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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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boko haram pledges allegiance to i.s.i.l. hours after at least three bombs kill over 80 people in in north-eastern nigeria. hello, i'm martine dennis you are with al jazeera live from doha. a year on from the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370, it emerges the underwater beacon battery had expired. >> the willingness to speak out for what is rite to shake up the status quo, that is america
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president obama pays tribute to civil rights campaigners saying the march is not yet over. how do women survive in mexico when their husbands are kidnapped or killed by drugs gangs? . >> boko haram has become the largest group to declare its allegiance to the islamic state of iraq and levant. the announcement came hours after three suicide bombers killed 50 people it came after coordinated attacks across the city of maiduguri. we have this report in abuja. >> reporter: another bloody day in northern nigeria. these are victims of the latest attacks by suspected boko haram fighters. medical workers struggle to save those that they can a scope that is routine in the north.
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dozens have been killed in three coordinated attacks. a city home to a million people displaced by boko haram violence. >> the dead are in the morgue and the injured treated. there are reports that it was the work of male and female suicide bombers. it's possible but i kapt confirm it now. >> hours after the attack the leader of boko haram pledged loyalty to i.s.i.l. >> boko haram hinted at joining forces to i.s.i.l. the timing of this announcement is important. the group lost ground and some sore the plague of allegiance as a desperate attempt. a military group by forces from nigeria, cameroon, niger and chad forced the fighters from their bases. the nigerian military took back downs and villages. they still face resistance from
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boko haram. now the group stepped up attacks on soft targets and this is causing a lot of concern among nigerians who witnessed such bombings a journalist for the vanguard newspaper says that many people in nigeria have always seen boko haram as a group with global links. >> i'd say, strangely, that people are not that surprised - at least the people i have spoken to. yesterday i interviewed some refugees from the north-east victims of boko haram who had to fully homes in borneo state, maiduguri and others and they have a few as app organization that is affiliated to
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organizations. it was thought that boko haram had sponsorship relationships. for a lot of people. this is a confirmation of what they suspected or knew intuitively now, to mali where a united nations peacekeeper and two civilians have been killed on an attack on a misty upham base. -- u.n. base. witnesses say gunmen fired. a spokeswoman for the u.n. mission described the assault as a terrorist attack. >> the attacks are attacks that are part of an attempt to abort progress on the ground to security conscious, making them stable and provide the necessary
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environment for any supplement to take hold on the ground. the violence has been directed and any other acts around the ground. making the prospects of a peaceful supplement on the ground providing security on the ground. >> in egypt, the trial of two al jazeera journalists has been adjourned because prosecution witnesses failed to attend court. a new date has been set for 11 days time. mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed made appearances over links to the banned muslim brotherhood. the retrial ordered and they were released on bail after being detained for more than a year. after leaving court, they have been voicing frustration for the legal process. >> translation: everybody here,
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we come and respect the court. it's unusual that the witnesses don't come twice in a row. i see it's a matter it's a limbo and we are in it. we don't have proof. i'm working on it but it's taking too much time. >> one her honour has been killed. and six injured by a bomb in the egyptian city of alexandria. the explosion happening in the eastern districts. tens of thousands of israelis called for the replacement of binyamin netanyahu in the general elections. saturday's mass rally under the banner israel wants change was in the square in tel aviv. they want the rising cost of living to be cut and more help
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to the health system. police in india arrested 18 people after an alleged rapist was dragged from prison and beaten to teeth. >> the lynch mob dragged the victims several kilometres before he died. internet and services were temporarily suspended now 12 months ago, the mare lines jet roared into the night sky over kuala lumpur and vanished. what happened to 239 passengers and crews has become one of the biggest mysteries. and has provoked countless theories. the families wait for answers.
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it is committed to the search. andrew thomas takes a look back. >> flight mh370 lost contact with... >> reporter: the announcement began the greatest aviation mystery of all time. a search alooping the malaysia airlines -- along the malaysia airlines intended route found nothing. then the twist mh370 stopped transmitting loke, but had been seep off the route. but then where. the best crews picked up by a satellite. they suggested it was travelling along an arc. no according to this new data like mh370 it ended in a southern i don't suggest.
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despite dozens of flights by search planes thrown from the australian city of perth. ships were sent first to listen and then to map the seabed and now to explore it. with three of these. dragged 10km behind ships and 4km down. the sonar can detect objects from a square kilo meter away. we start in the north and head south. that is around about 1200 kilometres. going off on a parallel line to the north. over 40% of the priority area of 60,000 square kilometres have been searched. those leading the hunt have hope. we are confident but not certain that the aircraft is in this high priority area.
