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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> she could prove what she was saying. >> [rapping] crack in the system. >> [rapping] this is los angeles. [music] >> hello you're watching the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. [ gunfire ] >> a surge of violence in iraq as isil attacks kurdish and iraqi army forces in several cities. at least 49 killed in a bomb attack in southern pakistan. people queuing for food among the latest victims of shelling in eastern ukraine. plus-- >> reporter: i'm jacky rowland
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in madrid where a new political party is challenging the established order. >> hello we begin with the latest developments in the conflict with the islamic state in iraq and the levant. jordan has been trying to find out what has happened to one of its military pilots being held by isil fighters. isil had threatened to kill the pilot unless a female suicide-bomber being held by jordan was released. inside isil-controlled territory al jazeera has evidence that resistence is growing in mosul. in iraq dozens of iraqi soldiers and kurdish fighters have been killed in a series of attacks by isil. a car bomb in the market of baghdad killed seven people and seven decide in samarra in a
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security attack. elsewhere isil fighters have killed 15 iraqi oranges in an assault. 10 isil fighters were wounded in the exchange of fight that followed. and 25 were killed in an isil attack in and around the northern iraqi city of kirkuk. it triggered a fire fight between police and kurdish forces. the kurdish forces known as peshmerga took control of kirkuk in june when iraqi army abandoned their position there. we'll get a look at what life is like under the iraq's mosul.
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>> reporter: mosul iraq's second largest city, is under the control of islamic state in iraq and the levant. it has become almost impossible for its residents to leave. they now provide a guarantor to that they will return. >> reporter: they left the city when isil took over in june. the armed group has cut off most of the communication lines inside mosul but the voices that do come out speak of isil's harsh laws and hardships.
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>> there is no money because there is unemployment. we can have hope, and it is this hope that keeps us alive. >> some of the people welcome them but at the same time there are hundreds of thousands of people sitting home crying about the city. >> reporter: many in the predominantly sunni city welcome isil fighters when they first entered in june. the iraqi army was seen as sectarian and accused of targeting sunnies. now there are reports that opposition to isil are increasing. we cannot independently confirm that because we do not have access to mosul. this video shows mosul brigade targeting isil members. >> those who announced to fight
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isil and mosul, they have done more than 300 operations against isil. >> reporter: and outside mosul mainly sunni volunteers from the city have been training for the fight. the people of mosul may not want isil rule, but they've had a bit bitter history of the shia-led government forces. >> well in jordan the army said it is working around the clock to get information about a pilot held hostage by isil. they have taken to the streets. >> reporter: this is a campaign for the family. part of the large and influential tribe, who are unhappy about jordan's involvements in the coalition
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against isil, but nevertheless supportive of the government efforts to try to do a prisoner swap for the young pilot. what is happening right now is unclear in terms of whether or not isil is going to make a statement of any kind. whether it's still negotiating with jordan and, indeed possibly japan as well. very unclear because now it's more than 24 hours since the sundown deadline when it was said that unless the iraqi woman, the would-be suicide-bomber on death row would be exchanged for the japanese journalist kenji goto. that is unclear of what is happening. kenji goto has not been heard from since the last audio recording spelling out the situation, which has never been fully verified, but assumed to
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be accurate. right now there is a question mark over who is alive and who is dead, and what is the next move. very difficult situation very sensitive, very tense. and the people here, the family, doesn't really know what to do next whether to demonstrate the moment they're simply apleaing to the isil hostage takers to let this man free. in yemen talks vialed the power vacuum left. there have been protests from journal yemen to breakaway from its independent state. the demonstrators reject the council that out leaders are trying to form. >> despite the apparent break through in yemen that was reached late on thursday, even
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with a political--also they agreed in principle on the formation of some presidential council to rule the country in the interim period. that optimism was shortened as politicians from the south of the country many of whom who have been calling for secession from yemen say they're suspending participation in the negotiations. the reason why they say that is because they believe that the negotiations can lead to nowhere because they're accused of taking place under ransom, at gunpoint. they say considering the houthi movement, the rebel movement taking control of the capitol has put--under house arrest. they are the ones controlling the country and then there is no point in these discussions because they're not--they're not taken place on a level playing field. meanthey were going to vacate
