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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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life costs these days. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. welcome to the news hour, i'm darren jordan from the news center in doha. these are the top stories - the secretary of state arrives in nigeria. they battle boko haram in two nearby cities. six protesters killed in egypt on the fourth anniversary of the revolution that deposed hosni mubarak people in greece vote for austerity. and... >> i'm andrew thomas in a most
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talked about art gallery in australia. that car, a machine that defecates - if you think that is strange, wait until you hear the story of the man behind the museum welcome to the programme. secretary of state john kerry arrive in nigeria, with the election set to take place. it comes as the army is battling boko haram. they have been exchanging gun mire in made ugary. we are joined from abuja. what can you tell us about the latest attack by boko haram? >> well in the last 30 minutes we have managed to speak to someone in maiduguri, a member of the civilian joint task
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force. ordinary nigerians that have been supporting the military in the fight against boko haram. this individual said he has seen many many many dead bodies. when we asked of whom. he said boko haram fighters killed by the nigerian military. he said that civilians were killed and he counted 10 bodies including children caught in the crossfire. at that point he raised his body and he was jubilantly celebrating. he said that was the military celebrating, soldiers celebrating having driven boko haram fighters out of maiduguri. this supports the army. they said they were driving the group out of the city. the only unclear thing is whether there's a curfew in place. the civilian j.t. s guy that we
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spoke to says there's no curfew in place, but the military tweeted that there is a curfew in place. it's difficult to verify what this is telling us. as you say, it's a confusing situation there in the -- confusing situation in the north-east. what is clear is that boko haram seems to be attacking with increased ferocity and impunity. has the government lost the fight against the armed troops? >> they would say no. a couple of days ago the military spokesperson in the capital gave an interview to an international broadcaster where he said that boko haram had not taken any part of the north-east or nigeria. the way they see it is there are areas where there are prevalent attacks, that the group has not taken over or are in control of areas. they would say they are winning
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the war, and that contradicts what the military is saying. the other day i interviewed soldiers dismissed from the military for all sorts of reasons, and asked them this question you know, are you winning this war against boko haram? and they said yes in recent weeks because apparently according to them, there are new weapons now. soldiers have been equipped with more sophisticated weapons. authorities are maintaining the line that they are winning the war, despite the fact that day in day out there are reports of attacks by the group. >> thank you yvonne now, six protesters killed and dozens injured as demonstrations continue across egypt. despite the army sealing off tahrir square the symbol of the 2011 revolution, protesters have taken to the streets to celebrate the uprising.
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egyptians have been marching in cairo and other cities and demand an end to military rule on saturday a female protesters was killed in the capital. a video posted shows a socialist activist protesting peacefully. witnesses say she was hit by bird shot fired by police. her colleague was seen carrying here through the streets of cairo, trying to find medical help. >> egyptians brought an end to the fighting. four days since have been tense, if not more. simon mcgregor-wood reports. >> reporter: after 30 years, the hosni mubarak era ended by a wave of popular protests. the egyptians overcame the fear barrier. >> we need a change. >> reporter: the uprising shook
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the region and the world. hosni mubarak's removal did not stop momentum of protest. in march 2011 protesters stormed the security service. demonstrators demanded a trial of hooubar ask and his sons. -- hosni mubarak and his seconds. tahrir square was not quiet for long. this general led egypt for 17 months after the full of hosni mubarak. during the time as interim leader hosni mubarak was charged with complicity to murder protesters. in november parliamentaries were held. there was a turn-out. the muslim brotherhood and conservative allies won a majority and set about writing egypt's new constitution. >> there's a feeling of excitement in happiness. everyone nose it's an historic
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day. >> the process was contentious. it was interrupted by a legal challenge and a walk out by sebbing larists. presidential elections went ahead in 2012 and mohamed mursi became the first democratically elected president. the political lines were becoming deeper. not everyone wanted a muslim brotherhood in power. in november mohamed mursi was accused by opponents of overplaying his hand with a decree granting himself executive powers and immunity from judicial review. >> a draft constitution is the outcome of the january 25th resolution guaranteeing social justice, minimum wage fighting against corruption. >> reporter: growing tensions between mohamed mursi and the military. on june the 30th there were massive protests...
