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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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and a warm welcome from me from this news hour. cooing to you live from london, this is some of what we are studying in the next 60 minutes. iraqi defense ministry says the troops has entered parts of decrete pushing back forces. dozens as rests as students take to the streets den't maaing more rights and more accused dellic freedoms. the former president terms his successor to get out of the country.
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a helicopter collision leaves ten dead among them, top french athletes. with sports news, intrude football, as they stand by his man, he says he will keep picking the super stars. well on tuesday forces were seen celebrating this is the town which they have captured pretty close for pushing further southwest. a many say is important because it is close to baghdad, and the sunni heart land now the army would help
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with shia militias that's only 30-kilometers away, and that pushes them out of the villages of allah lamb. there are more soldiers we are told on stand by further out such as baji. if tick rate is taken, which is the biggest sit under icy eel control. she gave me this update. >> the residents of tikrit, including officials leer in the curd stan region say indeed, forces backed by shia militias have entered the city and they are holding parts oif city. that doesn't mean they have control of the spire thing.
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parts of the city have been rigged with explosives. burr they are also report that one of the key bridges into the city has been blown up thats han't yet been confirmed but they say fighters using explosives have detonated one of those and in fact, this happened along that very tough rout to the city, explosives layed all the way along the rout. >> i was mentioning at the beginning just as i introduced to you that this was perhaps as prelude to try to recapture mosul, in terms of the similarity between the two and the resistence that might be met by forces is there much to put them alongside each other. >> it is kind of a test, and it will have implications for how well they go. but i don't think anyone is under any illusion that they will be as easy as tikrit is, and tikrit itself is not proving that easy. now the difference is that mosul is the isis strong hold, it is where they first made their stand in june, but apart
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from that, it is quite a diverse population tikrit has a population that is predominately sunni residents are not really of what happens now as the iraqi army goes in and retakes the city, assuming they will do that, it is what happens later who will be able to keep control will it be the shia militias will they be able to have a police force, and those are the questions that people will be asking. talk to our senior political analyst, joining me live, we have had a lot of headlines about the fact that one day they will push on, be uh in the scheme of things the battles we have seen, so far is this the most important confrontation. >> well, certainly the beginning, david and it's quite a if you have beginning symbolically it is important the former head of iraq for a
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couple of decades is in fact called sue dammit hussein because he is from the region. it is a city that suffered gravely during the u.s. invasion back in 2003, this is not easy. the international coalition back then had to do so much, and bomb so much in order to take control. so this is not an easy place. it is going to be tough, and the it fooers are not going to give up easy, they are not going to surrender to the iranian backed militias, so this will be a tough fight and i think the city will suffer a lot. >> so why are some suggesting that those people that live in tikrit those poo emthat presumably, we have read documents and evidence about this have suffered at the hands of isil, why would they be unhappy to see this city being free from control by iraqi forces and the shia militia. >> they are frightens baud of
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what they can bring. destroying households within the area and some leaders have warned that the new forces should stay out of people's way and not have to any assault revenge killing because that's what you expect, and that's what you have been hearing about the intentions are so high, that some of those people in mosul will probably view the iranian supported militias as invaders, rather than liberators. >> and what about those people that have tried to put together a semblance.
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factual the foundation in which that was built? >> well, there was a press conference, right, david a press conference that features the americans head of the joint chiefs of staff meaning the head of the american military. and the iraqi defense minister. they are not apologetic about soliciting against isis, that this is what we are going to do, that already the head of the guards is overseeing the fight within iraq. next to him general dempsey said look, unless baghdad tries to resolve the issue the entire coalition against isis will be jeopardized because of this sectarian. >> thank you elsewhere in rye rack, well the army has gained ground on the outsecurities of falujjah, retaking a town just fort kilometers west of baghdad.
