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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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yria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. at least 13 dead after a shell hits a trolley bus in the ukrainian city in donetsk. ♪ ♪ you are watching al jazerra i am nick clark this doha. also coming up on the program. neat telephone conversation suggests yemen's former president has been plotting against the government with houthi rebels. ithe leader of the catholic church says stop killing your
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people. and he quits after photos show him posing as hitler. ♪ ♪ well, at least 13 people have been killed by a mortar strike on a trolley bus in donetsk. the city in eastern ukraine say pro-russian separatist strong hold. the strike comes after hours after calls for a ceasefire. charles what, more do you know? >> reporter: well, nick, we have spoken to a russian journalist on the ground in donetsk and a spokesperson for the rebels there, they tell us that at least nine people were killed in this attack. and at least nine others injured. we have no confirmation as to there were any women or children victims of this attack. apparently a trolley bus stop
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which is south in the section south of donetsk, in a southern area of donetsk quite away from where we have seen the escalation in fighting around the airport. no one has claimed responsibility. the rebels are obviously blaming the ukrainian forces for this attack. and it's not clear as yet as to whether there were artillery used, what kind of shell was used in this attack. but obviously as you say it's interesting and comes worryingly only hours of this statement in berlin by the russian and ukrainian foreign ministers the german foreign minister pushing for another ceasefire to try to withdraw forces back 15-kilometers out of donetsk bring back the heavy weaponry. it seems that fighting is ongoing in that area. there are mixed reports also as to how intense that fighting is in and around the airport, we
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have seen days of fighting there. it's certainly a worrying development only hours after those diplomatic efforts and that statement coming out from berlin. >> certainly is charles stratford we'll leave it right there for now. thanks very much indeed. as charles said this coombs hours after they agreed to pull heavy weaponry back from a dividing line defined in a peace plan last year, gerald tan has more. >> reporter: in this part of eastern ukraine peace doesn't last long. a truce last december between pro-russia separatists and ukrainian forces appears to be no more. there is heavy fighting around donetsk airport. hastily convened talks in berlin, brought together the russians and ukrainians with the delegation from france and germany. it resulted in some diplomatic progress. >> translator: today there has finally been an agreement that
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the demarcation line as stated in the minsk agreement will be the mark as to where heavy weaponry has to be withdrawn. >> reporter: but on the ground, the rebels have reportedly extended their area of control. the u.s. secretary of state has accused them of violating a ceasefire plan. >> there has been about a 500 square mile extension of the so-called line of control. an effort to try to broaden the amount of territory that is being held from the time that they signed an agreement and agreed to keep the line of control. so this is a very blatant land grab. >> reporter: ukraine's precedent has blamed the recent violence on russia. saying its soldiers are fighting alongside the rebels. russia denies these allegations. >> translator: concerning the flow of troops and weapons, we have heard of it many times. i always say that if you are saying it with such certainty then show us the facts. no one is able to provide us with the facts or does not want
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to provide them. i don't know. >> reporter: diplomats are cautious to note that efforts to broker peace in eastern ukraine has resulted in progress, but not a breakthrough. gerald tan, al jazerra. let's move onto yemen now where the president has accepted demands from houthi rebels to end the growing political crisis it comes as an elite tape shows his predecessor has been plotting with the rebel to his undermine the government. houthi fighters have now surrounded the president's palace and private residents in the capital zaun, a caroline malone has this report. >> reporter: an audio leak today al jazerra we hear what appears to be the outested yemeni president cluing with the houthi leader. it is said to have happened in september after the houthi took control in the center. representing the houthis in the national dialogue conference. in the phone call, he tells him
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to speak to his people, including the second general of the general people's congress at the time. a military leader local to sauna and his son-in-law. >> reporter: he then appears to appear to the take over by the houthis telling them thousand proceed from them and urging him to stop planes from operating so the president can't leave. >> reporter: a former adviser to the yemeni prime minister says he's not surprised.
