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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. welcome to the news hour. i am darin jordan. these are the top stories. niger and chad announce a joint offensive against boko haram in nigeria as the group pledges allegiance to is ill. three people are killed in anothertac on a u.s. based in mali issil. three people are killed in anothertac on a u.s. based in mali is. >> a court in russia says three suspects are to be kept in custody. >> in the poppy fields of western mexico coming up we look at how this country has become a major player in the
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global heroin industry. we begin this news hour in nigeria where forces from my year i can't and chad have announced a ground offensive in the northeast of the country. it follows boko haram's pledge of allegiance to is isil via an audio message posted online. a live from the nigerian capital, what more can you tell us about this announcement launched by my year and chad? >> ahead of a final onslaught according to regional forces in nigeria nigeria. they are planning to slaufrnlinglaunch a final onslaught on boko haram by the end of this
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nigerian military it's crucial focrush boko haram because of the ambitious nature of the group. over the last one or two years we have seen how they have moved from a guerilla warfare to a position of where they seize and control territory in nigeria. they tried to expand into cameroon. we have seen how they attacked positions in chad and 23450i year i can't. the neighbors are worried this fight or expansionist policy may expand to them as time goes on. >> we have seen a number of neighbors commit troops to the fight against boko haram. despite this regional effort, the boko haram attacks are still
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continuing. >> mainly because this group has been allowed by nigeria and neighbors. they thought this is nigeria's war, their own problem. all of the sudden, boko haram became stronger in the sense that they have captured more territory and are launching attacks far away in far away places at the capital, abuja and beyond. they started to keep territories to itself and expand into chad krameroon and other places. they have established a lot of training camps in nigeria and parts of cameroon and succeeded in recruiting fighters from nigeria, mali, chad niger and camaroon. they have a lot of manpower sat their disposal and resources was seen and capturing weapons from the nigerian forces and using
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them. bok or haram grew stronger. it's becoming difficult for the forces in nigeria and neighbors to deal with the situation. there in abuju. thank you. as you have heard, that announcement to pledge allegiance came hours after three suicide bombers killed more 3 people in a series of coordinated attacks against the 23450e69 earn city of maiduguri. more from the capital, abuja. >> another bloody day in northern nigeria. these are victims of the latest attacks by suspected boko haram fighters. medical workers struggle to save those they can, a seen that has become a routine in the north. dozens have been killed in three coordinated attacks in a city now home to more than a million people displaced by boko haram violence. the dead are in the morgue. the injured are being treated.
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there are reports it was the work of male and female suicide bombers. it is possible but i can't kong firm it now. the attack the leader of boko haram pledged loyalty to is isil. boko haram had hinted at joining forces with is isil before but the timing of this announcement is important. the group has lost ground in the northeast of the country. some see this pledge of allegiance as a desperate attempt to draw is isil into operations. from cameroon niger and chad has forced fighters from their basis. it has taken back many towns and villages from the fighters. they still face resistance from boko haram. now, the group has stepped up its attacks on soft target did like mascots and bus stations and this is causing a lot of concern among nigh yearians who have witnessed such bombings before nigh.
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abuja, nigeria. >> in the past boko haram was thought to have lashings with. they may set a differentfy tone for the fight in the region since is isil and al-qaeda have been fighting. they are well trained militarily and encourage attacks against western targets. they are partially funded in areas they control. the two groups are different in the way they conduct themselves on social media. is isil carries out a massive recruiting campaign through some 50,000 twitter accounts.
