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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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google+ and more. the people of greece head to the polls in an election that could change everything from the bail out to austerity and even membership of the euro. ♪ ♪ hello there welcome to the program. live from doha i am david foster. also comping up in the next third minutes an enthusiastic welcome india's prime minister breaks with protocol to greet the u.s. president on the tarmac. japan says the isil video claiming to show the killing of a japanese hostage seems credible. and ukraine's president says he will punish pro-russian
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rebels after a rocket kills third in the eastern city of mariupol. ♪ ♪ and we begin in greece where voting is under way. the snap general election that could change the direction of the country sharply. opinion polls suggest the left wing party is ahead of the up one bent new democracy party. they say they will end austerity measures if it wins, al jazerra's steve is sue is live for us in agentathens the last election was about change, this seems to be about even bigger change, sue. >> reporter: gentlemen, very much so, david. it sounds like a 2-horse race with the two many parties looking at op it's accepted of the spectrum as to how to deal with the a stair tie measures in play due the huge bail out.
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people are trickling in in an early sunday morning here to place their votes. but as barnaby phillips reports from agent thens athens. those all stir at this measures have been hitting very hard. >> reporter: they haven't come to see see ancient ruins but modern derelict buildings. very qualified to describe the economic crisis, he's unemployed and worried that he will soon lose his pardon me. >> homeless is not only the people that you see in the street, on the bench or on the paper box to sleep, i am homeless also because i owe very many rents to -- of my house you know. so i live with the fear that every day may be they knock the door and say okay, go out. >> reporter: some parts of central athens look very sad these days, but the decay and the decline which you see around me doesn't tell the whole story
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of the greek economy during the crisis. because at the same time in recent years many young entrepreneurs have been busy setting up new business. and for them, the crisis has actually been an opportunity. these women launched a luxury line of beach towels in 2012 at the height of the crisis. it hasn't been easy to borrow money, but at least rents are cheap. and they hope customers from these lean years will stick with them when better times return. >> the young generation and, of course ourselves have to be optimistic. we have to be optimistic because we are entrepreneurs and we need for focus on our idea, give it energy and help it grow. >> reporter: outside the finance ministry another group of women fighting to make a living. but there is much less optimism. these office cleaners were laid off in 2013, they have been protest is ever since.
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she tells me the economy and unemployment are getting worse despite what the official statistics say. by a depressed industrial area, we find communists campaigning for votes. not many greeks are convinced by them but take a look at the empty facts are yous nearby. they explain why greeks are going in to these elections desperate for change. barnaby phillips, al jazerra athens. >> and the fact is, sue, they are watching this not just in greece but right across the euro zone because of what they are saying what it might do if it wins. >> reporter: yes. i think there is a lot of european leaders out there actually looking very nervously as to what happens here, because this front runner, is a radical left wing party. and it's a similar party across europe at the moment that are doing very well.
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led by pablo iglesias in spain is ahead in the polls and they have an election in december and they are sort of singing the same thing if you like, they are saying we can't cope with the austerity measures being forced because of the bail out that we have had. and really the depression it's putting in the country is not going to help its recovery at all. and similar parties as i say anti-establishment parties in ireland, portugal, and italy all saying the same thing. so i think this is not just about a greek election, it's not just about whether the greeks decide that the austerity measures that the last government has put in place says this is a bitter bill that we have to keep swallowing if we are pulling ourselves out of this enormous debt, there is another way. and people here have been showing in the opinion polls that they want that other way they want to see if a different way of bringing themselves to a better bay of way of life, getting
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below the poverty line and getting employment. 26% of the people in this country are currently unemployed. that doesn't everybody take in account the youth, some places 50% of young people don't have a job here. there is a lot of hope that maybe syriza can see a better way out. but the leader of the democracy party says we have to give more of the same meaning sticking to the same austerity measures. >> fascinating sue, thank you very much. india's prime minister, who was once banned from visiting the united states, has given the u.s. president an extraordinarily warm welcome in new delhi. in fact, he broke protocol to greek barack obama as soon as he got off his plane being hugged there, owe bomb at only u.s. president to visit india twice. it's his first visit since his election victory in may. let's go to new delhi. there are often two sides to these sorts of visit.
