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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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thank you. hi, i am richelle carey. coming up at the top of the at the top of the ♪ at least 20 demonstrators killed on egypt on the fourth anniversary of the revolution that how fast hosni mubarak. you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead, polls are closing in grease in a vote that could pitch the country into a new battle over its international bail-out. the u.s. secretary of state warns nigerian presidential contenders about election violence and boka haram attacks a major northern city.
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and we will see the welcome given to the new president of zambia. at least 20 people have been killed in violent protests across egypt. demonstrators were marking the fourth an visaversary of the revolution that ousted president hosni mubarak. reporter: >> reporter: four years since the revolution that led to the overthrow of hosni mubarak. but the unrest persists. despite the army filling up tahrir square protesters have been taking to the streets to mark the day the uprising began. he job descriptions marched in cairo, alexandria and several cities to demand an end to what they dahl military rule and a return to the path of the revolution. >> we stand at the situation
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that's even worse than the mubarak days four years after the revolution. and in my own personal view i think that the first wave of the egyptian revolution has been defeated. we have to be frank with ourselves about this. >> there have been death ins alexandria after violent skirmishes with the police. on a district in the northern region where security forces tried to break up a protest, and in the capitol, cairo, two policemen were injured in an explosion. security sources say the bomb targeted the officers stationed outside a sports club in the heliopolous area. the latest violence follows the death on saturday of a female protester. video posted to the internet shows shama ar saba protesting peacefully. witnesses say she was hit by a birdshot that was fired by police to disperse the crowd.
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her colleague was seen carrying her, injured and bleeding through the streets of cairo trying to find medical help. he script's prime minister says her death is being investigated. but mourners at her funeral doubt the officer who fired the fatal shot will be brought to justice. the last four years have been marked by violence and chaos. with the military back in charge, many protesters say they feel angry and disillusioned. al jazeera. >> polling stations have closed in greece after a snap general election which could mean a major political shift. exit polls suggest the left wing anti-aust stairty party is ahead. barn bewill tell us what that will mean for greeceaby will tell us what that will mean for greece? >> it would be a stunning victory for sousa, a stunning victory for an anti-austerity party, the first victory since
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the eurozone crisis began. potentially, puts greece on a dangerous course of confrontation with the institutions and the cust trees which have bailed this country out to the tune of 240 billion euros in return for which the imft and other e.u. countries demanded that greece impose austerity. yet alexis sipras who has apparently won these e leningsz repudiated aust tearty rejected austerity and says that part -- a substantial portion, although he is vague on this of grease's enormous debt burden must be forgiven. there has been no sign from angela merkel from creditor governments in europe that that is something that they would
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abide by this is a significant -- i won't call at that result but it is a trend and pointing that way. if i look at the exit polls, i see souza some 10% ahead of new democracy. i think we should call them the former governing party. we don't yet know whether despite this victory, apparent victory whether he will have enough seats to governor by themselves or whether they will have to go into coalition. >> that's not yet clear. >> if they do have to go into a coalition, what kind of coalition could greece be looking at? >> reporter: he partners came up they are a septembertrist party, i suppose you might call them a new party of technocrats, vague ideologically but they have said during campaign that they would go in to coalition with souza, they said, to guarantee grease's pace corporate grouped membership of the eurozone that
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is how high the stakes are. let's not forget during this campaign, yes, the greek people turley and empaly emphatically rejected austerity but told us in opinion poll after poll that they wanted to stay in the euro. sent % want to stay in the euro. other potential partners the associatedist party that dominated greek politics in the '80s and '90s and 2000s, now just a path he etic husk of its former self, perhaps scraping some 5% of the vote. other potential partners known as the independent greeks on the right. so not natural bed fellows with souza but they are greek nationalists. they i suppose paradoxically could go in. they have said they are prepared to go in because they too, would stand up for grease if you like. that's how they would put it in negotiations with european partners. we will have to see how that plays out, whether syriza have
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enough enough. these will have convulsions across europe. thank you. the u.s. is prepared to do more to help nigeria fight boka haram. the u.s. secretary of state is visiting lagos ahead of next month's presidential election. he has been meeting both contenders. good goodluck jonathan and mohammed dubhari. kerry warned against violence during the poll. the nigerian army has been battling suspected boka haram fighters in the northeastern borno state. the defense ministry spokesperson said on twitter that coordinated air and land operations are underway in the city of maiduguri. they say hundreds of thousands
