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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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♪ ♪ this is al al jazeera. hello. i am lauren taylor, this is the news hour. coming up, eight dead as gunman linked isil storm a luxury hotel in the libyan capitol. inside the dove stated town is kurdish forces retake control after months of battles with isil fighters. meek the greek prime menster new cabinet on a mission to end posterity policies. mexican officials say the evidence shows 43 missing students are dead, but their families still want answers.
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>> with the sport in league cup action right now details in about 45 minutes and then also coming up it's been an exciting night of football at the africa cup after nations find out who has managed to survive the so called group of death. at least eight people are dead on an attack on a hotel that is popular with foreigners. a security guard was killed when a car bomb was detonated. gunman then stormed the bid building. the siege lasted several hours before forced regained control. the site intelligence group say as libyan group affiliating itself to isil has claimed responsibility for the attack. victoria has the latest. >> the attackers set off a scar bomb outside the hotel masked moan also stormed the building wearing bullet proof
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vests. there was a gun battle lasting several hours that came to an end when the attackers blew themselves up. >> this was a malt car attack that involve add car bomb in the, paing lot off the hotel and also there are reports that the market was fired earl where this morning and then the gunman stormed. so this was a very well coordinated attack. an audacious attack on one of the most popular hotels in the city. >> a group linked to the islamic state has claimed responsibility. al jazeera cannot independently verify this statement. the hotel in the libyan capitol is popular with government officials and foreign diplomates. there have been violence and rileys among militias since the nato backed uprising that
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topples former leader mom mar gaddafi. libya is now under the control of two rival governments each supported by armed groups enganged in daily fighting. analysts say this attack could derail peace talks taking place in geneva. >> both governments have come out and tried to -- you know, get some kind of political scores and point scoring among both of the government the gmc, has already come out and said this is the work of the former regime, and it's already coming out from members of the h.o.r., and operations that this was a story of the muslim brotherhood, and others in charge. >> in july foreign airline stopped flying to remember yeah when the armed group took control of tripoli's airport. commercial flights from libya to europe resumed on saturday, but the attack on this luxury hotel is a remind tear the situation on the ground is dangerous. al jazeera.
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>> and some news coming into us now we now know that nine people were killed at the hotel that's five foreigners and four libyans. this is negligence to the three attackers that blew themselves up, at least one frenchman and an american national were among those victims. joining me now served as al otheryeah's deputy ambassador, thank you for coming in to talk to us. how significant is this if this is the work of isil. >> very significant and really i am surprised because tripoli was secure and safe. compared to other towns. and suddenly, because the government which is in treachery is proislamic government backed by islamic groups and it will be very surprising that isil will attack a friendly government, and not the other government,
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the private golf which is backed by the general and by the anti-ma learn sha groups. >> was perhaps a message to say they can hit those targets in. >> that's the only explanation. becausely, isil is not present in western libya, but in east remember yeah, and exactly in the small euh the battle is going on, benghazi, and onot western libya. and thirdly why an islamic group would attack a pro government islamic progovernment, and leave the other governments which is
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backed by the french and all othe other groups. so it is surprising. >> you suspect that isil may be claiming this when they weren't behind it? >> i would say that's most likely. it has happened in the past, when some groups proclaimed or claimed they have done some attacks and in fact, it wasn't them who had done it, and they want to say that they are that they are there and they can harm whoever is against them. >> interesting. you mentioned in the context of what you were saying before that isil does have a presence in libya regardless of whether it turns out to have been behind in particular attack tell us about what they are doing. is it running training operations. >> it is a small group in a small town, which is in extreme eastern libya. and there are around 200, 250 armed men who said that they are with isil.
