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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >> >> >> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello there. welcome to the newshour these are the top stories. at least 13 people are killed after a shell hit a trolley bus in the ukranian city of donetsk. telephone conversations suggest yemen's former president has been plotting against the government with houthi levels. >> the leader of the catholic
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church tells the democratic republic of congo "stop killing your people." >> easing the eurozone's ils. how the bank could be prescribing economic medicine. >> 13 people have been killed when a bus was hit by an artillery shell in the east. the attack happened in the part of city under the control of pro-russian separatists. meanwhile there has been heavy fighting for control of the city's airport. this is the approximate area under separatist control. forwarding to the u.n. more than 4,700 have been killed since april when the fighting began. joined on the phone by charles stratford, who is in the ukranian city. what is the latest charles stratford, that you have for
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you? >> i'm here in donetsk. the attack happened in another area of the city. it's a way away from where this fighting at the airport is ungoing. people were going to the shops, it was early hours. there were horroring images on what looked to be women, among the victims. the women quick to arraign the military. and what you would expect would deny any responsibility. certainly a worrying development after renewed efforts by foreign ministers to bring back the ceasefire. and lines coming out. in respect to the fighting around the airport. again the mixed reports saying
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they have been at the new terminal. the airport has been contested since late may. in the battle over the last 24 hours. rebels that were connected saying that they had executed control of that area of the airport for a couple of days reporting there was sporadic gun fire and battles between members of the pro-government brigade. mixed reports there. it's a worrying development as explained by international documents, bringing back the ceasefire. it never really happened in the first place. >> we'll leave it there, thank you. charles stratford reporting as charles was talking about the shelling came hours after
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the crisis talks, pulling back from a dividing line. gerald tan has more on that. >> in this part of eastern ukraine, peace does not last long. a truce since last november since pro-russian separatists and forces showing heavily fighting around the airport. hastily convened talks brought together russians and ukrainians resulting in some diplomatic programs. >> today there has finely been an agreement that the demarcation line as stated and marked in the minsk agreement, will be the line that will mark from where, as of now, heavy weaponry has to be withdrawn. >> on the ground they report different areas of control. u.s. secretary of state accused them of violating a ceasefire
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plan. >> there has been about a 500 square mile extension of the so-called line of control. an effort to broaden the amount of territory held from the time they signed an agreement and agreed to keep a line of control. it's a blatant land grab. >> ukraine's president blamed soinls on russia saying the soldiers are fighting along side the rebels. russia denies the allegations. >> concerning the flow of troops and weapons, we heard of it many times. i always said if you said it with such sermenty show us the facts. no one has provided us with the facts, or does not want to provide them. >> diplomats are cautious that efforts to broker a peace in eastern ukraine resulted in programs but not a break through. >> we move to yemen, where the
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president accepted demands from houthi rebels to end the crisis. they have been plotting with the rebels to undernine the fighters. >> houthi fighters surrounded the president's premises in sanaa. >> in audio leaked to al jazeera, we here what appears to be the ousted president. colluding with the leader. the phone call is said to have happened after the houthis to the capital in september. this man represented the houthis in a national dialogue. a military leader loyal to sala and a leading gtp figure.
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he urged them to stop the planes so the president couldn't lead. a former advisor to the yemeni prime minister advised. some calling the shots since he was pushed out of office. >> he has been undermining all the protests and from the start. he is a man controlling a lot of other centers of power and corruption in yemen.
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the yemeni people linked with billions. >> the houthis have increased after massive protests against him. they held the capital and sealed saneh that they want to new government. supporters say they should do that if they can. >> it's not the houthi that maybe they looked for that. you can't expect it. so this is something that happens as normal. not something that we like to be ashamed of. >> the question now is how will other yemenis react when they learn that sanaa called the shots. despite being pushed out of three years ago. >> we have a deal on the ground. what do you think? >> i don't think it will make an impact on the ground.
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if the houthis take that position. they'll control the capital. >> they'll need to find ways to undermine the houthis. the problem you have in yemen is the following. september 21st the houthis take over the capital. they say, "now is up to us to decide the political agenda." had he said no. i'm legitimate president. what you see up until now, it's undermining the or. the american houthi. when they talk about the crisis describing this is a liar this is a corrupt leader an agent of the west. you can describe the two guys as anything but. trust is between the both of them. >> i don't foresee in the city in the future.