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are facing gravedanger. evan let me ask you about the comments that john kerry has been making in nigh year i can't. here is what he is saying. : anyone who purpose traits violence will not be welcome in the united states. this is according to kerry. what more can you tell us about that? and who is he referring to here? >> well it sounds to me doreen that he is referring to to the main political parties in nigh year i can't. there has been election violence in therun-up to the pope that's due to take place on the 14th of february. last week president good luck jonathan's convoy was stoned by people as he went through towns and villages in the northeast on the campaign trail. in the south, his strong hold where he comes from the opposition say some of their offices have been burned and they allege three campaign workers have been killed in violence. so clearly, that comment is
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directed towards the main political party, and then it's also i guess, acknowledging fact there has been violence. you have to remember that the world, the u.s. has a huge vested interest in security during these elections, not only is this africa's most populous nation. there is a saying here die rene, if you are not in nigeria, you are not in africa which speaks to the symbolic feel that this country is so strategic to peace on the continue net. there is also the issue of oil. it's one of the largest oil producers. everyone seems to have a vested interest in making sure that the presidential poll taking place, as i say, on the 14th of february goes off peacefully. john keshry's visit is to warn those who hit may incite violence that they are being watched. finally, on the 15th of february president goodluck jonathan and the main opposition contender did meet here in the capitol. they signed a peace accord promising to run issue-based campaigns and compromising to
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refrain excuse me from insightful words and language. so people are hoping they will stay true to those commitments. >> okay. then when he says kerry, that the united states is prepared to do more to help nigeria fight boka haram what does that mean? more in what sense at a time when you have been reporting all day that the nigerian army is battling boka haram in borno states where they have launched an attack? >> that's a good question dorene. >> that's what everyone is asking. what does he mean when he says that? you remember when more than 200 girls were kidnapped last year in the northeast, girls who have still not been recovered. we did hear about, we reported we were told by the state department that military personnel from the u.s. were over here in nigeria trying to help the authorities find these girls and trying to support the military in the battle against boka haram, but there has been
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no detail other than what i just explained happened last year and no daily today from kerry, but obviously with what has happened today, you were just allude to go it, this attack on maiduguri, the report that the borno strait civilians had been killed. it's raising the question of how effective? are they winning the war against boka haram? they say they are. i have spoken to former soldiers who were recently dismissed who told me new weapons have been supplied to soldiers. we spoke to an eyewitness today who said in some areas in this battle that happened today, the military were habit drive insurgents out. so this kind of a propaganda war going on, if you like. those who say the military are doing well who, and the victims you hear from local politicians the non-governmental organizations, you hear from them painting a different picture. >> okay e volume.
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thank you for that update. reporting from abuja. the u.s. president, barack obama has condemned what he called the brutal murder of a japanese hostage by isil. japan's prime minister said he was left speechless by the what he said outrageous and unforgivable video of that apparent killing. isil had threatened to kill off haruna ukawa as well as another japanese hostage unless a $200 million ransom was paid. from tokyo, here is harry faucet japan's primary all but confirmed the news on sunday morning. he believed isil had murdered one of the two japanese hostages. >> a picture that we believe shows martyr of ukawa has been distributed. form we are not analyzing the validity of this picture. we believe its credibility is high. i have no words to express what must be extremely painful moment
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for the family. >> he had traveled and talked of becoming a private military contractor and posted often gruesome images of his travels through syria's battlefields. his father unwilling to be seen on camera left distraught. >> i am just overwhelmed with sadness. i cannot find words to express it. i still have this hope deep in my heart this is not true. if i am ever reunited with him, i want to give him a big hug. >> he expressed his regret that the respected free lance journalist whom his son had come to regard as an older brother found himself facing the same fate having traveled at least to seek ukawaa's release. >> al still image holding a picture of what seems to be the dead body of his fellow captive. a recorded voice, purportedly his con views a message from isil blaming japan's prime
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primary for the death and saying goto will be released for a prison prisonner held by the jordanian government government. >> that prisonner took part in a suicide bombing attack that killed dozens in 2005. her own suicide belt failed to deton ate. japan's government is so far not commenting on whether it would consider the deal having consistently said it would not give in to terrorists' demands. >> we are asking for cooperation with the related countries, including jordan but we cannot disclose the content of the coordination. >> kenji goto's mother expressed prayers for his return. >> translator: his face looked extremely nervous. i think he feels gravely about what is to come. >> goto's friend and fellow journalists is holding out some hope a prisoner swap could work with japan distancing itself of any accusation of giving in.
