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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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to find them justice. the conversation continues. you can tweet me @amoratv. we'll see you next time. time. this is al jazeera america. i'm john seigenthaler. ferguson report - darren wilson is not likely to face federal charges in the killing of michael brown. the invitation for israel's leader hour john boehner did an end run around the white house. holiday havana - americans look to cuba as the u.s. eases travel restrictions and texas justice. >> if you do it now, i'll place
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you under arrest. >> citizens taking up arms to keep an eye on police. tonight it looks like there'll be no charges against a ferguson police officer that shot an unarmed black man to death. according to multiple reports the justice department does not have evidence to file civil right arguments against darren wilson. the shooting led to weeks of protests ashar quraishi is live in ferguson with more. >> good evening, it's been two months since a grand jury decided not to file charges against ferguson officer darren wilson in the fatal shooting death of michael brown in ferguson. tonight it looks like the department of justice is close to wrapping up its investigation. toldattorney general eric holder who has been under pressure to wrap up the probe is yet to
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announce a decision in the shooting of michael brown. he said he would have it done before leaving office in the next month or two if his successor is confirmed. the department of justice commenced investigation of darren wilson and others shortly after the shooting of michael brown. it set off violent protests and a racial storm. it intensified after a missouri grand jury decided not to charge darren wilson in the shooting. within wednesday jay nixon addressed the fall out in a speech. >> the legacy of ferguson will be determined by what we do n. to foster healing and hope. and changes we make to strengthen all of our communities. >> event in ferguson set the stage for a national debate about race and policing in the united states. that debate was compounded after
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a staten island grand jury failed to indict a police officer in the choking healed death of eric garner. the president touched on it in the state of union address. >> we may have different takes on the event of ferguson and new york. but surely we can understand a father who fears his son can't walk home without being harassed. surely we can understand the wife who won't rest until the police officer she married walks through the front door at the end of a shift. >> the rubble behind me is one of damaged villages left behind. that was another thing that governor nixon referenced. he said there was money, funding to rejuf nate the area. >> thank you very much. attorney-generally and legal analyst areva martin is in los angeles. what was the justice department looking for in the
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investigation. looking to see if there's evidence to prosecute police officers and other officials for violating someone's civil rights. that was the investigation that tolder talked about when he went to ferguson and conducting an independent and thorough investigation of whether there was civil rights violations. >> what are they looking for when they do the investigation. >> they are looking to see if the officer fired shots, knowing that he was using excessive force. the question becomes with each shot fired by dills son, did he know -- darren wilson did he know it was necessary. we know that darren wilson was claiming self-defence. there was a struggle in the
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vehicle. that michael brown turned around, started to charge him, and he had to fire his weapon to prevent brown from charging him. that's the testimony. the investigation was looking to see if there was credible evidence that the officer believed he was in imminent harm such that he had to fire each and every shot. >> in some ways don't you have to get inside the head of the police officer in order to make that determination? >> not necessarily. what you have to do is evaluate the evidence look at the testimony from the eyewitnesss, from the evidence from the eyewitness and it's trying to retell the story, so you look at the credibility of the witnesses. we know when the first witness came forward, everywhere talked about brown's hands being um. we later heard that the witnesses weren't credible. stories were not consistent and
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that there were witnesses that came forward, african-americans, who supported the testimony of darren wilson who said that brown was, indeed charging the officer. it looked at all the evidence, the testimony, frerpsic evidence and trying to determine -- forensic evidence and trying to determine if the high standard can be met. federal prosecution is intentional denial of civil rights with willfulness. it's intentionality. where you have everything from premeditated murder to involuntary manslaughter, which is negligence. >> you talk about all things legal. but does this support the prosecutor in the case that decided not to indict a police officer. >> well you know from many they see this as vicinity sayings. i have been following -- vindication.
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i've been following this on social media. what i hear from a lot of people is that this does vipped kate the count -- vindicate the county prosecutor much for others it's disappointing end to what has been an outcry for parity and equity. holder went to ferguson to the st. louis community and talked about how independent did rigorous the investigation would be and i think he raised the expectations of the community that a prosecution would occur. i know as a resident of the community that that was the inspection in the home. areva martin great to see you. thank you very much. >> thanks john. >> newly released video shows how a traffic stop in new jersey ended with a passenger shot and killed by press.