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..with the opposition. the military deposed mohamed mursi in what some officials called a coup. enter abdul fatah al-sisi, promising stability. an interim government was appointed, and president mansour, following a crackdown of consent and protest. abdul fatah al-sisi was at the wheel. familiar to many but a necessity for others including the western allies and conservative gulf countries who favoured a strong hand over the inconvenient outcomes of democracy. president mohamed mursi supporters refused to give in. they organised mass sit-ins to demand their man's return to power. the scene was set for confrontation, and it came on
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august 14th. police and security moved in shooting any who resisted and many who tried to get away. our own team covering the event was caught in the crossfire. >> we are pinned down and are being shot at. we cannot move from the location we are at the moment. it was clear police did not want this to be covered. over 800 people were killed that quay. day. the world -- that day. the world protested but stopped short of taking action against those responsible. in may, abdul fatah al-sisi, a former field marshall won the presidential election and swapped his uniform for a presidential shoot, like hosni mubarak before him.
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in november charges. complicity to murder against hosni mubarak were thrown out. there was no significant protests. meanwhile mohamed mursi, the first democratically elected leader is in gaol fighting charges of conspiring demonstrations and more. the protest on the old order continues. in the last four years many died and many are in prison. they might be forgiven for thinking their sacrifices have changed a little let's talk to a blogger and activist joining us via skype from cairo. we saw a female protestor shot dead in cairo. how much does it touch on the same issues of the 2011 uprising. police brutality. lack of accountability by the
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police. >> i think there is nothing more anecdotal or symbolic of our current situation, more than what happened yesterday, four years after the revolution swept this country. but mainly by the quest for social justice and end to police brutality. these things have gone worse. we have a situation that is even worse. four years after the revolution. in my view i think that the first waive of the resolution has been defeated. we have to be frank with ourselves. >> yes, i was going to ask you - according to human rights watch, the issue of police impunity and brutality has not gone away. are people's attitudes about the police and the justice system
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now better than four years ago? >> it's very hard to pin. the police force that we inherited from the hosni mubarak regime has become more vicious and broughtal. the same commanders the same tactics that have been used under hosni mubarak are now under abdul fatah al-sisi. the attitudes are mixed, meaning white the police force is largely hated in egypt. the security paranoia because of the terror can make some section of the population willing to endure such abuses as the media brainwashes them. >> it's an interesting point you make about media and its uses.
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what about press freedoms. journalists are still imprisoned. al jazeera alone has three journalists in egypt at the moment. there's a crackdown media that force have widened since mohamed mursi was removed from power. >> we think it definitely has got worse. there was a tiny window of proceed some. and the margin for freedom of expression expanded a little in the years of 2011 and 2012. but 2013 onwards definitely the situation has gone worse. journalists are imprisoned on fabricated charges. privately owned media and the state's own media is more or less receiving from a daily basis from the military how to cover this or that.
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something that the egyptians do well. this was confirmed to us more by the leaks that are coming out from abdul fatah al-sisi's office. the rallying cry of the resolution - do ordinarily egyptians feel that the revolution changed anything in a positive way or have things gone backgrounds, do you think? >> i think the majority think that things have gone backwards, and our situation. but the question here is at the end or not, that the two factor of the revolution whether it's social justice and police brutality, they are there, and they are becoming worse. the problems are more severe. people are exhausted after four years of resolution
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resulting with casualties exceeding 5,000 killed and more than 40,000 imprisoned. i think that action will remain not as strong as they were definitely during the earlier waves of the revolution but i think a revival is expected in the future. >> all right. thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts with us here on al jazeera meanwhile al jazeera continues to demand the release of our three colleagues who have been imprisoned in egypt for 393 days. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were all falsely accused of colluding with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. egypt's court of confession ordered a retrial. the egyptian president abdul fatah al-sisi said he would like to see the case resolved lots more still to come on the newshour. we'll be in yemen's southern province where al al qaeda is
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active. zambia's president is sworn in. his rival is not happy in sport, can rafael nadal keep himself in contention for the australian open title. that is also to come. joo voting is upped way in grease in an election that could change the direction of the country. the far left group is expected to win the polls. he promised to renegotiate greece's debt and end austerity. >> this is his lively. samar a the current prime minister. he has been pushing through austerity plans to secure the bail out. there's the river party, formed last year by a journalist. center left leaning and wants to
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keep greece in europe. and golden dawn condemned as neo-nazi. it gained support during the economic crisis. >> sue turton joins us live. a make or break vote for the future, the heart of greece. do we know how the voting is going so far? >> well we were out at polling before dawn in downtown. i'm trying to test the temperature of who was voting which way, and that way. there was a few supporting all four of the top parties. by far the majority pushing for the party, though i would say it was much a vote against antonio samar as the government and the austerity measures holding the country over the last few years. as much as it was a poverty vote for the radicals.
