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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> on hold. all executions postponed in ohio. the state unable to obtain the drugs to put inmates to death. in the hot seat. just days before the super bowl, roger goodell opens up about the tough year. mitt romney out before he starts. who could benefit from his decision. and fracking fight. whether hydraulic fracturing
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causes earthquakes. this is al jazeera america. i'm randall pinkston in for john siegenthaler. ohio has halted executions for death row inmates. trying to find drugs for lethal injections. paul beban is here now with more. paul. >> right randall. ohio's move comes not on the heels of that supreme court order, but on the heels of botched executions, all of them involved problems with lethal newinjection drugs. when ohio used a two drug combination last january witnesses say a death row inmate
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took too lock to die. clayton lockett's drugs went not into a vein. and joseph wood took nearly two hours to die. witnesses say he gasped for air nearly 600 times looking like a fish out of water. american support for the death penalty falls and states struggle to find drugs needed for lethal injections. >> clamping down more and more on the uses of their products which are supposed to be therapeutic in a means that are supposed to kill and that has caused supply problems. >> polls shoafs more than show more than half of americans would prefer death
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penalty, a year ago over 80% preferred the death penalty. while state lawmakers sort this out under ohio's new schedule the new execution will not be carried out until january 21st of 2016, randall. there first time in a long time no executions there. >> absolutely. >> thanks paul. at this point millions will have their eyes on the nfl. but scandal after scandal from domestic to child abuse scandal. now the man on top of the most powerful sports league is giving his take on 2014. morgan radford has the story. >> this showdown between the seattle seahawks and the new england patriots run by the
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national football league, its embattled commissioner spoke. took to the podium to address a scandalous year for league. >> it is a year of humility and learning. >> scandal evolving some of involving some of the league's top players. a collaboration lawsuit over head injuries and cheating scandal over one of the top teams. would goodell consider quitting? >> no, i can't. i -- does that surprise you? listen i -- it has been a tough year. it's been a tough year. on me personally. we obviously as an organization have gone through adversity but for me. we take that seriously it's an opportunity for us to get
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better. >> but it has not been a tough year for the league's popularity. >> it will be one of the most watched game in history. an east coast team versus the west coast team. deflate gate will want people watching it more. >> we are establishing a position of chief medical officer. >> training coaches and kids on playing the game safely. and a 30 second spot on domestic violence sponsored by the nfl will run on sunday costing $8 million in ad time. >> we're not going to compromise the nfl. we greed agreed we need to raise standards in the nfl. >> the gaining the violence the big hits the color the pageantry but they are not getting any of the boy scout value. >> the league's future could be
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at stake. >> these are roam role models and family entertainment. you can't have family sitting in front of the television set watching football players who have been beating up their wives. >> sunday's game promises one thing, despite the are league's missteps and the future football. >> the excitement grows too security concerns. this year's super bowl in arizona is expected to draw some of the biggest crowds in nfl history. homeland security secretary jay johnson says officials are ready. >> our challenges in homeland security are evolving. we have more concerns about the domestic based acts of violence. >> expert work groups that have thought of everything from cyber crimes to intelligence analysis. >> everything from fighter jets
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to high technical gadgets crowd vigilance remains the critical safety factor. >> large events like the super bowl are believed to be gathering for sex traffickers. jennifer london in glendale california. >> average age of a victim sold into the sex trade: 13 to 15 years old. in the weeks leading up to the super bowl arizona has taken a number of steps to let traffickers know they aren't welcome here. this tiny empty room is ready for the next victims of the sex trade. down the hall more identical rooms. >> these are girls that have been sexually abused and trafficked. >> leah benson runs street light u.s.a. with super bowl xlix set to kick
