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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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something that's bigger than us, something we really can't deal with. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> she could prove what she was saying. >>♪ crack in the system ♪ this is al jazeera. ♪ hello there. welcome to the news hour and our extended coverage of the marches in france. coming up over the next sixty minutes: 2 million people are on the streets of france to show they are united despite three days of horror. dozen dozens of world leaders are showing their support from europe to africa to the middle east and the americas. it's a simple message: the penningis mightier than the sword. honoring the cartoonists killed
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at "charlie hebdo" magazine. >> reporter: here amongst the marchers as night faults solidarity is undiminished. >> two million people marching on the streets of paris led by president hol ande and dozens of world leaders. france is united ideals intact. they say they will not be intimidated despite three days of violence. many are waving je suis charlie signs in solidarity. 12 people were killed in that attack. israel's leaders are also there. the others target of course a jewish supermarket in which four people were killed. overlooking the crowd gathered
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at the place de la rerepublique. the message today, very much one of solidarity. >> absolutely. it's been an extraordinary day in what has already been an extraordinary week for france. the energy here is now starting to dim somewhat. there are a few hundred people left in place de la republique gathered around a statue in the center of the square. you can probably see them in the picture. they have been waving flags climbing on the statue trying to keep the je suis charlie signs going. the french national anthem. for many hours, this square here was absolutely crammed with people and with noise. even after the march was supposed to have started,ing it looked as if they weren't budging. they were. it was just as people left the
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square many thousands more were still filtering in from the side streets around and as you say, the message here was one of true
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solidarity. >> as well as solidarity there is also the unease generated by a week of unexpected blood shed. politicians will have to strike a right balance between upholding the freedoms western democracies hold dear and taking decisive steps. >> we need to act. we are taking action. we know it's difficult and what happened is reviving fears. let's not be afraid. let's not be afraid to be journalists and policemen. let's not afraid to be jewish. let's not be afraid to be a citizen. >> european interior ministers and the u.s. attorney general also met in paris for an emergency meeting on sunday. their aim: to improve security cooperation. >> we need to change the code to
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allow better information in the system as people across borders and benefit from free movement within the eu. >> discussed were alterations to information sharing within europe's border patrol zone and a counter terrorism meeting has been announced for february 18th in washington, d.c. >> the population ideological violence has been a key concern of western governments for decades. these particularents have reminded european and u.s. leaders that this is an international problem, one that they have to tackle together. >> reporter: from terrible acts of violence has come a unity through grief and shock, not just from the french but also from the rest of the world. this is unprecedented gathering of regular people heads of state, and religious leaders, all with one hope in mind: a united end to violence. >> these are live pictures coming to us from inside the
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grand synagogue in paris where president hollande and prime minister benjamin netanyahu are due to speak shortly, and rory challands is with us. of course, you covered the siege at the jewish supermarket when it happened on friday. we have been talking a lot about the muslim community feeling vulnerable. but of course the jewish community were targeted as well in this attack. and they too, feel that, you know, they are worried about more attacks in the future and feel they should be better protected. >> reporter: yeah. there has been much soul searching across france in the aftermath of the attacks about this country as a place of religious tolerance and religious freedom. and as you say, the jewish community here feel particularly targeted. it was a kosher supermarket. it was one of gruesome sieges on
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friday. four hostages lost their lives in that attack. so i think the president hollande, in trying to reassure jews in france that they are welcome here because benjamin netanyahu has offered any french jews that don't feel comfortable here that they can leave and come to israel. so what the leadership of france is trying to do is to bolster the image that france is a place of tolerance and a place where anyone can live regardless of their religion and regardless of their creed. >> rory, you also mentioned in your report that there has been a lot of talk about future security measures. there has been a meeting of ministers before the march took place. were any solutions proposed? >> reporter: well i mean this is an issue that western
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governments have been grappling with for digecades and it's not gob to be solved in an afternoon of meetings. it strikes at the heart of what shoulding to be solved in an afternoon of meetings. it strikes at the heart of what should should. how much security can be guaranteed for citizens when there might be living within these countries that want to do other people harm and want to use political or religious ends to strike fear into the general population. it's an impossible one to actually solve. the security analysts that i have been speaking to over the last few days vedhave said security forces here can't guarantee security because this is a free country. and do you want people to be monitored all the time in whatever they are doing? a, it's undesirable. b, it's impossible. the security services in countries like france and britain, the u.s. germany, wherever, have a number of
