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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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a show of unity hundreds of thousands are expected to take to the streets of france to honor those killed in a series afterof attacks. security is at the highest level as 50 world leaders are due to attend the event. ♪ ♪ hello, i am martin dennis, welcome to al jazerra. we are live from doha. also to come. riding the slopes of a bumpy economy, we'll explain how russia's ski slopes are benefiting.
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and an al quada affiliate says it's behind suicide bombings at a half a in the lebanese city of tripoli. ♪ ♪ but first the france prime minister has warned that the country is at war with terrorism and radical islam. manuel made the statement in a speech late on saturday. and it comes in the week of violence last week in which 16 people and three gunmen were killed. now, after solidarity rallies across france on saturday, security is now at the highest level with the national unity rally planned in paris later on sunday. 50 world leaders are due to appear in the capital. and european interior ministers are also coming to paris, they are going to be talking about security. and counter terrorism efforts. we can go live now to our correspondent rory challands in paris. rory, starting with that meeting of interior ministers who is
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coming and what do they hope to achieve? >> reporter: we have interior ministers coming from all over europe british interior minister germany many other countries as well. including eric holder from the united states. now, they have been invited by bernard the french interior minister, they are going to be meeting in the building down the road behind me in just a few hours time. two main reasons for this meeting, one is a display of solidarity really, to show that they are opposed to the kind of ideological violence that france has seen this week. another reason for this meeting is so that some kind of common response can be formulated. so these countries can pull together sharing information share tactics and their hope is that they can reduce the risk of being victim of this kind of
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thing a little bit more. now, another thing that we are hearing is that the next european council meeting, which is scheduled for february in brussels, is going to be pretty much devoted to this topic as well. preventing the kind of ideological violence that france has been victim to. >> more immediately rory, the interior minister has got a massive task on his desk, hasn't he? he's gotta provide security for all of these world leaders not to mention of hundreds of thousands, perhaps even a million people who are going to be congregating in the french capital today. >> reporter: yeah, this is huge it. can't really be underestimated. it's been an extraordinarily difficult week for the french security services. of course they have the charlie hebdo shootings on wednesday then two police officers were shot on thursday. one of them lost their lives.
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then the two sieges, hostage sieges on friday which culminated in the deaths of the hostage takers and four of hostages as well. now we have maybe a million people descending on the streets of paris to show their solidarity and support for what they perceive to be the french values of unity and democracy and on top of that, we are a huge congregation of world leaders here. as you say some 50 world leaders, prime ministers presidents ministers coming to the french capital. they have to be protected the people who want to come out and show their support on the streets have to be protected. it's a big big task for the french police and for the army and for anyone who is involved in trying to keep the streets safe. >> all right for now rory, thank you very much. that's the very latest then to come from paris our correspond end there rory challands. the families of those who
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have been killed or involved in the drama of the past couple of days have been speaking. the brother of ahmed, who was killed outside the charlie hebdo office on wednesday his brother has been speaking. he had a news conference and he asked that muslims not be confused with fanatics. >> translator: ahmad felt passionate about his job. he looked at his mother and siblings since our father died 20 years ago. his responsibilities didn't keep him from being a protective brother and loving companion. we associate ourselves with the victims. one must not confuse muslim with his fanatics . >> france has the biggest muslim community in europe. close to 5 million. many of them are concerned about a possible backlash. zeina happenedder khodr reports from paris. >> reporter: pair sit a multicultural city but there are districts like this one which are considered predominantly
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muslim. france has a 5 million strong muslim population. some say they have failed to integrate in to french society. others however blame society for discriminating against them. the divide is not new. but the killings at charlie hebdo magazine has worsened tensions. france is on the edge and so is its muslim community. many people here were too afraid to talk to us about the killings over recent days, but those who did expressed concern that in one way or another france's muslims will suffer the consequences. the two brothers suspected of being behind at tack were not just muslims but claim to have carried out the killings in the name of islam. but for many muslims the brothers didn't represent them on or that i relooming un, he left tunisia eight queen years ago ago his fear now is the place he calls home will no longer accept him. >> translator: the right wing is using the attacks to spread more
