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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> hello and welcome to the news hour. here's what is coming up in the next 60 minutes. fighting the coup, a new coalition is formed in yemen's capitol of sanaa to take on houthi rebels. [ gunfire ] the battle for tikrit iraqi forces hold their advance while they plot their next move against isil. plus sigh con cyclone pam
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crashed into the island nation of vanuatu, at least eight people are killed. and narendra modi meeting people who were displaced by sri lanka's long civil war. yemen's houthi rebels who have taken over the capitol say they have reached an agreement with iran to boost the economy. meanwhile, a new coalition has been formed against the houthies in sanaa. the president and his close aids remain in the city of aden after escapeing house arrest last month. we have reports on the political stand off. >> reporter: there is a power vacuum in yemen and iran appears to be capitalizing ton. since the shia houthies forced him to flee the capitol iran
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has found a willing partner. a houthi spokesman said that they'll provide yemen with enough oil to last a year. the houthi's say that the pledge of support will boost the economy and bilateral relations. a spokesman for the exiled government said that the only ones getting a boost from this deal are the houthis. >> the iranian interference is merely about military support to some militia or militia groups. iran has then supported any country economically. the most important point hire is the yemeni daily consumption of oil. iran cannot afford that kind of money. >> it follows the the announcement of direct flights between the two countries for the first time. the yemeni government fears
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future flights will also bring more weapons to armed the houthies. yemenis continue to protest the houthi power grab, a new coalition has been normed in sanaa to fight the coup. it's called the national alliance for rescue. the president is in aden clinging to power as yemen appears to be slipping towards civil war. >> let's cross over to yemen to the editor of the yemen post. how divided the country itself is, what has been the reaction from the announcement of this new coalition? >> divided like never before. this decision is very fluent actual and reminds us of the the 2011 arab up rising. it has the similarities and goals. this is not an anti-houthi coalition. it's more of a coalition that tries to unite the country
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against the houthi call, and the houthi militant group that they're taking control of the country. >> how will they be able to do so. when you say it's influential what are you basing that on seeing that it's just been announced. >> it's only been announced yes, but again yemen has been divide between north and south. the southerners are with him and now the northerners are divide: once again-- >> all right we'll have to end that interview due to a poor connection. apologies to that. out of iraq, iraqi forces have held their advance on tikrit for the second day as they awaitify valley reinforcements. the army said that the city
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would be freed within 72 hours. the iraqi military is now holding its position on the outskirts off of tikrit. it has managed to take several towns north and south of the city since is the campaign began two weeks ago. meanwhile, in battles elsewhere 13 kurdish peshmerga fighters have been killed in isil shelling. that incident took place of the oil-rich city of kirkuk. fighters have blown up a bridge connecting it to erbil. kurdish peshmerga forces have taken grar from isil fighters. let me ask you about the news that the iraqi forces have paused their defensive in
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tikrit. why is that? >> well, it's really because of the nature of this fight, it's urban fighting at its most difficult. they have managed to get into tikrit. they did that a few days ago. now that the forces are there they're having to fight block to block. isil tactics really at this point rely on explosives, and they have vast explosive expertise as well as snipers. they need trained infant try men and experts in diffusing explosives. it's difficult and time-consuming work. they're waiting for reinforcements of trained troops, and that they still expect to get it back within the next few days. but really it's a matter of wording as well. they believe that when they finish all of this they will be in control of the city, but that does not mean that isil will be completely gone from it. >> and the fact that isil were
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able to destroy this bridge in gwar, how significant is that for isil as well as the kurdish peshmerga? >> well, it has been in the past been a very significant area. it's a bridge near the town of gwar. gwar is 40 kilometers out of erbil so, a relatively safe distance but it was one of the major battle fronts before when isil appeared months ago when it would be under threat from isil. that threat has receded and generally the iraqis don't worry about that part of it any more, but this shows that isil may be coming back in areas where they had been driven back. the report from kurdish command certificates that the west part that have bridge, which had previously been partially destroyed by peshmerga forces to slow the advance of isil, the west part of the bridge has been
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destroyed making it impassable. there are other ways around the river, but again it does indicate that areas that have been clear of isil in very fierce fighting, they may indeed, be making some inwrote inroads again. >> jane, thank you for that up. jane arraf reporting from baghdad. well, the fight against isil is taking place across many fronts. shia clerics are calling for more sports from militias that are backing the iraqi army. and an iranian general, who is rarely seen on camera, is leading the militia man militiamen. >> reporter: this is how iraq wants to see their advances in tikrit. they're making head way despite attacks and boobie-trapped
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buildings. >> what the videos don't show are the iran-backed shia militia. many believe they deserve more credit for capturing areas from isil. they were instrumental in the offensive in the north by peshmerga forces. highways been spotted at various key locations in iraq and now the commander of "p" is reported in tikrit. he is believed to be leading the fight against isil. but his influence goes beyond the battlefield. many believe he's being used an propaganda on social media. here he's seen giving advice to those going to battle. >> the shia net experts. they knee mujahadin.
