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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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ng in effect. and it feels much colder because of those winds. >> i'm dale walters in new york you are watching al jazeera america more news as always straight ahead. this is al jazeera. ♪ ♪ a group linked to isil claims it was behind a gun and bomb attack at a top libyan hotel. the u.s. president visited saudi arabia to meet the new king. a kenning ally in a region beset by conflict. grow's new cabinet is sworn in. and world leaders and survivors of the holocaust
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mark seven years since -- >> hello a group ally to isil says it carried out a gun and bomb attack on a major hotel. gunman stormed the hotel which is used by diplomates and foreign workers. there was a siege lasting several hours. and by the edge of it, 11 people including the attackers were dead. victoria gaiten by reports. >> the attackers set off a car bomb outside the hotel. men also stormed the building. there was a gun battle lasting several hours it came to an end when the attackers blew themselves up after being surrounded by security forces on the twenty-fourth floor. >> this was a multiattack. that involved a car bomb in
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the parking lot of the hotel also, there are reports and then the gunman stormed the attack so this was the hotel so this was a very well coordinated attack an audacious attack on one of the most popular hotels in the city. >> a group linked has claims responsible for the attack, but al jazeera cannot independently verify the statement. the hotel in the libyan capitol is popular with government officials and foreign diplomates. >> there has been violence and rivalries since the 2011 nato uprising. >> libya is now under the control of two rival governments each supported by arms grouped enganged in daily fighting. >> and they say this attack could derate peace talks
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taking place in geneva. >> both governments have tried to attempt to get some kind of politic scores among both of the government the gny has already come out and said this is the work of the form ever regime and it's already coming out from members of the h.o.r. from the rights organization, they are going to say this is just a case of the muslim brotherhood and other islamists that are in charge. >> in july, foreign answerer stopped flying to libya when the armed group libyan dorms took control of tripoli's airport. commercial flights from libya to europe resumed on saturday. but the attack on this luxury hotel is a remind tear the situation on the ground is dangerous. al jazeera. >> well with the threat of isil and it's affiliates was almost certainly on the agenda as the new kenning met the u.s. president. barack obama cut short his visit to india to pay his respects to the kenning
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following the death. and as the new kenning begins his reign, saudi arabia is facing several challenges at home an attack earlier this month left three border guards dead. around the same time, isil did announce it's desire to concur saudi arabia. as the fighting continues saudi arabia has been spending millions of dollars. while over in yemen the rise of shia houthis rebels there has led to the fall of the prosaudi government. and regional rival iran is suspected of backing the houthies. that political rivalry with iran has played out not just in yemen but also in syria lebanon, iraq, and baher ran with both side with political groups. we have been hearing different views on the relation are ship
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between the u.s. and saudi and the issues between them. i believe saudi arabia is concerned with issues with the united states. the first one is transparency, saudi arabia feels that the united states wasn't forthright about their negotiations and secret meeting with the iranian for many years. and that is at least would raise some suspicious about how could we be strategic partners and now you can add yes mohn, and the houthis situation there and as we found out recently, america was talking toking the houthies coordinated against al quaida, and at the same time they are not very clear about their stance on the houthies coupe. >> well, this is a very nice
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gesture on the part of the president. which has been an ally for decades and underscores the close relationship we have had, and the one i think we will continue to have. are are there problems yes and you discuss add few of the areas in the region particularly that do trouble the saudis. and it is in those areas that i think they will be working very closely together, and particularly with the i.s.i.l. threat. >> the president of argentina has gone on national television to deny a cover up in the mysterious death of a prosecutor. he was found shot in the head hours before he was to give explosive testimony on the bombing of a jewish center. ar more than a week of controversial and protests
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argentine that's president has announce add major shake up in the intelligence service, she says lit bring transparency to the agency. >> i have taken the decision to be dissolved and for a federal agency to be created hood direction will be led by a general director. and a sub director, they were appointed by the executive but require the agreement of othe senate to be able to function. >> prosecutor alberto was found dead in his apartment last week. a day before he was supposed to testify at an inquiry into the 1994 bombing of a jewish center. he spent a decade investigating that attack. he had accused president hernandez of involvement in an attack to cover up the alleged roll in the deal. >> and has a mercury history the president responded to the