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but the men main groups al quaida groups, or other groups are not isil, or even against isil and they don't want isil to be there because we know that's a big problem. the groups in general, they are not happy to have them, and the big fight the battle, in fact, is in benghazi, and not in western libya, except maybe in the small town in intense surrounding. >> okay, thank you very much indeed. for your expertise. >> my pleasure. >> our residents from the syrian border town have slowly started returning home, a day after kurdish fighters said they liberated the town from isil fighters. entire buildings have been reduced to rubble, and most of the streeted remane deserted. a majority of the population has kept to neighboring turkey. some tries to go home, but
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found themselves being tear gassed by turkish soldiers. the u.s. says too early to say mission accomplished as they still have a presence in areas around kobane. the latest reactions from the state department. rosalyn joe dan in washington, so they have been giving some details of what they think they have achieved. >> that's right. a senior official told reporters on tuesday that while it is not mission accomplished, this is a very significant step forward in degrading the military capabilities as well as the propaganda value of isil operations. the official has told reporters that what they saw happening in kobane was a combination of multinational cooperation to support the population of people living inside kobane, of bringing together the capability for iraqi person mer sha dwighters to make their way to the town,
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to assist local fightersers and trying to repel the advance and then, of course, the use of allied air strikes to go after not just fighters from isil but from commanders of isil, whom the officials said were pacicly congregated. trying to take over the town as a symbolic victory and as a rallying symbol for other that is would want to join. that they did realize that isil was with intent on making it a symbol of it's efforts to take over that part of the middle east, they say this is how they were able to be successful. >> and does it -- do they feel that it weakened isil enough overall, in that it will make a change to the operations in places like iraq for instance. >> the official wanted to stress that this is not a
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definitive turning point. the officials said that clearly more needs to be done in order to fully secure kobane, and to then try to help retake other parts of syrian and iraqi territory from isil. and return them to those who are in syrian and iraq who parts oif legitimate government as it were. however, the official said that this is just the very beginning of a multiyear fight against isil, and the official did not want to predict exactly how long it would take to carry this out. one thing that the official did say, is that a similar type of effort bringing together air strikes on the ground fighters and a considerable humanitarian support, could help turn the tide as it were, in both in mosul, both in iraq, but the official went on to say it isn't going to happen overnight. >> okay, roz jordan, thank you very much indeed. thank you. >> the new greek cabinet led
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by prime minister has been sworn in, leftist leaders finance menster now has the job of trying to negotiate the $269 billion bail out deal. barnabie phillips has more. >> alexis looks on as his new government is sworn in. some chose the more traditional. most chose a secular ceremony instead. the new minister of finance, soon he hopes to convince other european countries to forgive a large part of greece's debt, that will be a challenge. and another challenge for this cabinet, to restore the faith of the greek people, in their politician. because this is how bad things were with and former menster from new democracy was attacked on the street simply for being recognized as a politician.
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they cried thief as they beat him. >> we went with to meet him now in opposition, he believes ministers will not find it easy to win concessions from the countries that have lent grote money. >> it is hard to choose between clash, with the european union or the new term. both of the choices are very risky for them and for the country. they don't care for them, but we all live in this country and this is much will now depend on what happened in this building, the greek finance ministry. they say it will clam down on tax evasion, which has been such a problem here in greece. but that is something that successive greek governments have promised to do, and with only limited success.