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>> a lot of differing interests on the inside on the outside. gulf countries talking about what is going on in yemen. what have they had to say about it. they were concerned about the latest spate of violence and the houthis controlled the symbol of power. they say that they are supporting legitimacy of the president. we understand why they are skeptical and worried. saudi arabia borers with yemen. that border area is controlled by the houthi launching air strikes for the first time against houthi targets, accusing them of being manipulated by iran to implement an ideology there. last year the saudis labelled the houthis as a terror organization. they say that we tolerate differences, but never the
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overtaking of iran. that would be shia influence in an area which is the backyard of saudi geopolitical interests. those of geopolitical interests in that area. a complex political reality where everyone is trying to have it. it's about interest to save guard. >> that's what makes this all the more confusion. there's an apparent collusion between the president and the houthis, when they actually want different things in the end. >> absolutely. are seen as enemies. the phone conversation shows a different reality. they are with the houthis. saleh is a farmer president, a master tactician. town who has been playing, using or manipulating the problems.
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this is why he was the longest serving president in the history of yemen. this is why he survived many fascination attempts. now the problem is i asked the same question to a houthi official. he said that they were trying to use them. or him, but who has more control on the ground is the one shaping the future of yemen. the houthis are not a more powerful than ever. >> how the future is unclear, but thank you for putting that perspective in japan says it's looking at possibilities looking at two nationals in the islamic state of iraq and levant. the deputy foreign minister arrived at the embassy in jordan and was trying to negotiate with hostage takers. they promised not to give in to terrorism. i.s.i.l. released a video,
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threatening to clear the men unless a $2 million ransom was paid iraqi security forces are months away from staging a counter attack from i.s.i.l. controlling large swathes of the country. the warning from philip hammond, ahead of a conference in yemen. the iraqi prime minister is there for the talks. the united states and u.k. is bringing together 21 members of the coalition of i.s.i.l. to coordinate ways to step up attacks in iraq and syria. the european central bank is set to announce a bond-buying programme. to improve the european economy and confidence in the euro. our correspondent explains more. >> quantitative easing an awful financial jargon term sometimes which is overcalled money
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printing. this is how it works. we start at a central bank. sounds odd. they can do that a few key strokes and billions. that money is used to buy up assets. government bonds from banks and financial institutions. in turn they lend out. the businesses to the consumers and so the cycle will begin. that is how the money is injected and spending increases interest rates go down. i saw u.k. and the europeans the issue is it's a finite resource. quantitative easing themselves has to be eased. it's not just the man on the high street that feels the affect. banks want to lend to stronger customers, pension funds, things like that. the thing is stagnation in the eurozone has gone on for years.
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austerity has done so much. the powers that be recognised that and decided to get spending. >> still to come on the programme - fighting - we are in bangkok where the former prime minister yingluck shinawatra has been defending herself in parliament. plus as the count continues in zambia's elections, we discuss that. more in half our or so. violence at the start of equatorial guinea's game. all of that coming soon. u.n.-sponsored talks on libya collapsed as two parties walked out. the united nations launched a new round of talks in geneva
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last week. >> the leader of the catholic church and the democratic republic of congo is calling on the president to stop killing his people. human rights activists say dozens have died in unrest. >> following days of anti-government demonstrations ruling party is trying to assert himself. here he speaks to supporters. they say that the president, through politicians in his party, is trying to change the law to extend his rule. the government refutes it. >> the issue that the people in kinshasa don't understand is they think he wants to cling to power. where does it come from. >> opposition members say dozens have been shot dead by police
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protesters. some have been looting. this is what remains, it's not clear why chinese properties are targeted. some say they are reaccepted. or the chinese government supported kabila's government with infrastructure and aid. people say chinese property as a legitimate target. >> reporter: in the senate they have been discussing changes, because they want it sorted before next year. it could delay the election by a year, that is why the opposition is suspicious. we another politician at his home. he's been imprisoned 46 times for criticizing the government. and says kabila must not do another term.
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>> we will mobilize the entire population. he won't uphold. if he breaches a comment. they may be in power. >> on to zambia where the ruling party candidate is leading with a slight margin after tuesday. along with a majority of people voting is going on. >> the electorial commission extended the vote. the president was in office last year. they have allegation of fraud.