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allegations she and her government are involved in a cover up. >> no one is going to blackmail me no one is going to intimidate me. i am not afraid of them, they can say what they like, make the acquisitions they want to, let the judges call me, may the prosecutors denounce me, it doesn't bother me, but they are not going to move me. not from what i have always thought. >> police are continuing their investigation into the death of prosecutor and the bill to revamp the spy agency will be sent to congress. lit restrict the contact and influence between government officials and the new agency. >> acrossing over to areolate ten america editor, she is live for froes the capitol tell us, lue see yeah, more about the decision of kristina to dissolve the spy agency why she is is doing this now. >> very interesting i am talking where the lat ten america and caribbean
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nationals summit is just getting underway and the president is not going to be here because she has these problems at home. she finally addressed her country men and women to announce she was going to disban the intelligence agency. and of course, there have been more and more conspiracy theories into what many people are calling sort like a spy knoll here. and the whole investigation of the bombing of the jewish cultural center. every single step of the way we sense the investigation began, something has gone i don'twrong including judges paying offals witnesses. to try to divert attention from what may or may not have happened there. >> the president is saying they were feeding false information, this is what she trying to tell the argentine
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people the dead prosecutor now, everybody seems to believe or many people seem to believe that he did not commit suicide, but we still don't know who may have been behind this. it might have been iranian intelligent agency so a lot of theories was no hard proof or information about what happened there. >> so if the president doesn't believe that the prosecutor committed suicide which he doesn't then who does she believe was behind this? >> she is not really saying whom but she seems to be implying that it is her political enemies. this is an election year in argentina, she cannot run again, but she is hoping somebody that will represent are her coalition could win. and this is certainly, she is at least insinuating this has been done as a plot to undermine her party, and supporters. and that they are using the
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death either inadvertently on his part, to say he may not have known says the president that he was being used buts in what she is implying without giving proof. >> thank you reporting from san jose for us. here is what is coming up, we are on the desserted road to the front line, and armored personnel carriers are oles on the move. >> we with have ed rat kateed smallpox, polio is in the end game. >> and the global health partnership appeals for more donors but are some children dying because they just can't get cheap vaccines? and there sports, hosts australia, still on track to when their first it to and the rest of the sports that's coming up in about think minutes time.
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saying it is unrealistic to expect the country to pay it's debts in full. as the only way to turn around the greek economy. so he is? well, he is a 53-year-old professor of economic at the university of athens. as an anti-posterity politician, he is likely to take a hard line on odebt reare leaf but he does want frees to stay in the euro zone. and bringing in barnabie phillips will tell us more about the makeup of that cabinet to talk us through the ceremony that took place just a short while ago. >> really interesting i thought, it indicated how
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frees is going through something of a social revolution as well as political revolution a majority of ministers in the new cabinet proposed not to do the traditional thing which is to provide on the bible presided over by a greek orthodox priest, they have chosen enstead a secular ceremony. majority of male ministers didn't even wear ties so this is very much a new broked of politician. they stroudle the party, of course he had to bring in coalition partners as well. or a coalition partner so he is the loader of the independent greeks the small party. he gets the defense that's what he wants. >> but all eyes are saying the my minister of finance. he has been an adamant credit
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teak of posterity and he maz a very persuasive line of government. the total sides of the debt relative to the slinking economy, has increased and increased. it is impossible for this country to move forward until the debts are forgiven. he has to convention christene at the i.m.f., and that will be a very difficult task. >> okay, barnabie we will leave it there reporting from athens. well the french prime menster has been speaking about the new greek government and the effect on the euro zone. and not to speculate about a break up. >> our ocommon objective is growth and the stability of the euro zone. the question of the exit of
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greece does not arise the new greek prime menster has never envisioned it. grows, we need to remember, has it's own place within the euro zone. >> the european leaders union leaders are threatening new sanctions against russia as fighting intensifies charles stratford has traveled to the separatist strong hold and this is what he found. >> these troops are moving towards rebel held territory it's about 40-kilometers away, ukrainian government has declare add state of emergency, in those areas and the state of alert rate across ukraine. >> as we headed north towards the roads bake deserted the closer we got to the front line. the ukrainian military were moving tanks and heaven weaponry into possession. >> rebel held territories about five-kilometers up the road, we are at a military