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>> these are the offices of a new opposition party. we kim here to meet one of it's mps, he was in charge of tax collection for the outgoing government, but he ran into beautiful group which is resided change. >> there is a whole systems that baited on inefficiencies. mrs. a system that works because nor accused, because there are problems. so you need to fight against those interests in the way that the system works. >> athens waits to see what this new government can achieve. in some the opposition there's a sense of forbidding that we could be interesting a new dangerous phase. for many serious supporters there is hope that it is over. >> mexico's attorney general has declared 43 students that
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disappeared in september dead. he says forensic evidence shows they were incinerated at a garbage dump. the government has been criticized by parents of the students and some expert whose argue that the explanation is implausible. al jazeera joins us live from mexico city. was there still doubt about the death or it is more about the families not willing to accept the explanations in. >> relate, there's doubt within the family circle that their children are dead, buzz what there's a lot of doubt here is the way perhaps these students were killed if they were indeed killed. this is just the searching still of the attorney general. we had a mass private tests where most people marching accused federal police, not just local police, and accused the army of being accomplice sit if not participating in the attacks and this prez conference that the attorney
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general here gave on tuesday just finishing up was the government trying to be very assertive in it's contention and that contention is that local police happened these students over to a local gang, and that gang killed them, burned them, and threw the remains in the river. that's despite the fact that they don't have all the evidence according to some outside experts to prove this. so whether or not this will go much further to convince mexicans who have very little faith in their government, well that eare mains to be seen most people supporting those families think this is a way for the government to kind of close the case, and move on. >> as you mentioned the outside experts is there potentially the situation where you could have a definitive answer or this, or have these outside where you aren't given access to all the information. >> well, what happens is the
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attorney general's contention hinges on people believing that 43 people could be burned in this trash dump, in the city. it is in this rural area, it is a pit and he says it became a furnace it became so hot. but we with have spoken to experts a t the main university here, physicist whose offered a report saying it is impossible that so many people were burned in that space, there's not enough remains, there's not enough evidence that it couldn't get hot enough. the attorney general made a point in his press conference to try to put those doubts to bed but people will believe them or believe the government meanwhile a outside group, these forensic experts say yes, the government has confirmed the identity of one of the 43 students through dna festing but they don't necessarily believe that that remain the bone of that student came from where the government said it did they say they only received the bone, they don't know where it came from.
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so you have these physicists and these experts expressing doubt, but you have the government itself becoming more and more defensive about the evidence that it has and trying to p where it up, moments before the attorney general spoke the president in a speech that has nothing to do with this case, made a reference to it saying we with can't be trapped the school where the students studies and wayhe is trying to say is we have to move forward. well, i don't know that the public is ready to move forward. >> thank you very much indeed for bringing us the latest still to come on the al jazeera news hour. an inquiry into the death of a former russian spy in london revealed he was given radio active poison more than once. arch teen that president hints who she is believes is behind the murder of a prosecutor that accused her of a cover up.
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your peep loaders as fighting intensifies in eastern ukraine. charles stratford has traveled to the front line. and there is what he found. >> these troops are moving towards rebel held territory the 40-kilometers away. the government has declare add state of emergency in those areas and a state of alert right away across ukraine. the roads became increasingly deserted. two military were moving tanks and heaven weaponry into position. >> rebel held territory is about five-kilometers up the
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road request are at a chien point, and the soldiers are tellings they are coming under fire every day and night. >> many have left the area, increasingly concerned for their safety. >> of course we are afraid. there is nothing to look forward to. the fighting means it is difficult for us to work, and for our children. >> people are scared. they don't know what is going to happen on this side or the other. people are suffering. >> it is pretty obvious that over the last couple of days there's been a dramatic worsens of the security situation, we are not far from the front line. we have been stopped by the military on a number of different roads as we try to get to donetsk. we have also heard shelling all the while rebels are still vowing to push forward and take more territory. the rebels stopped us from filming their check points but we saw a number of destroyed tanks. on arriving rebel tanks
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carried fighters through the streets. al jazeera donetsk eastern ukraine. >> eight years after a former russian spy was killed by radiation poisoning in london, along awaiting public hearing into his death has been opened. his statement was read to the inquiry, there which he accused the russian president vladimir putin of percentagely ordering his murder. lawrence lee has this report. >> who killed alexandar that's the question now being concerned by this inquiry in london. and the global interests in the death of a spy eight years ago, refuses to go away. he had been a russian agent has fought the chechyniaens in the 1990's. had become so disillusions with his mother land that he turned disdent and when he was ask to kill his friend the tycoon he had made his grievances public, and had even taken them up with a certain vladimir putin who
