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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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t the inside story. these are straight forward conversations. no agenda, just hard hitting debate on the issues that matter to you. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights at 11:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> aljazeera america presents a break through television event borderland... >> are you tellin' me it's ok to just open the border, and let em' all run in? >> the teams live through the hardships that forced mira, omar and claudette into the desert. >> running away is not the answer... >> is a chance at a better life worth leaving loved ones behind? >> did omar get a chance to tell you goodbye before he left? >> which side of the fence are you on? >> sometimes immigration is the only alternative people have. borderland only on al jazeera america
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prisoner. >> we remind you of the breaking news story here. a video allegedly showing the kill of the japanese journalist held host only by isil has been released on line. the japanese and jordanian government had been working to obtain the release of kenji goto and a pilot held for the exchange of a prisoner. the job knees prime minister spoke. >> video on line has appeared seemingly showing the killing of kenji goto. we are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism. we denounce it in the strongest terms. for the terrorist, we will never forgive them for this act.
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we are going to coordinate with the international community so japan can never be defeated by terrorism. >> the united states has condemned isil's actions. a spokeswoman for the white house national security council said we are work to go confirm the video's authenticity. >> we call for the release of all remaining hostages. she added that the united states stands in solidarity with its ally japan. >> charlie winter joins us, thanks for staying with us here on al jazeera. i believe you wrote a report and presented some of your findings to parliament about islamic state. what's the recruiting power of the video of the killing of this hostage? >> well, this and other videos
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like it is slack state saying we are very powerful and we are everywhere and everyone is a tarts. that's a very powerful message. of course it is not true. it is the islamic state exaggerating its position and the menace it presents, but it does present a very big problem fours. it's going to be very readily available on the internet. the way a video like this proliferates the minute it's been released is quite something to behold. >> how much of it, is it released to cause fear in many countries, especially the countries with the governments involved as a recruitment? how does it present itself on line. >> the fact that it's been made in defiance of the international community's attempts to roll
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islamic state back, degrade it, that is something which is a powerful recruitment tool. it's saying not only are we sticking around in iraq and syria, but we're going to carry on defying the international community and carry on killing innocent people. it does gather support from a very small minority of the jihadist community. >> this strategy by isisis working now. >> it's been appearing regularly in the media for the last six seven, eight months, ever since mosul fell. if we consider that similar crimes not necessarily like this but there are similar crimes taking place in nigeria
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and syria that don't get into the paper as much as islamic state. every time islamic state appears in the headlines at the top of the hour, it's very deliberate. that is exactly what islamic state propagandists want. >> charlie, thank you very much for having been with us here. let me just remind the viewers just a recap of the breaking news we have been getting over the past two hours or so, a video allegedly showing the killing of the japanese hostage has been released on line. the japanese and jordanian government had been working for the release of den goat and pilot captured by isil in exchange for an rack woman sajida al-rishawi after a failed suicide attack. we are getting reports that the video has been released showing
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the killing of kenji goto. >> let's bring you some of the day's other news now. an egyptian army say an armed group has surrounded the area, reports of new mortar attacks targeting security forces. seven soldiers are said to have been injured. reinforcements being sent to the area. this comes just hours after president al sisi vowed to defeat what he called terrorists in sinai. >> this confrontation is very difficult and very tough and very bad and will take us a long time. the egyptians are paying the price, the son of the army and police are paying the price for the sake of this country. we will never leave sinai. we will never leave sinai to anyone else. it is ours and we will die for it. >> following that upsurge in
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violence in sinai an egyptian court banned the armed wing of the palestinian group hamas. it's also listed the group as a terrorist organization. the egyptian authorities accused hamas's armed ring of direct involvement of the attacks in sinai. the ruling was denounced by hamas as a dangerous political decision. >> this is a dangerous precedent by all means. this is a political decision that has nothing to do with the judiciary or any legal procedure, issued by the egyptian authorities in a very hasty manager and in a state of confusion, chaos and acknowledge station after the latest development that took place in sinai. we call for the unity of the egyptian people in facing these attacks and we always supported their stability. >> thousands in pakistan have staged protests against the bombing of a shia mosque.
