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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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tonight" tomorrow. >> >> announcer: this is al jazeera. welcome from he david foster to this al jazeera newshour. these are some of the stories in the next 60 minutes. young and old celebrate kurdish forces victory against i.s.i.l. in the syrian town of kobane as the fight to cut the group's major points is in iraq. >> greece holds its first cabinet meeting.
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we go to athens for that mexico's government says the students that went missing last sent are dead east germany's dark past - we tour around the headquarters of the secret police. now, earlier on this week we heard the news that one japanese hostage held by i.s.i.l. in syria had been killed. video was released of another japanese hostage, alongside him, pleading for his life. his mother made an emotional plea. we are getting more from jordan from the foreign minister saying "you will hear good news. we have information that al-rishawi will be released within hours" that is a woman
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held since a failed bombing attempt. i.s.i.l. said if you release her, we may release some of those we hold hostage. we'll get news but japanese hostage kenji goto jogo who is being held by i.s.i.l. as part of the deal we understand also that a jordanian pilot could well be part of the negotiations. that's all we know at the moment. we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. continue with the fight against i.s.i.l. syrian kurds replaced. kurdish forces recaptured the town of kobane from i.s.i.l. fighters. they are yet to cross, because the security situation is too dangerous for them to go home. kim vinnell has the dangerous. carefully stepping outside watched on by those fighting for freedom. it's hoped life will return to
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the streets of kobane. >> for the tens of thousands who fled the fighting and who hoped to return the road is long. homes reduced to rubble. blocks destroyed. af four months of battle half the city is gone. syrian refugees - getting home is not easy. thousands came to the border on tuesday, some hoping to cross. the border is closed turkish security forces pushing the group back. those in the turkish town say they have reason to celebrate. >> many people and all the cities have come here. we are celebrating a good outcome. we have come here. it will be liberated now, and we are happy. >> kobane is liberated today.
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we are happy in celebrating here. all our friends are here. we are joyful about kobane. we hope we'll be able to go back to our last team. >> taking control of kobane was a joint effort with u.s.-led air strikes and kurdish fighters and diplomatic relations. peshmerga got through. the fight against i.s.i.l. is far from over. fighters in hundreds of towns around kobane proved what damage can do. >> al jazeera - in kobane they sent us this. >> translation: now, the freedom roundabout. this area was the scene of intense fighting between islamic state forces reinforced by the
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army. the international alliance was aiming at i.s.i.l. targets. you can see on my right and left the results of the air strikes. you can see the destruction all around and places where i.s.i.l. was replaced. >> kurdish forces had flags all over the town. this is a strategic victory. now the battle is going from kobane to the outskirts of the city. looks like fighting ceased but the battle continues to the east. >> now to the syrian border. let's try to clear this up. some are going into kobane. but they can't. how many did they think managed to get back? >> we don't have that. specifically because it is inside of kobane. it was way too dangerous for the civilians to come back and said that more than half of the town
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is destroyed so there's not much to come back and because there are ongoing battles from this side of the border. we can't see much because it's hazy but there is battles going on south and south-east of kobane in the surrounding villages and then to the eastern side of the city. from what we understand from the kurdish officials, some of the i.s.i.l. fighters are in the surrounding villages. there are about 300 of them. they are tiny villages and they are going village after village. certainly kobane had been liberated, even though there are pockets where it is believed that some fighters are holed up to the north of the city and surroundings are not safe. >> i suppose a major concern, as you point out, is that the fighting is going on. is what happens if you ease up
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on the air strikes. they have pummelled i.s.i.l. into a form of surrender. what if the air strikes stop? >> well that is something that is of major concern to the people. we spoke to kurdish officials. we have to say that air strikes have been ongoing. there has been several to the east of the up to and then we heard today while we are standing here the jets overhead. we heard several explosions we can't see where the explosions were happening because of the hazy situation. we are presuming there has been air strikes ongoing. the challenge is if there's all these villages and nobody knows how many fighters are holed up in the village - whether they have retreated, planned to go back or it's an unstable situation. and the hours and the days ahead
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will be for the kurds to impose their control over the town. >> thank you for now. just over the border in turkey our guest, from kobane. the fight against i.s.i.l. far from over for the group getting syria into iraq is vital. the battle to protect supply routes is as intense as any. the main route stretches from i.s.i.l.'s syrian base of raqqa to mosul, and it is the largest city which the group controls. kurdish forces are taking towns. it is thought they will retake mosul later this year. from the north of iraq zeina khodr reports. >> reporter: this is the only way to breach sinjar city. it is controlled by the islamic
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state of iraq and levant. and sniper fire is around. i.s.i.l.'s supply debt links strongholds in syria and north western iraq running through the border city. the group cannot afford to lose it. the fight for sinjar city is in the second month. it is a fast area some 100,000 people used to live here. a new battle has started. iraqi kurdish peshmerga are the facing i.s.i.l. brethren have come from across the border to help fight a common enemy. the dyd is a kurdish party, linked to the p.k.k. the iraqi kurdish leadership had a long history of rivalry, accused them. wanting to impose their authority on sinjar.