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had just become his new boss at the russian security service. >> you will need to consider whether his sustained public tax on the regime in general and on the f. ts.b. and mr. putin in particular, could have had an connection with his death. if it was revenge then the men asked to execute it were andre, and demeetry kofton. the inquiry heard that they traveled several times prior to his death and left a radio active trail behind them at this hotel in central london, radiation was found all over their bedrooms. it was suggested he might have been poisons not once but twice, the first time at the offices of a security in london, and then again at the hotel, wheres the thought he received the fatal dose. his statement was read to the inquiry in which he spoke of hearing the beating of the wings of the angel of death. he went on, the sound of protests from across the world
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will reverberate mr. putin in your ears for the rest of your life. may god forgive you for what you have done, not only to me, but to beloved russia. >> he now has his own t.v. show, it is called traitors. still he has insisted on his innocence, arguing the entire poisons was with amateurish, he said it was more likely to be the british security services trying to frame him. >> while he haded up many ink mys he says he hoped this inquiry will rule out conspiracy theories. the russian are side continues to deknow the fact that he died at all. i wand to end all the speculation. both he have been asked if they want to participate in
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this inquiry so far they haven't said one way or the other. >> riot accomplish have clashed during protests in cost so slow's capitol. protestors are angry about a government over the fate of a huge mining complex. the government pledged to take control of the u.n. administered mine, which has claimed by serbia. on saturday, protestors called for a minister who labeled a group of al banians savaged to quit. the president is plannings to dissolve the country's spy agency. the announcement comes after a scandal involving the death of a prosecutor who accused the government of covering up the bombing of of a jewish center in 1994. christian has more. >> after more than a week of controversy, the president has announce add major shake up in the intelligence service, she says lit bring transparency to the agency.
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>> i have taken to decision for the secretary yacht to be dissolved. with with direction will be led by a general director, and a staff director, they are appointed be i the executive but require the agreement of the senate to be able to function. >> prosecutor alberto was found dead in his apartment last week. a day before he was supposed to testify at an iraqi query into the 1994 bombing of a jewish center. he spent a decade investigating that attack, which killed 85 people. he had accused the president of involvement in a plot to cover up iran's alleged roll in the bombing in order to sign an oil deal. some say the powerful spy agency operates with too much autonomy and has a emergency history. the president responded to the allegations she and her government are involved in a cover up. >> no one is going to blackmail me, no one is going to intimidate me.
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i am not afraid of them. they can say what they like, make the accusations that they want to, let the judges call me may the prosecutors denounce me, it doesn't bother me but they won't move me, not one centimeter from what i have always thought. police are continuing their investigation, and a bill to revamp the spy agency will be sent to congress. it will restrict the contact and influence between government officials and the new agency. al jazeera. >> a reporter who broke the story damien has fled argentina siting concerns for his safety. the journalist was a colleague of his, he joins us live, give us some background an to how your friend or colleague managed to find the story, and what happened to him after that. >> no one really knows who it was that broke the story to him. he has always maintained that
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his source wanted to reare main a secret, but what he managed to do on the night the story broke was to tell that the prosecutor had indeed been found dead about three hours before the official statement came. >> is we now have the situation from the wants to dissolve the spy agency, it seems an extraordinary move, how are people reacting to that. >> well, originally it was taken as a positive move. the intelligence community in argentina and the secretary of intelligence has always been a very very controversial part of the government, mostly because no one knows what happens inside of it. so the fact that she is trying to dismantle it and create a completely new agency, has been welcomed by most of the population now however what many are criticizing including the political opposition, is tact that if this is passed by congress in the next three
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months then it's going to be this government that's going to appoint a director and a sub director, and in ten months we have a presidential elections. which means that basically what the opposition is says is that the intelligence apparatus, is going to be led by two people who are going to be aligned with this government so whoever comes to power next, is going to have to work with them. >> and banned by the constitution for running for a third term, so she would put in place something -- >> so the theory she is trying to put in the place something that would protect her from further investigations? well that's one theory that's being floated around, they are also saying that she was eventually going to try to run for the medical trading block parliament because that would provide here with immunity, but she has refuted these
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allegations recently, so this is highly unlikely. however, we are still ten months away from the elections, we with don't know what can happen in the next ten months. >> all right on that note, thank you very much indeed for talking to us. >> please, thank you for having me. still ahead the north eastern coast of the united states is buried in snow, but new york escapes the worst remember the holocaust, survivors sorrow, and the liberation of the concentration camp. and as sport we will tell you about another determinelation of the australian open. this time on thele woes tour. woman's tour.
