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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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♪ this is al jazeera. is >> hello, and welcome to the newshour in doha with the top stories on al jazeera. at least 20 demonstrators killed in egypt on the fourth anniversary of the revolution with ousted president hosni mubarak. greece's left wing party looks set for a win that could set it on a collision course with the eu. the u.s. secretary of state offers nigeria support in the fight against boka haram as the group attacks a major northern
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city city. as india embraces a new friendship, we look at what the u.s. president visit means for the world's two biggest democracies. hello. at least 20 people have been killed in rye violent protests across egypt. demonstrators marking the anniversary of the 2011 revolution. victoria gatenby reports. >> reporter: it's four years since the revolution that led to the overthrow of hosni mubarak but the unrest persists. despite the army ceiling off tahrir square the symbol of the 2011 revolution, protestors have been taking to the streets to mark the day the uprising began. he job descriptions marched in cairo, alexandria and several other cities to demand an end to what they call military rule and
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for a return to the path of the revolution. >> we stand at the situation that's even worse than the mubarak days four years after the revolution and in my own personal view i think that the first wave of the egyptian revolution has been defeated and we have to be frank with ourselves about this. >> reporter: there have been death ins alex and degree i can't after violent skirmishes with the police. in a district in the northern region of greater cairo where security forces tried to break up a protest. in the capitol kyecairo, two policemen were injured in an explosion. security forces say the bomb targeted the officers who were stationed outside a sports club in the heliopolis area. the latest violence follows the death on saturday of a female protester. video posted on the internet shows shama al saba protesting
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peacefully. witnesses say she was hit by a birdshot fired by police to disperse the crowd. her colleague was seeing carrying her through the streets of cairo trying to find medical help. he script's prime minister says her death is being investigated. mourners at her funeral doubt that the officer who fired the fatal shot will be brought to justice. the last four years have been marked by violence and chaos and with the military back in charge, many protesters say they feel angry and disillusioned. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. in 2011, egyptians brought an end to the muir barack government in 18 days but the four years since then have been chaotic. simon mcgregor wood reports. >> reporter:s. >> reporter: after 30 years of rule mubarak was swept away from power by a wave of popular protests. in march, 2011, protesters stormed the hated state security
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service. they demanded mubarak's arrest and trial. field marshal mohammed hussein tantawi heading the supreme council of the armed forces led egypt for 17 months after the fall of mubarak. during this time mubarak was charged with complicity to murder protesters. in november parliamentae elections went ahead. the muslim brotherhood and its conservative allies won. but the process of writing egypt's new constitution was soon bogged down in legal challenges. presidential elections did go ahead in june, 2012. and the muslim brotherhood's mohammed more situate became egypt's first democratically elected president. divisions ran deep. in november his opponents accused him of granting himself too much power. on june the 30th 2013, there were massive protests against him. the military gave morsi an ultimatum to resolve his differences with the opposition
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or else. on july the 30th the military deposed president morsi from power. even some u.s. officials called it a coup. general abdel fattah el sisi was the new military man in charge. there was a crack down on disseptember. muslim brother hoosdz staged huge sit-ins demanding their president's return. the scene was set for confrontation. it came on august the 14th. he job description security forces moved in. our own team of journalists was caught in a deadly crossfire. over 800 were killed that day. in may running virtually unopposed, abdel fattah he will syssi won the presidential election and like mubarak before him, swapped his uniform for a presidential suit. the charges of complicity to murder against mubarak were dropped in november. there were no significant
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protests. he script's first democratically elected mohamed morsi remains in jail charged with inciting violence and spying. for all of the turmoil and death of the last four years, it seems little has changed. simon mcgregor-wood, al jazeera. as long as anyone can remember, there have been questions over egypt's record on human rights but some activists say that things are perhaps worse now than ever after morsi was deposed in july, 2013, security forces cracked down on his supporters. one example from cairo is that clear out of a mass sit-in during july and august when at least 800 people were killed. during the political upheaval following the overthrow of morsi, there was a sharp rise in the number of journalists who were prosecuted for allegedly insulting officials tory spreading false information. a new law effectively banning protests and other measures against critical groups has meant that around 22,000 people