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>> are you voting. ? >> reporter: taxi drivers are usually a good barometer on election day. the greek cabies don't disappoint. sir, who will you vote for? >> i vote for greece. >> reporter: why? >> i want my country free. free from the union. >> reporter: 9.8 million greeks are eligible to vote. 18 parties to choose from. from the golden dawn to the communist party. on the radical left there is a favourite. austerity measures are affecting the polls. those that have to travel to home towns were told state pensions will be paid to help with travel expenses. it didn't arriving. a party leader was greeted like a conquering hero at the ballot
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box close to his home. >> the message is that europe is not the future of austerity. is the future of democracy, solidarity and cooperation. >> reporter: the outgoing prime minister believes he can win. [ clapping ] >> basically, yes. >> translation: in this election there's an unprecedented large number of people who are undecided. they will judge the result. i'm optimistic because i believe no one will risk the european course our country has taken. we will win. >> reporter: outside the polling station in athens one worker was not convinced by either. >> translation: vote for the river party, i don't think i'm represented by the others. i think they'll do well for the country. >> reporter: the results of the election will not just be felt in greece but other parts of
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the there's antiestablishment across the island. should there be a firm victory, a message could be sent that there's a change in politics across the eurozone. days before the election. the leader of the anti-austerity party leading in the polls joined forces with the siruza campaign. the movement is gaining moment you um. the question across europe is will that mean they become the driving force in european politics. so we know who it tipped to win. if it doesn't get enough votes to form a government what coalition could we see emerge from this. >> yes, indeed the key percentage is about 36% they need to form their own government without having to join a coalition. the lesser parties passed a threshold of three" to become
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members of parliament. the rumour is that the independent greeks may be the coalition of choice if siraz ark r does not get the majority. the independent greeks being a middle right-wing party. they temper the policies that siraza is claiming is pushed forward. they were anti-europe and very much trying to renegotiate the bailout terms with europe from that enormous loan that they got to try and sort out the greek economy. they could be - there could be a horse moving and shaking, whom decided to join with whom or they could end up with a party wanting to do what they want. that is what people are watching for from the exit polls, to see if sir. >> sa wins a majority. most think they'll win.
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that's what the opinion polls are saying. >> sue turton there. thank you u.s. president obama says he's had breakthrough talks with india's p.m. in new delhi. narendra modi broke protocol to greet president obama when he got off the plane. it's president obama's first visit since narendra modi's victory in may. both leaders talked about a long list of partnership from defense through to energy. what is the big announcement? >> yes, good description, a long list. you have everything from the renewal of defense ties which is significant given the regional climate in south asia at the moment and green technology something that american companies are interested in helping india to develop. as the economy grows, and taxation of indian nationals, and how they can recover the
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money and how they work in the short term. the big ticket item both leaders are saying a deal has been signed. there's admin to work out. it's hard to get clarity on the details of that which will be important in the hours and days as this is analysed in india and oi bread. >> regional security was a big talking point. what have they agreed going forward? >> it was. in terms of regional security you are looking at counterterror. >> occupies being the key line between narendra modi and president obama. interestingly prime minister narendra modi making mention of a need to eliminate safe havens potentially talking about the region and the need for capacity being across the area including afghanistan and pakistan, and a hotline set up between president obama and
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narendra modi to perhaps encourage a free-flow of information. i should add that there was an interesting point made by narendra modi about greater cooperation between both countries in the indian ocean. you are looking at countries like sri lanka and the maldives court by china. it will be interested to see in the analysis going forward if it's to counter the china affect raising a lot of concerns for new delhi particularly. thank you a blast south of sanaa killed two hooties. shia rebels -- houthis. shia rebels controlled the city. mps have been expected to discuss resignations of president hadi. it created a power vacuum in the south. we have a report from the south, where al qaeda is active again. >> reporter: the men are on alert. the enemy is allusive and