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>> a crisis on the border... >> thery're vulnarable... these are refugees... >> migrent kids flooding into the u.s. >> we're gonna go and see josue who's just been deported... >> why are so many children fleeing? >> your children will be a part of my group or killed... >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... fault lines no refuge: children at the border only on al jazeera america [a reminder of the top stories here. gunman have storm add luxury hotel killing at least nine people including forgers from the u.s., france, and the philippines. staunch figures figures figures have been sworn into the new greek
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government and british inside the syrian border shows the sheer devastation caused by four months of near daily u.s. air strikes. fighters say kobane has been liberated but the u.s. says too soon to say mission accomplishes. >> the father of a pilot has called on the government too meet the group as dend mas. isil says it wants an iraqi woman freed. she was accused in involvement which killed 60 people. the pilot's father has warned if his son is killed it could cause chaos in jordan. >> everyone must know, from the king of jordan to everyone else that the safety of my son means the stability of jordan. and death of my son means chaos for jordan.
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jordan's stability means the freedom of my son. >> the israeli military said it responded by returning fire. there's no claim of responsibility but the media quoted army sources as saying his brother was to blame. the attack comes less than two weeks after the air strike in syria killed an iranian general. al jazeera has the details from west jerusalem. >> well, media outlets are quoting an unnamed senior army source as saying the hezbollah was behind the attack. emphasizing that israel holding the syrian government responsible for these attacks coming from it's territory. now without blaming or even mentioning hezbollah the prime minister also said on tuesday evening that those who play with fire will catch fire. earlier on tuesday the israeli army confirmed that two rockets were fired from
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syria, into the golden heights after rockets sirensed sounded in several northern communities the army says that the rockets landed in an open area and didn't cause any casualties and were fired from a distance of around seven-kilometers. the army responded immediately with artillery fire by firing 20 shells into syria according to army officials to send the message that israel will not tolerate or allow these attacks. now, hezbollah for it's part says it has no comment on any activity according to it's spokesperson, now this would be the first cross boarder incident between israel and syria, since the attack which happened nine days ago. and which was blamed on israel for killing six hezbollah operatives and one general. hezbollah vowed to retaliate and the situation at the
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boarder reare mains tense with a lot of army deployments there and even reports that the iron dome missile defense system was deployed to that area. now, the israeli army never or the government claimed responsible for the attack but western intelligence sources at the time, said that the attack targeted a cell that was blotting to launch rockets into israel, and send so called terror operatives into israeli territory. barack obama has paid a four hour stop to meet saudi arabia's new king. he cut short his visit to india to pay his respects to the royal family. a high 11 delegation which includes key players in a u.s. led coalition against isil. the leader of yemen's shia houthis group has called opinion an extraordinary meeting to speed up negotiations on a transfer of power.
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he was speaking as his group released an aid. which ultimately led to the resignation of the president his fighters control the capitol, the city and the province the strong hold in the north they are also expanding south. the shia houthies were a minority calling for religious and political freedoms. but he isn't the only influential man in yemen. former president remains popular.
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he was groomed to succeed his father but the whole family was with driven out of power during the 2011 antigovernment protests. the protests were manely staged by the opposition known in yemen. or or the joint meeting parties. it is a coalition of seven political factions led by the sunni party. it is active in tribal areas. the houthies accuse of creating a sectarian divide in places like the province where they say they are ready to fight.
