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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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with your kids, their ex wifes all the tough stuff that keeps people from staying sober. >> hello a very warm welcome to the news hour from doha. these are our top stairs. at least 13 are killed after a shell hit a bus in the city of donetsk. >> yemen's former president plotting against the government with houthi rebels. >> the release of mubarak's son ordered pending trial in a corruption case. >> easing the euro zone's ills,
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how the euro bank could be prescribing a strong dose of economic medicine. >> at least 13 people have been killed when a bus was hit by shelling in the eastern ukrainian city of donetsk. the attack happened in a part of the city under control of pro-russian separatists. this is the approximate area that is right now under the control of the separatists in ukraine. we have a report. >> a city bus shelled the passengers killed instantly. the force of the explosion was so great it blew out windows of a nearby building. >> we live in fear every day.
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every day we wait for something nasty from over there. >> it's unclear who's behind this attack in the divided city of donetsk, but it happened in an area controlled by pro-russian separatists. in recent days, they've engaged in heavy fighting with ukrainian forces for the citied airport. the violence underscores how fragile talk of truce is. just hours earlier the russians and ukrainians agreed on a procedure for pulling back arms. >> today there has finally been an agreement that the demarcation line will be the line that will mark from where as of now heavy weaponry has to be withdrawn. >> there are reports of rebels extending their area of control. the u.s. secretary of state says this vital as ceasefire plan. >> there's been about a 500 square mile extension of the so-called line of control an
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effort to try to broaden the amount of territory that is being held from the time that they signed an agreement and agreed to keep the line of control, so this is a very blatant land grab. >> ukraine's president has blamed the recent violence on russia saying its soldiers are fighting alongside the rebels. russia denies these allegations. >> concerning the flow of troops and weapons, we have heard of it many times. i always say if you are saying it with such certainty then show us the facts. no one is able to provide the facts or doesn't want to provide them. i don't know. >> foreign diplomats are trying to come to a peace but the situation on the ground makes this difficult. >> charles is just outside
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donetsk. the airport has been a focal point of fighting with that what do we know about true ms around the airport and what's happening in the area right now? >> charles i'm just going to ask that you question again. not sure if you can hear me. i was asking you about recent developments outside donetsk airport. we know that much of the fighting between the separatists and ukrainian army has been concentrated in the area, the airport viewed very much as a military prize if you like. have there been any new developments in terms of fighting around the airport? >> we have spoken to some people in donetsk in the last hour or so who do indeed report that there have been fighting certainly today. we spoke to the rebels earlier
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who told us that they had actually been in control of these areas that they had withdrawn from for a number of days. they said they had been fighting with what they distributed as -- in recent days. they said been seeing intense fighting according to a military spokesperson. certainly, despite these calls from foreign ministers yesterday to brain ceasefire back into line it certainly seems that this fighting in the airport is proving how difficult that is to achieve. >> thanks very much, correspondent charles stratford updating to the situation around
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the airport. >> 20 migrants are fears to have died off malta. 100 people in a dingy for several days, 80 of them were rescued and need medical treatment. in a separate incident, an italian coast guard vessel picked up 70 migrants rescued off the coast of libya after receiving a distress call. >> yemen's president says he has accepted demands from houthi rebels to end the political crisis in his country. it comes as a tape appears to show his predecessor has been noting with the rebels to undermine the government. we have a report. >> an audio leaked to al jazeera, we hear what appears to be the ousted president colluding with the houthi leader. the phone call is said to have happened just after the houthis took control in september of the
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capitol. in the phone call, he tells him to speak to his people, including the secretary general of general people's congress at the time and military leader loyal to saleh and his son-in-law, a leading g.p.c. figure. >> he then appears to refer to the taker of the houthis and urging him to stop planes leaving so the president can't leave.