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people that they can keep watch on at any one moment. but that number is certainly not infin ite. sooner or later, someone will slip through the net and wreak havoc. >> okay. >> reporter: there were various suggestions that were made to do with how to tighten up information sharing within the shingan zone and how to maybe monitor people better on the internet or try to establish sort of dealeper surveillance of problematic groups but this is going to go on for a long time to come. there is certainly going to be no resolution to this soon. >> rory thanks for that rory challands at the place de la de la republic. live pictures from inside the grand synagogue in paris. you can see the french president there, francois hollande has just arrived at the synagogue. there is going to be a
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candle-lighting ceremony. we are going to hear from both president hollande and the prime minister. i think that's the back of the prime minister's head. yes, it is. >> that's the prime minister of isis isisis benjamin netanyahu. >> this way, please. this way, please. >> we will be hering from both of those leaders within the next hour. >> thank you. >> let's go to tim friend who is amongst the crowd and has been amongst the crowd all day, term. it's you have met a whole range of people there, and they are very clear about their reasons for being there. it's to show their unity over what happened last week. >> reporter: i think they successfully have done that not only in what they have said but simply by being here sometimes, paris can appear to be a very
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homogenous city. but today, we have seen people from all walks of life all backgrounds come together. and now president hollande has arrived at the synagogue. it's perhaps important to remember that among, of course those dead in the supermarket assault were jewish people and one of them was a jewish man with a tunisian background. and just to show how people have come out and found connections in all sorts of ways let's talk to one of them here now. you are a muslim. you are french. >> yeah. hi. >> reporter: but your in generalbeing is tunisian. you were touched by the fact that this tunisian man was killed in the ai salt. >> yes. >> do you know his name? >> he is jewish tunisian. i want tunisian. i am muslim. i am here to say that tunisian
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muslim, they want to give their support to the family of the man killed. we are very shocked about what's happened in this -- in this market and with the terrorists. i want to say muslims, they are not represent muslims, those terrorists and islam is more a religion of friendship and solidarity, and i am here to say that to the whole world. >> reporter: that's interesting because some people are here today on the general principal of freedom of speech. some like you have come here because usually touched? >> yes. >> reporter: by a detail of these dreadful events. >> yes, for me freedom should be defended. it is not related to religion or what else. we should defend freedom. for me also i want to remember
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another cartoonist charlie and their friends but another palestinian one. his name is nejai us ali. >> two routes the marchers have been using, both routes start at the place de la republic and one towardplace de la nation. >> that's where they will have a more direct group passing through boulevard vo tear after
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the french philosopher, volumetair. his views have been summed up i disagree with what you say but i will defend to the death you're right to say it. i am joined in the studio by remi piet in doha. if you look at what voltaire says, the whole notion of freedom of speech along with other values like liberty, equality, today, we are seeing an affirmation of those ideals but a significant section of the french society doesn't believe that they apply to them. >> we hear a lot about liberte and solidarity. we don't hear a lot about equality. >> maybe should be worked on more in the future. given part of the population doesn't feel enough integrated or part of a pillar of the society at least they can
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express themselves that's what it's all about whether, you know it's muslim non-muslim, it's whichever, they feel on the margin. nothing can keep them from being vocal about it, nothings inside of france will limit this. >> that's the key message. >> that's the reality. but the perception perhaps we can talk about that is that some of these particularly young men, maybe professor of the economic climate, maybe because of perceptions portrayed in the media feel as though they are isolated and marginalized and not part of french society when in fact they are. >> they are an essential part of french society because of economic reasons and the way of history, maybe the last developing the society right now. however, we stress if you compare france with other
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countries where it's better to live in, education is free health is free. you can go and vote and there was even talks about having foreigners vote for local elections. it's a place where if you see are a minority you would rather be a minority in france that other places even if you talk about thousands. other mine or at this could come and find asylum. this has been reafirm now. we might have forgot about this reality and those values need to be defended. >> remi, i want to look at the political fallout. the leader of franths's right-wing front party held her own march in the country's south. she wasn't invited to participate in the unity rally in paris. >> didn't stop her and around a thousand other supporters from gathering in the area of bokair a national front strong hode.