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at least 59 were killed in the blast that went off during friday prayers. we have this report: >> thousands of people in southern pakistan gather for a mass funeral. the victims of the mosque bombing are carried through the streets as people pay their respects and offer prayers. the grief is communal, and so is the anger. >> the people who participated in the funeral prayers came from all over the province, even all over pakistan. we appeal to the government to eliminate the perpetrators. >> dozens died in the explosion at the shia mosque a day earlier, packed at the height of friday prayers. the sunni group said it was behind the attack, which the prime minister has condemned. >> yesterday's tragic incident has saddened the entire nation. we want to emif a size that this
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will further strengthen our resolve, furth our determination to fight against terrorism. >> a day of mourning is in effect across the province. schools and shops are closed, even public transport suspended. business in the capitol have also shut down for the day. shia groups there ever staged protests calling for better security. >> we have just one demand and that is the pakistan army should start. the enemies of pakistan, islam and humidity will be wiped out of pakistan. >> shia make up a fifth of the population and this minority group has been talked. the violence rips into the tribal areas. friday's bombings raises con severance that's no longer the
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case. al jazeera. >> at least 13 people have been killed in a fire at a plastics factory in daca. dozens more were injured. rescuers fear more might go trapped under a collapsed wall. about 70 people were in the factory when the fire broke out. locals say the factory recycled plastics and made food packaging. >> we have this update. >> i'm inside the plastic factory. bangladesh is notorious for safety record. people died in a building collapse in 2013. this will pressure the government and industry to shape
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up and improve the safety condition in bangladesh. fire safety and rescue workers are still searching for bodies. this place is dangerous because there is gas areas all around, still filled with gas. we have yet to see the death tolls until the rescue mission is over. >> leaders of the african union summit have agreed to send 705,000 troops to fight boko haram, coming from five west african nations. the news came after a major battle between chad's army and the boko haram in the northern town. the army said it killed more than 120 fighters in the confrontation. a envoy was sent in from chad two weeks ago to help deal with the growing threat from the armed group. >> chad is struggling to cope
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with the in flux of refugees from syria as thousands fled attacks by boko haram. one refugee camp on the border with nigeria is warning of a crisis in the making. we have the story. >> on the shores, the crisis formed by coke harris laid bare. these are some of the victims of the group driven from villages in the northeast. this camp in chad is now their home. the camps here are quickly filling as hundreds of refugees cross the border daily. >> we've seen a massive in flux of nigerian refugees into clad from the three of january. more than 11,000 people arrived in this period. the majority are civilians. >> the refugees also include members of pro government.
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we spoke with one of them. the military just run away. >> the needs of the refugees are imminent. aid agencies provide food and shelter. others like the international red cross are helping people to track down missing relatives. >> my husband brought us here and then returned home. his brother was killed by boko haram and he had to check on the family. the village was attacked again. i don't know if he is dead or alive. >> aid workers warned nigeria's refugees are a crisis in the making. for now the international attention remains rivetted not
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on refugees, but how to put a stop to boko haram's campaign of pulling and bloodshed. >> a reminder now of the breaking news story. a video allegedly showing the killing of the japanese journalist held hostage by isil has been released on line. the jordanian and japanese governments had worked for the release in exchange for an iraqi woman on death row in jordan. japan's prime minister condemned the killing shortly after the news broke. speaking from tokyo, he said japan would work with the international community to bring those responsibility for goto's apparently killing to justice. >> video on line has appeared seemingly showing the killing of mr. kenji goto, i feel very sorry for his family.
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the government has tried its best to deal with this matter, but we are deeply saddened by this despicable act of terrorism. we denounce it in the strongest terms. we will never forgive them for this act. we're going to coordinate with the international community so japan can never be defeated by terrorism. >> the united states condemned isil's actions. a spokeswoman for the white house national security council said we are working to confirm its authenticity. the united states condemns islamic state of iraq and the levants actions and we call for the release of the remaining hostages let's cross live to washington d.c. and tom ackermann. those words there from the u.s. that the country obviously stands in solidarity with japan and all its allies in this fight begins isil, this is potentially
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a shock for the u.s. and rather a threat to the coalition that it's using that it's leading in its fight against isil. >> the u.s. has been concerned all ruling even proceeding the capture of the pilot the jordanian pilot about jordan's ability to maintain a very key role in this united coalition. jordan was an early signatory to the coalition back in late summer and the united states had been relying on them not so much for military fire power in fact the jordanian foreign minister and the government in general said that they would not be engaged in any kind of ground attacks or any kind of ground operations against isis, but that their intelligence was second to none, to quote the
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jordanian foreign minister as to what's going on on the ground in iraq and syria. in fact, the jordanians are known to have very good connections with the fighters in anbar province in western iraq, so the fate of the jordanian role here is really something that really concerns them. the americans didn't object, of course to the position of the jordanian government that they were willing to swap the pilot for this condemned prisoner, would-be suicide bomber on death row right now even though the united states policy has been not to negotiate under any circumstances, which resulted of course in the similar murder of three, at least three american civilians, but the prospect that pop opinion inside jordan would be strong enough to force the
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government of king abdullah to in any case moderate its role in this kind of coalition is really what concerns the people here in washington the most. barbara. >> tom obviously when images, i mean when videos like the killing of kenji goto and hostage is released, the journalists and television stations talk about it. what do you think the perception is of the american government of that fight against isil. how do you think they think it's going? >> they -- well, you can only judge by public opinion poles. american public opinion has been very turned in whole instance of intervention in the middle east