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>> kurdish forces have blown up a truck on a suicide mission. pictures appear to show the truck isil fighters try to capture for the curds who held the city since june of last year. still to come on this al jazeera news hour. ivory coast former first lady sentenced to 20 years in jail for her role in post election violence. crisis what crisis, now under pressure going into their champions league second leg. a deadly blast thought to have
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been carried owe by boko haram fighters. that's in the north of the country. and at least 12 people have thought to have been killed. they have been attacked several times by fighters loyal to boko haram. hundreds of mys have fought with protestors in myanmar. when security forces moved in wielding bat arms. almost 230 people were arrested here is florence lee reporting from myanmar largest city a tense stand off between protestors and police turned into a confrontation. >> for more than a week, the protestors have been catching. the town three hours drive north. they are unhappy with the newly elected education law which they say restricts academic freedom.
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and bans people from forming unions on tuesday officials say they would allow students to march, but when the activists found out they would point allowed to hold banners and chant slogans they became angry. it doesn't take long for the situation to descend into violence. with batons and sticks, striking and injuries protestors are dragged into trucks and student leaders are among those arrested. police also attack a vehicle that was being used by the demonstrators. police have responded to the protests some held in solidarity, with force last week men in plain clothes attacked protestors again.
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which is allowed the law. but it is seen as a tactic used by the former military government to break up peaceful protests. tuesday's crack down comes as says the country is sliding back towards conflict because the government has backtracked on it's pledged and it has many questioning whether the transition to military to civilian rule is genuine. florence lee, al jazeera. >> yemen's former president has accused his successor of stealing and destroying the country. he says the president who has now fled the country should leave yemen and head into exile. al jazeera following developments for us, and sent us this. >> former president is very
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clearly aiming for a strong come back to the political scene, probably he doesn't want to be president again but he has his son we have seen thousands today rallying in fights asking for his son to run for president in then election, to yemen we have seen loyalists everywhere around the country showing their presence showing their power, one of them here in aidan a general who refused the orders for him to move from his post, and be replaced. he has called on hattie to leave the country he described him as an inefficient president, he said he destroyed the country he said he is a separatist and he should leave he compelled the situation now to 1994, when a civil war took place because the south wanted to sek seed and listen to the justifications they expressed for what has gone on. >> the people can got afford
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to eat and drinks. you have proud their livelihood to a standstill, and tourism too. is that what you call the modern civil state? where universities are ruined? reruined them all, and tee are supposed to be a modern civil state, they are liars, liars. students have been protesting after houthis rebels took control of the capitol in january, what they are of course aing for is an end to the take over and the release of all political prisoners. and flags before set on fire, the former president he was toppled in 2011, on monday, south of destroying the country. the organization the islamic
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conference has called on all parties to reach a political compromise this is under houthis control the crowd chanting support for the former president on pond as we have just been mentioninger this accusing the president of destroying the country. former first lady has been sentenced to 20 years in jail, she was phone as the iron lady was given double sentenced that the prosecutors had even asked for. she sits in court, she was once first lady of ivory coast, be uh in this trial she was described as having undermined state security. prosecutors argued that when
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her husband lost the presidential election of 2010, she organized armed gangs after he rejected the results. in the violence that followed more than 3,000 people were killed. she and her husband were arrested by french and u.n. peace keeping troops it is now awaiting trial at the international criminal court many the hague accused of kyles against humanity. at the court on tuesday his wife was found guilty. the verdict was welcomed by groups representing the victims. woe are really satisfied that this trial took place as for us the as victory other impunity over promotion of those that have committed crimes ran done executions and over the forces disappearanced that have become the way to govern. >> >> but the legal team rejected