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>> the video was taken from a police car dashboard camera. showing jeremy reid stepping out of the car with hands up. within seconds, police opened fire. one of the officers said he saw a gun, and a weapon was recovered. both officers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. president obama arrived in kansas. his latest stop on a tour to promote his economic plan one laid out at the state unfortunate union. turning those proposals into reality may be a tough taftenght taftenght -- tough tausk. >> reporter: president obama on the road. many dismiss it his agenda as a pipe dream. >> for six years we rebuild the economy on a new foundation. thanks to your hard work and resilience, america is coming back. >> president obama seemed
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self-assured and defiant as he talked about turning the pages on bad economy. >> we too, have made it through hard times. >> his plan has been dubbed the robin hood approach a host of proposals to redistribute wealth by upping taxes on the rich and cutting them to the poor and middle classed. he coined a new phrase. >> that's what middle class economics is. the idea this everyone does best when everyone gets a fair shot. everywhere does their fair share, everywhere plays by the same set of rules. [ clapping ] >>. >> we just don't want everyone to share in america's success, we want everywhere to contribute to our success. >> it's music to the ears of many on the left but a challenge to republicans who are not likely to go along. what's the point? as our al jazeera america university poll suggests most americans feel little to no
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benefit from a growing economy. the president is trying to get ahead of the debate on how to break the cycle of stagnant wages and is lighting a fire under a disaffected base. it will need their supporters. the optimism extends to foreign policy. where writing a rosy picture, the president ignores hot spots and armed troops posing a threat. >> in the 2013 speech president obama spoke about fighting terrorism. this year with both countries spiralling towards chaos, nothing. nor did he kauk about boko haram, the -- talk about boko haram, the group that killed thousands. and failed to mention yemen based al qaeda in the arab peninsula. >> we stand united by people
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around the world targeted by terrorists and despite working together during the state of union speech americans believe there's gridlock in washington. the poll the one that michael mentioned asked about the causes. half said a lack of compromise was a bigger problem than lawmakers that would not stand up for their principles. the political divide between the white house and congress was apparent. house speaker invited binyamin netanyahu to capitol hill without asking the administration first. libby casey reports. >> israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu addressed congress twice before including once four years ago when john boehner was speaker. it's the way the invitation was extended that caught washington offguard. it was intended to send a
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message. >> house speaker john boehner is taking foreign policy into his own hand. a day after the state of union. inviting binyamin netanyahu to visit congress bypassing the white house. >> i don't believe i'm poking anyone in the eye. >> the spoker framing it as a rebuke of president obama's nuclear negotiations with iran. >> there's a serious threat that exists in the world. the president papered over it. >> republicans eager to impose sanctions on train if negotiations stalled, warning of a nuclear iran. >> with regards to the time line it's impressive. another five years, maybe we'll build the bomb for them. >> republicans say on the home front there's help for bipartisan agreement on issues like tax reform.