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zale's h has been calling the shots since he was pushed out of office in 2012. >> he has been undermining the whole process. he never intended to leave power. he has been controlling power and corruption in yemen who have been looting the yemeni people of billions of dollars every year. >> reporter: the houthis have increased since he stepped down after massive protests against him. they have held the capital san all since september and said they want a new government and to bring back fuel subsidies. their supporters say that they should do that anyway they can. >> if you are no a war, it's not the houthi that they are at warrick expect anything. this is something that happens. it's normal, it's nothing to be ashamed of. >> reporter: the question now is how will other yemenis react
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when they learn that zale's h s he has been calling the shots. >> we can take this on now. the so the yemen president has accepted this deal, put forward by the houthis. but what does it mean? where does it take us. >> it's huge success by the houthis and a massive concession by the president. when you look at the deal it says he's willing to form an inclusive government, to give a bigger say to the houthis. the houthis now will have a say in every aspect of the government, they are the ones saying that the drafting, the executing of the army, and instituting these conditions. but at the same time, the conditionsconditions and there are
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few conditions the houthis will release the aide to the president, and pull out from the presidential palace and that's it. this deal does not address the core issue which is disarming the houthis and forcing them to paul p*ul out from different cities that they have captured. to me it's a quick fix. >> the president didn't have any choice, did he? he could do nothing but agree. >> that's right. post 19th of september when the houthis took over it was quite obvious that the one who controlled zaun sauna is houthi. it looks like hamid karzai back in 2003, only had control of the presidential compound inside kabul and nothing more than that. >> now put it in to context with the leaked conversation. how does that affect what's going on? >> it came has a huge shock to
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the people of yemen the leaked conversation. because the shia rebellion has been saying in the past the em any number one has saleh, he was the father of the houthi movement in 2004, what we are seeing is the opposite. saleh colluding with houthi. he is willing to stage a comeback, maybe he's not willing to come back himself but we know that he has been grooming his son the general to take over. they say that's a scenario that could lead to further internal feuding. what you will see in the near future is saleh moving forward to help his son. the houthis moving forward to get power trying and trying to undermine both by the president. they have massive support inside yemen trying to reposition itself to have a say in the country. this is a recipe for more
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clashes and more instability. >> yeah, it's a deeply complex situation. thanks for explaining it, thanks very much indeed. japan says looking at all possibilities to secure the release of two of its nationals taken hostage by the islamic state of iraq and the levant. a government spokesperson says japan is trying to negotiate with hostage taker the prime minister shinzo abe has promised not to give for nba to terrorism. isil released a video saying they would kill them unless a $200 million ransom is paid. in the coming hours 20 members of the coalition fighting isil inside syria government forces meanwhile continuing to launch air strikes against the group and rebel factions against the country. dozens of people killed and many more injured nicole johnston has this report.
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>> reporter: across syria there is mayhem. activists say more than 60 people were killed and dozens injured by a government strike on a livestock market in the village in the northeast. it's one of the areas largest marketsmarkets and the town is under the control of this islamic state of the iraq and the levant. meanwhile, in northern homs. a dozen people were killed when government helicopters dropped barrel bombs filled with explosives nails and shrapnel on this rebel-controlled area. the bodies were collected for people to identify. and syrian state tv has shown what it says was left after a car bomb in homs city. it happened in a mainly alawite neighborhood. most of the al alawites support syria president bashar al-assad. he's also from the minority religious sect of the alawites with links to shia islam. the capital hasn't been spared from the violence either.
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up to 40 people have been injured after two apartment buildings partially collapsed. activists say it happened in northeast damascus in due ma, an area held by the rebels. people stumbled through the rubble in the streets. the whole area was thick with dust and smoke. a small child is carried away from the carnage around 20 children were wounded. the injured were taken to field hospitals. it's winter. and the children are huddled by the heating. small, bloodied and in some cases struggling to stay alive. it's hard to fathom that the war in syria could get any worse nicole johnston al jazerra beirut. u.n. sponsored peace talks on libya have collapse affidavit one of the two countries rival governments walked out. the general national congress
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has accused the international recognized parliament of orchestrating new violence and the united nations launched the new rounds of talks in geneva last week. al jazerra continues to demands the lease of release of our klee colleagues that have been in peuz for 390 days, they were falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. charges they deny, an appeals court in could cairo has ordered a new trial. how europe's central bank could be describing a strong dose of economic medicine. plus how changing relations with the u.s. could shift the tied of migration from cuba.