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mr president, good to see you there, thank you for joining us. our impression of how the election has been run, is that they've been run efficiently in an an environment that was peaceful. there has been some talk of fraud. and violence at certain polling stations apparently by ruling pf support. have you heard about that.
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one group confronted the presiding officer. and that is a ballot paper that completed before the voter could put it in the box. this was quite clearly an act of provocation which was dealt with adequately without any serious disturbances. >> you were the caretaker president yourself in south africa a position which guy scott has been in in zambia. you must have empathy with what is going on in this country. do you see a smooth transition ahead? >> yes, doctor guy scott.
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i think he has manage the without creating any loss of faith in the office of the president. so i think the transition will be well managed. >> appreciate your time mr president. that's the full president speaking there. thanks very much. >> in bangkok the former prime minister yingluck shinawatra forced to resign defended herself in parliament. >> there has been a ban in politics a violation of basing rites. she is facing charges for a role in a rice subsidy scene. charges are politically mote
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voited. yingluck shinawatra spoke with the head of the corruption commission, and checked forward with a meeting. something said at the beginning, when she opened her opening statement at the hearings two weeks ago. that there is no legality for an impeachment trial. which she no longer. >> i never cheated, never neglected by duty or had ni behaviour. banning one. which holds a political position leading to me being banned. it would ba violation of basic rights. if will convene for the vote. 132 of them need to vote yes for
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yingluck shinawatra. what could happen a minimum she'll be barred. her political life coming to a cause. pause. it could be a pan for life on the line in the months to come. >> it's a broader question. those that support the party, the red shirts will they come out if the impeachment goes forward. party officials have not called for members to come out. will we see a vote on friday? the recent attacks in paris and france prmptd widespread condemnation. french soldiers have been guiding mosques and synagogues. many in the muslim jewish communities feared a backlash as nadim barker reports.
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>> in paris they are talking about training french imams, what is on all the guests minds are the attacks that they are having on the muslim population. people have been feeling that that's a tsunami, many me with a beard or head scarf are not going out. muslim monitoring groups say 116 anti-muslim incidents have been report including 28 attacks on mosque, and day to day abuse is on the rise. >> reporter: this parisian doesn't leave the house without her husband. when she collected her 6-year-old from school. she burst into tears. one of girls tole her "my mum told me that muslims are a bad person that means you are a bad
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person." it's our country, why are we treated like this. >> that's a question many french jews are asks after four people died in a hostage taking. >> visiting the sight on wernings the mayor of jerusalem is revisiting his solidarity. jews have to feel secure everywhere in the world. they have the option like anyone else to live all they want. >> in many places they are feeling more vulnerable. a quarter of the population is jewish. last summer it was held down during a protest in the israeli war in gaza. now, there are soldiers in the synagogue and community centers. most declined to speak on camera but this person said there was social cohesion threats like never before. >> translation: it's scary. you'd think there was a civil
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war going on here. we are afraid for ourselves, other people that have nothing to do with the attacks. >> it's hard to know when the security measures will be unnecessary. the climate of fear may be around far longer. >> hundreds of miners staged a sit-in. kosovo's new government said it would take control of the mining complex, but it backtracked. 75% has warned any attempt to take it over would be threatened. >> a change of tactic and moving on to the weather. richard is here. >> that's right. certainly across the western parts. across the u.k. that's across france. and then in towards spain. if you have a look at the picture here you can see on the
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satellite imagery there's a lot of cloud across this region and that is way, way below freezing in many parts of spain. you can see the circulation of low pressure coming in from the north. you can see some coming out from across spain, and temperatures have been very very low indeed. >> obviously during the winter months in some months of spain. we see there's know in the forecast. central and northern areas could see significant snowfall. further south, as we move into morocco, we have seen snow fall affecting this region two, up across the atlas mountains. it significant problems there as people try to make their way through the poor weather. chilly conditions affecting
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parts of algeria, and some snow. the low pressure will get unsettled weather. tunis in tripoli, we pick up heavy showers in the next couple of days. >> thank you. >> still to come on the programme. it's the second day of the economic forum in davos in switzerland, where they are debating economic growth and inflation in europe. plus... >> i'm andy gallagher in miami florida. high level talks continue - we gauge the reaction of business community and cuban americans that call south florida home. >> and sport will be upon us. the world number one forced to fight. rafa will be here with all of that.