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>> it's so fooiven see him looking so pale and thing. i am just glad he is still alive after the first deadline passed. even if it takes a very long time, since now there is no deadline i just want him back in any form whatever the consequences. >> isil has spainth shown once again its willingness to kill foreign captives. the hope if a fwaint is that correct somehow kinji goto's fate will be different. tokyo. soil come on al jazeera, attacking eastern ukraine, the ukrainian government says it can prove russian-backed separatists were responsible. the hugs handshakes and hope of a new friendship. what barack obama's visit means for india and the u.s. breakthrough television event. borderland. six strangers. >> let's just send them back to
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mexico. >> experience illegal immigration up close and personal. >> it's overwhelming to see this many people that have perished. >> lost lives are relived. >> all of these people shouldn't be dead. >> will there differences bring them together or tear them apart? >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves. >> which side of the fence are you on? borderland, tonight at 9 eastern, only on al jazeera
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♪the top stories on al jazeera, voting has closed in greece general election. the first exit polls put the left wing anti-austerity with a strong lead. the poll says cirincione syriza is ahead of the new democracy party which took 27% reportedlysyriza syriza is ahead of the new democracy party which took 27% reportedly. john kerry says the u.s. is willing to do more to help fight boka haram. u.s. secretary of state warned against violence during nigeria's presidential election in less than three weeks. >> at least went to people have been killed in violent protests
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across egypt on the fourth anniversary of the revolution which toppled president hos any mubarak. speaking to carol kristin a senior lecturer on islam at the kings college. looking at the pictures of the demonstrateors in parts of egypt. this despite egypt announcing that it's planning on postponing or cancelling any sort of marks for the january 25th revolution they are saying that because egypt is in a state of national mourning after the don't of king abdullah of saudi arabia. what do you make of that? >> i think that is very for the current government to use that excuse for not only cancelling its own sell braltsz of police, but also to have an excuse to close off tahrir scare and prevent any big gatherings commemorating the regime chain of four years ago. i think the furrualt at thises of yesterday and today show not all is well within egyptian
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society and that does not only involve the polarization between proceed sisi elements among the population and those who are still protesting the ousting of mohamed morsi as the muslim brotherhood president. i think there is alternates of segments within society that is on neither side of that equation that they are still waiting. >> does it policy arize the country in your opinion? >> pardon me? i am asking how polarized you think the country is? >> it is not just a policyarization ol opposite sides, the proern sisi and the anti-coup alliance. it's that big segment in society that was expecting something entirely different after february 2011 in terms of genuine democratization, respect for human rights and getting the country's economy back on the rails. we are still waiting for a representative of parliament.
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at present, there is the issue of your own journalists being jailed that will not go away. even the americans have said that a lot of the aid packages are conditional on respect for human rights in egypt. i think the recent events show there is a long way to go in that respect. >> the united states actually never suspended any -- they suspended -- excuse me -- military aid delivering apache helicopters. excuse me. for a few months but military aid was never, in fact suspended. >> no. given the instabilities in the region originalprobably in washington they had little option but it was a signal towards cairo there was more expected in terms of improving its human rights record. i think this is recognized also currently by the order for a retrial of the al jazeera
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journalists and potentially, then a possibility for he will-sisiel-sisi but on the wider scale, of course one of the key issues that in the long-term will not disappear is the muslim brotherhood situation. currently perhaps the top echelon is jailed and on trial as well. too large a segment of the egyptian population is still supporting or sympathizing with the muslim brotherhood and you cannot ignore that or completely disequal that from a political process. >> was initnated 2011 os tensionbly to put a proper democratization flosses motion. >> okay. thank you very much carol kristin for speaking to us from london. isil fighters will be among the main suspects in a double bombing in baghdad which killed at least 11 people.
