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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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♪ egypt's president leaves the african union summit early after a string of deadly attacks in the sinai peninsula. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from headquarters in doha and also coming up at least 20 people killed in an attack on a shia mosque in southern pakistan. pakistan. >> they want them as human shields. >> reporter: growing discontent and we speak to people inside iraq iraq iraq isil and say they are
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hostages in their city. thousands of jobs depends on the oil industry and where the current low oil prices are raising concerns about the future. ♪ hello, egypt's president sisi is cutting short his trip to ethiopia for the african union summit, a deal with a string of deadly attacks in egypt's sinai peninsula and egypt army say it killed 26 people and most soldiers but some reports put that figure more than 40 and we have details. >> reporter: the force of the explosion can be seen from far away. fighters from an armed group called sinai providence say they are responsible for thursday attack and pledged allegiance to iraq or isil and used rockets and a car bomb in the capital of
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sinai and nearby town in four separate attacks and told al jazeera why the military base may have been chosen for a target. >> translator: what we learned is many injured and many in the battalion were injured and it's not only a military base but detention centers for what the army describes as extremists. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the attack was designed to set free prisoners but it has been taken very seriously by the government, president al-sisi cut short a trip to ethiopia and returned to cairo and this attacks is the worst since october when they killed 24 soldiers in the same area after that attack the egyptian government insisted it had increased security measures and going as far as what it called the buffer zone with the border on gaza strip and increasing
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patrols. >> let's speak to the cairo chief for arabic in doha and sisi cutting short the trip what will his steps be next? >> from sources the national security council should have an emergency meeting today according toll this dangerous developments in egypt and not only sinai but attacks in alexandria in afternoon and some attacks on policemen and army people who may be injured in these attacks in upper egypt and so it's not only in sinai and this is most evil wide desperate, dangerous attacks against the army and against the security forces in sinai. the highest number of killed of
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people in these attacks now nongovernmental sources talk about the military people killed in the attack. >> it's important to clarify why the military and army would be a target of such an attack at this particular point. >> reporter: of course because all the operations in sinai is already operated by the army and the police force in sinai and again it's under here we can see the war is between the sinai in which an arm or a branch of isis as we know. so it's a long war between both sides. this is not the first attacks. of course we will remember these attacks which has already killed about 31 from the military and the security forces in sinai, very close and near to the area
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and now even in rafa in the area and in different places. at the same time the spokesman of egyptian army city this is the -- it was attacks at the same time and our attacking all the force, all the military and the security and the police buildings at the same time. >> reporter: let me quickly ask you because we don't have much time but when you say it's a branch of isil they pledged allegiance to isil does this mean they are getting their orders from isil and does this make the issue of the sinai a regular issue now as opposed to it being a strictly egyptian issue? >> there are two kinds of operations and one regarding this and it's different and it's not just a local egyptian issue
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but other attacks in alexandria and this is what we can see, this is opposition we can see this is a very local, it's a different kind of attacks, kind of weapons, and they are using mortar and car bombs and we can see heavy kind of weapons, this is different than other attacks in delta in alexandria and other parts of egypt but in sinai it's a different issue, different issue and the spokesman of the egyptian army is talking about a foreign support for those militant and in sinai so president sisi is now talking with his leaders and military leaders according to very confident sources, the security council is now about to have emergency meetings and the government is talking about continuing a war against the
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terrorist groups of dr. prime minister said also all egyptian political parties now condemning and calling the government to fight and they are supporting the rebel antagonist in a very huge way. >> thank you very much for joining us here on set. other news and explosion at a mosque in southern pakistan has killed at least 20 people that blast happened during friday prayer at the mosque in the city crossing over to hider from islamabad to tell us exactly what happened there, kamal? >> reporter: well as everybody knows today is a friday and on friday there are congregational prayers across pakistan. now this town is situated about 500 kilometers northeast of karachi, the explosion happened at a time when the shia mosque was packed with worshippers.