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have been arrested arrest they have been put in prison for their political beliefs. >> that's the number according to human rights watch. phillip luther is director of middle east and north african program program. joining us from london. phillip, when you look at a time events of today in egypt, the latest figures we are getting is at least 20 people have been killed so far because they have come out to mark the january 25th revolution. is egypt and has egypt done enough to investigate the killings that have been taking place and hold those people to account? >> reporter: >> absolutely not. hundreds of people hundreds of protesters have been killed when they have been demonstrating peacefully since the 2011 revolution. and there has been almost a blanket impunity for the security forces. if we go back to 2011, there was such great hope at the time
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because on the one hand, thousands of political prisoners were released and notorious security forces security fors know notorious for torture and secret attention were dissolved, but here we are on the fourth anniversary, and on the one hand you have thousands of individuals detained arbitrarily, even state statistics put the number at 16,000 ngo partners believe that the number is much higher, 40,000 perhaps that are detained or facing criminal charges in this crackdown on dissent the security forces are as unaccountable as ever and the key question for this last weekend of violence is: when you have a case of a woman protester whose death has been caught on camera you have, therefore, solid evidence of
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what happened, then if there is not accountability in this case then massive questions have to be asked, not only within egypt but by the international community. >> that protesto you speak about is shamin sabag. let me ask you about the mass death sentences henned out in 2014 against many supporters of the muslim brotherhood. what kind of impact is that having on egypt's image? >> a terrible image is presented by those mass deathsentences. you have a justice system which september out death sentences as if there were no tomorrow. on the other hand is able to operate at two speeds. so just this last weekend, we have seen the release of two songs of mubarak. yet, you have the al jazeera journalists, human rights activists who are in jail on, in some cases, trumped up charges and whose cases plod we'reily
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on. we would have liked to see, we would have hoped that this anniversary would have been the opportunity for pardons to be granted to vis individuals, individuals who are in jail for nothing more than peacefully expressing their right to freedom of expression but that has not happened. we hope the international community can put some pressure on. >>. >> that's the question i wanted to ask you: what is it that the international community should be doing at this point? >> well what it should the' be doing is paying lip service to egypt's economic reforms and leaving the story at that which is what is happening with president sisi this last week. but rather asking questions about why there has been no accountability for hundreds of protest deaths and how it is that people can be human rights activists, journalists can remain in jail. there should be questions also asked about, you know, other
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issues where the the mubarak era, violence again women, whether in the domestic sphere and the public sphere in detention tuptsz like the u.n. human human rights there has been passing mention of human rights thank you for speaking to us from amnesty international. voting has closed in greece's general election. the first exit poll shows a left-wing syriza party with a strong lead. the poll shows they received 39 and a half and that is the new deck opinionracy party. barnaby phillips from agenteps to tell us about the exit polls that have now come out.
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barnaby? >> still some things up in the air, but it does seem greece is heading for a very dramatic election result. there is a possibility that syriza will have confounded all of the opinion polls during campaign and may get over 150 seats in parliament and will be able to governor by itself. >> will become clearer throughout the evening. we don't know that for sure but already, this is a result that shatters the mold of greek politics and will reverb rate around europe the socialist party that dominated after nine 1975, it is a pathetic husk of what it was. perhapsa 4% of the vote. this is an education of how much turmoil we have experienced in greek society, golden dawn the fascist party whose leadership has been imprisoned for over a year now they may well end up
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as the third largest party. we don't yet know that for sure. on the streets of cents tral athens right now it is the supporters of syriza who are celebrating in their hundreds and the essence of campaign the man who it seems is now dest i wanted to become agrees's 5th prime minister since 2009 was a repudiation of the auchterity policies which he says have been imposed on this country by the european union, by the imf and by the european central bank and that is why this is such a significant moment across the euro zone. >> if confirmed, what does this mean for greece's relationship with the eu in the context of the austerity meyers we have seen? >> well if we take alexis social security cyprus's word he is talking about a u turn that has been followed ever since greases 's difficulties
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began at 2009. he is talking about raising the minimum wage about cutting taxes, about restoring electricity to people who have been cut off because they could not pay their bills. he is even talking about rehiring in the greek public service. this will be anathema to angela merkel and governments in northern europe. phone conversation we have the finnish prime minister last week says there is no part of grease's debts or any part being forgiven. alexis cyprus said it is unsustainable, the debt to economy ratio keeps ongoing up no matter how much austerity is imposed on this country. something needs to be done. there is a possibility of a serious collision and if agreement cannot be found, then yes, we are talking potentially about greece leaving the eurozone. cyprus is say, don't worry.