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only on al jazeera america. ♪ ♪ hello again welcome back. let's have a reminder of the top stories here on al jazerra. at least nine people have been killed by a mortar strike on a trolley bus in donetsk. the city in eastern ukraine is a pro-russian separatist strong hold that happened just hours after calls for a new ceasefire in berlin, yemen's president has accepted demands from houthi rebels. the agreement comes as a leaked tape appears to show his predecessor has been plotting with rebels to under mine the government. japan says it's looking at all possibility to secure the release of two of its nationals taken by isil. they are threatening to kill the hostages until a $200 million ran sol is paid. the leader of the cath are catholic check in the democratic republic of congo has called on the country's president to stop
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killing his people. human rights activists say dozens have died in three days of unrest. mallmalcolm webb reports. >> reporter: ruling party politicians are trying to assert themselves here the city's governor speaks to his supporters. thousands have demonstrated they say that the president through politicians in his party is trying to change the law to extend his 13-year rule of the governor refutes it. >> translator: the issue you the people don't understand is that they think he wants to cling to power. listen to me clearly, have you ever heard him suggest any constitutionalitial changes from parliament? where does it come from 123-4678 the protests have been violent. opposition members say dozens of people have been shot dead by police protesters threw stones and burned cars, in some areas there has been looting. this is what remains of the goods from this chinese's store
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it's not clear exactly why chinese properties are being targeted. some people say many people who are jobless resent chinese traders better off than them. other sigh because the chinese government has helped with aid. here the chinese property they think is a legitimate target. they are discussing changes to the voting law. the ruling coalition says that's because it was a census before next year's presidential election but it could delay the election by years and that's why the opposition is suspicious. we met opposition politician at his home. he says he's been em prisoned 46 times and he says he must go at the end of his term. >> translator: we will mobilize the entire population to chase him out of power. in front of the whole country he is meant to be a guardian of the constitutioning so today if
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he breaches the comment he made to the people then according to pro since 64 the people will evict him from power. >> reporter: some people seem willing for a struggle. here protesters burned a local authorities office and vehicle in a local suburb and neither side shows any sides of backing down, mar come manuel webb. the european bank is expect to announce a bond bank. hoping it will improve the european economy and confidence in the euro. well here is kamal from al jazerra's counting the cost to explain more. >> so quantitative easing one of those all financial jargon terms which can be over simplified to be just called money printing. this is how it works we start at any given central bank that creates mon it sounds odd, i know but they can do that. just a few key strokes on the
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computer and billions of dollars are there. that money is used to buy up assets and in attorney those banks start lending out to the businesses, to the consumers and so the cycle begins, that is how the money is inning joke the that is how spending increases and in theory, interest rates go down inflation rises it's deceptively simple and it works we have seen it in u.k. being united states, japan and now the central bank will try it. quantitative easing it itself has to be east the it's not the man or the woman on the high street that feels the effects first it's markets and investors that generally are first to benefit. because banks want to lend to stronger customers, pension funds, insurance companies things like that. the thing is stagnation in the euro zone has gone on for years austerity has only done so much. it seems the powers that be have finally recognized that and decided to get spending. well, as kamal mentioned
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they will create new money to buy securities such as government bonds as claudia explains from rome, consumers may not see its benefits. >> reporter: made in italy resolves around artisans like her, she has been making pottery all her life. but now she's one of 260 shop owners across the country who are forced to close their businesses each and every day. >> translator: people can't afford to buy anything other than basic necessities anymore. they buy cloths cloths and food. but not pretty and superfluous products like mine. >> reporter: italy is one of several european countries countries and consumer confidence is at a record low to stop the trend on thursday the european central bank is i can expected to inject new money in to the economy by buying bonds. it has a positive effect on the
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italian economy the stock market has been rallying for days but the fear is that banks, rather than consumers will reap the benefits. >> translator: there is no guarantee that banks will pass on the newly quid at this to son coupers, they can either lend it or invest it. >> reporter: she thinks that inning joking new money is not enough. if they are not passed onto businesses like hers. >> it's t* could be a solution, but banks need to change their mind set. they can't just give money to those who already have them. they need to invest in people like me. believe in my abilities. >> reporter: italians, as the rest of europe, are unlikely to see the immediate benefits of quantitative easing until it trickles down to them in the form of hard cash, claudio, al jazerra, rome. hundreds of miners are stating a sit in at a mine in coast vote. they are protesting against the government's refusal to save the mine from closuring the new government said it would take