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persistent. there are dozens of checkpoints like this all over the city. the local fighters are known as the popular committees. >> we want to preserve security protect the province from al qaeda. we'll defend the land until death. we will not retreat. >> this is the capital of the province. without the fighters it's feared al qaeda could make a comeback. in 2011 al qaeda's local branch overrun the province and declared it an islamic emirate. a year later the army backed by local forces drove them out. but at a heavy cost. >> most of the area is like this. buildings and shops are completely destroyed. al qaeda used to rule here. it is active and carries out attacks against government buildings and targets, local
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fighters. two years after the battles ended, devastation is clear. al qaeda's campaign of bombings and attacks is ongoing. this is on the edge. the men who fought al qaeda are angry. the government pays them around $150 a month, but they say the state is absent and weak. fighters protest outside the governor's office and demand justice for their comrades killed by al qaeda earlier. this commander says four of his group's senior members were murdered. >> translation: we have suffered. all the people left because of the evil al qaeda, and now there are people in authority who adopt it. al qaeda is led by senior people within the state. there are hidden hands and fingers playing with al qaeda against the province. they force the sons out. but at the end we'll continue to
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give birth to men and it will be steadfast. soldiers protecting the government compound appears helpless. the government didn't show up at their office. the i think day, the political crisis is yemen is allowing al qaeda to regroup. if the area crumbles. it could fall again. we'll check on the weather with everton. it's looking stormy across north america. >> that's right, a bit of everything going on. rain snow wind. let's look at the satellite. an area of cloud swirling away easing the way further east running across the plains diving to the eastern seaboard. behind that there's strong winds into southern parts of california.
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we had wind damage going on here recently with very strong winds, gusting in excess of the 0km per hour. see how it -- 90 k/hr. see how it is pushing through. wintry weather around the corner and it will make its way eastwards. >> the cloud across central parts is causing the problems. >> this is a wind damage gusting in excess of 100 k/hr. and on the other side of the country wintry weather making its way through. you can see the problems with the situation, bringing down powerlines and trees as well. we will see things easing here it is the other side of the country where weather will drive eastwards. plaguing the north-eastern corner of the country. >> still to come on the newshour - the latest on
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preparations to retake iraq's second-largest city from i.s.i.l. fighters in sport surprise semifinalists iraq get ready to face south korea in the final four of the african cup. details coming up. stay with us.
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welcome back. top stories - u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in nigeria for talks on the upcoming elections, amid fighting between the army and boko haram fight e who-- fighters
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who launched an attack in borneo. troops have exchanged fire and a northern town demonstrations across egypt, marking four years since the uprising of the overthrow of former president hosni mubarak and voting is underway in greece in a snap general election that could change the direction of the country. the left-wing party is ahead of the incumbent party. it will end austerity measures. now the prime minister of japan calls the killing against japanese is horrific. a video showing a killing appears to be authennic. >> reporter: japan's prime
8:32 am
minister all but confirmed the news. he believed i.s.i.l. killed one of the two hostages. >> translation: a picture showing the murder of one of the hostages has been released. credibility is high. i have no moments to expression the painful moment. haruna yakawa had travelled, posting pictures. his father was distraught. >> translation: i'm overwhelmed with sadness, i have a hope deep in my heart that this is not true. if i'm ever reunited with him. i want to give him a big hug. >> reporter: he expressed regret
8:33 am
that jo jogo looked up to by his job. a picture showing goto would be released if a prisoner was released. the killer is one that took part in fighting. her suicide belt failed to detonate. japan's government is not commenting on whether it will consider the dealing having said it would not give in to terrorists demand. >> translation: we are asking for cooperation with the countries, including jordan. but cannot discuss the content.
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>> kenji goto jogo's mother expressed concerns. i.s.i.l. showed willingness to kill captives. the hope is faint that kenji goto jogo's fate will be different 11 died in twin blasts in iraq's capital. a bus was blown up near a mark. the attack injured 11 others. a hidden device exploded at a restaurant in al-keefa killing four, injuring eight others kurdish peshmerga forces are starting an offensive to gather mosul. a victory helped to clear the way. >> reporter: front lines shifted in north-western iraq.