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i can wig these negotiations with europe. it is going to be a very high-stakes poker game in the weeks and months ahead. >> barnaby, we will cross over to you a little later on. thank you. >> that's barnaby's reporting to us from athens. looking at the live picture now from athens. we are reporting that exit polls are suggesting the syriza party has won with the general election with 39 and a half1/2 % of the votes according to competent polls. we are following that story for you. we are bringing upyou updates like this will on al jazeera as it develops. the nigerian army has been battling suspected boka haram fighters who launched an attack in borno state. we are getting reports that a gun battle has e' erupted near the airport of maidiguri. amnesty international has warned of a grave risk that hundreds of thousands of people there are facing. meanwhile, john kerry says the u.s. is prepared to do more to
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help nigeria fight boka haram. the u.s. secretary of state is visiting lagos ahead of next month's leaks. >> there are reasons pompom asked me to come here at this moment to reinforce to all nigerians the desire of the united states to be able to engage even more so in the effort to push back against boka haram or any other violent extremist group. >> that was john kerry speaking. live from the nigerian capitol. we will talk about john kerry but for boka haram to launch another attack in maidiguri, what does this tell us about the strength of the group? and what is the response of the nigerian army? >> opinion is divided about how effectively the nigerian military are prosecuting the war against broka haram. the military maintains its position it has been able to repel, talking about the specific attack in maidugruri
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it has been able to drive out insurgents who tried to take over. impression eye witnesses area earlier in the day that basically said they saw soldiers celebrating having defeated boka haram in parts of maiduguri. obviously the fact the attack is taking place suggests clearly is that there is a problem winning the war against the group. as i say, it's almost day in day out, reports of attacks by the group quid nappings by the group,ets, et cetera. so it's very difficult to get accurate information about what is going on and to independently verify these reports because access has been such an incredibly difficult issue. but however, as i say, when it relates to this particular attack going on madeiduguri, the military is maintaining it's
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position able to repel the insurgents maiduguri is not under the control of the state or the capital city. >> and kerry on a timely visit to nigeria a couple of weeks before thely. what's the message he has been carrying not only to the president there but as well as the other contenders? >> reporter: the message clearly is that washington is concerned about violence. washington wants a free fair and credible vote. clearly, this is a significant country within africa. it's africa's most populist nation. there is a saying in you are not in nigherianigeria, you are not in africa. >> talks to the sense if nigeria is not peaceful it has ramifications for the continue nent. there are strat ekist interests like the fact this is one of the world's larmingest oil-producing countries. people need it to be peaceful not just talk of potential violence. there has beenly violence. last week president goodluck
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jonathan's convoy was pelted with stones when he was campaigning up in the north. some people in the north have reached out to say campaign offices in the deep south where the president comes from opposition campaign have been attacked by supporters of the president. they even allege three people have been killed. so, you know, there is the beginning if you like of some violence and clearly kerry's visit is designed to ensure that the main candidates know this is being watched closely, just finally, on the 15th of january president goodluck jonathan and the main opposition contender did meet here in the capitol abuja. they find a peace accord promising to make sure their campaigns are issues-based and to refrain from hate speech and insightful violence and in the last few minutes, president good goodluck jonathan's advisors say
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he will abide by an election and calling on all of his supporters to make sure they don't engage in any kind of violence. >> yvonne thank you. coming up on the al jazeeracologists criticized for slow response to the ebola, is the world organization spending too much money on bureaucracy instead of the needy? an australian begins the first teenager to reach a grand slam. first, the ukrainian government says it has intercepted communications prove that russian backed separatists were responsible for saturday's attack in the east. at least 30 people were killed in the port city of mariupol. amateur video shows shells being fired into a residential area.