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let's go back to remi piet. i guess organizations like "the pen" will happen on what happened last week. is her message striking a chord? >> yes because there was this feeling of being threatened before that event and she was writing on a forum she had created and that you know saying we need to leverage it with a belong and key values of co-existence of common identity of what it is to be french. she is also in a complicated situation, she is not known for freedom of the press or respect for freedom of the press. there was controversy the last couple of weeks about she was preventing certain media in her meetings. "charlie hebdo" was not welcome in any of her speech or her meetings. i think that, you know, the president or even the party, sarkosi can showcase the
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division. it's only about opposing community, different types of citizens at a moment where we are having large rallies about whatever column whatever religion, we are french and we defend those values. >> she is calling for a war on radical islam. many muslims are worried this will just mean a war on islam. are they write to be worried? >> they are always right to be worried about "the pen." unfortunately, if they were to gain more and more power in the upcoming election it would be harder for minorities because she has always had other discourse of hate red and opposing parts of society against each other. her vision is short-sighted to have nothing to the long run. those events are the result of siding with the sarkozy administration of national identity hoping it will
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actually, you know, put, you know, the actual result was the opposite making la nationale platform a mainstream platform. the idea is to be able to counteract and have a balance with other values which are the opposite for what they stand for, you know, social ascension, participation of democracy, values of freedom, equality exactly the values trying to claim their own but enough. i think there actually might be today, we have seen maybe the first step of a new page opening, now the french are seeking and it may be marching together. hopefully it will not be just short-sighted like the french that won, black or white, the arabs and hopefully this will be. >> this will last for a long time remi good to speak with you. thank you very much indeed for that.
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the solidarity walk in paris includes more than 40 world leaders marching with francois hollande. here is phil lavelle with more on some of the big names. >> reporter: the sense of defiance against the attacks in paris is obvious and at that unity rally, some interesting faces action all in all, around 40 countries represented. not just from europe but as far away as the united states mali and algeria. the foreign minister a key face here algeria was part of france until 1962. so a huge number of french muslims have lengths to the north african nation. now the koauchi brothers the men behind the shooting were born to algerian parents, the fourth suspect also has algerian family. the minister's presence here aimed to show solidarity. then the u.k. linked to paris by trade, a european ally.
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prime minister david cameron up for reelection soon there to give his support. like france the u.k. has been struggling with the issue of so-called home-grown fighters who have trained abroad. then there is israel represented in force with three key faces: the foreign minister the economy minister and the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. palestinian president mahmoud abbas also there. france once had the largest jewish population in the eu. ♪net has publiinvited jews living in europe to move to israel. his presence to support the jewish community shocked by that attack on a kosher supermarket in paris. >> that's where the hostage taker was shot dead. russia's foreign minister russia is currently out in the cold so to speak due to the situation in crain. for example t wasn't invited to the recent g7 meeting. nevertheless, there is a feeling that differences need to be put
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aside, albeit temporarily. remember, russia has its own internal problems with attacks in czechhechnya and pakistani and put putin is often yetsized about freedom of speech and claims of trying to silence his critics in the russian media. and then turkey an interest edition, primary their prime minister was personally invited here reports of europe's most wanted could have traveled to istanbul first and on to syria ironically turkey has been accused on clamping down of free speech in recent years with attempts to ban twitter. the message here. the people of france are supported internationally. the u.s. representative has used the visit to announce what's being called a high-level global anti-terrorism meeting in washington next month. these are countries determined to support each other at every level to combat a mutual
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concern, a mutual fear. >> phil lavelle there. he mentioned in that report one of the leaders who traveled to paris was the u.s. attorney general eric holder. he met with the french interior minister earlier. the two leaders reaffirmed their country's common policies for security in the wake of the paris attacks. >> we bring together all of our allies to discuss ways in which we can counteract this violent extremism that exists around the world. only if we work together through sharing of information, by pooling our resources, will we be able to ultimately defeat those who are in a struggle with us about our fundamental values. on this day, on this day, we are all french citizens. i am a citizen of france. and we stand in solidarity with the french people. thank you. video of the man who attacked the jewish supermarket