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>> a former advisor to the yemeni prime minister said he's not surprised. saleh's been calling the shots behind the scenes since he was forced out in 2012. >> he has been undermining the whole process and he never had the intentions of leaving power. >> the houthis have increased the influence across yemen since saleh stepped down after massive protests against him. they held the capitol since september and said they want to new government and to bring back fuel subsidies. supporters say they could do that in any way they can. >> it's not the houthi that they may be looked for that and after war, you can expect anything. this is something that happens this is not something really
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like to be ashamed of. >> the question now is how will other yemenese react when they learn saleh has been calling the shots since being ousted from power three years ago. >> let's get to more of what's happening in yemen. first of all this agreement between the houthis and government what is this agreement? >> this addresses the houthis having a bigger say in the government more political representation, they will take part in draft ago new constitution and they can say yes or no within that process. we understand from our sources the united nations special envoy to yemen is now meeting with representatives from the houthi and representatives from the president. he is going definitely to tell them that it's time to get together move forward because
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the other alternative will be just civil war in yemen. >> right so the idea now is that the houthis have veto over the way this constitution is going to be drafted. >> this now establishes the houthis as the most powerful political and military organization in yemen. they will have a bigger say in shaping the future of the state itself and this is definitely going to create more problems in yemen in the sense that you will have the secessionists in the south saying that the houthis are making gains north why don't you come onboard on grievances. the problem some of them say now, we just want to break away from the north, we have absolutely nothing to do with the north. this is going to create further political difficulties. the houthis don't want to see
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the south break away from the north. the only problem they face is they cannot move forward to those areas. this is an area which is where you have thousands of sunni fighters positioned, ready to take up arms against the houthis. >> it seems as though for now the president will remain in place, so the extent of this is power is questionable. given these feelings of discontent in the south will he suffice as a buffer between growing houthi power in the country and southern discontent? >> his problem for the time being is salvage his reputation as a former general because he has been severely undermind in the houthi takeover in september and he is confined to his residence. there is nothing he can do. his orders are largely -- >> they know that in the south. >> absolutely. his orderses are ignored by the
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houthis. he comes from the predominantly sunni south. the southerners might take up arms against the houthis but i think many people now will start to think about an alternative to him. i don't see this man. >> his position is not 10able. >> absolutely. >> let's move on now. the leader of the catholic church in the department republican of congress has called on the country's president to stop killing his people. dozens have died in three days of unrest. we of a report from the capitol. >> following days of anti-government protest in the capitol, ruling party politicians are trying to assert themselves. here the city's governor speaks to supporters. thousands have demonstrated. they say the president through
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politicians in his party is trying to change the law to extend his 13 year rule. the governor reputes it. >> the issues people don't understand is they think he wants to cling to power. listen to me clearly. have you ever heard him suggest any constitutional changes in parliament? where does it come from? >> the protests have been violent, dozens have been shot dead by police. protestors threw stones and burned cars. in some areas there's been looting. >> this is what remains of the goods from this store. it's not clear exactly why chinese property is targeted. some people say many here jobless represent chinese traders that are better off than them some say because the chinese government has supported the government, some see property as a legitimate target. >> politicians have been discussing changes to the voting law. the ruling coalition said that's
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because it wants a census before next years presidential election but it could delay the election by years and that's why the opposition is suspicious. we met opposition politician at his home. he says he's been imprisoned 46 times for criticizing the government and he says the president must go at the end of his second term. >> we will mobilize the entire population to chase him out of power. he vote to uphold the constitution in front of the whole country. he's meant to be a guardian of the constitution. today, if he breaches the comment he made to the people, then in accordance provision 64, the people will evict him from power. >> here protestors burned the local authority's office and vehicles in a city suburb. neither side shows signs of backing down. malcolm webb, al jazeera.