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>> if the president is willing to put the veto press away. and a design for talking points aside. we can cooperate to get smart things done for the people we rep. >> the republican-controlled congress is ploughing ahead. a keystone bill working through the senate already passed in the house. >> we'll continue to reach across. i don't mind leaving the table with half a loaf of bread. it will not be his way or no way. >> some are ignoring the president. setting their sites on 2016. >> we'll lay out the agenda for the debate for the next president of the united states. >> and it will be determined by the next election not this one. >> there's an agreement in washington that the middle class needs help. republicans are dismissing president obama's ideas as tax
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and spend. saying that keystone is a way to create jobs. don't expect to see cooperation from washington on this issue any time soon. >> thank you. more on the political implications of binyamin netanyahu's invitation to d.c. later in the hour. >> the officer in charge of guantanamo bay was relieved of duty. captain john nettle tonne is under investigation, focussing under an affair he had with a woman whose husband was towned dead. -- was ground dead. he was commander of a naval station, nothing to do with guantanamo bay and has been reassigned to a base in jacksonville florida immigration was the big topic in high-level talks between cuba and the united states in decades. both sides working towards normalizing negotiations. the president obama
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administration saying it's easier to travel. >> reporter: for the last half centuries scenes like these have been off limits. a u.s. embargo in the 1960s cut off trade and tourism, helping to keep cuba frozen in time. times are changing. the new policy is not lifting the ban. it's making the island more accessible to americans than it's been in decades. so we decided to head to cuba to get a first-hand look at the island since president obama pledged to normalize relations with its cold war foe. >> it's a flight. wheels up and down and you are there. more and more people are heading there. we spoke to officials who said their numbers are way up. and you get a sense of a forbidden island that is off
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limits to many people that it's starting to open up. >> last year about 100,000 u.s. citizens travelled to cuba not to mention the 300,000 cuban americans visiting family and friends. tourism is expected to double as a result of the new policy. u.s. tourism is illegal, there's 12 categories of acceptance ranging from religious groups travel or attending a conference. >> americans no longer have to ask permission to travel here. they have to find out if they fit in one of the 12 categories and it's based on self reporting. the real whech is not whether americans -- real question is not whether minister are ready to nov move to cuba but if they'll accept them. >> we bring our own title paper,
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nice and soft. and with just 35,000. stakes are limited. >> u.s. will use credit cards. cuba largely remains a cash only economy. >> i think it will be a while, it will be ready for american tourists in volume. >> more trade with the world's largest economy. it is hopeful that the u.s. policy is just the beginning. >> i tell you, man, i tell you. no embargo. americans be welcome here. [ ♪♪ ] >> havana will have their hands
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full. >> one of these 12 categories how do you make it be it journalist and education. you can't go to and check flights. people are specialised in terms of dealing with this. the cuban government issues the visas, that doesn't change anything because the united states opened the door. this process is going to take time. today in havana we are at historic talks. this is the beginning of 2-day talks in which migration is on the table. remittance travel tourism, flying in the face of a policy we have seen over several decades, which the two old cold war foes are coming together to act more neighbourly. >> thank you. >> diplomats from russia and ukraine agreed to pull back heavy weapons from war-torn eastern ukraine. under the agreements they'd retreat to establish safety
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zones. there was no agreement to withdraw the troops. 48,000 have been killed. vladimir putin has been fodder for late-night comedians. this time it was hillary clinton who poked fun at him. her impression of the russian president drew laughs during an interview she gave in canada. >> if for some reason you decided to be leader of the united states or actually run for that there is a process. >> yes, there is a process. >> and you were elected and people said you know what. >> you imagine the conversation with putin, he was prime minister after president, and "vladimir do you think you'd like to be president again?", "i think i would." "why don't we announce it we'll dell dmitri medvedev he can be prime minister." yes, we have a process. >> hillary clinton was speaking at a lumpon event in canada. she is expected to make a run
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for the presidency in 2016. this hour. the president's plan to fight cyber crimes. why security experts have concerns. >> a deal in yemen to end a standoff between president and houthi rebels. what it means for the u.s. fight against al qaeda. initial initial initial
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in israel today 13 were injured in a stabbing attack. the suspect is a 23-year-old palestinian man, and he allegedly went after the drivers and passengers on the bus. he was shot in the leg before being placed under arrest. >> houthi rebels control the presidential palace and most of the capital for the past 24 hours. yemen appears to be on the brink of a coup.
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a new deal today - the houthis will return control to the government. both sides plan to amend the constitution together and the houthis will be given more access to government jobs and positions within the military. >> al jazeera obtained a leaked phone conversation and it suggests former yemeni president has been working with the houthi rebels for months. he had been ousted during the arab spring. the phone call is said to have happened in october. the ousted president has been calling the shots said a former advisor. the houthis increased their influence across yemen since he
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stepped down samar is a yemeni analyst, and she joins us from washington d.c. welcome. >> hello. how are you? >> i'm good. what is the significance of this agreement. >> this agreement means that they stop shooting each other, which is important. for the yemeni people? sanaa to relax and calm down. >> i think the concern on the part of the united states has been that this is a situation out of control, and because of al qaeda's base there, the risk and threat is something that the united states is concerned about. does this have impact on that. >> what you would assume is a deal like this would create stability. i'm skeptical based on the behaviour of the houthis hen they took control of sanaa in september 2014. it seems that they are creeping
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into the capital. they make demands sign treaties, and when they are not happy, they create chaos over again. >> what does that mean for al qaeda? >> al qaeda right now is the enemy of the houthis. they are fighting them. >> on the sunni spectrum and the houthi movement is on the shia side. idea logically speaking they are enemies. >> what should the u.s. do? >> they are showing support for the president. they should acknowledge the situation on the ground and try to come up with a new solution. in the past it supported the dialogue which took place after the revolution in 2011, and
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everything was left to the hands of the u.n. which sponsored or supervised the dialogue conference, and sanctions committees and spoilers were created. the former president, by freezing his assets and stopping him travelling outside of yemen, which is not successful. clearly as we see today, former president sala is playing politics. the americans need to engage in dialogue with everyone in yemen. >> why do you thick yeg think yemen is important to the united states. >> if we look at the information that you just presented. the attacks were related.