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off down the road in glendale, benson is prepared to see more girls sold for sex. >> the circuits for girls. >> what are the circuits? >> the circuits are many pimps bringing their girls from one entertainment venue to another to another to another. >> suggesting an increase in sex trafficking around the big game in 2014, arizona state university conducted the first of its kind study at super bowl xlviii. attempts to market women for commercial sex increased sharply, and that any large event which provides a significant concentration of people in a relatively confined urban area becomes a desirable location for a trafficker. >> it finally wasn't until i was age 21 that something just snapped in me. and i said you know what rosalind, if you don't get out
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now you're going to die and i left. >> rosalind said she was only three years old when a family member sold her into the sex trade. later, a boyfriend turned out to be a pimp. >> he definitely beat me into submission. >> rosalind now works at street light helping the 42 girls who live there outside the secure grounds of the safe house there is a billboard, more than 52 in the area put up to coordinate with the super bowl, they're designed to make people aware of the sex trade. and there's this. >> they think she's a doll, an inanimate object. children that are bought sold and packaged. >> last spring arizona toughened penalties for pimps and johns. the state's new prosecutor says he is committed to enforcing the law long after the stadium lights go dark. >> if i was to come weeks after
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the super bowl, am i going to see the same antitrafficking campaign the same spotlight on this issue? >> i know this is an issue that i've been talking about even during the campaign. i have a dedicated prosecutor in the office dedicated to human trafficking crimes. we do want to focus from a law enforcement perspective going after these criminals and treating these girls as victim. >> the. >> it is not just a super bowl issue, it's an every day issue. super bowl is february 1st and february 2nd it is still going to be happening. >> sharing a story she once thought she might not live to tell. the arizona super bowl host committee is aware that human trafficking is a growing and increasing problem. and is working with local law enforcement and volunteers. additionally, a number of hospitality workers have been trained so they know what to look for and what to do.
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randall, antitrafficking billboard campaign is set to run through february. >> thank you jennifer london. three times will not be the charm for mitt romney, the former massachusetts governor announced he would not run in 2016. >> the next president of the united states of america. >> twice knocked out of a bid for the white house mitt romney flirtation for the office ended friday. >> i decided to give other contenders the opportunity. >> he would have been the gop's best chance to beat the democratic nominee in 2016. >> i believe that one of our next generation of republican leaders one who may not be as
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well-known as i am today may well emerge as being better able to defeat the democratic nominee. >> since his defeat in 2012, romney and his wife ann spent years insisting another run was out of the question. >> we're not doing that again. >> but a turn around seemed possible. >> i'm giving serious consideration in the future. >> after that romney hit speed bumps including defections from key advisors and supporters. but with romney insisting there was no shortage of finance or support, he considered this better for the party. unone trying the shed his image as an out of touch multimillionaire. >> i also think that the message of making the world safer and making more opportunity for
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every american regardless of what neighborhood they live in. >> leaving the party open for jeb bush and other republican hopefuls. many who made high profile appearances this week. >> we value your independence, not our dependence. >> i have been asked and will be asked again are there circumstances that might develop that could change my mind. that seems unlikely. >> al jazeera america david leventhal is in washington d.c. were you surpriseby romney's announcement? >> i wasn't surprised. even though there were overtures that he might be getting back in the campaign he faced such a long hard slog going forward and the field on the republican side is growing eight ten 12 potential candidates deep at this point even beyond that.