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since april, more than 5,000 people have died in fighting in eastern ukraine. a cease-fire agreed four months ago has often been broken. charles stratford has more. the rebel leader has said that the people here have nothing to be afraid of but there is a great sense of fear and uncertainty. he has vowed to take control from the ukrainian military. we are hearing intelligence reports from the soldiers here that say that they are expecting ground stamz later today. they tell us the rebels are just over a kilometer away in that direction. >> ukraine's president has chaired an emergency meeting at the national security and defense counsel to discuss the response of the latest fighting. the foreign minister sergeilav lavrov is becaming it on john boehner forces. 30 police commandos have been
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killed in fighting with rebels in the southern philippines. military commanders say it's the biggest sing day loss in combat for a philippine forces for many years. fighting started as the command owes searched for a terror suspect. they are threatening a peace agreement signed last year india and the united states have announced they have broken a deadlock on nuclear trade as president barack obama begins a three-day trip to new delhi they will help numeraling power plants in india. a report from new delhi. >> an embrace and a handshake between the leaders of the world's two largest democracies. india's prime minister modi broke with protocol to personally receive u.s. president barack obama and the first lady, michelle obama, in new delhi. it has only been a few months since their last meeting, but this time the leaders have a
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big announcement. >> today, we achieved a break through understanding on two issues that were foldholding up our ability to advance our civil nuclear cooperation and we are committed to moving toward new i am plexation. this is an important step that shows how we can work together to elevate our relationship. >> india's civil nuclear trade agreement with the u.s. has been floundering since 2008. >> deal was supposed to allow american companies to supply equipment and build atommibic power plants here according to india's laws, they would also be liable in case of an accident. today, those differences were settled. >> in the course of the last four months, we have worked withacy sense of purpose to move forward. i am pleased that six years after the signing of the agreement, we are moving towards
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commercial cooperation. >> the liability faced by foreign companies will now be covered by a multi-million dollar insurance pool. the u.s. is also believed to have dropped its demand to track the nuclear material it sells to india. analysts say the agreement could be very lucrative fo-american businesses. >> by trying to sell and push the 1,000 megawatt reactors called 81,000 reactor to india, you are essentially trying to revive the u.s. nuclear. straight? >> a big, multi-billion, hundreds of billions industry. india is expected to benefit from this agreement. according to a recent bp report india's growth in energy demand is likely to out pace china by 2035. the country needs foreign investment in nuclear power to
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help fuel industrialization and economic growth. al jazeera, new delhi the director general of the world health organization says its response tots ebola outbreak in west africa has revealed quote, inadequacies as well as short shortcomings. critics say the who is spending too much on bureaucracy and not enough on the needy. >> the world health organization was established in 1948. it stated role: to provide leadership and technical support to the world's governments on matters critical to human health. it's slow response last year to the ebola outbreak in west africa has put the way its run under the microscope. >> the ebola outbreak points to the need for urgent change in three main areas: to rebuild and strengthen national and international emergency preparedness and response to
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address the way new medical products are brought to market and to strengthen the way it operates during emergency. >> margaret chan said the ebola outbreak revealed inadequacies and shortcomings in the organization's response. she urged the w.h.o.'s to accept changes. the w.h.o. has a big bureaucracy, six regional offices, more than 150 country offices and the headquarters in geneva. it has a $2 billion a year budget and has been criticized for spending too much of it on administration and management. with the jobs of some w.h.o. representatives allegedly go to people with political connections. >> if were the minister of health and you can get one of your colleagues or yourself combined into a who job, you are multiplying your salary several times. there is a big incentive to not necessarily put the right people
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in the right place. >> market sanchez the outbreak should give donors a wake-up call. >> i urge all of you to turn the 2014 ebola crisis into an opportunity, an opportunity to a stronger system, to defend our collective global health team. >> a rapid response team to deploy when an outbreak like ebola occurs. setting up a special fund dedicated to public health e energy mergeencies and rules to ensure all staff are qualified for the jobs they are doing. if these and other measures are adopted by the world's government, it's hoped who will be better equipped when another outbreak like that in west africa occurs. still to come on the al jazeera newshour: >> listen to that crowd. >> that's what they have been waiting for. hosni mubarak has gone.