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the legitimacy of the court and called the judgement political given the decision and the sentences and the absence of fact and proof against her, this is nothing more than purely political decision to keep her out of the political game. >> ivory coast is due to hold a presidential election later this year. with simone now contemplate add 20 year prison sentence, her involvement may be limited. dominic cane, al jazeera. footage has emerged at the moment the two helicopters crashed killing ten people onboard, among them, three french sports stars. the footage was aired on argentine yeah television. they were taking part in a reality television show. daniel has more. >> this is all the that
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remains of the helicopters. onboard was a group of french sportsman and women. including gold in the 300 meters freestyle at the time she spoke of her pride to represent france. >> you don't really take it in then the next day the president came to visit me, even if i don't do for that, it is another dimensions. >> another of the victims was the celebrated yachts woman. in 1990, she became the first woman so sail alone across the atlantic. also onboard was the boxer alexis. he too had won a medal at 2012, bronze in the light welterweight category, the area of the two helicopters
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crashed is remote, and close to the andys mountains. it is reported that weather conditions were good. the t.v. program was inspired by a swedish reality show that flies into remote areas and then leaved them to fend for themselves. reactions in france to the deaths has been swift. the channel t.f. 1 has expressed it's great sadness and has postponed the show, the rest of the crew will return to france. there a statement the president said the sudden death of his fellow french nationals was a cause of immense sadness. al jazeera. >> news out of algeria, talks to try to end what is a serious crisis in libya. trouble leaders and the envoy
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they have all gone to the capitol. representatives of libya's rival parliament met to consider proposals to form a unity government. hope to deal could be signed as soon as wednesday for the time being the two administrations are making their own very different decisions the u.n. recognized parliament based seen swearing in his arm chief. the man has been leading the fight against militia group whose support the other parliament. based in tripoli. >> the fighting continues though between warring militias and the u.n. security council delayed the request to lift the weapons embargo. they say they need fighter jets and other weapons to defend themselves against isil, but there are those that fear they will end up in the wrong hans.
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there are as many as 2 million libyans that we believe fled over the boarder to which they hope is the safety and security many are finding it very difficult to make a living. in a hotel mohamed remembers life in libya his house in the capitol tripoli was raided by fighters. he is from a town in the west. it is very hard and it hurts i spent 30 years building my life, and in a split second it was lost. i had to start from scratch all over again. >> this is why libyans are leaving, this is the after math of an air strike in tripoli. the con is being fought on the air and on the ground. hundreds of people are being killed. and safety but little more
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there is no work, and many live off their savings they can't buy property so they rent, which is pushing up the cost of living if we don't give a hand for the libyans where will they go? they don't have any choice. >> the situation in libya scares me. it is dr. t maic and bloody. we aren't used to this as muslims and this terrifies everybody, because willish yeah is on our border. >> the army is also worries it is deploys soldiers to the boarder area. they recognize both of libya's rival governments, it's trying to play a neutral role they say they will continue to welcome libyan refugees but there are concerns that violence in libya could spill over into tunisia, with fighters and weapons ending up here. >> returning is not an option
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for people. the former television presenter in tripoli his life was threatened he had to leave his family and fiance behind. after the war and the politicalization, you have to be with one side, if you are impartial, you will be credit sized you will be accused and targeted. so there is no freedom of expression in any part of libya now. >> they have signed up for media training courses. they hope to find work in europe. they have know idea when they can return to their homes they feel help less watching from afar as their country is torn apart. al jazeera, tunis. >> saudi arabia's new king has given his first policy speech.