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by any measure this was going to be an incredibly difficult path for him going forward. even if he thought he could win there is a whole host of people looking to knock off the king so to speak. >> so we understand that some of his backers went over to jeb bush's side when bush made it clear he was going to get in the race. but romney is a wealthy person. could he have not pulled this off with his own resources? >> it's entirely possible that he could have dumped a lot of his family resources you're absolutely right randall. he has a whole heck of a lot of money but a candidate can't run just on his or her money alone. there is a long history that people who try to do so on their own dime, ultimately most of them end up failing with a couple of exceptions. we had a research piece people who had raised incredible
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bunches of cash for them in 2012 and the resounding answer we got from them is they were undecided or had already left mitt romney, maybe it was a jeb bush or a scott walker or marco rubio, many being considered on the republican side. the matches didn't seem to be adding up for mitt romney the way he would have liked. he was optimistic, but three or four months from now it may not have been a good situation for him given the competition. >> in 2012, the gop season was long drawn out with nine candidates or more at a point. what do you think is going to happen next time around? >> you could be looking at a similar situation. you go back to 2012 and you know it was newt gingrich up one day and michelle bachman and rick
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perry who may very well run again in 2016 too. so many of these potential candidates on the republican side are not well known commodities on a national stage. sure if you're a political junkie and a political animal you know who these guys are but for the average american who is trying to figure out who aligns with my view, who might i like in this field, it is a huge field and there is a whole lot of homework for people to do particularly in iowa, new hampshire and early caucus states. a whole host of candidates introducing themselves to voters or in the case of some candidates reintroducing themselves if they want to retake the race, like rick perry. >> what about the democrats will their field be as crowded or will it be as it was in 2012, a
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two-person run? >> sure, your consensus mainstream leader right now of course would have to be jeb bush. everyone knows the name bush. bush doesn't have to worry about name recognition issues but you got to go back to the notion that this is so early on right now we don't even know necessarily who's going to get into the race. who's going to drop out along the way. and there will be people who fall into both sides of that. so you know around july or august we'll have a shaking-out of the field. we're going to have the season which will be seven or eight primary debates that will take place. and that all leads up to some straw polls and then the caucuses and the primaries. so jeb bush is going to be a big name if he decides to run but plenty of others. on the democratic side, it's hillary clinton hillary clinton and hillary clinton.
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jim webb former u.s. senator for virginia bernie sanders a senator from vermont, who are being bandied about. unless hillary clinton would have some overridings medical issue or some other reason, all are pointing to the level of her running. elizabeth warren doesn't seem to be in the cards at least at this juncture in 2016. although a lot of folks hope ton democratic side she jumps in at some time in the future, if she doesn't run in 2016 this time around. >> lots to look for for political junkies and lots to be surprised about, thank you very much dave leventhal our al jazeera america contributor. >> thank you randall. >> secretary of state john kerry is heading to europe next week and ukraine will be a key focus. at the first stop kiev where
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kerry sits down with ukrainian leaders and then the european conference where kerry is expected to talk with the russian foreign foreign minister. in donetsk at least seven people were killed while waiting in a food line and shelling killed 20 more in the past week. charles stratford is in donetsk. >> the wreckage of a car. the dead have been covered. the aftermath of more killing in eastern ukraine. i can barely walk, i'm going to faint says this woman. witnesses say the attack happened as people ceud queued to receive food handouts in the city of donetsk. the second attack hit a trolley bus close by. people started jumping out and
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hid behind the wall. i drove closer and some people started to run towards me says this man. he ducks as yet another explosion rings out. there's been a dramatic escalation in the violence in this region in recent weeks. the attacks come just over a week since at least 13 people were killed when what's believed to have been a mortar hit another trolley bus also in donetsk. the separatists seem to have grown in confidence since they claim to have taken control of donetsk airport on january the 20th. the fighters who refer to themselves as soldiers in the army of the donetsk people's republic have promised to widen their offensive. they've said they're not interested in truce-talks. the u.n. says that more than 5,000 people have been killed in this conflict so far and an attempt to retort truce restart truce
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talks in minsk have failed. no one claimed responsibility for these attacks here in donetsk today but one thing for sure, they highlight just how difficult it is to try and restart these peace talks. charles stratford, al jazeera donetsk, eastern ukraine. >> coming up. a measles outbreak has sparked a backlash against an antidefamation organization. and is drilling causing earthquakes? earthquakes?