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in paris on friday and killed a french police woman the day before has emerged. a recording of adam adam koulabaly policemeninging aleakentions topple baghdadi he speaks out against the campains in syria and mali and describes osama bin laden as an inspiration. he was killed on friday when the police raided the supermarket where he held multiple hostages. four hostages died in that raid as well. joseph kashishian says the media should exercise caution in making assertions regarding motive. >> the claims that have been made that in fact these people have trained in yemen or they may have behaved on order by al-baghdadi and others have now been floated around. but i think we should be very careful because we don't know whether or not these videos are authentic or who put them
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forward. there are so many videos circulating who's veracity must be questioned to be objective really. there is a level of prop position positionalty here that needs to be taken into account. we should not really overreact. we should wait and see what happens and perhaps down the line we will figure out exactly what motivated these men to actually engage in this kind of violence. my first reaction when i was watching this on television was, i was expecting an assault on all three positions and i knew deep down in my heart that they will be executed without much of an effort simply because when this whole thing will come out, eventually the question that needs to be asked is: how come france which is a land of liberty and equality and fraternity has not been able to integrate these citizens in to the narrative of their society? >>, i think, the far more
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important question. >> still to come here on the program, we will be going live to the grand synagogue in paris where israeli prime minister been benjamin netanyahu and francois hollande are due to speak after the unity march in paris. coming up hour sri lanka's former president tried to stay in in. details emerge of a failed plan to keep him in power. find out how roger federer joins one of tennis's most exclusive. >> that's all after the break.
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[[vo]] rock star astronaut chris hadfield. >>everything i've done has
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leaders from the u.s., israel turkey and the arab world marched alongside french president francois hol ande. >> promising to boost cooperation on security issues eric holder spoke. in the aftermath of the march in paris, there is a gathering now at the grand synagogue in paris where israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu -- you can see him in the first row of seating there next to the french president francois hol ande are due to begin speaking very soon. we are expecting a speech from francois hollande followed by a candle-lighting ceremony and, and then there will be words from benjamin netanyahu now monday marks the 5th anniversary of haiti's devastating
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earthquake earthquake. most of the attention, however, is centered on the country's political upheaval. protesters have been taking to the streets, calling on the bishop there to resign. a report from port awe principle. >> reporter: again on the streets of haiti's capitol, it's become an almost daily occurrence. anger grows with those opposed to the current government. we can't take this anymore. there is nothing left of us. a long simmering stalemate has reached a boiling point. >> january 12th is the dead line. if not, parliament will be dissolved and the president cot rule by decree. if that happens, haiti could be thrown into deeper political crisis. former prime minister resigned last month but for opposition groups like this one, it's not
1:32 pm
enough. they accuse him of corruption and won't rest until the president, himself, steps down. >> translator: when martelli was a candidate, he was broker. he had three houses in the u.s. he couldn't pay for. he is building a mansion on the coast of haiti. also his son is building a huge house. all that with the money from the government. >> reporter: but the president's supporters reject such claims and say he is the right man at the right moment. >> i think he is not only the best man but for the sake of democracy, he has to finish his mandate. young haitians live in a country where unemployment is nearly 40% but thought to be much higher. he specially for haiti. if we look at our history, when the president leaves it brings more problems. i am all for compromise because
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if the president leaves we have to start over. photographs by coincidence deposition the deadline is the 5th anniversary of the 2010 earthquake that destroyed much of the country and left nearly 230,000 people dead. haiti is now a country that finds itself on the edge of another crisis. this one not an actual disaster but a political one. >> what is happening with the political crisis right no? >> reporter: it's a chaotic situation politically in haiti. i want to bring you up to date because we have several, multiple things happening right now. we are at a ballroom at a hotel here in port awe principle where in this hotel, president martelli is meeting with opposition parties as we speak, trying to. >> i apologize for that.