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kurdish peshmerga troops and coalition air strikes advanced further south. they are closing in on the city of mosul, the power base of the islamic state of iraq and levant. peshmerga forces say their recent advanced forced i.s.i.l. to retreat from many villages. for seven months these people lived under i.s.i.l.'s rule. many of them now say they are free. they don't have a lot of the things they needed - some of which they are now receiving. these people are arabs and deny they supported i.s.i.l. they told me that armed fighters took their fuel and impose their own interpretation of islam. they weren't allowed to smoke, some said the women had to cover up and stay at home others told me. i.s.i.l. is not far away. for now, however, kurdish troops captured high ground in the countryside west of mosul.
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we are 20km from the city center of mosul. this military operation is part of preparations for an assault on i.s.i.l.'s main strong hold. where peshmerga troops have done is restrict the freedom of movement of the armed group in the north-west of iraq. i.s.i.l.'s main supply line between mosul and other bases has been cut off. the objective is to put pressure on the group and prevent it getting reinforcement from strongholds across the border in syria. >> our forces are on high grounds. we cut the main supply route and the tying ris river is a boundary between us and the terrorist organization. >> reporter: the river runs through mosul, the biggest center under control. an offensive to retake it could start in a few months. not only is it an urban center but where i.s.i.l. declared its
8:37 am
itsits islamic state, something that i.s.i.l. cannot afford to lose. lebanese towns close to bacar took on the lebanese army. people support the syrian government but in neighbouring towns it's a different story. most are backing up the rebels. nicole johnson visited towns in the bekaa valley. >> reporter: this is normally a quiet christian town. the cold rocky mountains and valleys are the perfect place for syrian rebels to base themselves and launch attacks in lebanon. on friday they did that. hundreds of syrian fighters overran an army post. lebanese special forces were called in to defeat them. it was a shock to the town. >> translation: the people were alarmed. the young men are here to protect the area.
8:38 am
there's no residence, residents came to help the army and protect the area. >> reporter: eight soldiers from the army were killed during the 10-hour battle. more than 35 syrian fighters died. hundreds attended the funeral of a first lieu attendant killed. -- lieutenant killed. close to the area is a sunni town. everyone is worried about the presence of 2,000 fighters on the outskirts. in the last few days there has been a bomb explosion and a might between armed syrian groups. five months ago fighter were taken over. an army was positioned around the town but not inside. >> this is a dangerous period. caught between the army on onside and fighters on the other. there has been kidnappings and cards packed with explosives.
8:39 am
it's also a major source of supplies for the fighters. >> they come to by food and fuel and head back to the camps. this man says there was an agreement between the rebels and the town. it has fallen apart, and he wants troops on the streets. >> any down with 40,000 people and refugees cannot sustain itself. it will get out of control. in this area in time we'll see major attacks between armed groups. this is frightening, they'll start killing each other. >> reporter: in the bekaa valley fighters are not far away. the longer they stay towns on the border will become more unstable and lawless in some
8:40 am
cases. zambia's new president has been sworn in. edgar lungu won more than 44% of the vote. >> it was a short ceremony. behind me the president of zambia is on his way outside the stadium, saying he promised that he'll do his best to alleviate the lives of the poor, improve schools and infrastructure that needs to be done. he knows he's only in power for been 18 months. in 2016 the next election will take place. and he says he'll do it to help the people of zambia. opposition parties are aggrieved. they say the election was stolen. it was not free and fair they may go to court to challenge the results. the president said "i know a lot of people don't like me or want me here. i'm here i'll try to work with everyone who works with me. the main message is to unite the country and alleviate the need
8:41 am
and improve the lives of the poor in zambia. >> the minister for youth and sport has been kidnapped. he was on his way from church with his family and was taken by four gunmen. a u.n. staff member and charity worker were abducted. the country had seen violence between muslim and christian militias. police in northern italy used tear gas to break up a protest. they were opposing right wing groups clashing with masked me. it was organised in solidarity with activists by members of a right-wing group. ukraine's president says e.u. foreign ministers will meet to discuss putting more pressure on russia over the crisis on eastern ukraine, a day after a rocket attack killed 30 in mariupol. a rebel leader claimed
8:42 am
responsibility for the attack and declared an offensive against the port city. charles stratford has more. >> reporter: sirens ring out across the city. a warning of more attacks. this video shows residential apartments - windows blown out, across the road from another building in flames. a woman's body lies amidst the rubble. the body of a man close buy. ukranian soldiers patrol the street. >> there's a lot of damage to buildings and the market. they hit the moment when people were buying groceries. you see the bodies over there. >> pro-russian rebels launched grad rocket attacks on the port of mariupol. it is of significance to both sides in the conflict. it lies on the sea and is a major city between russia and russian-annexed crimea. the ukranian secretary,
8:43 am
alexander, says the attacks were committed by the russian military. the russian president vladimir putin was responsible, and blamed the upsurge in violence on what he says are those that issued criminal orders. the attacks come days after the ukranian military withdrew from the airport afterate months of fighting. separatists together control of the military post around 30km outside of donetsk. they have continued to launch attacks from northern areas of the city. there had been a warning. the attacks should come as no surprise. the rebel leader had enough of efforts calling troops and threatening a multi-pronged attack. we hear from local and internationals attending a ceremony for those killed in a bus attack.