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four years after the revolution some e job descriptions wonder what has changed. and has german stopped selling weapons to saudi arabia because of regional instability? coming up in sports surprised semifinalist iraq get ready to face south korea. details coming up. a little later in the program.
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>> beyond the verdict and on the streets ♪ >> there's been another teenager shot and killed by the police >> a fault lines special investigation >> there's a general distrust of this prosecutor >> courageous and in depth... >> it's a target you can't get rid of... >> the untold story... >> who do you protect?
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>> ...of what's really going on in ferguson >> they were so angry because it could have been them >> fault lines ferguson: race and justice in the u.s. one hour special only on al jazeera america >> hello again. the top stories on the access news hour. voting has ended in greece's general election. first exit polls suggest the left wing anti-austerity party has a strong lead. john kerry says the u.s. is prepared to do more to help fight boka haram. fighters have attacked the capitol of northeastern borno state. at least 20 people killed in violent protests across egypt on the fourth anniversary of the revolution which toppled posni
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mubarak mubarak. >> there was a popular uprising that brought down the muir barack regime with ordinary egyptians leading the change. bloggers activists and students. mohammed vall looks at the faces of 2011's revolution. >> his name became synonymous with tahrir square and the egyptian up ruling of 2010. a social media executive was one of a few young activists who helped mobilize millions. >> as long as you are standing here, you are a herbo. you are the heros. >> in less than three weeks, they overthrow hosni mubarak who ruled egypt for three decades. this emotional moment caused by the killing of protesters lie
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state security turned them into a popular one. >> i would be proud to have a son like that. i am so happy he thinks this way. he speaks straight from his heart. >> but four years later, neither he nor the uprising he helped to succeed are part of the political scene in egypt. the military will eventually take over in a coup against egypt's first democratically leethd civilian president. he and several of his colleagues found themselves without the freedoms they had fought for. he left egypt and started a new life in exile. two of his equally prominent colleagues were thrown in prison. one is a co-founder of the april 6th movement. one of the earliest groups to oppose the role of hos any mubarak, detained in 2013 for holding a demonstration against new protest laws. he was centsed to three years in
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prison along with a number of protest leaders. the other is satabaa, a software developer better known for human rights activism. he has been recently admitted to hospital after being on a hunger strike for nearly three months. his family says his health is deteriorating. they came from different political per suasions. what has united them in tahrir square was the dream to see a new egypt emerge from decades of totaltarianism but their fate is like those in tahrir square and muslim brotherhood members, held without trial. some dreeingz who are free are trying to keep up the fight through activism. for many the dream of four years ago seems to have come true now seems more adapt than ever. mohammed vall al jazeera. >> mps in the democratic
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republic ofo have voted for new changes to the election law which would have enabled cabila to extend his hold on power. days of violent protests rights groups say 42 people were killed crossing over to the capitol kanshaka. tell us more about this new leak toral law, malcolm. >> reporter: the national assembly have passed separate changes to electoral laws the government says it is simply trying to have laws of elections. it didn't include a cause that said it should be a sense of the elections many are divided. now say there are other classes that have been passed that they object to so at least one party has been calling today for more demonstrations tomorrow. other parts, opposition parties
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are meeting right now to work out their move. >> all right. malcolm, thank you very much for that update. malcolm web report from kinshasa. the german newspaper says german has stopped exports. they ex pour more weapons than any other country except the united states and russia. it's largest customer in fact is saudi arabia. the german government agreed on a $1.7 billion deal for two battle tanks four years ago. last year more than 100 patrol and border patrol boats were ordered worth around $2,000,000,000 and saudi arabia says realtime it wants to buy five type 209 submarines costing 3 and a half$3 and a half billion dollars crossing over to peter whitesman, an arms researcher at the stockholm research institute joining us via skype.