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>> president obama today announced a new initiative aimed
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rat using dna to develop personalized treelts. treatment. it's called precision medicine, something the medical field has been working on for years. president obama said this could build a massive database through of genetic information. how mutations happen, they can figure out how to shut them off. >> foo we startif we start today and seize this moment and the focus and the energy and the research it demands, there is no telling how many lives we could change. and every single one of those lives matter. >> the president also says the new initiative will create jobs while saving lives. he's asking congress for $215 million in funding. a medical controversy is growing in california. an alarming people in that state and across the west are contracting measles while many
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doctors are saying vaccination is the only way to keep children safe, it's about parental choice. science and technologying contributor jake ward. >> afraid theam they'll crate some sort of adverse health effect. >> the only link we had come up with of the place where a person might have been exposed to international travelers was disneyland. and it turned out that there were other kids tested positive on that day that had already been to disneyland on those
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dates. >> the bay area is especially vulnerable because for some reason people are not vaccinating their children here. all 50 states require measles vaccinations but have exemptions for medical or religious reasons. growing problems because when more than 8% of a school isn't vaccinated, the disease can are travel quickly. exempting their children at an alarming rate. dr. john hicks a local physician blames a course of vaccinations for tragedy in his own family. >> i have a citizen son who developed autism after a full set of shots. and he hit 105 for five days, and that was the last he was really connected to what was going on. >> there is no credible scientific evidence that
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vaccination somehow overload a child's immune system or the virus, but some share that belief. >> what i figure out is what the parents really want and what they belief and then support them in that. because if a parent believes these vaccines are going to create a problem they may create a problem. >> on the other side of the golden gate bridge dr. nelson bronco is deciding to turn away tot toddlers who are not vaccinated. >> our duty was not only to the patient in our office but to the entire community and to the many patients in our office who could not be immunized against the measles, the older children who have thrierts arthritis or hiv or cearn cancer.
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>> secondary infections passed from those who have measles to others. randall, it's important to bring home how serious these things are. these secondary infections, this is the ripple effect that scientists and back tear ideologies are worried about. once vaccination drops below 8% rate once more than 8% of students are exempting them from the immunity, seeing here in california public health officials are so worried here. >> thank you, jacob ward. up next, new criticism and defiance at the university of virginia. officials say skip frat parties for their own safety but they
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say it targets the wrong people. cutting health care costs for military? why the idea has a lot of veterans crying foul. crying foul.
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>> a new proposal aims to completely overhaul retirement and health care for the nation's military. the goal: cutting costs without sacrificing benefits for service members. jamie mcintire has more from the pentagon. >> 15 recommendations designed to save the pentagon billions of dollars without reducing the overall compensation of troops. but the reforms could prove to be a hard sell if it appears they make it harder to retain and recruit top-notch people in
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the future. its pricey weapons like the uber expensive f-16 fighter price tag $144 million gives the pentagon its reputation of spending beyond its means. but that is not the only thing that is going to bus the budget. >> the simple cost of manpower cost for the pentagon eats up more than 50% of our dollars and those costs are rising every year. >> politician he with military expertise is now recommending an overhaul of the system. its most potentially contentious contentious, continue full retirement benefits after 20 years and eliminate tricare the military's health care plan and
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replace it by private health care plans. predictly many are upset. >> instead of maintaining a system that's worked well, defined benefit system, we're going to force military to put their plans in a casino plan. >> reserving judgment on its many ideas, john mccain has set a hearing on the issue next week. one key concession to current military to leave their generous retirement and to grandfather some of the other provisions. the pentagon says it's mindful of the commitment to its fighting men and women but if the benefits are not trimmed in the next decade or so the all volunteer force could end up to be unsustainable.