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hatred against muslims why? we are citizens, we respect the laws. we are looked now upon as monsters. >> reporter: it's a feeling shared by mean maine other muslims who believe the fallout from the attacks will deepen the rift that has long existed here and some worry that tough are measures will be impressed. >> things will change, the laws will change and it won't to be to the advantage of arabs and our rights. >> reporter: two the a attackers lived in these districts and some people told us a sense of alienation creates a fertile ground for radicalization. >> there are many mistakes in french society. a french national whose origin is elsewhere should feel french but they don't. they development get job opportunities, they are discriminated against. french society should deal with this so people don't feel different. >> reporter: authorities have been calling for unity and tolerance, following the
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killings many here feel the rifts will become even wider. zeina al jazerra pairs. >> an the new government in sri lanka says they tried to get the army to deploy troops when it was clear least the elect economy seeded defeat on friday. an investigation is under way the new cabinet is due to be announced later on sunday. now, delegates from around the world are in the indian prime minister's home state for an investment conference, high-profile attempts is including u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon no less. the three-day vibrant summit is being held in the city. indian prime minister made this a prominent event for
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investigators during his early terms as chief minister. in pakistan, a bus packed with passengers have collided with a fuel tanker, at least 59 people are killed. it happened close to scratch karachi. initial reports are that the tanker was traveling in the wrong direction along a bad stretch of road. a double suicide in lob then has killed nine people. al-nusra front, which is linked to al qaeda has claimed responsibility. victoria reports. >> reporter: this cafe in tripoli was full of people when the bombs instructs now the streets are cordoned off. >> translator: the first explosion happened inside the cafe. people had gathered to check what was happening then the second explosion occurred just outside the cafe's entrance. >> reporter: the blast happened in the predominant alawite neighborhood. syrian president bashar al-assad is annal white and support for
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him in this area of tripoli has led to violence in the city before. >> translator: there were two suicide bombers, we were sitting inside the cafe, we saw something exploding. second bomber waited for the people to gather outside then he blew himself up in the crowd. >> reporter: the al qaeda linked al-nusra front has claimed responsibility for this attack. the security situation isn't lebanon's only concern the divide between sewn and i shia threatens the country's stability. most sunnis support the fight to get rid of the assad regime, but most shia back the syrian president and hezbollah's efforts to keep him in power. lebanon has seen a series of attacks and suicide bombings since the what are in syria began nearly four years arc by saturday's attack was one of the deadliest to hit the country in the past year. we have a lot more coming here on al jazerra. the iraqi government is preparing an offensive against isil to retake the country's
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♪ ♪ hello again these are the top stories here at al jazerra. european interior ministers have start today arrive at a security conference in paris to discuss coordinating counter terrorism efforts. france's interior minister has
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said security will be skipped up across the country in the weeks ahead. sri lanka's new government is alleging the former president attempt ted a coup when it was clear he lost the presidential elections, let's talk more about this charles stratford is live there. what more do we know about this. this is quite a shocking line to come out of columbo. >> reporter: well, yes, we have been speaking to the campaign spokesperson for the president he tells us that the in the early hours of the morning december the 9th around 2:30 in the morning just as the vote count were going on, and it seems as when there was some sort of indication of how they were doing. according to the spokesperson, he called a meeting with representatives of the attorney general's office, and the army chief to try to find whether there was any legal way for him to stay in office.
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now, bear in mind that he called this election two years early to give it context. anyway after the meeting or the end of the meeting these representatives of the attorney general's office said there was no legal means also the military refused to play ball, if you like. and it was then that in the early hours of the morning a few hours later in he he called a meeting with the now president and conceded defeat to him. but, yes certainly an indication there an interesting indication as to just what sort of desperate lengths seemingly he was going to try to keep his office. >> it sound like a massive miscalculation on his part. going on the army and the army said no. >> reporter: well, it's interesting, there is not a -- there is a lot of support for him in the military. the military has been louded by
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him in the wake of what is largely perceived as him being responsible for the win the victory over the tamil tigers in 2009 but since then, there are reports that the military has felt a little business disaffected. a vast great military that was hollowed. but not much for them to do since that war has ended. so there were factions, factions of the military that have come over to the other party. it's be indication of how he thought he could put his trust in temps once again and this time obviously failed. >> charles, thank you for that. charles stratford there our correspondent reporting live. all right back to the main story. of course the main story dominating the day's headlines the fallout from the attack in franz, our correspondent and pair i local jacky rowland has been out and about on the city streets to find out how parisians from all different walks of live are reacting.
