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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> at least nine people are stabbed on a bus in tel aviv in what israeli police are calling a terror attack. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters? doha. also ahead - houthi leaders issue an ultimatum on a government in yemen, the palace. >> that's what economic policy is - this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot a defiant obama sets out a
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vision for a more equal america in his state of union address. >> kenchasa erupts at a possible delay in elections. hello, at least nine people had been stabbed on a bus in the israeli capital of tel aviv. the alleged attacker a 23-year-old palestinian shot and apprehended like police. we are joined from jerusalem on the telephone to tell us more about the attack. >> well what we learnt from the police is there has been a total of nine people not necessarily all stabbed but injured in the stabbing incident which happened on the bus. four are in moderate condition, five were likely wounded and this happened on a bus belonging to an israeli company, bus
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number 40 and the incident happened in central tel aviv. as you said this man apparently was from the occupied west bank was shot in the leg, injured, not killed is in police custody and is being questioned by the plies police according to spokesman. he's 22 years old. >> do we know on the circumstances leading the 23-year-old palestinian to carry out this attack? >> from our understand. this may actually be that the buzz was moving this happened on the bus, not outside the bus. also we understand that this bus number 40 travelled through central israel and is considered a main road where it happened.
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that information has not resurfaced just yet. >> we'll leave it there, and check in with you later. reporting for us from jerusalem the leader of houthi rebels in yemen has given an ultimatum to the president to remain in power. he is holed up with houthi soldiers surrounding the palace. they have seized the area a short distance away from the residence residence, and are in control of the state broadcaster. the rebel leader accused the government of being ineffective. >> translation: our country is suffering at the domestic level. many forces at the internal parties are not living up to the
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degree or level of counter challenges. they are not addressing them responsibly. >> we are crossing to omar al saleh, joining us from yemen. tell us more about the ultimatum interested by abdul malic in houthi, and what demands were put forward. >> yes, four main demands, he said. he said they were necessary to stop the conspiracy armed at dividing his country. the four demands are, first, to reform the body overseeing the implement aches of the national dialogue. that was signed on and agreed on in early 2014. the second point he mentioned is that to amend the draft constitution in particular the paragraph stipulating to divide yemen into six general regions.
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the third point is to implement peace and partnership agreement signed last september, and to have true partnership and be involved in the decision making process. and fourth and the final point is to address the general security situation in yemen, and to confront al qaeda. now, critics of houthis say that he is trying to justify that his - his group's state and power in yemen. >> so what is the government plan to do next now that these demands have been put forward. what do we expect to see in sanaa today? >> well we understand that there'll be some sort of a meeting between the president and their advisors representing a different political landscape in the country. i think the president and the government has no other choice but to implement what the houthi
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leader said. otherwise they could be ousted out of power. it's clear who was rubbing the show. and i think what the houthis did over the past two days is another show of force. yesterday they gave the president a new life line. they want the president to implement what they want, otherwise he could be out. >> thank you omar al saleh, reporting from yemen now, the u.s. president obama struck a defiant tone in his state of union address, for a more equal america. with a republican congress they may struggle to deliver his promises. amedy coulibaly has more. -- patty kewell han has more. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama used his speech to the nation to highlight the areas where he and the republicans in charge disappear the most.
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the mostility is blatantly clear with this exchange. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda... [ clapping ] ..i know because i won both of them. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: republicans cheering his fine two years in office. for his part the president spent the vast majority of his time on domestic issues. for the first time putting a new name on economic policies. >> that's what economic policies is, the idea that this country does best. >> reporter: promises of a higher wage among others. republicans say that's not going to happen. >> let's create jobs not pay for more government spending. >> reporter: the people we talked to in new york are focussed on the disagreements, and don't expect anything here
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to become reality for them. >> i think the idea is he has two years left. let's propose these things motivate the campaign. >> we are in a moment of hyper partisanship and gridlock. >> the president got both parties to voice their approval on the issue of terrorism. >> we stand united with people around the world targeted by terrorists. from a school in pakistan to the streets of paris. >> he asked for pakistan to give him authorisation to fight, a fight they would win. he targeted diplomatic outlooks to cuba. from foreign policy to domestic solutions. even though there's talk of the two sides working together. there's a lot where they need to get on the same page the u.s. is set to hold a
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first high-level diplomatic talk since 1961. that's when the president john f kennedy was in the white house. our correspondent spoke to some cubans to find out how they are feeling about the warming of relations. >> reporter: this is the capital building in havana modelled after the u.s. capital in washington d.c. we came to talk to regular cubans from regular backgrounds about what they hope to get out of this new relationship between their country and the u.s. a grammy award-winning musician splitting him time between his homeland and new york. >> i would thereof see a change in which -- would love to see a change in which people can travel without restriction, and see what united states is about, and americans come here and he
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what cuba is about. >> it's like two neighbours. they have not seen each other for many years. and they look from the window saying "maybe they are doing this", but they don't know. in paris, this man was proud of his 1956 chevrolet taking tourists around the city. >> translation: my expectations are ambitious. this agreement is good for us. in the united states there are more than 35 or 50 million tourists that want to come to cuba and spend their money. this is a huge benefit. the second they are in havana i can take them around the city and show them what to offer. for me this, is money. i don't care if i have to pay more taxes, i will have work. it helps everyone. >> reporter: then there's a 29-year-old stunt and blogger. -- student and blogger. >> i don't fear change i fear
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things not changing. i'm not worried about that. i'm worried that doesn't happen. we have to impress the things that are changing and live responsibly, because so nangs are going to change. -- so many things are going to change. how do you change a country, improve things that you need to improve, in cuba that lots of people know. how you do all that preserving things like the health in cuba education, like public safety. >> of course no one here in cuba can predict what kind of economic or diplomatic change will come to the filed nation. everyone agrees that this is a country entering a new era, after living with them for more than 50 years in isolation. al jazeera america demands the release of our three colleagues who imprisoned in
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egypt for 395 days. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were falsely accused of helping outlawed muslim brotherhood. charges denied. an appeals court in cairo ordered a retrial. >> still to come on the programme, after years in limbo where afghani refugees in pakistan are threatened with deportation. and the economic slowdown - business leaders gather in the swift resort of davos. >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology
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meets humanity. saturday at 7:30 eastern. only on al
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hello again. the top stories on al jazeera.