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world's attention >> boko haram is phrasing it. this tells me even is isil one of the most extremist jihadist organizations have used boko haram as a liability. my take now if you ask me whether i will bakr al bagdahdi will accept it, i would say yes. because it's a win-win. it shows is isil as the leader of the global jihadist movement. islam astigmatisms near and far, and in particular military tact activists whether you are talking about egypt or yemen oral year i can't or afghanistan or pakistan and now boko haram are basically praising and saying they want to ab part of this winning horse. is isil is being seen as a
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winning horse, as a powerful organization. even if is isil accepts the allegiance or this by boko haram, little will change. boko haram is desperate for legit medication. the would like to be part of what is seen as a basically winning horse. nothing would change on the ground but the reality is you are talking about is isil and boko haram, twosized of the same coin really on the far right of the jihadist movement i would argue the leader of the al-qaeda central would really hesitate to accept any kind of allegiance by bok or haram because it is seen as very extremist, very an aislistic, on the far right of al militant organizations that exit today. >> meanwhile, the influential cleric muqtada sadr says husbandons will recal tour
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mosul. they fought against the military after they invaded iraq in 2003. the operation to liberate mossel would involve the sunni fighters and air support from fighter jets from the u.s.-led coalition. activists in syria say u.s.-led coalition air strakes have starting fighters from the al-nusra front. they are affiliated request al-qaeda. the camp was located in the prove incident of idlib close to the border with turkey. in mali a peace keeper and two civilians have been killed in an attack on a u.n. base. witnesses say gun men fired rockets and shells and assaulted kidal. nazni has more. >> reporter: these nomads living close to a u.n. base became victims of this attack. some of the shells aimed at the compound landed here the injured
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taken to the nearest hospital. >> we were sleeping when the rockets fell. three rockets landed near us and a third fell just outside my house. two were dead and 3 are injured including my wife. it's not clear who is responsible. this is not the first time the united nations mission in mali has been targeted by groups lanked to al-qaeda. it found it difficult to secure this remote and lawless region. these attacks, i can tell you they are attacks that are part of an attempt to abort the progress on the ground to the security conditions stable and to provide the necessary environment for any peace to take hold on the ground. >> a piece agreement will be difficult while the main rebel alliance refuses to sign up to the accord.
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anger towards the u.n. over airstrikes turned to violence in january. hundreds of people came to the streets to protest in the northern town. they want index for this northern region, something the latest agreement doesn't include. on saturday, gunmen killed five people at this restaurant popular with foreigners in bamiko. until now the capital was sheltered from the violence in the north. these latest attacks will do little to convince people here they are any closer to peace. al jazeera. >> yemen's defense ministered evening aped from houthi fighters who had him under house arrest. make make sured followed yemeni president who also fled to aiden last month. natasha gname reports. >> reporter: this is the yemeni defense minister arriving in the
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southern port city of aden after esc saming from a capitol under the dark of night. his r i have a ls, the houthis were on his trail looking his house after discovering he was already gone. them ambushing the defense minister's security guards who were following behind him and injuring two. what happens next for major general mac mood al sabadi and his ally is unclear. aden is now the center of operations for president hadi who was also forced to flee the capital sanaa last month after the houthis put him under house arrest. the capitol is now under control of the houthis. they are attempting to run the country in place of the elected government. as many yemenis are outraged on saturday thousands of people protested in the city of ib south of the capitol. they shouted slogans blasting
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the armed shiite group. in the absence of a central government, yemen has become a dangerous place. there are concerns the country is slipping towards anarchy. sne head a meeting to discuss the defense minister financial statement. hopes for a truce between the two rival groups have e vap brated. president hadi says he won't negotiate until the houthis leave the capital. something the group has shown know sign of doing. with each day, the impasse continues, life is getting more difficult for yemenenis. >> saturday e arabia says it rejects international criticism over the flooding of flying of a writer. he was sentenced for a thousand lashes and 10 years in jail last year. he received the first 50 lashes in january. u.s. members of congress have called for his release. saudi arabia says they will not
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accept any outside medaling in its affairs. in egypt, the trial of two journalists has been adjourned again this time to march the 19th because prosecution witnesses failed to turn up. they made their third appearance in court in cairo over the their alleged links to the banned muslim brotherhood. in february both were released odd bail after being detained for more than a year. meanwhile in alex degree i can't, one person has been killed and six injured by a bomb blast outside of a supermarket. a series of attacks across the country in rebate days. lots more still to come here on al jazeera. the mystery of mh 370, we look at the first complete report which reveals why a low indicator beacon wasn't working. plus from the fields of mexico to the streets of america, we go to the source of the world's biggest heroin market. in sport, messi in recordbreaking form for
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barcelona, raoul will have the details a little bit later in the program. a court in the russia ruled three suspects in the killing. obvious situation activist boris nemtsov be kept in custody. he was shot dead two days before he was lead todue to lead a protest march. a report. >> one of the two men charged with boris nemtsov's murder being led into court amid helpful security, he appeared in a cage on sunday here he says i love the most of prophet mohammed peace be upon him. he cond firmed his involvement, state need i can't says he served in a battalion in chechnya. another is also charged with the
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murder. he reportedly worked for a private security firm in moscow. trow other suspects have also appeared in court including his brother, although there have been no announcements of their 2ke9 texas. all right records say they have maintained innocence. this shows his mother says he is brave and courageous always ready to help everyone. the two main suspects were reportedly arrested in a republic next to chechnya following the assassination of boris nemtsov near the kremlin. he had been highly critical of the war in ukraine. he promised to deliver justice.
