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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> high alert as the last suspect in the terrorist attacks remains at large. hello, you're watching al jazeera live from london. we're going to have more on that story, including new pictures are released showing the explosive moment when the first paris stand off happened. [ chanting charlie ] and across france hundreds of thousands unite to show their support for those killed. also coming up. >> i'll be bringing you the
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latest from nigeria where a young girl, perhaps just ten years old has been used as a suicide-bomber. >> welcome to the program. france is maintaining it's top level security alert after the country's worst attacks in decades. extra troops are deployed around paris with controls of sensitive sites. thathundreds of thousand of people march after three days of violence. authorities are centering their investigation around these four people looking at possible accomplices and funding. they believe the kouachi brothers are behind the attack on the mcmagazine on wednesday. police also killed amedi coulibaly that day during a siege at a kosher supermarket in
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paris. but the exact whereabouts of this woman remains a mystery. hayat boumeddiene is thought to be amedi coulibaly's partner and accomplice. she is believed to be in syria. >> hayat boumeddiene the most wanted woman in europe right now. the french media reports suggests she might actually be in syria. she's wanted in connection with the murder of a policewoman on thursday, and is the 26-year-old girlfriend of amedi coulibaly who took shoppers hostage as a kosher supermarket in paris on friday. a siege that ended when police stormed and killing amedi coulibaly, four hostages also died. the two officers police officers
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were killed in an attack on charlie hebdo. they would have been among the joggers here. theamedi coulibaly was also a member of the group that would train. the police thought they had december banded the group. >> it's difficult to tell the people we cannot--we cannot guarantee 100% security. you've got to accept a minimum risk. our task is to reduce the risk. >> as bodies are removed from the jewish supermarket where one of friday's two sieges came to a
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bloody end france is on its highest security alert. >> in the current environment we're facing risks. it is therefore important that the plan that has increased security in the paris region is also supplied to the rest of the country, and should be strengthened in the next few weeks. >> since the network would meet and train here in the early early 2000's many would go on to meet their deaths. more have believed to have blown themselves up in iraq. the police here will have to answer very tough questions. are there any that remain that might pose a threat, how did they manage to let them slip through their fingers and of course are there any other groups planning similar attacks. al jazeera paris. >> well, let's go to our paris news bureau. what is the latest that we know about the search of hayat
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boumeddiene. >> a picture is rising of her movement over the last few days. initially it was thought, it was reported that she might have escaped from the v siege. now they're reporting something quite different. it looks like that boumeddiene may have left around the 2nd of january and boarded a plane in turkey. on the 8th of january she may have traveled to syria. this is what is being reported by the french media. so far the security services are not commenting on this. it if it is found to be true that does disconnect her from the killing of the policewoman on thursday, and of course, the supermarket siege that took place east of paris on friday. we're trying to contact our sources in istanbul to find out whether there is any more
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information on the accuracy of what has been reported in the french media about where boumeddiene may or may not be right now. >> paris is a multi culture city but there are districts like this one that is predominantly muslim. france has a 5 million muslim population. some say they have failed to integrate with french society. and others blame society for discriminating against them. >> france is on the edge, and so is muslim communities. many people here were too afraid to talk to us about the killings over recent days. but those who did expressed concerns that in one way or another france's muslims will suffer the consequences. >> the two brothers suspected of being behind the attack were not just muslims but they claimed to have carried out the killings in the name of islam. but for many muslims their
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brothers didn't represent them or their religious. some worry that the place they call home will no longer accept them. >> the right wing is using the attacks to spread more hatred against muslim. s why we're citizens. we are now looked upon as monsters. >> it is a feeling shared by many other muslims who believe the fall out will deepen the social economic and cultural resist that has long existed here and some worry that tougher measures will be imposed. >> things will change, the laws are going to change, and it to be to the advantage of the arabs. >> two of the attackers lived in these districts and some people here told us that a sense of alienation from french society felt by some creates a fertile ground for radical indication. >> there are many mistakes in french society. a french national whose origin
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elsewhere should feel french but they don't. they don't get job opportunities. they're discriminated against. french societies should deal with this so people don't feel different. >> authorities have been calling for unity and tolerance but following the killings many here feel the risks will be even wider. al jazeera paris. >> reporting on the fears of the french communities in france of a backlash. yvonne we heard about the anxiousness of the muslim community in france, but actually today saturday, tomorrow and we're going to see a marchs, hear marchs and demonstration whose aim is to unite the people of france. >> well, that's right barbara and today, in fact, there have been gatherings taking place in cities across france where tens of thousands of people come out in solidarity in those cities to
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basically say that they are completely in support and united against the sorts of violence that we've seen over the last few days. the worst violence that has taken place in france in decades. 17 people left dead over the last few days. and this is really the beginning of momentum building amongst the people because they're also planning tomorrow a huge rally here in the capitol. paris, where we'll see french political leaders political leaders from the european union they are also going to be in paris. it's expected tens of thousands of people, perhaps even a million some people are saying, may come out on the street in a show of unity. the french interior minister has been talking about precautions that have been--that have been taken by the security services. and naturally people are worried that extremists might try to