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a roadside bomb explosioneded at a bus terminal killing seven. 4 others were killed when another hidden did he haveevice exploded. there has been no claim of responsibility so far. isil carries out regular bomb attacks in iraq's capitol. lebanese towns in the bekka valley are expecting more attacks. syrian fighters many of them from isil took on the lebanese army near the town of rosabal back on friday. people there support the syrian government. in neighboring arasal, it's a different story. residents are backing the rebels. nicole johnston has convicted both towns in the ballbek county. >> the cold rocky mountains and valleys have become the perfect place for syrian rebels to base themselves and launch attacks in lebanon. on friday they did just that. hundreds of syrian fighters over ran an army post.
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lebanese special forces were called in to defeat them. it was a shock to the town. >> the people would were definitely alarmed but all of the young men are here to defend russ ballek. all of the residents came here to help the army and protect the valley. >> eight soldiers from the army were killed during the 10-hour battle. more than 35 syrian fighters died. hundreds attended the funeral of a first lieutenant who was killed. close to res baalbek is the sunni town. everyone seems worried about the presence of around 2000 syrian fighters on the outkirts. in the last few days there has been a bomb explosion and a fight inside arsel among different armed syrian groups. five months ago, fighters took over the town for five days. now, the army is positioned around arsel but not inside.
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>> people tell us this is the most dangerous period they remember in arsel. they are caught between the army on one side and syrian fighters on the other. it's been kidnappings and cars packed with explosives. arsel is also a major source of supplies for the syrian fighters. >> they come here to buy food and fuel and then head back to their camps. mohammed isadine said there was an agreement between the rebels and the town. but it's fallen apart. you now wants troops on the streets. >> any town with 40,000 people and 70,000 refugees cannot sustain itself. if you leave them with no security, no police no laws they will get out of control. >> a newborn thugs can destroy this town. i think in time -- and i hope this is not true -- we will see major attacks between these two armed groups. this is frightening. they will start killing each other. >> in the valley armed fighters are only a few kilometers away.
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the longer they stay in lebanon, the more likely it becomes the town's close to the border will become more unstable and in some cases, lawless. nicole johnston al jazeera in the bekka valley. >> in the southern philippines, at least 30 police commanders have been killed in fight with rebels. military commanders say it's the biggest sing-day loss in combat for them in many years. fighting started as the commandos started for a terror suspect in maguindanao. barack obama has started a three-day visit to india where he has broken the deadlock over a long stalled agreement on nuclear power. the u.s. president hailed what he called a new era of friendship between the world's two largest democracies. prime minister modi broke protocol to even receive barack obama as soon as he got off of his plane in new delhi.
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the ukraine government says intercepted communications prove separate wrists responsible for 30 people killed in mairiupol. amateur video saw shells being fired into an area. a cease-fire agreed four months ago has often been broken. here is charles stratford reporting from mariupol. >> military checkpoints like this one around the city of mariupol. theo poroshenko said the people have nothing to be afraid of but there was a great sense of fear and uncertainty. he vowed to take control from the ukrainian military. we are hearing intelligence reports from the soldiers here that say that they are expecting ground attacks later today. they tell us the rebels are just over a kilometer in that direction. >> he had quarter lungo has been sworn in as zambia's president.
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opposition leaders say hisly was neither free nor fair. harrah mutasa looks at the main challenges facing the new president. >> it wasn't easy. he became the acting president of zambia when the incumbent died in office last year. scott managed to keep the country relatively stable. now, he hands over power to edgar lungu, zambia's 6th president despite complaints by the opposition that the vote was manipulated. after months of uncertain t many are relieved it's been a relatively peaceful transition of power. >> general. >> they have a history and, you know, this trend of being a peaceful nation. you can tell. look. in politics there are few misunderstandings but not to the extent where we permanently lose lives, you know, eventually tomorrow we will get back into our offices t you know gas stations and life will continue.
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lungu was the justice minister. he now begins what could be his toughest challenge yet. edgar lungu will be in office until the general election in 016. >> that's when the term of the late president was supposed to end. some people are wondering: what can he do in such a short amount of time? he says a lot to improve lives of the poor. zambia zambia's new president is under a lot of pressure to deliver on that promise. >> they want to see the income that is coming from. at least translate into improving. they want to see the creation of jobs real jobs. >> the swearing in ceremony show cased zambia's regions and tribes. whether people voted for lunga or not, those who are the majority want to live in a zambia where they benefit, too.
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hara mutasa. >> more on that story as well as all of the day's other top stories on our newly launched website, check it out for all of the latest news