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as thousands. >> being used to fire on the donetsk's people's republic positions. right now, we are just hunkering down and waiting for the firing to stop. >> on the other side of the front lines a few days earlier, ukrainian forces said it was separatists who were firing on them. in principle, the peace fire is
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holding but there is regular small arms fire so complete cease-fire can't exist. several small shells landed on our side. bev we fired back there were grenade launchers firing at us. >> saturday was the deadline for both sides to remove tanks, artillery and other heavy equipment from the front lines. both sides say they are compliant that we spotted this separatist tank concealed behind a building in a residential neighborhood of donedon about 10 kilometers from the front line. each side accuses the other of violating the heavy weapons ban. >> the rebel army has withdrawn heavy artillery from front line positions. the terrorist battalion of the right sector and ukrainian forces have not withdrawn any items of heavily art artful they move forward so every night, they are coming closer. >> with daily violations of the ceasefire and apparent violations of the heavy weapons ban, it is not clear the end of the conflict is any closer. john hendren, al jazeera, on the
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front lines in eastern ukraine. >> it's one year since the disappearance of flight 370. appear investigation revealed the bat 3 of the wound water locator beacon had expired one year before the plane disappeared. passengers and crew headed from kuala lump pur. 600,000 kilometers of the indian occasions, last september sonar devices checked. a search that's expected to continue over the next few months. as families of the passengers and crew wait for answers, malaysia said it remains committed to the search. and drew thomas takes a look
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back. >> it lost contact with the air traffic control. >> the announcement began perhaps the greatest aviation mystery of all time a search along the malaysian's intended flight route found nothing. then came the twist. mh 370 had stopped transmitting location information but had been scene by military rad arizona off route west back across the malay peninsula. but then where? the best clues were seven picks picked up by a satellite. they suggested mh 370 had traveled along an arc south. >> according to this new data like mh 370 ended in a southern indian ocean. >> despite dozens of flights by search planesthrown from the australian city of perth, no debris was found. ships were sent first to listen for a black box signal then to
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map the sea bed, now to explore it. with three of these drags 10 kilometers and 10 down, their sonar can detect objection from a scare meter from a kilometer away. >> they are what we call mowing the lawn doing long pairrallel lines. we start and head south. that may takes is seven days, 70070 70onaut cal miles along, about 1200 and we go off on a parallel line back to the north again. >> so far, just over 40% of the priority area of 60,000 with nothing found. but those leading the hunt have hope. >> we are quite confident but not certain that the aircraft is in this high priority prior to area we are searching, and we know with the equipment and the techniques we are using if it is there, as it very likely is we will find it. >> if they do, a whole new
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challenge begins. finding the missing plane would be ends of the search but would mark the beginning of the recovery. >> now that is where this comes in. >> under water robots will go down to investigate any refuge and look for the plane's black box. with that, perhaps, the mh 370 mystery can be solved. andrew thomas al jazeera, perth. >> thousands of protesters have marched through tokyo demanding japan end its use of nuclear power. march 11th will mark the 4th anniversary of the fukushima power plant meltdown. japan's nuclear reactos were shut down after the incidents the government is planning to restart some of them to help boost the economy. australia's government is keeping up the pressure on indonesia to spare the lives of two australians facing imminent execution on drug smuggling charges. indonesia's president has rejected clemency for the two men but says he hasn't ruled out
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abolishing the death penalty in the future. australia's prime minister tony appear abbot says he requested another conversation with rododo. >> we are continuing to work with the indonesian government to try to get them to appreciate it's in their best interest and in accordance with their best values not to kill these two australians who are actually an asset in the fight against drug crime. they have been very good work in the indonesian prison system to try to turn other prisoners against the life of drug crime. so we are continuing to do what we can. >> tensions are high in hong kong over a surge in the number of cross border traders. protesters resent the intrusion and accuse the visitors of pushing up prices for locals. as robbing mcbride reports, police are caught in the middle trying to stop more fights from starting. >> it is becoming a regular weekend occurrence always
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recordy and increasingly violent. protests by hong kong groups against mainland chinese traders with the police trying to keep order. they are called parallel traders, visitors using multiple entry visas to cross the border back and forth with bulk purchases of goods they resell in mainland china. according to protestors they are making life in local border towns unbearable. >> it is affecting property prices and the cost of goods in the shops and it's getting hard harder for people to just get around on public transport. a survey by one of the main political parties has found 70% are in favor of measures to control visitor numbers. >> if there are month measures taken, i guess the situation will go worse. you can see in the last few weeks, there are protests and there are serious conflicts.