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>> the u.s. coalition is relying on iraqi boots on the ground to take back areas. but without the support of shia militias iraqi groups have struggled against isil. they allege that these militias are an extended arm of their armed military, and they do not hide their gratitude for iran's support. >> iraq must build a statute for suleimani for what he has done for us. the americans are giving us tanks without money. the iranians are helping us in exchange for nuggets. iraq'siraq wants more than speeches. >> we hope that the words will be turned into actions and all those who attack civilians and their properties should be punished severely.
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>> as militiamen began taking back areas of tikrit, it's still far from over. al jazeera. >> well, the u.s. secretary of state says progress has been made in the iran nuclear talks but that important gaps remain before any deal, reached. he defended the obama administration from republicans in congress who tried to intervene in the nuclear talks by sending a letter to iran. >> let me make clear to iran, to our p5+1 counterparts, who are deeply involved in this negotiation, that from our point of view this letter, the letter was, in fact, incorrect in its statements about with what power they do that. it was incorrect in its assessments of what type of agreement this is, and as far as
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we're concerned congress has no ability to change an executive agreement per se. >> well, john kerry also said that the u.s. will make a decision soon on the unfreezing of millions of dollars and suspended military aid to egypt. the government there unveiled plans for a new capitol city on friday at a cost of $45 billion. it's just one in a series of mega projects announced by the government attracting new foreign investment has been the main goal of the chick government conference being held. let's bring in egyptian journalist and author resident fellow in new york. he's joining us here in doha. from what you've heard so far about the amount of money being pledged in foreign directed investment, is that enough to launch a well enough a good recovery of the egyptian economy? >> well, yes.
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partially, i would say yes. but then again, what's this strategy? is there a real strategy and philosophy beyond all this money, all of the delegations have been talking about for the last two days? i got to tell you. >> why so? >> because i believe--i believe in what u.s. secretary of state said yesterday in his speech when he said that economic policies are political policies and vice versa. yes, we've been seeing a tremendous economic effort to boost the egyptian economy for the past few days, but where are the politics? there are no politics in egypt for the past two years--almost two years. so without real policies in egypt-- >> but that's the policies for just a moment.
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the government seemingly is taking some steps to announce new laws and attract investors. >> i couldn't agree more. but when we talk about politics, we're not just talking about amending the investment law in egypt. no we're talking about a whole different thing politics means real political life. at live political life. that is the only thing that would bring back the stability security. >> so what reforms would you like to see to warrant these types of investments? >> i would like to see a political life in this sense of term in egypt. i would like to see parties real parties participating in policies and strategies in
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egypt. that again is the only thing that will bring back political stability, security stable back to the country. that is the best guarantee for any investment in egypt. so far the pattern in the foreign investment in egypt taken the last two decades has been in the form of acquisitions, which does not add up to the existing projects, and the existing economy. we would like to see a real change in this kind of modus operandi. >> so certainly the international community is backing this economic conference as well as sisi, as we saw so far with $12 billion pledges being made of countries the secretary of state considering unfreezing-- >> i couldn't agree more. let's agree upon certain facts. egypt is a pivotal country in
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this area. if you want to bring stability in this area, you need to bring stability to egypt. that would not happen without a stronger economy. yes, we agree upon these things. but talking about the $12 billion pledged by the gulf states. for instance, the greater part of this $12 billion, which is, of course, very important are going to boost the foreign fund reserves in the central bank, which does not add up to the economy. the other part is going to subsidize certain services in egypt. so the remaining part i'm talking about the investment, is the minimal part of these $12 billion. we need to change the philosophy of direct investment foreign investment in egypt in order to
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boost, to have a real boost to egypt's economy. >> thank you very much for coming to al jazeera. talks have post boned after one side failed to show up. the meeting in morocco was halted because of the absence of the presence of government from tribruk. here's what's coming up on the al jazeera news hour. help for nigeria as it fights boko haram. the government said that foreign mercenaries are part of the campaign against the rebel group. >> in croatia we have reports how men from the former yugoslavia are now fighting the war in ukraine. >> find out if any can keep up with the new world can champion as the formula one season gets under way in australia.