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the divided congress between the republicans and democrats. whatever policies thi adopt have -- they adopt have reflection on yemen. whomever wins the fight is going to greatly influence the war on saudi arabia. yemen is in an important geographical location. >> good to have you on the programme. >> thank you for having me. >> next a battle between president obama and the republican led congress. this time over an invitation to republican prime minister binyamin netanyahu. >> plus taking up arms in order to monitor the police. why these activists are carrying ak-47s and video cameras.
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oo eye this is al jazeera america, i'm john seigenthaler. coming up, an international request is causing a rift
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between president and congress. and the president's way to fight cyber crime, how hackers could benefit. and a $10 million murder trial - why it's costing taxpayers so much funny. one day after the state of union address. john boehner invited israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu to speak before congress. but the president didn't know anything about it. the white house responded by saying that the protocol would suggest the leader of the country would contact the leader of another country when he's trailing there. this event seems to be a departure from that program. republican strategists is in the studio. welcome. how big a deal is this? >> i don't think it's a big deal.
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when you look at the bigger picture you an elections coming up. you had the president on a friday say to the house don't do sanctions against iran. the house had to do something. >> there are a lot of opponents of binyamin netanyahu who will not thing it's a greated in to get the invitation. >> which is why john kerry and the president were not going to invite him over. what do republicans want the president to do. the problem they have with the president is historically he's been a failure in the arena. >> he is negotiating with iran. they don't want him to negotiate. what do they want.
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>> they don't want him to negotiate, as far as nuclear sanctions in iran. who better to talk about that than binyamin netanyahu. how will sanctions stop the iranians from building a nuclear weapon. >> when you put the sanctions iran. they have to capitulate and give in. >> they have sanctions. >> they continue to have them. they keep continuing with their programme. >> they haven't succeeded. >> israel says it's around the corner. the failure here... >> you believe sanctions will be a step in the right direction much. >> if you don't trust them. how do you trust them.
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>> i want to throw this at you, reported by the "the washington post", house and republican leaders decided to stop the pain capable abortion act. banning abortion after the 20 week. they were told not to introduce the bill because some members of the house, women especially, were concerned it would hurt the republican chances to broaden an appeal. >> it's a smart point. if you look at bill clinton in "93. one of the first things he put forward was don't ask, don't tell. when you bring your first piece of legislation out as don't ask, don't tell it takes away from it. we have an opportunity to talk about the pipe line which you talked about, and other things
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that helped the economy. if we bring up the abortion... >> bad strategy. >> this is one that americans support, but will get lost in the messaging. late-term abortions is something that america is against. greater than 60%. >> you think that is a good strategy. pull the abortion bill. put it on the backburner. >> yes, get things through the house and the senate that we can agree on that put americans to work. lowering taxes. >> that is an issue. the base is hot to change that right. >> i think they are hot to bring it under control and americans support it. the minute you talk about abortion. and republicans talk about it. the message from the democrats will be everyone is pro choice you are wrong ron -- wrong on this point and the message is lost. >> do you really believe there'll be a deal with the
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republicans and democrats will agree on something. >> they have to. they have to get 60 votes in the senate. there'll be bipartisan ending up on president obama's desk and he'll sign it. >> he doesn't have to sign anything. he said that he had vetoed a couple of things. >> only twice. >> twice he said it last night. he threatened veto and using the pen for executive orders. the president will fight with the house and the senate. no question about it. i guess what i'm saying is since the republicans control the senate and the house, what is the likelihood that the president and congress can come together on any issue that will move things forward for the american people. >> i think the president will have to come forward and work with the house and senate and they'll have to work with him. >> if the president keeps getting bills... >> it takes two. >> three actually. mitch mcconnell, john boehner - mitch mcconnell has to bring