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>> the problem is bringing in measures that just target the traders and don't put up the growing influx of mainland chinese visitors and tourists buying everything from real estate to luxury goods. many mainland visitors would point out that their shopping trips have helped hong kong through recent economic down turns and they don't understand why they are resented. in their view: do you want our money or not? >> the people who come across the border -- >> the issue has fueled the debate about the troubled relationship with mainland china, especially in the wake of the occupy central movement calling for greater freedoms. >> because it reflects the frustration of hong kong people with the government, it's rack of ability to do things without referring all decisions up to beijing, its lack of willingness to stand up for hong kong interests rather than the interests of the leadership in beijing. >> very much emanates from the core reasons that the occupy
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movement started in the first place. the legacy of the movements providing the em pittus for a fresh cycle of demonstrations has had a worrying 10quency to turn violent. robert bride, al jazeera, hong kong. time for a short break when we come back, the willingness to speak out for what is right, to shake up the status quo, that's america. >> barack obama pays tribute to civil rights campaigners. we will be live in the u.s. city of selma. plus as the world marks international women's day, we hear from one girl in ghana, among the hawaiians of women who work as porters.
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friend would set you up. people don't get federal life sentences and beat them. >> they had been trafficking on behalf of the united states government. >> the cia admitted it. >> "freeway - crack in the system". only on al jazeera america.
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>> former klansman david duke. >> america has been taken over. >> defending his controversial past. >> i did what i thought was right. >> that was then... what about now? >> i believe the zionists control the country. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. >> now available, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive in depth, reporting when you want it.
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a global perspective wherever you are. the major headlines in context. mashable says... you'll never miss the latest news >> they will continue looking for survivors... >> the potential for energy production is huge... >> no noise, no clutter, just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now about. well, back. a quick reminder of top stories, 9 ear and chad have launched a joints offensive against boko haram after the group pledged allegiance to is isil in an
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audio message posted online. >> witnesses say gun men fired rockets and shells in an assault on the compound. a court in russia has ruled three suspects in the killing opposition activist boris nemtsov be kept in custody a decision is yet to be made on 5th suspect. 50 years since the landmark civil rights march in the u.s. state of alabama helped secure quat voting rights for african-americans, a group retraced the group of the demonstration attacked by police in what came to be known as bloody sunday. it's parts of a series of events that began with commemorations led by president barack obama. our white house correspondent patty col hawaiian was there. >> reporter: vivid potent symbolism as barack obama crossed the bridge a journey hundreds tried to make 50 years
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ago to the day only to be met with clubs, forces this violence would eventually lead to the passage of the voting rights act. the president came to pay trib beauty to their courage? >> it was not a clash of armies but a clash of wills, a contest to determine the true meaning of america. >> there were dissenting voices of the crowd. there was some chance of we want change, not another speech echoed by michael brown's mother who was here. her son's death at the hands of a white police officer sparked the recent protests in ferguson missouri and the sense that not enough has changed in the civil rights movement in this country. >> i don't think we have come forward. it's fair to say, i was born in '79. i never thought i would go through anything like. >> a fred recall investigation cleared the white
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ferguson police department >> on children poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. this is a time for a lyndon banes johnson moment a time to connect legislation and fairness. >> the president called for this crowd to act, to vote to demand change but a sam bling of the crowd showed a lack of enthusiasm as the day came to close. >> i thought he would give us solutions on the spot. he didn't. >> a rousing speech a historic moment, but a lingering question about how much change is yet to come for the civil rights movement in america. >> patty colhane, al jazeera,
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selma, alabama. >>ays's rob reynolds joins us live from selma. this has been an e motional time for selma's people to commemorate those events of 50 years ago. tell us what has been happening today. >> today, we see quite a different scene. much more relaxed with a lot of people here getting ready now in about an hour or so to reenact that blood, sunday march. you can see the bridge behind me just crowded with people and there are many many more that are not within camera range. darrin, i am joined by our guest, jason johnson, a political science professor at hiram college in ohio and a political analyst for al jazeera. 8son we willcock. what are your thoughts about this crowd this day, this occasion? >> if yesterday was the sort of rehearsal dinner today is the actual wedding and reception. there is much more of a festive spirit, a lot more young people
