes the democratisation process. what the president does is say we are reforming and changing things. >> this seems to fit in with the words from when president obama was visiting myanmar, when she urged caution in terms of the way international community responded to the changes in the transitional phase that myanmar was undergoing. myanmar is undergoing a dramatic
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change. it's positive. like many countries, the military is part of the spectrum. we can't expect the process to happen that was they are promised. >> what about the relationship between the central government and the ethnic minorities within myanmar. this is a particularly soars problem for the authorities to net. okay, that was a bad question wasn't it. skype has gone. sadly. thank you so much indeed for talking to us. now, there has been a seventh successive day in bahrain, there was the rest of a shia muslim leader. tear gas was fired and petrol gangs and rocks were thrown at riot police. protesters are demanding the release of the shia opposition
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alwe have abbing party -- al-wefaq party al jazeera demands the release of our journalists. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were wrongly convicted of broadcasting false news and helping the muslim brotherhood, which they and al jazeera deny. on thursday an appeals court ordered a retrial ta could begin within a month. lawyers for peter greste and mohamed fadel fahmy filed requests for them to be deported from egypt the crew of a cement ship missing after it capsized off the north coast - four life boats at the scene. no distress call was heard from the ship. seven of the crew are polish the other missing man is from the philippines. cooler weather conditions in
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south australia are helping firefighters to contain massive bushfires. 12 homes in the adelaide hills have been destroyed by fire and another 20 lost. hot and windy conditions fanning the flames since friday eased. in neighbouring victoria rain held firefighters bring a bushfire under control. north korea reacted angrily to new sanctions in the united states. president obama authorised expansions over the hacking of the film company. the decision is hostile and oppressive. pyongyang denied involvement. this followed the production of the interview, a comedy about the assassination a mayor in france is accused of facing to allow the burial of a roma baby in the cemetery.
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local taxpayers should have priority, he says and there's a shortage of burial plots. where roma families live without running water or electricity. a funeral has been arranged for the baby after a neighbouring town intervened. >> now, the bay of hung in senegal was once famous for private each waters and beaches. it's now an environmental disaster hear. nicholas hack has been to see? a. yes. >> this beach was famous. pictures like the copacabana it is where people came to escape from the city. to sun bathe, and enjoy fresh clean air. look at it now. the neighbour is trying to clean the shore line they can't stop this. what started as a slow trickle has turned into a stream of
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industrial waste poured into the ocean. slaughter houses - it was dumped. this woman cleaned the beach when she realised the waste was making the chin in the neighbourhood sick. >> they constantly suffer from diarrhoea and respiratory problems. i am sure it's due to the pollution. a sample of water. the results are astounding. >> the report says the level of organic matter is 10 times above international standards. it contains high level mercury and cadmium, toxic chemicals. it's not just polluted it's poisonous. >> billions are released into the ocean, slowly killing the wildlife. this lef of hole use is illegal, but none of the factory owners have been fined or prosecuted.
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>> translation: they employ thousands and are an important contributor to the economy. we need a solution. >> reporter: france and the e.u. are funding a water filter. it will not stop the pollution and will take years to build. too late. too many are comfortable living with it a boom in mineral mining and the promise of more investment is putting a pioneering railway on track. the railway made engineering when it was built, across some back in the '70s. it's enjoying a revival. the most isolated starts of russia.
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rory challands has been there. >> reporter: 4,000km of hardened steel through 4,000km of area. the rail line slices from the pacific coast to the heart of siberia. par seven mountain ranges and crossing 11 alpine river on its route. >> this is the latest in the project that is currently enjoying a second life. >> translation: changes are visible, and they are good. there's more work. >> reporter: freight is what it was built for, but this level of activity is a fair recent boom. >> in the early 1990s, it was judged to be uneconomic. the mines that this had been built to service had never been properly exploited. and in the chaos of post-soviet
5:43 am
russia it died a death. after a 6-hour shift coalminers emerged. deep under ground the next shift is working. these days extraction companies are exploiting siberia's mineral deposits as far as they can. >> translation: huge reserves of coal which need to get to consumers. without bam, we cannot deliver anything. all the extract coal is delivered to bam, foreign countries. china, korea and japan. >> a museum tenders documents and efforts involved in the construction. in the 1970s, tens of thousands appear enthusiastic. they answer the call. those veterans are pleased their efforts were not wasted.
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>> translation: they say here there are 12 months of winter and the rest is summer. there were many difficulties. there were mosquitos, cold and frost. birds would freeze in mid air. it's nice to see it's not a road to nowhere, a road for the development of the country. >> bam has been promised billions of government investment for modernization and increasing capacity. before that fully materializes as the economy worsens, and whether bam was in an era of declining, the future will reveal. for now, the train keeps rolling still to come - andy murray wins the first title of the season. he did it the easy way. find out what that is with sanaa.
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. >> 2014 was a busy year for space discoveries. 2015 appears to be the same. >> reporter: after a nine year journey through space, n.a.s.a.'s new horizon craft will do a close approach to pluto. it comes been 1,000 of it giving us an unparalleled view of a world we know little about.