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>> but first to the devastation caused to doddss of tiny remote islands in the south pacific ocean. vanuatu is trying to pick up the pieces after being struck by cyclone pam. eight people are known to have died. >> reporter: venturing out of their homes to assess the devastation left by tropical say cyclone pam. vanuatu was hit by winds up to 272 kilometers an hour on friday. the category five storm the most severe on the scale uprooted trees and tore apart stores and homes. power was cut and as the storm raged residents could do little but wait. >> i had my back against the door and i'm listening to the roof, which sounds like it's lifting, and i'm holding on to
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dear life here. this is not fun. all i can do during this is think about people in vaunuatu who have absolutely no shelter. this is going to be a horrific humanitarian disaster. >> as pictures of the devastation of the capitol slowly emerge, the real concern are for those who live in smaller villages and on the outer islands. they say it's possible that entire villages have been wiped out. >> it has been a destructive cyclone, hitting a country that is using a lot of traditional shelters and housing, which means they're vulnerable to this type of intensity. >> the u.n. says there are unconfirmed reports that dozens of people have been killed in the northeast. vanuatu's president away to attend a conference in japan is unsure what he's going to be return to go. >> i speak to you today with a
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heart that is heavy. i really do not know what impact cyclone pam has left on vanuatu. >> thousands of people were evacuated to shelters, returning to find their homes destroyed. the u.n. is deploying a rapid response team and pacific neighbors are on hand. >> there are destructive winds rain mud and landslides, sea surges and rough seas. cyclone pam will effect several islands. >> it's forecast to pass through north of new zealand next. vanuatu has born the front and many areas remain too dangerous to assist. >> chinese fighter jets have been put on alert following an air raid by myanmar's military. four people were killed when the
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aircraft dropped a bomb. me air man said it was targeting rebels who want to take over the kokang region along the chinese border. >> this appears to be the worst spill over of fighting into china from the kokang region. but this incident was serious enough for the chinese air force to say that it's stepping up operation pass along it's border area. now during the meeting he said that he would like to see myanmar officials investigate the incident, report their findings back to china and also to punish whoever was responsible for the intrusion into chinese territory. this latest airstrike comes a week after at shell from myanmar
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landed in chinese territory. there were no casualties in that incident, but it suggests that there is heavy bombardment in the area. now the kokang region has been under a state of emergency since february so there are few independent reports coming from there. but this suggests there is heavy fighting going on in that area. this is not the first time that fighting in myanmar has spilled over into china. in 2013 three chinese citizens were killed when there was fighting between myanmar and independent army that spilled over into china. this, of course, makes china increasingly worried because not only does it not want to deal with a refugee problem people displaced from the fight crossing over into its borders but it will complicate it's non-intervention non-meddling
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into neighbors' affairs. >> nigeria is getting help from foreign mercenaries in the battle against boko haram. there is evidence that the soldiers of fortune are playing a vital role on the front line. >> victory nigerian troops sweep into the town in borno state and regain control from boko haram. >> you go >> they show the cache of weapons left behind by the armed
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group as proof of success. it is these very operations that the military says they're turning the tides against boko haram. and the fight is not won alone. the government now admits its getting technical and logistical support from what it calls foreign contractors. but sources have told al jazeera that mercenaries from south africa are playing a decisive role on the front lines. >> one thing they'll say that the neighboring armies niger cameroon and chad, boko haram has attacked them also. they'll say, well look, they're defending their territory and we just cooperate with them. as they've said about the others, the foreigners from south africa and else workers they say these are training trainers. i think they have their story down. >> boko haram has emerged as a
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major security threat to nigeria and it's neighbors. it has killed thousands of people over the past six years in a campaign to carve out an islamic state. the group has now also pledged allegiance to isil. nigeria's government insist it is has no need to recruit soldiers to confront boko haram. but as the nation heads towards general elections later this month, some say the government's use of mercenaries is a gain that will translate into votes. >> now declared in serbia after a rescue helicopter crashed. seven people were killed, including a sick baby, who was being flown to hospital for treatment. four flight crew and pilot also died in that crash.
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dozens of men are thought to be fighting in ukraine the largest group are serbs. >> reporter: a peaceful town in northern serbia. this is where a young man was brought up, and this is where he is now in the bad lands of eastern ukraine fighting for the russian-backed separatists. that's him on the right. here he is amongst a group of serbs helping the separatists in the battle nor debaltseve. >> greetings from serbia, they say. we spoke with them through the internet. i why i asked him was he fighting another war in another country? >> we serbs oh a great debt to russia. it has saved our country many times.