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at least nine people have been stabbed on a bus in the is railingy city of tel aviv. the alleged attacker is a 23-year-old palestinian, shot and apprehended by police. the leader of houthi rebels in yemen says the president must implement political and security reforms, seen as an ultimatum with houthi fighters surrounding president hadi's residence. president obama has taken credit for the improving u.s. economy, and also asked the congress to give him expanded powers to go after i.s.i.l. >> four officials in china have been sacked over a stampede during celebrations in shanghai. the police chief and deputy police are among those losing their jobs. the crush happened in chennai
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square where a huge crowd gathered for the counselled down. adrian brown joins us to tell us about the decision to sack officials, and what you know about the investigation. >> well of course it has to be said this is a famous waterfront that is to shanghai what times square is to new york. on what should we one of the happiest evenings of all, we have a terrible tragedy. 36 people were trampled to death. 49 were injured, among them a 12-year-old child. in the hours after this president xi jinping ordered an investigation, and in three weeks we have the results of that inquiry. the investigators recommended the sacking of four officials.
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now, the focus of the investigation has been whether the police gave adequate notification to the public about the fact that a light show held on the bund that evening would be cancelled. normally the light show is a feature of the celebrations. the question will be whether people will be given adequate notification. the report says that those found guilty were given insufficient resources, poor site management and congestion at the scene. some of the officials that have been disciplined, punished were at the time of the stampede attending a lavish banquet at a japanese restaurant not far from the bund, paid for with government funds, in violation of party rules, and coming at a time when president xi jinping is on this anticorruption crusade, and shanghai china's commercial center in his
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cross-hairs. >> have the results of this investigation brought relief to the families of the victims? >> well, i'm not sure because there has been no mention of criminal charges. some of those who have been waiting in hotels for three months while the investigation goes on will not be overly satisfied with the results of the investigation. there'll be some family members feeling that the officials are not receiving adequate punishment or discipline. they simply lost their jobs where is 36 lost their lives. >> thank you. adrian brown reporting from beijing boko haram is claiming the attack displacing thousands. people were shot as they fled
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baga. the armed leader threatens more attacks in niger, chad and cameroon there has been violent protests in democratic republic of congo over a delay to elections. at least nine were killed in running battles with police. malcolm webb reports from kin chassa crowds of angry people on the capital seem undeterred by a crackdown. they demonstrate against plans for a sensis that could delay elections by up to four years. they think it's an spamentattempt by the president to extend his rule beyond two terms. they met protesters carrying a body. they shout that she was shot by a police officer.
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our camera man was hit on the leg by a rock. the crowd was angry, they want the media here. >> translation: the consensus will take three years. we don't want the president to rule after 2016. >> it is to the advantage of the president personally. he's not doing it for the population. that's why we want to change the constitution. >> some took advantage of the vasion. chinese traders will see a scapegoat and stores targeted. others are trying to earn a living. this market was open for business in spite of the unrest. >> people on this street told us that the owner of the car worked for the judishly. saying that protesters got the best of police much the car's owner tried to pleat with people. but he was chased away. >> we net the leader of the youth association.
