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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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negotiations continue to negotiate the release of a jordanian pilot after i.s.i.s. releases a message threatening to kill him. >> also coming up the u.n. calls for calm. >> moments leading up to flight a501. plus we tell you why china's dairy farmers are searching for
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greener pastures. we begin in jordan where negotiations are under way to free a jordanian pilot held hostage by the islamic state of iraq and levant. this is a woman on death row in jordan at the moment. accused of being a would-be suicide bomber. this the pilot shot down over raqqa. a few moments ago. let's go to the correspondent andrew simmonds. you'll put into context the relationship between all three. bring us up to date with what you know rather than what is speculated. >> we do know an audio tape of kenji goto jogo has been clarified. the japanese are convinced it was him.
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jordanian officials examined the recording where he points out that by sundown on this day, the pilot, will be killed unless sajida al-rishawi, the suicide bomber on death row is handed over to the turkish boarder. the climbs has changed, in that there's less said now, more activity going on. but the question is this: is there really a deal on the table for the release of the pilot. there has been no indication from i.s.i.s. as to whether this will take place. you really have a suicide bomber a well-known journalist
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from japan, and a military pilot all with their lives at stake, with japan and jordan two states really vying with each other trying to get citizens released. on top of that you have i.s.i.l. pulling the string in a situation where they are hoping to gain some propaganda value at the end of it. >> no matter what the outcome. i get that. i'm thinking about the japanese oftage. -- hostage. this is the difficult part of it. because the woman in gaol sajida al-rishawi - but to bring in a third party makes it difficult. it's 24 hours since we heard that the release of kenji goto jogo may happen soon but we heard nothing since then. the difficulty of everything that is going on it points to.
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>> it certainly does. and as time goes by speculation mounts as to the stress and tension in jordan. abdullah is under pressure. a known terrorist training with i.s.i.l. - however, he has no option. he to placate a great deal of detention about jordan's involvement involvement, and this pilot, his parents, father in particular made it clear that this is not our war. there wasn't really great resistance in jordan's role in this conflict. but now there is.
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there have been demonstrations here in the capital and in the home town in the south where it is part of a very influential tribe and tribal politics here are strong and the king knows that he has to placate people he has to keep this together. so how it will end up is anybody's guess, but a massive problem, and a big one for jordan. all the time nil pulling the strings. >> thank you, we'll be back with you a little later on israel's on high alert, a day after two of soldiers and peacekeepers died in an exchange of fire with hezbollah. the u.n. called for restraint. the attack was in an occupied area of the israel and lebanese
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border. we go to the blue line and to the occupied golan hike. an investigation is underway. any word on what has been discovered so far? >> that's right. the investigation is happening. around about half a kilometre from where we are. we know that investigators from the u.n. and the lebanese army have flown in. just to let you know where we are, this is behind us. this is close, and it's a couple of hundred meters from here. explaining to you where the attack happened. it happened blow the israeli army post. the information that we received this morning is once that attack
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happened it continued to fire towards that post so that the men could get out. here in lebanon local politicians, and politicians in beirut have been keen to emphasise today the israeli shebaa farm. it means there's no violating of the unresolution 17:01, the resolution to the end of the 2006 war between israel and hezbollah. they don't want to see it escalates. here in lebanon, the next thing they are waiting to happen is a large hezbollah rally. that will be the time the first time in 10 many people will flee to see if it was given any
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indication are whether it would result in more operations. >> we'll go to israel to the occupied golan heights. give us an idea of how far you are away from where we speak with you. >> we are told we are a few hundred meters away from where the wednesday attack by hezbollah took place and targeted an israeli army. it is close to one of the villages. i can tell you that the high along the border on thursday. we understand that the army is saying that there's an increased number on the border. it is not giving me an exact figure. the army is telling people. we understand that the army continued digging along the member with lebanon, in search
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for tunnels dug by hezbollah. these began on wednesday morning. it was halted due to the attack on israeli convoy. we heard statements from officials, the most fresh statement i can tell you about is the one from the defence minister and said that israel received the message from hezbollah in lebanon, that assist backing away from escalating further or descending further violence. and said the message was definitely in israel and that there are lines of coordination between lebanon and the united nations peacekeeping force along the border. even though the two countries are at war, and the assessment in israel is similar. israelis don't feel that this should lead to an open-nded escalation or further violence. >> okay. got the picture.