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we have lost elizondo in the middle of his interview there, talking about the political crisis in haiti. to block the vote count after last week's presidential elections. a spokesperson for president said paxta hadrajazapaksa refused to back the former president. meanwhile, thousandsed gathererred to hear him in kandi. he pledged to tackle poverty and unite unite all ethnic and religious groups in the country. he suggested improving relations with western countries. let's get more from charles stratford in the capitol colombo. >> reporter: we have been
1:35 pm
speaking for his spokesperson. he tells us in the early hours of january 9th as the votes were beginning to come in it seems that former president rajapaksa didn't like what he was hearing. we hear he called a meeting with representatives of the attorney general and the army chief in a bid so we are told to come up with a legal in which he could retain. neither parties both representatives of the attorney general and the arm chief were prepared to play ball. he decided to concede defeat. the new president has been up in kandi, the city of kandi, great significance in terms of sri lanka's identity. he has been addressing the nation there from one of the historic sites in that city talking about his 100-day plan to end what is described here as the executive powers of the
1:36 pm
president, the executive presidential powers. he also said that this country was was in no need of a king but a leader for the people. he invited all members of the opposition, the n.o. w. opposition to help join in and form a unity, a national government of unity here, and he thanked his supporters for what is surprised being a victory for what he describes as a new political era in sri lanka. >> del grants have been gathering in the prime minister's hometown for a conference. john kerry and ban ki-moon are there. speaking at the summit the prime minister emphasized his government was committed today trans pairancy. >> this is the largest avatar of
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the conference eight foreign countries are partnering. some involved here for the first time. in previous years, the other countries had actually boycotted anything to do with either because of the alleged involved in communal riots in 2002. now that modi has become prime minister mainistaken are going either way to do business with a new government. >> can be seen from a number of foreign company heads and dignitaries on the other side of that gate, most notably johnkerry and ban di-moon. many explained about the difficulty of doing business in india. they say it was overburdened with a bureaucracy and a tax system that didn't make sense and made it difficult to do business. in the same time for the past two years in madras, it was the opposite. the bureaucracy was simplified making making businessedes to do. many foreign countries are hoping modi who has gong from
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chief minister to prime minister of the country will mean that india will finally be open for business. >> in nigeria, two suspected child suicide bombers, both believed to be young girls blew themselves up at a market in the northeast. the attacks took plates at a market selling mobile handsets in the town of potiskam. the number of casualties is unclear. it follows saturday's suicide bombing by a 10-year-old girl in a town that killed at least 16 people. al jazeera's idres is in the capitol of buja. he joins us on the life now. another disturbing account of a young child being used what can you tell us about the latest incident? >> basically, nigerians are getting worried with these
1:39 pm
developments other government agencies and targeting places of worship, now suicide bombing and from suicide bombing, it's now children who are being -- getting involved in carrying out these attacks. nigerians are asking the question why the military why isn't intelligence services what are they doing in helping to solve these problems? >> how are these children being recruited in to doing this? >> some belong to members of boka haram. some are innocent children kidnapped from villages taken by boka haram to the places being indoctrinated and carrying out attacks and they -- or they will be killed or entire families killed. increasingly we keep on hering about boka haram invading villages and taking away young boys and girls, indoctrinating them and helping them carry out
1:40 pm
these attacks. basically what people now believe is that some of these are coming from the villages that were attacked by boka haram and members of boka haram members' families. >> why is the nigerian army seemingly so unable to control boka haram? we heard about the military some attacking commanders accusing them of not arming them properly and asking them to come from boka haram. we have seen people from different parties of the area those that came under boka haram organizing themselves and helping the nigerian security services to tackle boka haram. these have succeeded in many areas where boka haram attacked
1:41 pm
late last year and held territories before other parts of the country. >> akmed thank you very much indeed for updating us on that grim situation in abugura there. in pakistan several collided with a field tanker. 59 people were killed initial reports said the tanker was traving. double suicide attack in northern lebanon fighters from neighboring al-nusra front say they are responsible for the attacks. victoria has more. >> reporter: this cafe was full of existcustomers when the bombers struck. now, it's surrounded by the army and the streets leading to it are cordoned off. inside the cafe people are
1:42 pm
gathered to check what was happening and second ex explosion occurred outside the cafe's intraft. >> blasts happened in the predominantly allowhite neighborhood. assad is an allowhite. it has divided this city before. we had something exploding. those to gather outside, he blew himself up in the crowd. the divide between sunni and shia threatens the stability. most shia back the syrian president and hezbollah's efforts to keep him in power. lebanon has seen a series of
1:43 pm
attacks. >> still to come here on the newshour, in sport, palestine get ready for the first major football tournament we meet one player who's dream of playing for his country has been denied.