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chien point, and the soldiers here are telling us they are coming under five every day and night. villagers say they can hear the fighting increasingly concerned for their safety. >> of course we are afraid. there is nothing to look forward to. the fighting means it is difficult for us to work and for our children poem are scared. they don't know what is going to happen on this side is or the other. people are suffering. >> it is pretty obvious that over the last couple of days it's been a dramatic worsening of the security situation we aren't far from the front line. we have been stopped by the military on a number of deferent roads we with have also heard shutting. and all the while the rebels are still vowing to push forward and take more territory. the rebels stopped us from filming their check points but close by we saw a number of
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destroyed tanks. on arrivalling the rebels tanked carried fighters through the streets. charles stratford, al jazeera year ukraine. >> french police have made five arrests in an operation to stop recruits fighting for isil. raids were carried out in southern france, local media say ten people from the town have already tried to join the group. >> two rockets have been fired from syria into the israeli occupies heights. israel did response by firing 20 shells no one has claimed responsible for that attack. find out if there's been any official statements as of now. >> no official statements from the government or the army just yet but the israeli media outlets are quoting an unnamed senior source, as says
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the group is behind these rockets that were launched from syria into the heights and emphasized that they hold the government responsible for attacks coming from syrian territories. now, without blaming or even mentioning hezbollah prime minister also said this evening that those who play with fire, will catch fire. now earlier on tuesday the israeli army confirmed that two rockets were fired from syria into the heights. this is after a rockets sirens sounded across several northern community. the army said that the rockets landed in an open area and didn't cause any damage and were fired from a distance of seven-kilometers as you said the army responded immediately, according to officials with 20 shuts to send the mess advantage that israel will not tolerate these attacks. hezbollah says it has not comment on the activity
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according to it's spokesperson and this would be the cross boarder incident between israel and syria since the attack which took place mean days ago and it was blamed on israel, and it killed six hezbollah operatives and one iranian general inside syria and hezbollah at the time vowed to retaliate, now although israel never fecially claimed responsibility for the attack, western intelligence sources said the target of the attack was a cell that was plotting to fire rockets and send so called terror operatives into the territory. >> thank you for that update. recording from west jerusalem. iraqs government said the shooting was an accident. the minister of transport said an armytraining exercise went wrong. en more than 150 passengers
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were on the flight plan when it was hit by gunfire as it landed. airline said no one was injured but the plane was damaged. security sources said the gunman appeared to be a sniper, in an area just beyond the airport. but the transport minister had a different explanation. >> what happened in the airport yesterday was just an accident. the members of the security forces came here and expected everything and everything seems to be all right. >> for state own iraqi airs it was business as usual it's international and domestic flights took off as scheduled but it was a different matter for international airline. all but iran suspended flights in and out of the airport. en p. >> the trajectory of the bullet after it is fired going such a far distance, basically
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it's not really controllable last year officials had feared the airport could be in danger. if isil advanced to bagging dad, but military operations including u.s. air strikes have removed that concern. it is a huge airport complex and including a military airport used by iraqis and americans. nearby is a training base for special forces and other iraqi security personnel. but the roads in and out, it is iraq's lifeline for businesses and other travelers. compares to other threats it is not seen as a major security crisis. and now those threats, of course have been mortars and rockets fired at the airport and the planes as well as actual fighting and the threat of isil in the paremeter to othe airport and baghdad. security officials say they believe thier is relatively
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secure but shots hitting an airplane, as well as the iraqi government explanation have raised serious questions among anyone iraqis or foreigners intending to fly into baghdad. al jazeera, baghdad. >> a short fall and pledged donation to rebuild gaza has forced the palestinian refugee agency to suspend assistance. more than 96,000 palestinian homes were damaged or destroyed in israel's 50 day offensive on gaza last year. the u.n. agency has received only $135 million of the $720 millions required to rebuild. a spokes men he says the situation in gaza is unacceptable. >> the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people will increase. it means means the whole profit of repairing the damage, and will