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according to some reports it may have been a suicide bomber however, the authorities are not ruling out a planted device. this is the second attack to have taken place against a shia community this year and attacks here and although no one has taken responsibility it appears it may be the work of the taliban in pakistan or one of their splinter groups and attacks are happening at a time when prime minister of pakistan was in karachi to discuss the security situation across the country. >> reporting from islamabad. at least 18 people have died in a series of attacks in iraq a car bomb targeting a busy market in baghdad killed 11 people and 7 dies when a security check point was attacked over there. four of those killed were police officers. and isil fighters have killed a
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senior kurdish commander and five peshmerga troops in iraq and fighting began at midnight and went on until friday morning, 46 people have been wounded. the northern iraqi city of mosul has been under the control of the islamic state of iraq and lavonte since june and many in the sunni majority initially welcomed isil take over accusing the army of waging a sectarian war against them but there are signs that public opinion may be changing. zana is outside mosul in northern iraq. >> reporter: mosul iraq's second largest city is under control of isil and lavonte and impossible for residents to leave and isil says they need a guaranty to make sure they return. >> we cannot leave. the isis guns and refuse anyone to depart. >> really?
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>> they want us as human shields. >> reporter: for security reasons this person has to remain anonymous and been communicating inside mosul to his friends in the kurdish capitol erbil and even they hide their identity and left the city when isil took over in june and the armed group cutoff most communication lines in mosul but the voices that do come out speak of isil's harsh laws and hardships. >> there is no money because there is unemployment. but we can still have hope that the liberation it's this hope that keeps us alive. >> some of the people welcome them but at the same time there are hundreds of thousands of people who were sitting home crying about the city. >> reporter: many in the predominately sunni city welcomed isil fighters when they first entered in june iraqi
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army was seen as sectarian and accused of targeting sunnis and now there are reports that opposition to isil is increasing and we cannot independently confirm that because we don't have access to mosul but videos like this one have been emerging and showing the so called mosul brigades targeting them. >> from august most of the brigades and the one who like announced to fight isil in mosul, they have done more than 300 operation against isil. >> reporter: and outside mosul mainly sunni volunteers from the city have been training for the fight, their role is important in any counter offensive against isil and the people of mosul may not want isil rule but had a bitter history with the shia led government forces i'm with al jazeera, northern iraq. >> to jordan and the latest on the negotiations to free a
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jordan pilot held hostage in iraq and jordan demanding proof that muath al-kaseasbeh is alive before going ahead with a prisoner swap and andrew simmons has more from amman. >> reporter: effective headquarters for the muath al-kaseasbeh family who are pleading with the isil hostage takers to show proof he is alive. the 26-year-old pilot, well no one know esexactly what the situation is his air 16 plane crashed in syria more than a month ago and no conclusive proof has been given, the family say that sources suggest he was alive when that last deadline the second deadline was given by isil of thursday noon otherwise they would kill him unless there was the release of sajida al-rishawa the iraqi would-be suicide bomber. then of course there is the
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japanese film maker who is also held by isil and japanese diplomates calling for his release but really it's very hard to conceive that a three-way deal can be done and right now time seems to be running out, the calls are being made to is i l to say something and they certainly have an upper hand in the situation. >> reporter: still to come the philippines warns the death of 40 policeman and fading with separatist families accuse the government of failing to protect them. plus. >> we feel sad that, in fact, we are coming home empty handed. >> reporter: the family of jailed al jazeera journalist peter greste call again on egypt to set him free. ♪
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>> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council.