8:44 am
the battle for mariupol has begun time for a short break. when we come back, we have the sport, including why the winter x games is considered one of the most extreme events in the world. stay with us for more.
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a professional gambler in australia seems to have bapt the odds. -- beaten the odds.
8:46 am
he opened a museum in hob ampt and andrew thomas travelled to hobart to experience it himself. >> it has a fat car, goldfish cheating death. antiquities, and a machine that is fed food dig ests it and hours later defecates. the story goodnight the museum of old and new art is incredible more so than what is in it - even this - a room of books without words. >> we call it a library, it's untitled which is the right name for a 6,000 blank books. >> reporter: david walsh is a gambler who studied gambling markets for 30 years. big disciplined bets won him tens of millions more than he ever lost. >> the principle is the same whatever you bet on. if the odds of the event are
8:47 am
more likely to pay off, in the long run you'll win. >> waller built and stocked an art museum. it proved a hit. in four years, it became the biggest paid for attraction in tasmania. many take the quirky boat to the museum built into a hillside underground like a their. >> it's a rich guy playing with rich guys terms. i built a museum to teach myself about museum not necessarily to entertain anyone else. enterhe has. >> it's amazing. it opens your mind. >> it's overwhelming a lot to take in and kind of strange. >> the art is unusual, so too, the presentation. none of the artwork has a plaque telling you what it is called who it's by or what it means. instead for guidance you get this. it's called the o. similar to a smart phone. it knows where you are in the museum and offers material to read about what is around.
8:48 am
visitors interact and are emailed personalized records of their visit. it's technology others want - one that walsh hopes his will pay its way. it's helping tasmania's economy. in the city of hobart hotels and restaurants are booming. >> 15% of the visit to mona tell us that they came to tasmania because of mona. so in economic terms, we estimate that's $75 million into the economy that wouldn't have been realised had monet not existed. >> reporter: for walsh, his museum is another gamble that paid off time for the sport now. farah is here. >> thank you so much. number three seed rafael nadal is through to the quarterfinal of the australian open overcoming a slow start before pulling apart kevin anderson. rafael nadal wrote off his chances of winning a second title in melbourne, took
8:49 am
two hours to defeat the 14th seed. 7-5, 6-1-6-4, and faces tomas berdych, a man he beat in their last 18 meetings. andy murray booked a spot in the final eight for the sixth conservative year. murray over came grigor dimitrov in four tough sets. grigor dimitrov's partner, maria sharapova, booked her spot in the final 16 of the women's draw. the russian second seed recorded a 6-3-6-0 victory over pengshu. >> her partner will be eugenie bouchard pushed against her opponent. she overcame a melt down winning 6-1, 5-7, 6-2. >> she is playing with the in the tournament and the slams in
8:50 am
the last year. confident tennis and inspired form. i expect her to come out and play a good match moving on to the african cup of nations. there is a 4-way tie in group d after a second round of matches. the ivory coast were held to a 1-1 draw by maui. maui was ahead, but the ivorians rescued their chances with 3 minutes left. the coach was seen berating his players throughout the match. >> no i was not upset by gains my players. now, i won't talk about anything. but i was not upset against my player. >> the other group d game finished 1-1.