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>> that leads to power. al jazeera. >> the u.n. agency says it can't afford to repair homes in gaza, because it isn't receiving enough money from aid donors. damaged or destroyed in the 50 day offensive last year. as it is known has received less than a third of the $720 million needed for reconstruction. the spokesman for the agency called the agency unacceptable. >> it means that the suffering of hungs of thousands of people will increase. it means repairingpairing the damage tens of thousands of families will not be paid any more. and this means also that the actually here is in a great space, because of the whole
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story that the disappointment, the frustration the anger every moment here and it is really very dangerous to everybody. right now the big blades from the donor the international communities did not reach gaza we have received money from the from the united emritz and others but what about the billions of dollars ha has been luncheoned. we have to tell the truth from the people, also the international community to tell them, that what going in gaza is unacceptable, we are in bad need for the first quarter of this year. the process that we started three months ago. >> three egyptian activists -- for violating an anti-protests law, have lost their final apeople. this charged with breaking a
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law. with more than ten people without prior permission. >> they don't have any other league options left. has order add retrial. >> and no one has claimed responsible for the killings are said to be similar to operations carries out in the area of the resistence army. police killed dozens last week in the democratic republic of
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congo capitol. which they say would have enabled him to extend his rule. authorities have since blocked text messages and social media, the government has also been criticized for clapping down on press freedom. the popular dell vision journalist here in the capitol. he host as show that is critical of the government, he shows us where he is covering the violent demonstrations last week. this is the video his cameraman filmed that day. trying to change election laws to extend his rule. he took the camera and the police car. he had my property.
4:42 pm
>> it is owned pian opposition politician. >> he accuses him of switching it off. since the closest it means there is no democracy and no freedom of express. switched off for a day too. this t.v. station belonged to the church, this transmitting also been switched off now it is empty. it is normally seen as being more neutral. they say the reason it was switched off is because they also aired the message from opposition calling for demonstrations. there are dozen more still on
4:43 pm
air, but he said the government has to close the two. >> we can't accept to use radios television, to call people to commit the offense to call people to kill each other. to call people to rout. if you do so we will stop you that is our responsibility. >> wrights group says press freedoms junked threat will leave to censorship. al jazeera in the democratic republic of congo. >> four people are being killed in a gun battle between security forces and an armed group in concern mere. they were killed along with two of the armed men.
4:44 pm
reopened the subway system after a snowstorm were across the city. and the warning remains in effect for some areas. but the impact fell short of dire predictions and the mayor has been forced to defend the extreme suspicions. would you rather be prepared or unprepared, would you rather be safe or unsafe. and i will always err on the side of safety. we had consistently, not just for the day yesterday but for several days reports talking about two feet or more of snow again that would instantly put us into one of the top snowstorms in the history of the city, to me it was a no brainer. >> of course, survive errors are are maaing the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp.
4:45 pm
the french german and austrian president also traveled to the site worst wartime atrocities. and soviet prisoners of war. this is the last anniversary with so many living witnesses. outside, the railway sitings where a selection took place. the workers slaves slaves where prisoners were shot, and those that could pay tribute to families and friends wiped out. significant number of
4:46 pm
survivors that will be present. and there is a concern that without living witnesses keeping the memories alive of what happened here, and thelessen sos it teaches us and future generations will be much harder. for if you lead us in the war and teach others to remember then there are other atrocities. >> in paris will have no place. >> just weeks after the shootings with an increase in antisemitism on one hand, and attacks against mosques on the other. the specter of international remembers is rising. >> you who are french uses your place is here, your home, france is your country. you have given it your talent,
4:47 pm
your walk, your courage and some times your blood. the rallying cry of those who survived some fear they are warning of what can happen, will pass with emthis. ahead, doctors are using 3d. printing to plan heart surgery before vulnerable patients. and in sport still on track to win their first asian cup title.