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welcome back a reminder of the top stories. 13 have been killed by a strike on a trolley bus in donetsk. it was a pro-russian separatist strong hold. hours after talks in berlin yemen's president demands houthis seize. a statement showed that former president has been plotting with the rebels to undermine the government the u.n. central bank is expected to create a bond-buying programme. hoping quantitative easing will
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improve the european economy and bring confidence to the. you are i can't. >> the e.c.b. will create new money. consumers may not see the benefits. >> made in italy. revolves around artisans. she has been making pottery all her life. now she is one of 260 shop owners across the country, who are forced to close their businesses each and every day. >> people can't afford to buy anything other than basic necessities, paid by clothes and food. not superfluous products like mine. >> italy is one of several european countries, and consumer confidence is at a record low. >> to stop the friend on thursday european central bank is expected to ingest new money
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by buying government bonds. >> the quantitative easing had a positive effect. the stock market has been rallying. but the fear is that banks, rather than consumers will defeat it. >> banks can either lend or invest. >> they think that injecting new money is not enough. it is passed on to businesses like hers. >> it could be a solution but banks need to change their mind-set. they can't just give money to those that have them. they need to invest in people like me. >> italians say the rest of europe is unlikely to trickle it down into the forum of hard cash in the region with all that going on it's
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the second day of the world economic forum at davos. world leaders debating economic growth in europe. russia insists its economy is going strong despite falling oil prices. ukraine has asked the international monetary fund for a broader package. later in the day abdul fatah al-sisi will address the forum. let's join adrian fip garrig who is -- finighan who is live for us. another packed day for the delegates. >> it is indeed. a busy day. the focus of talk in the back rooms of the forum is about the story you were coughing. quantitative easing a decision made away from here by the european central bank on measures to kick start the mora bund eurozone economy. i imagine a lot watching will wonder what on earth it means.
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it's double dutch. let's ask a friendly economist. with us chief economist. you have to explain what the e.c.b. is likely to do. and why the economy needs the injection. what the us open economy needs is liquidity, more money in the banking system so the banks cleaned, economy can grow. what we have seen in the past in the u.s. and u.k. and canada is the quantitative easing to help them grow fast. this will be a huge boost. >> what does the european central bank expect. no one knows for certain. >> they'll announce a plan whereby each will have bonds, covered or government bonds. it will put a little extra into the eurozone. it's basically government debt
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or other debts, asset backed security. sometimes it's a debt monitorisation. growth has been bad. >> what happens to all the money they enforce the debt with pumped into the economy. what is to stop the government whose debt they are buying buying someone else's debt the u.s.'s debt. >> that's a good point. mostly the hope will go into the banking system. and the banks will hughes that money to lend to businesses consumers and so on and that will boost growth. >> it's not necessarily the most popular move among the european states. germany doesn't like the idea. the reason general assembly doesn't like it is if the italian debt it may encourage
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the government to issue more debt. >> the million dollar question. is it going to work. >> i think the answer is yes. it worked elsewhere i think it will work in the eurozone. >> good to talk to you. chief economist with ihs. >> so they are expected to make that announcement in a couple of hours. lots of coverage on that here on al jazeera. and we are talking about another big item on the disenda here today at the world economic forum. egypt's president abdul fatah al-sisi expected to address the congress and they were standing on to it at the moment. we bring you the news lines from that speech. >> 20 migrants are feared to have died. a government spokesman said 100
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people were in a dinky. 80 have been rescued. mortar is one of the main points of arrival for those coming from west africa. an italian most cart vessel were rescued off the coast of libya. they were transferred to two coast guard vessels and brought to safety. >> two suicide bombers killed eight soldiers north of capital. the blast hapened at the entrance of a military base in taji as dozens were holding home for the weekend. 21 are wounded. no one has claimed responsibility. >> in argentina, the investigation into the death of a prosecutor is raising questions. >> is kristina circh ner trying