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thank you. before that nicole johnson in lebanon at least seven houthi rebels have been killed in central yemen, an al qaeda fighter stormed the house in the city and opened fire there. members of the group were meeting in the building at that time. south sudan's president and rebel leader expected to attend talks in ethiopia. it's backed by the regional bloc, held on the sidelines of the summit. in the world's newest nation displaced by fighting between rebels which began more than a year ago. >> malaysia's civil aviation authorities declared the missing flight mh370 crashed. it was improbable that anyone on board survived.
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it went down in southern indian ocean from kuala lumpur it beijing. the search is a priority. >> we have concluded that the aircraft has lost fuel over a defying area of the southern indian ocean and that the aircraft is located on the sea floor close to that area. this is a remote location. far from any possible landing site. it is also an area with worst sea conditions with known depths of more than 6,000 meters. >> mean looking into airasia, the co-pilot was said to be at the controls. indonesia's national transport committee said the data recorder
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provided a clear picture before crashing into the java sea, killing up 162 on board. >> reporter: one month after the airasia, a preliminary brief has been sent. there's no conclusions in this report. no conclusions about human or or technical area or what is the cause of the crash. but what we do know is that the coe pilot -- co-pilot was flying during the crash and the plane was in good physical condition when it took off. >> and that it's time for the lilt to increase the altitude. investigators showed that the plane climbed steep, there was a stall, which means that it can't carry the plane any higher and it goes down. that's what came across from the
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data on the flight data recorder and the cockpit. the plane went down and took a few minutes for the process to happen, which was scary minutes for the 162 people on board, and then the data basically stopped from those two recorders just before the plane hit the water. that is all that the investigators have told us so far about the accident still to come on this program - an inquest into the sydney cafe shooting accused of inaction. nigeria's army ignored warnings pending boko haram attacks.
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>> sometimes immigration is the only alternative people have. borderland only on al
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primetime news. >> welcome to al jazeera america. >> stories that impact the world, affect the nation and touch your life.
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>> i'm back. i'm not going anywhere this time. >> only on al jazeera america. you're watching al jazeera. these are the headlines. islamic state of iraq and levant released an audio recording in which it says if jordan doesn't release an iraqi woman on death row, it will kill a pilot. moaz al-kasasbeh, captured last zooz. zooz. -- december. u.n. called for rep straint after soldiers were killed from is oil by haez. binyamin netanyahu said they would pay the full price. malaysian civil aviation
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declared the mh370 a crash clearing the way for compensation. it was considered impossible that any on board would have survived al jazeera gained access to the syrian border town of kobane where after four months of battles, forces have retaken the city. they face a massive tack task of clearing away unexploded devices. >> four months of battles. fierce fighting. house by house, in the north of up to there's not one building that was destroyed. some were burnt out. many reduced to a pile of rubble. kurdish fighters looked title. >> translation: it was difficult at the beginning. the air strikes helped the fighters. it wouldn't have been enough.
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our presence was key. >> apart from the fighters there's barely anyone. there used to be 200,000 living here. >> civilians will not return soon. there's no infrastructure. this is all that is left of the hospital. the main priorities is to clear the town of mines and booby traps that may be left behind. they'll have to comb the town or unexploded ordnants. there's a sense of victory among the fighters patrolling the streets. and monday the kurdish people's protection captured the town of i.s.i.l. fighters. the fifth asked about it. fighting and air strikes that are ongoing all around kobane. >> it has not finished yet. now still intrigued, controlling the whole countryside.
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and now at this stage, we are freeing the leaders of kobane. >> reporter: kobane capture was a sim goalic blow against i.s.i.s. it will take more battles until the threat is gone two of the 44 mill peeno policeman killed in the south asked in manila. government and security officials met them at the air base. officers will give them top filling. they died during a botched raid on sunday.
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details are emerging about how two hostages died in a gun attack in a cafe in australia last year. a lawyer told n australian quest that one was killed by fragments of police bullets. the other point blank by the gunman. >> reporter: it was the dramatic end to a siege lasting 16 hours. in a few minutes three people a hostage taker and two hostages were dead. on thursday an inquest began into how and why they died. >> i want to assure everyone we'll do all within our power to undertake a comprehensive investigation what is rigorous independent and searching. it will thrive to establish what happened or could have been prevented or responded to. >> the siege began on december the 15th.