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not be paid any more, we are now out of money. this means also that the -- actually here in gaza, it is in a great distress because of the whole story that the december appointment the frustration, the anger is driving every moment here. and it is really very dangerous to everybody. right now the international community donors did not reach gaza we haven't sevenned money from emeritas and others but what is about the billions of dollars that has been pledged. we have to tell the truth to the people, also to tell the international community, to tell them that what is going on in gaza is unacceptable. we with are in bad need for the first quarter of this year for $100 million to continue the proper process that we started just a few
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months ago. >> meanwhile, israel has reportedly approved a plan to expand illegal settlement that is south of bethlehem. this will be on 170 hectors of palestinian land. 2,500 sectors are planned. against appropriation, but there's been no court desession so far. >> hundreds of nigerian soldiers have been sacked for refusing to fight boko haram. military commanders say they disobeyed orders the trooped say they were given the wrong weapons or they lacked the proper equipment. their league fight raises more questions about how bo caha ram is being confronted. they say they were sacked because they were not ready to die fighting boko haram and they allege military bosses
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didn't give them enough weapons so they withdrew from their positions under the orders of their commander. they were fighting in a town. >> we were not given the necessary weapons and equipment that. we were given ak 47, which were -- so when we use the bomb it doesn't explode. we are out of mortar, and the mo tar bomb. we not issued to us. >> the militarysies the men were knolled told to withdraw and had adequate weapons but they disobeyed orders. but if the allegations are true lit raise questions about how the military is fighting boko haram hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on this fight. the military is also facing
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other problems hundreds of other soldiers are been sacked sentenced to death for mutiny and accused of corruption, all of this when there seems to be the greatest need for soldiers to fight. on wednesday, boko haram's leader claimed responsibility for an attack on the velocity ladies and gentlemen on the third of january. >> human rights lawyer is representing the soldiers. >> in defending these soldiers with respect to the military. >> and so these soldiers hope to win their case, despite their predicament, they are optimistic that their former colleagues will beat boko haram. >> the mel tear are winning the war. because some weapons. i think -- from the war front lean some reasonable weapons that we were with demanding
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for in the past were brought. >> winning their case will be difficult. no soldier has ever won a case against the mill tear in these circumstances. al jazeera nigeria. >> still ahead on the al jazeera news hour, the mysterious death of alexandar cast as shadow over british russian relations and now an inquiry is trying to reveal more about the killing. plus. >> the matter if you have four feet or just two millions of americans are snowed in. and coming up in sport another demolition at the australian open, this time on the women's en ever. >> request and is uest and is
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>> a crisis on the border... >> thery're vulnarable... these are refugees... >> migrent kids flooding into the u.s. >> we're gonna go and see josue who's just been deported... >> why are so many children fleeing? >> your children will be a part of my group or killed... >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... fault lines no refuge: children at the border only on al jazeera america the top stories on the al jazeera news hour. a your linked to isil is claiming responsible for attacking a luxury hotel. at least 11 people were killed when gunman stormed the hotel.
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ands popular where diplomats and foreign workers. >> the leftist leader finance mentionster now has the job uveitisessing to the european union about he negotiating grosses 260 mean billion dollars bail out deal. and the u.s. president is making a visit to meet the new king of saudi arabia. >> following the death of kenning abdallah. in yemen the president's chief of staff has been released by houthis fighters. he was kidnapped earlier this month. houthis fighters then expanded their control over the capitol and the president resigned, the houthis leader is calling for a quick transition a speedy transition of power in the proper way is based on partnership. we need to speed up negotiations and power
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transfer no foreign power should intervene. in an attempt to spread chaos will have negative effects o. entire region. more on who is in charge now. >> after the american houthis is now yemen's most powerful man his fighters control the capitol and the province their strong hole in the north. they are also expanding south the shia houthies were a minority calling for religious freedoms. but he isn't the only influential pan in yemen. former president remaned popular, these are his supporters on the streets denouncing a united nations travel ban on their leader last year. he has dismissed accusations
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that he wanted to return to power. but this is his son general. he was groomed to succeed his father but the whole family was driven out of purr during the 2011 anti government protests. the protests were manely staged by the opposition known in yemen. or the joint meeting parties. it is a coalition of seven political factions. they are active in tribal areas in the south. the houthiess accuse islam of creating a divide, in places like province, where they say they are ready to fight the houthies. the port city where there's a successionist movement. for the time being the political impasse continues.