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>> we welcome anyone help. most of the iraqi kurdistan government. >> reporter: for now kurdish forces are cooperating on the battlefield. the fighting is street-by-street. fighters are here to help the yazidi and iraq's kurds. suspicions run deep especially kins p.k.k.'s allies in syria >> translation: prior to the kurdistan regional or baghdad government... >> reporter: sinjar is them the yazidi community. they are camped on sinjar mind. they too, are an armed force. some prays the peshmerga for defending sinjar others blame
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them for allowing the area to fall in august. most are demanding. we won't accept any force, not the peshmerga or the iraqi government. >> i.s.i.l. has been pushed out of many villages land long disputed by the kurds and government in baghdad is the case. now there are players playing for control. joining us now from iraq in the capital erbil - we talk about the fact that they are preparing for an offensive. it's going to make a decisive battle would you say? >> it's been two months since the kurdish peshmerga forces and groups are trying to push into sinjar city and offer how difficult it is.
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i.s.i.l. fights back. it lays under the border they have a main supply route in iraq and syria. that is open and supplies reach the north-western city of mosul. a few days ago we were with the peshmerga, they cut off supplies between mosul and strong holds. we understand that they do not want to lose this territory, especially since we are hearing more and more from the commanders that an assault was emnant. they are preparing for that and any offensive. the first thing you need to do is isolate the supply lines. this is what the ground partners are trying do. >> thank you zeina khodr in
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northern iraq. >> afghanistan - nominations for the parliament have been controversial - the president's sources. afghanistan has been without a government since ashraf ghani and abdul ghani decided to share power. >> reporter: there will be some ministers. we though there won't be a full cabinet because only 18 of the 25 nominees are being voted on. we are getting the first results in now. the head of intelligence has been approved. the foreign minister has also been approved. defence minister has not been approved. the former head of the army was the candidate for minister of
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defence. not approved. any sense of how difficult it will be today. i talked to someone from the president's office and they are not expecting candidates to get through. one of the sticking points is parliament tends to recess. there can't be anyone presented to the parliament. it will mean that there won't be a full cabinet for a month. the votes counted now, the announcement, the results being announced, the ministers who are confirmed by the parliament go into office. those not confirmed by the parliament - then the president's office the unity government has to put forward new candidates. >> thank you very much indeed. >> plenty more to come on the al jazeera newshour. palestinians killed in israeli attacks on gaza last year were women, children and the elderly
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in sport we tell you whether the world number one serena williams is closer to a 19th grand slam title. >> i'm alan fisher in the oldest hat store in detroit. thanks to mufg and the movies -- music and the movies they are making a comeback. we are hearing word from israel from southern olivier leblanc, that -- southern leban none that an army patrol has been fired upon. antitank fire has been reported and four israeli soldiers have been wounded. this is from the israelis themselves. the patrol was hit. and according to the patrol or israeli forces returned fire. eight shells were fired, hitting
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a number of places in southern lebanon. israel was worried members of hezbollah may be building tunnels to get under the border. this is shebaa farms, a favourite place for members of hezbollah. we'll bring you more on that as son as we get it. >> the majority of palestinians killed were kimmen children or elderly. but they produced the report. some of the strikes violated rules of war. palestinians say there were crimes during the air strikes, and invasion of gaza. let's talk to our next guest from the israeli information center for human rights. tel aviv is where we find her. give us some detail from your
