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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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he israel kids a promnent hezbollah fighter in an airstrike inside syria. >> this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: isil fighters free around 200 mostly elderly members of iraq's minority yazidi community. australian troops arrive to take on boko hamar. eighty people are kidnapped from cameroon. many of them are children. thousands march for peace. the military said it recaptured almost all of donetsk airport.
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we begin in syria where six hezbollah fighters are been killed in an attack by an israel aircraft, in a military area near northern syria. hezbollah has confirmed one of the dead is 20-year-old jihad machine onia, the son of imad monia killed in 2008. let's get more from the core respond comments jerusalem and beirut. let's start with nicole johnson inbeirut. tell you see more details about these airstrikes and who has been targeted. >> reporter: so far, we are still getting information in. this is a major hit they're the
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seats fire line between israel and syria, and they hit the son, jihad. his father had been previously assassinated. he was a special operations commander for hezbollah. so, as i said, this is a big hit against the organization. the other big name that we know of who was taken in this attack is mohammed isar a chief operations officer for hezbollah working in syria another major hezbollah figure to have been taken out. on top of that we have another commander, so this as i said a really big hit for hezbollah hezbollah confirmed this has taken place. they have said that there will be retaliation for this. we expect it to be a calculated
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retaliation from hezbollah saying that any action from israel there would be retaliation against that. so we would expect so see something at some stage but so far, we don't know what that would be. certainly from this front, you know it is amajor a tack against hezbollah. >> for the time being thank you. let's bring in a report from unofficial sources in the military in israel talking about this. is there any kind of official confirmation from israel at this stage? >> we are tolditsis does not comment on foreign reports. some israeli media outlets are
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quoting not official forces just unnamed sources as saying, yes, indeed iezzo did carry out this attack in quinatra. earlier in the day, the lebanese four israeli. >> attacks on the whole axis of recystance which includes hezbollah, damascus and this is 7th time that israel is accused of carrying out attacks and airstrikes inside syria since the war there started in march, 2011, the most recent attack was
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allegedly one that israel carried out last month in december in syria close to damask under the circumstances and close to the damask under the circumstances international airport. and that attack possibly targeted a weapons depot there. >> okay. nisrene. isil has released around 200 mostly elderly camtols in the yazidiyaz community in iraq. thousands are believed to have been killed or kidnapped byis ill during the advance across the territory last year. many released were taken to kirkuk. jane araff reports from baghdad. >> most were elderly, disabled or sick. all were traumatized. among them are some of the oldest members of an ancient religious minority under attack by isil. when the gunmen rampaged near sinjar moucht an in june these
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yazidis were taken to talafer near the syrian border. but the u.s. and iraq have been bombing talafar and they were taken to mosul where he is ill decided they didn't want them. >> where in mosul when they told us they would send us to talafar. the driver said he was taking us to a safe place. i thought it would be talafar but we etched up in the district south of kirkuk. >> yazidi in their hearts some converted to islam when threatened by isil. jamal said she spent three months in talafar. >> we told them that we would become muslim and they didn't hurt us but they kept on kidnapping girls. they kidnapped my neighbor a young yazidi girl and another neighbor who is christian. >> cuddish forces picked up the yazidis and gave them medical treatment before sending them to a camp near dohuk for displaced raepingz. it wasn't clear why isil
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released them. activists say it could be because the radical group increasingly under siege by fighting can no longer take care of such a large number of prisoners. isil laz killed manimen but say they won't kill those who con vert. almost half are women. the group said it doesn't recognize their religion so it considers the women spoils of war to be used bought and sold leaving their agonized families waiting and wondering if they will ever see them again. jane araf al jazeera, baghdad. >> in libya, the tripoli based leadership said it will attend u.n.-brokered pizza talks but only if they are held inside the country. the government in at a time uruk has agreed to lay down weapons on friday. the u.n. talks will resume in geneva next week.