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randall. >> thank you jamie. >> the constitutionality of the government's no fly list, the four year effort of galet mohamed to get his name taken off the list. just yesterday his brother's name was added to the fbi 10 most wanted. the timing being suspicious. frustration is moving on the university of virginia campus. national sororities say their members should skip frat parties this weekend. they say it's for the safety of the students but some say the order does not make sense. erica pitzi is at the campus tonight. >> by preventing them from going to things they actually have the right to go to, is not helpful to the problem. >> segregating the are genders
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isn't helpful. >> one of the biggest party weeks at the university of virginia. at a time when one in five women on u.s. college campuses say they've been victims of assaults no one doubts it is a problem. it is a solution these women rejects. this is supposed to be a very exciting weekend. you've got the televised game tomorrow and the fraternities on >> that parent is the national pan hellenic conference. follows a largely discredited report of the rape of a sophomore on uva campus. pushing back on the mandate but to no avail. the ground who will be welcoming
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>> change comes from the students and that almost always gets it done. we wrote petitions, we wrote articles. >> vice chancellor's calls for meeting in the pan hellenic conference have gone unanswered. >> that is where the student council can give a voice and to highlight just how ridiculous it is. >> but if the national pan hellenic conference won't listen to what you have to say. >> i believe they're listening but they won't talk to me. they talk to their chapters, that's how they engage. >> this kind of singling out of women isn't the issue. still she sees this as an issue within the greek community and with frustration growing we caught up with president sullivan to see if she's changed her position. you have actually stepped in to address greek life, even going so far as to suspend activities. why now, with hundreds of sorority sisters feeling sequestered in their houses, due to this new rule, do you not take a stronger stand on this for them?
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>> i think i issued a pretty strong statement yesterday that singling out our students doesn't seem appropriate. but you must remember that the fraternities and sororities own their own houses, they are private organizations and students voluntarily join those private organizations. >> but in this scenario they are not governing themselves. this is a mandate coming down from above, from the national chapters. they feel like they don't have a voice. >> i've already expressed my strong feeling about that in the statement yesterday. and i will assist the students if they ask for that assistance. at this time they haven't asked and that is how i am respecting their self governance. >> and some of the sorority members may well take up the university president on her offer. >> and so maybe now will be the appropriate time for us to say okay we did our best, president sullivan, help us. >> so with only hours left, of course sororities are really running out of time before the big day tomorrow.
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so we will be in the middle seeing how this all unfolds randall. >> thank you, erica pitzi. hundreds of earthquakes have hit the state of oklahoma. are these controversial or created by the drilling methods? jonathan betz has the story. >> now the court will decide whether this method is causing devastation. the most earthquake prone state in the us u.s. is not california. it is now oklahoma and the state supreme court will soon decide if oil companies are to blame. >> this is a big deal. in fact i'm surprised we haven't gotten here sooner. >> the case centers on the biggest quake in oklahoma, 5.7 magnitude tremor in 2007, that damaged 13 homes near are are oklahoma city.
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including sandra's whose chimney collapsed and fell on her. many have long assumed that fracking when drillers pump millions of gallons of waste water and chemicals deep underground is transitionering erkz. some with the u.s. geological survey have made the connection, others strongly agree like strongly disagree like the oil companies who insist they are not responsible for quakes. if the court sides with the homeowner. >> she says it's because of fracking. it's the closest we've gotten to someone alleging causation due to the activities of an oil company in any state. oklahoma is furthest along in this kind of litigation. >> earthquakes were largely unheard of in oklahoma but since
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2008 as drilling for shale gas boomed the state has seen a sudden increase nearly 600 quakes last year, more than in the previous 30 years combined. the current lawsuit claims it's more than a coincidence and it could force changes for a booming industry that's deeply changed the american landscape. >> either way no matter what they decide it's a major decision. it will be binding in oklahoma and influential on other states. >> reporter: yeah, big decision. the court's ruling would only affect oklahoma but if it sides with the homeowner it could have a chilling effect on the entire oil industry, and may have an emboldened effect on other states considering the same issue. >> investors snapped up crude today as a hedge against future price changes. but the cost of a barrel is about half what it was last
11:41 pm
june fueling issues. >> through good times or bad this area is one of the most productive locations here investment in productivity on the rise, deep water projects are long term and tend to be less affected by fluctuating oil prices. but for a family whose income is tied to the cost of oil businesses are beginning to feel the effects. >> a little apprehensive and looking at how they're doing and doing it and praying. >> during the oil crisis of the '80s u.s. oil states were hit hard and have since diversified their economy sots so they're less