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report first. >> all right. just a clarification. we have not looked at the result of the summer's hostilities, just the policy of bombing residential homes. the statistics that you mentioned relate got to the entire death toll in gaza but to 70 cases that we vetted in depth where family homes were bombed. as a result killing three members of the same family. we don't have the full data working on it. in terms of these, out of these 70 cases the majority of those killed or involved in the hostilities were family members often, and in some cases we know
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who the intended targets of the all thes were -- of the targets were - militants. in other cases we don't know. when you look at the attack and the policy of bombing civilian homes in gaza and appears that this policy in some cases, led to attacks of violence. in other - in other cases there are suspicions that these laws were violated. hamas and pal starn groups violated the law. they fired at israeli civilians from populated areas. this, we claim in the report does not allow israel a completely unlimited response. there are restrictions. security forces... >> i think you put in your
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report that there was a similar number of rockets from gaza into israel on to gaza but the casualty ratio was disproportionate. several thousand were killed in gaza and 100 in israel. what i wanted to ask you was when israel maintains that the reason why civilians die in this kind of case is because either they are being hostage by members of hamas for propaganda purposes or because hamas goes into residential areas on purpose, making the civilians a target as a result of that. is that the sort of thing you are looking into? >> the israelis provided blanket generalizations, and most of the cases you looked into were not
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specified. this weren't specific announcements regarding i.s.i.l. we have limited explanations. mostly as you said it's general statements. when you look at individual cases, you see a pattern where clearly as we saw, there were armed groups international laws were broken in firing at israeli civilians, and from populated areas, weapons into homes, and that does not mean that all israeli actions in response to the violations are legal. law clarifies if your opponent broke the law, it does not allow you to - give you licence to do the same. israel is obligated to distinguish and beproportionate
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in response even by international law itself. >> thank you very much indeed. appreciate your time. >> thank you now more information about the israeli patrol from southern lebanon. the lebanese authorities are saying that is not the case. it's not where it came from. let's go to our correspondent from a studio in jerusalem. two sides to this story. what are they? >> >>according to the israeli army's preliminary reports, an antitank missile fired from the sheba farms in lebanon at an army vehicle on the border between israel and lebanon. this is what we know from the army. there are other reports not confirmed by the army that in
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this attack four israeli soldiers were wounded. we can confirm that we have heard this reported extensively in local media that the israeli army is responding. this attack came shortly after reports emerged that the army was digging and drilling in the area along the israeli lebanese border looking for a possible hezbollah shoulder. it comes hours after the israeli army shelled syrian army inside syria, not lebanon. it was following an attack on tuesday, in which two rockets were fired from israeli, where they exploded in an open area and didn't cause casualties although the government openly say this but some outlets quoted an unnamed security force
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saying hezbollah was behind the attacks. it's attacks overnight inside syria saying that it holds the syrian government responsible for any attacks emanating frommists territory -- its tert fri, and it -- territory, and will not be tolerated. this came 10 days after a major and significant attack that was on israel inside syria. six hezbollah and one iranian general. it was a significant attack and as you know in recent years, since the war in syria, israel has been blamed about the time for carrying out attacks in syrian territory. >> okay. thank you very much indeed.