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hijack tomorrow's rally as the interior ministry has said that they are reinforcing security along the root of the rally and in all public places. and it really is symbolic of the fact that what the authorities are trying to say is that france will remain united despite the violence. what they want to do is stop the potential for divisions between french communities and the muslim community give the fact that those individuals behind the attacks we've seen were from the muslim community. hoping people--people are hoping that it will be a peaceful day tomorrow. >> with the latest from paris. thank you. well one of the suspects in the charlie hebdo attack was believed to be trained by the yemen-based group al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it now says it directed the paris attacks. >> reporter: this attack took place in paris but it appears
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it could have originated thousands of miles away. al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula the aqap considered by the u.s. as the most active branches of al-qaeda in the world hailed what they call the battle of paris. >> some of the french people were i am polite about the prophets of god so some of god's warriors rose up and taught them the manners in the limits of freedom of speech. it is better that you live in peace, but if you reject and choose war you'll never live in peace in. >> we are the defenders of the prophet. i went to yemen and they financed me. >> he's referring to this man u.s.-born yemeni cleric, who was
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killed by an u.s. drone attack in september 2011 north of yemen. it was described by as the recruiter and propagandist for the group. aqap claimed it was behind the number of an attacks. in november 2009 a muslim u.s. army officer shot and killed 13 of his colleagues at fort hood, texas. he had contacts with the group. in december of the same year, a my year january failed to detonate his plastic explosives hidden in his underwear. he was on an american airline flight bound for detroit on christmas day. he lived in yemen and the aqap claimed it was behind the attempt. some experts suggest that the group is capable of carrying out the attacks on a global scale.
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>> the blessings of al-qaeda and yemen means that it is behind it. the evidence of death, he is influenced by the group's ideals. many help al-qaeda in political turmoil. u.s. drone attacks helped give the group more popularity and support within the trains. over the last three years they have been the last three most effective. >> 20 fighters swept through the capitol in september and now control nine provinces. they said they want to end of the spread of al-qaeda and corruption. they say they're using the matthews as a pretext, but they remain dangerous and lethal. >> al-qaeda in the arabian
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peninsula have always called for attacks in the west. they set the base for a long battle from within their boards. the paris shooting is cleared intelligence failure of the yemeni intelligence and counterparts. yemen could be excused because the country has stepped away from being a failed state. >> so more to come, including iraqi families who have escaped isil now face a new threat from the worsening winter. plus in south africa i'm surrounded by what could be the largest selection of motorcycle parts in the southern hemisphere. we'll take you inside the bike hospital. >> devastating climates... >> if we don't get rain we'll be in dire straits... >> scientists fighting back... >> we've created groundhog day here... >> hi-tech led farming... >> we always get perfect
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>> the police are looking for hayat boumeddieni who may be in syria. there are patrols at sensitive sites including media offices. hundreds of thousands of people marched across the country to mourn the attacks. and bigger rallies will take place on sunday. let's go to nigeria now where a ten-year-old girl is thought to have blown herself up in a busy
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market. at least six people were killed during the suicide attack. elsewhere two suicide-bombers in a car have targeted a police station in yorba state. we have more now from nigeria's capitol abuja. >> reporter: well, this is not the first time boko haram has used young girls to carry out suicide-bombing in nigeria. a young girl was arrested specifics aged 12 to 13 years old, there she told police officers and journalists that she was introduced to boko haram by her father, and was told if she did not detonate the device she was carried her family would be killed. in the neighboring yore about a state, a young man was arrested earlier in the day with a car laden with explosives, and was taken to a police station in yorba state. while the interrogation was
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going on, police officers went to the car to investigate, and that's when the device went off killing them instantly. this is perhaps the deadliest week. seven days ago boko haram attacked a fishing village initially saying that 100 people have been killed. local officials are saying as many as 2,000 might have been killed in that particular attack. the boko haram went back three days later on wednesday to attack the same community burning the entire village. there they killed 100 people. and then another attack happened towards the end of the week. on friday boko haram engaged the military killing civilians in the northern state of yorba state. perhaps this is an escalation we'll likely see in the next few days as the nigerian security forces tried to bush back boko haram and gain regain territory
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lost in other attacks. >> going to lebanon why weather nine people have been killed in a suicide attack in the north of the country. 35 people were wounded in the attack which happened in the city of tripoli. a five kay in the predominately alawite community was targeted. no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. let's go to our producer who is on the phone from beirut. what more can you tell us about this? >> reporter: yes we're hearing that it is nine dead and 35 wounded. the majority of them civilians an army statement was just released talking about the security officials. and investigators are still on the scene. the question is as security forces tell us, is this a double suicide attack or security has closed off the whole entire area to investigate.