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the german newspaper reporting germany is stopping or cancelling. it's not clear. weapons exports to saudi arabia. what's behind this move? >> faurlts we don't know exactly the decision is made in secret. but it appears to be mainly related to saudi airrray i can't, a considered a repressive state and many people also within german politics strongly against supplying arms to saudi aabe i can't. this is a discussion which has been ongoing for several years. it seems it has more stronger restrictions. >> why is it that that decision would betary taken at this point? why now? >> that is a bit of a strange thing. it has to do with dochlts in the
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german government and, of course, we now the fact that the social democrats play very important role and they have insisted that there should be stronger restrictions in arms exports. at the same time it is a bit strange. it has been set it might be related to the instability in the region. german has at the same time decided last year paid for the first time to supply weapons and other equipment to, for example, the kurdish forces fighting i.s in iraq. and that's weird in considering, then that saudz e arabia is doing the same thing at this time time. why they make this decision right now is in that sense a bit unclear. >> because under vninga merkel germany exported record numbers of arms to not only saudi arabia as well as other regional countries and gulf countries. so could german do the same thing, hold armed ship toments other gufrl countries? >> absolutely. this is a thing which may happen
1:39 pm
for the same reasons as seems now, the restrictions are on the armed sales to saudi aabe i can't. over the past few years for the first time, german decided to supply for example tiefrpingz an arab state. it hadn't done that ever before. qatar was the one that actually signed a contract. things seem to be changing in favor of armed sales to the region but now is quite in that sense they have gone back to their previous more restrictive policy of not supplying too much arms to arab states. >> okay peter wiseman. thank you very much for speaking to us lunga has been sworn in but opponents say hisly was neither free nor fair. >> it wasn't easy. he became the acting president of zambia when michael sutter
1:40 pm
died in country last year. he hands over power to edgaru zambia's 6th president despites client by the opposition that the vote was manipulated. after months of uncertainty, many people are relieved that it has been a relatively peaceful transition of power. >> they have a history in this trend of being a peaceful nation. you can tell look in politics there are a few misunderstandings but not to the extents where we probably,e tomorrow wet get back into our offices, markets, you know, gas stations and life will continue. >> lungu was the justice minister. he now begins what could be his toughest challenge yet. >> edgar lunga will only be in office until the general election in 016.
1:41 pm
>> that's when the term of the late president was supposed to ends. some people are wondering what can at the actually do in a such a short amount of time. he says he will do a lot to improve the lives of the poor. >> zambia's new president is under a lot of pressure to deliver on that promise. >> the one to see, you know, what is coming from the new unvestment is coming. at least translate into improving the understanding. they want to see the creation of jobs real jobs. >> the swearing in show cases regions and tribes but whether people voted for lungu or not, those who are the majority want to live in a zambia where they benefit, too. >> we are talk taking you back to the election in agrees where exit polls put the anti-austerity party out in front. in eth edges, tell us what the atmosphere is like there, john. >> reporter: i am standing
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outside the kiosk near the center of town. this isn't even their party headquarters. the atmosphere here is euphoric. there are a couple of thousand people around here waiting to hear what they hope will be the first news in an hour or so the first equation of a victory, down at party headquarters, the atmosphere is similar. there is a barrage of at least a dozen video cameras trained on the party headquarters door. there are several hundred people around there. maybe of them supporters dancing in the street literally because they have seen the exit poll figures that awards him 39% of the vote which is beyond the expectations even of many of the party members given that the opinion polls up until the last day of poll okay friday were giving the peter up to 35 or 36% so this is a moment of anticipation of a series of
1:43 pm
victory here. >> what are they hoping that a syriza victory would mean for them and for greece? >> what everyone here is saying who has supported or voted for the party is that they want a fundamental change of course not only for greek policy but, also in the europeaning attitude towards greece. grease has been through a policy of aust irty for five years. it's done the country some good. the budget has been balanced and the recession has been stabilized but people say that it is no longer the policy that will carry this country forward, and they are also particularly concerned to stress that it is not the sort of policy that builds good equal relations between members of a your ozone in which legal l politically, members are supposed to be equal. people here have been offended not just hurt in the their pocket books but offended
1:44 pm
politically at what they see as a loss of sovereignty in a dicta of policies. >> thank you, john report from athens. still to come on the news hour arsenal continue the defense of the fa cup. find out how they got on. >> that's coming up with sport. also ahead. >> in the most tayed about art gallery in australia. if you think the exhibits are strange, a bat car and a machine that deficates, wait until you hear the story of the man behind the museum.