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the negotiation tables and give more freedom to those political parties and attempt good-will gesture, so to speak. there are those who are still opposed to the advancement of the houthi movement. it was significant as people broke down the barrier created by the houthi movement as they ran rampant in several cities, attacking and killing and kidnapping those who came against them. so very volatile here still in yemen. >> a group has claimed responsibility for bombing a
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mosque in pakistan killing 49 people. it happened in a southern city where shia reporters gathered for friday prayers. >> chaos in the moments after. people around the area tried to help the injured. they are loaded on cars, motor bikes, rickshaws any means to ferry them for treatment before the ambulance arrives. it's a scene all too common in pakistan. a shia mosque under attack. this time the bombing happened in a southern province. the mosque was packed during friday's prayers when an explosion ripped through the building. the blast was so powerful that part of the roof collapsed trapping people underneath. many people were killed, and others injured. pakistan shia minority have been caught in a recent wave of sectarian violence. just three weeks ago a bombing
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outside another shia mocks in the garrison city killed eight people. shia's make up a fifth of pakistan's population. community leaders say that the government is not doing enough to insure the safety, and that attacks like this show that they are a target. al jazeera. >> greece said it won't work with the group of international inspectors charged with overseeing its bail out package. the new finance minister meet the finance chief in athens. greece's government will will renegotiate its bail out. >> our government will proceed to provide the utmost cooperation.
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but implementing a program whose logic we consider to be anti-european according to the european parliament is poorly structured. we do not aim to work with. >> and the popularity of the far left is growing elsewhere in europe especially spain. there a group is gaining influence in its campaign against austerity. >> reporter: they're spreading the word for the march taking place saturday. the name of the party simply we can. and ordinary people are attracted by its message of social justice. the leader, pablo iglesias hopes to replicate that victory later this year.
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the greek party and the spanish party share similar goals: to ditch austerity programs imposed by brussels. >> it doesn't work. things have gotten worse same in spain and portugal. there is more inequality, more unemployment and the economy is not growing. >> reporter: nearly a quarter of spanish people are out of work. like in greece the government has cut public spending so welfare benefits are vanishing at a time when many people need them most. it's tempting to draw parallels between greece and spain but the comparisons only go so far. in spain they want to change the way people think about politics. the old labels of left wing and right wing are not relevant any more.
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>> it comes at a time when the spanish economy is showing signs of recovery. the government says this proves that it's economic medicine is working. but analysts say that it's about more than the economy. >> the real success it has had among the spanish people. the reason why it has been escalating in the polls is because of corruption and the reform of the political system. it's a reformist party. they want to change the system to reform the system. >> they have successfully captured the mood in spain but it is still a new party untried and untested. and the general election is still many months away. jacky rowland madrid. >> still for you on this news hour. >> we just want him back here.
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>> 398 days behind bars al jazeera calls again for peter grest es release. >> in the oil industry the prices continue to fall. we'll look at what the future holds here 37. >> djokovic goes to five sets in the australia open final and robin will tell us who won. >> first hezbollah leaders say that the lebanese group is not afraid of war with israel, and has a right to respond to what is called israeli aggression. addressing thousands of supporters at a rally in southern beirut. speaking two days after hezbollah carried out a missile strike that wounded seven in the
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disputeed area. that attack was in retaliation for an israeli airstrikes last month that killed six hezbollah fighters and an iranian general. >> from sunday the israelis have been surveying and listening to us. they put all of their resources into this type of alert. they have been watching every single movement. however, hezbollah in broad daylight carried out this operation, and the israelis failed their army with all the resources, intelligence, radar and intelligence equipment. >> reporter: egypt has intensify intensified its operations following a string of deadly attacks believed to be the work lengthening allegiance to isil.