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>> reporter: this is no sir an ordinary weekend in me pairs in my neighborhood and all over the city the events of the last few days are uppermost in everyone's minds. i want to point out how the people i knowinger my neighbors and local shop keepers have been effected by the attacks in and around the city. my first visit to my favorite antiques shop. the owner david is jewish, he tells me one of his relatives was among the people held hostage at the kosher supermarket on friday. the relative escaped unhurt, but david says he's still in shock. >> translator: we hear that they are disadvantaged people. that's the excuse. people who are unemmed unemployed and uneducated they are on the streets and inning indoctrinated. the muslim have his the responsibility to speak out all
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muslims need to condemn these acts. >> reporter: just around the corner is a butcher shop run by immigrants from north africa. they sell good quality meat at chief prices so the shop is popular with people from all communities. i often come here to buy roast chicken, the butcher's shop is run from people originally from morocco, we are really quite friendly and often talk together in arabic, told when i asked them if they would talk to knee, they said, we are really soar, ma damn,madam. not in the current circumstances these are quiet face and we want to keep it that way. the reaction there reflects an anxiety among many muslims. people with no connection to the armed men who attacked journalists, police, and a jewish supermarket are afraid of indiscriminate revenge attacks. i have now come to visit a retired bank worker who lives in a neighborhood with a large immigrant community. i got to know her through our mutual interest in cats.
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she says she no longer feels safe in her own city. >> translator: before going to fight radical islam in mallee, we should fight it at home. i think that the muslim religion is not entirely compatible with the republic or our type of society. but we are not allowed to say this kind of thing in france anymore. >> reporter: the leaders of france are calling for unity. but the events of the past week have exposed cracks under the surface of french society. people seem more aware of their vulnerability. and it will be sometime before the city regains its confidence. jackie roland, al jazerra paris. okay, we can talk now to remy who is the assistant professor at qatar university here in doha. and remy, just looking at -- or listening to some of those voice that his jackie managed to speak
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to in paris led me to wondering, how deep are the rifts between communities in paris? it's all very well and good saying it's a multicultural city country in fact, but quite often people live in their separate ghettos which doesn't really mean that it's multicultural, does it? >> i am not going to understate the fact thrifts do exist. however they have been strene henned by the last couple of years, by the economic situation, when you have a reduction in the economic growth the ones soaring the most. also by the discourse from the administration of the french identity national identity for political gains this has created more between the communities. however, if you want to compare france with other countries if you look at it from a poll at this perspective. framework helped prevent this rust from growing up. we have free education on a very large basis. they have free healthcare,
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plenty of support from the welfare state to large families, to families in need and so it's not the same system as the american system, for example where you would have very this ghettos and population really left on the side of the road. >> so how come such a large number of minority communities not just muslims not just of african or joins but other minority groups as well, why is it they appear tour marginalized and not ring the rewards of such a wealthy society which of course france still is. >> some are ring the rewards keep in mind france has 5 million muslim habitants and large communities of other mine adveritise some are left on the side of the road. but they are not responsible for this themselves. this is a problem in france in terms of reaching the top. and specifically the visual minorities. there was a large debate five or six years ago about journalists how there are actually few my
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minorities the french media french white male talking in the show and less from women and minorities. do you have a few changes on this. but we do need role model to his step up. this has not been the case in. and the feeling from minorities they are not be inning but real issues but overstated by them. >> can i ask you about the level of rhetoric pertaining particularly to the statement being attributed manuel, the prime minister late on saturday, in which he said that france, and i paraphrase, france was at what are with radical islam and terrorism. what demean by that? and how helpful is that in materials of the tone of the debate that's currently enveloping france? >> right now the political. [ inaudible ] former head of police and he always had this
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martial tone to his speeches, much more dedicated in france trying to prevent the extreme right taking over and making political gains out of it. he's trying to make sure that the presence they had in the administration the vacuum of power, failure of authority is not intensified. so the wording which is extremely strong in the statement, that could be misunderstood on the international level is actually really geared at domestic level and keeping talk but specifically also not in the end of the most extremist movement trying do to create vengeance fighting against terrorism or fundamentalism should be made by the state and not individual people that target mosques for example, or we create other conflicts in small villages. >> thank you very much indeed. from qatar university. >> thank you. now, we are getting news now of a german newspaper in the northern port city of hamberg
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having reprinted cartoons of the profit mohamed cartoons from the french paper charlie hebdo which has been the target of an attack. now, this paper has been attacked. it's been -- a an arson attack we are learning. people are talking of rocks have been thrown and a burning object having been thrown through the window. a german newspaper in hamberg that reprinted those controversial cartoons of the profit mohamed has been the target of an or zone attack. more on that as soon as get it in the meantime we'll move onto iraq where the government is preparing to launch a fresh offensive in g.defense isil in mosul. they will have support from the u.s. led led coalition and top iraqi government officials are already trying to gain kurdish support.