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welcome back. live pictures in paris. francois hollande the french president there next to him the camera slightly. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu.
1:45 pm
hollande showing solidarity to the jewish community after the attack on the supermarket on friday. >> followed the attack on "charlie hebdo," the sat ircal magazine in paris. today has been an extraordinary day. scenes of hundreds of thousands, actually an under estimation. one and a half million to 2 million people walking through the streets of paris in solidarity. we are expecting to here from francois hollande shortly leasest's go to rory challands who has been monitoring events at the rally that's been taking place throughout the day this stage of the proceedings, the candle-lighting ceremony and the speepz in the synagogue, is shaken by the attack on friday
1:46 pm
a shock for french people whatever their religion whatever their persuasion. the jewish community here for quite some time not just the attacks that have taken place this week. they have been talking about vandalism of synagogue for months if not years. this was a crystalization for many in the jewish community here certainly there are lots of people who feel they are not welcome in france anymore. there have been conversations in the french media about leaving france and increasing numbers or benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister has offered that any french jews who don't feel comfort a.m.
1:47 pm
comfortable in france should come tois israel. francois hollande is going to the synagogue with netanyahu is the leader of france trying to persuade jews that they are safe and welcome and that they can stay. >> rory thanks very much indeed. rory challands, we can go to degi standing outside the ceremony. take us through what we are expecting today we are expecting a service to commemorate those who lost their lives, those in the jewish community who lost their lives in the supermarket attack. i don't know if the viewers can see what's going on in the synagogue but francois hollande is already here the israeli
1:48 pm
prime minister netanyahu is present, nicholas sark oceanozysarkozy, to my left 200 people, members of the jewish community who have shown up to show solidarity and defiance. the community had, as rory was saying felt under attack in these recent months with the incidents that happened on friday. prior to this gathering going on now, the israeli leader had reached out to members of the jewish community here saying that they were welcome to return to israel or to ever great israel and that he wanted to really come and show solidarity with them. >> that's really what this represents symbolic for the community important for the israeli leader. >> thank you for that yvonne outside the grand synagogue of paris now if he starts to speak,
1:49 pm
we will go to him. in the meantime let's get some sport. >>? >> thank you. we start with manchester united beaten by south hampton in the english premier league. the winner in the second half, moving into third two points ahead of united. the losses leave them fourth in the league this season. it's united's first home loss to southampton in 27 years. it was a good day for arsenal. sanchez scored twice on route to a 3-nil win against south hampton hampton. he has scored 18 times. arsenal in 5th. they haven't kept a clean sheet. next up for this is manchester city. >> we have to stop conceding goals. that's why i think today, hopefully, we will build the connell if i had he knew of defenders because we have a big game next week. we have to in though games going
1:50 pm
forwards. defenders came in today very happy but didn't concede a goal. >> taking on napoli looking to keep ahead of roma roma came from two goals down to draw with city rivals latvia fran chess 0 toti got goals. he celebrated in through toti style taking a self e making him the highest scorer in had a roma hives dash history on level. >> a big setback at the asian cup. qatar was beaten 4-1 by united arab em raets. off a perfect stop with the opening goal midway through the 1st half but all downhill from there. a series of offensive errors allowing kabril to allow a
1:51 pm