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and even ago for that matter, but in this case, the videos have produced such rehave you also in the united states that there's been no objection to the american role so far except that the obama administration continues to draw the like that that no ground forces will be inserted into the fight that they are relying on the allies. now, the considered opinion of everybody here, even the most severe critics of the obama administration particularly in the fact that they thought that the role in supporting opposition forces in syria was lacking, they have all drawn the line against any kind of a combat role, a ground combat role but the question here is if allies like jordan are begin to go wobble, if that proves to be the case, the question is how
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strong a presence can the united states afford right now once again going back on the ground in the middle east. >> tom, thank you. >> thousands of supporters of the spanish leftwing party have rallied in the capitol madrid. the movement, which means we can wants to repeat the success of the party which won elections in greece last weekend. they hope to break the dominance of the two party system in spain in this year's general election. we have a report from madrid. >> yes, we can. that famous political slogan has become the rallies call in madrid too. parents and children, retired people and students, they all came out in the winter sunshine. >> we must join greece and the rest of europe. apartmentallism is over and we
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can't go on like this. >> as you can see, there are a lot of people here and what they want is change. the government we have at the moment is lying to us. >> officially, this is a march of political change in spain. it's also a show of strength by a new party shaking up the established order. >> everyone here knows what they are against corruption, big business the traditional parties and their sense of entitlement. what's left is what concrete policies they will pursue in order to deliver change. >> nevertheless, it has captured the public mood on that ordinary people are sick and tired of an austerity program which in their view is simply causing more hardship. >> we are dreaming, but we take our dream seriously. in greece, they did more in six
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days than many governments did in many years. >> this is one of the biggest rallies in madrid in recent times. if they can translate this turnout into votes in the general election, it may just be a matter of time before it becomes the party of government. jacki roland, al jazeera madrid. >> the delayed peace talks in minsk have ended without a deal. ukraine's representative accused pro-russian separatists of delivering ultimatums and undermining the meeting. tim friend reports. >> the urgency of talks is not in doubt but they've already run into deep trouble. each side blames the other for making impossible demands. a plan for an immediate ceasefire looks as far away as ever. the negotiator for the rebels said that kiev's forces must
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halt their fire first. >> the shelling of all populated areas should stop. the heads of the self proclaimed donetsk are now busy taking defensive measures against the shelling. they are fully occupied dealing with this. >> the talks were aimed at stopping fierce battles like these 60 kilometers northeast of donetsk between government forces and separatists that have claimed scores of lives in recent days. the ukrainian defense minister said are you sure shaves sending in more troops, despite denials from moscow. >> we have a number of russian prisoners of war. i want to say that the russian federation with an aggravated cynicism while sending in troops every day while getting military hardware into ukrainian territory is saying there is no presence of russian federation there. this is cynicism of the highest
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degree. >> as the talks broke down, the suffering of the civilian population is increasing. residents in parts of the rebel held city of donetsk say they have been without running water or electricity for two weeks resort to go scooping water from puddles. getting the talks back on track will now be a huge challenge. more than 5,000 people have died since the conflict erupted last april. tim friend, al jazeera. >> in ukraine battles between the army and pro-russian accept ever killed 15 ukrainian soldiers in the past 24 hours. three civilians ever also died in the fighting. rebel leaders say their ready for peace talks but say separatists are refuse to go take part. charles stratford reports on the men refers to go lay down arms. >> many fighters have never held a gun until a few months ago. most of them live in the town
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close by, which we are not naming for security reasons. some have known each other all their lives. we're close to the town with a group of men describing themselves as soldiers of the army of the donetsk people's republic and vowed to surround the city. they are just about to go out to the front line now. >> men women and children are dying in this conflict on both sides almost every day. these men explain why they refuse to lay down their weapons. >> we're fighting for our morland, ukrainian military is destroying our land and killing our families. we don't need the government, we just need to save our homes. >> no one is retreating or moving from our positions. i will defend our land. >> repeated efforts at maintaining a truce means little to these fighters.
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they say they've sacrificed too much for what they describe as a homeland culturally, linguistically historically closer to russia than ukraine. >> the truce talks are useless. if they wanted to stop the conflict, they would leave our land and the war would end. >> artillery fire a few kilometers away. fighters take us to a school in town they say was hit by two rockets. the people we spoke to in the presence of the fighters say they support the separatists cause. >> my kids are ukrainian but i was born in russia. i want to tell president pour if you wanted people to be living in basements you've got it now.
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>> the shell hit the basement of the building. pieces of shrapnel hit my hand. i was shouting for my mother. >> back at the base, the men start their tanks. a move to defend what they describe as a homeland and political right. al jazeera eastern ukraine. >> let's just remind you of our lead story over the past few hours here on al jazeera. video allegedly showing the killing of the japanese journalist held hostage by isil has been released on line. the japanese and jordanian governments had been work to go secure the release of kenji goto along with a jordanian pilot held in exchange for an iraq woman, but video seems to show the killing of the 47-year-old
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♪ this is "al jazeera america" live from new york city. i am richelle carey. here are today's top stories: >> we are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism. >> japan's prime minister expresses his outrage after a second japanese hostage held by isil is executed. >> at a time planes did airstrikes all day and night. they targeted everything. >>