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>> there's much more to come on the al jazeera news hour, including syrian families fleeing the fighting in rebel-controlled territory and taking ref final in areas held by government forces. >> u.n. sponsored peace talks on libya collapsed after one of the countries rival governments walked out. >> the latest sports news, we'll have that later. australia and their bid to reach the semifinals of the asian cup. stay with us. >> the sons of former egyptian mubarak will be released. they said they should be released because they weren't being tried in any other cases. they were arrested in april 2011 and sent to the prison under the same murder and corruption charges laid against
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their father. they were accused of ordering the murder of protestors during the january 25 revolution. prosecutors announced more charges in may 2012, accusing mubarak sons of stock market manipulation or insider trading. they had some charges thrown out the next month, but remained in prison. in may of last year, all three mubaraks were sentenced to three years in prison for stealing millions of dollars in public funds. in november, prosecutors dropped the case against the former president and his sons in the case involving the death of protestors in 2011. then you'll remember, this month, a retrial was ordered in that corruption case. the lawyer for mubarak's sons say they should be released since they are not being tried in any other case. >> a senior lecturer at the institute at the university of exiter joins me now on skype. what do you make of the timing of their release? >> i think the timing is quite
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critical. you have the 25 of january anniversary forthcoming and where you have the supporters will be quite happy and the ones who really wanted to change the mubarak regime and participate in january 25 uprising will be more or less keen on going down on january 25, 2015 to protest basically their release. >> of course their release of the mubarak sons coincides with some 500 prisoners political prisoners being released. how do you explain the fact that these two things coincide. does it make sense to you? >> it doesn't make sense but it tells you something, the regime is not very centralized in its decision making. on one hand, it is seen as a way to undermine the mobilization
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efforts on january 25. it reminds us of the concessions the armed forces used to give so people don't go down and protest on friday. now, i think there are two conflicting decisions going on now. the one for the mubaraks on the one hand, but also the release of the protestors, but brought testers actually, if you look at their names are not released yet. i think what they said is that the ones that will be released are not the ones that smeared the reputation of the country externally or internally and the ones that were randomly arrested in the demonstrations, and randomly arrested, you'll find a lot of by standers were not even protesting but had the bad luck of being around the protests at
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that time. >> thank you very much. it was good to get your analysis on this. >> in somalia, one person is confirmed as killed after a car bomb targeted a turkish delegation in mogadishu. witnesses say there were three dead bodies in the scene. the armed group al shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack. the attack comes ahead of the president's visit to somalia. >> suicide bombers killed at least eight iraq soldiers north of baghdad at the entrance of a military base as dozens of soldiers were heading home for the weekend. security officials say 21 others were injured. no one has claimed responsibility. >> japan says it's looking at the possibilities of releasing two hostages taken by islamic
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state of iraq and the levant. japan is trying to negotiate with hostage takers. the prime minister has promised not to give into terrorism. early they are week, isil released to video threatening to kill the men unless a $200 million ransom is paid. >> iraq security forces are still months away from stage ago major counterattack against isil which still controls large swaths of the country. that came from phillip hammond ahead of a conference being held in london. the u.s. and u.k. are bringing together 21 members of the coalition fighting isil to coordinate ways to intensify attacks in iraq and syria. >> some syrian families fleeing fighting in rebel-controlled territory are taking ref final in areas held by government forces. several families are seeking shelter in northern syria.
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they suffer from a lack of essential supplies once they arrive. we have more. >> these syrian children are safe from the fighting, but that's about it. they are cold and there's not enough food for them. their family has been displaced from southern syria to the north near the turkish border. in the two years they've been here they've heard nothing from relatives, only news of those killed. their home doesn't protect them from the summer heat or winter cold, but they're trying to make a living. >> we are feeing on what we can grow in this land, sometimes we sell some products and manage to spare a small amount. i immediately go and buy a bed. >> many schools have been turned into temporary shelters, housing many families. it's not home, but it's something. >> when we first arrived here, our situation was miserable. my own situation was tragic. they lent a helping handled and