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the situation that can only improve if the mane political factions agree to share power. al jazeera. >> an army convoy has been ambushed in south sudan on sunday killing 13 people. the attack was outside the western town. four journalists and women and children are among the dead. no one has claimed responsibility, but the killings are said to be similar to -- why the lords recess tense army. the process of demobilizing thousands of soldiers has now begun. the children were recruited by a rebel force called cobra faction. the 280 youngsters have now been demobilized at a ceremony ceremony. ♪. >> these children were told that the wave of what is going
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to be 3,000 child soldierses seeing demobilized, they were part of a rebel insurgency, and so they need to be removed from that rebel group before those soldiers can be integrated into the government army. by that causes a much much big problem, because they are told in the last year alone, 12,000 children were recruited to various armed groups so this is a problem that ceremony tended far beyond this county. cuba's former president has given his first public reaction since agreement was reached with the united states to restore diplomatic relations. >> . >> a letter from fidel castro is read out to havana university while he didn't fully trust the u.s., he did think the two nations should work together. and castro said they would resolve their differences peacely in accordance with
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international principles and rules. russia has announce add plan to free spending levels that it says will help the economy return to a budget sur mrs. by 2017. this. co as day after the latest shock with the credit rating agency standard & poor's loring it's grade to junk status. what this means for the public. >> and the bad news just keeping on coming. shoppers already squeezed by sanctioning now looking on as the credit rating tumbled into junk status. >> i don't see any actions of the government, everything they say and write remains on the page, i don't see anything being done to get life back to normal. >> the real session that it is going to get worse before it gets better. >> i think it is going to continue for several years. we are going to ofall further behind. then we will try to crawl out of and it that will take many
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years. down yadeing the rating to junk, will further batter the country's image. >> for an american investor approached $1 million of russian bonds back in june last year, those bonds would now be worth just $262,000. that's a 74% loss in an investment made just six months ago. junk. >> thomas is a market strategist for a major russian bank he says the hit on the country's credit status will have a damaging effect on economic growth. >> it is a very difficult situation, and there's the acceptance that russian growth this year will contract quite sharply. that's one of the main concerns the fact that at the moment, monetary policy and the policy of the central bank is very restricted at the moment. >> and his interview and news
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conference the president was remarkably upbeat about the months ahead. put his confident and looking less convincing as the onslaught continued. al jazeera in moscow. riot police have confronted protestors for the second time within a week, they have been infuriated by a government over a huge mining conflict which is also claimed by serbia and they are also demanding the resident egg nation of a serve minister. it's some of the worst unrest since the former president seceded seven years ago. holocaust survivors are remembering the dead on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. simon mcgregor wood is there. >> ♪. >> 70 years on, 300 elderly
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survivors gathered. >> auschwitz gate of death. this is where the trains came, to attempt where over 1 million were killed. a vast majority uses, but also polish disdents and soviet prisoners of war. this is the last anniversary with so many living witnesses. outside, the railway sitings where selection took place. the workers slaves, or to be gassed. wreaths were layed against the wall where prisoners were shot those that could pays tribute to families and friends wiped out. this anniversary will be the last one in which a significant number of survivors will be present and there is a concern that without living witnesses keeping the memories alive of what happened here, and the lessons it teaches us and future generations will be much harder. >> all this just weeks after
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the shootings in paris, with an increase in antisemitism on one hand, and attacks against muslims and mosquens on the other. the spector of international remembers is rising. you who are french uses your place is here. your home, prance is your country. you have given it your talent, your walk, your courage and sometimes your blood. also at auschwitz the german granderson of the nazi who ran the camp. atoning for his family's crimes. >> so i think people start to ignore the past. and that bears -- for me, it's dangerous. very dangerous, and when you see how many right wing parties now in the european parliament it's frightening. >> never again, bake the rallies cry of those that survived as they pass away, some fear their warning of
1:41 pm
what can happen, will pass with them. al jazeera, poland. >> the u.s. government says it has bust at russian spy ring in new york, the russian government says the arrests was a provocation without any evidence. he is accused of attempting to gene u.s. intelligence. two others have been flown back home because they were protected by their diplomatic status. a travel ban has been lifted sense a blizzard dutched less snow than forecast. >> used to the cold, commuters tried to get a head start on monday even all bracing the blizzard to get home, and bunker down for the night. yeah i will go home now yes i am.