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when fascists from the west come in i could not watch on television. i will help with victory. i don't care if i'm locked up when i go home. >> we traveled from serbia to neighboring croatia this is the capitol of zegreb. men have gone to fight the war in ukraine although they have joined the ukrainian government. they have links to the far right, fighting in mariupol. the croatian government said it is not worried. the numbers involved are small. but i asked the foreign minister are these men breaking the law by going to ukraine to fight? >> no. they would be breaking laws if they were joining terrorists organizations. but ukraine army is not considered terrorist
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organization. >> but our information is that they're fighting for the battalion, almost a freelance group with the ukrainian army. >> which is still not--it doesn't fall under the categories of terrorist organizations. >> should we think of these fighters as measure mercenaries? >> they're paid 100 euros a month, which is less than minimum wage in croatia. they get messages of support through the internet. i wish them good luck. they'll need it. >> some are veterans from the balkan wars in the 90s. but ukraine's war is causing ripples here. >> a fast-moving forest fire is threatening two cities on the coast of chile. a state of emergency has been declared in valparaiso.
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thousands have already been forced from their homes. strong winds and warm weather fan the flames, and another 10,000 people may also have to be moved as that blaze spreads. let's get the latest with richard, who will give us the latest news on cyclone pam in the south pacific. >> the good news is that it's no longer an issue for vanuatu. looking at weather observations, nothing more than 13 kilometers per hour, that's just enough to fly a kite and not much more than that. the next few hours it's nobody's problem because it's over cooler open water. as far as cyclones are concerned it is still a category 4. this has gusts of 270 but you
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can see the 30 kph. it's heading towards new zealand and the bay of plenty. in the meantime, we will look at the worst across the region. zoe was the worst one, 50 deaths approaching. hopefully we won't see anything worse than that, but it remains a possibility. fiji is still pulling in that northwesterly flow, there could be heavy rain here. but it's towards new zealand's bay of plenty where we'll see sustainments of 90 kilometers per hour. monday still impacted along the eastern side of the island, and it could be dangerous here. >> four years after the start of hostileities towards president bashar al-assad, we look at how the war in syria has led to the rise of isil. plus turning to china for
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help will $100 million of new equipment revive zimbabwe's hospitals? and we'll see birds hitting an eagle in florida. and andy will explain that.
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>> here with the al jazeera news hour. here are the top stories and new coalition has been formed in yemen's capitol ending the counter with the coup by houthi rebels. houthis controlling sanaa struck a controversial deal with iran
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to boost the economy. [ gunfire ] require forces have halted it's advance for the second day as they wait for vital reinforcements. they said that tikrit will be free of isil hold in 72 hours. and the u.s. secretary of state said progress has been made in the iran nuclear talks but important gaps need to be overcome before any deal with be reached. more than 300 syrian migrants are detained in turkey after coast guard open fired on their ship. police arrested three crew after the captain ignored warnings passing the ship through the street of northern turkey. the refugees were taken.
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in 2011 isil did not exist. now as a syrian civil war enters it's fifth year, questions are asked whether the u.s. administration could have done more to prevent its growth. >> no one in the west predicted what isil would become, but they should have. at the time, though, the focus was on the aftermath of the arab spring. in 2012 in the middle of what was now a full blown civil war the syrian military was accused of committing human rights abuses and brought this warning from the u.s. president barack obama. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical webs being moved around. >> a year later obama said he had proof that chemical weapons had been used. he tried to build public support, it didn't work. >> the united states had just come off of two major wars in the middle east, land was very little appetite for a third.
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>> inside syria armed groups were waging war for their own end. isil forged in the aftermath of of 2003 invasion of iraq began. when isil fighters came within 40 kilometers of the capitol of erbil, the u.s. air war began but it was the beheading on camera of the journalists that got the public's attention. >> i think the beheadings of the journalists had an effect. no question it had an effect. that brought the strategic element, i think. that can't be overlooked as well, the idea that this--here's a country iraq, with the united states fought a decade long war and now a new group of insurgents has taken territory. that had a powerful effect on the americans as well. >> the syrian opposition has
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begged washington to give better weapons to the assad regime. but it's only now that the u.s. officers have started training opposition fighters ironically not to fight the president of assad but isil. >> if this group is to displace it secure the population, either the regime will have to leave them alone or they'll have to fight the regime. it's possible in the abstract that the regime would leave them alone for deacon friction purposes with the united states, but it's unlikely. >> it's too soon to suggest that u.s. could have prevented the spread of isil across the region but it's clear that obama's polices have not worked.