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the cafe in a poverty-strict areaen area that is predominantly alawite. there are been ongoing clashes going on for over a year in the city of tripoli between the two. it has been pretty calm over the last few months. the last major battle was the army suspects of isil cells who have attacked the area. it has been pretty calm, there were two political divides that were split between march 8th and march 14th. you can see supporters of the syrian revolution and the syrian regime the country very divided about the syrian situation across the border. they've been holding dialogues. there has been relative calm
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across lebanon trying to reach a deal with the whole isil coalition strikes going on in neighboring syria and iraq. trying to find an agreement, a way to go forward in the country, both sides in the political spectrum have been coming out in condolences. we'll have to wait and see how this will be seen in tripcally. >> you'll be following developments on the story for us. our produce center beirut, thank you so much for the update. the united nations has announced a new round of peace talks between libya's warring political factions, which it hopes will take place in geneva next week. there have been worsening battles across the country for months. on friday six people were killed and another 20 injured in fighting near the city of bengahzi. nicole johnston reports. >> reporter: finally the hope
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that talks between rival groups in libya will end this. the u.n. libyan envoy flew into tobruk to get all the parties to meet in geneva. first, he told former general haftar who commands a force loyal to the internationally recognized government in tobruk. >> we have to stand besides this man in order to achieve peace in our land and stop the bloodshed of our brothers, but which brothers? >> haftar's rivals are these men, based in tripoli they set up another government, libya's supreme court recognizes tripoli as the legitimate one. the situation is complicated. there are now two parliaments backed by their own militias, but at last they've agreed to meet. >> we discussed the presumption of lie doing process. the u.n. is suggesting that the geneva host the libyan dialogue.
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>> and form an unity government, adopt a permanent constitution, and stop the fighting. that could be the greatest challenge. gangs of heavily armed fighters are fighting for the control of money, oil fields. on tuesday the last foreign airline operating in the country suspended flights. libya has become a dangerous unpredictable place staggering from crisis to crisis. the u.n. wants to avoid a civil war, but things have got so bad that it knows there is not much time left. nicole johnston, al jazeera. >> the battle against the islamic state of iraq and levant has suffered a major setback in northern iraq where 26 kurdish fighters have been killed near sinjar. meanwhile, the iraqi government is preparing an offensive against isil fighters in the
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country's second biggest city mosul. we have reports now from gwer. >> these heightened activities on the front lines of the northern iraq kurdistan region. the defense minister are visiting kurdish peshmerga positions. the peshmerga have been making gains but this has less to do with their victories and their plans to take mosul. >> they will help each other to rise up against the foreigners and their helpers. we'll clean our land of this evil isil courage. >> the fight for mosul will be a long and tedious one. these men are seeking help from every corner in iraq. the iraqi vice president and minister for defense are keen to get the peshmerga support in the campaign to retake mosul from
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isil fighters. in return it is promising the peshmerga more military support. but the need for even more urgent support as sunni militiamen from mosul. they've been camped out to train to fight isil. made up of volunteers and former policemen they say they have not been paid for seven months. just a few rivals, soony sunni leaders have complained that the government in baghdad do not trust them enough and does not support them. but. >> the government now has adopted a nonpartisan national approach. prime minister is committed to supporting all groups equally. we hope this positive attitude will opportunity and be widened. >> promising words but clearly not enough for some. the governor of mosul and
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brother of the vice president. >> we have to now promises more than action. but still we hope that we would get the help. and we need to keep the good relation. >> iraqi kurdish authorities are often insistent that they can only play a supportive role in the battle for mosul. the peshmerga say they're spread thin on the ground, however mosul is just 90 kilometers away from erbil. the fear of a strong isil command base that is close to the original capitol could drive more peshmerga fighters into the battle to retake control of mosul. al jazeera gwer in northern iraq. >> a south africa man has turned his obsession for motorbike parts into a $1 million a year business called the bike hospital. they say it's the largest scrapyard in the southern
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hemisphere. we have reports from johannesburg. >> from the highway the engines engines, pistons seats and exhaust fights form an eye-catching massive metal two stories high. parts are dangled from above and fill storage containers. >> if we can't help you you're not going to find it. >> biker eric coetzee says he has millions in stock. new and parts dating back to 1970. people come here looking for parts because they can often find them cheaper and quicker if the dealership does not have the parts in stock. the bike hospital's customers are as diverse as its parts. police officers, delivery men and a member of the woman's biker club to name the few.
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>> i'm looking for a part for a bike that is over 30 years old. >> coetzee says he has little interest to build a cline teal over the internet. >> this is really here to service here. >> the business makes $1 million a year. but most of that goes to pay it's 20 employees and the rest to buy more spare parts. coetzee says he gives his employees a lifetime job but that does not necessarily come with a lifetime joy of riding. >> i tried it before, but no, it's not right for me. >> reporter: the biggest challenge for the bike hospital is space. periodic purges can't keep pace with the daily purchase of parts. that doesn't seem to bother coetzee, the goal is to be sure that no one leaves the bike
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hospital without its two wheels restored. >> you can find out more on the two stories we've been covering on our website. the top story where the police hunt for the accomplice of the paris attacks. the address >> new dawn in beijing, the ancient capital of the world's fastest growing country, home to the 2008 olympics. it's the vibrant centre, the super power, where the old wrestles with the new. communism clashes with capitalism and a new global economy