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there is the popular side and the political side. and we'll get to the political side in just a moment. what do the people of india sense is the meaning of obama coming there twice getting a greeting like this from the indian prime minister, what do you think it says about the relationship in indians' eyes between their country and the u.s.? >> reporter: absolutely, in terms of the indian perspective this is about india being on the world stage it's india's recognition of a place of potential. a place of friends i warm relationships, good allies, as well as the economic potential. keeping in mind this visit is not just about the candid symbolism and the warmth of friendship it's also about doing business worth many billions of dollars and we should say since we spoke to you last there have been discussions in the local press that a nuclear deal may very well be announced today. a civil nuclear deal, hugely significant both for india and the united states. one that has taken sometime to crack, if, in fact, it happened
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today. >> with american concerns about instability in large parts of the middle east and in pakistan it's relationship with india not just regionally but worldwide is pretty vital to insuring safety as far as america is concerned? >> reporter: yes absolutely. and that will be one of the key aims of the government to say look enter here, we are an important leadership country across the region and the world you can rely on us for support. but also keeping in mind this comes against a backdrop of visits from world leaders, we have just had vladimir putin? town as well late last year, that suggests the leaders of the world's major countries and he con mys are coming to interim i can't and putting their point across and it will be interesting to see what they say about not just the middle east and the wider south asia region but also conditions in europe that obama is watching. >> it will be interesting indeed. thank you for us there in new
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delhi. yemen's emergency parliament session has been postponed. the m.p.s were expect today talk about the resent resignation of president. protesting rudies in the capital. now a report. >> reporter: houthi fighters opened fire and the crowd scatters. three people were injured it's unclear whether they were hurt by the gunshots or in the ensuing panic. these people are anti-houthi protesters. this town has been under control of the rebel group since october october. there were no gunshots in the capital sanaa. >> we are protesting to overthrown the armed militia ands kick them out of the
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capital sanaa. >> reporter: they don't want the president to resign, he but that's what he said saying i couldn't remain in offers. his resignation has to be okayed by parliament. the southern block is here. centered around a secessionist movement that has simmer the for decades, this is where the houthis are in control. and including the capital sanaa. and these are cities that have seen major demonstrations against the rebels. but there are many others who support the rebel group. on friday, thousands of them marched in support of the houthis and their plans for transition to a new leadership. soy far effort to his bring together all of these factions have failed. >> there were many mistakes and breaches that happened in the crisis. actions in the country increased the violence. they put the political process under serious threat.
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our goal now is to reach a political solution that will get different views closer to each other to reconcile the political process in yemen. >> reporter: but this is a country where differences are often settled at the end of a gun. on a day where protesters took to city streets a battle broke out in a small village in central yemen between tribal fighters and houthis. killing several people. this kind of fighting has been going on for long months, lodge before the president resigns the ending the current crisis will only be the first step in bringing stability to yep edge. japan's prime minister says the killing of a japanese hostage by isil is, quote outrageous and unforgivable. sin show abe showing one being killed appears to go credible. abe is demanding the release of another hostage the jab knees
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journalist. isil took the men hostage last year. instead of a ran some, aisles was demanding the release of an iraqi woman a failed suicide bomber being held in jordan. harry fawcett has more from toke itokyo. >> reporter: the message from the japanese government is as close as possible confirming the death of one of the two nap jeez nationals held hostage by isil without explicitly saying that they have definitive proof. the prime minister shinzo abe came on national television in the morning and said that unfortunately, japan could not but say that the credibility of this video was high, a couple of hours later his chief cabinet secretary who has been leading the japanese public pronouncements and statements on this since this gannon folding on tuesday he said that japan had found no basis so far to deny the murder. the video that came out
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overnight showed another japanese captive a still i think of him holding up what seemed to be the photograph of the dead body. there was audio file underneath that image purportedly of his speaking in that the words condemned the actions of shinzo abe or rather his inaction, saying that had led to the death. also saying that the demand of the hostage takers had changed from $200 million to the release of a female suicide bomber aura tempted suicide bomber who was involved in the 2005 hotel bombing in amman. and has been held in jordan since then. that if she were released so would the hostage be. so far no reaction to that from the japanese government. no comment being made on that, shinzo be a saying the situation is stick moving. >> harry fawcett reporting from tokyo. fierce battle between isil and
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iraqi forces. security forces say at least 32 iraqi government forces and militia were killed in the violence in the area. about 100 people are said to have been injured. according to security sources iraqi forces have regained control of several villages in that area. ukraine's president has said he will punish those responsible for eye rocket attack that killed at least 30 people in the eastern ukrainian city of mariupol. a rebel leader has said his people were behind the attack and has declared an offensive against the strategic port city. charles stratford reports. >> reporter: sirens ring out across the city. a warning of more attacks. this amateur video shows residential apartments, their windows blown out across the road from another building in flames. a woman's body liza midst the rubble. the body of a man close by.
