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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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rguson: race and justice in the u.s. one hour special only on al jazeera america >> at least 13 people are injured in a stabbing on a bus in tel aviv. israeli police call it a terror attack. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead - houthi leaders issue an ultimatum to the government in yemen after seizing the president palace. >> that's what middle class economics is - the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot. >> a defiant obama stets out an
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equal state in the state of union address. >> nine killed causing possibly a delay to elections in israel at least 13 people have been injured in a knife attack on a bus in central tel aviv. the alleged attacker is a 23-year-old palestinian shot and apprehended by police. we are joined from west jerusalem to talk about what happened in tel aviv. >> well what we know is it that this attack happened at 7:15am, local time in tel aviv. the attacker boarded the company bus line number 40 on bagan road in tel aviv. what he did first is he stopped the 55-year-old bus driver who
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is in serious condition, who is inside the bus, and then stabbed other passengers. he fled the scene and was caught and apprehended 400m away from where this happened. he was shot in the leg, injured and not killed. according to the police he is being interrogated now. we understand of the 13, four are in serious condition. three were moderately wounded and six lightly wounded. we heard from the israeli internal security minister who said that this man from the occupied west bank was inside israel without a work visa. the last time such an attack a stabbing attack happened in tel aviv was last know a few months ago, when an israeli soldier was killed whilst struggling with an attacker that stabbed him to gath. death -- to death. >> what do we know about the background of this man, and what circumstances could have led him
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to carry out such an attack. >> we understand right now the authorities are not disclosing his name. as you said all we know is he's 23 years old, a male. we don't have his name and that the security minister said he was inside israel without a work visa. a lot of palestinians obtain a visa to work in israel or enter israel for treatment or other purposes. this man infiltrated into his role without the required permit. as you know in the past few months there has been many attacks seen across israel in tel aviv jerusalem and the west bank especially in areas where there is friction between israeli living in jewish settlements. we have heard a lot about the stabbing attacks. they have raised tensions. now the attack is significant, because i mentioned the last
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time this happened in tel aviv was a few months ago in november. >> that report from west jerusalem the leader of the houthi rebels in yemen has given president hadi an ultimatum to stay in power. president hadi is holed up in his residents with houthi fighters surrounding the compound. houthi fighters seized the palace a short distance from hadi hadi's residence, and are in control of the state broadcaster. the head of the houthis accused hadi's government of being ineffective. our country is suffering at the domestic level. many forces and blocs are not living up to the degree or level of challenges. they are not addressing them responsibility.
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>> u.s. president obama struck a tone in the state of union address setting out a vision for a more equal america, but with a republican-controlled congress the president may struggle to deliver his promises. our white our correspondent patty culhane has more. >> the president of the united states. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: u.s. president obama used his speech to the nation where he and republicans in charge disagree the most. it was platantly gear with this exchange. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda - i know because i won both of them. >> republicans cheering his final two years in office. but for his part the president spent the vast majority of time on domestic issues. the main area of disagreement for the first time putting a new name on the economic policies.
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>> the idea that this company does best when everyone gets their fair shot. promises of free college, paid sick leave, higher minimum wage. that is not going to happen. >> let's iron out loopholes to lower rates and create jobs not pat for more government spending. >> the people focused on the disagreements say they don't expect anything here would be a reality for them. the why the is they have two years left. let's propose these things motivate the 2016 campaign. >> we are in partisanship and deadlock. >> the president got both parties to voice their approval on terrorism. >> we are unit by people around the world. he asked for congress to give
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them authorisation to fight the islamic state of iraq and levant. they chartered that economic out look to kooub yes and promised sanctions on iran. >> from foreign poll sits the speech made one thing clear. even though there's talk there's few issues about the state being on the same page kurdish peshmerga are forces in northern iraq were launching on an offensive against i.s.i.l. those no control of the mosul dam are trying to push from there across a front line to the stronghold of tal afar. zeina khodr is near there where the offensive and getting underway. tell us what you are saying. >> there is a major military operation in the north-west
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corner of iraq. like you mentioned, peshmerga forces. hundreds of them have been deployed along the front lines. they have been pushed south from the mosul dam. i can tell you right now the islamic state of iraq and levant is fighting back. they are putting up fierce resistance. they've been lobbying mortars. this military operation is being carried out jointly with the u.s.-led coalition since the early hours of the morning. we have seen the planes in the skies. they have been dropping bombs, targetting i.s.i.l. positions. what we understand from commanders on the ground they are not divulging much details, because it is a sensitive military operation, but the aim is to take strategic territory that will cut vital supply
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lines. i.s.i.l. supply lines, they will no longer be able to bring in supplies from the strongholds in syria, to the area of mosul. this is the aim. so far we haven't been able to achieve it. in the early hours of the morning, there was no resistance, but now i.s.i.l. is putting up a fight. >> this particular area zeina khodr, especially around the i.s.i.l. dam - tell us about the strategic importance of teleafar itself and that front line? >> what we understand is there's no intention to push into talafa. it is an i.s.i.l. strong hold. remember it is a heavily populated area. kurdish peshmerga forces