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the royal family and ministers. the kings say oil prices will going down, and wouldn't end her the development of saudi arabia, and he spoke to about security. >> as terrorist activities are wreaking havoc, the kingdom is standing up to terrorism, but domestically, and by way of cooperation with regional international partners to uproot terrorism we are part of therd worker, living it's problems facing challenges sharing the same responsibility. >> the families of three girls that left the u.k. on a suspected mission to join isil
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have been giving evidence to british members of parliament. in the lead up to their departure, they haven't kept them informed once it was clear the school girls had gone on to turkey. the father of 15-year-old and it was important to remember the girls are only children. we focus on our children to combat harm, not in prison. because they are children. >> heroine deaths in the u.s. have gone up by four fold in the last three years. it's consumption has sharply increased. now this is the final report tracking the impact of mexican heroine in the u.s., went to west virginia, to stay with the highest rate of fatal drugs. >> we have a friend of mines house. >> dale everhart meets me in a hotel parking lot where he almost dieed from a heroine
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overdose. >> they brought me here, and pulled me out of the car. someone finally recognized him, got him home, and his mother called emergency services only 23, she died from a overdose that same month, leaving behind a three-year-old daughter. >> that's the only thing i can liken it to. people are just dropping dead, left and right and the sad thing is the people that are already addicted to it, it's hard to help them when we don't have any treatment options here. >> martinsburg like the rest of west virginia has been hit hard by the wave of prescription painkiller addiction. but as black market pills have become too expensive, a cheaper more mo tent option
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arrived. >> i would use every day right here. >> high grade heroin. >> people in this community tell us that heroin is everywhere and they measure the destruction and the number of overdoses which happen nearly ever day. in fact, just today a man was found dead in the bathroom of this restaurant, with a feed until his arm. >> in a church outside martinsburg, we soak to a couple gripped by daily addiction. they say they want to stop, but every day they shoot up several times just to feel well. >> whenever you wake up you need that to be able to function you need it to be able to move. >> john, has seen his girlfriend nearly die many times. >> i held her nose and took a deep breath, and blew into her mouth, and she took a gasp and sat up and started shaking. >> i don't know how to be done with it once and for all, i am
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going to end up dying or in prison. >> a fate nurse helen brady wants to help the youngest addicts avoided. she has worked all over the country, and never seen anyone struggling like country like harris burg. >> many of the newborns she treats are addicted to heroin. it is sort of here already but it is reallilele cooing unless something is done, and -- yeah. it is going to be our biggest patient population in the future. absolutely. a stark warning for a problem already considered an epidemic that has destroyed so many families. al jazeera, west virginia. >> coming up in just a moment in the second half of the news hour. >> a tourism fair in berlin, one of the places where germans are end ising more than ever before.
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and we have the cricket is getting close to the time when the teams know what is at stake, or going home.
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>> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrapup of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights, on al jazeera america .
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live...
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you are watching the al jazeera news hour. these are the headlines. iraqi forces saw they have now enters the edges of the city preparing an offensive to recapture it from isil. dozens of people were hurt,. >> the leader called on his success to put the country together to gentile. after the capitol was seized by houthis rebels. now russia says it is ending it's participation in the 25-year-old treaty. reducing the number of troops and weapons in central europe. well, it came just after a
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warning that russia once again could pose a great security threat. saying the british spy agencies are stepping up their efforts to counter this threat. as lawrence lee reports. >> this is what the new cold war looks like from close up, pictures of the ministry shot from one of their bare bombers. eye to eye with the british oil air force jet. they took their own pictures too, there have been several incidents just like, this is the sort of thing they see as an out and out provocation having seen years of carrying favor the government here now appears to have given up trying. owith are now faced with a leader bent not on joining but on sup verting it. president putin's actions illegally an exining cry mere yeah and using troops to destabilize eastern ukraine
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fundamentally undermine the security of the sovereign nations of eastern europe president putin has now said that he should be returned to russia into ukrainian cities. consequently britain has been helping train soldiers in other countries which lie close to russian territory. these have been going on for some time, so why should this senior diplomate raise them now. >> the biggest cheerleaders will have been the foreign secretary former colleagues here, at the minister of defense in london, they are livid that the prospect of cuts to their budget which could reduce military staff by some 30,000 reduce their spending to less than nato guidance. they are also the biggest supporters of a controversial program that is emblematic of the war. >> currently based in
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scotland, will cost $150 billion. many in britain say the country can't afford the national elections are just two months away but people like the foreign secretary will hope that upgrading it would send a signal that britt pain isn't an insignificant little country. al jazeera london. how close are we at getting back to 20 years ago when we didn't know what the soviet was doing, as the west was doing as well. >> we have means of verifying what is going on remotely, but they are limited and we are benefited by things like treaties and agreements that make political transparency an important ajundt to what we found out by what they call national technical enmoos. so it is important that we try
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to maintain good enough relations to have an idea what the other side is doing. >> so the russians say they say in response to what phillip hammond has said, look, we aren't taking part in this that's one means of checking that is now gone. >> that's one of the most possible unfortunate reprecautions that mr. happen monday has said. we don't see ad goo reason to use this kind of language, this close to a general election for political point scoring when what is needed is more and better diplomacy. >> perhaps given the untruths put it that way that we have seen there with the russians and the events in ukraine. he has good reason to believe that they are a threat and this is perhaps the only way of getting after it? >> this is where diplomacy comes into it's own.