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a lot more families the crowd is much more diverse this is a crowd that's really here to continue to be active whereas yesterday was more of a commemoration. >> the march, of course, 50 years ago was in ad vants of voting rights. the voting rights act was passed. this city is under a black administration mayor, police chief, et cetera. but nationwide have the -- has the promise of black american power, political power, really been fulfilled? >> of course not. but i think one of the things is it's ease for us to think because these things are 50 years ago and because we have a black president that the process, itself, was quick and simple and got wrapped you very easily that's not what happened there will be a struggle in the united states as in any other country to fully integrate everybody in society. the dream hasn't been fulfilled. that's why a lot of people are here there is a lot of work to be done. >> we have noted, also many people are wearing t-shirts or carrying signs saying black
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lives matter decrying the deaths at the hand of police also, a mass incarceration of african-american men. your thoughts? >> i think it's the continuation of that kind of activism. as i mentioned before in 50 years, i am sure there will be some president speaking in ferguson about how that too, was this criminal critical theovent changed how cyst rights operated. it's a continuation of that effort. you didn't see a lot of black lives advertisements yesterday. you see them today because today is a different kind of crowd. >> a long long process that continues. jason, thank you very much. so welt have more coverage from here in selma, alabama. i beg your pardon pardon as the day continues and the commemorative events as well as calls for change go on. darrin? rob reynolds there in selma, alabama. thank you. it's the biggest drug problem facing the u.s., the trade in heroin. most of it arrives from mexico. the demand increasing in the enlist mexican farm remembers
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planting more poppy fields than ever before. in a three-part series, mexico correspondent adam rainey has followed the trafficking route from mexico into the united states. he begins his journey in the poppy fields. >> the sierra madre mountains, the land where the heroin corridor from mexico tots united states begins. in the folds of these mountains, we meet a woman who leads us to her family plot a rare glimpse of what people here call their garden. her husband tends the crop colorful poppies, thousands of them, the key source for
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heroin. >> threats from drug traffickers and also from authorities. >> the farmers we met come three times a year to buy the poppy
2:38 pm
sap and they have to agree to whatever price is set. asking for more would be suicide. poppy farmers are earn hundreds of dollars a day in the high season. community leaders say they would preferto fruits and vegetables but need good rotesads to get them to market. no support, they say, but there is punishment n recent years, mexico's government has stepped up fumigation. the result a whole harvest of poppies lost. sometimes neighboring, legal fields are damaged, too. but the flowers continue to flourish. mexican cartels are main source of the heroin found in the united states. with american users demanding more of the deadly drug the
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difficult journey out of these mountains is well worth it for the traffickers. and ald a.m. joins us live from mexico city. so what's life like in these villages where the poppy farmers are? in many ways it is like it is in any other small town in mexico or other farming communities around the world. when we went up to these fields we visited the home of some of the ers. they have breakfast in a wooden shack, a stove with firewood is where they cook. they live an almost rural peasant life in many ways but their whole life depends upon this international illegal drugs trade. also although they make an amount of money that for many mexicans is unthinkable, hundreds of dollars a day during the high season, it's a pretty insecure life as well because they have to take whatever drug traffickers or middle men offer them. so yes, they are making more money than perhaps someone who
2:40 pm
might have a middle class jobs sometimes here in mexico city but they are in this insecure violence world where they keep doing what they do because they don't have many other options but at some point, they may be offered on prices they frankly can't live as well. >> what's the mexican government trying to do to encourage these farmers, adam to grow different crops? in the wake of a big scandal here in mexico the disappearance much 43 students in that same state of guerrero you had the president announce an economic plan worth hundreds of millions of dollars. he said he is going to try to spark for agricultural investment in that state and neighboring states of juaka. we haven't heard many spifkz about building roads which is exactly what these people say they need because many of the farmers we spoke to not only grow poppies. they also grow after caddos or peaches very nearby and they
2:41 pm
basically bank roll these illegal crops with the legal crabs crops e they say many that they would prefer to switch to legal crops, fruits and vegetables but they can't get them to market because the roads are basically unpassible especially in the rainy season. right now, we have the president say saying he is going to develop this area. we have heard that for decades and generations from multiple presidents. they are waiting to see if he is really going to do that and what their future may hold? >> adam, thank you. . the columbia government and farc rebels have agreed to work together from several areas. the deal follows the latest round of talks in cuba to end the 50-year-old conflict. more than 11,000 people have been killed or injured by land mines in the past 25 years. the government says it is a good start. >> now rallies are being held
2:42 pm
women's day >> those working as porters, their experience is rarely what they expected. here is a story of one of these women in her own words. >> my name is latifa sedu. i am a tiayau. in the morning, i head out to market. i walk looking for work carrying people's heavy loads. this is a difficult age. i get foot ache. i have chest pains from the heavy loads i carry. >> this is where i sleep.