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entering will not be seen by the local population. what the peshmerga population is trying to do is take strategic territory, plans, villages with the help of u.s. air strikes. they have taken the vital installations, but are not living in urban densely populated areas. as you know the ethnic and sectarian sensitivities in this country. as they move forward, what they are trying to do is prevent i.s.i.l. bringing in supply from syria. we know i.s.i.l. controls territory in syria and identical. if they are not able to stop supplies entering mosul. that'll be a problem. >> thank you zeina khodr reporting nearby the mosul damn in iraq ukraine's foreign minister
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spects real result from a peace meeting due to take place in kazakhstan. the summit involving russia ukraine, germany and france. dozens have been killed as fighting escalated. . >> translation: the meeting must bring results relating to the escalation. the established of steps, and will determine the tame frame for a meeting russia is denying accusations from kiev that it is responsible for the upsurge in violence. the foreign minister sergey lavrov is speaking. russia will do ever it can to resolve the crisis in ukraine, he says. peter sharp, in moscow is monitoring what sergey lavrov has to say, peter. >> yes, no surprises that the
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second flict in ukraine is top of the briefing. he'll leave in a few hours time for talks with the so-called norm andy people. that will be the foreign ministers of russia france germany and the ukraine, which i understand is being held in berlin. basically he said we are looking for a peaceful solution. you must remember the fighting increased markedly over the last few days with a major offensive by the ukranian army on the rebel separatist in the eastern ukraine, and that prompted a dire warning from the foreign ministry in moscow which said it would cause grave - grave consequences and have irreversible consequences on kiev if this wept ahead. since then we have seen a stepping up especially of the heavy artillery attacks on
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civilian areas, the o.s.c.e. in vienna condemned the attacks taking place over the last 36 hours. the clock is running on this. russia is saying we do want a peaceful solution. the ukraine people must decide what they want. for their future. he inside a reaction to president obama's speech he said that it is not in any way good to keep punishing russia. sanctions will not work and we are always ready for reasonable negotiations. that will be the message he'll take to the meeting, of the foreign ministers. >> anything new or different put forward at the meeting in
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berlin. >> you remember they signed the membership of course accord loft september -- last september, calling on all sides to pull troops out of the country. russia denied they were there in the first place. there were days when there was no fighting. gradually the fighting has got a lot worse. if the foreign ministers can get together, and ukraine is talking it up. it could lead to a meeting of leaders that could bring about some sort of renewed peace deal. you can forget about minsk, it is not happening any more. peter sharp reporting from moscow. >> still to come on al jazeera. venezuela's economy faces a rough road ahead as the president prepares to deliver a key policy speech. plus... >> i'm wayne hay reporting from a world busking ceremony where
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artists are searching for weird and wonderful way said to entertain the crowds. many people that have perished. >> lost lives are relived. >> all of these people shouldn't be dead. >> will there differences bring them together or tear them apart? >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves. >> which side of the fence are you on? borderland, sunday at 9 eastern, only on al jazeera
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so many money stories sound complicated. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down the confusing financial speak and make it real. top stories on al jazeera - at least 13 people have been stabbed on a bus in the israeli city of tel aviv. the attacker was allegedly a 22-year-old shot by police. an agenda area for the remaining two years of his presidency
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kurdish peshmerga forces in northern iraq are launching a major offensive against i.s.i.l. - trying to push from the mosul dam across the frontline to the i.s.i.l. spronk healed of tal afar. if they do that they will cut off a major supply line japan's prime minister says he will not bow to the state fighters threatening to kill two nationals. shinzo abe has cut short a visit to deal with this. now that shinzo abe is home what will he be doing? >> he will get an update from the government which is entirely foengs the on the situation. it's the main -- focussed on the situation. it's the main news in japan, we had a news conference from the chief cabinet secretary, essentially the spokesman for
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the japanese government. and he made it clear they were trying to do all it could to go through any international channel of communication with i.s.i.s. with i.s.i.l. to get this out safely. he said that it was important that i.s.i.l. understood that the $200 million which the man in the video referred to brandishing the knife with the same appearance and voice as the man who is known as jihadion which we've seen in the videos for the past fewer months. he was making it clear, that the japanese money was going towards nonmilitary aid to those battling i.s.i.l. that money, the $200 million is what the man in the video is demanding in ransom for the two men. during the news conference the chief cabinet secretary was asked whether a ransom was being
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considered. he would not give a full answer to that. it has to be unlikely that japan would break ranks from britain and the united states to paying organizations to i.s.i.l. at a time when japan is trying to promote itself as a muscular power. everyone who knows the men are watching knowing that the deadline is 46 hours away. and it shows no compunctuation in going through the threats boko haram is claiming responsibility for the attack in the nearby town of baga that killed hundreds. large towns were burnt, displacing thousands. people were shot as they fled. the armed group threatened more attacks in niger, chad and cameroon there has been violent protests in the democratic
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republic of congo over a possible delay to elections. nine were killed in running battles with press. malcolm webb reports. >> reporter: crowds of angry people demonstrated on the streets, demonstrating against a sen sis that could delay elections by up to four years. they think it's an attempt by president joseph kabila to extend his rule beyond two terms. down the road we met protesters carrying a body. they shout that she was shot by a police officer. then our camera man was hit by a rock. the crowd was angry, wanting the media to hear their message. >> translation: the moderation to the law is not a good thing. it will take three years.