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a professional gambler got lucky with an unusual museum he opened. andrew thomas has seen the weird and wonderful, a tourist attraction in tazmania. >> it has a bat car, goldfish cheating death, e yipings an tickquities and a machine that is if he had food digests it and hours later did he haveeficates the story behind the museum of old and new art is more incredible than what is in it. even this a room of books without any words. >> we call it white library, but it's actually called tired, a right now for 6,000 blank books.
1:47 pm
>> david walsh is a professional gambler who studied gambling markets more than 30 years, it has brought him tens of millions of dollars more than he ever lost. >> it is exactly the same what you whatever you bid o the odds of the event are more likely than the payoff. >> it's proved a hit in just four years, it's become the biggest paid-for atrack information tazmania. many people think the dedicated -- take boats to the museum built like a lair. >> it's play with rich copies. i bought a museum to teach myself about musems not necessarily entertain anyone else. >> but entertaining he has. >> it opened your mind. >> they are overwhelming. a lot to take in. and it's kind of strange. >> the art is unusual but so
1:48 pm
too, is its proeventesentation. none of the art work has a plaque telling you what it is called, who it is by or what it is meant to mean. instead, for guidance, you get this. >> it's called the o, similar to a smart phone. it knows where you are in the museum and offers material to read about what's around. visitobs interact and are later e-mailed a personalized record of their visit. it's technology other musems want. one way walsh hopes his can soon pay its way. it's already helping tazmania's economies economy. hotels and restaurants are booming. 15% of the visitors tell us they came to tazmania because of it. so in economic terms we estimate that $75 million into the economy that wouldn't have been realized had it not existed. >> for walsh, his museum is another gamble that has paid off. andrew thomas al jazeera,
1:49 pm
hobart. >> all right. time for sports news with sana. >> thank you very much darian. the first quarterback final will be decides ast the africaning cup of nations in their final group a match. congo needs only a draw to progress to the knock out rounds for the first time since 1992. the other match is taking place in bata where he can qua torial guinea is hoping to take a place our correspond event, andy coming up to ha now still nil-nil. in your opinion, who is liking likely to progress to the kwafr finals? >> let's take a look at how the situation stands at the moment. both matches are ha. we had the ha whistle here between he can " he canqual.
1:50 pm
>> equtarial again e. a grat atmosphere nothing less than a win will do for them. in fairness they have been hanging on a little bit during their first half. a lot of talk to build up this turningament about the makeup of the equatorial team. they have been accused of buying an international team. they have oil wealth. in recent years, they have brought in players from south america and across africa,nalized them to play for this team. it has been interesting that one of the theories of the new coach is that he wanted a team that had equatorial begin i can'tn blood in it. the majority are born in spain. this is a former colony of spain all of those players, fathers and grandfathers were born here so there is a real feeling between the supporters and the team that you didn't perhaps get three years ago. interesting that possibly the
1:51 pm
player of the game so far is the goalkeeper born in mongoma, plays in the league here he has been a hero playing off great saves to keep his team in the game and within a chance of staying alive. >> how important is it for the most nation to do well in this tournament? i think it's always important for the host to do well the atmosphere will disappear somewhat in they go out. you have to put it in context where the team is. they are comfort a.m.y the lowest ranked team in this side. only once before have they played in a cup of neighborhoods when they hosted it three years ago so not much is expected of them. their coach came in. he was only given a few weeks to get the team ready. he admitted because they hadn't come through qualifying like every other team tactically and physically, they aren't in the best of shape he is building this team towards qualifying for
1:52 pm