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>> the life changing was made possible by a 3 d printer. >> looking a little nina can playing happily now, it is difficult the underdeveloped child she was a few months ago. she was born with a complex heart defect an unusually large hole between the two of her heart. it left her breathless and unable to eat properly. her development was effected even her hair wouldn't grow. patches the hole was the obvious remedy, but the surgeons weren't sure that it could be repaired. first, an mri scan like this
4:50 pm
one, was used to map the precise structure of her heart. then the doctors used a specialist to make an exact copy. crypt with that model it gave the surgeons the confidence to plan an operation that would work. >> this type of imaging that we can show on the screen, always relying on me to show them what is what. he turns around and slows me what is what and that kind of confidence that he has. that will be a game changer. >> a custom made patch was created to plug the hole. and now throe months on from the surgery, she is well on the way to a full recovery. thanks in no small part. as soon as the ventilator she
4:51 pm
was just off. showing in microscopic detail, and clearly the hole in the middle oif heart that needed to be mended. it is extraordinary to see this simple piece of plastic enabled a complex sludgierry to go ahead. and also gives hopes to thousands more people all around the world. al jazeera central london. so called group of death went into their game the risk of being knocked out. they managed to recover from a goal down to beat the 2013 hosts 2-1 and not only qualify for the quarter finals. but also win the group.
4:52 pm
while algeria went to the last eight, quite interestingly. senegal has started tuesday's action on top of the group. but they are on a plane home. who they will meet in the quarter finals. australia will play on saturday's asian cup final. to reach the second straight final, the soccer news will have a chance to lift the trophy in front of their own fans on saturday. reports now. australian football has a very sunny disposition i think reminded us that we are in the
4:53 pm
asian part of the world and it has been wonderful to make presents with palestinians, people from kuwait, japan and hopefully tonight i will meet some folked from the united america emritz. iraqi think it will be the biggest sport for australia. >> do you think that football is really now on the up and up? certainly. and now the soccer been to the last world cups. as host and favorite, in the semifinal against the congress cor curs in japan. and his coach in front of justle minutes.
4:54 pm
not the post, instead it was australia who made it 2-nil. taking full advantage. the second half saw more pressure as they were pinned bag. and try as they might the home side couldn't get that third goal so it is awe valga verbses the tournaments top scorers against the best defense and if they can play as well as they did in the first 15 minutes of the semifinal, then they do away with the united emritz. as well, the quarter finals and in the lead cup into extra
4:55 pm
time in the second leg of their last four clash. chelsea leading 1-nil and 2-1. there's two minutes left. locked out of the australian open. never beaten the spaniard in all of the 17 previous meetings the longest losing streak in the tour, wrapping up the first two sets in an hour. saving two match points. 6-2, 6-love, 7-6 win and the second australian open semifinals. i didn't play with -- with the right confidence, with the right intensity. make him play very easy.
4:56 pm
helping the opponent to play well, so that's what they did. in the semifinals that's after being number six beat australian team. the quarter finals the three time australian open finalist advances to the semis for a 50 time in six years. the number two seed has advanced to sarapova was looking to win a first australian open title since 2008. katrina next. that wasn't maybe necessarily a favorite coming into that stage, and that's always a tricky situation. so she is going to come into that match. >> first olympic swimming gold
4:57 pm
medalist says he has been left by a failed doping test. the failed test happened in september, before the asian games past management is injected with a banned substance at a local hospital. it did not contain any illegal substances. on february 27th. that is the sport for now, it is back to lauren in london. >> you can always catch up on our website. you can watch us by clicking on the watch live icon. and that's it for me, for this news hour, but i will be back in a moment, do stay with us if you can bye for now.
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>> good afternoon. we want to keep you updated on the weather impact in the northeast. still pushing through parts of new england we're dealing with snow. we've had impressive snow totals. some places like boston almost two feet of snow. isolated parts especially of massachusetts have seen as we get a little further to the north become three feet of snow. that's definitely been impressive. with that we're still seeing all the areas that are going to see the advisories until 8:00 tonight. then it will taper off in the overnight hours. that