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man haron monis pulled a gun on customers and staff. police surrounded the coffee shop. part of the city center went into lock down. rarely such horrifying ent unfolded. as the first flowers were laid police began investigations. 40 police officers worked on it. the coroner will interview them. on the opening day the coroner was act to say two two died. tori johnson was killed by the gunman forced to kneel and hit in the head. a hostage, katrina dawson was hit. >> ms dawson was struck by six fragments of a police bullet or bullets which ricochetted from hard surfaces into her body. i will not detail damage down it
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ms dawson other are than to say one fragment struck a major blood vessel she lost consciousness quickly and died shortly afterwards. the flowers that covered the square in front has been cleared of flowers. memories are here. >> event will be looked at in meticulous detailful every bullet will be accounted for. the inquest will be broader much man haron monis was a convicted really facing charges. why was he free on bail? were the police's actions that day and night appropriate? what was the role of the media and social media during the siege? and how should the event here be categorized. was it terrorism? it's been four weeks since the highest appeal court. three al jazeera journalists have been imprisoned for
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397 days. the court hasn't released a date. >> al jazeera demand the release of peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed, accused of working with the outlawed government. abdul fatah al-sisi said he would like the case to be resolved. the military has ignored warn in facts. boko haram a tacks in the north-east of nigeria. thousands fled the area hundreds reportedly killed. amnesty said the military failed to respond to requests. it assess the military had advanced warn engs of a boko haram attack which the armed group took control of on sunday. tens of thousands of nigerian who fled from boko haram will not be able to vote in the election. the electoral commission said it
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can't register people who hive in camps. 5,000 are taking shelter in the jos plateau state. we have this report from this. there. >> reporter: this man has lost his right to vote in nigeria's presidential and parliamentary elections because he does not have a voter's card. he lost it when boko haram attacked his village in borneo this year and burnt down his house. he and his family have been living in this camp ever since. >> translation: we didn't take anything along with us. everything was burnt. we lost everything. i am not happy because as a citizen i was driven from my place of abode. everything was gone. if they can help us never lose a vote they should. >> reporter: there were tens of thousands of displaced people facing the same situation.
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voters can only vote at the polling station where they are registered. people displaced by boko haram were given a chance to register to vote in other states. that deadline was last year. anyone displaced this year will not be given a chance to take part in elections. the electoral commission says only a change of law could make it possible for displaced people to vote. >> there is no way to tally the papers. it's not. how do you now take your paper to a set of people. you try to nov the areas -- move to the areas. you are not sure. how do we distribute how do we know the number the the presiding officers in that area. >> reporter: joshua and others feel something should have been
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done to ensure their right to vote. boko haram fighters have been displacing people for years. it is unlikely. elections are less than three weeks away. joshua and members are certain to miss out the first day of a meeting of latin american leaders ended with the cuban president warning washington not to medal in internal affairs. cuba's relations among the main talking points. castro says cuba will operate under a single party political system. >> cuba and the yits scr to learn the art of living side by side in a civilized manner based on respect and differences between government and mutual interests that contribute to solutions to the challenges that the hemisphere.
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all this does not mean cuba will renounce its ideas, nor give up one million of its sovereignty. dairy farmers are leaving the industry. it is blamed on global slump. adrian brown went to one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: this man is a father with a lot on her mind. a year ago, encouraged by china's thirst for milk they expanded the dairy farm. 12 months on there has been a dramatic turn around in fortunes. calls by a slump in dairy prices. >> now i feel no one drinks milk. we can't sell it at all. the diary farms have stopped buying it. >> for joe, the priority is
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reducing the costs. it's a high-quality feed imported from australia. two weeks ago she was forced to take dramatic measures. 40 of them to a local av toir. >> each cow is like a child. ery time it's been to the slaughter house, my heart is broken. >> i'm so sad. but she does have one new customer. a local garden center buying at a heavily discounted rate. the milk is e mixed with water, making the plant more nut rashes. an increasingly common interrogation technique. the price of milk is almost the same as water. so cheep. >> the falling price is based on
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a number of factors. looking into one of the world's fastest growing dairy market. >> the global milk glut is part of the problem for farmers like joe. this is an industry beset with bad practices which, in many cases, it only had itself to blame. >> seven years ago six infants died and 30,000 others fell ill after drinking formula made from contaminated milk. leading to a you surge in demand. mainly because that imported powder is now cheaper than locally produced milk. and it's relatively small farms like that that are hardest hit by the downturn. >> translation: if the government can help and offer a subsidy, we can pass the difficult period. >> reporter: but without government financial help jo's farm is unlikely to survive.
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and go to our website all the background to events on the lebanese-israeli border there. all the other global headlines. >> for anyone who thinks that american workers need nor education, the president has an idea. let's send more people to college, but it's going to be expensive . will the federal government shelling out to