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al jazeera continues to demanned the release of its tleel journalists who have been i am prindzed in egypt. they were wrongly accused broadcasting false nupz and helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood, charges they deny. an appeals court has ordered a retrial that could begin within a month. they have filed requests for them to be deported from egypt. boko hamar carried out a cross border raid kidnapping 60 people. the attack took place in villages in the far north of cameroon. the i amration minister says the assailants ransacked and burned houses. >> attacked a village and they destroyed
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destroyed. residences. they killed three people and many people children. hostages. to get rid of them by fighting them to the end. >> the latest boko hamar cross border raid comes as nigeria's neighbors tried to build support for a broader coalition. erica wood has more. troops from chad rolled bio their way to join soldiers from neighboring cameroon and nigeria. this is the beginning of a major joint military assault against boko hamar involving regional forces. >>ram involving regional forces. >>. we can not be indifferent to what is going on because we are directly concerned and because
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we believe cameroon must not be alone. >> in that fight, chad's president has urged other african nations toss join in the issue of whether to form a broad co coalition force is due to be discussed in the coming days. there is now a wider interest into launching a coordinated offense because the armed forces recently larged more and more attacks not just inside nigeria where its based but outside as well. as the violence spreads, thousands have been forced to escape. 8 nigerian soldiers fled the atrocities of boko haram. >> the group caused outrage last april when it staktd al school
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and kidnapped more than 200 girls. most of them are still missing and boko haram says many have been married off to fighters. last week, amnesty international released photos that showed the scale of the devastation in two towns caused by boko haram attacks in early january. nigeria is due to hold presidential elections next month. no doubt, safety and stability will be in the forefront of voters' minds. neighboring countries are warning a disruption of the polls by boko haram who have implications not just inside nigeria but regionally as well. erica woods, al jazeera. >> a suicide bomber has killed five people in northeast nigeria. a bomber drove a car rigged with explosives into a bus station wounding another 35 people. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. still to come this hav hour:
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a record 6 million people turn out to see pope francis celebrate mass in a rapey manila. >> in selma 50 years after african-americans won the right to vote. a new hollywood movie comes out, we will look at the legacy of what happened here and how people are reacting. ney
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>> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council. >> about issues that impact your world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> one of 6 fighters killed in annitsisi airstrike in northern syria, a field commander and the
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father of i amad killed in 2008. isil released around 200 mostly elderly captives in northern iraq. those released are receiving medical attention and have been placed in a camp for the displaced. boko haram has carried out a cross border raid in northern cameroon kidnapping 60 people from several villages. more on the attack on hezbollah from al jazeera's rula amin. give us a bit of the context for this. >> reporter: hezbollah will react at any place any time and in whatever way so they will -- this has been their way. there are speculations they will react but not necessarily immediately.
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they will have a calculated reaction that will try to senditsis the message that hezbollahts leader was trying to make two days ago. he did say that they are ready and that israel should not mistake their engagement in the crisis in syria that they won't be able to confront israel again. he said we are ready and don't test us. this is the message that hezbollah will try to send israel again today. today's attack was a major strike for israel and a major blow for hezbollah. these were not just any military exameders. they were specialists one was in charge of hezbollah operations inside syria. hezbollah september thousands of fighters in order to help the confrontation with the opposition forces and along the border with israel hezbollah has not made it a secret that they are trying hard to get presence there, to help also the syrian army along that
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border. in the past 30 years, this was a quiet border thattitsis did not need to worry about. but in the past year we have seep more i know dents along that border and evenitsis officials acknowledge that hezbollah is trying to gain a foothold there. even hezbollah reaction against -- in retaliation for this incident come come on the golan heights. israel now has to worry about twofronts, theitsis/lebanon border and the syrian border. >> thank you. for more analysis on this the chair in contemporary london school of sxhikz. back to the characters youwho seem to have been killed one being jihad jihad. give us an idea why he is significant and the goal of the iranians? >> he is the son of i amad mouyini one of the most
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symbolic. this is a son for hezbollah. special forces tremendous symbolic and political value for hezbollah. not only jihad mounigha was killed but several commanders. this is a very painful, not only militarily but symbol lick that he was celebrated as one of the foremost commanders in hezbollah. >> remind us for people who don't know the i hopes and out ofs of this why is that in some ways a strange situation. absolutely. what you have now in syria, it has become a battlefield, a battle field for regional powers. it's really regional powers fighting wars by probationies. on the one hand action you have turkey saudi arabia and on the other, iran and hezbollah. they have played a key part a
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pistol part in really allowing president assad to survive in the last four years. hezbollah in particular has major strategicing assets and in certain strategic areas inside syria. in particular in flinitra. this is an area between israel and syria. it's the soft belly of damascus. if you take it, you can drive. it's almost 20 -- only 20 kilohmters from damascus. so, the army this is stratemptionic pivotal and hezbollah, the leader of hezbollah in a major television interview said we know what israel and the rebels are doing in cubanquinatra. hezbollah is not just basically fighting on the lebanese/syrian boarders but has chosen it because it borders lebanon on and jordan. this has tremendous strategic