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we have more details from imram khan. >> reporter: the explosion can be seen from far away. on friday, the dead and injured continue to arrive throughout the day. fighters from an armed group say they're responsible for thursday's attack. they pledged allegiance to the islamic state in iraq and the levant or isil. they used a barrage of rockets and a car bomb in sinai and a nearby town in four separate attacks. one journalist told al jazeera why the military base may have been chosen as one of the targets. >> what i have learned is that many are injured and many were seriously wounded. it is not just a military base but houses prisoners for what
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the army describes as extremists extremists. >> it's unclear whether it was designed to set free the prisoners, but it has been considered by the government. they cut short a trip to ethiopia and returned to cairo where fight has killed 24 storms in the same area. after that attack they insist they have increased measures after building a buffer zone along the gaza strip and increaseing controls. al jazeera. >> president al sisi has strongly condemned the attacks on sinai but say that they are the price egyptians are paying for ousting the muslim brotherhood from power in 2013. >> what is happening now is war. egypt is in a war against the strongest clandestine group in
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the past two decades. the egyptians have rejected them. this is the price for them, and egypt is paying it. >> now to protesters killed during an eight coupe protesters demanding that the military return to its barracks carried pictures of al morsecy and called for him to return to his post. >> they're working on an application to be deported to australia. they have now spent 398 days behind bars after being falsely accused of colluding with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they have again called for their free some. >> by now they thought they would have to be doing this.
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they spoke to an. >> we feel very sad that in fact we've come home empty handed. >> peter greste, and mohammed, famiy and bad er mohammed were convicted for aiding the muslim brotherhood. the convictions were set aside providing hope that the president of judgment and and al sisi could reach a decree. it was encouraging for gr este
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and mohammed fahmy who holds a dual egyptian-canadian citizenship. >> there was talk around the possibility of the guys being pardoned. as of yet there has been no news of that, and egypt is going to a seven-day period of mourning for the saudi king. that announcement, we understand is going to be put on hold. peter grestes's parents returned home. >> it was not his best, it wasn't his worst. he had a few grim days but everybody does. but he's holding up okay, and you know, he does everything he
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possibly can to maintain his--i was going to say energy. >> this was mother media conference with a family who was unable to deliver any good news. they hope the next one will be different. >> saudi arabia has postponed the nothing of an internet blogger who was convicted of insulting islam. he has been subjected to one of his 50 nothings involving 50 thrashings. it's not clear why this was postponed. and some have appealed for the sentence to be suspended. people queuing for food have been killed in donetsk. the straightist stronghold game
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under attacks. from dontektetsk. >> the bombing of a car. the dead. >> i can barely walk, i'm going to faint, says this woman. witnesses say that the attack happened as people queued to receive food handouts at a cultural center in the city of donetsk. the second attack hit a trial bus close by. >> people starting jumping out and spattering to hide hyped the wall. i drove closer, and people came running to me, he says. there has been an reaction to the attacks this week where 13
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people have been killed when what is believed to had another trouble bus abouthave been another attack. in attempt toss restart truce negotiations on friday failed with both ukrainian government and separatists blaming each other for the escalation in fighting. >> no one claiming responsibility for these attacks here in in donetsk today. but they highlight how difficult it is to restart these peace talks.
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charles stratford. eastern ukraine. >> russia has cut its interest rate to boost the flagging economy. it calls russia's currency to lose more value. the decision was made because inflation is stabilizing. the economy, of course, has been suffering due to western sanctions and falling oil prices. well the financial analyst here to take a look at this in more detail. a bit of a surprise this rate cut, wasn't it, martin, because it's just weeks since rates were raised. why is it happening right now? >> i think you hit it on the head in the introduction. there is some stabilization in the economy but it is so vehicle given the sanctions. the central bank will have to stoke growth by lowering interest rates giving it a
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jump-start. but the public will have to sacrifice the fight against inflation. that's significant because it's stabling but at 13% it will creep higher between now and the end of the year, ordinary gods prices are rising and food prices as well. it was the lesser of two evils today. this decision was probably the correct one versus the hikes we saw in december. >> how much of an impact is it likely to have? >> it's difficult to say. we're looking at an interest rate cut from 17 to 15. it's still extraordinaryily high. people who want to invest, borrow or hire people will the central bank will have to move very quickly over the next coming weeks to make investment attractive. again, they're survivalled by these businesses. they can't use international
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markets to raise money. if the price of the rubble is expensive with the high rates they're going to be put off. they need to make that more attractive. at the same time it comes back to the inflation story. how much are they willing to bear particularly over the winter in order to get the economy going. it's a bit of a gazillion. >> is it proving how dependent russia is on exporting energy and oil. >> this is the fallacy i should not say that this is a fallacy but this is the major problem and why russia is the author of its own misfortune. the sanctions are a result of the political tensions--we'll put it kindly--in the ukraine at the moment. and the falling oil prices have shown a light on the weakness of the russian economy and how dependent they are on energy. they need to retool in a big way.