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>> the cia is being revamped to combat isil and other threats to u.s. security. kimberly halkett has more from washington, d.c. [ gunfire ] an assault on staff the newspaper charlie hebdo in paris, the gunfire at a cafe in copenhagen and a school in pakistan the head of the central intelligence agency said that these are attacks that has a trend that shows. that's why the director of the cia said he's overhauling his agency. for years critics have argued that the cia has been too focused on hunting down those perceived to be connected to the september 11th attacks and al qaeda. it has led to intelligence errors, that iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
9:38 am
so the cia will now combine its operations and analytical staff into ten different mission centers around the world. >> these are designed to integrate our great strength, analysis technology, support and digital innovation, and apply them more efficiently and effectively. >> but this former cia intelligence officer fears that concentrating the analysis and operation also make it more susceptible for having intelligence manipulated for political gain. >> truman said several times that what he intended was and a an analysis group and that they would be free to report directly to him not to the pentagon, not to the state department, and tell him how it is. that's what we did on vietnam. now presidents are not required
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to heed the advice of intelligence. once you corrupt the structure so you don't have an independent analysis unit any more, then you--you as president are sacrificing your best shot at finding out what the real story is. >> and potentially turning the u.s. global war on terror now with its sights on isil into what many fear will become a cia business model. intelligence focused not on preventing but instead on justifying war. kimberly halkett al jazeera, washington. >> now to some news just in, sierra leone's vice president is seeking political asylum from the u.s. embassy. he was expelled from the ruling party last week. just two weeks ago the vice president said he was putting himself in quarantine for 21 days after one of his bodyguards died of ebola. zimbabwe's health sector has suffered from years of neglect
9:40 am
and of the of the infrastructure is in disrepair. but the equipment bought with a loan from china should help patients. >> reporter: this is the central hospital and president mugabe is here to see what $100 million of money can buy. he said he hopes the new equipment will boost people's confidence in zimbabwe's medical facilities. >> we must not allow whatever else happens this system to break down again no. let's >> zimbabwe's economy is is in trouble. mugabe faces travel bans in the west over human rights abuses and election fraud so he has turned to china for help.
9:41 am
>> it is already africa's biggest trading partner and has been investing heavily because it needs metals and timber for its growing economy. some have accused china of exploiting vast mineral resources but others see china's investment as a lifeline. >> zimbabwe has used chinese
9:42 am
money to buy medical equipment vital equipment that is desperately need: but this latest offensive by the chinese comes at a price and it's something that zimbabwe will be paying back for years to come. >> a healthcare work is in serious condition in an u.n. hospital after testing positive for ebola in sierra leone. the 11th person with the virus to be treated in the united states. candle lit vigil for police were held for two policemen who were shot and wounded in the united states. detectives from ferguson, missouri, say they're investigating several new leads in the hunt for the gunmen.
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supporters of brazil's president dilma rouseff has been accused of scandal. pope francis said that mexico is being punished with criminal violence. his comments come weeks after mexico blamed the leader for stigmatizing the ground for gangs. >> i think mexico is being punished for great fury. there have always been areas of great conflict. who is at fought for that? of the governments are always to blame, but we're all to blame for not taking responsibility for suffering. >> the eu the latest to critique the leader of moldives.
9:44 am
hethe e. usaid his conviction raises very serious questions about the maldives judicial system. narendra modi is the first indian leader is the first indian leader to visit the area. they were in civil war six years ago. we have the latest. >> the indian prime minister making several important points. we did hear him talk about india's support for sri lanka, a process that he said would expediteed by introducing the 13th amendment essentially constitutional changes now just
9:45 am
behind me you see the historic library, the center of culture and learning, it was burned down and it has been rebuilt now. he came here and met the chief minister of the province, the governor and other officials. he watched the culture performance by school children, but his message is not just political. it here in the northern province not only is he talking about india standing side by side in pursuit of a future for all communities in this country including the tamil minority, which he said would bring equality, justice and peace for all.
9:46 am
should realize that it's just been two months since the government took marchs and there is a lot of work to be done and addressing the grievances the tamil people that the new government might need some time. >> he would lead india's struggle for independence. now the statue of mahatma began gandy, the first indian to be honored in this state the bond statute is just a few meters away from the the statute of churchill. why an israeli opposition leader is offering an olive branch to palestinians. and so zimbabwe's captain
9:47 am
help them take the cricket world cup?
