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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> techknow... where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america a show of unity hundreds of thousands are expected to take to the streets of france to honor those killed in a series of attacks. security is at the highest level as 50 world leaders are due to attend the vent. hello, i am moore 10 dennis, welcome to al jazerra. we are live from doha. also to come. an al quada affiliate says it's behind suicide bombings at a cafe in the lebanese city of
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tribally. transits cheap and of good quality. the only way we can get the latest fashions straight from europe. >> and how shipments of secondhand clothes from the u.k. are big business in senegal. ♪ ♪ but first the french prime minister has warned that the country is at war with terrorism and radical us islam. he made the speech late on saturday it comes in the wake of violence last week in which 16 people and three gunmen were killed. well after solidarity i rallies across france on saturday security is now at the highest level with the national unity rally planned for paris later on sunday. world leaders will be in the capital to take part and in just a couple of hours from now european interior ministers are going to be gathering in paris to talk about security, specifically about coordinating
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can'ter terrorism effects. police are still looking for the gunmen of the gunman. four hostages were killed in a cafe. she is wants today questioning by french police and is described as armed and danger usdangdangerous, let's go live to rory challands live in paris for us. rory paris is on a high state after letter obviously. security presence has been augmented significantly. we are hearing about hundreds of thousands of extra security measures being put in place indeed soldiers as well. >> reporter: yeah, this is pretty unprecedented in the security services here are on a mammoth footing. on a huge lockdown for today's
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event. sunday will see a vast rail of people coming in to the center of paris. some people are expecting up to a million people to be here in the center of paris showing their unity their support for what france would like to consider its core values. so the police and the army are going to have to make sure that those people are kept safe. added on top of that, we have, as you say a huge number of world leaders politicians coming from all over the globe to come and show their solidarity as well. so they have to be protected too. this is going to be a big big day for france's police. we have about 500 extra troops on the streets at least. it's going to be very difficult to make sure that everything goes off smoothly, hopefully it will. >> and more immediately, there is, of course, this meeting of interior ministers. who is attending and do we have any idea as to what specifically they are going to be talking about?
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>> reporter: we have interior ministers coming from main countries in europe, but also coming from america as well. they have two main tasks really, what they are doing is coming to show their solidarity and their unity. their rejection of the kind of ideological violence that france has seen in the last few days. the other thing they are going to be doing is trying to come up with some sort of common response to that. that's what they are going to be talking about when they meet in the interior ministry a little bit later. we are also hearing that the next european council meeting in brussels in february is going to be pretty much devoted to this specific subject how to counter this kind of ideological violence. >> all right rory, for now thank you very much. rory challands live in paris. one of the suspects in the charlie hebdo attack is believed
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to have been trained by yemeni branch of al qaeda actual the group is saying it directed the paris attack, our correspondent has more from yemen's capital sanaa. >> reporter: this attack took place in paris. but it appears it could have originated thousands of miles way, al qaeda the not arabian peninsula which is based in yemen said in a statement that it directed the attack. a few hours after that statement, the aq a.p., which is considered by the u.s. as the most active branches of al qaeda in the world hailed what they called the battle of paris. >> translator: some of the french people were impolite with the profits of god so some of god's warriors rows up and taught them the manners of limiting freedom of speech. it's better he you stop your aggression on muslims if you reject you will never enjoy pa peace and security. >> reporter: the clearest indication yet came from one.
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>> reporter: brothers speaking to a french media outlet. >> translator: we are the defenders of the profit. i was send by al qaeda in yemen. i went to yemen and i was financed. >> reporter: he is refer to this man. u.s.-born yemeni cleric who was killed by a u.s. drone attack in september 2011 north of yep en. he was described by western security agencies as the main influencer recruiter and prop began assistsnistpropagandist for the group. a.q.a.p. said it was behind the attacks. a muslim u.s. army officer shot and killed 13 of had us colleagues at fort hood, texas he had contacts with the group. in december of the same year, eye nigerian failed to deposit nate his plastic explosives hid then his underwear. he was on an american airline
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flight bound for detroit on christmas day. abdul lived in yemen and the a.q.a.p. claimed it was behind at tempt. some experts suggest that the group is capable of carrying out attacks on a global scale. >> translator: the blessings of al qaeda in yemen to to attack means it is behind it. the other evidence is dead. they were influenced by the group ideals. many help al qaeda in political turmoil. the cooperation between the government and america p.u.s. drone attacks help the group gain more popularity and sport with the trikes. the last three years have been the most active for them. >> reporter: al qaeda's's attacks in yemen are increase. the group seemed to be involved on multiple battle attacks. it hawn wered daring a takes against shia houthi fighters in recent weeks. now this control nine provinces.