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ukrainian soldiers patrol the street. >> there is a lot of damage to residential buildings and to the market. they hit the moment when people were buying groceries. you can see the bodies lying over there. >> reporter: ukrainian military says pro-russian rebels launched ground rocket a the tacks on the city of mariupol. it's of great strategic significance to both sides in the i don't knowconflict it's a major city between russia and russia-annexed crimea. they said the attacks were committed by the russian military. he said the russian president vladimir pint was responsible i believe. paoud inningputin has blamed the recent violence he says on those who issue criminal orders. the attacks come days after the ukrainian military withdrew from donetsk airport after more than eight months of fighting. the separatists took control of this ukrainian military post around 30-kilometers outside
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donetsk on thursday and they have continued to launch attacks from northern areas of the city. there had been a warning. these attacks should perhaps come as no surprise the rebel leader here in donetsk saying that he had had enough ofers of calling and putting in to place some sort of truce and threatening what he described as a multi-pronged attack out of donetsk taking in that area including mariupol city. we now hear from local and international journalists attending a ceremony in commemoration of people killed in a bus earlier this week that the rebel leader said the battle for mariupol has begun charles stratford, al jazerra donetsk. ukraine's president petro poroshenko says he's going to meet his military teams to talk about how to respond to the unrest in the east. economy decemberred what had happened. >> translator: the entire world was shocked today by the awful tragedy when happened in mariupol. the terrorist attack which took
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10s of ukrainian lives and wounded more than 100 innocent victims needs immediate reaction reaction. today i can declare the whole world is with ukraine. the evil must be 100 percent punished. we will i in initiate negotiations in the geneva format with participation of the united states and the european, union russia and ukraine. still to come here on al jazerra. those who overcame the barrier of fear to overthrow a president four years on. we look at egypt's revolution. al jazeera america brings you controversial... >> we have to change those things in order to make our own lives better. >> entertaining... >> there was a lot of laughter. >> thought provoking... >> it doesn't change the world but it does influence the way people think.
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>> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council. >> about issues that impact your world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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♪ ♪ you are watching the news here on al jazerra with me david foster. time to go through the global headlines. voting is underway in greece in a snap general election that could change the direction of the country sharply. opinion polls suggest that the left wing party is ahead of the incumbent pile prime minister. the u.s. president obama is in india. the country's prime minister broke with protocol to give the u.s. president a big hug as he got off the plane in new delhi. and president obama offering his condolences to japan's prime minister after the apparent killing of a japanese hostage by members of isil. shinzo abe is demanding the release of another hostage the japanese journalist.
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♪ ♪ it was four years ago today that the people of egypt rows up rose up and brought down a president hospital my mubarak who had ruled them for nearly 30 years later on al jazerra we'll look ate joint's currents position on human rights, the economy and international relations but right now alan fisher takes a look at 18 tumultuous days that changed the course of egypt's future. >> reporter: it started as a day of anger a cry for change, inspired by the previous tested in tunisia they gathered in the thousands across cities in egypt. in cairo the square would become the december are center of the demonstration. the name that would become known around the world. and it was here the first flash of violence, police turned to tear gas and water cannons on protesters who responded with rocks and missiles forcing them back.
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for some, it marked the beginning of the end of a president who had been in power for almost 30 years. >> translator: we are tired man, we are tired. stop the price hikes, we are suffering. >> reporter: over the next two days the protests continued and so did the violence from both sides. hundreds were arrested. demonstrators were killed. many groups and individuals individuals threw their support behind the call for change, including one influential global figure. >> i wish that we didn't have to go to the streets to impress on the regime that they need to change. we tried signatures, we tried boycotting the elect nothing worked. >> reporter: january 28th and the growing voices of opposition called for a day of rage, 10s of thousands took to the streets in cairo and other cities. the biggest sign of decent in modern times. the government had tried to smother the demonstrations conduct off the internet, ordering mobile phone services should down. it didn't work.