quarrelizer. 4-1 to uae three-time champ picks around the bahrain, getting a round going in one. j. c. wrapping it up from a corner around the final score. the palestinian national football team have qualified for the aidsian cup for the first time. he will face japan on monday but life for many of the palestinian players is far from easy. stefanie dekker met one of the palestine's best young talents to join his teammates in australia. hopes to be on the pitch. the last member of his team here he was arrested by israeli authorities nine months ago while returning from training
1:52 pm
abroad. >> spending that amount of time in prison affected me. my fetitness levels went down. it was tough emotionally. to be free after being behind bars is difficult. >> israel accused him of attempting to transfer money and being in touch with the enemy while abroad. he was carrying $5,000 money given to him by the former head of his tulle club. it gets complicated as that man is a former prison in israel and affiliated with hamas, which the israeli government considers a terrorist organization. he spent eight months in jail and his lawyer tells us his sentence was reduced because he convinced the court that the sama has no political affiliations and the money was owed to him. he was unjustly arrested. his fitness has been affected. now he will be a reserve player. this is not what the palestinian
1:53 pm
fans wanted. >> sama lives in a west bank town bordered by the israeli separation wall on three sides. there is no escaping the reality of israel's occupation here it's difficult to ere it's difficult to separate. the border crossing into jordan, as we try to film sama leaving, we were told he was not allowed to leave.
1:54 pm
we asked why. israeli internal tinintelligence says he is deemed a security risk and recommended he not travel abroad. the young man caught up in the complicated politics of this region. he tells us his dream of having an enter career representing palestine but now he is afraid that dream may be over. stefanie dekker, al jazeera in the occupied west bank. >> roger federer has hit yet another career landmark. he has security his 1,000th victory. the 33-year-old became just the third man after jimmie conners to break the 1,000 mark. he has won a tournament in every year since 2001. >> that's an unbroken run of 15 seasons. australian open champion ranka looks to be on track for defense of his title in straight sets to win the open for the
1:55 pm
third time. he won in 2014 and went on to win his first-ever grand slam title later. cricket world cup hosts australia named market clark as captain despite injury concerns. he has been suffering with back and hamstring but was fit enough to show off the team's tournament. he will be replaced if he is not available for australia's second group game against bangladesh. >> team i will focused on that. i have looked at it since i have got injured. i think i have been disciplined with my day-to-day training schedule. i think that is going to give me my best chance to walk on the field against bangladesh. >> thanks for that. you are with the newshour. we have been covering events in france after last week's attacks. weaver got live pictures from the grand synagogue in paris
1:56 pm
where the israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the french president francois hollande are taking part in a ceremony to mark those who died in last week's attack on the jewish grocerier's. and we will leave you with paris where a huge rally has been taking place to stand up for french values and to honor the people killed over the past few days. here are some of the most ponyiant sitesghts and sounds from the french capitol. thank you for watching. >> for liberty and u at the. we must say we are all french [applause.]
1:57 pm
>> coming from russia and senegal. we are not together with this action. we are for liberty in this great nation france. i feel very moved. i don't participate often in any kind of protest, but today, i really felt compelled as a french citizen and as a jew to be here and show my support, and i am very deeply moved to see all kind of religions being here all kind of ages gender
1:58 pm
backgrounds, you name it.
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
arm and arm, the french president and more than 40 world leaders head a massive march through paris honoring those killed during three days of attacks. >> it's very important that we stand united against those that seek to divide us. >> and from the multitude of faith, cultures and nationalities, a single message of support of freedom of expression. ♪ hello there, i am barbara s saraa. you are watching live with extended coverage of the solidarity marches from paris and elsewhe