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dependent on oil. >> pure oil services companies that really are starting to worry at this juncture. >> steve maley runs the budger oil corporation they've lived through times like this before but steve says if oil prices stay low as many predict business could be hit hard. >> if this does become a protracted situation it could be a difficult one for the industry to weather. we're talking about over the coming months and for the remainder of the year. >> in all louisiana's oil industry directly employs more than 80,000 people, a figure much higher when you look at the service industries surrounding oil. but it's the potential loss in tax revenue linked to low prices that could have the deepest impact. there might not be big job layoffs here yet but according to the state's oil and gas
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association, $12 million is lost for each $1 drop in the price of oil and that could mean a $1.5 billion deficit. a figure that could affect owner. andy gallagher, al jazeera, new orleans, louisiana. opening statement in a controversial murder trial. 54-year-old pedro hernandez confessed to killing eton paetz. his lawyer says hernandez is mentally ill and cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. three fuel dploifer workers in mexico city are -- delivery workers in mexico city are in custody tonight accused of not doing enough to prevent a leak from a fuel truck two babies and a nurse were killed. officials believe there are no
11:44 pm
other victims inside the destroyed building. a death squad person, eugene de koch. >> confessed to 100 murders instances of torture and fraud as south africa's truth and reconciliation commission. he was known as primeval, one of apartheid's most brutal weapons. as commander of the police counterinsurgent death squad he was tasked with hunting and killing antiapartheid activates and grafting parole the justice mints said he was eligible because he had spent more than 20 years. >> politically motivated did not form the pace for the decision we made and it was solely on the evidence before us and
11:45 pm
applicable law. >> president jacob zuma supports the decision, but there are differing thoughts about the nation's most feared and despised individuals. >> mandela created the reconciliation. >> it's not good, it's not looking at the many lives they have taken during the days of apartheid. >> de kochh's victims' families were consulted. but it's telling how few were held accountable for the atrocities. many cabinet ministers were accused of having blood on their hands too.
11:46 pm
now de koch has a second chance too. tanya page, al jazeera pretoria. >> the white house is expressing concerns over israel's decision to create more settlements in the west bank, israel officials argue the construction bids are not new just offers that no contractors took up last year. coming up: a new call for young kids to avoid tackle football. why researchers say it could hurt their brains. and some are calling it the great fire wall of china. what officials are doing there to prevent access to the internet. internet.
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>> china is putting more restrictions on access to the internet. for years certain sites have been blocked with little explanation. now the government is turning off another way of getting around the walls.
11:49 pm
roxana saberi has the story. >> in china, millions of people depend on virtual private networks to jump the fire wall of internet sensors, youtube facebook and gmail. but in recent weeks, the government has cracked down on vpns like asteril. now the government is make access slow and sometimes impossible. >> it's shocking that the government has gone this far especially in china where you have a large business community that needs access outside of china. they need access back to america. >> reporter: the new crack down is frustrating entrepreneurs, artists and academics, they can't collaborate using google docs or access certain photos on. >> i'm frustrated and i just want it to work. i don't care why it doesn't work, i just want it to work. >> reporter: tsunamis are
11:50 pm
affected too. they can no longer submit online applications to harvard or princeton. the government has defended its actions saying vpns are basically unlawful in china. >> certain bad information should be managed according to chinese laws. so at that point i think that with the development of the internet as new circumstances arise there must be new ways to manage them. >> reporter: vpn companies say they are working on new ways to circumvent china's efforts to hamper them. >> they can continue to modify their software, modify the way their servers work so it works in another way. if the government comes in on x, then they need to open up y. it's going to be a cat and mouse game. >> roxana saberi, al jazeera. >> nfl says 202 concussion he were diagnosed in season and
11:51 pm
preseason games. officials say the decline is due to new stricter rules on helmet to helmet tackles. and there's a new study taking a look at the brains of does of retired nfl players. who started to play the game before the age of 12 had more significant issues with brain problems later in life. the consensus is kids under the age of 12 should not play tackle football because their brains are still developing. the super bowl will be setting a new standard, the first being played under led lights. marita davison went to the
11:52 pm
stadium. >> there are 1180 panels spread on the stadium and pedestrian walkways. all producing enough electricity to offset 2700 tvs and then there's the 27,000 square foot green roof. >> i know green roof has gotten a fair amount of press. >> it's beautiful up here isn't it? >> it's gorgeous. >> the firm that designed levi stadium. >> what is it designed to do? >> it helps insulate the building filters in the rainfall. >> what water they need is supplied by an irrigation system using l 85% recycled water. >> the city of santa clara has got purple pipe. >> compared to like 10 which is a mandate of the nfl.