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they say they want to end the spread of al qaeda and corruption. critics say the houthis are using al qaeda as a pretext to seize power. but al qaeda in yemen remains change respite. al qaeda and the rah rape vinnie peninsula has always called for attacks against the west. the group says it managed to set the twice a long battle against the u.s. and europe from within their borders. the paris shooting is clear intelligence failure of the yemeni intelligence and their european counterparts. but yemen could be excused because the country is steps away from being a failed state. the french policeman ahmed was one of those killed. he was killed outside the charlie hebdo office on wednesday and his brother has been speaking to the president and ask that muslims not be confused with fanatics. >> translator: ahmed felt passionate about his job.
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he looked after his mother and siblings since our father died 20 years ago. his responsibilities didn't keep him from being a protective brother and loving companion. we associate ourselves with the victims, one must not confuse muslim with his fanatics the slowing happen has become one of the most popular on social media. now another one has emerged in honor of the officer. and the actual line reads i am not charlie, i am ahmed the dead cop. charlie ridiculed my faith and culture and i died defending his right to do so. well, we have been speaking to the writer and the political activist he has been working to draw attention to the fate of the muslim police officer. and was the one who help make up the slogan and helped it go viral. >> i did not write this because immaterial today take distance of the charlie because i actually feel also solidarity with charlie hebdo and its write, he many people including
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myself felt that actually, you know it did not make clear enough that we might feel solidarity with it, but we do not really accept still the cartoons that it's made and we still believe that they were offensive, but it does not actually take away the fact that we are ready to defend its right to do so. and the drama of the reality is actually the officer that was defending it was a muslim and was in fact probably also not very supportive of its car cartoon. we don't know that, but you can assume that. eventually i want today make it clear that this does not stop us from feeling solidarity with the paper. so in a way, i don't see this as a, you know, a contradictory statement, i think it's a rather a complementary one. >> france has the biggest muslim community in europe, close to 5 million, many of them are concerned about a possible
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backlash. zeina khodr reports from paris about how some french muslims feel ale crane 80ed from the bigger society. >> reporter: pair sit a multi krul value city but there are some like this this is predominantly muslim. some say they have failed to integrate in to french society. others however blame society for discriminating against them. the divide is not new. the but the killings at the charlie hebdo magazine has worsened tensions. france is on edge and so is its muslim community. many people here were too too afraid to talk to us about the killings over recent days, those that did suggest in one way or another france's muslims will suffer the consequences. the two brothers suspected of being behind the attack were not just muslims but they claim to have carried out the killings in the name of islam. but for many muslims the brothers didn't represent him or
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his relegion. he least tunisia 18 years ago his worse fear now is that the place he calls home will no longer accept him. >> translator: the right wing is using the attacks to spread more hatred against muslims why? we are citizens, we respect the laws. we are now looked upon as monsters. >> reporter: it is a feeling shared by many other muslims who believe the fallout from the attacks will deepen the social, economic and cultural rift that has long existed here. and some worry that tougher measures will be imposed. >> translator: things will change. the laws are going to change and it won't be to the advantage of arabs and our rights. they won't make it ease for muslim to his come and stay here. >> reporter: two the of the attackers lift in these districts and some told us that a sense of aliens by french society felt by some creates a fertile ground for rad al saying. >> a french national whose
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origin is elsewhere should feel french but they don't. they don't get job opportunities they are discriminated against. french society will deal with this so people don't feel different. >> reporter: authorities have been calling for unity and tolerance. but following the killings, many here feel the rifts will become even wider. we are going keep you up-to-date on the vents in paris today, but we are also looking at other news, including the investment summit getting underway in the indian prime minister option home state. it's attracting a rather high profile global figures. figures. seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony...
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>> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america
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these are the top stories here at al jazerra. after solidarity rallies across france on saturday, security is now at the highest level with a national unity rally planned in paris later on sunday. the demonstrations come in the wake of attacks in which 16 people and there gunmen were killed. european interior ministers also gagner pair toys talk about security specifically coordinating counter terrorism effort france's interior minister says security will be stepped up across the country in the weeks address. the country is at war with terrorism and rad alice lamb. saying they are not a war with the religion in a speech he made later on saturday.