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so we can't sit back and say we are working with perfectly clean hans. perhaps you are and the people that speak with the same voices of you. >> that's what people get accused of whenever they call for diplomacy. so what evidence do you have that phillip hammond is doing this simply as you say for political purposes to make it look like they care about their defense? less than two minutes before he goes to the polls. >> well, this grew out of a speech which was about -- >> united services institute? >> exactly. the think tank, in the u.k. these days. which was focused on intelligence and strategic issues in counter intelligence. in naming russia as potentially the greatest foe
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that they have on the intelligence opportunity. russia is enemy number one not that it is a particular intelligence threat to the u.k. and that's the problem. this isn't diplomacy, this is election nearing. >> whatever it turns out to be we trust you will keep an eye on it for us and come back and talk to us again. nice to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> how people have been arrested in an operation involving hundreds of police in southern italy. the raid an area where a powerful clan controls territory north of maples. they were among those detained their father has been in prison for nearly 20 years. a lot of talk about the euro zone economic struggles.
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unemployment is though as it has been in ten years. nick spicer report from berlin, there's good news for germany's neighbors as well. >> dancers put on a show in the travel fair in berlin. they barely need to, they are preparing for a record year, because when things are going well at home many germans think of going abroad. the germans are noun as the travel world championships. they are traveling more. our company measured the 30% increase in long distance travel this year. >> according to stereotype, they have an anxious ridden relationship enwith it comes to money. people are adopting a more zen like where people are willing to spend their hard earned cash.
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unemployment for the first time in almost a quarter century, and consumer spending at the highest levels in 13 1/2 years. a boost for. >>ers but also for german worker whose are also consumers. a virtuous circle a win win situation adding to a general feel good factor. consumers are feeling we have succeeded we have a super star they are growing much faster than the neighbors. and of course also wages in germany have been growing very rapidly. and unemployment has continued to decline, so people feel very confident. the inch crease in spending is also help to feel the european neighbors all the extra spending means more imports from the european union,
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confirming the role in the economic locomotive of europe. >> more than a dozen people have been killed during bombings in afghanistan, seven died dozens were hurt with as is attack blew up the car. that was on the outskirts. the capitol of the province. another device went off, killing five people there. well in afghanistan, an artist has gone into hiding after a daring protest against sexual harassment. they walked there uh the capitol with a large iron suit, of a naked woman. he was just four years old when she was molested by a striker. it was on the street, and the first of many such attacks. she remembers wishing her underware was made of iron. 20 years later she is making
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the point in the most public way possible. walking through a part of call kabul where she says she was sexually harassed as an adult many were outraged by the protest. >> . >> some in the crowd threw stones the artist who is now in hiding says many afghan women endure a lifetime of being pinched and prodded by strangers. according to the united nations abuse in afghanistan is common it says eight out of ten afghan women experience physical psychological or sexual abuse. women's rights have improved since the fall of the taliban a decade ago although not quickly enough for some like this group who dawned burke
2:42 pm
cas last week to demand an end to sex crimes. >> please take care of afghan women, don't accuse them, don't threaten them. they don't have to hide. they have received death threats. has reported to left her home out of fear. al jazeera. >> an acid attack on two girls on the protest of the capitol cat man due. from cat man do. >> three women that were attacked with as it last week. the country men of the acid attack is 20 dollars and a four month season tense, this is all the government is going to charge for this horrendous crime. >> as the attacks are rare in the part and this isil fighters dent has provoked
2:43 pm
renew discussion on violence against women. ard cooing to a study gender based violence has increased by 33% in five years. the crime state of impunity may have something to do with the increase in violence, criminals are let off easy. and that has added confidence. most cases are never reported. where they can feel safe. public spaces are very male dominated. and they find themselves being subject of sexual harassment and abuse the bus is usually crowd sod i just feel like one guy standing in the back of me, he was rubbing towards me. >> this private bus service that is female perhaps the only public space in the country where women can travel without being harassed.