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he said the opposition are provoking violence and should let him finish the second terms. >> we asked the opposition to leave kabila alone. to bring our country that way we promise. the company must come and we must be good our country must be clean. >> congo's economy has grown under kabila's rule after decades of stagnation. for many change is not coming fast enough. practice testers wrote on the road that they rejected him. many have lost trust in all the politicians. malcolm webb al jazeera - kin chassa. >> heavy rain caused flooding in bolivia. a hardest hit area was the city of aururu where residents tried
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to protect their houses. 15 least are dead and thousands of acres of crops damaged. >> a ferry capsized near the east. survivors waited to be waiting on the shores. >> two spanish citizens and children are among the missing. >> the pakistan government be gun to round up illegal afghan citizens, and it could affect up to a million upregistered refugees and 1.5 million who are registered. we have more from peshawar. >> this is how the majority of afghan refugees live in pakistan. dirty mud houses without amenities. water contaminated by sewerage to wash their clothes. most are jobless. they can hardly feed their children. there are at least 1.5 million
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registered by the u.n. and an estimated 1 million who have not registered. the government in pakistan will force the unregistered to lead. >> search and combing operations are already underway in and outside islamabad, against afghan immigrants. stom orders have been -- some orders have been issued to all provinces to under take action. they can't be helped until they are given illegal status. things have grown worse for them since last month's attack in peshawar that killed 140 children. pakistan suspect some might by a security threat. >> we understand there's a climate change of senatory at the moment. we have -- climate of uncertainty at the moment. we have to remember that not a single refugee was involved in the attack on the school.
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refugees are victims. they fled war and terror. >> pakistan set november 2015 as a deadline. until then they may be denied the freedom to leave camps, meaning they can no longer do business or shop in places like this. >> these people have become a burden to be removed. refugees consider that after more than three decades of a stay here they are a vital factor for the country. >> afghan refugees own or run nearly a third of all small businesses in peshawar. this man lived here for 35 years, and grandchildren were born or raised here leaving is not an option. >> translation: we do not recognise the borders, and after living here for decades, it will not be easy to leave.
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>> these refugees have no safety or hope if they return home. any amount of misery is better than what awaits them in afghanistan ukraine's foreign minister says that he expects real sults from a peace meeting due to start on wednesday in kazakhstan. the summit involving russia ukraine, germany and france must lead to a de-escalation of a conflict in the east. dozens have been killed or wounded as fighting escalates in eastern donetsk or luhansk. >> translation: the meeting must bring results leading to the result of the situation and establishment of steps, and we'll determine the time frame of a meeting. >> along the way the role into iraq war will not be published until after an election in may. the probe was announced in 2009
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to vet the justification and the duct of the war. the inquiry was expected to be released in 2010. it has been slowed by an agreement in communications. between former prime minister tony blair and bush the mayor of paris says she'll sue fox news after it branded some areas of the french capital no-go zones for non-muslims. she tweeted that paris's image had been insulted. a fox anchor made the comments after a series of attacks in the capital. slander is a criminal offense in france. so fax will either have to -- fox news will either have to settle or fight in court. fox apologised for its mistake 40 heads of state and
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business elite are gathering in davos for the world economic forum. this year's meeting is set against the back drop of security issued. falling oil prices and fears that global growth is facing a long-term decline. >> davos switzerland. a lot of headlines will be generated here as the annual gathering of presidents prime ministers, politicians and global business leaders gets under way. in the last few years the world economic forum grabbled with the financial crisis global economic slowdown and the potential of emerging markets, brick nations to drive growth and prosperity. why do so many of the world's influential people come to davos every year? here is the world economic forum roadmap. it has something for everyone from policy wongs to techno gigs. it's an opportunity to come
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together to change ideas and look at solving some of the world's problems. it's a great place to network, and given there's a chance to get out on the slopes you can see why it's attractive. does the talk and headlines achieve anything or is it hot air. >> the interesting stuff doesn't happen in the public forums but in the hallways. we had the world leaders talking in the '90s, of the turks in the greeks getting together trying to de-escalate things. a lot of changes have had impacts. >> but don't expect big declarations. the g20 this is not. there are those that argue that this talking shop has had its day. >> the idea behind the world economic forum is bankrupt is dead, and irrelevant. and that the west is irrelevant. >> why in. >> the west is based on the idea
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that the wealth can make the world right. that corporations can decide to do the right thing, and improve the world. and we have seen again and again that that is falls. >> the worst of the financial crisis may be behind us. as the i.m.f. downgrades its forecast the debate will be new challenges falling oil, deflation, violence and extremism. the question remains, will the earnest and well-meaning talks in davos result in policies affecting you and i for the better - or is it just talks there has been protests in the kathmandu as the opposition calls for a new constitution. scuffles mirrored what happened inside parliament on tuesday. at the time lawmakers jumped off
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their seats and threw chairs and microphones, and three security marshalls were injured. an alliances called for a strike. more on that story and the other day's top stories on al jazeera. >> its been six years since the financial crash that sent the global economy into a tailspin. devastating the us housing market. predatory lending and a poorly regulated financial system were at the root of the crisis. but now, housing sales in some parts of the country have picked up. >> it really started in 2010 2011 in the wake of the housing bust and the foreclosure crisis that ensued. >> there were markets that were totally devastated. >> you had an unbelievable number of foreclosed homes. >> at foreclosure auctions like this one in georgia,


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