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together democrats to pass it. >> so you honestly have hope there'll be some - there'll be progress. >> yes, absolutely. i believe there'll be progress and the president will learn to play well with others. >> i'll write this down. >> mark the calendar. >> i'll mark the calendar. >> january 21st it's. >> good to see you, we'll talk again in his state of union, president obama announced new proposals on cyber security. his suggestions are pointing to criticism. the president's suggestions will not stop hackers, we have more from washington. >> it was a cold day in april, the clocks struck 13 ... the morning after president obama's state of union address, and a reada tho of george orwell's magazine began, 66 readers will read for a period of 11 hours. inspired by the revelations of
quote quote
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whistleblower edward snowden on the extent of mass surveillance braigss. >> the sales of 1984 had gone up seven-fold after the edward snowden revelations. >> reporter: among event, how to use the internet and evade surveillance. that surveillance may increase as president obama urges congress to act against hacking. >> no foreign nation or hacker should be able to shut down our networks steal our information. >> integration means more personal data will be traded between government agencies and private corporations. cyber security experts and civil liberties personnel say it would be better to focus on data.
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teaching about the dangers of downloading malicious software or a minimum standard of cyber security, particularly for companies that stored data. >> instead of cracking down on companies like sony that, have minimal protection the buildings wants to go on attack with penalties for those breaking the rules. >> the truth is you need companies to harden the network. follow the practices train it and there's into evidence that cyber security can be helped bay panel. >> reporter: it would mean going up against corporate lobbyists. civil liberties groups argues that legislation proposed makes it easier for prosecutors to go after people for signing up for facebook or sharing passwords
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for commercial websites. hackers continue to operate unhindered in the shadows of cyber space. >> guarding the nation against cyber attacks is one of the things talked about. the president rolled out numerous proposals. history shows turning them into action is not always easy. >> three things that every state of the union has a lot of is promises, pledges and applause line. how many of those become reality. if recent history is a guide to last night, most are doa in congress. >> that's why i'm sending this congress a plan to lower the cost of community college - to zero. >> reporter: a call to fund two years of community college was one of president obama's appeals to congression. whether he'll deliver on that or any initiative is another question. in his 2013 state of union
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address. president obama made 41 proposals. only two became reality. that's a success rate of 4.9%. >> his best year was 2010 when among other it things he made good on a big campaign promise. >> it was a huge success. he campaigned on health care. the law that we passed congress didn't get everything that he had promised. overall the health care looked at what he wanted. >> with a democratic majority in congress, the president was able to follow through completely or partially on more than half 55.6%, to be exact of of his proposals. >> the stimulus didn't have the economic jolt they heaped he would have. that helped president obama escape a slew of promises that he made on domestic priorities.
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>> every president has highs and lows. studies go back to lyndon johnson, finding that president obama has the second worst overall batting average. only gerald ford was left. in george w. bush's year his success rate was 38.2% compared to president obama's year 31.4. 1987 was not a good year for president ronald reagan the success rate 5.3% compared to 1981. when he hit 17.4. bill clinton managed to do well in 1996, getting 64.3 of his agenda passed. twice as good as 1995. that was his worst year. >> in our experience they do try to keep promises. where they run into trouble, they need to get a legislature to pass any law.