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it will take many many years in order to do it, and the reforbes are going to be painful and expensive. planning those while explaining why food prices are rising is a difficult thing. >> during this news hour we'll investigate links between isil and egypt and pakistan. zimbabwe's president in charge of the africa union despite allegations of human rights abuses at home. >> i'm andy richardson, in equatorial guinea and africa cup of nations.
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>> it was a law that helped condo developments stay afloat >> we would have to sell and have to leave our unit >> now, this law is being used to take peoples homes >> there's nobody helping us... >> honest people, losing hope... >> i didn't fight vietnam so that someone could take my property away from me >> hard sell an america tonight investigation only on al jazeera america >> hello again welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera.
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a day of violence across iraq. 18 people died at security check points. in jordan the army is still demanding proof that a captureed pilot is still alive. and pro russian rebels in ukraine fighting government troops in the eastern city of donetsk. well the number of groups claiming affiliation with the islamic state in iraq and the levant has grown beyond it's power play of iraq and syria. responsibility for thursday's attacks in egypt which killed 45 people was claimed by fighters from a group which swore allegiance to isil in november. a separate group dedicateed to
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isil said it was behind attacks on a hotel in libya capitol of tripcally killing eight people. and on friday, a splinter group said that it carried out a bomb attack on a crowded shia mosque, killing 49 people there. we'vewe have our guest thank you for coming into the studio. we have groups operating as far apart as egypt pakistan and libya. how are these groups being influenced and are they being controlled by isil? >> well there, is a degree of coordination and control. for example the pakistani group that you mentioned their leaders met with islamic state officials before they affiliate ed themselves, you could say in november of last year. there is a high degree of coordination going on.
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there is probably a certain agreement about strategy objectives and so on. what is very clear though, is a different group affiliateing themselves with isis. what isis does with affiliates is not what al-qaeda did. al-qaeda wanted attacks on the west. isis is does not object attacks in the west, but they want to governor. other groups are a bit more sophisticated, and in libya and to some extent in the sinai peninsula in egypt we've seen groups that conduct a little bit of outreach activity, groups that have some pre-tensions to governance regulating
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pharmaceuticals. >> but isil has been on a learning curve of governing but has been attacking. >> isil has exaggerated the degree to which it is governing and providing social services. it is, but it's pre-tension of being a state is embellished state. we're see government provision of some services in rebel-held areas. there is lots of evidence that the economy in isil held areas is collapsing. there is no reliability to manage these places. there are two places where isis has had a long presence. iraq has been around for over ten years. if that's how it struggles to
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governor in its political heartland, we can guess how difficult or affiliates would find governance in places like yemen, libya pakistan afternoon where you have groups far more experienced killing shiite than following the flow of prescription drugs etc. >> shad sent hundreds of troops into cameroon to use the country as a base to launch attacks against boko haram but the nigerian government is not happy about its neighbor's interventions. >> they say they first used a
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jet bomber to attack and those who fled were attacked by ground forces in the remeronen border town. italian forces do not have the authority of the nigerian government to fight boko haram boko haram and this would allow them in the countries to fight and it is putting at risk the entire regional efforts put in place to fight boko haram. they would refer troops that from the west african state. they have also been affected by the boko haram attacks with chad links at risk because of the road that links it with nigeria is currently closed by boko
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haram. >> african leaders have appoint appointed zimbabwe president as. there are calls for seven half thousand multi national forces to fight boko haram in nigeria. >> the scene of this year's africa union summit is women and empowerment. but the security situation across the continent has dominated starting with its stretch of boko haram and the need for an multi national force to fight the group. they're concerned about the pace of sudan's peace talks. they are also focusing on the political turmoil in other parts of the country.