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running battles were fought around the square and government buildings burned it felt as if the country was falling in to chaos. the police could no longer cope. the government ordered troops onto the streets. they were welcomed by the protesters who felt safer mo procedure texted. >> translator: i am calling on all of the egyptian people from all of the different areas to come and take part in these protests here in the square. >> reporter: the numbers numbers grew, young and old rich and poor, all with a feeling that change was coming. there was nothing to suggest the regime was weakening. introduced and ignored the numbers continued to grow the army was order today use live ammunition on demonstrators it refused. air force jets flew over to cheers and chance of support. opposition leaders marked february 1st as the march of millions the government said only a few thousand turned out. the pictures didn't lie, there
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were estimates of more than a million in cairo at least under growing international pressure president mubarak addressed the nation this the people thought was their movement. he said he would not run in the next election but stay in office to allow a peaceful transition of power. >> i will defends the security of egypt and the aspirations of its people and continue to shoulder my responsibility. >> reporter: the crowd were angry. and it showed. on the morning of february the twond the army told people to go home to abandon the protest as groups were on their way to bomb the square, most stood firm believing it was a are scare tam i can the ruling m.v.p. sent people to show support for the president. they arrived camels armed with swords and knives, and to attack protesters. this was arguably the most damage dangerous day the moment egypt teetered on civil war when divisions were never more
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pronounced never more raw. it did not deter or persuade. protesters designated friday the fourth of february as the day of did he par pure, more than a million gathered. and formed a chain to protest them. in alexandria a million gathered there. the voices united. the president unmoved. the government, army tried to negotiat an end to the protests, all were rejected. the man whose facebook page was sometimes credited with igniting the protest was released from jail. he had been held for 14 days. >> translator: as long as you are standing here, you are a hero. you are the heros. >> reporter: it seemed to gal have a nice the protesters. >> translator: i am prepared to spend the rest of my life here and i am prepared to die here, mubarak has been in power for 30 years with unfairness and injustice. >> reporter: the next day observers estimated the biggest crowds yet in cairo for the so-called day of love. the country's new vice president
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made a national address insisted egypt was not ready for the decemberdemocracy the protesters wanted. the demonstrations continued. general strikes strikes gripped the country. mubarak went on tv again. he told the nation that he would remain in charge. he would transfer payers to his vice president. >> translator: i have decided to assign the function of the president of the republic to the vice president in accordance with the constitution. >> reporter: if he thought he had done enough, he was wrong. within moments of his announcement, the anger the chance of leave began to spread through the crowd and the country. there was a very real fear egypt was in the worst words of some, about to explode. the 11th of february the opposition declared another friday of departure, there were no indications this would be any different. the protests continued in the numbers that they had before. they were loud and angry as before. but behind the scenes there were
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signs things were finally about to change. there were reports mubarak and his family left cairo rumors and speculation swept the country, people expressed their hopes and fears often both were the same. then the vice president appeared on national tv. in a flat, unemotional voice he delivered the historic news. >> translator: prison mohamed has any mubarak has decided to wave the office of the president of the republic and instructed the supreme council of the armed forces to run the affairs of the country. >> reporter: there was however no lack of emotion from those on the streets. from those who protested and prayed, from those who called for change. and finally saw it delivered. >> translator: i am so happy. i can't take it. my voice is gone.
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>> translator: not even in my dreams could i have managed manage imagines this. we did it. >> translator: there were two days at that that will now be put down in our history when the revolution began on the 25th of january and today when the regime went down. >> reporter: the 2011 revolution in egypt was bloody and difficult. many wanted an end to mubarak and his regime, that was accomplished. four years on, egypt has a former military man back in charge. and the country still divided on whether the revolution changed anything. or changed everything. allen fisher, al jazerra. now a couple of other stories we are expecting to develop on sunday, zambia's new president will be sworn in about a half an hour's time even won tuesday's election with 48% of the vote. they accused rival of the ma nip laying the results. early poll after the death of the president in october. anti-islam marches are set
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to get underway in germany. the right wing movement there patriots europeans against the islam saying of the west. drawing 10s of thousands of supporters. there have also been counter rallies calling for the rejection of muslim asylum seekers. police will be hoping to avoid scenes such as this and guinea takes on ga bon in i quarter finals of the african cup of nations, frustrated fans threw missiles when there were huge delays getting in to the stadium. he can what tar yell guinea news to win the match in order to stay alive in the tournament. >> now flute owe is more than 7 billion-kilometer as way it's taken the new horizons craft nine years to get close enough for the first snaps the pictures will be tiny dots and
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will take two days to get back here to earth. but july, though, new horizons will get within 14,000-kilometers of the surface, pretty close in cosmic terms before it heads even deeper in to outer space. space.