2:43 pm
i wake up at 4:00 a.m. and get ready for work. this is a bus station. if you don't wake up early, the drivers get upset. for the two years that i have been here, i have not been able to save any money because whatever i do involves money. bathing, going to the toilet drinking water eating everything. >> that's why i can't save. yes go to school. neither did my older sister. my parents wanted siblings that go after me go to school but there is no money for feed. >> that's why i am here. my parents are farmers but farming is very dependent upon rain, which is a big problem because if the rains don't come you can't do it. as i sit here, it's my mother who is taking care of my three-year-old daughter. she is paying her fees feeding hey, caring for all of her needs. when i see my friends with their
2:44 pm
children it hurts that i couldn't bring my daughter here, but i can't put her on my back and carry heavy loads at the same time. >> that's why i left her. >> latifa is my daughter and i have no power because in recent years, my farming is not doing well. we wish we could have educated our children. there nots a sing person here who wants to be here. >> we are just here because of money. i pray that my daughter can go to school even though i couldn't. i also pray that my younger siblings can go to school as well. >> time for another short break here on al jazeera. when we come back. it would make electricity half expensive. >> we meet the american whiz kid
2:45 pm
who taught himself calculus vying for one of the world's most prestigous science awards. australia puts their place in cricket's world cup with sri lanka. more on that. stay with us.
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welcome back. 40 u.s. high school students are competing to take homung of the world's most trestprestigeous science awards. tom ackerman met one who is well on the way to a career in
2:47 pm
advanced physics can you explain to me what you did here? >> michael winston's mother admits she doesn't understand her son's project which wong him a spot in intel's annual science talent competition. he has a passion for quantum mechanics, the cutting edge of theoretical physics. >> i solve differential equations and i want to figure out how to do better in a video game. clearly, plenty of people do well without doing that. michael taught himself calculus at the age of 9. last year, he won a silver medal in the olympiad a high school competition of more than eighty countries. though few people may understand his field of interest he says, it's a key to improving the world. >> nuclear power and clean energy, super connecting wires are wires with no resistance which would like make electricity half as expensive.
2:48 pm
michael has no objection to being called a nerd. where i come from "nerd" is a term of affection and pride. i am given to understand, awe though i have never seen it, that many people in places are bullied because they are interested in science. >> he says he is no social budder fly but michael doesn't worry about fitting in with his piers. >> he has great friends. he has been with the same kids since middle school. it's a very supportive group of kids. they are all extremely talented but they root for each other. >> michael's imagination extends to writing a fiction blog called eyes of flesh and flame. in their fantasy world, it's characters deal with the real life moral choices faced by scientists. >> it's actually an al gory for science, you know. gertie just like how science, you get knowledge about things and that sort of gives you power over them. >> the power to unlock secrets of nature and inspire new generations of scientists tom
2:49 pm
ackerman, al jazeera, washington. >> all right. time for the sport. poised ready and waiting. >> thank you very much. a 13 minute hat trick from messi has helped barcelona to go back to the talk of spain's premier liga. 30 second career treble coming in at 61 home win against conner. luis suarez with two and barcelona go top and lead real madrid by a single point. let's look at some of the leo messi goal setting sets. a hat trick 30 seconds of barcelona overall. >> beats the legend degree strike back in the 1950s. argualy the greatest season came in 2011, 12 when he scored a ridiculous 73 goals in all competitions for the catalan club. it's the all-time leading scorer in la liga history with 2 sent 3 goals and he is a joint top scorer in the champions league
2:50 pm
with 71 goal. he shares that record with raoul, who had 142 needed to meet that mark. messi has done it in 90. third take on fourth in the span i league in about an hour athletico host valueen see i can't. a point ahead. they have won their last sport. in england, liverpool held to a goalless draw in the quarterfinals of the fa cup. they play a replay there was a worrying start for liverpool when defendant martin skirlingz fell awkwardly on his head. he received treatment before being taken off to hospital where he was described as being in a stable condition. >> italian side pardon meer went bust last week completed their first serie a match in nearly three weeks against atalantat took place because the italian leave gave them $6 million in