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>> i urge you to make these mechanisms operational. >> but can the africa the african union face the situations in the. up coming elections. africa union depend entirely on foreign findings. dealing with its many problems are difficult for the organization and member states are often unwilling for unable to commit resources makes it the more harder to do its job. >> there has been a recommendation on funding. you will recall that you instructed the commission to work with the private sector and establish an a.u. foundation
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that can raise funds from the private sector. >> this analyst believes it's about time. >> african union can take action to the extent that there is political consensus. lacking that consensus then the africa union definitely wouldn't be able to take the necessary action that is expected of it. >> also on the sandy was the election of president. some say that his election paints the image of the a.u. at 90 the controversial president is loathed and loved almost in equal measure. al jazeera. >> the democratic rebel of congo army is launching a fresh offensive against the rebels.
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the united nations won't be playing as big of a role as expected. we have more from the rwandan border. >> they will now not be a joint operation. instead, it will be a congolese operation. the u.n. has a special intervention brigade with a mandate from the security council to forcefully disarm rebel groups. it seems that that brigade is now largely out of the picture. it is against the u.n.'s rules to fight an operation if they're not jointly involved in commanding it. meanwhile, these changes are likely to ruffle some feathers in the international community. the u.s. and other western countries have been pressuring condo congo along the u.n.
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troops. many will be asking why the u.n. fighting role has been dropped. >> granting a parole to a death squad leader. the time and date of his release will not be made public. barack obama will meet the dalai lama once again. among the talks with the dalai lama last february angered china, who ruled today tibet since 1950. how significant is this meeting and how is it going to be carried out? >> well, we don't even know if there is a meeting just yet. we do know that barack obama and the dalai lama will be at a national prayer breakfast in washington, d.c.
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washington going out of its way that they will announce a particular meeting between the two. the white house does not control the guest list by the prayer breakfast, and it's a mandatory exercise by all u.s. president. every president since eisenhower has gone. the invitations are handed out by members of congress. china gets very angry every time the president meets with the dalai lama. he has met with him three times but it's never seen on video and the reporters are not allowed in the room. the photographs you see there are official photographs taken by the white house. so it is not clear that we'll seen see the president and the dalai lama shake hands but they will be at the same breakfast. >> definitely a wait and see. thank you. former republican
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presidential candidate mitt romney has decided not to launch a bid for the republican nomination for president. he changed his mind after saluting a number of his backers to jeb bush. hillary clinton is expected to beat the frontrunner for the democrats for the election. economies in the state of louisiana depend on oil trading as a certain price and the slump is starting to take its toll. we have reports now from new orleans. >> through good times and bad off the oil-rich coast has been one of the state's most productive locations. drilling projects are long term,
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but for those who's living is close to the price of oil there is concern. as many as 30,000 jobs could be lost in louisiana and businesses are beginning to feel the effects. >> a little apprehensive and nervous. there are some companies that have a freeze on hiring, they're being very frugal, and taking a hard look at what they're doing and how they're doing it and praying. >> reporter: during the holy oil crisis of the 80's they are hit heard and diversed their economy so they were less dependent on oil. but for those who are directly involved with the industry, hard times may be ahead. >> it's these smaller companies pure oil services companies that really are starting to worry this juncture. >> a mall small firm who is tied
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to oil prices. if oil prices stay low businesses could be hit hard. >> if this does become a protracted situation it could be a difficult one for the industry to weather. we're talking about over the coming months and the remainder of the year. >> employing 18,000 people, a figure hire when you look at the industries surrounding oil but it's the potential loss of tax revenue that could have the deepest impact. there may not be big job layoffs yet, but $12 million is lost to the state's budget for each 1 dollar drop in the price of a barrel of oil. and in the fourth coming financial year that could mean $1.5 billion deficit, a figure that could effect everyone. andy gallagher al jazeera,
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new orleans, louisiana. >> work is continuing to clear the wreckage of a hospital that was almost demolished by an explosion. three employees of the gas company were injured. mexico's president scientisted visited the wreckage of the hospital. many rivers that feed the amazon have burst their banks. the rescuers and relief works are moving in to the area. more coming unincluding action from the australian open. plus-- >> reporter: we're in sydney where we're ahead of the asian cup final.