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let's continue to look at the fallout from at tacks in france, our correspondent has been walking her local streets to find out how parisianss in different walks of life are reacting. >> reporter: this is not an ordinary weekend in paris. in my neighborhood, and all over the city, the violent events of the last few days are uppermost in everyone's minds. i want to find out how the people i know, my neighbors and local shop keepers have been effected by the attacks in and around the city. my first visit sit to my favorite antiques shop. the owner david is jewish. he tells me that one of his relatives was among the people held hostage at the kosher supermarket on friday. the relative escaped unhurt, but david says he's still in shock. >> translator: we hear that theretheyare disadvantaged people,
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that's the excuse, people that are unemployed and uneducated they are on the streets and get indoctrinated. i think the muslims have the responsibility to speak out. all muslims need to con can december these -- condemn these acts. >> reporter: just around the corner is a butch opens shop run by immigrants from north africa. they sell good quality meat at cheap prices so the shop is popular from people from all communities. i often come here to buy roast chick inning, the butcher's shop is run from people originally from morocco we are really quite friendly and chat together in arabic. but today when i asked if they would talk to me, they said we are really sorry madammal, not current circumstances. things are quiet for us right now. and we want to keep them that way. the reaction at the butcher's shop reflects an anxiety among many ordinary muslims people with no connection people with no connection to the people are afraid of indiscriminate revenge
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attacks. i have now come to visit a retired bank worker who lives in a neighborhood with a large immigrants community. i got to know her through our mutual interesting cats. she says she no longer feels safe in her own city. >> translator: before going to fight radical islam in mallee, we should fight radical islam at home. i think that the hmmm muslim religion is not entirely compatible with the republic or our society. but we are not allowed to say this kind of thing in france anymore. >> the leaders of france are calling for kuhn at this. but the events of the past week have exposed cracks your honor the surface of french society. people seem more aware of their vulnerability, and it will be sometime before the city regains its confidence. jackie roland, al jazerra paris. all right. we will be, of course, keeping
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you right up to taye tate with all the developments in paris we'll be looking closely at events in that country in france indeed and specifically in paris throughout the day here at al jazerra. but a reminders that there is other news happening in the world and we are going to india now because delegates from around the world are in the indian prime minister's home state. they are there for an investment conference and among them are the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon. it's a three-day summit. called vie brat and it's being held in the city. the prime minister has made this prominent event for investors during his earlier terms as chief minister. we can talk now to the founder and chairman of the center for policy alternatives alternatives an independent think tank and talks to us live from new delhi. one wonders how he manage to his attract such high-profile
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visitors ban ki-moon the u.n. secretary general u.s. 70 state john kerry for what is a regional investment conference. >> he's the prime minister of india. they want to cultivate that. what ban ki-moon is doing there i don't know, unless the u.n. is thinking of opening a shop there. wrath than some other place and secretary kerry is there to prepare for the visit of bowl a january 26th. they are probably setting up the agenda for that. but the vibrant conference is now a bism annual events taking place less than two years. the lan conference took place in 2013. at that time a large number of them unof understanding were
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signed almost $180 billion worth of mous were signed think only 9 billion actually got implemented. it's become an annual fest kind of thing. all the big industrialal assists willindustrial assistswill be there. they now flock to the vibrant conference. [speaking at the same time] >> it's clearly an extension of what is described as the modin magic, isn't it? this is the kind of thing for which he was actually -- [speaking at the same time] >> this is what i am saying. >> for this -- for being able to turn around as he did indeed economically at least so this is the kind of thing that indians expect of him isn't it? >> well, but he has been doing it in his home state and i think at this time it would be better that he tried to insure that he was doing this for all of india.