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still are. >> basically supplies are being given by non-governmental organizations. those working here say displaced families are from many parts of syria. >> syrians displaced come from various provinces and cities. some also arrive from outside syria. >> since the beginning of the conflict thousands of people have been displaced into nearby hasaka to escape bombings or sieges leading to starvation but now are living in dire conditions still holding out hope for the day they can return home. >> >> we want to bring you the latest on developments in zambia because early results in the presidential election show that the leading party is slightly ahead. election was called after the
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president died in office last year. he's fired tear gas at opposition protestors who believe the result was rigged. earlier on, we spoke to the former president. he is the head of the african union observer mission for zambia's elections. he said the election was largely conducted peacefully. >> how the elections have been run so far is that they've been run efficiently and in an environment that is very peaceful and zambians have voted. i think the interim president has managed very well without creating any loss of faith in the office of the president so
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i think the transition will be well managed. >> u.n. sponsored peace talks on libya collapsed after one of the countries rival governments walked out. the general nothing congress accuses the poll lent of orchestrating new violence. the geneva talks were in tended to really bring together heavily armed groups fighting for territory at ports. much of the east of the country is under the control of the former general. last year, he launch add military campaign called operation dignity to drive out rival groups in benghazi. he also backs the government of the prime minister which is based right there in tebrook. it moved after tripoli became too dangerous. libya dawn took over tripoli. it supports the general national congress which was set up in the
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capitol. what's left of libya is under control of several different tribes. it's a complicated situation. let's talk now to try to make sense of all of this. he is the director. good to have you with us. are you surprised that these talks collapsed? >> the last talks collapsed for similar reasons. i was not entirely surprised however, i was surprised that the general nothing congress, the political faction that is now representing operation down decided so firmly and boldly to walk away from the talks. i think in that respect it comes as a surprise that the political factions find this lucrative to walk away from the talks and there hasn't been a hard enough response to reprimand them. >> can you be more specific in terms of what we should be seeing from the international community, how can they centralize the different party to say actually come together and negotiate a solution?
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>> well, in concrete terms at the moment, there needs to be more accommodation. there is still this politically corrosive, very skeptical environment around both parties. they still have to go about their constituencies with a win. nobody looks forward at apartment mol solution for both parties. that in respect, how do we accommodate both remnants of the former regime represented by operation dignity, how do we find politically accommodating ways for things that didn't succeed in the elections. in this respect it needs to be a focus aside that. there is much the international community can do toward some of the warring parties outside libya, so the international community does have its own actors that are part of this proxy war. they need to understand that this has to be isolated, they
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can't continue to feel and innocent vice the violence. it has to come down in the way we are treating everything up for grabs. the factions can soberly look at the way in which from a political level both parties can be represented without thinking that the economic gain is up for grabs and without looking at the a security factor and thinking one party will come to dominate all these different institutions becoming predatory. i think analyzing and isolating parts up for grabs and incentivizing that way. everybody wants to try to get a zero game solution. >> let's get a weather update now with richard. we are seeing heavy rain in
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parts of australia right now. >> absolutely torrential in parts of the country. we didn't expect, in northern areas, you expect rain. all associated troughs of low pressure. 140 odd millimeters in the space of 24 hours is very heavy rain. we've seen localized areas where in thunderstorms they're getting much more than that. you imagine 100-milliliter plus in the space of 30 minutes. that's what's been folly and there's every chance we will see further torrential rain affecting the coast down towards new south wales. brisbane isn't immune from the risk of very big storms. sydney too it's an area to be aware of that could be dangerous to life and limb.
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across so southern parts of africa, we have seen deadly flooding affect in recent weeks. malawi has seen the worst of it recently. over the next day or so, the risk of the really heavy rain is going to transfer to madagascar. the indian ocean area is going to be flooding rain and there could be problems associated with this rainfall. >> still to come, many in the muslim and jewish communities in france have a backlash after the recent attacks in paris. >> i'm andy bagger in miami florida, as high level talks continue in cuba, we'll gauge the reaction of the business community and more than 1 million cuban americans that call south florida home. >> in sport the world number one forced to fight for a grand slam. we'll have all the details. ls.
