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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> a suspect describeed as dangerous is still missing. >> libya's rivals say there could be talks in geneva next week.
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australia celebrates 100 years of suffering. >> a woman links two violent ends in paris. >> hayat boumeddinens girlfriend of amedi coulibaly who took hostages on friday, the siege ended when the police killed amedi coulibaly.
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he's linked with cherif kouachi in in the attack of charlie hebdo. cherif kouachi's spouse has called more than 500 times hayat boumeddiene, this shows strong and permanent links between the two couples. >> more than a deck code here the joggers would have included cherif kouachi and other like-minded young men. the police thought they dismantled the group in 2005. the fact that these men have been known to have actively supported violent groups for years is uncomfortable to say the least for french security services. as bodies are removed from the jewish supermarket where one of
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friday's two sieges came to a bloody end. the police here are have to answer questions, are there any remain that pose a threat, how did they let them slip through their fingers, and are there any other groups planning similar attacks. >> what is the latest in the hunt for hayat boumeddie in, e. >> of course we've been saying all day france's nightmare is not over yet. she is still at large and suggested at some level she was
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involved. she left france in january. and if that's true, she has not come back into france since then then then it must automatically follow that there is no fall out for france any more because she's not in the country. it just sounds like she's not here and all the could be ratetive things that go with that. and the police assume she knew what her husband was going to do . if does cast a whole new light on what happened to her and if she's still a threat inside france. >> we must stress, of course
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lawrence, these are simply media reports that perhaps well placed sources have been made to the media. we heard from the interior minister a short while ago ahead of massive marchs expected tomorrow in the light of other democrat stations that demonstrations today. >> this weekend has turned into a massive act of defiance in the face of all the seens last night by frequently people who believe believe--by french people who believe in the founding values of the republic. they hold rallies in reminder of the dead and the attack on charlie hebdo. there is going to be an enormous
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rally potentially million people in paris attended by heads of state outlining measures they're going to take in that event. >> we're expecting hundreds of these to gather. they have underscore the values of the republic, particularly freedom of expression.
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>> in nigeria a girl of ten was involved in a suicide-bombing. al jazeera'sal jazeera in abuja let's go up to the one in maiduguri in a moment. men blew themselves up in the second explosion. i was of the understanding that one of them was in a police car when it exploded. what is the latest that you have have. >> basically there are conflicting reports coming from the area.
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but what some sources are telling us basically a man was arrested driving a car. and during interrogation two officers went to investigate the car, and that's when the explosion happened, and two police officers died when taken to the hospital. other reports say that the suspect who was arrested in the car was escaped. >> tell us about the event in maidugari. a ten-year-old girl was used to launch a suicide attack. >> that's what the police are saying. a ten-year-old girl blew herself up and there is a suggestion that another might have gone
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off, but the police are saying that that girl set off the first fire that killed six people. but residents eyewitnesses at the scene are saying that the number may be much higher than that. 19 people might have died in that attack. over the last one week could be the deadliest in the history of boko haram attacks. 100 people have died. >> i know there is a bit of delayish and sorry to interrupt you, but give us a since sense of how people in that part of nigeria of how young people are forced to do this presumably, against their will. >> this is not the first time that young people or girls as young as this have been involved in suicide-bombing in nigeria.
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we've seen some detonateed by 17-, 19- 20-year-olds, but this girl was ten years old and this girl's father introduced her into boko haram but she could not detonate the device after she was scared girls as young as 10 have been used in attacks by boko haram. >> if it isn't bad enough to have that sort of atmosphere you have children involved in an appalling way. thank you. u.s. forces have launched multiple airstrikes against isil and syria. there were 12 such strikes since friday targeting isil fighters near kobane close to the border
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with turkey. apparently destroying 15 of isil's fighting positions. well in iraq 23 kurdish peshmerga forces, we understand, were killed in isil attacks. they were targeted in two car bomb exposes southeast of nineveh never the sinjar mountains. peshmerga say 12 of their fighters were injured. launching an offensive.