8:51 am
andy richardson has more. >> so it's as you were in group d. after four 1-1 draws are we are no nearer to finding out who will make it through. what we got from the games is two of the goals of the tournament. akery saco's half-volley opener for mali against the ivory coast. and ibrahim - equalizer for guinea almost as good. what it means is it means going into the vinyl round of games. if we get more 1-1 draws, the drawing of lots will decide who goes through into the next round. attention shifts to bata and equatorial guinea and they'll take on neighbours that they cohosted with in 2012. there was trouble before the last game fans frustrated by a slow progress into the stadium. that does not help by the fact that authorities are handing out
8:52 am
sanitizing gel. that in an effort to help the spread of the violence. it produced a bottle neck. fans throwing missiles at the police they responded with smoke bombs and water cannons, i am sure security will be tight ahead of a crucial game. the hosts need to win if they are to stay alive in this cup of nations the country has faced incredible turmoil in recent times. iraq's football team continues to overcome adversity. they have reached the semifinals in the asian cup. we have this report from sydney. >> we are down to the last four of the asian cup. not many expected iraq against the semifinalists. the patrons at this social club in sydney are confident that the team can pull off a surprise and
8:53 am
repeat the asian cup triumph of 2006. if you guys manage to win, what is the area going to be like tomorrow. >> people will come here. i hope for the protests that they'll not do something stupid. as for the team itself the doping accusations surrounding a player has been dismissed by the afc. the coach shows they are focused on the semifinal. one man that would have played is ali abbas. they picked up a serious knee injury. he said the coach appointed a month ago deserves credit. >> everyone knows about him in iraq and he knows. it could be good for the iraqi players if we named him.
8:54 am
i think he has done a good job. >> reporter: the south koreans have beaten semifinalists. the coach, with west germany as a player eager to make sure they reach the final for the first time in 1988. south korea, from the four dop-seeded is still in the challenge. but if you go over the street and you look at melbourne park roger federer is also out of the tournament. sport is what has surprises. >> the south korean press pack in the full force, and they are expecting a south korean victory in the semifinals. it reached the semifinals in the world cup in the past and they have not won the particular competition since 1960. in an asian cup full of surprise it will have the iraqi team believing anything is possible. >> barcelona kept paying with
8:55 am
real madrid at the top of the la liga. lionel messi scored twice. cristiano ronaldo was sent off for kicking in real madrid's defeat of cordoba. a straight red card. he faces a 3-game ban real have a 1-point lead over barcelona at the top. third placed atletico in the hunt. beating rao valet cano. >> bill belichick is continuing to deny claims that his team deflated footballs used in a win over indianapolis. a week on the n.f.l. is yet to complete their investigation. the patriots won 45-7 to advance to next sunday's super bowl with the seattle seahawks. >> i believe now 100% that i
8:56 am
have personally and we as an organization have absolutely followed every rule to the letter. >> some of the world's most extreme athletes have been competing at the wint winter x games in the united states. sweden's heinrich was knocked out cold after mistiming a landing. he had to be removed by medics. he's said to be okay and in good spirits. now, there's more sport on the website. for the latest check out we have blogs and video clips from our correspondents around the world. that's it from me for now. >> thank you farah we'll end the newshourway montage of pictures some of the more powerful images and sounds from egypt's 2011 revolution.
8:57 am
an i chronic moment in the country's history that still reverbates, of course today. let's take a look and see at some of those pictures.
8:58 am
>> al jazeera america presents a breakthrough television event. borderland. six strangers. >> let's just send them back to mexico. >> experience illegal immigration up close and personal. >> it's overwhelming to see this many people that have perished. >> lost lives are relived. >> all of these people shouldn't be dead. >> will there differences bring them together or tear them apart? >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves. >> which side of the fence are you on? borderland, tonight at 9 eastern, only on al jazeera america.
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9:00 am
>> the u.s. secretary of state arrives in nigeria as the army battles boko haram in two northeastern cities. hello, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also on the program, eight protestors killed in egypt on the fourth anniversary of the protests that deposed president must be week. >> the most talked about art gallery in australia. if you think the exhibits are strange,