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>> at least 13 have been killed by a strike in donetsk. the city in eastern ukraine is a strong separatist stronghold. yemens president has accepted demands from houthi reties to end a growing political crisis. the agreement comes as he appears to show his predecessor has been plotting with the rebels to undermine the
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government. >> the so that is of former president mubarak are to be released pending case. >> the european central bank is expected to boost the economy in hopes to restore confidence in the euro. we explain more. >> quantitative easing, one of those awful financial jargon terms, which can sometimes get over simplified into so called money printing. we start at a given central bank which creates money. just a few keystrokes on the computer and billions of dollars are there. that is then used to buy assets, mostly government bonds from banks and financial institutions. in turn, those banks start lending to the businesses, consumers and so the cycle begins. that is how the money is injected how spending increases
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and in theory, interest rates go down and inflation rises. it's deceptively simple and does work. we've seen that in the united states the u.k., it's why japan has followed suit. and it is finite resource, an injection, eventually, quantitative easing has to be eased. it's not the woman and man on the street that feels it first. banks want to lend to stronger customers, pension funds insurance companies things like that. stagnation in the euro zone has gone on for years. austerity that only done so much. the power that is be have finally recognized that and decided to get spending. >> that's live for us at the world economic forum in davos. today, it's really about the european central bank, all eyes on the e.c.b. >> they are indeed, a lot of the
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talk going on in the corridors here about what he is about to say in frankfurt about his stimulus measures for the european economy. i'm standing in the main haul where earlier egypt's president assisi was speaking. right now, german chancellor angela merkel is speaking. no doubt, she will have something to say about the plans. someone else who has something to say about the plan is with me right now. he is european commission vice president. has he responsibility for jobs growth investment and competitiveness. he is, of course the former prime minister of finland, thank you for being with us on pig. is quantitative easing the right way to reboot the euro zone economy? >> we don't know yet what they will decide and due to
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institutional reasons, i can't comment that much about it, but i'm confident that what is being done actually has had positive impact to the european economy. i'm sure that they know the mandate is about -- and we'll know later on what will happen. >> very shortly. quantitative easing has had a very big effect on the u.s. economy, it's worked there, it's worked in the u.k. the euro zone is not america. it's very, very different. former treasury secretary speaking to me said it would be a mistake to look at quantitative easing as a panacea. >> that's right there are lots of -- but luckily many economies are doing reforms in order to strengthen competitiveness and that is very key issue, very tip criminal issue. another issue, what the e.u.
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itself is doing is investment plan. there are three angles, risk fund another pipeline for private investors to find -- and the third one is deepening and widening market in energy and capitol market. this triangle will play as a big role changing permanently more toward a competitive direction. >> to fix the unemployment level problem, doesn't snit there are so many young people who can't get jobs right now. >> we have to support young people but at the same time invest in future in order to get new jobs from entrepreneur enter prices. we have a risk fund and also the
8:37 am
infrastructure and capitol to fundamental research. europe and member states must reinvent themselves to create no jobs for a new world. >> how do they do that? the current finland prime minister has said that there are ways to perhaps restructure a country like greece's debt. how will that work? >> well, i don't want to speculate at all about greece. they will have elections next week. greek people have commitments towards other european citizens and everybody expect them to have what we promised. >> this money private money is not used for productive investment at the moment.
8:38 am
that's why we want to widen a single market and provide risk loans and crowd in private resources. >> thank you sir for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> european commission vice president here at the world economic forum in davos. not all e.u. states are happy about what is about to be proposed particularly germany german chancellor angela merkel is speaking right now in the hall beside of me. it will be interesting to get her take on the proposal. much more coming on al jazeera. >> that's right we're just looking at pictures right now of mario drage live. it is always tough between germany and most of the other
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euro zone states. it does often feel like germany against the rest. he is expected to announce new stimulus measures in the form of a bond buying program. let's listen in. >> as the 19th country to adopt the euro as its currency. accordingly, the chairman of the board became a member of the governing council on january 1 2015. the succession trigger add system under which national center bank governors take turns holding voting rights on the governing council. the rotation system details are available on the e.c.b.'s website. we will now report on the
8:40 am
outcome of today's meeting of the governing council which was also attended by the commission vice president. based on our regular economic and monetary analysis, we conduct add thorough reassessment for the outlook of price developments and of the monetary stimulus achieved. as a result, the governing council took the following decisions. first, it decided to launch an expanded asset purchase program encampossing the existing purchase programs for asset backed securities and bonds. under this expanded program the combined monthly purchases of public and private sector securities will amount to
8:41 am
60 billion euros. they are intended to be carried out until end september 2016, and will in any case be conducted until we see a sustained adjustment in the partial inflation which is consistent with our aim of achieves inflation rates below close to 2% over the median term. in marsh 2015, the euro system will start to purchase euro denominated investment grade securities issued by european agencies and institutions in the secondary market. the purchases of securities issued will be based on the euro system national center bank's
8:42 am
shares in the e.c.b.'s capitol key. some additional eligibility criteria will be applied in the case of countries under an e.u. i.m.f. adjustment program. second the governing council decided to change the pricing of the six remaining targeted longer term refinancing operations otherwise called deltros. the interest rate applicable will be equal to the rate on the euro system's main refinancing at the time conducted, there be removing the 10-point spread over the rate that applied to the first two.