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value for israel syria, hezbollah and iran and that's what happened today is a real danger. what happens today could see escalation that spirals out of control even though i doubt whether hezbollah would go out of its way at this particular moment to go all the way, all out war. hezbollah, which was at the time as nasrallah the time and place to retaliate againstitsisis attacks on syrian and hezbollah targets. >> okay. thank you very much. talk to you later on this evening. thank you. a march took plates in index square the scene of thelast year's aepts government protests. many said i am from abaka, a town near where it was hit. separatists have denied being behind the attack. russian spoeingzman says petro
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poroshenko has rejected the pizza plan vladimir peat insent him in a year. the military carried out what it called a mass operation to retake almost all of donetsk airport which it vertirtually lost to separatits. the airport is in ruins but it has taken on symbolic value. it was once a city of millions of people. thousands have left. paul brennan reports on the situation there. this footage, where 13 civilians were killed including a routine appealing girl. the prolonged battle for the airport appears to be reaching a deadly climax. the terminal buildings have been utterly destroyed. aerial footage shows deplete complete devastation of the whole area. ukraine's foreign minister will
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press his colleagues for support. panlo criminalkin says getting the border region is the most crucial of all. >> crossing across the border coming from russia from his part of the border. the border is key to any kind of stable and sustainable solution. >> the osce now has more than 360 staff trying to monitor the conflict zone but their movement is still limited and risky. the head of the mission is gravely concerned. >> it's shaky, precarious. it's unpredictable. we have to take care of the situation of the monitors. in the meantime we have to take care of the -- of operational needs. >> away from the localized col bat zones, there is a semblance of normality in the separatist controlled east. >> despite the fact that you might hear explosions outside,
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all of the infrastructure of the city works. you have been out on the streets. snow has been moved. buses are operating. police are on duty. >> but infrastructure is only part of the problem. fy.1 people are affected by a hugh tantarian prices. 1.4 are jibed as highly vulnerable. there is a shortage of medicines and vaccines raising the risk from polio, measles and tb. as of january the 6th, the dettoll from the could have been conflict shoot at 4,808 with 10,468 wounded an air of strange normality here in central done esc. buses are running. the sounds of conflict just a couple of miles away are a continue wuts backdrop in the city. paul brennan, al jazeera, dondon. >> prosecute orders have
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requested ex tra addition of four people arrested in greece in connection with a suspected plot. other three have been released. they killed two suspects in a killed two suspects in a raid. >> a stream of people adding to the crush. the pope's first public appearance at a catholic university and frequent message to care for and weep for the marginalized. >> those that are left to one side are crying. those who are discarded, those
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are crying. the pope's last mass set. even with the long wait people were good-humored. >> we are very excited for the pope. he is coming. >> that's why i brought my son here with respect him to be healed. he has allergies. >> francis arrived in a pope mobile built as a cheap. it will ferries one and all. he spoke on sant an in0, honoring the infant jesus. a hope who promoted an inclusive style not for the first time on this trip, a traditionalist message. >> sadly, now the family needs to be protected against insidious attacks and pogroms to
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all that we hold true and safely. all that is not beautiful and novel in our time. >> the vatican, this trip was a chance to inspire a filipino population that's 80% catholic but among whom churching attendance is falling and reach out to asia viewed as a verlths region to further growth. >> every fill peep 0 wants to go with you don't be afraid. every filipino wants to go with you not to rome but to the peripheries. as the rain fell more heavily, a final chance for the pope to say goodbye to the philippines and
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philippines to him. >> pope francis wraps up his week in asian, one marked by extraordinarily devotional crowds here in the philippines but by somewhat of a controversy about limits to free speech in relation to the "charlie hebdo" stapingz and scolding of local politicians about description and e equality this is the landmark personal moment one to remember for a lifetime. harry fawcett, al jazeera, manila sdmrfrp 50 years since the mars in the u.s. that led to the voting rights act. the protest is seen as a pristal moment for african-americans and the subject of a new hollywood film. andy gallacher reports from selma, alabama. >> these days 71-year-old annie pearl avery enjoys a quiet stroll across the edmond pettus brimming in selma. when she set off on a peaceful march here back in 1965, it was a starkly different scene. protesters fighting for the right to vote were met by armed
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police. dozens were badly 30 and annie, not for the first time, was arrested. >> our real heroes are the people who died you could have gotten killed but i am just saying i think it was a small contribution that i paid because other people paid more. >> we actually have people walking in off of the streets and find themselves. >> what happened in selma during the 60s is deeply engrained in this community every year thousands come here to mark protests that led to one of the most important pieces of lemmingislation in u.s. history. just months after maz were led by dr. martin luther king the voting rights act was passed. >> the voting rights act in selma was a movement that changed the course of history, but this country and for the world. >> those monumental changes are the subject of a new film which has upset some.
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critics say president lyndon b zonson is portrayed as being relucktants to pass the legislation which some say is inaccurate many arehammy it will be seen. here they are known as the foot soldiers of the civil rights movement. >> it will give us the opportunity to talk about it. >> it's ay amazing having a movie about selma and the 50th anniversary of civil rights kind of brings it back for to remember how people fought for the white to vote. >> the thousands of others who risked so much to cast their votes, this anniversary is not
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so much about the box office but about the freedoms they fought for and won. andy gallacher, al jazeera, selma, alabama. >> mroeptsy more stories for you any time on the website. the address is al hospitals across india. they stare silently - suspended in limbo between the living and the dead. these patients are the infected - victims of a contagion so lethal it kills almost one and a