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and we know with the techniques if it is there, as it likely is we will find it. if they do a new change begins. finding the plane would be the end of a search but mark the beginning of the recovery. that is where this comes in. underwater robots will go down. with that perhaps the mh370 mystery can be sold. we have more now from kuala lumpur. >> on the first anniversary from the missing flight we are expecting more vigils to progress. we see a number in the week leading up to sunday. they have been well attended by friends and family and well-wishers trying to express solidarity with those suffering and left behind wondering where
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the relatives that where on the flight heading towards beijing are. it's been a difficult time for the government. they haven't been able to commemorate or memorialize the event because the official line is those on board the flight are missing and not dead. they are between a rock and a hard place in trying to express the solidarity. when they have expressed sympathy or information, we have seen them lambasted by an angry set of relatives over this past 12 months who feel the government hasn't given enough information. on sunday the interim technical report was released by the ministry of transport. it was an information document to explain to the families as well as interested parties from the international community where the investigation sits at this moment in time.
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who is involved in the investigation, and where the search is going, what equipment is involved the state of that mh370 plane, and all the technical data around it. people will be analysing that data for some time to come. as far as the government is concerned, they show remorse and sympathy with the family. the p.m. your said as far as he and the government is concerned the search will continue until the end of may when they'll re-evaluate the parameters if the plane is not found. >> still to come in the programme - sex tourists ferried in to estonia but what about the women tricked into sex slavery. and... >> i'm in south africa where n.g.o.s and charities are pushing for women to own land
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and work it. but why aren't they doing the same for men. we'll tell you why - coming up. only on al jazeera america.
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hello, let's look at the top stories. boko haram pledged allegiance to the islamic state of iraq and levant. the announcement came hours after three suicide bombers killed more than 50 people in the nowhere city of maiduguri. a united nations peacekeeper and two civilians have been killed in mallee. witnesses say gunmen fired rockets and shells in a dawn assault in a u.n. base in the
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nowhere town of kidal a first comprehensive report into mh370 revealed that an underwater beacon battery had expired. memorials are held on the first anniversary of their disappearance. >> yemen's defence minister arrived in aden after escaping house arrest in the capital sanaa. five of his body guards were killed when his convoy was ampushed near the city of ties. he followed in the footsteps of abd-rabbu mansour hadi who also fled to atten the fight for libya's media has become a key battle ground. >> reporter: this is yemen's
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official tv station. but since the houthi take over. the channel's focus shifted in favour of the houthis. broad casts opened with meetings of leaders, and the relevant -- revolutionary committees. >> after the coup, the houthis controlled the tv. we can no longer publish material. we only to administrative work. here in aden they are left with an option. aden tv is the only channel. they gave orders it should be the official channel. >> it's an enormous challenge. the tv station that was once the ochildren channel was left in limbo since the reunification.
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it's been technically, and the houthis cut off the transmission of satellite cable. >> translation: they disconnected the cables without warning. we were obliged to find alternatives. we have begun to transmit live. the mewetties were afreight the south would announce independent. now, for the first time it has started to broadcast to the world independently from aden. that's not the end of challenges. all of yemen's tv channels and newspapers are located in the north. the majority are under houthi control or censorship. internet speed in aden is next to zero. it's like the shadow of a channel it once was.
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most of the equipment goes back to the 1980s. programs and news its are borrowed. staff are under paid. it will mean huge funds and human resources to do is good job. the president has been lying on reporters who carried their message to the world. they are struggling to get access to that message president obama has kau on americans to carry -- called on americans to carry forward the spirit of the human rights movement. the first black president was in selma, alabama, on the 50th anverse of a civil rights march known as bloody sunday. patty culhane was there. >> reporter: vivid potent symbolism as president obama crossed the edmund pettus
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bridge, a journey hundreds tried to make in barack obama 50 years ago, to be met with clubs and horses. this led to the passage. voting rights act. >> it was not a clash of armies but a clash of wheels. a context to determinate the true meaning of america. >> there were dissenting voices. there was a chance that we'd change another peach. echoed by her mother. it sparked a protest, and a sense that not enough changed in the civil rights movement. >> it's sad to say it, i was born in '79 i gpt think we g easy like this. >> from the ferguson. they were rife with racism and
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corruption. the president said that is not proof that the civil right movement has not made progress. the narrative was familiar. what happened in ferguson may not be unique it's no longer unique, it's no longer sanctioned by war. >> 40% among results are signified among children. this is time for a moment a time to connect demonstrations and legislation. >> the president called for the crowd to act, vote demand change. it showed a decided lack of enthusiasm as the day came to a close. >> i thought he'd give solutions on the spot. me didn't. >> a rousing speech, an historic moment but lingering question about how much change is to come for the civil rights movement in