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just came from work, they closed early, and doing home. >> junior valdez won't be going anywhere. >> i will be here for 30 session hours straight, four our shifts at a time, and two hour breaks in between. i will switch with a guy. >> by mid afternoon, new york city was nearly dark and come early evenings time square has already emptied winter storm juno new york's mayor warns should not be underestimated. >> best then to do stay indoors, stay off the roads stay off the sidewalks. and this is something i want people to start acting on as quickly as possible. that advice didn't reach everyone, without snow chance there was little these drivers could do strong winds whipping up nighttime fleuries making life difficult for emergency serviceses millions will be
1:43 pm
waking to a sea of white al jazeera. >> well, in mexico the families and friends of 43 student whose disappeared four months ago are still serging the ever the truth about what happened to them. and they don't believe what they have been told by the government. from mexico and i. here is adam reinny. >> they accuse the government of lying and killing the students. skepticism and suspicion deepen over the government's story of how 43 students disappeared four months ago. only one with student remains have been identified. driving the suspicious inconsistencies in the evidence. and reports that the federal police might have been involved or the army perhaps looked the other way. reports the government denies. >> we have seen the facts. nothing is clear. the government is contradicting itself.
1:44 pm
>> to many people outside mexico to the idea that soldiers took part in such a crime is unbelievable, but this is taking place in a country where theless and military have been linked to thousands of cases of human rights abuse torture, rape and murder. it isn't just leftist protestors that doubt the story, this dump is where the government says they were killed and burped. a leading citizen says that science fiction. >> it just can't with true. it could require tons of material for such a fire, tires and wood, and that's not possible also the site is too small and remains you would expect weren't to be found so there are a lot of factor that make it impossible. >> others are still searching the ever the truth, like these people looking for the students in mass graves. among them, family members a sign of desperation, and a rerejection of the government's story.
1:45 pm
>> meanwhile here in the capitol and across mexico, protests continue, a call for the truth a truth that may never fully come to light. al jazeera, mexico city. >> a public inquiry has begun in london to the death of a former secret russian agent. as lawrence lee reports reports the inquiry will exam whether rush are sha was involved. >> who killed alexandar that's the question now being concerned by this inquiry in london. the global interest in the death of a spy eight years ago. refuses to go away. he had been a russian agent has fought the chechyniaens in the 1990's, had become so disillusioned with his mother land that he turned disdependent. and that when he was asked to call his friends the tycoon, he had made his grievances public. and had even taken them up
1:46 pm
with a certain vladimir putin who had just become his new boss at the russian security service. >> you will need to consider whether he sustained public attacks on the regime in general, and on the fs b. and mr. putin in particular. could have had any connection with his death. >> if it was revenges, then the men asked to execute it were andre and demetry coffman. the inquiry heard that they traveled several times to london in the weeks prior to his death. and left a radio active trail behind them. at this hotel in central london, radiation was found all over their bedrooms it was suggested that he might have been poisoned not once, but twice. the first time at the offices of a security contractor in central london, and then again at the hotel where it is thought he receive add fatal dose. in which he spoke of hearing the beating of the wings of
1:47 pm
the angel of death. the sound of protests from across the world will reverberate mr. putin in your ears the ever the rest of your life p many may god forgive you for what you have done, not only to me, but to beloved rush are sha. >> he now has his own t.v. show it's called traitors against those who have betrayed the mother land. still he has insisted on his innocence, arguing the entire poison was amateurish. he said it was more likely to be british trying to frame him. his widow says she hopes it will rule out conspiracy theories. >> the russian side denied the fact this he died at all i want to end all the speculation. >> the inquiry her that told a friend he had a rare poison. and wanted to point a cook in london to administer it. they have been asked if they want to participate in this
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inquiry, so far they haven't said one way or the other. coming up on the fuse hour how much of the lottery for children who need vaccines to survive. coming up in sport men's profession tennis and in a day of australian open.
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very few organizations request
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say they have averted 7 million deaths in the last 20 years. and having just been given more than $7 billion it is hoping to advantage sen nate millions of more children. our science editor reports. >> childhood vaccinations have are long been identified as a cost effective way to improve the health of a population. but for many of the poorest countries that cost is still too high. that's whoty alliance was founded 15 years ago, it was started with an initial commitment from the bill and melinda gates foundation, mr. other organizations governments private companies too, now back the organization. it's goal is to fine the resources to improve vaccines for children living in the word's poorest countries and since 2000, it says that it has vaccinated 500 million children and prevented more than 7 million deaths.