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>> about issues that impact your world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. ♪ the top stories on al jazeera, coordinated attacks have killed dozens of soldiers in egypt sinai peninsula and a group pledge allegiance to isil say they carried out the bomb and 26 people died and some reports put the figure at more than 40. explosion at a mosque in southern pakistan killed at least 20 people and the blast injured more than 50 during friday prayers. and people living in the isil controlled city of mosul in northern iraq told al jazeera it's almost impossible to leave and say the group wants to use them as human shields. well the family of jailed al
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jazeera journalist peter greste renewed the call for freedom and just returned from egypt where peter has been in prison for 398 days and wrongly accused with two other al jazeera journalists fahmy and mohamed of colluding with the outlawed muslim brotherhood and we report from brisbon. >> reporter: by now they thought they wouldn't have to be doing this the family of peter greste spoke to media in brisbon, australia to talk about the son and brother still locked up in cairo egypt. >> this was a long time of anxiety largely because we feel very sad that, in fact, we have come home empty handed. >> reporter: peter greste and fahmy and mohamed were arrested in 2013 and a trial of an farse
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sentenced 7-10 years in prison for aiding the out lawed muslim brotherhood. at the start of the month in cairo ordered a retrial in the case of the al jazeera three, the convictions were set aside, providing some hope that the president of egypt al-sisi can now intervene. last year he issued a presidential decree that would allow for foreigners to be deported to either face trial or serve time in their home countries. that was encouraging for greste and fahmy who hold egypt and canadian citizenship and wants the situation sorted out as soon as possible but so far those words have not been followed up with action. >> the 25th of january there was a lot of talk around the possibility of the guys being pardoned as yet there has been no news of that and egypt is going to a seven-day period of mourning for the saudi king and
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that announcement is put on hold. >> reporter: parents returned from cairo where they visited him several times. >> the last time we saw him wasn't the best day but becausen his worst and you know he has had a few grim days but everybody does and of course perhaps a few more in prison. but he is holding up okay. and, you know he does everything he possibly can to maintain his i was going to say synergy. >> reporter: another media conference where the family of peter greste were unable to deliver any good news and once again they hope the next one will be different. wayne with al jazeera, brisbon. the government in the central african republic rejected a ceasefire deal signed by rebel fighters and calls for amnesty for those responsible for more than a year of
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sectarian violence and also demands a transitional government to be appointed to replace the interim president and thousands of people have died in the violence that gripped car since the seleka seized power in 2013. a string of crisis across the african continent are all top of the agenda at this year's african union summit leaders particularly focused on the boko haram attacks across northeast nigeria and eu has a plan to set up a multi national task force to fight the armed group and also pushing for a power sharing view between south sudan and the former vice president and catherine reports. >> reporter: peace and security definitely dominating this year's summit a lot of countries in the continue continent are in crisis and south president and rebel leader have been holding direct talks to move forward the peace talks
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that have taken way too long since january last year there is still a lot of contention on power sharing. the peace and security council also had a meeting last evening and discussed ebola epidemic with poor countries this the continent and discussed boko haram and threat to nigeria and neighboring countries and the need for security council calling for a strong force of 7500 troops and also been talks on the political turmoil in libya and the flow of the country and being used to fight in other countries central africa africa republic remains an offensive against the fdlr rebel group, a huge humanitarian crisis in the country in the continent indeed on top of that it's election year and to hold elections and busy year for au and people watching closely how
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the organization would handle the situation and others that are bound to rise in the year. >> reporter: afghan taliban says it carried out a shooting that killed three american contractors and an afghan man, gunman entered the military section of the international airport in kabul and opened fire and say he was dressed in afghan police uniform, an investigation is now underway. and the national day of mourning observed in the philippines for 44 police officers. they were killed fighting separatists on sunday. the families of those killed say the government failed to protect them and demanding answers. from the capitol manila we report. >> reporter: a somber farewell to heros is what philippine president called the 44 police officers who were killed last sunday in a fire fight in the southern philippines. >> translator: this symbolizes that they lived and died not for themselves but for the sake of
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the philippine people and we recognize the heroism and their sacrifices and offer our condolence to the family and relatives who lost their loved ones. >> reporter: his words offered little consolation to newly-married rachel whose husband is now among those honored. like many philippines she wonders why this happened as it did. >> translator: we were left on our own and i could tell he didn't want to go on this operation but there was nothing they could do about it because the order came from above. i'm not sure from who exactly. >> reporter: the police were meant to be serving arrest warrants for two so-called high-value targets wanted for years for committing what officials call acts of terrorism and to do so the police had to go through areas patrolled by rebels from the armed group islamic front or the milf and rebels signed a peace deal with the government last year and say they thought police had broken
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the ceasefire and fought back in defense. things were complicated further by the presence of other armed groups in the area. government forces have been killed in so-called misunderstandings before. but this is the first time it has happened since the country's peace deal with the milf was formalized last year the deal details including how to decommission rebel forces are still being fine tuned but support for the deal and the establishment of an atonomous is fading and it's not just the intentions of the rebel group being questioned but also those of the government and criticized for appearing unsympathetic and no clear explanation or answers as to how this happened and met families of police officers at the memorial service but was notably absent when the bodies were first brought to manila the day before and angering people by attending the open of a car manufacturing plant instead.