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>> i think it's a mistake that we already assumed that it's over. it's part of the tragedy that involves theevolves in front of our eyes. it is not true. it is absolutely possible still to make peace with palestine. >> leading up to the election in march 17, opinion polls suggest that the zionist union bloc could win more seats but polling falls short of securing the majority. a professor of political science in the occupied west bank. he says no matter the outcome of israel's general election,
9:50 am
little will likely change. >> of course there are differences and netanyahu is the worst for palestinians. of course the left is better for palestinians, for daily life, basically. but to reach a final settlement that palestinians can live with, i don't think so. >> this man runs a sandwich stall in ramallah. he said that it seems to get worse every passing year, even with a new israeli prime minister a final settlement is unlikely. >> israeli politicians are like two sides of the same coin. nothing will change for us.
9:51 am
>> the decision by benjamin netanyahu government keeping money meant for palestinians, they say they must change that. >> thethe new formula one season gets under way. richard prior reports. >> reporter: a new season starts in australia. their drive ericksen did not get past the first qualifying season. mcclaren has a new honda engine,
9:52 am
but it did no begin well for them. both of their cars will start in back of the grid on supplied. and the youngest driver to compete at f 1 at 17 years old he came in 12. four-time winner will start fourth in melbourne. and he'll be along side william frye, who will be third. the brazilian is the last known mercedes driver to take pole in austria in june. rossberg will start second on the grid hamilton was a half second quicker. huge effort from all the guys. i feel incredibly blessed to have this car and today we found a good balance and today
9:53 am
it's about just pushing the laps. it's it's so much fun when you get into qualifying. you have those single laps that you have to push. >> having won 16 of the last 19 races they're in primary position to add to that on sunday. >> well, cricket world cup host australia getting ready to face pakistan or ireland in the quarterfinals. australia finishing with an easy win here over scott lapped. mitchell stark just too much for scotland to handle. scotland would bowl out for just 130. michael clarke was out a big catch, the win racking up a seven-wicket victory.
9:54 am
>> i think we're all doing quite well. we're training well. personally, just not suitable to come out inconsistently. >> india maintained their record with a sixth straight win. zimbabwe with decent resistence storing 283. captain taylor hitting 138 in his final appearance. they would wrap up a six-wicket victory, the defending champions will play bangladesh in the quarterfinals. >> you want to have to runs under your belt. it doesn't matter how many runs, but once you get going it gives you that good feeling that i think is important. so that's one of the main reason i would say it was a good game
9:55 am
for us, and all the batsmen they were under pressure, they were doing a bit and decided to stop a bit. the bowlers exploded. their slow deliveries, so all over, a good game. >> floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao has agreed to a drug testing program in the most lucrative fight in boxing history. drug testing has been aor obstacle in bringing together the undefeated mayweather and pacquiao. the pair have now agreed to blood and european testing before and after the fight. in nba the conference leaders with the second straight defeat. scoring 23 points, and they would secure this 96-87 victory.
9:56 am
now pretty soon ireland will take a big step in retaining the six nation's rugby title. and also on course for the grand slam after three consecutive wins against italy france and england. their captain is set to become only the fourth man to play 100 tests for his country. >> i think in some ways, it is nerve-wracking experience. i've been through it before, but it is a great honor and it's a nice little group of irish guys who have done it before and enjoying it, so i'm very honored. >> the halfway leader at the championship in florida. american jonathan byrd with a whole hole in one.
9:57 am
the prize nothing for byrd. but one lucky participant will have their paid for a year. for more you can go to >> are they obnoxious or destructive, dangerous and disrespectful, they're all those things say the museum's monuments and galleries who have all banned selfie sticks. now the polls are not welcome at the gallery of london they're already banned at the coliseum in rome where two were arrested for carving their name in in an
9:58 am
ancient wall and then used selfie sticks to photograph it. >> respect.... >> now... >> bootcamp >> stop your'e whining... >> for bad kids... >> they get a little dirty... so what... >> dangerous... >> we have shackles with spit bag... >> they're still having nightmares >> if you can't straighten out your kids... >> they're mine >> al jazeera america presents camp last resort on al jazeera america >> this is the true definition of tough love
9:59 am
10:00 am
. >> fighting the coup, a new coalition is formed in sanaa to take on houthi rebels. [music] >> you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. [ gunfire ] the cat for tikritthe battle for tikrit against isil. plus sigh cone pam crashes into the island nation of