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we don't want to president ruling after 2016. >> reporter: it is to the advantage of the president personally. he's not doing it for the interests of the population. that's why there has been an attempt to change the constitution. in some circumstances people took advantage. others keep trying to earn a living. this market was a business. the owner worked for the judiciary. protesters got the better of police, and soldiers were kept in. they tried to plead with people to calm down. people identified him as a government worker and they burnt his car. >> we met the leader of the youth association. they say that he should be allowed to finish their second term. >> we ask the opposition to
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leave kabila to bring our country, the way it promised us. investment people have to come to congo. our country must be good and clean. >> congo's economy has grown under kabila's rule but there has been decades of corruption. protesters wrote on the road that they rejected cam illa and instead want the football coach to have been in charge. malcolm webb kinshasa democratic republic of congo heavy rain has caused flooding in manila that's where the president tried to protect their houses. 15 have been feared dead and thousands acres of crops had been damaged. the annual state of nation
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address should have happened last week but it was postponed because he was out of the country negotiating oil prices. madura's satisfaction rating is at an all-time low due to food shortages and economic stability. we have this report from caracas. >> never-ending cues for essentials. foreign currency restrictions shortages of imports. to top it off, the nation's income cut by half because of the oil. vens rah has struggled to stay afloat ahead of a perfect storm. most car park shops are closed because of uncertainty about the exchange rate. in a country that imports everything it consumes it's in this context that venezuelans distribute spare parts for cars
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are awaiting president nicolas maduro's state of the union speech. >> he needs to speak to us clearly. if the economy will be reactivated under the current rules. it will be impossible to work ear. >> the president is back from the tour. he failed to convince fellow o.p.e.c. members to raise the price of oil. he came home with fresh oxygen in the form of lows from china and russia. >> translation: if the president needs to bring oxygen from abroad what happens when the tank runs ou. we need to resolve the course of the problem. in change for what? >> reporter: with his popularity dropping as fast as the price of oil, the president is anxious to convince his countryman that he
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can avert an economic slide for which he takes no slide. >> translation: chavez's objective is to destroy me. the campaign is directed at doing away with me. >> reporter: the government knows that shortages are unsustainable, but the medicine to make the lines go away is hard to swallow, and comes with a high political price tag. the question is how much of a price is the president willing to pay now? >> it's a fine balancing act, certainly. venezuelans make it clear. they cannot afford to make solutions. four officials in china have been sacked over a stampede in new year's celebrations in chang high. the police chief and deputy police chief are among those losing their job. the crush happened in chennai
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square where a huge crowd gathered for a countdown. >> the mayor of paris said she'll sue fox new, after branding some areas as a no-go zone. the image was insulted by the u.s. network coverage. the fox anchor made the comments. fox has apologised for its mistakes. >> street performers have been gathering in new zealand for the annual world busker is fete val. it's the first time that performers returned to christ church's arts center. wayne hayes with this report on the wakey and wonderful. >> they come in many forms, you can call them buskers. street performers. >> ladies and gentlemen, that there, is it.
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>> reporter: fridge artists. >> very circusy stunts more fortunate and glorified, or you can call them a little different. artists like australian contortionist ruby rubalex know where they are at their best on the streets where there's nowhere to hide. >> people say i'm a street performers, i'm more fraud to be a street performer. stage stuff is easy compared to this. >> the colour of the world busker's fete valve held in a park is in stark contrast. the main venue, cathedral square in the heart of the city. this year the festival has taken a small step back towards its home with a stage set up outside the arts center which
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is still being restored. the local performer, mullet man, it's good to be back on the streets. >> back in the day they would have been humming with tourists and locals. the art center was a place people would meet drink coffee eat food and watch shows. >> the festival has been running for 22 years and is one of the most respected, attracting all manner of acts. >> it's good for me good for you, the best show in town. >> reporter: people have been performing on the streets for centuries. they were musicians, dancer or mime artists, there's also been the element of the bazar. that is apparently alive and well. >> inside the circus tent people come to see the unexpected. on this occasion the main attraction was rubberband boy, who claimed a world record for putting the most rubber bands on his face in one minute.
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>> if you have a camera take a photo. otherwise you'll try to explain it and just look like an idiot. much more on that story and the other day's stop stories at >> the first stop for many child migrants to the united states is this border patrol facility in mcallen, texas. >> "good afternoon, welcome to the rio grande valley processing center..." >> it opened this summer in response to an influx of unaccompanied minors from mexico and central america. >> do you think this is an immigration issue or a refugee issue? do you think some of them will be granted political asylum? >> we're not talking about criminals.
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