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even the chinese president began there. so he keeps showcases it it will be at the cost of the other states. indian is a union of 26 odd states. so i think this is not a particularly good idea that he should keep showcasing his state all the time. but there is a lot of hype on this vibrant every state now has an events like this. last week there was another state. but it wasn't so big because the prime minister wasn't there and no foreign visitors there but investors flock to whenever the prime minister of india is going to be. and i am sure that all the captains of industry are going to be there. they are all going to sign memorandums of understanding but what it translates to on the ground we don't know. and the record so far has been very patchy. >> okay, thank you. thank you very much indeed for now. thank you very much indeed for talking to us through what is
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going on today. now, to pakistan where a bus packed with passengers have collided with a fuel tanker at least 59 people were killed. initial reports are speaking of the tanker having been traveling in the wrong direction along a bad stretch of road. now, a double suicide bomb attack at a cafe in northern lebanon has killed nine people. al-nusra front fighters, who are link today al qaeda have claimed responsibility. victoria gatens by reports. >> reporter: this cafe in tribally was full of customers were the bombers struck, now it's surrounded by the army and the streets lead to go are cord aned off. >> the first explosion happened inside the cafe. people gathered to see what happened and then the second blast occurred 67 it happened in the predominantly white
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neighborhood. and support for bashier al-assad has led to violence in this city before. >> translator: there were suicide bombers, we were sit in this cafe and we saw something explode. then the second bomber waited for people to gather and then blew himself up. >> reporter: al thousands fuss rah has claimed responsibility for the attack. the this is not only lebanon's only earn can the divide between sewn and i shia. most sunni support getting rid of a saw but most shia back him and wants him to stay in power. lebanon has seen a series of attacks and suicide bombings since the war in syria began nearly four years ago but saturday attack was one of the deadliest to hit the country in the past year. all right, we are going back to events in france, particularly in paris today, of course because we are effecting
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hundreds of thousands for not a million people to show up and march. assistants professor at qatar university here in doha on set with me. and remmy can i speak to you first as a frenchman and ask you particularly about the statement, the level of rhetoric that's coming from the french political class particularly i am referring to the statement made by manuel which has been picked up around the world in which he talks about france being at war but not at war against a religion, not against a civilization, but a war to defend our values which are universal. and he goes on to say it's a war against terrorism and radical islam against everything aimed at breaking solidarity liberty and paternity. this is tough talk, isn't it? tough rhetoric coming from a senior member of the french establishment of. this is not going to go down terribly well because it's going to be open to misinterpretation isn't it? >> it is.
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but we need to stress on the word universal values. more than the world war. he's always been melodramatic, and that's been his way -- >> one balances out the other. >> exactly. he's maybe a little more affirmative on those issues. the discourse that we have from political class is this is not a war on one specific religion at all. we are talking about fundamentalism. charlie hebdo was portraying all religion alike. i keep hearing comments from part of the audience saying it was specifically against is islam that's not the case, here it's different on i am charlie. but also i am ahmed. which is the muslim police officer shot in the streets. or french for the event in the cafe or supermarket. it's really a question of universalism. portraying your opinions, it's
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just freedom of speech whether you agree or not. it's an important i think in french philosophy about this. >> i am sure you would agree remmy, that at this point it's absolutely crucial isn't it, that the leadership of france and indeed up, that the leadership that they get it right because how this situation is handled now will have very, very crucial bearings on the immediate future at least in france? >> yes but you have to keep in mind that he spoke to two issues. the international issue where he has to use less strong wordings but domestic stickily he has to make sure that he has authority. we know that it will be building on this and just eyeing on any kind of sign of weak france the executives to try to gain support. so here you have these two levels between the international level and the domestic level the strong wording is aimed at the french population for them not to go to towards extremist politics and maybe the question is more important to work on for the national level.
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>> we have to remember, of course, in a democracy leaders are accountable to the public and there will be presidential elections in two years from now? >> 2017, actually, so, yes, two years from now. >> and the right wing have been doing rather well, marie has done well with her national front party in european elections . >> exactly. they have done very well in the local elections so far not so well in the national election which is still to be mentioned. and it's really an idea of trying to mobilize the population and the values and go to vote so that this extremist parties do not gain too much sport or control of friend of politics which would be the worse thing that could happen. >> thank you for now. al jazerra is continue to go demands the release of our three journalists who have now been in prison in egypt for more than a year poster getter, month hammer and bahar were wrongly accused of broadcasting false news and of helping the outlawed muslim brother hoot. charges they denied.
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an appeals court in could cairo has ordered a retrial that could begin within a month. just time to remind you that on the al jazerra website you can keep up-to-date with the ongoing situation in paris where millions are expected to turn out. fletcher, and you are in the stream. drowning in debt predatory lenders are on the prowl for u.s. military members and veterans. what is being done to put an end to their schemes? plus, why do developers for the hit video game call of duty consult with the pentagon? and later, gaming for good, how veterans are turning away from medicine and turning toward their computer screens to help with pain.