the next world cup. there is hope at the moment. there is a fantastic atmosphere inside that stadium. they need a goal in the second half. >> andy richardson thank you very much for that. the country has faced incredible turmoil in receipt times. iraq's football team continues to overcome adversity. they have reached the semifinals of the asian cup where they will face south korea on monday. a report from sidney. >> down to the last four of the aidsian cup. many expected iraq to be amongst the semi finalists. having seen iran in the quarters the pate troningz of this social club in sydney are confident their team can pull off another surprise and repeat the triumph from 2007. >> if you guys manage to win what's this area going to be like tomorrow? >> crazy for sure. people will come here and it's
1:53 pm
going to be nice to be honest. gathering here not to do something stupid. >> as for the team, itself the doping accusations surrounding one of their players has been dismissed by the afc. the coach saying they are focused on the semifinals for one man who almost certainly would have played in the e-mail e is the fo-8-year-old midfielder. he picked up a serious knee injury. he said the coach appointed over a month ago deserves huge credit. everyone knows about him in iraq and he knows the players. i think it core really a good for the iraqi players if i think he has done a really good job with them. >> the south korea ians have been beaten 1e78 eye finalists in the last two tournaments. the coach, a world cup finalists is a player eyeing irto make sure they reach the title for
1:54 pm
the first time since 199 yeah. >> not only from south korea in the challenge but if you go over the street and you look at melbourne park roger federer is out of the tournament. sports is but full of surprises. >> you can see the south korea ian out here in full force. they are expecting a south korea ian victory in the semifinals. reached the finals of the world cup in the past. they haven't won this particular competition since 1960 and in an asian cup full of surprises, it will have the iraqi team believing anything is possible. al jazeera italy. >> arsenal have continued their defense of the fa cup beating brighton to reach the 5th ground. gunners led .2-nil at ha at the waldecott. bryceon score after the break
1:55 pm
the hosts pulled another as arsenal hang on for a 3-2 win. now number 3, rafael nadal, the spanning yard over came a slow start before pulling apart in south sfren opponents, kevin anderson pretty much the chanthsz of winning a second title in melbourne is over two hours to be the 14th seed 7-5-60-1-6-4. in the quarter and then he battled his way into husband 16th grand slam quarterfinal. the number 6 seed advanced last year's wimbledon quarterfinals. he beat dimitrov in four sets. nick terosk became the first australian male to reach the quarterfinals since 2005.
1:56 pm
he beat andre city in five sets becoming the first teenager since roger federer to reach multiple i will fields. the final 8 at wimbledon last year. maria sharapova booked her spot in the final 16 of the women's. she recorded a victory over china. preparations for the world cup have received a huge boost after claiming a serious win over sri lanka by winning the 6-1. kwm wing william son and ross taillor got centuries as the kiwis wrapped up 215 for 195 winning by 120 runs. >> that's it for sport. hand you back to dareen. >> thank you very much for that update. back to the fourth anniversary of the egyptian revolution now. let's what has changed since those hopeful scenes in tahrir square.
1:57 pm
some of the most powerful sites and sounds from the ref luths and beyond.
1:58 pm
well, at one time, i felt that selling cocaine was my purpose. >> we was starvin', just lookin' for a way to succeed. >> the first time i seen rock cocaine was 1980. >> the murder rate was sky-high. >> south of the 10 freeway, was kind of a "no-man's land". >> you know, we're selling it for the blacks. i said, you go into these neighborhoods, there's no cops you can sell it where you want and when they start killing each other, nobody cares. >> i was going through like a million dollars worth of drugs just about every day. >> that's like gold! >> we can make a fortune! >> he was maybe the biggest guy in l.a. >> freeway rick was getting his dope from a very big operator. i think we're into something that's bigger than us. something we really can't deal with. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> she could prove what she was
1:59 pm
saying. >> [rapping] crack in the system. >> [rapping] this is los angeles.
2:00 pm
>> exit polls suggest a lives o victory for the far left in greece after elections that could send shock waves across europe. hello there. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: fweement