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>> it's a detached leadership which is quite surprising and now people are questioning also the competence of a commander-in-chief who is supposed to preside over this very delicate operation which is crucial again in achieving the peace process which has been one of his main goals before he steps down next year. >> reporter: the grieving and the shock goes beyond in line of mourners. the government and the islamic liberation front say they want to stop the violence from spreading and peace to stay on track but many philippine people are tired of seemingly empty words, finding it difficult to keep a clear mind when their hearts are heavy. i'm with al jazeera, manila. european union ministers have agreed to extends existing sanctions against russia until
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september for the involvement in ukraine, at the meeting in brussels the ministers also agreed to discuss individuals to target for travel bans and asset freezes and moscow denied backing pro-russia separatists fighting ukrainian troops in the east. one of south africa's most worst criminals to be released on parole dubbed prime evil the 66-year-old was the commanding officer of a counter insurgency unit, he kidnapped, tortured and murdered numerous antiapartheid activists from the 1980s to the early 1990s and the time and date of his release will not be made public. qatar airways has bought a 10% stake in the parent company of british airways and spanish airline and makes the company the largest single stakeholder in international airlines group or aiag and the deal will
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strengthen the european operations and followed the airways taking 49% share in italy last year. in peru protesters have brought parts of the oil industry to a halt. [chanting] several hundred members of the communities to control a petroleum wells on monday and communities in the region are seeking compensation for pollution. the global drop in oil prices may be good for consumers but hitting the industry hard and they have plans to cut thousands of jobs and suspend some projects and the north sea headquarters is in aberdeen scott land and we have been speaking to people there. >> reporter: on the eastern coast of scotland the success story thanks largely to oil and gas and 30,000 people work in the off shore industry it's thought ten times as many employed in related sectors like
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engineering but this month bp followed shell in announcing hundreds of job cuts and that folk used people's attention here on the impact of low oil prices and this is the original fishing village from a time when that industry provided jobs for much of the local workforce. in the 1970s north sea oil exploration took off and it made aberdeen an extremely prosperous city and some people are wondering if that prosperity could be at risk. i caught up with a person who used to work in the oil and gas industry and her husband still does as an engineer and confident it will still be thriving when her son grows up. >> so even if the off shore and oil and gas off ab reshgserdeen there is work from overseas and we are skilled in the city so work will come from i'm sure foreign ways.
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>> reporter: they are warning the future of the industry could be in danger unless the government steps in with tax breaks for oil producers. >> oil prices were high government had the status and when oil drops we should have this stop and it's not just about sustaining jobs but sustaining oil and a revenue stream from the company as a whole. >> reporter: they certainly feel like it's thriving and unemployment is 2% and people earn far above uk salaries and at the champaign bar they are not worried about oil prices and i asked the assistant manager why. >> the oil and gas city is driven by oil and it's not 100% there are plenty of services and a lot of different services here and not 100% dedicated to oil
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and gas. >> reporter: if the oil and gas doesn't rise in the next few months confidence of major investors and hence jobs could well take a further dip, i'm with al jazeera. much more news on our website, al >> people are on the move. the largest number of refugees since the end of world war ii. this is "inside story." hello, i'm ray suarez. around the world people who have concluded that staying where they are is just too dangerous hit the road, leaving their homes, crossing international