2:44 pm
we are planning to expand the routs the government has to plan how to expand this and take it across the country. so far the bus service only reaches to women traveling on two routs activists say stopping the tacks is in changing attitudes not segregating men and women. their industry is on the verge of collapse, because of cheaper imports from europe, south america may want the government of them country to help them out. >> for the his son, they are passionate about -- but business is hard these days. they can't compete with the flood of imported chicken. >> they realize they are cutting down.
2:45 pm
and it continues surely one day you might have to be here as well. we want to see a policy that will strengthen. as we talk about -- but way of putting away to at least curtail the import that come into the system. there has been promised of help, the government can now get a $15 million funding package, but they are still waiting for the money. >> only 2% of chicken consumed in ghana is produced here. according to the poultry association. mow the government wants to increase that figure to 40%. local farmers say there's a long way to go. they might be better on concentrating on viable tomorrows. >> do what you are good at and do what you can competitively produce.
2:46 pm
specialize on that, and in chicken can never be a role player, and i think if you look critically at growing poultry in ghana as a business case, there are so many that i as a big man will never invest my money in. >> they say they need to focus on feeding itself it is a long time, you need to indicate and tell why. >> there's growing demand to tend the chick than can be grilled in addition to the tougher kinds. they are confident they can meet up to the changing consumer dend mas. but not without the government support.
2:47 pm
stay with us, continues in just a moment, where we are going in that direction. a way in which washington, d.c. is getting some new eyes in the skies. becoming a better friend to the environment. we talk to the head of international cycles as the sport faces up, awe last the problems with drugs abuse.
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>> heavily armed combat tactics >> every little podunk wants their tank and their bazooka... >> with s.w.a.t. raids on the rise... >> when it goes wrong, it goes extremely wrong... >> what's the price for militarizing our police >> they killed evan dead >> faul lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us... >> emmy award winning investigative series... deadly force: arming america's police only on al jazeera america
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where there are concerns about the privacy of some people. >> after spending almost $3 billion to develop the project, the u.s. military has launched the first of two lighter than air vessels called arrow stats. it's mission to identify large metal ons like plains and mist sills over a range in any direction across the heavily populated northeast u.s. together providing targeting information the system is designed to foil a sudden short range enemy strike. >> t the threat is real. our adverse says have gained the ability to launch low altitude over the horizon that
2:50 pm
can be difficult to detect by conventional systems. >> the army sees the air ships as superior to ground base missle defense. the army says it is not equipped with cameras and won't be monitors civilian traffic. file add freedom of information lawsuit, to detailed of the system. >> they are not going to integrate video surveillance. the documents that we got show that they had contrary plans. they haven't received any documents from them that indicate they have changed those and changed the specifications. >> the border patrol already operated at least five smaller arrow stats along sparsely populated of the frontier with mexico.
2:51 pm
but the army's air ships must still undergo three years of testing. it hopes to tear better that were scrapped at a cost of nearly $7 billion. tom ackerman, al jazeera maryland. not necessarily. s but millions and knottinessly for those sports. >> do you have a round -- showing faith with the super stars because he says he won't be dropped -- by all three of the strikers being out of form. no longer taking to the table. in which kicks off in just under one hour time. and he has -- i can confirm they have all been announced in that starting run. while the european champions don't have the accusation of the lead.