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>> greece's new prime minister is meeting with his party. everyone is watching what his government does. >> translation: if we didn't have elections last sunday the only thing we would be talking about today is the commitments of the brief nous government how to cut benefits fire employees and other austerity measures and no one in europe or the world would be talking about us. we are joined from athens. the world is watching the new greek prime minister. >> he has reinforced a tenurous but balanced position that
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syriza went into the election with saying they will do all that must be done without dialogue. the inherent contradiction of that position is clear. what mr alexis tsipras is trying to do is satisfy the domestic audience and reassure the international audience that the greek government is not coming into power with a de facto confrontational position. it depends to have a dialogue if it can. you can't have a dialogue without compromise - the two things are contradictory. >> the europeans coming to see mr alexis tsipras, and his new government. is there an agenda for what they'll talk about? >> well there is a first test as it were a first meeting of the new economic leadership with the creditors this friday when the euro group president, the finance minister will come to
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athens it is a gesture of goodwill if you like. it is an invitation to the greeks to hurry up and forward economic thinking. and what sort of plan they are willing to count answers in order to play -- countenance the plan into the future. there are a lot of different scenarios. on the domestic front they move a pace. today we had important positions to the left in this country stating openly by ministers that received their portfolios today. one is that an education reform that excluded students from remaining perennially on campus if they don't take the graduation exams, will be allowed to return. that was a demand of the left. a lot of those perennial students are political proteges of left-wing parties. another demand is being satisfied. the public power corp
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corporation which has demanded to be prioritised. that is no longer on the cards. >> john we thank you very much indeed. our correspondent there reporting live for us from athens and the last couple of days as we join rob, we have been reporting on snow storms in the states. new york city shut down. is it moving? >> it wasn't as bad as forecast. it's true for new york. the worst was 20 centimetres, j.f.k. 25. it was bad in many places. massachusetts is a case in point. if i run of the satellite now, you see it curling up the east coast. a huge low, but that doesn't tell the whole story. this is not bad, is it. they are enjoying themselves. as i say, 25-30 centimetres. it was not the only thing. for example, there's the low
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sitting back three hours ago. tight. if you can just see it. wind is the second factor. it was cold air, and near hurricane force winds. taking out into the water. this was the site that greets the player. you have sea water freezing. and the wind is strong enough to bring down powerlines. conditions really were bad. we are almost across the canadian border certainly going towards there. that's the possibility now. -- that's the picture now. in the next two days cold air rolling out means that different places more snow. it isn't obvious, but the wind is lighter. >> thank you very much indeed. we have this coming up on the news early.
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world power taking huge - as another player tries to recover lost influence sanctions from the west falling oil prices - we'll tell you about a rescue plan in football - group of death for the african cup of nations. nations.
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welcome back. there are reports that jordan may have agreed to a prisoner
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swap to stop the threats from i.s.i.l. fighters. the japanese kenji goto jogo is being held. he may be exchanged for a failed woman suicide bomber. jordan's deputy foreign minister said to expect good news. israeli patrol has been hit by rocket fire from southern lebanon. the lebanese government denied this saying a tank which fired on a military vehicle in the sheba farms area was not from lebanon we are joined from beirut. conflicting versions of what happened. there has been an exchange of fire. we believe is number of israelis have been held. what do you hear so far? >> that's right. from the lebanese say, the lebanese army spokesman says the
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attack on the israeli side as you said were not fired from lebanese territory, and the response is coming crooks randomly hitting in the south-west border villages. the latest information is that 20 artilleries are landing near the villages and we are planning on getting more information. we have heard from inside lebanon. they have not denyied it. no information or a denial from their side of things. we have been seen for some kind of retaliation from hezbollah for the attack carried on their patrol inside syria, a week ago. don't know whether this is retaliation. as i said hezbollah not with
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extra information about this. >> thank you, back as soon as you know a little more russia is hosting talks between some opposition groups and the bashar al-assad government. the main rebel group in the coalition is not there, saying moscow is not an honest broker as it is a backer of president bashar al-assad. i'm joined now. good to have you, director from brookings institute. are there any players at all in what is going on in syria? >> that's one of the problems. in fact from what i have heard from damascus 80% of people there are chosen by syrian intelligence. >> what is the point of this? is it for public consumption, so we think something is being
5:34 am
done. >> the bashar al-assad regime is not talking to anyone. it didn't want to talk politics in geneva. it's in the same position. it is a soars point. at the end of the day, it's not -- serious point. at the end of day it's not a military solution. where bashar al-assad goes there is change. in this respect we can't rain all over the russian initiative. it's a start. starting negotiations. we have to see how to improve the quality. so far it's not off to a good start. i hear right now within the opposition, and there are good opposition here before they meet with the government side the regime and elements in the opposition do not want to talk about the change changing in the number or bashar al-assad going, this want to talk about terrorism. this will not work.