2:51 pm
emergency funds. parma have debts of $200 million. on march 19th, the court will decide whether to declare the club bankrupt as for the game, itself, it finished goalless parma stayed bottom. great brittain are through to the quarterfinals of the davis cup after they beat the united states. a straight sets win for andy murray who beat john in what's frofd to be the decisive fourth brother, the wimbledon champion looked nervous in the early stages but proved too strong for the american in the indian in front of a 7,000 strong crowd. he went through 7-6, great brittain eventually winning the type over all, 3-2. >> 22013 champions are out. they lost 3-2 to australia. in
2:52 pm
place security >> making 104. >> that's his third consecutive century at the world cup all in lane as sri lanka all out for 312. australia winning by 64 runs. >> i thought they played really well. the whole sri lankan betting innings and under pressure. no doubt about it. we had to continue to take wickets. again, that was her attitude was we have to find a way to take wickets it shows how far the game has gone it's the skill of the players, the work they put
2:53 pm
in. new zealand made 5 out of 5 after they beat afghanistan, 4 for 18. included the 300th odr wickett. 186 amid short work of chasing that down. from the pa ingutsell top scoring with 83 balls to spare. they sitcomfortableork top. comfortable for new zealand, nothing like that comfortable for england. they have a must-win mass against bangladesh in adelaid. they lost 3 out of the four games so far. so they pretty much have to win to have any chance of reaching the quarterfinals. a victover for bang laladesh will guarantee them a place in the last yeah. >> the pressure in the world can you be sentially pressure on the team. because we haven't played as well as we would like to have
2:54 pm
done. we know we havegot to win the game. that's part of international cricket. international critic is about being able to handle pressure. we have had challenges. that's for sure a mix of experience of why unplayers and the ability to be able to handle pressure is part of the job. >> now for cycling, world road champion has won the prolong in the famous paris event. 6.7 kimometers finished and that was a second ahead of the world out record holder. lindsey vaughn has gone back to the top of the super g world cup standings with one race left of the season. the american is chasing her fifth title. saw her extend her run with a 23rd super g race remarkable comeback after being out for almost a year following knee surgery. the last race in the event is at the world cup fields in mirabell later this no.
2:55 pm
>> this year's itarodration gets underway on monday but a lake of snow means the traditional start line had to be moved 470 kilometers north to the city of fairbanks. warm temperatures have caused a change in the route for the 9-day race which will take mushers and dogs over 1600 kilometers to the to my knowledge gold mining settlement of nome. teams will travel over frozen rivers and trails. it commemorates the serum run when dogs were used to deliver much used syria. underway in anchorage. >> that's it. >> all right. we will see you then reynolds. thank you very much, 40 years ago, this weekend, hawaiins launched a replica of a canoe their ancestors used to sail around the pacific ocean a thousand years ago. they have been use that canoe to educate young people about their culture and the need to protect occasions. a report.
2:56 pm
>> reporter: march 8th account, 1975, a double canoe begins her maiden voyage from the hawaiian island from island. it is called the hokolai named after the brightest star in the sky. volunteers built the canoe from illustrations. 1 of the last people alive who understood navigation using the sun, moon stars and ocean swells taught the crew how to sale like their ancestors did through two mel ini can't. it's simpler without
2:57 pm
a compass. >> a message of sustainable living and buildings global relationships? >> we know education is a future for our world and we know that through malamahuna, through caring for our ireland earth, we will be able to touch the schools and minds and hearts in the next generation. >> on the water, the two canoes and crews are on the journey of hawaiian cultural reawakening. they are hoping their story and message will inspire people from other lands to care for themselves each other and their environment. paul dradurgion al jazeera. >> there's it from me. stay with us here on al jazeera. there will be more news of course, at the top of the hour. thanks for watching al jazeera. stay tuned. buy for
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