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america. >> now, police in mexico captured not just one, but two of powerful drugs gangs leaders, notorious for kidnapping extortion and murders. the victims left behind many wife. we meet some of them. >> reporter: since local criminals kidnapped her husbands. this woman struggled to put food on the table for her girls. >> translation: it's been really difficult because i don't make enough. together with just about go by. now he's not here. it's tough. >> she's not alone. in her town in south point mexico drug cartels wreaked havoc, extort of course killing and leaving hundreds of women widowed. after years of struggling alone,
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they are joining for an ambitious project. a dry fruit processing factory giving them financial independence. >> the local and federal government are providing the training they need to run the factory. together with the resources to build it. these rapidly rising walls represent the hopes of many women, for jobs where they are in charge and build a future for themselves and their children. the idea has spread around the town. women who suffered alone worked together and shared their stories. hike this man, whose two nieces were kidnapped. she is raising their children. >> this helps so much. while we are together we don't think about the bad things. we are able to forget a little. >> supporting the town's widowed mother is essential to stop the next generation falling into
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crime says the priest who set in motion the matters. >> we are going to lower crime with jobs and education and the children who without fathers leave school. prosecute and become criminals. >> they are depending on the project not just for herself, but her girls. >> translation: i'm desperate. i hope the factory can help us get a decent life. my daughters deserve it. they study hard and should have the things they need. >> hundreds of determined women working together. they'll be hard to stop. >> one of europe's smallest countries has a big problem with forced prostitution. estonia is a magnet for men from russia and finland, as laurence lee reports from the capital, it's under pressure to stop beak a crossroads for the sex raid.
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>> the old town of the estonian capital is preserved. the neon of gentlemen's clubs lights the streets. prostitution is legal here. forced prostitution is not. there are big questions about how much of it is tolerated. this poor woman with mental health problems was trafficked out of estonia to egypt of all places and she disappeared for 2 years whilst she was being repeatedly raped by her captives. authorities had no idea she had gone. >> translation: i didn't know the men all knew each other. it was only when someone explained it to me afterwards. that kind of story suggested a darkness here, hidden behind the neon. estonia was a large country in the european union. it did so 3 years ago. since then there's barely been a single prosecution.
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the u.s. state department says that the country doesn't meet the minimum requirement needed to abolish human trafficking from behind its borders. buses come in from st. petersburg. the border town is desso rate. there's trafficking from russia and estonian women are trafficked inside their own countriment the waint trafficking body receives 50% funding from norway than its own government. >> it's not important in estonia for our government. >> why not? >> i think we have different economical issues. we have many different things. maybe we have many good things, and thinking about good things it's better than thinking about bad things. against all this much the government says it's activity ownion society that needs to
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change. >> today, if you start interviews on the streets, a lot say prostitution is a good thing, and we have to make it more legal. i don't accept personally these understands. that is what people think. not at all. if we do the questions, and it has been before well have to have it something like that. anti-tracking campaigners wan prostitution banned. it will not happy. ferries bring in the sex tourists to provide money for the economy. police forces accuse the country of over a million of being a major hub for sex trafficking. little seams to changing now to africa where most of the produce supply is produced by female faxers. -- female farmers. many do not own the land.
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this report on equal land rights for south africa. >> reporter: in this dry region women teamed up to grow vegetables on a collective farm. they grow enough to feed their own families and sell what is left over. >> translation: before we had to buy everything, now we grow everything. it's beneficial to us and our families and others that buy were us. some suggest up to 70% of all food eaten cross the continent is grown by women. few own the land. they are disadvantaged by laws and tribal traditions that favour men. that leaves women vulnerable. >> translation: women take the lead men farm and sell and buy alcohol. >> the benefits of giving women the rights to own land and the skills are ex-pop engs.
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studies proved that women are more likely than men to use the income they get from the land to benefit themselves and the children, and the wider community. mavis won multiple awards for her farming. the former school teacher started to grow to feed the local children. it's been so success. . >> it feeds the children take them to schools, do anything for the whole families. mavis is benefitting the community. any profit she makes is put into a breakfast programme feeding hundreds of children. she is the head of a woman's movement and a campaigner of women's land rite. securing the rights will help africa, and says farming is
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crucial for women's independents. when we are final already secure the chances of us being abused. the chances of us facing gender based violence are slip. farming to women means more than financial security it's security in terms of food health and education. empowering them to dig themselves and children out of the cycle of poverty remember, you can find out the latest about all the top stories on the al jazeera website. don't gore fete it's international women's day. there's more on the website concerning that including the situation in south africa.