8:43 am
third, in liniment, we decided to keep the key e.c.b. interest rates unchanged. as regards the additional asset purchases, the good governing council retains control over the design program and the safeguarding of the singleness of the monetary policy. the you're resystem will make use of decontrollized implementation to mobilize it's resources. with regard to the sharing of hypothetical losses, the governing council decided that purchases of securities of european institutions, which will be 12% of the additional asset purchases and which would be purchased by the n.c.b.'s
8:44 am
will be subject to loss sharing. the rest of the n.c.b.'s additional asset purchases will not be subject to loss sharing. >> we are right now listening to e.c.b. president. we are going to continue to monitor what he is saying. this is a really important announcement something that everyone happen watching for world economic forum taking place in a davos now. one of the key issues is the euro zone and combating high unemployment and low growth in the region, and fears about the single currency holding together. we've heard from german chancellor angela merkel. the german position here has always been that there shouldn't be any let up in the pressure on euro zone government to say reform that means austerity measures cutting back on spending germans more conservative when it comes to
8:45 am
spending money a bond buying program is expected to be unveiled buying government bonds in order to combat deflation in the euro zone. this has been a big fear, low inflation in a kind of deflationary spiral of lower prices and people spending less money and higher unemployment and businesses investing less, if you like, and it could lead to a loft decade, a prolonged period of lower growth where the public and businesses suffer all around this is the big fear in the euro zone now. the expectation is that we will get some sort of stimulus measure from the european bank to fight those fears of low inflation or possible deflation. we'll stay across that for you. of course, with that announcement from the european central bank about the injection of billions of euros potentially into europe's dragging economy an example set by the u.s., we
8:46 am
look now at the role of washington's monetary policy in the u.s. recovery from recession. >> at his state of the union speech, barack obama could revel at economic come back. >> our economy is growing jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. our unemployment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis. >> the factors behind the climb out of the abyss are complex. obama's administration gave itself credit for at least halting the slide by enact be an $830 billion stimulus package. it's paid for auto industry bailout, new health infrastructure programs, and slashed personal taxes. those measures were applied with a monetary jolt provided by the federal reserve american's independent central bank. it cut short term interest rates
8:47 am
to zero, hoping to spark investment and consumer spending. it then proceeded with quantitative easing, buying treasury bonds and our securities to a total of $4 trillion, a radical step away from austerity. >> i personally don't think that it's going to solve the problem but i do think it has enough force to help nudge the economy in the right direction. >> by keeping the cost of borrowing low, the fed allowed millions of homeowners to refinance mortgages and banks to take on greater risk in lending. it saved the government hundreds of billions of dollars in interest payments on its debt. >> america's relative success with quantity tative easing may not be repeatable in europe. >> the u.s. doesn't need the amount of structural reform of labor markets and product markets to increase competition that a large number, in fact
8:48 am
most of the european countries need. >> the fed is unsure when to tighten the monetary reins. >> we will progress on the path of normalizing policy, but i can't tell you specifically. >> neither can europe predict how long its easing money policy will take. >> historic high level talks between the u.s. and cuba are about to resume for a second day. there have been disagreements so far of the u.s. immigration policy allowing special privilege to say cubans who migrate to the u.s. florida is home to over a million cuban americans and for many improving ties between the two nations is a divisive issue. >> miami's only independently owned cuban american station the phone lines are lighting up.