2:52 pm
the whole team played worst and renaldo theyer sodless but i think there's a reason. the team is not helping the forwards. witch goal apiece in the first move. the coach is encouraged by the good league form. 3-nil on saturday much more illusion and confidence, to be much more closer to ourselves.
2:53 pm
the president of cycling world government body has told al jazeera he believes organize doped by teams is a thing of the past. a damming report by the independent reform commission, detailed past failings they did concede there is still some cheating in the sport. >> i don't believe there's organized doping in teams any longer, but i do believe there are still people cheating. and the report tells us that doping has very much gone underground, it just gives us encouragement, because it just said that the methods that have been introduced to tackle doping in recent years has been effective things like the passport that we have, and doping and testing methods are very much better than they were. so the problem is reduced but it has t gone away. it is possible to compete without doping, they are doing
2:54 pm
that, they are very successful, i want to support those riders and those teams. and root out the remaining people that think they are get away with it, the message i have for them is you won't get away with it. >> they won the sprint in stage two. on tuesday 107 miles through southern france, three time world trial champion, and a break out of the ten-kilometers to do. have made it five wins out of five. they played ireland in hamilton who need one more point to reach the quarter finals. the irish look strong with an opening partnership of 89 runs. but india will always comfortable in the chase taking just two as they reach their target with 13 overs to
2:55 pm
spare. they scored 100 fellow opener hits 64. violence can still advance to the final eight if they beat pakistan in their final perhap. >> i think the crucial part is for everybody to score runs to get and to do welp p so it is important to get a bit of confidence going and as they said most of them go back and they have done well this game, and they have done really well. >> more sport later. >> you have been in there them noisy maybe not. early morning at the organization behind the unique initiative and the coffee makers prepare their load. ready to dispense more than a
2:56 pm
fresh brew, they also bear a message of hope while help hing the environment. with a regular schedule, the regular customers are already lining up by the time the vehicle is open for business. now i have regular hours and we have more food to eat. >> recharging the batteries that will propelt it to it's next destination. able to do up to 100-kilometers on one full charge, it is a welcome whiff of invasion in a city choking on it's own exhaust. >> no pollution, and in noise the electric difference being
2:57 pm
this big at the moment is running completely silently. silence you can hear if it wasn't for the thousands of other vehicles it has to share the road with. with the no notoriously congested roads getting more choked with motor bikes is nongovernmental organization has a bigger message for the city. >> the air quality you know, it is just creating the problems through the air so we want something that may slow things down, but until then this coffee service is full speed ahead. al jazeera. thank you for watching
2:58 pm
>> hello i'm del walters life in new york. hillary clinton may break her silence about using an e-mail account while acting as secretary of state. she said, i want the public to see my e-mail. i asked the state department to release them, and they said they will review them. this is the former secretary of state coming now so we're going to take that news conference and listen to what she has to say. as you know, the fact that she kept a private server at her house touched off a firestorm of controversy. here is the former secretary of state. >> all set? good afternoon. i want to thank the united nations for hosting today's event, and putting the challenge of gender equality front and center on the international agenda.
2:59 pm
i'm especially pleased to have so many leaders here from the private sector standing shoulder to shoulder with advocates, who have worked tirelessly for equality for decades. 20 years ago this was a lonelier struggle. today we mark the progress that has been made in the two decades since the international community gathered in beijing and declared with one voice the human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights. and because of advances in health education and legal protection, we can say that there has never been a better time in history to be born female. yet, as the comprehensive new report published by the clinton foundation and the gates foundation this week makes clear, despite all this progress when it comes to the full participation of women and girls, we're just not there yet. edas i said today this is the great unfinished business of the
3:00 pm
21st century. my passion for this fight burns as brightly today as it did 20 years ago. i want to comment on a matter in the news today regarding iran.