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to cover up an attack. he was found dead on sunday hours before he was going to unveil his allegations. >> reporter: three days after the death of the prosecutor the country's jewish organization took to the streets, demanding truth and justice. argentina lost a posterior that was finally investigating the most horrific terror attacks. people killed in a bombing - they are still out for justice. >> official insist there's no evidence that anyone else was involved and suicide is a most likely cause. no details, no gun power traces on his hands. hours before he was expected to testify in congress left many wondering what really happened. >> all we know is the
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provisional idea that no third party makes us think that indeed it was a suicide. do we know if it's voluntary. the truth is that there are no elements. no one has been convicted for the bombing of the jewish community center in 1994. rain has long-been suspected of being behind the attack. president kristina kirchner and other officials had struck a garden. they have exchanged for a favourable trade deal. officials suggest different story. saying that he was sick of being accused of being spies. >> the allegations are week and
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make no sense. they have sold a connection that doesn't exist. >> few are willing to believe. only a refutable evidence satisfied, frustrated with the government's denial that the death was suspicious. without clear answers, the fuhrer is likely to have the worst attack deepening the political cracks in the country police in the mexican border city say a drone carrying drugs crashed into supermarket car parks. passengers were covered withing plastic bags. it's not the first time they've been used for smuggling in drugs between mexico and the united states. >> venezuelan's president delivered an annual state of the nation address lasting
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three hours. foreign powers. venezuela has been hit hard by the plummeting oil price. 60%, and there are shortages of goods. >> there has been an incremental attack. disrupting supply networks as a mack ab re campaign. it's nothing new. it's been it is tested our people. >> historic high level talks between the united states and cuba - there has been disagreements between extra privileges for cubans who migrate to the u.s. and for many the improving of
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the two nations. >> apologise for that. we'll get that sorted out president obama has looking for new laws to combat cyber crimes. civil liberty groups say the measures will increase surveillance and renew their attack. we have this report. >> it was a cold day in april. >> reporter: the morning after president obama's state of union address, and a read-a-thon. six people will read 10 minute portions of a novel. a series of event have been organised. inspired by the extent of
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surveillance. we noticed that the sales of 1984 had gone up 7-fold. among other event, a workshop on how to use the internet anonymously. it will increase as the president attacks. no foreign nation no hacker shall be able to cut down the targets. we are making sure the government combats cyber threats. but more of our personal data will be taken. >> cyber security and civil liberties say it will be effective to concentrate instead of ramping up mass excavations.
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minimum standards are corporate. it stored dada. instead of cracking down on companies like sony. the administration says it wants to go on attack. >> experts say this is misguided. the core security problem is that you need companies to run the network. train employees, there's no evidence at all that the prop is with cyber security. >> corporates going up against lobbyists. the troops few the legislation that has been proposed it's easier under a false name or sharing the password. like the streaming television. hackers continue to operate unhindered in the shadows of
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cyber space. >> a second visit to india. he will be the first u.s. president to attend celebrations that will take place. both countries trying to revive their respective economies. that is the outlook, leading some businesses to set up. >> reporter: this american and his wife are auctioning their dream business in india. they set up dot in selling designer garments, it's open for business and doing well. >> we are optimistic that things would improve. if you saw the last 24 months it exploded and the next 10 years will be phenomenal. we stuck around for that reason.
5:46 am
there was no reason coming here was india. as traffic goes so too, does the team. now they have orders for removal of 150 countries. the aim of the business is to bring profit at home by selling to indians, who can afford it. >> reporter: mark hayesman started his business to help indians to invest $500,000 in the united states. it ensures them much support. his work reflects the changing nature of the india, u.s. relationship. >> they were expanding a real investment a presence. >> we are an american business for profit and decided that this
5:47 am
is the place to be, and we are investing to make the best of it. >> the indian prime minister focussed attention on more foreign investors. they were conventioned the pitch was right. >> we have to bear in mind that all economic intervention have to actually recognise the needs of the people in terms of their human rights. and too much of investment coming here is based on acceptance of the human right. >> concern such as these, packaging and selling the best that india had to offer is far from easy. for americans. investing is worth the wait plenty more to come son al jazeera - we look at a new mud
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sin -- medicine helping lower heart attacks in women and a soccer patch that went viral.