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>> the fight to liberate mosul will begin soon. they will help each other rise against the foreigners. we'll clear our land of this evil isil scourge. >> the fight for mosul will be a long and tedious one. these men are seeking help from every corner. they are keen to get the peshmerga forces in the campaign to retake mosul from isil fighters. in return they promised peshmerga more military support. but they need even more urgent support the sunni military from mosul. they've been camped out for months to train to fight isil. made up of volunteers and former policemen they have not been paid salaries for seven months.
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just a few rivals. they have long campaigned that the sunni shia government does not trust them enough. >> the prime minister minister is committed to supporting all groups equally. we hope this attitude can be continued and widened. >> the governor of mosul is a brother of the vice president. >> we now have promises more than action. >> they hope they can play a supportive role in the baltimore mosul. the peshmerga say that they are
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spread thin on the ground. however, mosul is just 90 kilometers away from erbil. the fear of a strong isil command base that is close to the regional capitol could drive more peshmerga fighters into the battle to take over mosul. al jazeera gwer in northern iraq. >> still to come on al jazeera, what is ahead for sri lanka after friday's surprise win in the presidential elections. stay with us
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence...
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it simply cannot stand. >> its disgraceful... the only crime they really committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy let the journalists live. >> today on "the stream". >> a surge in predatory lending targeting our nation's military with the interest rates as high 300 to 1000 percent. what's being done about it? >> "the stream". today 12:30 eastern. on al jazeera america.
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>> here with us on al jazeera, these are the top stories this hour. french media reporting that hayat boumeddiene may have left france and could be in syria. she is with the people who killed four people at a supermarket in paris. the nigerian police say that a ten-year-old girl was used to carry out a suicide-bomb in the city of maiduguri. in another attack two suicide-bombers blew up their car at a police station although our correspondent says that the police say that the suspect escaped. one of the suspects in the charlie hebdo attacks said that
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he was trained by the al-qaeda in yemen. the group now claims that it directed the attacks in paris. >> reporter: this attack took place in paris. but it appears it could have been originated thousands of miles away. al-qaeda based in yemen said in a statement that it directed the attack. two hours after that statement the aqap, considered by the u.s. as the most active branches of al-qaeda in the world, hailed what they called the battle of paris. >> some of the french people were i am polite about the prophets of god so some of god's warriors rose up and taught them about the limits of the freedom of speech. if you reject and choose war you'll never enjoy peace and security. >> but the clearest indication came from one of the kouachi brothers speaking to the media
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outlet. >> we're defenders of the prophet. i went to yemen and they financed me. >> he's referring to this man u.s.-born yemeni cleric, who was killed by an u.s. drone attack in september 2011 north of yemen. he was described as western security agencies as the main influencer recruiter and propagandist for the group. they called for individual attacks in the west by european and u.s. muslims. aqap claimed it was behind a number of attacks. in november 2009 a muslim u.s. army officer shot and killed 14 of his leagues14 in texas. another was on an american
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airline flight bound for christmas day. the aqap in yemen claimed they were behind the attack. they have been unable to carry out attacks on a global scale. >> the evidence is that cherif kouachi was in yemen and he was influenced by the group's ideas. many helped al-qaeda in political turmoil the cooperation between the government in america the drone attacks helped give more popularity and support within the tribes, and the last three years have been the most active for them. >> the attacks in yemen are also increasing. the group seems to be involved on multi of battle fronts. houthi fighters swept through the capitol in september and now control nine provinces. they say they want to end the spread of al-qaeda and
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corruption. critics say that the houthies are using al-qaeda as a pretext to seize power. power. >> al-qaeda has always called for attacks against the west. they managed to set the base for a long battle against u.s. and europe from within their borders. yemen could be excused because the country is steps away from being a failed state. al jazeera. >> the united nations said that libya's rival political factions agreed to sit down and have an attack in geneva next week. there have been gun battles between the fractions for six months. nicole johnston reports. >> reporter: finally there is
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hope that talks between rival talks in libya could end it. there have been fighting from one end to the other. the u.n. envoy flew in to tobruk to get all the parties to agree to meet in geneva. first he told former general hafatar who commands a regime loyal to the government in tobruk. >> we have to stand beside this man in order to achieve peace in our land and stop the bloodshed of our brothers, but which brothers? >> and haftars rivals is this man. they set up another government in tripoli. the situation is complicated. there are now two parliaments backed by their own militias, but at last they've agreed to meet. >> we discussed the presumption of the dialogue process. >> reporter: the u.n. said that the aim of the meet something to
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form an unity government, adopt a permanent constitution, and stop the fighting. that could be the greatest challenge. gangs of heavily armed fighters battling more control for territory, weapons money and oil fields. tripoli's international airport is closed, and on tuesday the last airline flying in the country suspended flights. libya has been staggering from crisis to crisis. the u.n. wants to avoid a civil war, but things have gotten so bad that it knows there is not much time left. nicole johnston, al jazeera. >> word out of the united states is that the justice department there is now considering bringing criminal charges against the former head of the cia. lawyers for general david petraeus the man who led troops in iraq as well, so far are refusing to say anything.