5:47 am
whether or not we call a planet we'll be visited by a spacecraft in 2015. that will be mind boggling. the furthest heavenly body in the solar system a large body will be visited by a spacecraft que launched a decade ago. that's mind boggling. >> reporter: in april another craft is set to lie between the orbits of mars and jupiter. both will shed light on the origin of the solar system. also it will get essential from 2015 setting trackable objects larger than a coffee cup in orbit around the earth. they are threats to satellites testing new captures on fishing nets. >> it opens up. and being in space, we didn't have any problem or drag. when the net reaches the body of the debris the net impacts on
5:48 am
the debris and it continues the courses of the wraparound entangling a decree. >> reporter: once caught they drag the debris to earth, and push up on re-entry. late last year is paces a comet. the mother craft is orbiting the comet's nucleus and spends most of the sampling analysing it. >> we'll see water, gas and all the materials at higher rates. for many they launch a satellite, to monitor the stream pearls in the sun. so-called wind. it can cause damage to power and communication systems, and puts up one to explore how the field suspects the planet. india, china, japan and russia
5:49 am
are planning satellite launches intended to enhance communications and give us a better understanding of the place in the solar system. rite time for the sports news. >> thank you. riders of the 36th dakar rally are in the center of buenos aires, getting ready for the gruelling event. from bikes and quads. across south america, and one of the toughest challenges in motor sport. the route is over 1,000km longer. 567 competitors from the starting point. coming downhill before they
5:50 am
arrived. from there the drivers in the state. it begins a journey to argentina by 20th of january. al jazeera's andrew simmonds has more from buenos aires. >> reporter: extreme motor sport, and this man is on the hunt. he is looking for a fifth win on the ktm. it is a cop this dominated the motorcycle category for 30 years in session. >> translation: we have many riders but only one. let's hope that we would be the winners, let's see if we are lucky. >> reporter: confidence is needed in good measure. we have fellows in roma the team could be under pressure with the return of rivals
5:51 am
peugeot, and among them, former winner. they are faced by the private entrance and motorcyclist competing for the first time. >> i used to make a lot. it's similar. >> that may be but the deserts produce extraordinary rift whether you are on a motorcycle a quad bike driving a car or a truck, the dakar's home is on the continent. moved in 2009 because of the security situation. no warming up whatsoever. south americans love the motor sport. since this came from the sahara
5:52 am
they have well and truly adopted the race. >> reporter: they want to race to stay here to bring more tourists. >> it should always stay here and strengthen the up unity between latin americans. the rally director says if they could return to africa south america would still continue. >> it could be to test balance between the two. it's a dream. but if i - we will do it. >> for now, people are using stream motor sport fever here football and defending champions atletico madrid are within a point of the spanish leaders after beating sergey lavrov 3-1 on saturday. they headed in the eighth
5:53 am
minute. the frenchman scoring his i think goal of the seen on the break before they got the third nine minutes from time with another header. atletico are in the table, level on points for barcelona later on we'll pick up action. andy murray wins his first title. novak djokovic pulled out of the championship because of illness. the serb world number one was set to play andy murray in the exhibition event on saturday but said he was suffering from a fever and couldn't play. the title goes to andy murray for the first win of 2015. >> yes, obviously it's disappointing. i heard that novak was not feeling well. it's a tough thing about an
5:54 am
individual sport that you can't just substitute players in a team event. you can do that. it's an unfortunate way to finish the week nadal bounced back from his 6-2, 6-0 thrashing by murray. he intat stanislaw wawrinka in the first. he had a shaky start, overpowering the opponent still with ten. >> the czech republic beat canada 2-1 on the opening day of the hopman cup. the best of 2014 was carried into the year opening the campaign with a win over number two seat, giving her country a 1-0 lead. there was a teaming beating the opposition 6-4, 6-2 in the mixed
5:55 am
doubles decider sangakkara's knock allowed the tourists to recover. he helped sri lanka reach 305 giving them a first-innings lead. new zealand entered their second innings. 22 for no loss south africa looks set to take the windies, the first innings total on day three. they trail. de villiers is leading with 84 not out two of the n.b.a.'s top sides clashed with the east conference beating the team in the west portland trailblazers. the hawks got the lead at
5:56 am
4 minutes. leading the way with 27 points the game looked done in the set with the trailblazers behind. but demarkers hit a game-high 30. it wasn't enough. the knicks played down a fear that carmelo anthony will miss the rest of the season. he has been suffering a sore knee. he sat in new york's last game and is expected to miss the clash on sunday. with the knicks second-bottom of east and looking impossible. there were reports suggesting anthony would be arrested and saved for next season. >> i don't think shutting them down is really what we are having. like we talked about. carmelo anthony is involved in all of the discussions because it's his body his career.
5:57 am
right now the team is taking a rest. >> until now, two of the big guns. nashville and the kings played a thriller. it looked like the predecessor ran away with this one, rapping up a 5-0 lead. they will not give up without a fight. they pulled it back. the kings came back levelling at 6-all. nashville winning 7-6. >> thank you very much indeed. that's it from me for now. in just a couple of shiulie
5:58 am
ghosh will be here to take you through the next couple of minutes. >> it looks nothing like him... >> pan am flight 103 explodes december 21st, 1988 was the right man convicted? >> so many people, at such a high level, had the stake in al-megrahi's guilt >> the most definitive look at this shocking crime >> the major difficulty for the prosecution that there was no evidence >> al jazeera america presents lockerbie part three: what really happened?
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turmoil - shi'a houthi rebels control 70% of the army i'm shiulie ghosh with the world news. also coming up palestinian leaders accuse israel of trying to starve their people as it withholds tax revenue. the air asia - bad weather is not helping. >> and exploring pluto and beyond. we look at