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>> reporter: these heightened activity on the front lines of northern iraq's kudish stan region. the defense minister are visiting kurdish peshmerga positions, the peshmerga have been making modest gains against ice nil recent months, this visits however has less do with their victories and more with a plan to retake mosul iraq's second biggest city. >> translator: the fight to liberate mosul will begin soon. both inside and outside the city will help each other to rise up against the foreigners and their helpers, we'll clean our lands of this evil isil scourge. >> reporter: the fight for mosul will be a long and tedious one. these men are seeking help from every corn never iraq. the vice president and minister for defense are keen to get the peshmerga kurdish forces support in the campaign to retake mosul from isil fighters. he is promising the peshmerga
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more military support. but in need of even more urgent support are the sunni militia men from mosul. they have been gant erred in this camp outside the city for months to train to fight isil. maids up of volunteers and former policemen they say they have not been paid saries for seven months. just a few rifles is all they have as weapons. sunni lead nurse iraq have long complained that the shia led government in baghdad does not trust them enough and is not supporting them. the defense minister say there is change in baghdad. >> translator: the government has now adapt aid nonpartisan and national approach. the prime minister is committed to supporting all groups equally. we hope this positive attitude will continue and be widened. >> reporter: promising words but clearly not enough for some. the governor of mosul and a brother of the vice president.
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>> we have until now promises more than action. but still we hope that we will get the help. and we need to keep the good relation with the central government. >> reporter: iraqi kurdish authorities have often insisted that they can only play a supportive role in the battle for mosul. the peshmerga say they are spread thin on the ground. however, mosul is just 90-kilometer as way from erbil. the fear of a strong isil command base that is close to their regional capital could drive more peshmerga fighters in to the battle to retake control of mosul. mohamed, al jazerra in northern iraq. now, egypt's president has been celebrating judiciary day by praising the independence of the legal system. he says he has been careful not in interfere in judicial affairs while he's been president human rights groups have repeatedly
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criticized egyptian law after fast track trials resulted in death membership for members of the banned muslim brotherhood. al jazerra is continuing to demand the release of our three journalists who have no one but impressed inky i didn't want for more than a year. they were wrongly accused of broadcasting false news and of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. charges they deny. an appeals court in could cairo has ordered a retrial that could begin in a month. in nigeria at least 19 people killed when a girl thought to be as young as 10 was used in a suicide bomb attack. the bomb exploded in a busy mark in the northeastern city. the blast follows recent attacks by boko haram in the area. and in neighboring states. two people including a police officer were killed in another explosion at a police station near the town. protesters in yemen have been demanding houthi rebels
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leave the capital. also been calls for the president to resign. he is accused of allowing houthi rebel to his take over the capital and for state institution to his collapse. and saying in yemen an early morning attack has killed at least three houthi fighters, they died when their patrol car was hit in the rudder area in central yum en, no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks so far. al qaeda fighters have been targeting houthis in the area since they stormed r.a. daa city two months ago. a new round of peace talks in geneva. being brokenned by the u.n. envoy after he met rival leaders. fighting is continuing in the north and south of ben gaza
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meanwhile, where at least six people have been killed in fighting between the armed groups. now, remember you can keep right upup-to-date with all of the day's developing stories particularly concentrating on events in france today. >> no other sport can kick off mass emotion in indonesia like football, even if the national team languishes near the bottom of world rankings. >> indonesians, they're really crazy. we can see their ranking in fifa is going down, going down, going down. but every game in the stadium, 80,000 people, 90,000 people. >> even local competitions turn