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control of the mining complex which was facing closure but it backtracked on monday. the leader of germany's movement against islam ionization has resigned after a photo emerge of his posing a hitler. he appeared on the front newspaper. there were far more right protests to go on wednesday evening from somewhere near barker now reports. >> reporter: this is the picture that has cost him the leadership. for a movement struggling to shake off apparently links with the far right it's a huge embarrass think. the german vice chancellor responded to the image saying anyone in politics who poses as hitler is either an idiot or a nazi. reasonable people do not physical tom idiots and decent people do not follow nazis. his supporters gathered for another mass rally. the movement has been growing rapidly in recent months, attracting middle class support from people angry with the government's stance on
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immigration. but not everyone here is happy with their leader. >> you know, he had a criminal past so personally i don't think he was probably the best person to be the leader of this movement. >> one cannot make jokes about -- like he has done. it will come as a -- people who organize this a little bit more and i think he is not -- it's not important anymore. >> reporter: nearby, his opponents stage their own mass protest. nas isnazi out they shout. anti-rally protesters have blocked off every single route to the square. those people that are still brave enough to try to make it here have to run the gauntlet through some very angry scenes. he has apologized for the picture and and for apparently refer to go asylum seekers as cattle on his facebook page,
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the remaining movement are distancing him selves from the comments, he could yet face prosecution for inciting hatred. neave barker, al jazerra. u.s. house speaker john boehner has defended his decision to invite israel's prime minister address congress over iran. the move was seen as a snub to president obama who has promised to veto any new sanction on his iran. they have he said iran poses a serious threat and didn't need permission from the white house to invite netanyahu. another police shooting in the united states has sparked widespread anger as a video shows new jersey police shooting a man who had his hands raised. police officer surrounded the car, stopped at traffic lights demanding the driver to get out believing him to be armed. after a brief standoff the driver steppings out of the car and is shot. police in the mexican border town of tijuana say a drone carrying drugs has crashed in to
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a supermarket car park crossing at mexico's border with california. police say packages taped to the drone were covered with plastic bags containing the drug known as christ the meg. it's not the first time drones have been used for snuggling drugs from the -- smuggling drugs from the u.s. in to mexico. direct talks between the united states and cuba have come to a close for the day. described as productive for the most part by both sides but there are divisions over immigration policies. havana wants washington to end the special privileges given to cubans who my great to the u.s. director of north americana fares for cuba's foreign ministry urged the u.s. to reconsider its immigration policy. >> translator: the cuban adjustment act are the policy that grants exclusive and unique treatment to cuban citizens that no other sit sins from other nations receive. we conclude this is the fundamental issue that remains for incentive from illegal immigration.
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>> gabriel elizondo is in havana where he spoke to people about their hopes for the future with the u.s. >> reporter: to stay or to go, that is the question many cubans like 21 yearly and themselves to stay in cuba or seek out opportunities in the united states. a year ago he chose to leave using a makeshift raft he tried to row to florida but after two days at seas, strong ocean currents pushed him back to cuba where he remains to the his dreams after bitter life on hold for for you. >> translator: life here in cuba is very difficult. we work a lot but never see the results of our hard work, we are not well paid. >> reporter: while people like him want to leave others like susannah rios are coming home after 20 years living in united states she recently moved back to cuba because she sees her country slowly changing for the better. i think it's a perfect time. it was much better already but now it's like the perfect time. when i left, the law was you
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leave, you stay there you never come back. >> reporter: that was the case in 1980 when more than 100,000 cubans were allowed to board boats and flee to the u.s. it was a mass migration known as the maria boat lift seen by many as the lasting symbol of a conflicted migratory policy between the countries that split families apart. since then, more than a million cubans a left to the u.s., knowing that there are laws in place that as soon as at step foot on u.s. soil they are allowed to stay then granted permanent asylum. the zuck an government has long said those laws need to be revoked because they say all they do is promote illegal migration and dangerous human smuggling that puts lives at risk. u.s. officials say the law will stand for now. while cuba remains committed to diplomatic talks. as for abel, he's not waiting for the government to work things out.
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>> translator: if i kind another raft that is in good condition and can maybe make it i'll try again, i could lose my lie doing it but i could also make it. >> reporter: while his focus is on a better life over the horizon everybody if it means risking his life, other cubans hope they never have to maybe that choice. . >> the crowing of a healthy economy lead others to assess. the state of the union gave us plenty to talk about. we're talking about middle class economics. that's inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez.
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