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>> is it at all possible that given the disagreements, that they come out with something that says this is where we'll go, what kind of weight would that carry? >> well if they are able to agree on some sort of a mechanism for transition. if they are able to agree with the principles. the idea of a traditional government is something they look to work towards or establishing certain conditions on the ground releasing detainees, remember the six points - no one talks about the six points any more. they need to be dealt with in terms of not just ceasefires but vacating of territory. pulling back. think of the barrel bombing. if you can do that if moscow can offer something that is the basis of this we are in business. >> the bashar al-assad regime fighting the rebels or is it
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fighting i.s.i.l. or who is on whose side? and before with the dispirit rebel groups they were involved. >> we saw this coming. bashar al-assad - asked to stop killing his people by international community. 2013 we saw them coming out and the islamic state. it is complicated. bashar al-assad left the area for a long time where there is a lot of criticism from within their own ranks. there isn't really a political effort. and where is the european policy when it comes to political process. why is it openly against moscow. we heard washington and washington's focus exclusively. if we don't have this i'm
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afraid kobane may be a victory of sorts, but we don't - we have trouble going across border. worth noting, but don't expect surprises. thank you. >> yes. >> appreciate it. >> thanks very much. >> european leaders are threatening sanctions. fighting intensifies in eastern ukraine. charles stratford our correspondent travelled from the government-held city of mariupol to donetsk. >> reporter: troops are moving from about 40km away. the ukranian government declared a state of emergency in those areas. as we headed to donetsk the
5:38 am
roads were increasingly deserted. the ukranian military were moving heavy weaponry into position. they were 5km up the road behind me. we are at a ukranian military checkpoint. they come under fire every day and every night. >> villages see they have been fighting and many left the area increasingly concerned for their safety. >> of course there is nothing to look forward to. fighting means it's difficult for us to work for our children. >> translation: people are scared they don't know what will happen on this side or the other. people are suffering. it's obvious there has been a worsening of the security situation. son esque is behind us. we have been stopped by the military on a number of different roads. we have heard shelling and all
5:39 am
the while the rebels are vowing to push forward and take more territory. the rebels stopped us filming their points. close by we saw a number of tanks. rebel tankers carried fighters. all of that in ukraine. sanctions from the west with oil price, but russia has a $34 billion plan. we go to the correspondent. he is going to tell us about a bad bang. tell us what that is. >> well the finance minister calmed them a shock, the falling because of western sanction they hit the russian economy, he
5:40 am
says at the cost of $200 billion. russia is having to come up with a plan to deal with this. what the government has announced is 10% budgetary cuts across most apartments ministries not defense. and that will happen in 2015. in 2016 "17 and "18, a 5% cut. on top of all of that the cuts at the end of 2014, and you see the russian government is having to curtail spending. why is it doing this? it's doing it because it needs an anti-crisis fund with which it can tackle the problems of a banking crisis and state companies, other businesses coming to the government and saying we need assistance we need help. we can't depend on the international market and we have
5:41 am
run out. that's what the government needs cash for. if it doesn't do that it will run into a bigger problem of companies going under, banks bust hundreds of thousands unemployed and that's a crisis he doesn't want migrant workers in russia are leaving because of the weaker rouble. let's hear from peter sharp about the economy and how it depends on the workers. >> they shift the snow from the streets of the capital and provide unskilled workforce on hundreds of sites. it is a lottery, waiting and hoping for another day's work. overcrowded slum dwellings, angered by the presence of foreign migrant workers.