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>> felicity. djokovic will meet andy murray in the final. djokovic beat wawrinka it's in semifinals at melbourne park. they were back and forth. djokovic ran away with it, six love in the fifth. they'll hold the upper hand in the final.
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>> banned from the sport for two years after fighting a drugs test. jeptoo tested positive for a and b samples. >> backing from six associations in europe. the election takes place in zurich on may 29th. the president of the asian football association says that they is a desire from southern
4:51 pm
gulf nations to remove australia from the confederation. australia joined arab in 2006 after switching from oceana, and it comes after the sock radios will play. >> a time in sydney usually means a day at the beach. but the main topic of conversation is not surfacing for the sock radios. >> how do you think it is going to go? >> i think they're going to win. >> i have watched a bit over time. >> after a poor world cup in brazil this tournament has been a huge success with 70 goals scored eight sold out matches and half a million fans attending, a and for people who have been involved in the game when it was almost a minority sport, these are certainly exciting times.
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>> huge. by far the biggest tournament that we've hosted, and to have sockaroos in the match. >> the australian team went into this tournament having not won for three games and having scored just the one goal. however, in this asian cup they played four out of five matches scoring 12 times and even a report of a player being kicked out, spirits are up. >> there is a great deal of mutual respect. >> south korea will take heart from the fact that they're the only team to have beaten the sockaroos in this tournament, and they have yet to reach a goal. they are hoping that this will help their team pick up a third asian cup title. >> it's going to be a tough
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game. it's challenging and i hope it's really enjoying--i just want to enjoy it. >> this area will be a sea of people the match 80,000 is the interest in this game, in this admittedly sports mad country. a country for a long time saw football as a poor relation to rugby. but now it's not. >> over to africa now with the first quarter times of the cup of nations will be played. andy richardson reports. >> reporter: pedro has been deploys his distinctive barbecue barbecuing style for much of his life. he also has a degree in logistics and works as a warehouse manager but recently shifts have been hard to come
4:54 pm
by. he like many in his small town are hoping that the africa cup of nation also bring more than football to equatorial guinea. >> the cup finishes on the eighth. then the advancement begins. >> huge oil reserves were discovered in the mid 1990s and since then it has become africa's third largest oil producer. very little of the vast wealth has made it beyond the ruling elite. half the population still don't have access to clean drinking water, and nearly 10% of children die before the age of five. it's president has been in office since 1979. his image and influence are everywhere. human rights watch say the oil boom has been used to entrench
4:55 pm
and enrich his position at the expense of the people. but where there is political will public projects can be done. take the football stadium. weeks ago this venue was overgrown and half built until help was called upon. >> we thought it was "mission impossible." the biggest problem was bringing live grass from spain. we threw in four boeing 747s quoll of equipment. >> in this market we could not find any dissenting voices. >> we're happy to be hosting the cup. >> a football tournament is not really what the majority of people in equatorial guinea
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need but for now it's all they have. >> world number one rory mcilroy would finish the day under 64. he leads by one shot. >> i felt like i played very nicely today. you can't ask for much more. >> tiger woods has shot his worth-ever round. competing at the phoenix open. just the second tournament since august. he carded a second round of 11 over par 82. he's dead last in 132nd place. he most certainly missed the cup cup. >> it's golf. we all have days like this. unfortunately, mine was in a public forum, and in a public
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setting, but we all have days like this. we take the good with the bad and the thing is even on bad days like this, just keep fighting because on the good days you have to keep fighting as well. >> with that we go back to felicity in london. >> extraordinary footage has been released of the first man to successfully climb up the niagara falls. professional climber scaled the wall on wednesday when it was frozen. he didn't stay completely dry as you can see water was flowing around the ice. at speeds much 110 kilometers an hour. when he got to the top he said that the climb was cool and interesting. and as wild as it gets. that's it for this particular news hour, but please join me again in a couple of minutes for more news.
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bye bye.
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