11:53 pm
>> al guido is the coo of the 49ers, in charge of game day operations. >> you have a watch box under each seat. >> when you have everyone accessing their cell phone you don't want to drop the ball. >> you can watch it from four different camera angles. >> talk to people in line. let them know you pull up the mobile ticket, it works. >> these are the niners and they are the official geek squad. >> we have 90 niners. they are stadium tech support. we're able to deliver a fan experience through your mobile device that no other team can. >> "techknow"'s marita davison.
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singing a different note. how to start a season on a very high note. are are
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>> a crisis on the border... >> thery're vulnarable... these are refugees... >> migrent kids flooding into the u.s. >> we're gonna go and see josue who's just been deported... >> why are so many children fleeing? >> your children will be a part of my group or killed... >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us...
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emmy award winning investigative series... fault lines no refuge: children at the border only on al jazeera america >> just when it looked like itwas going to be curtains for san diego's opera house crowd funding. jennifer london has more on the dramatic turn around. >> when the san diego opera opened in 1965. its performance of la boheme gave a new style of stage. but in 2014 the opera was facing its final act. >> it was bleak. we were doing the same type of production, same type of opera year after year with declining audiences, declining donations.
11:57 pm
yet with the vaim expectations. what would that be? >> keith fisher knew he had to rewrite the script. act 1 in this real life drama. an unexpected twist. fisher went to an internet campaign. >> he was talking in the $500,000 range. the board isn't going to think of anything unless we go for search figures. we got to a million in seven days. >> donations as small as $10 and as big as $50,000. act 3 a couple of nights before the opening night. there was expected excitement but also a new energy for an art that many thought was on its way out. >> we had the entire community standing up and saying wait, we don't want to lose our cultural
11:58 pm
background, our history. and they stood up and said no, we want to keep this. with small donations they were able to put together enough money to make it happen. >> malcolm's 11th season performing with the opera. we headed backstage with him. from behind the curtain you can see what it takes to make the music. more than 200 people are needed to bring the show to light each night. there's lighting, props and the all important stage manager. >> thank you everyone and have a great show. over the weekend the production of la boheme opens to a sold out crowd. on this tuesday night theater goers expressed gratitude that the opera was saved.
11:59 pm
>> it is something i've always wanted to go to. >> the fact that the opera here in san diego was saved for this year and hopefully many years to come i think is a tremendous accomplishment. >> act 4 of this real life drama to save the san diego opera proves there can be happy endings and internet crowd funding may turn out to be the biggest star of the show. jennifer london, al jazeera, san diego. >> it appears two men have made aviation history traveling further and longer than anyone else in history. 137 hour endures record, they lifted off from japan last sunday and are expected to set down in baja mexico. now our freeze frame a nebula
12:00 am
located nearly 1300 light years away from earth. and it's huge. an amateur 600 times the size of our solar system. makes you feel small. i'm randall pinkston. thanks for watching. borderland is next, good night. >>. >> we made border security a top priority. >> it's not immigration, it's an inveils. -- invasion. >> they are a constructive part