5:42 am
>> this man left his wife and children in uzbekistan. he will return to them soon. they came up with new laws and the dollar became expensive. we don't send roubles, we send dollars. >> migrant workers have a trade union. they process papers that will allow them to leave. the russian authorities say the flow of migrants is 70% lower than this time last year. at the head of the centers they are yet to come back. >> people can say they'll never come back. but it may have been based on a minute of panic. we should have until march to realise how many workers are effected. he's from an old russian
5:43 am
republic gathered outside the embassy. these men are voting with their feet. here to pick up exit papers and return home. >> the russian economy - migrant labour force that couldn't easily be placed. a combination in the fall of the rouble and the dollar and the government plans to introduce a migrant tax could see a flow of cheep laying our turned on. al jazeera in moscow. >> sri lanka's - a country where china became the partner of choice with former prime minister. they secured millions in development. fernandez accusing both sides of wide-spread corrosion. >> proof of the close ties between sri lanka and china. here in colombo, chinese pors lip and other antiques are a
5:44 am
common site. >> it all included chinese and camphor wood chests. they took the relationship with china to a new level. it's what many saw as china helping sri lanka fight the tamil tigers during the war. the new government has different plans. >> china is no exception. they've been our friends and continue to do so. the element of corruption will be eliminated. >> china helped with the port power plant and expressways. china assisted. they offered support that they were grateful to reward. the last government is accuse of taking financial short cuts and the lack of transparency. huge chinese loans, extraordinary secrecy
5:45 am
surrounding these deals raised questionses. >> whether the chinese are willing and able to provide what is alleged to have been taken, were they outbiting everyone else. never underwriting or subsidizing the dynasty themselves. >> a challenger made history by seeking the president, and drew this response from beijing. >> translation: cooperation between china and sri lanka is based on important principles of mutual interest. we hope and believe the relevant cooperation between china and sri lanka will further continue with a healthy develop. >> it's that development that they want for all investments. >> business will go on without problem if there's no corruption
5:46 am
or layers added on. >> that's a soars note to the future because we have come here not to produce corruption. >> the new government is reviewing all chinese deals. we are keeping an eye on southern lebanon and northern israel events. more on that as soon as we return. and coming up boxers. not inside the ring. stay with us here on al jazeera.
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quarter of an exhibitury to something - i'll tell you about that, we'll go to court correspondent in jerusalem. there has been conflicting reports about incidents in northern israel and in southern lebanon. tell us what you have heard? >> there have been conflicting reports, especially about the injuries. >> there were reports of soldiers injured. from preliminary army reports, ananti-tank missile was fired at an army vehicle. the source of the attack was shebaa farms inside lebanon.
5:49 am
these reports are confirmed, but the unconfirmed reports is that there have been casualties. some outlets are saying that for soldiers the army has not really confirmed this yet. this latest round of violence comes shortly after there were reports emerging. the israeli army was this that area along the israeli lebanese border. drilling digging in search of hezbollah tunnels. that was in order to send operatives inside israeli territories. they come a few hours after the army carried out strikes in syria against syrian army military posts overnight, after two rockets were fired from syria into areas.
5:50 am
it happened on tuesday. hezbollah has been blamed. the government did not officially come out and say that. tuesday, hezbollah didn't have a comment. on the attack that happened. or a rocket launched into the golman heights. according to the hezbollah spokesperson. >> let me ask you something. as one of our correspondents in the region. we are getting word via one of the registered newsagencies reuters, that political sources in lebanon are saying that this is in response to an israeli raid across the border into syria, in which a syrian hezbollah commander and another were killed recently. that is what they are goik to say.