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>> one thing president obama will have control over is how many times he decides to veto what comes to his desk from the republican congress. last night he issued four veto threats, including moves to unravelle wall street. and anything to under mine his efforts to negotiate with iran. >> thank you. president obama's comments on foreign policy made news for what he left out. he mentioned i.s.i.l. in the middle east and attacks in paris. there's a glaring omission. stephanie sy has that story. >> days before gunmen attacked a satirical newspaper and a kosher grocery store in paris, boko haram was slaughtering its way through a nigerian village. >> they separated the children from adults who were asked to lie down. they were shot dead. >> boko haram massacre was exponentially more devastating,
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killing hundreds possibly thousands. >> we are united with people around the world targeted by terrorists. >> in his state of union speech president obama did not mention boko haram. >> instead of the union we make it in a broad time a signal that you might think that you are getting away with this. we are watching you. it would have been a good gesture from the president. >> what he did not do it. >> he lost an opportunity. >> boko haram ramped up attacks, using young girls as suicide bombers. the group crossed to cameroon and claims as much territory as i.s.i.l. last year more than 10,000 died in boko haram fighting. the massacre is the latest example of boko haram's brutality. >> they followed us on motorcycles and trucks and shot at us. >> one of my peers - what i have been telling policy makers is
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you have to help nigeria with boko haram, because if you don't, and it gets into central africa next door to south sudan, not far from somali it will be a huge country across the north of africa. i'm at a loss why the president diluted it in his speech. >> reporter: memories are short. last year when boko haram kidnapped over 200 girls, the first lady jumped on the "bring back our girls." the president jumped on it as well. 10 months since kidnappings in chibok not an until girl has been rescued. >> reporter: the u.s. and britain say they are talking about intervention. they offered help but president
11:45 pm
jonathan goodluck cancelled the perhaps after the u.s. denied his request for american attack helicopters and weapons. the us state department says it's against the laws to provide arms to an army accused of human rights violations. >> japan's prime minister says he's facing a race against time to save two journalists. the captives demanded $200 million. japan says it's using diplomatic efforts, and will not give in to terrorism. >> next the cost of capital punishment and a murder trial costing taxpayers millions before it began plus trying to hold police accountable - armed with ak-47s. ak-47s.
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state of emergency has been dlird in edwater new jersey because firefighters are
11:48 pm
battling a huge blaze at an apartment complex. 400 residence were evacuated. 160 in shelters. no injuries reported. gas shut down schools closed tomorrow. high profile police cases, cases of police violence have activists around the country monitoring law enforce. . some are doing to while they are armed. sara hoy reports. >> reporter: cory watkins scanner comes to life. he goes to a traffic stop. with an ak-47 over his shoulder he begins his work. >> looks like they are arresting someone. he may seem an unlikely ally. but for more than a year a gun-toting texan and a band of
11:49 pm
enthusiasts have taken to the streets. >> more than ever we need police accountability, and people out there recording. it's not just our area but over the country. >> he and his team warn motorists of dui checkpoints and cameras. they post encounters with police. >> i'll place you under arrest for impeding my investigation. >> i'm impeding your investigation. >> yes, you are. >> watkins openly carries his ak-47. in texas it's legal for him to carry a gun like his assault rifle. >> why cop watch with that weapon. >> why not. it's my right to do so. i want to exert my freedoms in the powerful way, in the biggest way possible. >> exercising his freedoms caused frictions with the local police. christopher cook says coreying
11:50 pm
weapons is not a problem. it's -- carrying weapons is not the problem. it's action where the officer can no longer focus on the task they are doing. >> reporter: this fall arlington police say watkins got too close. he wife and fellow cop watches were arrested for interfering with a traffic stop. police say cop watchers can go too far. >> what's your badge number you bully? >> we were shown a police officer's interaction with watkins and others. >> you are a thoughing. thug. >> the police reached out to watkins for a meeting. a request that has gone unanswered. >> the open confrontation is uneasy. watkins is not backing down soon. to washington state.