5:49 am
welcome back. heart attacks kill millions every year. a new test could give new women new hope. we have this report. >> reporter: we are constantly told to keep fit, protect
5:50 am
ourselves. when the heart starts to fail it can be kta strofic. in the u.k. women are more likely to die from heart attacks than anything else. jenny stevens experienced pains in the chest, but didn't think it was anything to worry about. >> they were lasting small period of time. when they wore off i was back to normal and felt fine. i pushed it to the back of my head and worried op. >> she was dying photographed with a heart attack after medical staff used a new blood test. it examines the amount of a substance in the bloods produced when the muscles are damaged due to a heart attack. the newer test checks for small amounts of protein. once the amount of protein was lowered, the number of women diagnose dubbed.
5:51 am
>> you want use the same as a man. you have to half it. women have smaller hearts and release less. so we have shape in the research that we can diagnose heart attacks from the threshold down and by doing that it solved some ipp equalities seen in the diets of heart attacks in women. >> globally 17 million died from cardio vascular disease. a gender specific approach to medicine is rarely used to treat patients. it's a type of study that could pave the way for is to be considered more widely. >> from treating patients appropriately and avoiding consequences. and the second thing is we have very good drugs to prevent subsequent heart attacks once you know a patient has heart disease.
5:52 am
for both of those reasons it could help women. >> reporter: scientists in scotland believe the tests could save more lives. more tests will be carried out to look at long-term impacts now to sport. rahul is here. hundreds of fans clashed with police at the african cup of nations in equatorial guinea before the match against burkina faso. we have this report. >> reporter: overall the confederation of afghan football will be pleased with how the tournament is progressing. they took a risk by giving is to equatorial guinea when morocco pulled out of hosting duties in november. there were issues between the host nation and burkina faso. a lot of fans arrived late. that could be on what is a heavy day. and fans arriving without
5:53 am
tickets. progress into the stadium was slow. they were given handsanitizer on the way in a policy at all stadiums in an effort to prevent a threat of ebola. is ended up in a bit of a bottle neck at the turnstiles. police used waterer cans and pepper sprays. violence broke up without escalating into anything too serious. they some took a couple of weeks to prepare. the matches proceeded on scheduled. helping the reputation of afghan football and the finances of the game in this continent the match was an underwhelming goalless draw a result seeing equatorial third
5:54 am
in group a. and the 13 finalists are almost certainly out of the tournament. congo copped the group after registering the afghan cup of nations in 41 years. the winner was picked. congo lead the group with points from the two matches so far south korea reached the semifinals after beating uzbekistan. the 2011 third-placed play-off was goalless in melbourne. two goals in extra time securing a 2-0 win. >> host australia are playing china in the quarterfinal. the game has kicked off. still going for the first half. >> to club football and a 16-year-old player described as the lionel messi for barca.
5:55 am
one of europe's biggest clubs, real barcelona. making a debut at the age of 15 years old, breaking a record. real played for the teenager. real topped football's list for the 10 years coming. coming fop in the deloitte server earning 637 million in the study. dozens account. they are ahead of barcelona. who went $561 million.
5:56 am
>> barca should correct things this season. they scored on the rebound in the 84th minute earning a one. takes part next week. tennis. the world number one with a little time in booking the spot. the top seed lost five games. in just an hour and 24 minutes. going through the title in melbourne. >> also safely lasting, needing a die break to win the two sets. >> 6-3 clinching the match. top women saving three set points serena williams against two-timer finalist zon --
5:57 am
zvonoreva. before winning her game. >> you know i had to get my mind saying this girl is ranked as high as number two and has been on two tours. she's a quality player, those what to do. and knows how to win. i had to not rich to that. >> going back to football. it's not often we show you action from fifth tier english football. when you get a goal. you see the exception. the striker after this wonder strike. macclesfield conference game. goal has gone viral. >> thank you very much. that is it for the newshour. bye for now.
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six strangers. >> let's just send them back to mexico. >> experience illegal immigration up close and personal. >> it's overwhelming to see this many people that have perished. >> lost lives are relived. >> all of these people shouldn't be dead. >> will there differences bring them together or tear them apart? >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves. >> which side of the fence are you on? borderland, sunday at 9 eastern, only on al jazeera america.
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people killed after a shell hit a bus in the ukranian city of don everybody. hello. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up... >> a telephone conversation between yemen's president has been floating against the government with houthi rebels. the leader of the catholic church the democratic republic of congo tells the president st