5:51 am
give us your thoughts. >> well we understand that this was what happened inside syria. the attack was blamed on israel. the attacks were launched inside syria. hezbollah at the time responded. there are some analysis out there in israeli media outlets suggesting that this may well be the response to hezbollah promise that it have? response to the attack. there were some reports, according to the army that
5:52 am
mortars hit military positions. the army is evacuating from that. this was expected to happen. we heard reports that there was fire on the vehicle. that the army began to respond, and it has responded. with the rounds of artillery fire. and there were two rockets fired into israel it didn't cause casualties and they put out a statement and said we hold the syrian government with response to the territory, and israel would not respect the breeches. >> i want to give a couple of lines. we trust hezbollah source we understand that word is going out on tv based in southern
5:53 am
hezbollah television claiming that nine israeli vehicles were damaged in the attacks on the shebaa farms area. and a statement soon - look it's confusing at the moment isn't it. we go know for certain that something is going on there, and it looks as though it's escalating at the moment. >> it does look like it's escalating. since that attack blamed on israel in the last 10 days western intelligence sources said that they were not there at the time. leading to casualties was a cell run by hezbollah that was plotting to launch rockets into israel and sent terror operatives into israeli
5:54 am
territory. at this point confirmation from both sides. i would say the natural outcome of that attack which happened 10 days ago, and hezbollah responding to the acts of resistance in the region. including the bashar al-assad government and others who are also aiding the syrian government in crushing the rebels inside syria, and so it's these three who make up the access. it's him against the israeli government and the regime. they have been the enemies of israel. we understand that there was going to be a response. they threatened to have a response, and this may be a response. until now, we are not hearing anything from the army and the
5:55 am
government. blaming hezbollah and lebanon for this attack that was fired on the vehicle. we don't have further information on the number of casualties. usually it takes the army some time to verify the casualties and sometimes when there are fatalities it takes them time as well to inform the faculties of the deaths of the soldiers. it's not easy to confirm, and it sounds as if this was a response to the attacks. >> i'm going to leave it there for now. i'm stop you there. i am sure you'll have plenty later. i'm going to bring in brookings doha correspondent. i want you to give us the geography of this area if you can. >> it's contentious because the shebaa farm is claimed as part of lebanese territory. according to the u.n. it's part
5:56 am
of occupied syrian land. they are in an area called the shebaa farms. the u.n. determined that it was occupied syrian lands. it's a racen det ra for the israelis israelis. >> do you believe it's down to the attack on israelis to the position inside syria. >> for sure. it's sort of a game going on. rules of engagement. it's a pretty big risk that they have taken. the casualties that we seem to see. >> take a look at the pictures here. at this area. we are looking into lebanon there. >> too hard to say. >> too hard to say. >> it looks like an israeli road
5:57 am
there. >> this is where the attack took place. >> yes. >> there would be regular patrols there anyway. >> of course. >> there were precautions with regards to retaliation from the hezbollah or anyone else engaged in the border. >> no surprise. they were saying this was our work. we did fire on it. in fact that was the place in syria, was it. i understand that i wondered if it was them that carried it out. >> it could be a plethora with new names, i am sure hezbollah and iran are behind it.
5:58 am
we upped that there's a meeting at the moment. we understand that maybe up to nine killed. we will know in four hours or so exactly where we are going to go with this. i am sure the response - how broad is the scope? >> the hit other targets in lebanon, and potentially in syria. that is something we have to look out for. >> these are immense military machines. i know you'll stay with us for a little. because we have to remind our viewers of what little we know. claims of casualties among israeli forces patrol fire denied it's in northern israel. some say that four have died others that there are wounded. but a claim from hezbollah that
5:59 am
it was responsible for the attack. we understand there has been suggestions that it may have come from southern lebanon. hezbollah says it was in response to the attack on its members of the fatality in syria. you're watching al jazeera for the best in breaking news i'm david foster. darren is up next. bye-bye.
6:00 am
only on al jazeera america lebanon said israel fired shells into syria, and israel reports several soldiers have been wounded. hello, i'm darren jordan. also on the programme - a new anti-austerity cabinet in athens holds its first meeting. we'll be there live mexico's government says all 43 students who went missing in september are dead. >> east germany's dark past took a tour around the once feared secret