1:51 pm
now members of the alliance have been meeting in berlin, hoping to get enough money for the next five years. >> we have eradicated smallpox 95% reduction in measles. we have had stronger commutes as a result and stronger economies. this is the power of vaccines. no ore intervention touches so many lives on earth. >> the charity doctors without boarders says it doesn't get access to the cheaper vaccines negotiated. instead it is forced to pay much higher prices and as a result children miss out. >> some of the best most important new vaccines to save children's lives the road virus vaccine are being rolled out in some below income countries. but the then is, the prices of these vaccines are not sustainable, and we truly
1:52 pm
believe they can go much lower. >> having got the $7.5 billion that was looking for the alliance 300 million children can now be vaccinated in the next five years. per this allowed to built on it's already successful start. al jazeera. >> time for all the sports news with robin. >> thank you very much. we are going to start at the africa cup of nations taking center stage right now all 14 into the chance of quarter final algeria are leading 1-nil, so as the scoring stand, algeria is top of the group, south africa also won a match, but they will need to beat if they want to make it to the last eight.
1:53 pm
the house bate the united emerieses to reach their second straight final. they will have a chance to made in asia cup in front of their own fans. so reports now from new castle. >> looking more like new castle upon england but despite the gray skies australian footballen has a very sunny disposition right now, a team on the verge of the asian cup final supporters confidence the game will only get more popular as a result. >> i think for australia it has reminded us that we are are in the asian part of the world, and it's been wonderful to make friends with palestinians. people from japan and hopefully tonight take from the united arab emritz. >> i think it is going to be the biggest team for
1:54 pm
australia. >> do you think that football is really now on the up and up? >> it certainly is as the a league started that, and now the -- do the last world cups now we welcome like winning the asian cup. >> the pressure was very much on them, in defending against the concurrers of japan but 23-year-old defender and his coach andrew, in front of just three minutes. almost immediately it could have been 1-1. but not the post, instead, it was australia who made it 2-nil. jason davidson taking full advantage. the second half, saw more pressure from the a.e. as they were pinned back and try as they might the home side couldn't get that important
1:55 pm
third goal but two proved to be enough. it enters the finals of the tournament. in saturday's asian cup point the tournaments top scorers against the best defense and if this can play as well as they did in this semifinal when they blew away the united emritz than a title should be theirs. al jazeera new castle. >> from football to tennis, roof fall nadal has been knocked out of the final. beating the spaniard in all of the 17 yee yous meetings. wrapped up the first two sets in an hour the grand slam championship saving two match points and that was before they sealed the 6-2 6-6 7-love reach.
1:56 pm
i didn't play with the right confidence with the right intensity. playing very sure. i -- i made him play very easy. so you cannot expect to when matches in quarter finals. helping the opponent to play well. >> that's after being number six seed, beat australian teammate. in straight sets in the quarters he is a three time australian open people issue he advanced to the semis for a first time in six years. women's number two seed mario sarapova has advanced to the when over canadian. she is looking to when her first australian open title sense back in 2008. will face fellow russian next. >> besides playing another russian, i am facing an opponent that wasn't
1:57 pm
necessarily a favorite, and that's always a tricky situation, because she is going to come into that match free and almost happy to be in that situation. and that's dangerous. southee yeah's first olympic swimming gold medalist says he has been shocked by a failed doping test. the failed toast happened in the september before the asian games in the management says he was injected with a banned substance at a local hospital while seeking chiropractic treatment. the hospital told him it didn't contain any illegal substances. that's your sport more later. >> all right, thank you very much and thank you for watching the news hour for myself and robben, the team here in doha goodbye for now we hand you over to lauren taylor who will be joining you from london, do stay with al
1:58 pm
jazeera >> aljazeera america presents a break through television event borderland... >> are you tellin' me it's ok to just open the border, and let em' all run in? >> the teams live through the hardships that forced mira, omar and claudette into the desert. >> running away is not the answer... >> is a chance at a better life worth leaving loved ones behind? >> did omar get a chance to tell you goodbye before he left? >> which side of the fence are you on? >> sometimes immigration is the only alternative people have. borderland only on al jazeera america
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>> eight dead a gung men storm a hotel. >> we're live from london. also coming up. team tsipras and doctors