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they're looking into whether general petraeus shared classified information with his biographyer with paula broadwell. he said he had had an affair with broadwell. >> found guilty of supporting the 1990 kidnapping. the district judge in new york said that abu hamza did not show any sympathy or remorse for the victims of that yemeni kidnapping. now to sri lanka their new president there said that he'll end corruption in his country and change a few of the constitutional anything that his predecessor had brought in. maithripala sirisena was sworn
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in office after a victory of ten years of. rajapaksa. >> this man has been baking bread here for years. he has children. he earns around $10 a day. >> the government we elected has come in power. that's very good for us. the important thing we wanted to change has happened.
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>> we hope to live in peace, and that this government will not make the same mistakes as the previous one. we hope that they will look after the poor. >> this is a typical working-class neighborhood in colombo. people here are involved in small businesses. they have shops, they are traders, it's important to know that 80% of the votes from central colombo neighborhoods like this one. celebrating his 60th birthday today. he has been a mechanic for 35 years. >> the government has happened with the grace of god. it living costs drop we'll have achieved our goal in choosing this president. we are hoping for development and if development comes we will be very happy.
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>> just a few of the millions of people here hoping for change. on a day which their president calls the beginning of a new political era for sri lanka. charles stratford al jazeera colombo. >> indonesiaen divers have left of the tail of the airasia plane out of the java sea. the investigators are still looking for the section that includes the cockpit data recorders. the flight went down killing 162 on board. now the first ever attempt to recycle a rocket for a space launch has failed. the privately owned space company successfully sent what it called the unmanned cargo ship into orbit but it could not get the launching rocket to land which it was supposed to do safely in the much atlantic ocean.
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instead it collided with the ship and broke apart. australia is thought to be home of suffering but it isn't. an olympicic athlete taught them how to do t. >> a century ago it was the scene of an historic event. fresh water beach is known as australia's home of surfing. the statue of duke kahanamoku stand above it. the hawaiian was an olympic swimmer, but the hawaiian also surfed. when he came, he brought his board. and his exhibition surf gave a massive boost to surfing in australia, a country that took to the sport like no other. >> from what he did i'm sure
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the industry was grown. hawaiians have been suffering for many years the fact is that he brought something to australia that is very special but the competitiveness of the australians took it to another level. >> one out of ten australian is briefed to believed to surf once a year. >> today amateur surfers even a pretty hopeless one is batter of a global industry worth well over $10 billion. they buy boards and even self-indulgent cameras strapped to their heads. >> kahanomoku would make his own board. a record was made in the modern era. along with kangaroos and barbecues, surfing has become part of the cultural identity
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but it was a hawaiian who first gave australians their enthusiasm of catching waves. >> go web surfing to keep up-to-date with all the news from al jazeera. that's al fletcher, and you are in the stream. drowning in debt predatory lenders are on the prowl for u.s. military members and veterans. what is being done to put an end to their schemes? plus, why do developers for the hit video game call of duty consult with the pentagon? and later, gaming for good, how veterans are turning away from medicine and turning toward their computer screens to help with pain.