8:49 am
the call-in show is a forum for the mostly older audience. amidst the bar acknowledge of calls, some have more moderate or cautious views about what might happen in the future. >> perhaps the only positive thing that might come out of this is that the mantra of the cuban government that the embargo is the reason for all their problems, that line of reasoning might fall apart in their face. >> south florida's business community is looking to the future trade in an end to the u.s. embargo. excitement is tempered by the realizion that an end to the embargo will need congressional approval a move not likely to happen overnight. >> there's good reason this change in relations is referred to as a fore. economic change will be slow in coming but there is one company
8:50 am
here in miami that has seen significant developments since that historic announcement in december. >> the front reds are just looking super cheap. >> this is the office of the firm that trades into the stock market symbol cuba. for years, they have invested in companies. >> i remember the movie jaws and the actor sees the shark for the first time coming out of the water and he says we're going to need a bigger boat. that's exactly how i felt. we're going to need a larger fund. >> for local leaders like the mayor of miami the questions about what normalization might mean remain unanswered. >> i feel bad as an american and i feel worse as a cuban-american because, you know the united states is leading country in human rights and fight for democracy and yet we are not demanding anything from cuba.
8:51 am
>> for this community more than any other moves to normalization will have a big impact. it's now out of the hands. they are paying close attention to what the future holds. >> still to come, all the latest sports news, including this, a goal in an english non-league football match goes viral. we'll bring you the details in a moment.
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>> welcome back. time now for your sport with
8:53 am
raul. >> thank you very much. host australia have reached the semifinals of the asia cup after beating china 2-0 in the quarter finals. 47,000 people packed brisbane stadium. once again coming to the rescue straight after the half time break, goal number 38. 39 came soon after. japan and united arab emirates next tuesday. south korea played uzbekistan. 2-0 the final score.
8:54 am
south korea will play iran or iraq in monday's semifinal. >> the africa cup of nations hundreds of fans clashed with police in equatorial guinea happening before the match on wednesday. it's from where andy richardson now reports. >> overall, the federation of african football will be pleased with how the tournament is progressing. they took a big risk by giving it to equatorial guinea at short notice when morocco pulled out in november. there were issues before the game between the host nation and burkina faso, a lot of fans arriving late, due to the game kicking off at 5:00 p.m. on a working day and fans arriving without tickets. there's the fact that progress in the stadium was pretty slow, due to the fact that everyone is given hand sanitizer on the way
8:55 am
in in an effort to prevent the possible spread of the ebola virus. it all resulted in a bit of a bottleneck and there were clashes with police. they deployed carry cannon and pepper spray in an effort to disperse the clouds. it did break up without escalating into anything too serious, but something that will be looked at ahead of the final group game. some problems were always likely when a host nation is given weeks rather than years to prepare, but they were determined that this tournament would paroled at scheduled in an effort to maintain the reputation of african football and the finances of the game in this can't tent. >> to club football now. a 16-year-old norwegian player from real madrid was being chased by some of europe's bigger clubs. he made his debut for norway
8:56 am
last august at age 15, break ago record that had stood for more than a century. they paid $3.5 million for him. >> tennis number one djokovic wasted no time in booking his spot in the first round. the top seed lost just five games as he thrashed the russian. he is bidding for a fifth title. >> defending champion is also safely through to the last 32. he need add tie break to win the first two sets against the romanian but he took the third 6-3 to clinch the match. top women seed serena williams had to save three set points in her match. she finally clinched the first set and went on a 10-game winning streak. >> i had to get my mind like
8:57 am
serena's this girl is ranked number two in the world and she's been on the tour and she's a very quality player, she knows what to do, and she knows how to win, so i had to kind of snap into that. >> we go back to football briefly now. it's not often we show you action from the fifth tier of english football, but with a goal like this, you'll see why we made an exception. he was the toast after this strike. it has gone viral and shown as far afield as australia. we're going to see it one more time. there we go. well worth another look, i'm sure you will agree. he won't have to buy a drink again. >> impressive goal. more news at the top of the hour. i'll be back with you in a few
8:58 am
moments. stay with us. ith us.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> at least 13 people are killed after a shell hit a trolley bus in the ukrainian city of donetsk. >> welcome to al jazeera here in doha. >> the european central bank will inject billions of dollars to boost the euro zone's ailing economy. >> we're following developments in egypt a court ordering the release of hosni mubaraks son in a corruption case. >>