11:51 pm
a jury is hearing evidence in a death penalty case. it took seven years, cost millions. allen schauffler joins us with more from seattle. >> john in a sense we are just getting started on this trial. beginning to hear witness testimony. once again, washingtonians are asking for evidence of the cost to kill a killer. execution, prosecution and defense on the backfoot as to who is to blame. >> reporter: a jury has been chosen for joseph mcenroe's trial. it took 10 years and $7 million. for mcenroe and a woman charged, michelle anderson. more than 8 million is defense spending. there has been delays legal experts say. the defense challenged the way
11:52 pm
documents are sealed and the prosecution's rite to consider the quality of evidence pondering the death sentence. >> that challenged the confidentiality of jurors and want minimum wage paid instead. there's little question of guilt or sentence. the defendants describe killing anderson's parents, brother and sister-in-law, brother and nephew. six dead. not much information coming out of the courthouse the high-profile capital case prosecution and defense teams not willing to discuss the proceedings or the cost. but the country prosecutor in the past has not been shy about accusing defense teams of making death penalty cases cost more than they have to. >> personally i'm opposed to the death penalty on a lot of ground. >> we spoke with defense
11:53 pm
attorney katy ross before jury selection. she denies inflighting costs saying her team is doing what the law requires. providing a vigorous defense. and cites cost. >> in my view it's money that should be spent elsewhere. >> it's ridiculous to suggest it's not deliberate. >> no doubt in your mind it's not deliberate. >> no. >> deliberate but deliberate in the cause of saving a man's life. >> reporter: they won't comment but 30 years on the job and seeking the death penalty, he has no doubt that cost is a bargaining chip. >> you can't make the argument that you are creating yourself. with a lot of credibility, it's a tactic and strategy that you decide to use.
11:54 pm
>> with joseph mcenroe's trial beginning, the 10 million price tag may sound cheap. >> the defense team is more than willing to say you don't like the price tag, don't like where it's going, you shouldn't have pushed for the death penalty. >> we have the anderson trial beginning later this year. another capital case began in seattle involving the killing of a seattle police officers. so that of course will add to more cost in the capital case for people here and all of this when the governor jay ensly declared a moratorium on carrying out death sentences. no executions planned have been delayed. but the governor says if one comes up during his time in office he will not sign off on it. >> our picture of the day is next. plus an unusual witness on
11:55 pm
capitol hill today. a drone.
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zon in the >> saturday. >> visibility was 3 to 5 nautical miles. >> weathering the storm. >> we want to show people how to replace property against the worst mother nature has to offer. >> experts forecast how to stay safe. >> i'm standing in a tropical windstorm. >> in extreme weather. >> oh my god. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity.
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saturday at 7:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. there are calls to disqualify the new england pait roy ots from super -- patriots from super bowl showing that 11 footballs were underinflated. they beat the colts 45-7 it was show and tell on capitol hill lawmakers with a look at a drone inside a committee room. they were question the faa and the drone industry. at issue - how to promote innovation without causing safety problems in the sky. lisa stark with the details. >> drones are exploding in popularity. the u.s. lags behind other counties in approving drones and commercial use. that was the topic of the hearing before the house science space and technology committee. lawmakers were treated to a
11:58 pm
demonstration. it was with a drone called the b-bot. had has a high definition camera can be flown with a smart phone and has a range of over a mile. >> it was courtesy of a large drone company, and a company executive urged the government to approve wide-spread commercial use of the small drones. >> the small systems can be saving wildfire firefighters lives, full-scale helicopters of people who fly helicopters to take pictures of powerlines and a myriad of situations where they can save humans lives. >> the use of commercial drones in the u.s. is banned. the f.a.a. granted a dozen exemptions. it's okay to use them at low alt tutes. f.a.a. says drawing up the rules for the drones is proving complex.
11:59 pm
critics argue that this is putting the u.s.'s slow pace at a competitive disadvantage. >> we have been trying to push the f.a.a. to report on this for over a decade. we haven't made much progress. >> the f.a.a. says it's trying to move quickly but is concerned about safety. with good reason. the f.a.a. says it's getting reports of 25 close calls between brokens and aircraft -- drones and aircraft. lisa stark, thank you. >> now for our freeze frame. scene one, two, and the cat in the hat. they took over the white house today. they were guests of the fady as she read from z zeus to a group of students. part of the let's read let's move campaign. they had fun. that's our report. thank you for watching i'm john
12:00 am
seigenthaler see you tomorrow night. "america tonight" is coming up next. don't go away. >> on "america tonight": open carry and open confrontation. >> i'm going to place you under arrest for impeding my investigation. >> it's their right to oftenly carry their guns -- to openly carry their guns. >> we need people out there recording because it's not just here in our area it's all across the country. >> but that's putting these self-appointed watch dogs up against the law. "america tonight's" sarah hoye


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